Ishqbaaz 23rd January 2019 Written Episode Update: Mannat lands in Oberoi mansion

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Ishqbaaz 23rd January 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Nani gets dizzy. The man sees her and asks someone to come. Chachi says we are going to buy vegs. Mannat says but you go to other market always. Nani holds her head. She gets fainting. Mannat sees her and runs to hold her. Driver asks Nani is she fine. He takes her. Chachi picks Nani’s jewellery bag. Mannat adds some sugar and salt in the water. She feeds it to Nani. Nani thanks her. Mannat asks driver to take her home carefully. Chachi says we shall also leave, we won’t buy vegs here.

Shivaansh asks doctor to just come. Nani says I don’t need a doctor, I m fine, dizziness is common is this age. He says you won’t go out alone now. She says nothing will happen to me, since you all are with me, check Shivani’s jewellery, its really nice. She realizes dropping the bag on road. She says I think the bag fell there. Chachi sees the jewellery and gets glad. Mannat sees this and says its that lady’s bag, its not wrong, you have to return this. Chachi asks are you mad, its costly jewellery. Mannat says this is theft, I don’t want to steal, I will give this jewellery to that lady. She takes the bag. Chachi calls the guy and says work is done. She smiles.

Nani says I lost the jewellery. Shivaansh says we can make jewellery again, imp thing is that you are fine. She says no, I will go and get it. Shivani says I will go with her. They leave. Nani asks manager did anyone come to return the bag. The man says it was worth 5 crores, why will anyone return it. Nani says its about emotions, I have made that jewellery with love. Shivani says its fine, come. Mannat stops them. She runs to them. Nani recalls her help. She says you are the same girl. Mannat says yes, here is your bag. Nani asks did you open the bag and see it. Mannat says my Chachi has opened and checked it, so I have seen it, it has much jewellery. Nani says even then you have come to return it. Mannat says yes. Nani says you didn’t think of keeping it. Mannat says no, jewellery and attitude suits when its yours, its my line. They smile. Mannat says I m seeing so much jewellery for the first time. Nani asks her name. Mannat says I m Mannat Kaur Khurana. Nani and Shivani get surprise. Nani blesses her and calls her sincere. She says you will be getting a nice guy. Mannat says I want to stay away from marriage. Nani says when you get married, you will know marriage is a beautiful thing. Mannat goes. Shivani says Mannat has really come.

Shivaansh drinks the juice and asks who has added so much sugar. Khanna says since Sharda left, no one knows anything. Dhruv says yes, everything is messed up without Sharda. Shivaansh says she is in coma, where is that new lady. Khanna says don’t know where she went. The man digs the pit. The lady gets conscious and comes out of pit. She sees her phone ringing and answers. The man threatens her and asks her to leave the city. She runs away. He waves to her and smiles. Shivaansh says I will talk to agency and ask for replacement. Nani says no need, I have arranged the replacement. He says this house and life will come on track tomorrow. He goes. Mannat asks Munni to take medicines. Munni refuses. Mannat does shayari. She recalls hitting Shivaansh. Shivaansh says don’t know who gave me this wound. Mannat says don’t know whom did I hit today, I got much pain in life, but I give pain to someone for the first time. He says I will find it out. Tere naam….plays…. Chachi asks Chinki if she wants to earn money. She says its our time to get money, I have a good plan, Mannat won’t know it. Chinki agrees. Chachi tells her plan.

Shivani doesn’t like the paratha. She asks Nani about Sharda’s replacement. Mannat comes there. Nani says she has come. Nani introduces Mannat as their new lifeline. Shivani says she means, chief of staff. Mannat introduces herself. Radhika says Nani’s Mannat has come true. Mannat says I work well but I note down things to do as I keep forgetting. Nani says Radhika’s husband is coming today, I want to see Radhika decked up today. She asks Mannat to come and see the house, and know the work.

Shivaansh says Sharda’s replacement has come. He asks Khanna to get his watch. Shivaansh says its not my watch. Khanna says it was there in your jacket. Shivaansh says its a smart watch. The man looks on and thinks so Khanna had this watch. He calls and says I didn’t get my watch yet, I know no one should see the watch, the watch has everything recorded, even whatever happened with Honey in new year party, I will get the watch. Shivaansh says keep this in my room. He goes to attend call. Khanna keeps watch and goes. The man looks on and picks the watch. Nani says I will show you all the rooms. Mannat says I got a feel seeing your house. Nani goes to get keys.

Mannat likes the flowers. She hears Shivaansh. He says I want to know who has hit me with the stone, outside city hospital. She says its him, whom I hit yesterday, he shouldn’t see me, I will lose my job. Avi gets the insurance papers and says we will clam 100 crores. Shivaansh says once we get that person, we will claim 100 crores. Mannat worries and counts the cash with her. She says how will I pay 100 crores, I will land in jail. She imagines and shouts no. Shivaansh stops and asks how did this sound come. Avi says there is no one. Shivaansh and Avi go. Mannat thinks to run away. The man tries to leave. Mannat gets leaving.

Mannat and Shivaansh see each other.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Khb de ga aditi momnts… now, mujhe gusaa aa raha hain?????????…..

    Serial n bss mannta h koi or nhi hai kiya bss issko utha k dikha rhi Hain episode m…

  2. So..DIBians Mannat om m agayi..she has childlike face..and hrkthein bhi bachon jaise was funny to see her imagination in jail..kal shivaansh will meet mannat. Dont know what will happen..and aditi? Now its my only prayer dont turn her into negative..

  3. Oh god.. Mannat is so cute…after a long time I enjoyed ishqbaaz a lot..kal shivannat’s first meeting..kya hoga.. waiting for tomorrow

  4. Mannat mujhe kuch zyada bholi lag rh h..that greedy chachi is using her..she has no clue about it…what all are the things she has in her bag? Sugar? By the way who on earth carry catapult in the bag? Jab jsso k pata chala inhone une pathar mara..then god help that poor girl..raita phel hoga.

  5. Arish nessa.. I dont thing they will give aditi moments.. Montage also change hui h..ummeed rkha tho aur dard hi milega..take care..gud n8

  6. Its trp day.. anyone know trp?

  7. Sorry guys trp day is tomorrow..

  8. Nakulji’s eye colour bluish green hai..tomorrows close up m dekha tha..but sometimes it is pure green..sometimes its bluish grey..his eyes are a more thing he conveys so much emotions through his eyes..if those eyes are deep blue he is content..if it is green anger..if grey…sad…such a gifted actor…

  9. Last scene was funny when Mannat came to know that whom she hit lives in very same house. Guys Mannat will look good with Dhruv. A suggestion for Gul that don’t do anything with ‘Shivditi’ when u have made Mannat entered then pair her with Dhruv. It will look good to see two super cute couple one will be Shivansh & Aditi and Other will be Dhruv & Mannat. I just pray that it somehow reaches to Gul’s mind.

    1. Yes Vidha! I was thinking of the same thing!
      Mannat and Dhruv will look so cute together!

  10. Vidha in dib they only focus on shivaansh..other couples are not important..

  11. Yeah radhikas husband’s coming..hope we will get more funny scenes.

  12. Shb log bss enjoy kar rhi h bss mein ho kushya nhi mnan paa rhi ho???…

    Kismat ki poti ho gye mera……kyu ki aisa..kisi or ko lekr aate fl lead bnna k iss niti ko kyu laayi

    1. What’s the problem with Niti?

  13. Pata nahi kaise iss baby mannat uss tadibaaz k samne takkar dega..waiting

  14. We are trying to adjust..ap bhi try karo..udas h kr kuch nahi hoga..lots of love and hug..

    1. Ibfan
      Lots of love u nd hug
      But mujhe nhi ho raha hain….mind or dill dono off h bss…..

      Take care everyone nd I’m missing everyone.. Good bye…shb log khush rehe nah… mujhe bi yaad rakhk ok… Good bye..shb tym mile g mein milne aaogi…
      Thb thk k liye bye
      Ibfan,vidha,nithu,jeena, Shena.. love you all.. mujhe bi yaad m rakhko

  15. Have to wait to see what makers stored for us..I wish trp increase

  16. Arish nessa.hum ap k liye inthzar karoge. see you soon

    1. Mujhe bhool gaye aap sab, haan? Mujhe lagta tha yaha ke log mere dost hain lekin tub sab mujhe apna dost nahin mante… It’s okay. Meri ek aur doubt hai… Agar omri aur rumya London main hain to vo apne bachho ko kyun yaha chodke gaye hain vo bhi itne saalo ke liye..? Vo apne bachho se gussa hain kya? Aur shivika kaise margaye?

  17. OK niti is good aur nakuul bhi budda nahi hain lekin unke beech age ka difference clearly dikhta hai unke looks chodo but maturity mein difference dikhti hai na? And even ye mujhe saali aur jiju ka love story dikhta hai.?? Niti is so cute ?

  18. Mansi we didnt forget..u forgot to come in dib family

  19. They were with omru in came for Shivani’s seems pn pd raised shivaansh..shivay anika shot dead .about murderer no clue

  20. Arish nessa dear we are waiting for u

  21. Mansi welcome..We didint forget u..we were about to give a missing complaint for u…acha hua ap khud agayi..waise bache omru k sath the london me..shivaansh india mein..aur shivika ko kisi ne golimara..wo bhi chota shivaansh aur radhika k samne..

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