Ishqbaaz 23rd January 2017 Written Episode Update

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Ishqbaaz 23rd January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Shwetlana says someone has molested me, I asked him to leave me, he did not listen. Tej asks who is he, I will not leave him. She says Omkara. Everyone get shocked. Some time before, Shivaye says Anika won’t go anywhere. Pinky says she wanted to kill your child. He says I don’t believe this, its not necessary that what you see is true, you are mistaken. Pinky says this girl is not that she appears, I m your mum, I want your betterment. He asks her not to blame Anika wrong. She asks did I turn liar for you, don’t you trust me. He says I did not say that, all I m saying is I completely trust Anika, she can’t do this. Pinky says she did this twice, once Tia was slipping… He says enough, that day Anika saved Tia, she got hurt and did not let anything happen to Tia, I have seen this, I know she can’t do this, she is the one most worried for this baby in this house. Pinky says my Shivaye is not saying this, this girl has done magic on you.

He says you are saying this as you don’t know Anika, I can guarantee this, she can’t do this, no one will blame her, Anika can’t hurt anyone ever. Anika looks at him. Pinky says but you have hurt your mother Shivaye, you broke my heart, I will never forget this insult. She cries and leaves with Tia. Everyone goes.

Shivaye sees Anika’s hand bleeding and cleans th wound. They see each other. He says I m really sorry for whatever mom said, I will make sure no one talks this way with you again. She says but Shivaye, Tia and her child. He says the baby will be fine. She says you stood against your mother for my sake. He says its not about you and mom, its about right and wrong, I know Anika you can’t be wrong. She asks how can you say this that I did not do anything. He says I trust you Anika. She looks at him. He leaves. Everyone is with Tia. Doctor says Tia is fine now, take care of her, pregnancy’s initial months are very crucial, make sure she is not given stress. Pinky says we will take care. Doctor leaves. Anika gets food and says this is for Tia.

Pinky says we don’t want this. Dadi asks what are you doing. Pinky says I don’t believe Anika. Shivaye asks Tia to have food. Tia says what if Anika added something in it, I m scared. He asks her not to be scared and eat it. She bends to have food by his hand. He asks her to hold spoon and have food. He says Tia needs rest, we all shall go out. Shivaye, Anika, Dadi and Pinky leave.

Tia calls her mom. She says mom, even this plan failed. Mrs. Kapoor asks what, even after all this, I thought Pinky will create issue and kick out Anika. Tia says Shivaye took Anika’s side, you know he decides everything, even if we target one, the other comes to rescue. Mrs. Kapoor says don’t worry Tia, this time I will make such plan that Shivaye won’t be able to come to save Anika, just wait and watch.

Shivaye calls Om and says answer the call Om. He hears Jhanvi tells Tej that Om is missing and you are concerned for Shwetlana. Tej says if Om disappeared since morning, Shwetlana is missing since yesterday, I will call police. Shivaye says no, don’t call police, I will handle this. He calls security guy and asks any leads on Shwetlana, attacks are happening on my family, find out where is Shwetlana and with whom is she, I want to know who is doing this and why, Shwetlana is missing, I think she is responsible for this, don’t know who was the victim, Anika or Tia, what, why do you want to know who is Anika. Anika comes and hears him.

Shivaye says alright, this info is confidential, none should know it, Anika is my wife. She smiles. O jaana….plays……… Shivaye says I want to find the person behind the attacks soon, I can’t see Anika in problem or her life to fall in danger, Anika is very important to me. She cries and wipes her tears. He says do anything, find out where is Shwetlana.

He turns and sees Anika. He asks are you okay, do you have to say anything. She says I have to say thanks. He asks for what. She says for supporting me, for trusting me. He asks how shall I not trust you, our relation is on trust, after all you are my….. She asks him to say, why did he get quiet. He says I meant to say, you are my responsibility Anika, till you are in this house, till we get divorced, you are my responsibility, I mean you risked your life many times to save my life, its my duty, you are my responsibility. She says you mean Zimmedaari/responsibility. He says responsibility, and Shivaye Singh Oberoi never turns away from his responsibility. She smiles. He asks what.

She says you are strange, you know a book comes with washing machine and tv… He says its called user manual. She says right, I got it with my toaster, I think it should have come with you too so that you could be understood by reading it, sometimes you are Tadibaaz, sometimes you feel Michmichi to say sorry and sometimes you say sorry easily, you show Nakhre Noorjahan ke and sometimes you make Aloo puri for me, you are complete Rangoli, your eyes are Satrangi/seven colors and you have Saurangi/100 colors, you have many colors than shade card. He asks really? She says yes. He walks to her and says it means you have noticed me. She looks the other way…. He smiles. He gets a call and answers. He asks what….

Tej says why is Om irresponsible, what will we answer Chaddas, we don’t know where is Om. Shivaye says its your mistake, you did not tell us that Chaddas are coming to talk about Om’s alliance. Tej says sorry, I forgot, I did not know Om will disappear. Shivaye says I will not allow you to get Om married against his wish. Tej asks really, who are you to allow that, I m his father. Shivaye says you are Om’s father, then I m his brother, for me, his happiness is important than anything else. Jhanvi says I agree with Shivaye, Om will never do this marriage. Tej shouts I will decide this. Shivaye says sorry to say…

Pinky says Shivaye, why are you getting into this, let him do anything. Shivaye says you don’t get into this. Pinky says Tej is having relations with Chaddas to make his business prosper more than yours. Tej says exactly, so Shivaye does not want this relation to happen. Shivaye says I have no problem with this alliance, I have problem with forcing, I m happy if Om agrees happily, else this relation won’t happen. Pinky says we will know that when Om comes home, but Chaddas will come first, what will we answer them. Shivaye says we will meet them, no need to say yes to them, the decision will be of Om. Om comes and asks what decision. Tej says you got time to come home.

Shivaye stops Tej. He asks Om where were you since morning, I asked you to answer my call. Om asks what decision. Shivaye says Chaddas are coming to talk about your and their daughter Sonia’s alliance, you don’t take pressure, its two families’ meeting, we will take decision according to your wish. Om says whatever you say, I will do that. Tej says great, father kept saying and Om agreed on brother saying once. Om says such father and such brother, anyone will agree to brother. Tej asks him to shut up. Shivaye turns and sees Shwetlana. He says Shwetlana….

Everyone see Shwetlana and get shocked. Shwetlana cries and is in awful state. Tej asks where were you, what happened. She says I went to find home, I thought the people have problem with me, I should move out, he came there and molested me, I tried to stop him and begged him, he did not stop, then I fainted, I don’t know what happened with me. Tej asks who is he, I won’t leave him, who did this to you. She cries and points finger saying Omkara. Tej turns and looks Om. Everyone get shocked.

Tia says this boy has stolen my diamond necklace, when I m asking, Anika is scolding me. Anika says Sahil did not steal anything. Shwetlana makes Sahil fall sown. The diamond necklace falls out of his walking stick. Tia says I told this, he has done the theft. Anika asks Shivaye to stop them, and not to call police. She says you know Sahil is innocent, please…

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Jaya

    100% agree with u. I just hate mrs kappor’s nosy voice it seems she talks from nose instead throat. Ew…her voice runs in my nerves like venom.

  2. Mouni

    guys there is a spoiler saying that
    “in the celebration anika will ignor sso and then someone will try to shoot her but sso comes in between , hospital drama ”
    the writer of the spoiler said its from confirmed source
    so does that mean she will not celebrate with him ?? and tia’s mom will hire some one to kill anika hmmmm , interesting and l hope its true

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