Ishqbaaz 23rd August 2017 Written Episode Update: Anika waits for Shivaye’s decision

Ishqbaaz 23rd August 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Pinky gives clothes and jewelry to Anika from Shivaye’s side. Shivaye says there would be some reason, I want to know that Gauri. Pinky asks maid to make Anika ready. Shivaye sees the ring sadly. Some time before, Anika sees Shivaye’s name in her hand and cries. Shivaye comes and sees her. He recalls Anika’s words. He thinks Anika was right about Ragini, if I go in front of her now, she will say something, but I have to talk to her. Phone drops. He sits to look for it. Anika turns and sees him. She says so you got on your knees. He says in your dreams, I was finding this phone. She asks will your ego get hurt if you accept mistake. He asks do you accept your mistake. She asks about Ragini. He says I accept it was my mistake, you told me. They argue.

Shivaye says our relation came to this point that you have to hide my name in your hands, and you are saying its not your mistake. Anika looks at him. He holds her hand and reminds her words during their mehendi, that she won’t get his name written, he told her that she can get anyone’s name written, the fact is …she is his wife, but he can’t say this today, even if she has his name in her hand, she is going to become someone else’s wife. He leaves her hand and turns to go. She says Shivaye, I accept my decision was wrong, I had no right to take decision of our lives alone, it my my mistake, but we both are bearing it, till when will we stretch this, till when will we blame each other and taunt, we fought for each other and started fighting, but this won’t go on always, we have to take a decision, if we can’t move ahead, we have to move back, if you can’t, then give me a sign, its my marriage tomorrow, we just have today’s night, if you want to give another chance to our relation, tell me till 11, just keep our ring near the pool, I will understand what you mean to say. O jaana…..plays…..

Anika says I m scared to lose Shivaye, maybe I lost him, so he is not doing anything, you know Gauri, there was a time, when I felt michmichi by the name of love, I never thought I will love someone and then Shivaye came in my love, he has filled my life with happiness, everything was going right, I never knew when he will become reason of my life, my two rs fate spoiled things, then I had to go away from Shivaye, I know it was my mistake, so I came back to rectify it, I thought I will make everything fine, I didn’t know when everything went wrong, we got away. She cries. Gauri says don’t you think you should tell truth to Shivaye. Anika says if I could say, matter would have not reached here, now I can have just one hope, that he leaves his adamancy and stops this marriage. Gauri says we all want this.

Anika and Shivaye stand at the window and see the moon. Tumko bhi hai khabar……plays…..They recall each other. Shivaye holds the ring. Anika cries seeing her mangalsutra. They get sad.

Its morning, Rudra sees Bhavya. He can’t get eyes off her. Music plays…..Bhavya shows the gun. Rudra smiles and says nice gun. She says yes, nice gun, were you staring at me. He says I don’t get a chance outside. She asks what. He says joking, I was thinking where will you hide this gun in this dress. She keeps the gun and says here, will you stop staring at me now. He says why will I stare at you. He asks what’s your police badge doing here. He says give it to me. The badge falls outside the window. She asks what did you do, you made my police badge fall outside, it has my pic. He says chill, its good, you can make it profile pic. She says I m undercover here, if anyone identifies me then…

Anika sits sad holding her mangalsutra. Pinky gets things. Anika asks what’s this. Pinky gives clothes and jewelry to Anika from Shivaye’s side. She praises Shivaye and asks Anika to get ready fast, he asked you to leave for wedding venue. Anika asks did Shivaye send this. Pinky says yes, he gave it to me and I got it, you should congratulate me, you challenged me, Shivaye will make you wife and get you here, but he is doing your bidaai as someone’s wife, I have won this challenge, get ready now. She goes out and sees Om.

Om asks why did you lie to Anika that Shivaye has sent the clothes. Pinky says Anika is not your Bhabhi, Shivaye took her marriage responsibility, so I got her clothes so that she gets out of Shivaye’s life. She goes. Om sees Anika and goes. Anika sees the time, 10am, and says what happened, why are you not stopping me, I m sure you will not let me go from your life, don’t let my trust break.

Gauri comes to Shivaye and says you regard me younger sister, will you listen to me, stop all this, Anika and you are not happy, you are just seeing her one mistake, its not bigger than relation. He says she broke my heart, who has taught my heart to beat, I m doing this by my fear, but any Tadi, I m scared because there will be some reason, Anika took a big reason, that reason is still there, right, maybe that situation comes again in our life, I want to end this fear and reason, I want to know the truth. Gauri says you are right and Anika is also right, but even if person is right, one mistake is enough to make everything wrong, just be happy, I have lost, I m very scared. She hugs him and cries. He consoles her. She asks do you think everything will get fine. He says I will make everything fine but…..

Rudra and Bhavya look for badge. Rudra says I think that lady is going to burn it. She says stop her. They argue. Lady burns the things. They run to stop her. They see the junk in fire. Bhavya says my police badge got burnt because of you. He says I have just thrown it out, this aunty burnt it. She says atleast no one got it. Someone sees the badge.

Pinky asks Anika did you not get money, its just 20mins to 11. She asks maid to make Anika ready in 20mins. She goes. Shivaye sees the time. He sees the ring and recalls Anika’s words. Sultan eats good. Bhavya keeps an eye on Sultan. She sees his hand. She thinks its not that hand, it means he is not Sultan. Rudra says he is such a hungry man.

Jhanvi asks Tej to stop. Tej says stop it, I will handle it, you want us to go back to bungalow, so that police arrests us. She asks what did I do, you have killed Naren. He gets shocked and asks are you out of your mind, why will I murder him, I was thinking maybe you killed Naren. She asks why will I kill him. He asks why will I do it. She says maybe you were trying to stop him, you went out. He says I told you I went to check doors and windows, I got oil on hand and washed my hands, your nightie had blood, your finger was cut, did you murder Naren in anger. She says you know me since many years, how can you think so. He says if we both didn’t murder him, who did this.

Bhavya thinks to find who is this man, why did he come here as Sultan. She gets scared by Rudra. He says I was missing you, you could have told me before coming here. He jokes. She says be serious, I noticed something strange, when Sultan ordered food, he signed three. He says what’s strange. She asks do you remember Sultan’s video. He recalls and says you mean this is not Sultan. She says we have to find out. He asks what are we doing here. Sultan says there is an undercover cop here. Bajrangi asks who. Sultan gives Bhavya’s badge. Bajrangi says Lachi, she is police officer. Sultan says yes find her. Bajrangi says matter can get worse, it will be big loss. Sultan says fine, keep an eye on her till marriages happen, prepone marriage date. Rudra says they were talking about marriage, it means prepone. Bajrangi says I will get arrangements done. Someone says stop, if Bajrangi did work well, Bhavya would have not done this. Sultan agrees with her. The lady behind Sultan, shoots Bajrangi. Rudra and Bhavya get shocked and leave.

Tej and Jhanvi see police coming and sit in the car. The police car passes. Jhanvi says they have seen us. Tej says don’t panic, thank God they are gone. Inspector comes to them. Tej says I will manage. Inspector asks did car break down. Tej says no, wee stopped to have some rest break. He drives ahead and says its checkpost ahead, don’t worry. Jhanvi asks did they get Naren’s murder news. Tej says just relax. Inspector asks from where are you coming. Tej says we went for a drive, what happened. Inspector says a murder happened in a bungalow that way, we have info that murderers are two persons. Tej says so sorry, we just went for drive. Inspector asks them to be careful. Jhanvi says we should have informed police. Tej asks her to stop it. The car breaks down. Tej says flat tyre and gets frustrated. Jhanvi asks what will we do now. Tej says I will check for help in that bungalow, stay here.

Dhansuk says Bhavya said we have to take girls away, rasams should happen so that none doubts. Rudra agrees and asks with whom will rasams happen. Dhansuk says three guys will become girls. Rudra says very smart, it means some guy will sit with me, I won’t marry a guy. Bhavya comes and says don’t worry, I will sit with you in mandap. Rudra looks at her. Dhansuk leaves with girls. Rudra asks what now. Bhavya says now marriage, you look happy. He says I m getting married. She says its fake marriage, we are just buying time. He asks for what. She says so that police reaches fast here.

Anika throws water on Shivaye. He shouts and asks her to marry Vikram, he can’t bear this madness anymore. She says you always wanted this, this will happen. Anika says come Vikram, there should be no delay in marriage now. Anika leaves with Vikram.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Aastha_Reddy

    Back to Ishqbaaz mode(normal-usual)…Tears, Tadi, fight, Love, Ishq, struggle, conspiracy…planning and plotting..
    When Ragini looked at Pinky and then at VAT for some help and they ignored her, there began another conspiracy against Annika- Shivaay and their Ishqbaazi. They just escaped from being exposed or saved them selves. Pinky want Annika out from Shivaay…Ragini lost Shivaay for her own greedy mental state(as if she get him ever, never), Shivaay denied to move on from Annika openly by saying .declaring Annika is always right, Annika accepting firmly Shivaay as the single king of her heart and her husband, then the new spoiler of VAT and Ragini forcing Annika for marriage, and finally today Pinky sending wedding clothes to Annika in the excuse of Shivaay’s name, It finally said all about the smile Vikram Aditya Thappar gave when he saw Annika for the first time…on his way, during that car incident(Wish It was a real accident and he would have died then), it was his obsession and satisfying smile after meeting the scape goat.
    But here Gouri is the real catalyst…who keeps on motivating the Ishqbaazi of Shivaay Singh Oberoi by her sweet understanding cool logical words…knocking waves of senses in to his brain of front seat…and Shivaay disclosed his real fear(so I was right in guessing it lol he he), the fear of losing may wake the energy to gain, a heart to love and a brain to trust..
    Band…Baja…Baarat is also ready to rock with all its members participating actively in stopping the Wedding(who the hell was saying that Annika should marry VAT as he is better from Shivaay??report to Aastha Reddy soon).
    Battle ground is set from one day..terms and conditions are applied, rules are there but always these are meant to be broken, let the final battle of Ishqbaazi began( Remo style).
    When Tadi and attitude of Shivaay Singh Oberoi lost after expose of Ragini, his emotional blackmail to find truth from Annika failed miserably, now Annika have to face real truth of showing fake attitude by facing Vikram, losing the attitude full “Moved on” game from herself, from her Shivaay(not SSO) , then only ISHQBAAZI will win…free from clutch of nafratbaazi. NO place for other things in front of true love @Ishqbaaz.
    Losing in love is real victory leading to winning of heart…they are not loser…they are LOVERS.

    1. LAX

      GAG ????
      Gauri is the real catalyst..!! No doubt.

      Rans n Anu wanted Annika to marry VAT. Catch hold of their collars..!! ??

    2. Aastha_Reddy

      Lax…Anu toh leave lekar bach gayi. Let me handle Rani if she says it again.
      There is a huge difference of both the force marriage attempt on Annika, from Shivaay and Vikram. I just have VAT,simple.
      See what love had turned Shivaay Singh Oberoi in to- from business man of the year to band party instrument player of the biggest marriage in this year(according to BBB) !!! Its damn funny.

    3. Nivedita

      Go AAA Go! ??? hat-trick! Congo!

      And you are back with big reviews too again..I too felt old IB returned today..but only minus the crapbaaz scenes .

      The 4 leads were great in their respective parts.
      The other 2 leads don’t exist 4 me! ?

    4. Aastha_Reddy

      I hope one day Bhavya too will be kidnapped ,lost like her Batch that google will fail to find her. I am so angry here Shivaay need Rudra and that causin of Manjulika is keeping Rudra away in Gujrat.OK..I am sounding selfish but Rudra is Shivaay’s brother and still no one to Bhavya. Waiting to see Rudra back for Band party.

    5. Banita

      Gouri is real catalyst in Shivika’s Ishqbaazi….
      I also wish VAT died in d accident….. But it’s his bed luck Now he will surely die in Shivaay Shing Oberoi’s hand becz he tried to forcing his Anika…..

    6. Aastha_Reddy

      Bunny…band bajega tabhi toh maja aayega…(smirking Aastha)….

    7. Pushpa

      hey astha….i too realise shivaye fear so i think his act to get the truth frm anika kind
      of justified here…….so he will not loose her later…right astha…i hope anika’s moved on plan will break shivaye’s tadi in winning their love..

    8. Aastha_Reddy

      Pushpa…I wish to see Annika’s fake move on tadi breaking her, It already has broken Shivaay Singh Oberoi …So that that day when they said together-” no one can handle us except for each other” will be justified. Annika should realise..she can’t play game trusting on some aire-gaire(lol) like VAT..every one is not her nice Shivaay . (I know …I know I should be prepared for Chamki-chameli attack at my cheek at this cmt.)

    9. Pushpa

      hw could u compare my Shivaye with that 2rps cheapde VAT………im angry wt u…..

    10. Aastha_Reddy

      Haq hai tumahara..gussa hone ka..I was just trying to see through both the forced mareiage on Annika from two different boys and showing VAT as a lower class cheppda but after getting your this reply ,I realized they both are not of distance comparison even.
      “East to West…Shivaay is the best…
      North to South…Karela in VAT’s mouth…”
      ( Very bad poem from Aastha but try to adjust yaar Pushpa…). Bhaiyya ke liye kuch bhi….

    11. Nivedita

      Lol Bhavya lost like her batch! ????

      Agree that fake connection or seemingly attraction of Ru to BH Is just total michmichi…because she just doesn’t fit in the story..

  2. Anitaaa3

    Uff really tired today…Marraige drama kab khatam hoga??? The epibmqde me cry….first the song and then Shivri scene..just skipped Ruvya and Tejvi scenes..They are giving Shivik aascenes less..And after 10.30 it becomes Dil Bole Oberoi..
    Waiting for 2morrow.
    Gud Niggt

    1. Anitaaa3

      episode And Night*

  3. Swathi..

    SHIVIKA broken & those flash back kabhi Alvida Na kehna BG???.
    That pinky ????
    But Om why u didn’t said it Bhabhi about Pinky’s lie??? U could have clearly said those jewellery cloths are not sent by shivaay.
    Gauri as always I love you ??.
    Please unite our shivika ????.

    Precap : kya hoga??!!!!

  4. After two days commenting cause of exams
    Shivika at least shivaay exposed ragini
    First time he thought something and done though indirectly because of annika
    Dabang gauri is best the way she flicked her hair waiked before raagini?????
    Rudy is cuteness ki dukaan he is sio funny yaar if someone was in BH place it would have been a treat

    Annika ji why can’t you cancel the wedding telling I don’t like or want to marry vikram

    Leave it because promo was khidkithod

    Siddharth we know ragini is psycho
    Every villain in ib is psycho now vikky in list by mistake also they won’t bring normal people

    Annika is not wearing sindoor and ms in latest photo don’t say pls. Sp promoted so largely even harneet too

    Raginis is still in ib yaar today she came live from in sets in rags style only

    Don’t know what’s happening in ib
    Really pinky is the only one good looking with jewels and dress
    Want pinky redemption track
    Shivri bond
    I love it to core

    1. Who is the new lady villain
      My god next one in the list of psychos
      Its like watching two serials
      First scene shivika second something
      Last fully susoense with tejvi and ruvya
      Dont want new villan for narens death

    2. Banita

      Heyy Meenu dr….
      Yeh Again a new villian ek jata nahi ki dusra aajata hain……

  5. Swathi..

    go Astha go. Hatrick???
    VAT dieing in that accident itself lol??? but we can’t change past. now I wish he dies while going to mandap.

    1. Aastha_Reddy

      Swathi… I just hate VAT. ( not Value Added Tax )but we have one full circus of younger oberoi clan and a long wait for a “DIL BOLE OBEROI” moment.

  6. am just tired of this pinky donky she is taking advantage of everyone’s patience especially anika I hate her too much now
    this tejvi drama is totally useless they could show some shivika or rikara moments in that time

  7. He i am really not in mood to comment but fir bhi kuch toh bolna padega. .

    1.So Sso opens his heart that he is doing all this bcoz of fear….i can’t understand it ..kon sa fear yarr…ki kahi aap didi ko kho na do…agar ye baat he then why you are doing all this…aur agar apko lagta he ki fir se didi woh sab karegi..then it is not right AT ALL…
    I thi k you don’t want to take didi for that situation where she did all those things…but if this the reason then also i can’t understand. .you are really SURANGI SSO…

    2.shivri part was really good…badebhaiya and choti behena ..nice..

    3.shivika part on kabhi albida na kehena…..yarr ye obros kya tabhi dukhi hote he jis din ful moon day hota he??????????????..jokes apart it reminded me the scene of rikara…made me senti..

    4.Didi wants Sso hint..but when Sso was crwaling (not really)?????..he is totall like bilu…i seriously can’t stop laughing. ….comic Bg wala music dete acvha lagta….

    5.No rikara today i admit ki i can’t live rikara to that level of shivika but they also need their scene na…Cvs you are disappointing rikara fans…not fair..???..

    6.baaki part don’t want to comment today bhabya part was voring rudy also can’t attract me today ( i don’t know why sayad mera dimag kharab hogayi he)

    7.tejvi part ignore…i am really tiredto seeing them..t…..

    8.Nagini ya koi vamp nahi toh pinky ponky ki use karo what the wyck!!!!!!?????..seriously she is getting to worse day by day no offence to nikitaji….

    9..precap – so it is didi’s tadi….?????..ring nahi rakha sayad…isliye gussa hogayi… sameto the raita you spread …today i am saying this is not fair…

    Guys is upcoming sunday will be a 1 hour maha episode for IB….? ?????????

    1. LAX

      4. I hope it is not the great crawl scene mentioned by our Harneetji.
      5. Totally unfair to the Rikarans, the ss they are giving to Ruvya they can give to Rikara right??
      I heard about the Sunday mahaepisode too.

    2. Piyuu

      is it true sunday maha episode

    3. Nivedita

      Arpu.. Ur comments made me crack up..

      That full moon painting background..always makes me think the same thing too..??

      And today I was thinking does the painter not know that moon can sometimes look smaller in size and sometimes no full moon…?

      I kind of understand SSO’S indecision..or fear..but yeah it doesn’t make sense that he is actually driving Ani away…the same thing that he fears .Why doesn’t he listen to Rikara..they both have tried to talk some sense into him..??

      And Ani has tried so many times to patch is high time for him to be a man and buck up..and stop his tadi..?

      Ring rakha BHI Hoga toh maybe VAT stole it..? saying this cause of prime of VatAni..

    4. Banita

      Heyy!!!! Arpita….
      1)Shivaay is scared if again Anika left him becz of that bl**dy truth….. He’s justified…
      Yeh Anika accept her mistake done by her before 3 month in front of Shivaay nd now his turn…..
      4) I also full enjoy this sence nd it’s nt d crawling sence mentioned by Harneet

      Is it true!!!!!!! Seriously Sunday is Maha episode……

    5. Pushpa

      fear of accepting her now without knowing the truth might lead to loosing her later…he dun want to loose her so truth hv to be spilled out…tht was emoitonal arpi true got to me too…

    6. Piyuu

      2.shivri moment was good i loved it.
      5.totally unfair to the rikara fans.

  8. Ishqbaaz is really a great serial.but all are praising stupid naamkaran

    1. Aastha_Reddy

      Asma…Ishqbaaz is a great serial. we all here know that well but you shouldn’t say bad words at other shows like you said for NAAMKARAN dear. it will make us like other fandom. We are pkj…

  9. Misha_Mikul

    Epi was pretty Good only for 20 min?? because the rest was owned by TejVi and RuVya??

    Loved moments??
    ?ShivIka conversation….
    the way Shivaay expressed his hurtful feeling about the mehendi+haq of being wife were so emotional????
    ?ShivIka were thinking about each other seeing the moon+ring n mangalsutra???
    “kabhi alvida na kehna”??? how heart breaking moment it was??

    nd Best part is here???
    ?ShivRi moment ?
    Aww..the very Pure Hug between brother-sis??? Loved lot?
    their conversation too was so touching??
    Shivaay – “woh Annika jisne mere dil ko dhadakna sikhaya tha na usne hi todh diya”????
    His pain of love!!! that too Shivaay Singh Oberoi was suffering??? My heart got hurt??
    Heart Breaking scene???

    Anika, why can’t you show your tadi to that stupid Pinky instead to Shivaay?????

    I’ve read spoilers – Khanna Ji has said tht Pinky will be exposed on 28th Aug…Is that true?? why am I feeling that isn’t true???
    and ShivIka will not getting marry?? SSO will just rescue Annika from Vikram…. What is this???
    because I’ve seen Annika’s upcoming getup…no sindhoor on her hairline and she even doesn’t wear mangalsutra!!??
    so one more Shaadi track is awaiting.???? Waah! ??
    actually if the shaadi hasn’t happened also fine because ShivIka have to perform in all rituals together with some intense romance and do a happy wedding!! even though it will be so dissapointing if the shaadi gets called off because fans have been tolerating all those senseless scenes just because of hoping that ShivIka will get married!???
    Ermmm!! seems CVs don’t have a story for further episodes???

    Nitezzz Dearssss?? Have a lovely day??

    1. Nivedita

      Seriously Mishu..I agree only the first 1/2 was good..that too a bit of BH scenes ruined it. Really like that plot..but still can’t waste my time looking at those scenes..

      Yeah I am wondering why Ani’s tadi is gone? ? Why always this crying Ani?

      Tomorrow she is back..but so useless man! Just to stretch the wedding! ?

      Yeah I am puzzled at the Shaadi get up of Ani..I didn’t like her look in precap and if SSO stops the wedding of VAT Ani does this mean that Shivika will happen the same day?

    2. Misha_Mikul

      Yeah Nivi.! there is no use even her tadi is back.. ??
      Annika’s lipstick color is very dark! Not Nice..

      Promo just shows Shivaay rescues Annika.. not even give a hint of ShivIka’s wedding..
      So, I don’t think their shaadi will happen for now..

    3. Banita

      Yehh Misha Anika should show taadi to Pinky instead of Shivaay…..
      No shaadi….. I think it will happen on d same day of VAT expose….

    4. Misha_Mikul

      Yeah Banita!! since seen Harneetsin’s tweet about shaadi, entire fans have been eagerly waiting to see ShivIka’s wedding! but according to the current scenes, I don’t think their marriage will happen on the same day Vikram-Nagini get OMM..maybe after few days as they had never perform any ritual properly! Let’s see!!!

  10. Pushpa

    Yea khya hua todays epi… much of emotional scn??????
    Why khabi alvida na khehena ….so sad…..
    Why cant shivika settle the battle…anika said it all right….
    Why om didnt tell anika tht shivaye didnt send those wedding dress?
    Why pinky still wins all the time?
    Why Do u feed yr fears…..handle it…

    I kept it simple today….so much of shivika rona thona….cant take it yaar,……shivika nailed it totally…

    Shivika stared at each other all the time
    Wanting each other drawn together….who hv thought yr heart to beat…But
    Shivika silent shout of love went unheard
    In the roar of misunderstanding…and steal energy of love…
    And keep shivika away frm love …crashed & heart broken..
    And the clatter ingrained beliefs&trust…
    I hate hw we drifted apart but then again if “U”
    doesnt make an effort to keep our love..give a second chance…thn thts the end of our relationship..but i know Shivaye Singh Oberoi will make sure everything ends well&will not break anika’s trust….

    Precap….luved it..our pannika is back…
    Gd nite gals

    1. Aastha_Reddy

      Pushpa… jo Shivaay hote hain unhe kuch aur banne ki koi jarurat nahi hoti but jo ishqbaaz hote hain unhe baazi haar kar bhi jeetna padta hai Ishq mein leaving tadi behind.
      kal meri Shaadi mein jaroor aana.

    2. LAX

      Your DP is cool..!!
      Donno why Omkara kept mum. ?
      And ya Paanika is back. Missed her so much

    3. Nivedita

      The and to all Ur questions is that the wedding is to be stretched like chewing gum by CVs..that’s why none of the things audience wants happens or is happening too too late .?

      Gud night dear!

    4. Nivedita

      Yeah I was emotional too with that song. ??

    5. Banita

      Puspa dr….. I also wait for when Shivaay Singh Oberoi will make evrything alright……

    6. Pushpa

      soon dear just wait..u know na this cvs love to dragggggggg…

  11. LAX

    I am so team Annika. Donno why, I cannot see her cry. I was weeping like a fool during the AniRi scene.

    Shivay is overdoing now. I know Annika made a mistake par itna gidgidane ki zarurat nahi hain Annika✋. If he wants you back in life let him also take some effort.

    Why wasn’t there AniKara convo?? Sidelining Kunal to what extent man?

    ShivRi convo explained what is Shivays POV and I completely agree to it also. But is there no better way to do it?? Nakuul was super good in the scene.

    I hate the fact that Rudr is lattoo on Bhavya…!! Bhavyas ID proof wala pic is more darawna. But ya all the ID proof photos are like that, mine is even worst. Lol..!!
    Ab yeh kya Sultan is a lady, may be Sultan is Sultu… He He I know bad joke ?? Whatever…!! High time, they stop the Ruvya crap and concentrate on Rikara.

    Precap- Shivika is back. Go Annika Go..!! ???

    P.S.- Donno how true is it, but heard that there is a Mahaepisode of IB this Sunday. Not sure waise. Anyway we ve Mahaepisode everyday.

    1. LAX

      Also Gauri was so sincere in her efforts that when she found she is losing she could not bear it. Poor thing.

    2. Aastha_Reddy

      Lax… one Omkara- Annika conversation was expected here like Shivaay- Gouri. Yeah they show YHM one hour, TSMSP one hour and then Chandra- Nandini for one hour on three consecutive Sundays… hope this Time it will be Ishqbaaz Sunday specialized.

    3. LAX

      We may get AniKara convo today I feel.
      People are saying it’s one hour of Mahaepisode of IB on Sunday. Hope it’s true.

    4. Nivedita

      They have been doing Maha episodes of weekly serials for a few weeks now, so possible they may do IB Maha episode–too..??

      Seriously BH usually looks good only 1-2 episodes per maybe they can use her on those days only. Other days she is too frowny because of her facial expressions or scary eye make up..?

      Feel bad for Rudy..Kahan cutie pie Soumya and Kahan BH..why even they have to have lifting heroine romances I don’t get? ??

      That’s the only reason for replacing to BH..interesting storyline toh they could’ve create for Soumya. Since we didn’t know much except her brother being dead.
      Only thing commendable on BH is that she has a career..??

      Yeah I too found SSO a bit too much..despite the fears of his..but I kind of did understand his fears..

      I am just fed up of crying Ani..felt pretty emotional in the AniRi and kabhie Alvida na kehna song..

      Om didn’t go because if plot of making Ani cry today and angry tomorrow..just stupid plot of stretching the Shaadi until the weekend. ??

      Where we want catharsis we get 1 episode or 1/2 episode and where we don’t want any stretching..the plots just keep going on endlessly..??

      I liked that Gauri took the step to talk..and hated that Om didn’t…

      Seriously I was hoping for Rikara today..pretty CVs..I hope these less shots mean more Rikara later on..and that this was only because Kunal was away on vacation..

    5. LAX

      We get one hour episodes daily. So I thot star may not give us this.

      Only thing commendable on BH is that she has a career.. lol..!! ???

      Obbros are buddhu n Obbahus are smart. That’s the one-liner.

      Even I guess Kunal was busy during those days. I hope they show Rikara instead of Ruvya.

    6. Banita

      Yeh Lax i also expected one Aniom convo….
      All ID proof pics r Horrible specially Aadhar card wala pic…. Lol…

    7. LAX

      I hope there is AniKara convo today.

      Dont ask, my Aadhar card pic is horrible.. ??? lol..!!

    8. Pushpa

      lax….to get the fear out of him he needs to know the truth…i think cvs hv to come up with other solution to get the truth out…cmon cvs
      luved totally shivaye+gauri convo superb…nakuul was super duper good…

    9. Lax….same pinch fr team Anika…we cant see her cry like this
      Nd that bhavya’s id proof pic was so horrible….bt my Aadhar card’s pic is no less horrible than her???

  12. tdy so emotional episode shivika shared feelings and bg song made me feel for them again cv’s dragging epi day to day to show marriage too last week tdy’s promo vat force annika for shaadi and hot sso too band baaja sso awww cant wait yarr and the jeep pic dilwale dulhaniya lehjange damn waiting
    latest bday bash video of ib sets no sindoor and mangalsutra raises questionss did shivika married or not…letz hope for the shaadi ruvya and tejvi scences are skiped thy are irritating
    sunday mahasangam epi ib 7 to 8 latest update
    tamil ib
    om has erred of smuggling case
    roop entry in om
    gud n8pkj family♥♥♥♥

  13. Zaveesha

    Overall good episode…love Shivaay nd Gouri bond…waiting for Shivika marriage…it will be done after lot of twists nd drama…
    Thanks PKJ insta for confirming that Pinky will exposed soon…

    Go Astha di Go….awesome analysis…

    1. Aastha_Reddy

      Thanks Zaveesha dear.. I mean miss. stalker.

  14. Nandhana

    Same type of dragging episode..but happy vat and yuckini was missing..gauri did best job..and om plz do something with your biwi to help her..just skipped ruvya..not worth to watch..and again twist in sultan..bored..
    Tejvi drama as usual just a misplaced song in super hit movie..
    Pinky can’t tolerate..
    Unala thiruthave mudiadhu..epo than un unmai velia varumo..aniku iruku unaku kacheri..?????
    I wish Shivay makes himself away from pinky she was much irritating..but poor lady unaware only shivika will marry…make your heart strong ponky..again anika di will be your bahu..
    Today I find Shivay right..he is trying to solve the problem as he does not want to affect their relationship with the truth…that’s a gud point..he is right in that way…
    But I m afraid the truth will affect him too badly..but I know ani di and omri Rudy will not leave him to break down..
    New promo.. khidkithod…
    Waiting for shaadhi…
    Band Baja bhadahiyan..
    Dil bole ISHQBAAZ ???????????????

  15. emotionbaaz episode shivika shared feelings and bg song made me feel for them again cv’s dragging epi day to day to show marriage too last week omkara cant u say that too anika that it was not sent by shivaye thn wat the way u are trying to stop marriage to unite shivaka plss do something rikara fans bashing ib for less rikara scences bt there is imp part given to rikara to show off shivika’s love aww shivri scences made me cry tdy’s promo vat force annika for shaadi and hot sso too band baaja sso awww cant wait yarr and the jeep pic dilwale dulhaniya lehjange damn waiting
    latest bday bash video of ib sets no sindoor and mangalsutra raises questionss did shivika married or not…letz hope for the shaadi ruvya and tejvi scences are skiped thy are irritating
    sunday mahasangam epi ib 7 to 8 latest update
    tamil ib
    om has erred of smuggling case
    roop entry in om
    gud n8pkj family♥♥♥♥

  16. Go astha go
    Finally band Baja barat ready
    Pinky donky I Will kill u so irritating
    Misunderstandings between shivika oh no
    Let’s hope good for shivika in coming days

    1. Aastha_Reddy

      Thank you Chaithu…Band bajega tabhi toh maza aayega.

  17. Gouri and annika conversation emotional
    And shivay gouri discussion is so emotional

  18. Yaar when will this gauri omkara track commence….this bhavya rudra na r wasting no no killing time by their bakwass Tract they don’t have that flame nd I don’t know y they r eating out head…..only good thing about today’s episode is their costumes nothing else….for God sake give some decent screen time for omkara gauri nd stop this bhavya tract she s literally eating away my patience

    1. SO TRUE, CAN’T BEAR HER SHE IS HORRIBLE AS INSPECTOR. Again story not going anywhere still there.

  19. IB_Fan_Girl

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  20. NerdyBirdie

    Guys I think I lost brain cells watching Rudra-Bhavya. Rudra is a great character but honestly whenever he’s with Bhavya he’s just shown as unnecessarily stupid. Like what the actual eff?! Rudra it’s a freaking police badge not some toy.

    Also I can’t believe I’m losing more brain cells watching this BS shaadi. Looks like rich people have a lot of money to waste on meaningless marriages. Just waiting for my Shivika to get back together and that blo*dy crazy Pinky to get exposed. She does not deserve the place and respect she gets in that house.

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