Ishqbaaz 23rd April 2018 Written Episode Update: Shivaye makes a plan

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Ishqbaaz 23rd April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Anika thinks Shivaye has come and turns to talk. She gets shocked seeing Roop and says its you, how dare you come here. Roop taunts her for having no manners to talk to elders. Anika taunts her back for falling low being an elder. She says be grateful to me that I didn’t tell the family about your deeds, you and your son have tried to ruin this family, your son has tried to kill me. Roop says you are alive because of me, I stopped my son. Anika asks her to get lost. Roop says its my house too, if you are bahu of this house, I m the daughter of this house, where is everyone. Anika says everyone went out.

Roop says they went for Shivaye’s marriage. Anika laughs and asks what, they went to attend Shivaye’s marriage, have you lost it. Roop says you will remember this when he gets a sautan. Anika says I won’t come in your words, lets call Shivaye, your misunderstanding will get clear. Roop says Harsh….. Anika looks at her. Shivaye says thank God you both came. Rudra says Khanna has come along with us. Shivaye says we have less time now. Rudra says we will get Bua arrested, call commissioner. Shivaye says no, I don’t have any proof against Roop, but she has proof against our parents and Anika’s dad. Anika asks how do you know my dad’s name. Roop says I know everything about him, he used to work in Kalyani mills. Anika says lie…..he didn’t work in mills, else Shivaye would have… Roop says he would have told you like he tells you everything, you are not believing it, Shivaye hides many things and lies, he told you that your died by an heart attack, he lied, I will tell you thr truth, your dad was a foreman in mills, he had committed suicide because of the Oberois, they have burnt the mills and killed Mr. Kapoor, they framed your dad, Harsh couldn’t bear the burden of these crimes and committed suicide. Anika says this isn’t true. Roop says fine, will you trust these pics.

She shows the pics and says Harsh was framed by Oberois, Shivaye knew they can go jail so he made a deal with me, I gave him two options that I give this proof to police, so that your dad is proved innocent and Oberois get punished, or I give these pics to Shivaye, so that Oberois maintain their dignity and Harsh is considered a criminal always, you know Shivaye chose the second option on my condition that he will leave you and marry someone else, he agreed to me. Anika thinks of Shivaye’s words.

Anika says no, Shivaye can never do this, you are lying. Roop says Shivaye can do anything when it comes to his family, see the marriage arrangements. She shows Shivaye’s pics and says see his true face, he is leaving you and remarrying for the sake of your family, he got a chance to prove your dad innocence, but see what he is doing. Anika recalls Shivaye’s words. She says your plan was great and claps. She says this will be a flop plan too, just go. Roop says I showed you many proof, you don’t believe it. Anika says no, I won’t believe anyone’s stories, Roop says come with me and see Shivaye.

Shivaye says I need that proof at any cost, so that Roop doesn’t prove the charges on Anika’s dad true. Roop says I wanted you to see Oberois’ crimes. Anika says you think I will come in your words if you instigate me against my husband. Roop says I want you to come with me and see for yourself. Anika agrees and says I trust Shivaye more than me, you have to answer all the blames in front of Shivaye.

Shivaye says Roop can be here any time. Rudra says we will run. Om asks who has the proof. Shivaye says we have to find the proof, its with Roop, I want to buy some time. Om says its not a child’s play. Shivaye says yes, we will make this a child’s play, we will do fake marriage with fake pandit and fake mantras. Om asks how will we arrange fake pandit so soon. Rudra calls Tej and asks him to help. Tej asks what. Rudra says just do it. He ends call. Shivaye asks will you become fake pandit. Rudra says yes. Om asks did you get just Tej to help. Rudra jokes and says maybe Tej will do our work, now forget everything, I will manage the sake pandit. Roop gets Anika to her place. Roop sings and pulls the curtain. Anika sees a glass partition. Roop says Shivaye is remarrying, he will be sitting here with his second wife. Anika says this can’t happen, he won’t do this. Roop says you can wait and watch, no one can see or hear you. She goes out and talks to Anika to show about sound blockage.

Omru joke and hide seeing Roop. Rudra goes to pandit and makes a small request. Pinky calls Shivaye and cries. Om holds her. She says Om you here, you don’t know whats happening here, Shivaye’s second marriage… Om says I know everything, I met Shivaye, he is fine, don’t worry, we won’t let this marriage happen. Roop gets shocked seeing Veer. She shuts the door and starts yelling at him. He throws things and shouts, I would have killed Anika and Shivaye. They argue. Veer asks does my respect matter or not. She says I gave you enough chances, you didn’t do anything in Goa, you got arrested here. He says Shwetlana failed my plans in Goa, and you have sent me to Oberois, I got jailed here. She says don’t come out, else Shivaye will bury you alive. Roop goes. He says I will play a game with Shivaye now.

Pinky says you will have to get remarried, you didn’t ask about the girl. She speaks against Anika. He gets angry and warns her.

Update Credit to: Amena

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    Thanks for the update so fake marriage hogi rudy banega pandit

    1. Luthfa

      Go AAYUSH GO.Congratulations on being first….?

      1. AAYUSH

        Thanks luthfa

    2. Dhwani_Naidu

      Go Aayush go!! Congrats for the first comment!!

      1. AAYUSH

        Thanks dhwani

  2. Hiiii everyone,
    Kaise ho sab?
    Ok, I was busy so Was not able to watch the epi. And will might be not able to watch for this whole week.
    But I m here to congratulate u all as on this day only 2 years back ishqbaaz shoot was started.
    Lets party.

    1. Luthfa

      I am good dear.How are you?Congratulations to you too dear?

    2. Dhwani_Naidu

      Hii Ritu!! Congrats to us!! Yeah let’s party!!

  3. This is on Instagram,Guys look what news come out for ishqbaaz let’s make a deal between naamkaran fans and ishqbaaz if ishqbaaz helps u to save naamkaran.t hen we will help you to save ur show, what’s say let’s be team nd help each other after all they are the world’s best nd most popular shows.whats say deal.come on guys our shows will be save nd we all can be happy.w hats say do let know what u guys think.
    This the deal made between naamkaran fans and ishqbaaz fans.All naamkaran fans and ishqbaaz fans agreed this deal.what do you think will u help naamkaran nd naamkaran fans will help you.all ishqbaaz fans nd ishqbaaz fans will help you.
    Guys both naamkaran fans and ishqbaaz fans decided to help each other so that both shows won’t go off.plz ishqbaaz fans watch naamkaran too on their respective timings on star plus as well as repeat telecast if u want nd naamkaran fans watch ishqbaaz on their respective timings as well as repeat telecast if you want.

    1. Arpita6

      Chalo issi bahane kuch friendship bhi karlenge…????.

  4. Pushpa

    Thk u thank u thank u so so much…for all yr wishes…..tht means a lot

    Anika : .okay, i will go with you, not because i believe you but because i have full trust on my shivaye more than me! I will go with you so that you have to answer each question in front of shivaye….Anika’s trust over shivaye is great and me too i trust my shivaye more…

    Oooo….. mummy kasam i wanted to strangle roop….but i know god hv a better punishment4u roop…just wait&watch.

    Bua locks her in two way mirror sound proof room, no one knows she’s there & she can’t hear what outside people are saying … this is whtevef shivaye speaks later anika cant hear…???mummy…

    This is what i mean…
    Dun allow yr mind to tell yr heart wht to do..our mind gives up easily but yr heart can c invisibles mind cannot c…. even yr mind forgets BUT yr heart never will ….. anika in dilemma…..anika remember what shivaye told you many times …wait till shivaye comes back and explain to you whats happening…

    ShivOmRu u guys r the best yr bonding is great 2c…

    Precap….. just shoot tht roop shivaye…v r wt u 4ever….gd nite gal
    Its gona be emotional baaz……

    1. Luthfa

      Hi Pushpa di,
      You are most welcome di.Yeah Bua got her under control completely.Don’t know what Shivaay will do now.Let’s hope for the best?

    2. Dhwani_Naidu

      Pushpa sis!! Belated happy birthday to you!! Very sorry for the late wishes.. I wasn’t well so didn’t come to pkj.. Hope you had fun celebrating ur bday!! TC sis..

  5. Dhwani_Naidu

    Hii meri khidkitodh pagals!! Shivika = Couple goals!! Roop Bua tried so much to make Anika believe.. Tie tie phissss for DWB??? Today’s epi seemed so short.. Hoping for the end of Kalyani mills track soon.. this track started in Dec , it has taken 5 months and still hasn’t ended.. oh god.. now pls end this DWB.. Can’t tolerate her.. Waiting for Ani-chutki!!
    Good night pagals!! Love you all!!

    1. Luthfa

      Hi Dost,
      Welcome back to PKJ family with lots of sweet love.Me too is waiting for AniRi sister track.KMM is going to strech more.Shivika are always awesome,what to say about them now?Anyway,take care.Lots of love?

      1. Dhwani_Naidu

        Hi dost!! Thanks a lot for ur care my dearestestest dost.. Love you a lot yaar??? Yeah Shivika are awesome.. I wish rikara are shown like them too.. yeah kmm is stretching more.. Swety was more entertaining.. This Bua is irritating..

  6. Hii everyone…???today I wud like to say something abt our shivika.these two people are killing as shivika???nakul n surbhi hats off to uuu????well even from beginning,dat is from daksh evil plan to seperate anika n shivaay ,shivaay first misunderstood her but later stood by her side like none…and then shivikas separation track even then shivaay felt smthng wrong…and believed dat there is some reason behind whatever anika has done…like he many vl think lyk dat …only our SSO ???and he sorted evrythng….even during Tanya track anika cud easily identify dat shivaay was Lying abt memory lose lyk she cud read from his eyes..???and how many more incidents which showed shivikas trust n loved???I just love them for dat n they are unique as alwaysss?????make this trust always win over all the evil plans ma shivikas???gud nyt everyoneee???

    1. Luthfa

      Hi Shana,
      I agree with you.Shivika’s trust towards each other is something very different.I just hope they pass this test with flying colours like every time.Let’s see.

      1. Yes????but as per recent news anima has completely misunderstood shivaayyy????I can’t tolerate it…may evrythng be fyn as always….

    2. AAYUSH

      Absolutely right

  7. Arpita6

    Hiii mere khidkitod pagals. .
    Sry pagals i couldn’t reply bcoz my Mahan Net was sgowing her nakhre nurjahan ke…
    –ok today i found episode kinda diff…i mean something was missing…don’t know what…so Just sharing everyone POV.
    p.s there wil be more hindi.

    Start with ANNIKA..
    — Ufff Ye Vanmanush kya kam tha Jab ye bhootni bhi yahan apni chudelon jaise dant le kar aagayi……..Main bechari Apni Sso ki kitni pyarr se intzaar kar rahi thi..But Iss Budhita ne mere pure plan ka kachra bana diya…iss ka dant todne ka bahut man kar raha he but what to do.Mere Sanskar beech main aahi jayi he…Aab ye mere ko glass wali kamre main le gayi..Jaise woh gana aayegi aur main glass ke pecche khade hoke clap karungi.. ( JUST LIKE MOVIE )……Shivaay plz iss bhoitni se mujhe bachaiye..


    Ufff Ye Bua aur inke Daant..Ok one thing is good Bua’s teeth are really clean..but Should use Teeyh clip during her childhood so that her teeth could be Sized..Now it us looking too ugly..and now she is playing with me..AAO BLACKMAIL KARE……Main yahan Annika se baat karne ke liye mar raha hun…and This Bua is saying go and get ready for marriage. …isko batana padega..I am already married for several times…Yiu should know about it..Ok let me give her a big lesson…Annika..i miss you.

    Bua…For her one sing cane to my Mind..PARDE MAIN REHENE DO..when She take Annika to that room.I started to Sing.
    And her Pov..
    Chalo kitna maja aa raha he.. I am proud 9f my teeth kitne clean he.. aur dusro ko kitni acche se irritate karti he..I LOVE MY TEETH.


    Playing Saadi saadi…and singing HUM HONGE KAMYAB ..HUM HONGE KAMYAB..

    Now come to Veer Pratap.Chauhan Akka Vanmanush ???????????
    Today he was the funniest character. .last part cracked up me very badly…i was laughing like a mad. He was like.
    itna Bada Inssan aur Phuski Vomb..
    Woh paaka ye sab mujhe bolegi.????? ( ????)

    And for me..Those things who became saheed kaas mere ko de dete yarr.Mera ghar aur bhi beautiful dikhti..

    Precap– waiting waiting waiting

    Earlier i told Sso make a big blunder by not saying truth to Annika..So misery is gonna hapoen.and something serious thing gonna happen

    Ok byyy.

    1. Luthfa

      Hi Arpita,
      Hehehehe…….OMG!!!! What have you done?Too good yaar.Especially that song,kya banaya tumne.Thank you sooooo….much for this amazing piece.Love you?

    2. Luthfa

      Hi Arpita,
      Hehehehe….Oh,what have you done?Just too good yaar.Especially that song.Kya banaya tumne.Thank you soooo…much for this amazing piece.Love you?

    3. Dhwani_Naidu

      Hi Arpita!! How r u??? Omg!! Ur songs ????? Yeah this Bua and her teeth are irritating..

  8. To be frank, I’m getting bored and irritation to watch ishqbaaz from last four days..

    If it comes to normal, then only I watch..

    So much headache yar..

    1. Luthfa

      In that case,take a short break dear.Take care?

  9. Hii everyone ?
    How are you’ll ??

    Firstly I wanna say I’m feeling better and I’m over with what happened to me and my fam and we just trying to forget everything and move on so I’m okay now
    I really missed commenting and reading you’ll comments …

    I can’t watch ishqbaaz for 3 months now ? so I can only read I can’t even watch online coz my parents disconnected the WiFi soi cant watch online coz data is alot so like I’m without ishqbaaz ? luckily I have my phone and Instagram helps a bit with the vidoes so i understand a bit especially coz the main scnes scenes are posted

    Anyways I’m trying my best to follow the storyline and hope it gets better and all of you’ll enjoy ?

    Take care ❤

    1. Luthfa

      Hello Omu dearest,
      How are you now?Hope all is good.Don’t worry dear,we all are with you.That’s really frustrating.Three months will be over with a blink of eyes.I will pray to God for you and your well-being.God bless you with inner peace and strength to deal with the present time.Take care.Lots of love?

    2. Dhwani_Naidu

      Hii omu!! We are all with you dr!! Don’t worry yaar… Take care.. love you yaar..

  10. that blo*dy bua …sorry for the slang ..but i hate her yaar ..she is such pain to look at …irritating creature ..i have a sincere wish of breaking her so called ” daaton daaton mein “in particles ..urghh she is such horrible creature …i really wish when they get exposed someone should break her teeth that she wouldn’t be able to talk at all ..blo*dy venomous snake ..y doesnt anybody strangle her ..she is the biggest pain

  11. Luthfa

    Daughter of a house was screaming in front of the Daughter-in-law of the same house,shouting at the top of her voice to remind her of the relationship she held in that family.By the way,nice way to show that Roop is the D of the Oberois!The fate of the Oberois is always deceitful when it comes to any relationship.Their multidimensional relationship make people wonder every now and then as well as Oberois themselves get confused that who is who and who is related to them,who is not or in which way.Now Roop is claiming that she is the D of OF and at the same time she is planning to destroy them,wow.Her emphasis on being the D of Oberois was a surprise on her part.She didn’t feel ashamed at all to brag of being an Oberoi despite knowing that the same Oberois did injustice with her and she is seeking revenge from them.Perhaps she felt weak while confronting Mrs.Anika Shivaay Singh Oberoi being an outsider that’s why she grounded on her severed relation.That family gave her nothing but everything to Anika.In true sense,Roop felt insulated when she said to get out from OM.For her staying,she needed to revive her relation with the Oberois.Such a day has arrived when to break the relation,she had to join the same relation with her self-discarded family.Relationship,be it of blood or anything,is very precious.It’s not for sale or any kind of deals.Roop got nothing from the Oberois but being an Oberoi by blood,she inherited the traits of making every relation a deal from the Oberois.Nor she cares for her son nor she is concerned for her family members.She is very much obsessed with herself and her filthy revenge.Another typical temporary quality of the Oberois…………………………………….

    1. Dhwani_Naidu

      Meri dost!! After soooooooooooooooooo many days am reading ur comment.. U know that I hv never had enough words to describe Ur analysis (today too).. Different perspective from mine, my thoughts.. I wish I could comprehend like you do.. Lots of love dost ? ? ??

  12. Hi ,guys ,,so today’s epi is good ,,???and intresting ,but i can’t understand where is this bhavya and gouri ,,they are not seen it’s been a week ,,don’t know where they are ,anyway today anika’s stand for shivay and her trust on shivay is fantastic ,roop bua well tried but i don’t think it will work ,and then shivomru plan and rudra’s confidence was lovely ,lastly hmmmm veer was angry ,good and i think yeh ma beta dono hi pagal hai ,en logoka bartab mujhe khabhi bhi normal nahi lagta ,
    and precap ,that was not pinky but roop said all that to shivay ,and i just hate when roop bua said anika a bhikarain ,,how dare she to insult ASSO like that ,,stupid ,idiot ,nothing just rubbish ,don’t forget shivay will not allow anyone to insult his wife he will not bear this ,no one have this right ,shivay can’t bear his mom to insult anika ,aur tum to phir bhi bua ho ,,to shivay ko gussa mat dilao ,stupid woman

  13. Hi pkjians….finally exms got over and I am little relived…
    But sorry guys as I may just once in a blue moon….Kyunki jab khud ki phone nahi hai toh mom ya dad ki phone pane ke bahat sare bahaane banane padte…so once again sorry
    Khair toh aaj Ib ka first filming ka 2yrs birthday ..grt such a beautiful journey with this and u guys …thnk u for being a part of daily life…
    Anyways episode accha tha but just wanna kill DWB..

  14. Thank you soooo for this episode ..but in the precape roop talk to shevay not pinky ..fix that …and thnx a gain ????

  15. Hello ppl. How r u all?? Ever since I started giving 90% to dvb I have strtd skipping 90%of the episodes too. I dnt even have the patience to watch the whole thing in hotstar. I jus watch fr shivomru and Khanna. Pinky and Anika are doing an amazing job bt can’t watch those scenes properly bcoz dvb is irritating d heck out of me. Gawd!! Veer is soo much better. Nd after d last few episodes I actually feel bad fr him. He is a mere puppet fr his mother. He’s never had a proper family. If his adopted family was good he wldnt have turned out to be dis reckless vanmanush. Poor man believes that his mother is doing this fr her revenge and because of her live for him. Roop has done everything from d time of kalyani Mills fr her and her alone. She dsnt want revenge as much as she wants power, property and money. That is all that matters to her. For her even shivaay is a puppet and she feels powerful when she makes him do things. That feeling is wat makes her intoxicated. And dis intoxication is wat is goin to lead to her downfall as she is overestimating herself and underestimating the younger gen. Unlike the older oberois who’ll never stand on a common ground, the younger oberois, whether it is brothers, sisters in law and brothers in law or cosisters have an unbreakable bond and deep rooted love and respect and blind trust on each other. Something they have had fr each other from their first proper meeting.

    So today Rudy was Smart Singh Oberoi and askn none less than Tedha Singh Oberoi to bring in everything fr d fancy dress. Om still dsnt trust Tej enough though.. bt yeah understandable. Bt he did rudra get into the washroom escaping from Charlie I wonder. I wish gauri bhavya wld come in to stand by anika. I know it’s wishing fr too much bt still. I wonder who d dulhan is going to be. Tmrw that will come out. I hope if there is a bride swap om or Khanna dsnt become the bride????.. Baap/Boss se seedha Patti. Anyway om and Rudy keep teasing abt shivaay and khanna’s reln. If they get married then?????????????????

    @Arpitaaaaaaaaaaaa Meri maaaa????.. Mummy kasam I died laughing reading this comment. Hamare ankhon see batter bah gayi????.. Even I felt something was missing. Maybe anika’s tadi. She got emotional a bit. Varna Anika wld have broken bua’s teeth with a bat… Anika’s tadi didn’t match up to her usual standards tday. Or at least that’s wat I felt. Not sure.

    @Luthfa actually the whole irony of roop’s character is that she has to remind everybody constantly that she is also an Oberoi. And was u said is true, that family gave Anika her everything. But it also took away everything from Roop.

    @Mrinal and UB I can understand that feeling so well. Maar dalo bua ko and I wld become so much better. Even fr daksh and swetlana dey had better tracks. To some extent even veer has had a great track compared to this dvb

    @Omaira life and ib both will become better with a little patience and hope. ?

  16. Hello dear PKJ family, now I am irritated with Roop. Doesn’t she have any other better dialogues. Always repeating the same things. I am the Daughter of this house and an Oberoi. The she keeps telling veer to go underground when he himself is not obeying her. Then she keeps saying Trivedi has been framed by Oberois and he Oberois killed him. She is an Oberoi so she needs to be punished alongside with the other elders. I wished anika could have said that to her but what happened to her. She succumbing to emotions. Last week they showed tadi anika again it’s veer and today they show her becoming vulnerable to Roop’s saying. I am very sure even though she was adamant not to believe Roop but when she saw the mandap her heart had some confusion. I hope she remains tadi and not to believe Roop. In the interim I don’t know what veer is going to do to anika if he knows she is there as well. So tomorrow everyone will be in that house except Bhavya and Gauri which I don’t know what happened to them.

  17. Hi my pkj family……
    Hope u all r fine….the epi is good but I skipped some scenes….the bua is hell irritating now…..I am gonna smash her teeth…?????
    Best part is ani di trust shivaye more than herself……but she was little scared when seeing mandap….she is in a confused state…..the things which are going to happen may break her heart…but she has will to handle the situation and our sso will never let this happen…..let’s we hope for the best……
    OMG….today pinky and om’s hug was priceless……

  18. Luftha nice analysis and Arpu dear nice analysis too.
    Krishna well said about Roop
    Omaira sorry your wifi got disconnected so you can’t enjoy IB but Glad you still come and join the PKj family.
    Banu jeevi sneha beauty and many more hope you all have a good week

  19. Arpita6

    Hii mere pagals..
    My net is not working and showing her nakhre.
    So i am not able to reply…?????.
    Will try to do it .
    Hope it will be fixed soon.
    Love you
    Don’t know if this mesg wil be posted or not.

  20. Good morning to all my are you all?? today is a very special day for me.its the birthday of my jeene ki wajah the love of my life one and only SACHIN the Sachin Tendulkar.I know he is not only my love but for guys please pray for him.he entertained us enthralled us by his please pray for his well-being.and coming to yesterday’s episode the kind of love and faith annika showed towards shivaay is just is the pillar of every annika believed her shivaay more than herself.she knew that her shivaay couldn’t think betraying her even in his dreams.i hope annika will continue believing him till the end.and lights di you pov on relationship is absolutely you di. And once again HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO the great TENDULKAR,from my Gpkj family.

  21. Aarosh rudy as pandit very hilarious getup

  22. G.vidya saraswathi

    Anika trust with sivayee was awesome I love you both

  23. Seeing annika in that place what is the shivaay reaction he did all the things that he will protect but he is failed and annika is known the truth and her condition is worst to see shivaay marriage in front of her eyes what should she do when she is most hurted by seeing her husband in that position he break her trust, love and heart. How should annika will take revenge from oberios even from the first she didn’t known taking revenge because she loves everyone, trust, forgiving, sacrifice is the nature of annika how should she control herself even to control annika no dadi no sahil no gauri and BHAVYA.

  24. Nikita_jai29

    Arpu dear your comments are awesome…..
    Please end this roop bua blackmail track.. I am fed up

  25. Hi everyone……
    I didn’t watch the episode but read update…so sad…
    Sorry guys… commented after a long time ….as I was suffering from chickenpox….
    Looks like except a few people no one else h accepted me here…??….
    But thanks to those who welcomed me here…

    1. Good evening magi dear,get well soon

    2. Banita

      Heyy Mahi…
      Dont say like this yaar… We all accept U here whole heartly…
      TC of urself…
      Get well soon…
      Love U…

  26. Hey Mahi.. belated welcome to our pkj family.. now u r a family member here.. Take care of ur health yaar..

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