Ishqbaaz 22nd February 2019 Written Episode Update: Shivaansh ousts Mannat

Ishqbaaz 22nd February 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Shivaansh scolds Dhruv, Shivani and Radhika. Shivaansh says I can’t tolerate this further, I can’t bear the burden of being more good, I m very bad. He goes. They cry and wonder what happened to him. Nani says he can’t say anything such, and if he is saying anything, then there is some reason. Khanna asks Shivaansh not to do this, its wrong. Shivaansh asks him not to tell anyone. Shivaansh says I can’t do this, I can’t hurt them. He thinks I have to save them from big pain, I have to give them this small pain. Mannat comes to him. Shivaansh says I don’t like outsiders in my room. She says I have come to give this beetroot juice. She sneezes over. He throws the glass and scolds her. She says I m sorry. He says get out of you room. She steps on the glass piece.

She screams. He looks

at her. She cries seeing the blood. She says what shall I do. He says any normal person will first remove the glass piece. She gets scared. He sits to do the aid. She says don’t vent anger on me, I m very scared of blood, I faint down. He removes the glass piece and shows her. He says I pulled it out. She asks really. He does the aid. She thanks him and asks why did you do all this, you said you are bad, why. He asks who gave you a right to question me, you don’t act as my wife, your drama to become good in my eyes is of no use, I have already decided to oust you from the house today. He goes. Nani asks Pandit to do puja so that Shivaansh and Mannat have a peaceful life. Pandit asks her not to worry. She hears music and goes to see. They see the shoot going on. Shivaansh dances with the girls on Aankh maare…..

Nani asks what’s all this. Director asks what’s this SSO, a good shot got spoiled. Shivaansh asks what was the need to come here, my shoot is going on. Nani says there is puja happening. He gets arguing with her badly. He drinks alcohol. Nani asks what are you saying. He says I m not a kid, I don’t need your permission, I had to marry this maid because of you, don’t expect anything else from me. Nani says Mannat is your wife. He says I was going to marry Sonya, you are taking her side, who is she, a maid, you should support me, you have gone old, you should be thankful that I didn’t send you to old age home. Radhika says you are misbehaving with her. Nani says he is not my Shivaansh, he is drunk. She gets angry on him and cries. They leave for temple. Shivaansh asks Mannat to leave. Mannat goes to Khanna and says I want to talk about Shivaansh, you know everything about him, why is he behaving like this.

Khanna says I can’t tell you some manners. She says I want to help you. He says you don’t need to do anything, you think I will tell you. She says you are misunderstanding me, I was helpless, I would like to say that I wish good for Shivaansh and his family, if you ever feel you need my help for Shivaansh, don’t hesitant to tell me. She gets the glass and smells it. She says it doesn’t smell like alcohol, its apple juice, something is fishy. Nani comes and says we are going to temple, Shivaansh refused to come, you are his wife, tell him and get him along, I will be waiting. Mannat goes to Shivaansh. She says this glass had apple juice, why did you do acting in front of Nani. He asks who are you to ask me, you always lie, where is everyone. She says they went to temple. He says perfect. He throws the glass and takes her along. She asks him to leave her. He takes her in the car and asks where is your car. She asks are you fine, drive carefully.

He asks her to get down. He warns her. She cries and gets down the car. He goes. She asks what’s wrong with you. He thinks no one will understand this, I m doing right, if love gives pain, hatred reduces the pain, I will fill hatred in their hearts that there won’t be any place left for love and pain. Chachi sees Mannat. Varun is with his wife. Chachi calls him and says Shivaansh has left Mannat here, I think he has ousted her. He says fine, send me the files, I will check. She asks which file. He goes away to talk. She says I m talking about Mannat. He says I know, don’t worry, they are married, Shivaansh is going to die, divorce can’t happen so soon, his money will go to Mannat, welcome her with love. Mannat knocks the door and says sorry. Chachi welcomes her home. She says Munni was missing you, come in and have food. Mannat gets surprised. Shivaansh falls on the bed. He gets Mannat’s blanket. He looks at the moon. Sochke jise dil….plays…. Mannat sees her mangalsutra. She also looks at the moon. He says finally, Mannat is out of my life forever.

Chachi says Shivaansh has killed Varun, is the media mad to show this news. Mannat thinks did this happen because of Varun and that girl’s pic which I had sent to Shivaansh. She cries.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Hey.. Dib.. Another weekend.. I hate weekends..two days no DIB.

  2. About much shouting..pain..crying.. I hate negative feelings..sso k sach mein yeh sa lagtha hai kya ki yeh sab karne se sab log unhe bura manoge? YEH AP K GALATFAIMI HAI MR. SSO. Ap chahthe ya na chahthe koi ap k hate nahi kar sakthe. Sso not only your family we all love u somuch. So please stop this nafrat drama

  3. Aur yeh mannat k barei me mei kya kahu. Kya yeh ladki apne dimag zara sa bhi isthmal nahi karthi? STUPID. Now stop crying and start mission expose varun. Warna sach mei mardalungi. Precap. Us bewagoof sso k varun k image beja? Aur sso varun k mardala? Kya bakwas hai. Mannat bewagoof hongi. Sso bhi shayad bewagoof honga. PAR hum viewers bewagoof nahi hai. So pleaaase stop unwanted twist and turns.. And for god sake DONT SEND SSO OR MANNAT INTO JAIL..

  4. Hi dib week sahil will join in dib. I hope shivika murder mystery is going to unfold. Nox what a dancer! And precap.. I think its varun’s another trap.

  5. I like “thanha sa ” mansh theme song very much . It has the same feeling of shivika “o jaana”…next week kya hone wala ha dib mei any guess?

  6. Cant blame shivaansh for his misbehave.. Look at him.. He is all alone.. No mother to console. No father to support. And he genuinly dont want to hurt his family. So this is the only way he could find. I have a request to gul mam. Mam u have created ipkknd and ishqbaaz. Please do some magic and add some of your special flavour in it. Because it misses something.. Dont know what it is..

  7. Loved MaAnsh moments.. So cute

  8. Good n8 dib..

  9. Thank you amena…for the beautiful update.. It really helps people like me.

  10. Annsh

    Hi Guys
    Ansh is here

    So What was that Shivansh killed Varun – Big Twist

    Today Episode started that shivaansh is acting because he believes he dies in a week and he becoming bad infront of his family
    Mannat – Kuch Kuch Ho Raha Hai || Shivansh – Dil To Pagal Hi

    Slowly MAnnat-Shivaansh started feeling together
    They are saying Aditi outed the show
    Because of Viewers wrong comments on her acting
    Team outed her . Actually she was doing good
    No need to quit her………..Anyway this is Gul mam Vision

    So How gonna they move forward the story…………….
    Let’s see for Tuesday Episode 🙂
    because they not gonna show in monday episode the Varun twist U+1F609 U+1F609

    1. Yes I also shared this news here. Its all r fault first doubted her and compared her. I readily accepted her but she was criticized for her looks. Aaj ki date mein bhi hum kisi ko iss tarah judge krenge. Why and especially girls, ashamed… I knew ki time ke sath sath u all will accept her but yeh nhi socha tha ki makers viewers ka mindset bhi badalne ka thoda time nhi denge. Isss story mein DHINCHAK kaha hai pr hai. Nitj toh uski takar ki hi nhi hai. Sb kuch chhota hai height, expression, adaa, expressing through eyes,etc…

      Kbhi psnd hi nhi thi…in today’s world all boys want beautiful yet courageous girls. Kuch toh ho pagal kr dene wala lekin ab toh chahti huu ki sso ko isse pyaar naa ho warna kal ko agar koi problem arise ho gyi toh kaise handle kregi, airf chhote bache ki tarah rooti rh jayeggi. Dialogue bolne mein kitni mehnat lgani pdti hai isko, sso ki aankhen hi emotions ko express kr deti hai what he might be feeling. Iski aankhon mein woh jaaddooo hi nhi hai. She is just playing a character, one should live it tbhi uska dard apna samjhoge aur words bolne se zyada aankhon se express kr paoge and that’s called INTENSITY👀
      phir lgta hai hn yaar we can understand what she must be feeling.

      And when ur living a character then it becomes legendary

      Like maya, annika, avni, rk, viraj dobriyal, mahadev, etc….

  11. Rv..agree yar..she has to improve her acting..dialogue delivery..she is paired with nakulji..her performance should be equal of him. He doesnt want to say the dialogue. Eyes will say many story..

  12. Aaj tk jaise bhi shows kiye ho lekin har show alag hota hai. Different roles ke sath acting or intensity bhi change krni pdti hai. Makers bhi naaa aisa character toh create kreee jise dekh kr main khud ko relate kr pao.

    She knows stepping into someone’s shoes holds a lot of responsibility as u will be compared, criticized and after long when ull behave like old one then people will somewhat accept u. But itna time nhi hota dekha naaaa aditi ke sath kya kia inhone. Isliye behtar hai ki thoda effort zyada dalo or jldi cuz its almost a month and every time this show is missing from top 20 list of hit shows, forget about top 10. Gets only 1.something trp everytime. Yrkkh chle jaa rha trp mein sirf uchchal hi hai or isss show se itni expectations hai woh bnd hone ki kagar pe uttar aaya hai😢

  13. Correct. Uper se so much twist and turns now god helps dib..sahil in negative…my hopes are fading away

  14. Dont worry guys. Mannat will return to om with khidkitod andaz..lets see

  15. Mein udas hu. Pata nahi ib kab end hone wala hai… No trp….story mein bhi somuch negativity… Before ending please give us some happy fun scenes..siblings bonding…ishqbaazi…dil udasbaaz ho raha hai..

  16. Ibfan. Udas math hojayiye. Cheer up yar. DIB kahi nahi jayega. You said trp increased. Yes people expect somuch from gul’s shows. Lets hope for the best and pray. Makers ko sathbudhi dene ke liye.. Now we know sahil is the mastermind behind varun. Pata nahi ab kya raita phelega. Aryan prajapathi’s sahil was so cute. Remember shivaay and sahil’s man to man talk. And wedding vows stealing scene. Gul mam kyu karthe he yeh sa. ok lets see

  17. Ansh..mein kuch nahi samji. Tuesday kyu? Monday kyu nahi? What is +those numbers? Confused… Sach mei..sso dil to pagal hi hai aur diwana


      1. Annsh

        Hi Nithu

        Why is Tuesday because they not gonna clearly what was going and why?
        So definitely it will take one more day

        Thank you Singh Saab for clarifying doubt
        That code is actually winking face………………….

  18. Dhruv radhika aur shivani ke bare mei sso ne sach kaha. Jab dekh bhaiya bhaiya bolthe hai. Iske alawa kuch nahi janthe ye theeno.. Try to figure out. Bhaiya yehsa kyu karthe hai…. And shivani vishwas nahi ho raha hai. Yeh meri anika ki beti hai..sso well said.. Par nani k man istharah dukhi nahi karne chahiye tha…

  19. Thank u nithu. Sahil was a cute boy. He joined shivaay anika together. Now what he want. Just because shivaay scolded him and tried to correct him. Is he going to kill his own nephew. There should be a strong reason for that. Dekh the…

  20. Poor shivaansh. Look at the oberoi family. Father and mother are killed. His father killed (shivaay)his own bade papa(tej). Grand mother killed (pinky) her own husband (sakti)and died. Grand fathers sister(roop) is a criminal. Now his own uncle(sahil) is another criminal. WHAT A FAMILY!

  21. A family full of murderers and criminals. GOOD JOB GUL MAAM. Atleast show omru. Someone should be there to support shivaansh..he only has hopeless siblings and a stupid wife and a nikamma

    1. @ this moment acp ki sabse zyada zaroorat mehssos ho rhi hai. She could have consoled sso and from here I think love could have blossomed b/w them, but gul is gul woh aisa kahan hone dengi. Shivika ki kami ko agar koi poora kr skta hai especially when it comes to consoling then acp would have proved to be lot more than accepted. I can very well imagine kaise hote woh moments😍😍😍

      Shivika ko zinda hona chahiye tha. Kitna mzaa aata dekhne mein teeeno ko or nakul ke double role toh isss show ko no.1 bna dete. Maa beta mil kr papa ko poori tarah pareshan kr ke rkh dete. And @ this moment sso and jsso ki bonding kitni ubhar ke aati TRUST ME. Agar surbhi ne mnaa bhi kr dia toh shivaay ko zinda rkh dete I’m pretty sure ki nakul mna nhi krte. They could have shown baap-beta OMG!!!!!!!! We would have definitely loved it. Annika ki kami shayad poori ho jati with dual role of nakul🙂🙂🙂

  22. what the makers thought while moving to redux they are killing the story day by day after anikas exit serial is dead the charm and fun quotient is lost

  23. Singh sab. Thank u for the clarification.. It helped..

  24. This week varun and sso’s drama of murder family’s hatred towards sso. Sahil’s entry. So mannat does something in PS. Glad supriya mam is back. Watching SPA 2017 in starutsav. Dil khush hua Shivaay anika om gauri soumya sab ko dekh kar. Kitne ache pariwar thi haste khelthe.. Ab kya hai yeh sab..gul mam… god! LEAP WAS A BAD IDEA.. VERY BAD..

  25. Sso in jail phir se. GUL MAM.. PLEASE WE NEED OUR ISHQBAAZ BACK….SOMEONE THOSE WHO HAVE INSTA ID PLEASE TELL THEM NOT TO KILL ISHQBAAZ WITH UNWANTED TWIST..give us some charming fun masti episode. Yeh torture koi nahi dekhenge…….jab inhone shivaay ko jail me send kiya 5 saal thak tab se ishqbaaz trp top 20 list se out hua tha..ab phir se wahi ho rh hi hai…itna acha show ko kya hal hua ab…dont make us hate this show

  26. Guys kahan he sab.. Mansi, sneha, vidha, aruna, vicky…..

  27. Mein akhele pagal ki tarah bath karthi hu……koi nahi hai kya…everyone left dib?

  28. Arish nessa.. DIB fan… Pyari…missing u guys

  29. Yes supriyaji ko dekha sbs mein. Bahot khush hua

    1. WHAT IS SBS?

  30. Tears…tears…tears…not stopping.Can’t see sso in jail weak crying earning everyones hatred….

  31. Guys chill..mannat hai na wo sab kuch tik kar denge..

  32. Dont worry. SSO zyada din tak jail me nahi rehega. Kyu ki varun mara nahi woh zinda hai. Dono milkar natak kar rh hai. Sab nafrat karne k liye. varun natak ko real banega ya natak sach me real hojayega wo to nahi pata…

  33. mean the mannat? Jisne aj tak rone k alawa kuch nahi kiya unhone sab tik kardega. Kaise? Sorry ummeed nahi hai. I MISS THE GREAT WALL SHIVAAY SINGH OBEROI.. Papa waha hota bete ke sath yeh nahi hote… Shivika why you left us…..soch soch kar pagal ho rahi hai.. Kal monday..cant watch sso in handcuffs…10 o clock math ana…

  34. Good to see supriya mam again

  35. Gm guys. Ha meine socha aditi k sath sath supriyaji’s character bhi chali gyi..but she is there….whatever mei shivaay aur shivaansh ko kamzor nahi dekhongi. Tej murder track mei nahi dekha. Trp bhi nahi milegi…..its painful to watch.torture and all those negative feelings…gul maam kya proove karna chahte hai..I HATE IT..

  36. Singh sab…sbs is sas bahu aur abp news channel..everyday at 2.30 pm..about serials upcoming news…

  37. Bahot mushkil se mannat ko accept kiya..aditi jane k bath…now some miracle should get charm of the show..

  38. Thank u ansh for the reply….doubt already cleared.

  39. Sahil negative or positive?. May be positive… I want to see him positive..khidkitod..always has a solution for every problem.

  40. So far many news has come that ib is ending. But this news I really think its going to happen. Trp interesting story..dil toot gayi hai..

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