Ishqbaaz 22nd August 2017 Written Episode Update: Ragini gets exposed

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Ishqbaaz 22nd August 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Pinky says see its so lovely S, S for…. Shivaye says Siddharth, come in…. They all get shocked seeing Siddharth. Pinky says you know what this guy did with Ragini, he is dangerous. Shivaye says no, dangerous is one who is with us, right Ragini.

Some time before, Vikram comes to Anika and says Gauri said you want to talk to me. She says yes, I wanted to apologize. He asks why. She says you would have not seen much drama like this, you would have not thought this will stretch so much, you really helped me, I want to thank you from heart, I feel bad that you have to get trapped in this. He asks do you want to apologize, I think you told me sorry many times. She say I know, this drama will not stretch till marriage. He worries and says if I say, I don’t want this marriage to end, and if I say I really want to marry you, then…. She gets shocked and asks what. He laughs and says just kidding I m really sorry, your expression was priceless. She says leave all this, I had to return this, don’t know how I got your ring. He asks why are you giving it to me. She says its not mine, I have no right on it. He asks why. She says we are not engaged, its just Shivaye in my heart and life, I will just wear his ring. He says why do you always explain me, I know that, give it. He takes the ring. She looks at him and goes.

Shivaye sees Anika. She says Pinky said we have to go downstairs in 15mins, mehendi will start again. He says yes. She asks all these functions necessary. He says say it if you don’t want these. She asks is it necessary to say. He says I think you are getting second thoughts, say truth, I will stop this. She says I m not getting any thoughts, maybe you are getting. He says no, I m fine. She says I m also fine. He says then we will let this happen. She says sure. He says sure and holds her face. Music plays……He says your hair were going in your eyes. She says Shivaye…. Pinky shouts Shivaye, come, Ragini is ready. He says excuse me, my fiancee is ready. He goes.

Bhavya says I told you not to come after me, you never listen. Rudra asks her to save him. She says relax, don’t panic. Rudra asks Sultan to be quiet. Bhavya says I will lift his hand, you leave quickly. She lifts Sultan’s hand. Rudra gets free. They hide under the bed. Rudra says I m scared, can I hug you. She asks why. He says I m stressed, my brothers are not here to hug. She smiles. He says you are laughing, we are under death. She says its said ….in death’s mouth, or death is standing over our head. He says death is sleeping over our head. She says fine, you can hug me as you are stressed. He holds her. They have an eyelock. They hear Sultan’s snores. She says we shall leave fast. They leave.

Anika comes downstairs. Pinky says be careful, first time abshagun happened. Anika talks to Gauri. Gauri says Shivaye will do whatever he has to, he was so angry. He will stop this function, don’t worry. Anika says I wish your words get true, I can’t get anyone’s name in my hand. Ragini comes. Shivaye compliments her. She thanks him. He holds her hand. He says mom this time my would be wife will get mehendi applied first. Anika says see, he looks so happy with Ragini, Gauri I don’t think he will do anything now. Gauri asks how can this happen. Om says he got mad. Dadi says I had many hopes, Billu broke my pride. Shivaye says lets start rasam. Pinky asks why are you so anxious, Ragini sit. Shivaye asks Anika to sit as well. He asks why is he so silent, its my mehendi, let’s have some music. Pinky asks the girl to write S for Shivaye.

Shivaye says I will apply mehendi by my hands. Pinky says I didn’t know my son is so romantic. Ragini gives her hand. Shivaye writes S. Anika looks on. Kaisi teri khudgarzi…….plays……. Shivaye looks at her. Girl asks Anika whose name to write in your hand. Anika says Shivaye. Pinky says see its so lovely S, S for…. Shivaye says Siddharth, come in…. Siddharth walks in. They all get shocked seeing Siddharth. Pinky says you know what this guy did with Ragini, he is dangerous.

Shivaye says no, dangerous is one who is with us, right Ragini, are you not happy seeing Siddharth, he was your fiance, you should be happy, I m just exposing what Ragini did, I met Ragini when she came in front of my car, I thought it was an accident, I was going through a bad phase, she became my good friend, slowly she started telling me about fiance Siddharth, she said about her tormented relationship, I told her to complain in police, but she didn’t do that, Anika came back in our lives, don’t know how, she knew this and warned me against Ragini, I didn’t agree to her, I felt Ragini is victim, she has to deal with so much, Anika told me many times, I didn’t believe, then I realized Anika was right, then I called Bhavya. FB shows Bhavya telling him that Ragini is doing all this, after that coffee shop incident, we have cloned her phone, all threatening phone numbers were registered on her name, Siddharth settled in US two years ago. He says that means…. She says yes….. He angrily throws his phone. FB ends.

Shivaye says this basically means Siddharth didn’t attack Ragini, she herself planned attacks, engagement breaking, threatening and abuse, that coffee shop accident and when she got hurt in our house, she did this, I decided to track Siddharth and got to know he is not in India, wonderful, he was in US and when I called him, Siddharth was visiting. He thanks Siddharth for coming and asks him to say remaining story. Siddharth says I met Ragini three years ago, when I was getting married, her obsession started, she broke my marriage by fake calls and letters, I got to know she broke two more marriages, I went to US to get rid of her, when I got Shivaye’s call, I got to know he is her latest target, so I came to help him, she was kept in mental asylum for some months, she is a psycho. Everyone gets shocked.

Shivaye says Samar told this to me, you used your brother also, he helped you being worried for you, he was sounding guilty on phone, I can send you jail for this, but its no use, you need medical help, just go. Ragini says I know I did mistakes, but I changed, you are different, I told you that you are special, I love you, I want to marry you and become Mrs. Shivaye Singh Oberoi. He says you don’t love anyone, not even yourself, do you know meaning of love, getting someone by force is not love, love means becoming of someone. She says I really love you. He says just leave, I m really done with this. Ragini sees Pinky. Pinky turns away. Ragini signs Vikram. He also turns. She thinks why is he not understanding my sign, if my game is over, his game is also over, what game is he playing. Shivaye and Gauri ask her to leave. Ragini leaves. Pinky says its good we got saved.

Dadi says first Tia and Ragini, you got cheated twice while getting big house bahu, accept your bahu heartily. Pinky says Shivaye gave divorce to Anika, she is not his wife, she is not my bahu, she is becoming Vikram’s wife, her mehendi and marriage with Vikram will happen. Gauri says Anika has Shivaye’s name mehendi in her hand. Shivaye and Anika see each other.

Pinky asks who wrote name in her hand. She scolds Anika. She says you want to trap my son again, but I won’t let you trap him. Anika goes. Dadi asks Pinky to think before talking. Pinky says its about my son’s life, you will always curse me. Dadi says you will always curse Anika. Pinky says sorry Vikram, this girl will never change, she is mad. Shivaye says stop it mom, the function is over. He goes.

Rudra asks what’s happening. Dhansuk says its village tradition, groom and bride are made to play game to know each other, you can also play. Rudra agrees. Bhavya says game is for real couples. Rudra says then we should play, so that people don’t doubt on us, we will enjoy, come. He says game is simple, we have to count rotis and win. Dhansuk says no, you have to eat rotis, one who finishes first will win. Rudra says what will happen of my diet. Bhavya asks him to play. Dhansuk says rotis are spicy. Rudra says not more than her, I can handle. Bhavya asks him to taste roti once. Rudra jokes. The game begins. All couples eat roti. Rudra eats roti. Bhavya asks water? Dhansuk asks how is it, we added most spicy chilli in it. Rudra asks Bhavya to start. She asks are you sure you want to play. He says Oberois never quit. Bhavya finishes all rotis and smiles. He sees her empty plate. She says my training was in Rajasthan too, I had much spicy food, this is nothing. Dhansuk says she has won this time. Rudra says who can make her lose in eating game, tell me next game. Dhansuk says clothes. Rudra says simple, it would be dressing up. Dhansuk says no. Bhavya says what’s the need. Rudra says I have to play.

Dhansuk explains game and asks them to see each other. He says I will tie you, competition will be between couples. He ties all couples by dupattas. He says you all have to do Shringhaar of would be bride by these jewelry, then open the chunri and run there lifting her in arms. Bhavya asks happy. Rudra says super happy. The game begins. Rudra adorns Bhavya. She asks him to hurry up, else they will lose.

Rudra lifts her in arms and runs. They win. The man tells Bajrangi that Lachi and Bhuvan have won, what to do now. She sees Sultan coming and asks Rudra to hide somewhere. Sultan comes there. He stares at them. He gives money to Bhavya and congratulates her for winning. Sultan goes. Rudra says he didn’t identify you. She says how can this happen, he knows me. He says don’t take it on heart if he didn’t identify you. She says how can he just let us go. She thinks something is wrong.

Rudra says you are simply worried, how can he identify you, I understood, he lost memory in accident, I have seen this in daily soaps, or maybe he is acting so that we don’t get alert. She says if he did acting, his eyes would have anger, there was nothing. He says its good he didn’t identify us, else there would be garlands on our pics, I have no good pic, I have body and pout pics, but garlands won’t suit it. She says come on, its serious matter. He says so is it imp that we get serious. She says something is strange, we have to find out. He agrees with her.

Shivaye says our relation came to this point that you have to hide my name in your hands, and you are saying its not your mistake. Anika looks at him. He holds her hand and reminds her words during their mehendi, that she won’t get his name written, he told her that she can get anyone’s name written, the fact is …she is his wife, but he can’t say this today, even if she has his name in her hand, she is going to become someone else’s wife.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Aastha_Reddy

    Sigh!!! huge sigh!!! Deep breath…finally the person I hate most, Ragini is out..So this is how girls feels when their brother comes out from clutches of evilness..
    The mental health of VAT is just to be checked, may be he too is psycho like Ragini…you never know.
    the final jealousy test from Shivaay Singh Oberoi was worth praising…but then final tien tien fiss!!!
    It lead another step for them in trust after their talk before restart of Mehendi function …”Hmm”-from SSO…sounded like a magical song..

    1. Nivedita

      Aastha GAAG..full week u may be first! ???

      Yeah I got that VAT psycho ISH vibe too..
      Though darn it CVs..???? if he too is Cray Cray like nagini .??

      Yeah let’s see what unfolds tomorrow..all that happened today.mwas needed from at least a week audiences..

      1. Pushpa

        VAT sound like a trouble maker….

      2. Aastha_Reddy

        Nivedita…I too wonder what makers have planned for us till 28th of August!! Hope for best….

    2. Pinku

      Hey astha mast episode right… finally ufff

      1. Aastha_Reddy

        Finally nahi kehsakti still…Too much is waiting for attention Pinku.

    3. Pushpa

      hey ashta….so so so happy yaar to c shivaye is back in action….luv him so much & he looked good when exposing yuckini….yes..
      VAT maybe psycho too…no that shivaye is very clear of himself no more yuckini to taunt him and its anika’ s turn..shivaye did ask…but again she denied…..lets wait to c what happen today…

      1. Aastha_Reddy

        Pata hai ki you will be jumping like a female Hyla arborea during rainy season…Pushpa Bhabhi!!

    4. AnuluvsIB

      A huge sigh definitely aasthu gaaru… man I wished tangabali wasn’t a physco… what’s guls obsession with such ppl.. can’t ppl for once be nice n genuine?

      1. Aastha_Reddy

        I don’t trust that VAT a little bit even Anu…He is irking me more then his height in front of Shivaay Bhaiyya . His thyroid gland was not under control during 13-19 it seems. Circus mein kaam karna chahiye tha usko.. galti se Circus ka humsakal Oberoi mansion(lol Oberoi mansion kisi circus ke kam he kya) mein ghus aaya hai.

    5. Zaveesha

      Astha di as usual I love ur comment… the shield nd protector of Shivaay Bhaiyya…
      Ur every comments and analysis is perfect..
      PS- I’m a secret stalker of ur comments many times…???

      1. Aastha_Reddy

        Zaveesha…Oh nice to hear lovely secret stalker… keep stalking you little spy.

  2. Nilash

    Hello Bonjour and everything Fellas. How are you all?? Missed me?? I know of course not after all who will remember a nataunki chiraiyaa like me. Okk leave it and forget it let’s come to the episode first:
    1) The episode was good and at least I didn’t feel it to be dragging but but but the mehendi function actually they dragged a lot. The scene where jiju was touching my dids oh god I was like ek hug to banta hai bhaai but nai Pinky ponky dinky donky ko apna laammmmbbaaaaaaaa naak beech me ghuserna hi tha. Stupid aurat with no brain. I think notochord hi nai form hua tha initially. No ridh ki haddi. Choro yaar but I louuvved by Dids and Jijs. They are my all time fav.

    2) Second scene that I liked was the mehendi one yaar uufff what chem yaar. Ohh my GODDD. I was like bhaiyon stop showing the flashbacks of past and show something good present yaar. The way Anika didi said Shivay and after no expression from jiju and I hated that. She was looking at the S and he was making it more slow as if proving ki aao dekho I am writing S and I know how to write S. Sorry just the thought came to my mind no offence.

    3) The best part of the episode NAGINI’S major wala chop. Ho gayi uski plan ki ek dum tai tai phisss. Vikram babu ho jao taiyaar aa rahe hai hamare hatiyaar. Bechari Nagini what she thought and what actually happened. The main thing is our SMART SINGH OBEROI is back. Aadha Shivay Singh Oberoi is back aur adha hai baaki. Waiting for the CHEAPDA SINGH OBEROI now. Siddharth you are so amazing man. I am sending you my number will call me okk I am single. And please no shaadi with you only a relationship of some days. Because you are not that good but you are good.

    4) Pinky yelling no comments but that JIJU’S NAME on mehendi wala part. I was expecting it to be a bit emotional like jiju will accidentally have a look over Didi’s hand and then will ask why did you asked the mehendi wali to write my name, didi searching for answer but failing and jiju coming close to her for the answer and then again didi going away. But nai Pinky ponky dinky donkey destroyed the moment.

    5) The pyaar dialogues of SSO I wanted it to last for more time and also to be more intense. But okk no problem with the one we got.

    6) But yaar mehendi waali ko paisa nai dena chahiye kya yaar kitna kharab mehendi banati hai isse achha to mai bana deti. GUL MAM call me for the next mehendi ceremony. I am everready for that.

    7) Lastly the precap ufffff I loved it. and I was drooling over it and there too I thought yaar hug to banta hai. Let’s wait to see tomorrow that we are getting a hug or not.

    Ab the actual mudda for what I came here. People who havn’t followed PKJLOVESIB still now from our family please do soon as I can say we do really post nice edits, memes, VMs (sorry haan mujhe laga if not then meri team chameli most welcome) and of course we do follow the request of our followers. To jaldi jao on instagram and follow our page.
    Next we crossed 1600+ and @LAX DI our 100 per day ka record back again today. So meethai??? Treat??? Pata hai koi nai dega so not asking.
    Chalo buh bye till I come back again and LOVE YOU ALL till the last breath. Centi ho gaya thora but chalta hai. BYE….. GOOD NIGHT

    1. Our SSO is back with a bang. Finally after testing our patience. Der aaye durusth aaye. I think VAT is sultan. Don’t know why i felt that. Hope he us not. Pinky as usual blah blah. No sense. Rudi expressions are treat to watch. Especially when he lost. I did not like Anika belt made of left over cloth. It was not suiting her. Gauri costumes much better.

    2. Nivedita

      Wow Nilu u r back with a bang..that too second place! ?

      And giving Ur no. to Sid I see. ????
      He saved your Didi and jiju after all..??

      Loved the food pic of that day.what did u end up making …as a new chatpata?

      Congratulations on crossing the new mileage of members..?

      2) so true. SSO was deliberately jalao ING Ur Didi..??

      Precap was good!

    3. Pushpa

      hey nila…..of course its good epi with my shivaye is back and yuckini is out…next one will be pinky ….gal tht siddarth is shivaye’s PA Mishra…remember? i think we gona c pinky more since yuyckini is out….

    4. Zaveesha

      Hi Nilash…good analysis…
      3-seriously the OMM of Ragini was amazing…nd when Sid tell that she is psycho I was just ??? but I know she’ll be back soon…her role is not completely end…
      6-sahi mein ktni kharab mehendi lagayi thi…next time tum lagana achi si…
      7-yeah excited for today…

      Very soon pkjlovesib will cross many hundreds nd many thousands…good going pkj…

  3. Nivedita

    1)Good dadi have some good advice to Dinky..??
    2) this VAT looks a bit cray Cray it for Ani or nagini though that he is pretending the engagement?
    Either he wants to marry Ani I feel or
    Nagini because nagini always stalks going to married men ??? totally OTT back story of the psycho-ini..?
    3) BH did some good..but sat trusting BH over Ani..not done! ?
    4) SSO finally u pieced things together..but at the very end of audiences patience..??
    5) SSO did well stopping dinky and her negativity..??
    6) Ani’s look was better tolerable today..I even liked the lip colour.
    7) Shivika ???
    8) Gauri cutie pie again..
    9) thank god Sid came. ??
    10) VAT’s kurta was poorly stitched and looks like from saree material..just like Shakti ji’s kurta..
    Rest skipped..

    1. Nivedita

      *gave some good advice
      *”Going to *be married” men
      *But SSO trusting

      1. Pinku

        Hey nivedita long time hru… Remember me???

    2. Nivedita

      PS: Ani’s eyebrow raising expressions were super adorable..??

    3. Nivedita

      @Pinku..hi..sorry memory is a bit fuzzy..I have been commenting most days..long time you haven’t commented I think..not liking the Shaadi track? Or just busy?

    4. Pushpa

      nivi..good to c SSO is back in action mode…anika looked gorgeous with her hair and make up…i luved the epi totally except bhavya…

      1. Nivedita

        Agree Pu completely! ?

  4. Anitaaa3

    Supeerrrbbb I am very much happy…..That Ragini got exposed..Ufff feeling ood..SSO ki dimag ki batti atleast jal gayi…Yeh epi toh meh dekhungi…Anika ne firse Shivaay ka naam hi likha mehendi mein.. Khanna ji ne aaj live chat mein bola Pinky expose ho rahi haii..I cant bear Rotru SSO????…

  5. Zaveesha

    Hi pkj….Finally I’m commenting on Ishqbaaz TU page aka on the pkj page…I read ur comments so many times…the way u people give ur opinions and analysis it is just amazing…keep entertaining us the Great PKJ….

    1. Zaveesha

      Todays episode was good…finally Nagini is exposed… I’m excited for Shivika’s marriage… I have hopes that there is something good for us in store by Harneet nd Gul Khan…
      Does anyone have read Harneet recent interview??..Her POV is also right…
      Hoping for best…

    2. Archiya

      wc to r pkj..

  6. Ha ha kal main gayab ho gayi. Aaj aa gayi.. and i think i will comment on this time morning pw toh time hota nahi..

    So coming to episode

    Today was like Sso yarr mujhe itnagali diya lo aaj maine Sso wali kaam ki aab meri tarrif karo…??????

    2.thangabali is such a crippy man…meri didi ki band bajadi..

    3.Shivika at corridor. ..????? hot…didi is lokking absolutely breathtaking beautiful. …..i can’t take off my eyes frim.her…Sso such main risist nahi goraha tha na…??????????…

    The way Sso was caressing her face….ofcourse unka fev kaam he na..??…

    4.then Sso always like EK TIR MAIN DO SIKAR. Piichli baat tia ke time pebhi didi ko hurt now chopini ke time pe bhi…khud naam likhwa raha tha..

    5.Then Sso turned real.Sso ..Diamg ki batti jalgayi……..nice i really love that expose part..

    6.aab ye thangabali toh didi sesuch main shaadi karna chahta he….sambhal jao…


    8…then pinky ponky monkey’s blabeering.. …Didi said nothing and went ……..Sso plz plz think about pinkyponky word….plz plz…

    9ignore rubhya but i adore rudy..haar wala part pout.????…

    10.So this sultan is also nakli.?????????

    11.todaySso officially proved that He always not listen to annika…????…. annika want unconditional trust andSso wants to know the truth. .TRUST & TRUTH…… two T..lets see..

    13only one hope..SHIVAY SAB THIK KARDEGA..

    14.precap emotional shivika yesterday and today i love precap more than episode. .ha ha hakya hogaya he mujhe..????

    P.S just like lax dear…i heard that khannaji qas live and said pinkyponky is going to be exposed soon….can any one confirm plz…

    Ok guys byy see you tomorrow. ..

    Love you Soooooooooooooo much.? PKJ…Can’t live without you

    1. Pinku

      Hey arpita hru… long time…. hws life yaar…. suoer episode na… thank god this nagini is out…..i also didn’t like rubya part…

    2. Pushpa

      arpi….i luved sso today he was just with yuckini exit ..shivaye hv cleared his patch left anika now…shivaye hv turned to ishqbaaz remember b4 anika left…im waiting to c todays epi..


    Amazing, the way Shivaay just solved everything on his own again. Ragini was a serial offender. That’s crazy, how she is such a predator. Siddharth was right, she is a psycho.

    Mom was super pissed today, at watching irrelevant Bhavya scenes???

    1. Nivedita

      Ha ha. Am there with Ur mum…problem is we don’t connect to her..if Ani was doing such things we would totally watch.

      Yeah glad the psycho problems were finally solved.

  8. Misha_Mikul

    it gave me dissatisfaction feel, even Nagini was exposed??because she deserves more??
    I think sure she will be back on Ani’s wedding to ruin things.. her chapter isn’t closed yet!??

    Epi was in middle of Good and Bad???

    – Shivaay caresses Annika’s cheek ???
    as SSO senses Ani, Ani senses SSO, Pinky could sense SivIka’s romance because she always spoils it on right time! Damn it???
    Shivaay made Annika jealous/hurt by calling Nagini as fiance and would be wife??
    If I was in Annika’s place, I would have chopped him?? I can’t share my hubby even for fun??

    – Shivaay wrote S on Nagini’s hand, Annika got hurt??
    Can’t we get to see Shivaay writes his name on Annika’s hand…..????????

    – Pinky said “OMM mujhe nahi pata mera beta itna romantics hai”???
    I was like to give a slipper slap on her mouth?? the one who used to collapsed Shivaay’s romance towards Annika,now saying mera beta itna romantics hai.. Shit!! ??

    Pinky : S for….
    Shivaay : Siddharth??
    Siddharth’s entry…..Nagini’s dream went tai tai piss????
    Nagini : you’re so special, I love u!!!???
    Shivaay : “pyaar kisi ko paane ki zidd nai hoti, pyaar woh hota hai jo pyaar mei aap kisi ke hojaye”???
    Look how Annika brought changes in Shivaay’s character?? he started having tears on his eyes once took the “PYAAR” word!!!???

    Best Clarification from Siddharth??
    “she was kept in mental asylum for some months??? she is a psycho”???
    Yeahhhh Hi5, Siddharth!!!???

    when Nagini signed Vikram, Vikram turned his face and pretended like he didn’t know anything????
    Gauri : Nagini, take care, Bye…. Lol!!! Gauri ???
    Vikram laughed for that???who noticed? LMOA ?? I love this guy yaar!!??

    Shivaay’s name on Annika’s hand?? True Love never Dies❤❤
    Shivaay stared Annika, but inside he must have danced and jumped in happiness???

    Errmmm… Annika has been waiting for Shivaay to stop Pinky when she taunted Annika…Me toooo???
    When he didn’t, Ani leave!!??
    whatever! at least he stopped her after Annika leave??

    when Pinky said about Annika to Vikram….
    Vikram’s reaction was like, you have to change first, Idiot??
    nothing bad would happen, if this buffalo shuts her blo*dy mouth????

    Mehendi function is done!?? Not happy though ??
    where is Haldi rasam??? why didn’t CVs bring it?? ???

    precap – Shivaay was so emotional??
    Is Shivaay talking about Ani-Viki’s wedding just to provoke her for bringing out the truth or
    He really unawares of Annika’s wedding drama????? I don’t get it lor???
    Dear ShivIka, please open up your heart and express feelings to each other?? this time pls lock that Pinky in a room and imp.note, tape her mouth so that she can’t disturb you both????

    Nitezzzz Babesss?? Tc all??

    1. HELLO Misha ,i think we both had same feeling about pinky while saying romantic part.i too want to kick her like some thing

      1. Misha_Mikul

        Hahaxx.. Hi5 babe ??

    2. Pushpa

      u r right …just saw the new promo…yuckini is there….so she’s back why i dun know…thts was a good one misha when pinky said S is for Shi…..Siddarth by shivaye …he knows anika’s drama too but anika doesnt want to give in at all……urggggggg

      1. Misha_Mikul

        Yeah Babe! I’ve too just seen promo! our Handsome and Anger SSO came with Oberoi Gang..OMM again to Nagini and Vikram too….

  9. Wow it was a khidikithod epi
    I didn’t expect this so early anyway I’m so happy so our nagini is out.
    So fast update on 10.37 great amena Di
    Finally shivaye made some sense. I am waiting for the shhaadi
    I hope shaadi iss hafthe mein hojaye I can’t wait so long.
    Gud nyt ISHQIES

  10. Nandhana

    Atlast sso got some brains..I thought he will break nagini head but poor Mobile got broke..bavya thanks for this alone..for confession of Truth to Shivay..
    Happy that Shivay did omm to nagini?????
    The part Vikram avoided her sign..hahaha????but what is his intention???get lost vat..samar I appreciate you.. at least you are used for this…thanks to CVS that they didn’t make you negative..
    Nagini was in mental asylum..idhu Ena pudhu kadhaiya iruku..I hope she is not gonna leave Shivay..may ne she may enter again to ruin shivika.. waiting for shaadhi..
    Pinky accusations no comments..fed up..CVS put some brains in her head.. nonsense always…
    Ruvya hilarious but couldn’t enjoy..don’t know why…
    Anyways without much dragging drama they ended nagini part…thanks at least for this…to CVS.. waiting for upcoming twists…
    Band Baja bhadahaiyaan..
    Dil bole ISHQBAAZ ?????????

  11. Hello guys!!!!cant comment on the epi as i didn’t watch it till now…but 2day i did research on the names of ishqbaaazians…& found out something…which many of u m8 know… But still it was kinda amazing for me…
    Shivaay-LORD SHIVA…Nakuul- another name of LORD SHIVA…
    Annika-GODDESS PARVATI…Surbhi- Sweet fragrance…
    Omkara-LORD SHIVA…Kunal- One with beautiful eyes(so apt!!!)…
    Ishana-GODDESS PARVATI…Vrushika- pride;purpose;determination…
    Gauri-GODDESS PARVATI…Shrenu- gift of GOD;classic…
    Rudra-LORD SHIVA…Leenesh- Lover of love & need 2 feel loved or admired…
    Saumya-GODDESS PARVATI…Neha- one who loves or is loved…
    Bhavya-GODDESS PARVATI…Mansi- plucked flower…

    1. Aastha_Reddy

      Fark padta hai naam- khoon- khandaan se… how much we keep denying.. these things actually matters…it does matter to me.

      1. So true di…& yeah….one thing that i wanted to tell u…is….i just love to read ur comments….coz no matter what…u never stop supporting SSO bhai…even i cant hear even a single negative comment against him even though he m8 be wrong….i just cant…

      2. Pushpa

        mee too i do take this in……its there in my mind….

  12. Pushpa

    Gals so our IB is bavk on track ist it?
    Im so happy my shivaye is back….?????

    “” Shivaye in my heart and life, I will just wear his ring “” shivika cant be apart but together …….but god damn this tadi&ego crossing many times..whn will this end…..

    For a moment i thought VAT ws serious in getting married to anika…..hope he doesnt give problem……

    Shivaye caressing anika hair as usual ws luvly ….he agn tells anika he will stop all…….jst tell……shivika wanted to say something……agn interruption….urggggggg……. but yeah yr fiancee is waiting….run fast shivaye…so shivaye writting his name on yuckini palm himself……S but not shivaye its Siddarth…& anika S4Shivaye….a little sad mehendhi rasam ….reminded of shivika best fb……but all ended well….. shivaye said dangerous is one who is with us,..thts include pinky u too….and all the fb of yuckini and anika’s reentry….great all MU on yuckini now cleared…..and finally believed anika too….. yuckini ws kept in mental asylum for some months!!!!! God she is a real psycho…no wander samar does everthing she asked……..

    Best scn of today shivaye chasing pyhsco yuckini out of OM..ragini get out!!!! Ooooo like music playing in my ears …clears dhivaye path….and shivaye finally believe anika…. VAT ignored yuckini & siddarth is shivayes staff Mishra right gals?? Cvs thought v forgot!!!!
    Dadi said right OM bahu is here…..but its pinky again taunting anika and none of the OF says anything?? Pinky will nvr learn and hope shivaye will recall some clue frm wht pinky said…..

    Luv u shivaye whn u stopped pinky agn frm talking and yes function finish…luv u shivaye u hv cleared the yuckini MU in front of everyone….now anika hv to do something cause this cheapde VAT looks like not gona say anything……

    I skipped bhavya track..god she look like ghost in the outfit & her eyesshadow..sorry gals….sultan is there just finish him& done wt yr work…csv please end this track……

    Precap….yes anika u wrote shivayes nam but marrying someone else……cmon anika execute yr plan now…… this got2end now..
    Gd nite gals….

    1. Aastha_Reddy

      Pushpa…bhabhiji is happy dancing tonight right bhabhiji( double stressing)!!!!

  13. LAX

    Psychobaaaz…!! Ek psycho jaathi hain tho doosra patha nahi kahin se aatha hain??
    SurbhiC and her minute expressions.???

    Rudr tho matlab chance pe dance. What happens to Bhavya when it comes to romantic scenes I donno.?? She is just not made for that. Plz don’t laugh Bhavya for God’s sake.

    Today Shivay was in his character. He did what he had to that too keeping his tadi. Before exposing Yuckini, he made sure that the situation is used against Annika and best part he accepted his fault n that Annika was right.
    But whenever we ask for jealous SSO, they give us jealous Annika. Kabira is again one of my favorites.
    Yuckinis exposure was not bad but not great. So she ll bounce back during the wedding again. Lets see what happens then.
    I love the way Vikram reacted when Yuckini was exposed. Mast expressions tha even though he is a psycho.

    Gauri- wrong timing.

    Precap- feels..!! They could ve included that in today’s episode. But then that would mean Yuckinis exposure is rushed.

    P.S.- Guys, I know one hour show is very exhausting. But as much as possible try n watch the show on TV. TRPs are very important.

    1. Aastha_Reddy

      Lax… for God sake cvs… Bhavya was looking like twin sister of Chandramukhi however Rudra’s comic timing was perfect.

      1. LAX


    2. Nivedita

      Lax– I too liked the song..but when it seemed a bit misplaced..I loved ed the last few lines a lot .first time I heard it..have been away from movie songs nowadays..

      Yeah Nagini chop was pheeka only because SSO didn’t believe Ani initially..and SSO having investigating it in the past after Ani warnings him twice..would have been what audiences probably wanted

      And Would’ve made SSO look smarter..

      So true Lax..we always get jealous Ani only..SSO was smart in making Ani jealous..wish he hadn’t done that..

      I laughed at Gauri there..I think it was perfect..ek Baar at college..we had a negotiation role play going on and Gauri reminded me of that moment.

      Infact to me it was like a well placed invisible jhamp on nagini..

      1. LAX

        Wrong timing I meant when Gauri said bahujayi ke haath mein Shivay bhaiya ka Naam likha hain. Not coz she teased Yuckini

    3. Nivedita

      I agree VAT seems like a psycho too..?

    4. Pushpa

      lax…bhavya for me looked like ghost with tht eyeshadow and outfit…shivaye shouldhv justed called police/mental hospital to take her away….u let her loose so she came back…..

  14. AnuluvsIB

    Despite yuckinis exposè, din feel like a great episode.. dunno y…
    Is it coz the exposè wasn’t very dramatic? So many episodes of her villainbaazi and just few mins of exposè?? Unfair…
    If she is ousted why did we see pics of her with that golden shadi ka joda? And kaala chashma? Aditi was very good though!!

    Kabira din seem to fit the situation well.. such a nice song.. if used in a more suitable situation, Narbhi wud have again given it a different flavour…

    Din like how sso taunted ani today again.. It is reasonable of him to want to know the truth but hurting annika over n over again seems extremely ridiculous.. if he knows she left him for keeping away some truth, he shud have also understood what she might have gone through coz of knowing the truth.. instead of making her feel better he is adding to her miseries..
    The interest that I developed yesterday is lost today..

    And the flipping tangabali is getting me more worried.. but sometimes feel like telling annika to leave sso and just marry VAT..! I know it doesn’t seem appropriate but sso needs to know that he cannot just play with her like playing with a toy!!

    Now pinky…. it took so long to sso to ask her to shut?? Every time.. every single time.. he lets pinky taunt her for quite sometime and only then stops her… dadi pointed it well to pinky… but what’s the use??
    what’s the point in acknowledging that ani judged yuckini correctly when u don give her the due respect/status?? Is he gonna apologise to her for doubting her over the ring exchange thing…? No.. just another conveniently forgotten ssos mistake!!

    Completely FFed sultan part.. but if Ru and bhavya are back for shadi this drama shud end by tom or Thursday max right?

    Precap – I don find it very intriguing..

    1. Aastha_Reddy

      Anu.. this is the most irritating problem with ib cvs.. few things are there that never gets clear between Shivaay and Annika. it irks us to core of heart. I too am not so happy with episode.

      1. AnuluvsIB

        Exactly Aasthu.. this occasional amnesia that the cvs have keeps us devoid of satisfaction.. many a times we don get the sense of completion!

    2. Nivedita

      Yeah she may be back.. hopefully this time after VAT..since she loved obsessing on guys who r about to get married..?? that’s the only reason for that nagini back story to me..??

      No after today..Ani better stay away from VAT just cause he seems too erratic/ bipolar/ ??

      I think SSO simmering at Dinky’s insults r important.. usually he just doesn’t react. So I was happy he said something finally..

      I hope he starts using his brains about dinky Ani dynamics finally..

      Yeah I think Rudy should b back by tomorrow/Fri..

      Not much Rikara today. So maybe we will see Rikara TejVi tomorrow..

    3. Pushpa

      exposure of yuckini was in a rush….left her …so she came back …. no one stopped pinky all just stood there including shivaye this i agree anu he shoudl hv stopped pinky earlier but i feel he’s trying to get wht pinky is taunting ….no?

    4. Archiya

      Now pinky…. it took so long to sso to ask her to shut??.. i was thinking abt this too.. shivay was quite for so long… just like u i feel to tell anika to leave shivay n marry VAT, how i wished VAT loved her truly…
      SHivay does not deserve her

  15. Kajol

    Today there was not a full negative episode but still missed Shivika.Their previous mehendi was so romantic.For d first time I thought ki Pinky is dharti aur Tv pe bojh Nhi H but the feeling didn’t lasted for more than a second..I seriously can’t wait for d marrige Whenever my mind is free it thinks of shivika marrige only and I’m like dance ,sing,laugh like a insane.Itti khushi and excitement to mujhe meri shadi m b nhi hogi? Sachhi Still smiling like insane.Hey bhagwan jldi kuch kr nhi to M psyco ho jaungi!!! And vo siddhart around in half an hour He reached Oberoi mansion in Traffic of mumbai which includes shivay cracking info. About him and ? proofs Ib don’t drag things??
    Going to sleep to see dreams of shivika???

  16. will they unite or will ragini kidnap shivaay

  17. farina hossain

    what is this again there is no rikara individual scene. why cvs are doing this to us. even rudra and bhavya get so much screen space. even there story has no logic.

  18. tdy’s epi is the best frm two weeks naagini got chop frm sso im dancing like hell yaaassss vat has no idea trying something funny to anika i m laughing when he tries to behave rude with anika tdy shivika uff dead their eyes speaks more than wordsss dadi and sso gave shut up pannunga too dinki ponky kidiktod enjyed epi…..loved all ruvya are hilarous
    tamil ib
    rakshabandan cele in om
    ishana manipulates ridi
    rumya’s act on shivika lol wat a epi old ib rockzzzzz forever
    hiii all pkj family members gud night have a good sleep luv u all ishqbazzziesss

  19. 1.Mindblowing episode…Finally temporarily Ragini s taken care off….Is Vat also Psycho??
    2.Bhavya was wearing a different dress when she was on call with Shivaay…Y did Annika not show evidences given by Bhavya to Shivaay??
    3.Pinky:Really u did not know ur son is so romantic…What did u c when u were madly spying on a married couple??U wd appear everywhere behind Pillars to their bedroom?
    4.I felt Shivaay illegitimacy truth s after Shivika reunion…
    5.Ruvya:Today rest of the episode was abt Rudra nd Bhavya….This couple s a very different couple…different on a negative sense….Rumya were married nd d story of a fitness freak wth a chubby girl generated interest..I was never a typical Rumya shipper….so when CVs ended her character,I expected something very good in return….CVs brought Bhavya ..An undercover cop older than Rudra…with d thought process that Rudra will grow up to b a mature person when he ll fall in love….My pt is Rudra has always risen to the occasion whenever his brothers nd family needed him…He has been more mature than his brothers..on several occasions…Rudra nd Bhavya have certain similarities between them but other than that there s nothing in this story that connects us to them…V got connected to Shivika nd Rikara story…Coming to couple chemistry,Rumya was always better….The tracks given to Rudra Bhavya has been good….But watching der intimate scenes r fake marriage act s difficult….It will b really good if Rudra might have feelings for Bhavya but things don’t work out between them…Rudra due to this grows up to b a mature individual who takes relationships seriously nd later starts afresh with Soumya..otherwise Rudra Bhavya story,if in future they r made husband wife will have more antifans…

  20. Hi pkj Family
    Hey go asthu go
    Finally nagini exposed so quickly I mean with few dialogues only
    Oh torture is 1month revolution is 10minitues but I loved sso style exposed
    Gouri in silent mood today
    Shivika corridor scene wow
    Pinky oh my god nagini K saath mental hospital janna chahiyyae

  21. The episode was good not best because something was missing in today episode when tia got exposed it was real damaka but today we didnt feel that damaka when nagini got exposed but i am confused if ragini is exposed then why she in bridal dress in upcoming episodes some spoiler says that vikram and ragini will kidnap anika i think ragini will blackmail shivay to marry her if he wants anika safe or she might kidnap and keep anika in some underground and will try to force anika to marry vikram so i think for this only oberois will take band baja wala look

  22. we Finally this nagini is out …..she is exposed so what a huge burden burnt
    now all shiik fans are [paying that our romantic taribaaz jodi come back
    all the best for tht

  23. Banita

    Finally Nagini was out by Shivaay….. Bt again how will she cme back becz in band baza post of ib cast Ragini s their……

    VAT Another Psycho i feel so….. Gul deciside to bring all Psycho in ib First Daksh Second Bhua maa Third Nagini nd now VAT…. Ise accha toh MENTAL ASYLUM kholde……

    Pinky ponky never change….. Shivaay shout pinky for bedmouthing Anika…. Gr8 totally in SSO mode….

    Shivika corrider sence was Nycc…

    Ruvya i think they cmeback in two epi….

    P.S- Khannaji said Pinky will expose probaely on 28th Aug….. I saw it on insta nd Superbb excited to see OMM of pinky ponky…..

  24. Lids

    Please, someone do something to Pinky. She is so disgusting. When is someone going to slap her!! I hated when she scold anika, don’t touch her, you have no right touching her. As you stated that she is not her bahu. Anika should get her arrest for touching her. I just don’t like pInky.
    Finally Ragini got exposed, hope that mean no more ragini. Now we need pinky to get exposed and hopefully we get some real drama from the family.

  25. Ranilya

    Wow what a coincidence!! Idhar SSO ka dimag wala bulb jala nahi udar se Sdiddarth tapak pada!! Siddarth had planned a India visit like he knew the great SSO will need him now!!

    Nagini abhi gayi nahi hain so dont be happy… She will come back for sure…. its vallainbaazi afterall!
    But Aditi was good yday…. psycho….
    Bhaiyya ne bhi saath choddiya….

    And for bhavya…. when she knew all these details why dint she give the information to SSO earlier instead of doing all this drama…. poor Gowri wasted so much of her energy, and Rudy boy too…. kithna dimag chalana pada…..
    Bhavya could have called Siddarth before itself n exposed nagini….

    Atlast Dadi spoke loud n clear…. but no use the cvs still want to keep Pinky as their lead in villainbaazi. who would want to waste such a talented actress??

    Vikram– poor fellow… he has fallen in love with Anika…. Not his fault though…. I would advice Anika to marry Vikram… Vikrika make a good pair….
    She need not give n number of explanations to him at every point like how she has to do for SSO….
    Loved the way Vikram ignored nagini at the end… good expressions….

    SSO— end of the day takes all credit…. with full tadi…. kare koi, bukthe koi, aur credit le jaye koi!!!
    So he made sure he hurt Anika completely before exposing yuckini….. sadist kahika!!
    Loves to torture her but always says I cant see tears in your eyes….. What does it mean? That he can do anything he wants but Anika should b like a Robot? chup chap wo jo kahe karthi rahe??
    And this stupid Anika too….. keeps doing the same…. Im tired of seeing the same expression on her face ………….

    1. @Ranilya….Ur frustration s absolutely justified….Bhavya nd Annika did all d hard work nd Shivaay took advantage of it….My question was also same….Y did Annika not show d evidence given by Bhavya to Shivaay??What to do….Crying nd Suffering Annika ‘s d last thing v wish to c but CVs make sure that v get frustrated all d time….Now Rikara track has again gone Hayware….Yesterday,entirely Gauri had 2 dialogues nd OMkara was just made to stand on a side….
      Yesterday ishqbaaz crossed 350 nd fans on twitter r exclusively again causing fandom wars by saying Shivika run d show….People just watch Shivika….There r others who have conducted poll with questions like whose scenes u skip in order….#Rikara,#,Ruvya,#Tejvi,#Priveer…..Other fandom decide not to watch d show unless der fav jodi scenes come up….Its all CVs fault….Never they give balanced episodes…Always,Causing fanwars….So much SS given to negative characters…..If negative characters r not outsiders,even family members become villain….All dis s so frustrating…

      1. Ranilya

        Yes exactly neha

      2. Ranilya

        Exactly Neha it’s the cvs fault for not balancing the Ss, right from he beginning…… instead ifvspinoff they could have easily written a well balanced family drama for all 4 siblings….
        The IB ppl know only to show villainbaazi n nothing else…and the fans…. they want only their leads to b shown!!
        This whole truth revelation n wedding crap has been dragged so much…n in btn Anika’s character is completely changed from valiant to wailing

    2. Pushpa

      rani … a day shivaye got everthing done…thts a bit too much i think…cvs trying to rush to something…..he didnt hurt anika dear..he wants the truth and he’ll stop all..thts it….

      1. Ranilya

        Nonsense Pushpa…. Imagine if your husband tortures you to get the truth ou how u would feel??? Is is the only way to get the truth out???? Why doesnt hje torture OmRu, dadi, Pinky or Tia??? even Tejvi??????

    3. Archiya

      Siddarth had planned a India visit like he knew the great SSO will need him now!!… lolzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

      Vikrika make a good pair…. same thoughts neither shivay n nor his family deserves anika

      Loves to torture her but always says I cant see tears in your eyes….. What does it mean?… it means only he can make her cry … but i m also tired of this..

      1. Ranilya

        Archu he doesnt tire proving that he can make her cry!!

  26. Swathi..

    hi ishquies & pkj family
    finally ragini/nagini exposed but I have a doubt she will do something such a psycho character. just reading wu nowadays don’t have time to watch missing IB.

  27. @Astha baby go astha go…i am saying it kal ke liye bhi aur aaj bhi…

    @lax you sre right…ek psycho jati nahi dusri aa jati…

    @Nivi dear ye dadi always give good advice to pinky ponky but i want a slap for pinky ponky from her….

    @Zavessha dear, yaa..keep commenting regular and enjoy the fun

    @pinku dear hrw …you also registered. Ek main hi rahe gayi hun..yaa i am fine..busy with is your baby????

    @nilash dear, you back with a bang…actually i was also think ek hug toh banta he…..inka kuch nahi ho sakta…

    @Anu dear Sso such jane ne ke liye annika didi ko kitna hurt karenge..ho gaya yarr bahut i am also pissed off with this…

    @pusi dear your shivaye rocked today..bechara honest baccha he ….manliya ki woh annika ki baat kabhi sunte nahi.. ???..

    Yarr mehendi wale ko do thappad lagaungi…kya ghatia mehendi lagaithi…main isse accha lagaungi…

    Ok..guys byy..
    See you at today night.
    Till then take care enjoy your day.

  28. Chanya

    Hi i am new to here..would like to join with u all..
    Finlly one of most awaiting episode…annoying ragini’s reality has revealed …so happy to see that it was done by our sso ..hope this psycho nagini wont come up with another plan..this pinky is too annoying..seriously …

    1. Archiya

      Wc Chanya to PKJ.. keep commenting

    2. Piyuu

      welcome chanya

  29. Nikita_jai29

    Hii ishqies… Every ishqies comments on episode is good.. But you people are not excited for bbb… Are you.. Then why low comments on today’s page… Please shower your love through comments…I think…. Ib wu page is the one which owns large number of comments… Please don’t put it down…..
    I get some hope of rumya comeback through Rudy dialog with bhavya that… Choti si zindgi h.. Pata nhi Kal hum saath rahe ya na rahe…. Please CVS don’t break my hope..
    Eagerly waiting for #bbb #ishqbaaz….

  30. Piyuu

    good episode….
    finally nagini is exposed pata hi she will come back again….
    vat sach mei anika ko shaadi karna chahthi?
    shivika corridor scene was nice.
    pinky kabhi sudharengi nahi….

  31. Archiya

    Could not stop myself from commenting today, even though its quite late to comment

    Nagini exposed… but why only half exposure, why not completely, why not revealed that she exchanged the rings(which was thorough foolishness on anika part not to understand her ring)… looks like they r keeping it for climax.. may b gauri will tell him.. she could have simply told it when nagini was getting exposed…

    Nagini… u were bang on gal, all expression super perfect

    Loved it when shivay said “main toh shivay hoon, maine anika ki baat nahi mani” so finally atleast he knows that he is DUMB

    SHivika convo.. loved it how they came towards each other, even though they were talking abt their lives with 2 diff ppl

    Gauri gal… m so in love with u these days,,, just one dialogue an u rocked baby.

    dont know why, but i liked Ruvya today, Rudy was super him

    1. Pushpa

      hey archu…its been some time na u commented….
      great yuckini ws exposed…i think cvs ws rushing so they forgot the ring matter…
      no he’s not dumb he’s arrogant…

      1. Archiya

        hi.. for me IB is getting boring, noting was progressing, expect yest, so no mood to comment as well
        ya ya ur shivay is arrogant not dumb..happy 🙂

  32. Piyuu

    hi archu………….hw r u?
    kahan gayi thi? kuch dino se no comments…
    gouri is so cute i loved her dialogue…
    nice dp ……………..

    1. Archiya

      hi Piyuu
      m good dear.. how r u
      IB is getting boring, noting was progressing, expect yest, so no mood to comment as well

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