Ishqbaaz 21st September 2018 Written Episode Update: Shivaye gets Ganpati home

Ishqbaaz 21st September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Shivaye in disguise, gets Ganpati home. Tej asks who are you. Shivaye asks don’t you know Ganpati ji. Tej says I m talking about you, how did you come in my house without permission. Shivaye says I stand where there are big matters. He gets in front. He keeps the idol and says I m Majnu singh Awara. FB shows Shivaye saying I will be safe just in Oberoi mansion, I can’t go this way. He takes a disguised look. Tej says that’s a strange name. Shivaye says just a Laila makes a Majnu, I have become Majnu after a Laila. Tej asks and Awara? Shivaye says I m Kunwara and a bit Awara. Dadi asks where do you belong. Shivaye says I belong here now, bless me, I m born in Udaipur and brought up in Patiala. Jhanvi says your getup is strange. He says getup changes with time. Om says we don’t know you. Shivaye

says swear on Lord, didn’t Shivaye tell you about me.

Anika asks did Shivaye send you, where is he, is he fine, please tell me. Shivaye says don’t worry, everything will get fine, I have come here, think Shivaye has come home. Tej and Anika ask where is Shivaye. Shivaye says I don’t know, he called me and asked me to take Ganpati to Oberoi mansion so that Ganpati solves all your problems. Dadi says he is in pain and still he worries for us and family traditions. Tej says how shall we believe that Shivaye has sent you. Shivaye calls him Bade papa. Everyone stares.

He says Shivaye calls you Bade Papa and believes by heart too, Shivaye told me that he has two brothers, one Dilwala and one Dolewala. Dadi asks how do you know Shivaye. He says we are best friends, Shivaye had my dish and became my fan, I m special Shahi chef, I have magic in my hands, someone come from far to have my special dishes, I have come here from far for friendship, Shivaye asked me to take care of you all in his absence, till he comes back, think I m your Billu. Dadi blesses him and says I really felt that my Billu has come, he also used to get Ganpati home every year. Tej says Shivaye isn’t here, but controlling everything. Shivaye says he has sent this, he didn’t wish you all to forget celebrating happiness, being sad in his sorrow, you are here after many years, he wants Ganesh Chaturthi to be celebrated in grand way. Anika cries.

He says Shivaye has sent something for you. She asks what. He gives a tissue and says Shivaye didn’t wish Anika to cry, he wants you to welcome Ganesh ji with a smile. She says Shivaye….. He asks them to welcome Ganpati ji. Dadi asks Omru to place Ganpati ji. Om asks without Shivaye. Anika says we will do this for Shivaye and his happiness, Ganpati Bappa will end all his problems. Shivaye asks the people to play dhol. Omru get the idol. Deva shree ganesha….plays…. The idol bends back. Shivaye supports and holds the idol in time. Everyone looks at him. They together keep the idol. Everyone prays. Morya….plays…. Shivaye thanks Lord for making him meet his family. He prays to get courage to prove his innocence and find Nancy’s real murderer.

Shivaye sees Mohit and thinks where is he going. Om stops Mohit and asks where are you going. Mohit says far from this house, I can’t live in my wife’s murderer’s home, Shivaye killed my wife and my magic too, I m incomplete without my wife, I m not able to do a small trick. Shivaye comes to him. Mohit asks who are you. Omru say Shivaye has sent him to take care of us. Shivaye says I m Majnu Singh Awara, you can’t go anywhere, Shivaye has especially asked me to take care of you, Ganpati has come home, he will feel bad if you go, stay here, give me the bag, I will send this to your bag, tell me what do you want to have, I will cook anything you want. Mohit goes to his room. Rudra says I hope everything gets fine, at least Anika and Dadi start having food. Shivaye asks Rudra to keep bag in Mohit’s room. Rudra asks why. Shivaye says to know that these muscles are not just show piece, where is kitchen, I will cook food today. Shivaye prepares food.

Anika comes there. She asks did you make all this, you made it so quick. He says I thought I got late, you are doubting on my talent. She says you kept kitchen clean, now I m sure you are Shivaye’s friend, he also keeps kitchen clean when he cooks. He says he can’t cook like me, you have my food once, you will forget his food. She says I don’t agree, you maybe good cook, but no one can cook better than him. He says you believe him a lot. She says he is my belief, I can’t believe that he can kill anyone, I regret that he is innocent and even then he is bearing punishment, real murderer is on the loose. She cries. He goes to hold her face and stops. He says stop crying, Shivaye won’t like it, else I will…. He gets a flour bowl and puts his face in it. She looks at him and asks what did you do. He says I got a facepack. She laughs. She says you are funny. He says you are really good, keep smiling. He tells Punjabi saying and cleans his glasses. She laughs and goes.

Everyone eats food. Shivaye asks Dadi what happened, is it spicy. Priyanka says no, its perfect as Shivaye cooks. Omru say its same like Shivaye cooks, your height is also like Shivaye. Tej says after some time, you will say that he is Shivaye. Anika looks at Shivaye.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Nick23_ann

    Can I also join pkj family.i m connected to ib from 1 st episode.but couldn’t comment.pls accept me also

    1. JeevithaTK

      Hi Nick,
      Hru, welcome to our pkj family. No need ask here u can just join. Now u also a member in our family. Hope u enjoy here. Tc

    2. Sindhudi

      Congrats nick for being number 1 and welcome to our PKJ family

    3. Astmasiddika

      Hi nick
      Congrats being the first.Welcome to the family dear feel free to comment here

  2. Banita

    Hlo PKJ…
    Today my comment will be very small… A little busy with my study…
    Majnu Singh Awara…. Hahahahhahahaahaha….
    He is superr cuteee yrr… Mere bhaiya..!!!!
    Like Obros gannu pappa moment…
    Nd love Shivika kitchen moment… That was lovly…
    Precap –
    Interesting…. Monday come first….
    nd sry i couldn’t comment some of u in pre page…
    GN PKJ…

    1. Sindhudi

      Hey banita how are you and hope you do well in your exams

  3. That khidkithod anika is missing…. y anika is not trying to find the mudurer …. coming to shivaye always a good actor…. I hope shivika together find the culprit

    1. U r right

    2. Sindhudi

      Yes Rtr anika is becoming too emotional and crying all the time. This is not Anika. She is the first bahu in the family. She needs to take the responsibility of holding the family together and be emotionally strong but here she is breaking down every moment if she were strong then Omru would have gotten a renewed strength as well.

  4. Sindhudi

    Hi today’s episode finally was a great breather. I am not sure about the rest but I enjoyed the episode. First hats off to Nakkul far excuting the Rajasthani get up and even his voice modulation was so amazing. Not easy for him to modulate that voice and his get up was so real that people would not recognise him instantly. Well Mohit you can’t escape under shivaay’s eyes.

    The saying goes it is better to keep good friends but enemies even closer so you know what they are up to. After all The eye signals you mean to days anika’s sensometer is not working at all. She does not even have any inkling that that is Shivaay. Even omru do not even realise that Shivaay is in his get up or do they know. Some instances I thought Rudra knew and then there are some instances he seems like he is pretending not to know that he is Shivaay.

    I just feel like the Oberoi mansion can now breathe in peace but Tej has to be killed. He is irritating me by the hour.

    Why is anika still crying? Why isn’t she khidkithod anika? I miss the vibrance in her. What happened to her investigating mode? All the family seem to just give up and wait for Shivaay to prove his innocence. Anika there is no point in saying that my Shivaay is innocent and he can’t kill anyone. It is easy to say but what the police wants is prove and not just here say that Shivaay is innocent. Get out and prove Shivaay’s innocence Anika. You did so much to prove Daksh the culprit to save Priyanka and now what happened. You just sit down and cry and cry. You should be shivaay’s pillar of strength and not his weakness. I am only angry with cvs for writing such kind of script .

  5. I am waiting for the momement when anika recognise majnu is her lovely husband shivaay

  6. Sindhudi

    Oh I forgot. I loved the kitchen moment. It was very nice to watch and could see Shivaay enjoys cooking so much. Precap was funny. Even though Tej spoke in irritation at least he did make a joke by saying in no time you would say he is Shivaay. Hopefully by Monday anika knows majnu is Shivaay. They reunite and together with Omru I hope they can solve the mystery of murder

  7. Sindhudi

    I am thinking maybe anika is emotional also because she feels that she statusless in the house since she does not know whether Shivaay has accepted her as his Wife and on what right she can speak up or fight for Shivaay. But why cvs are not using Om. Om is not the artist anymore. He should have taken the responsibility of unearthing the clues. What is he doing? He can even prevent Tej from insulting Shivaay. I don’t blame Rudra as he is still the youngest. Om has been with Shivaay and grew up closely together with him so naturally Om would know what Shivaay would have done if one of his bros was in trouble. But why Om is not showing his resilience and also becoming emotional. How to hold the family together?

  8. Astmasiddika

    Episode was so nice again Obro’s scene after a long time had made me happy last time it was Anika changed her getup this time Shivaay.
    Majnu Singh Awara so cute Shivay looks cute in this getup I think Shivay will now find a connection btw Mohit and Nancy I think Nancy is not dead it seems so that only he get ready to leave the OM . I want that strong & khidikitod anika .
    Let us see upcoming episodes hw the CV are going to surprise us
    Pre cap – I think he should have cooked in diff. Way now everybody will doubt

  9. Riana

    Majnu singh awara 🤓🤓🤓🤓😂😂😂😂😂… Urrff Shivaay singh oberoi is looking super cute in this get up ! 😘😘😘😘😘
    Super cute episode… 😍😍
    How he made anika laugh was funny and emotional 😭😭😂😂…
    Precap – 😱😱

  10. Really loved the episode
    Shivaye as Majnu Singh Awara was really funny hahahahaha!
    And Anika y r u not trying to find anything about the real murderer…anyways I hope they don’t drag this track too long.

    1. Yeah Shivaye was really funny in his majnu singh outfit I’m really missing our khidkithod anika and y is she not trying to find anything abou the real murderer?
      Loved the kitchen scene .waiting for anika to realise that majnu is her dear husband shivaye.

  11. D epi was very interesting and I loved shivaye as majnu singh awara it was really funny yeah and missing our khidkitod anika why is she not trying to find out about the real murderer…

  12. Nikita_jai29

    Sso new look msa is amazing…. Shanno and majnu are adorable couple

  13. Why are there less comments in IB these days! Where are all our Ishqbaaz fans Luthfa NSK Dhwani Naidu. Ishita Mona2005 Pushpa. Ridhimma Kadhambari and others WHERE ARE YOU ALL?

    Ishqbaaz trp is decreasing too .OMG what is happening? please continue watching Ishqbaaz on TV.

  14. Hi guys, can I too join your group too? I always wanted to but feared I would be uninvited.

    1. Rajvi_shah

      Snehi you are more than welcome to this group. I have only been commenting here from 2 weeks and I love all ishqbaaz fans over here

  15. Rajvi_shah

    Guys there is a rumor that ishqbaaz is going off air in November is it true??

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