Ishqbaaz 21st May 2018 Written Episode Update: Shivaye confronts Siddhi Maai

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Ishqbaaz 21st May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Shivaye asks what happened. Gauri says I will say, enter here with right foot, Siddhi Maai says you should enter holy place with right food. Shivaye says this doesn’t matter to me. He goes to Siddhi. Dadi says you don’t believe in all this, but you obey elders, you could at least keep Siddhi’s word. Shivaye asks what happened. Dadi asks can you do this for someone’s happiness. Siddhi says he is immature, faith didn’t bloom in him yet. Rudra jokes. Siddhi says once he comes to me, he will gain knowledge, come son…. Shivaye says I m fine. She says you have much ego in you, your ego will change into spirituality, know the power of faith. He says I know about faith and blind faith. Dadi takes Shivaye to Siddhi. The man asks him to put right hand forth. Dadi says don’t refuse to her blessings. Siddhi blesses and puts some sugar in his hand. Anika and everyone get shocked. Gauri says Jai Siddhi Maai. Rudra says its so cool. Siddhi says you got my miraculous prasad in your hand, you aren’t ordinary human, you are very special.

He says I don’t need to know this from a stranger, why have you come here. She says I had to come here to dispel the trouble, when Dadi came in my ashram, I understood she has much grief. He says nonsense, she has no sorrow, I know it. She says where there is happiness, there is sorrow too, Dadi got happiness and sorrow from family, elder son wants to dominate, Tej-Om don’t get along well, elders aren’t together, despite having such a big family. Dadi feels lonely, so I had to come here. Shivaye says its my house and my problems, I will solve it. Dadi asks him to think whom is he talking to. He says she has no right to interfere in our matters. Dadi says enough. Siddhi says let it be, he is naive, its time for me to leave. Dadi says no, please wait, I m sorry on his behalf. Rudra says we have to see your miracles. Gauri says you have come and made our house pure, if you stay here for longer, all problems will be away. Om says you all have gone mad, stop it. Gauri says if she goes in anger, we will get cursed. Dadi asks Shivaye can’t he do this for her. Rudra says stay back, its fun. Siddhi agrees.

Shivaye says I feel I have come to some ashram. Bhavya says I feel I don’t know Rudra. Om says exactly, I can understand about Gauri and Dadi, but I didn’t expect this from Dadi. Anika gets black coffee for Shivaye. He says thanks, I needed it. Gauri and Rudra run to him and throw the coffee cup. Shivaye says it was my black coffee. Rudra says you can’t have it, its black. Shivaye asks so what. Gauri says Siddhi has said that today everything should be white here, white food, white clothes… Om asks why. Rudra says Siddhi has told this. Shivaye asks what’s logic in it. Gauri says devotion matters, not logic. They argue. Gauri and Rudra say Siddhi is miraculous, she can fly. Anika says she is miraculous or a con woman, time will show up, even a housefly flies, shall I worship it. Gauri says she knows everything about us. Om says we are Oberois, everyone knows about us. Shivaye says we are Oberois, its very simple to find that out. Gauri says she is miraculous, so Dadi trusts her so much. Rudra asks them to have white clothes. Gauri says there is Maha Aarti. Anika throws clothes. Gauri says we all have to wear white clothes. Rudra says you will get kheer in food. They go. Bhavya says I heard Siddhi Maai’s name before. Om says we have heard it since morning. Bhavya says I feel I read her name in any police records. Shivaye says I want her complete info. Anika says by the way, its matter of one day. Shivaye says she will go but we need to save Dadi, Gauri and Rudra from her trap, until Bhavya gets info about Siddhi, be with them, I don’t want that woman to take advantage of their innocence.

The man says Maai, Oberois have become your devotees since they have seen your miracle. Siddhi says its your miracle, not mine, we have been performing this miracle since years and fooling people, but none knows about it. The man says Shivaye is different, we have to be careful, else we can’t get saved. Shivaye comes and says this is my house, I don’t need anyone’s permission to move around in my house. He sends the man out. She says come devotee, I knew it, you will come. He says your misconception will end when I throw you out. She says I will do for what I have come here, puja, paath…. He says just cut the crap, don’t act in front of me because I know your reality, you are a fraud. She laughs and says yes, I am, so what, how will you prove it, how will you make them believe you, everyone believes me as I perform miracles, I end people’s fear and instill hopes. He says not hope, fake hope, you take advantage of people, I will bring your truth out. She says you can’t even make your family understand, you don’t know anything about me, you have no idea about my power, whoever clashes with me, gets smashed to pieces. He says okay just stay in your limits. Dadi comes and asks what are you doing here. Siddhi says his misconceptions got cleared. Dadi says I knew it, faith will awaken in his heart. He says I need to talk to you. Dadi says not now, its time for aarti. He goes with Siddhi.

Everyone say Jai….. Siddhi says I m very pleased seeing your service, such service makes the hurdles of the path easy, did you get the chadava. Dadi says yes. Gauri gets chadava. Shivaye says hold on, how much did she ask for on the name of chadava/offertory, 10 or 50 lakhs. Dadi says its 11 rs, she has asked to offer just 11rs and sweets. Siddhi says chadava’s value isn’t seen, the intentions of offerer matters, its because of Dadi’s dedication and service that I forgive Shivaye always, I know many people do fraud on the name of devotion, don’t think everyone is same. She sits and says when I experience the supernatural powers today, I will make prasad. Shivaye breaks his phone angrily. Anika asks him what will happen if he vents out anger on phone.

He says what shall I do, that woman is a fraud, my family is getting trapped by her. She asks him to calm down. Om and Bhavya come and say there is a solution, we found out about Siddhi Maai, she is a fraud, there are many cases registered against her, her name is Babita Anand, she ran away from her house and now she tricks people, her miracles are fake, she tortures girls for dowry. Shivaye says I remember, I read about her. Anika says she has no shame, she has made a mess, people come in such fraud easily. Om says I heard of her special puja, she hypnotizes people and then steals their cash, jewelry and valuables. Shivaye says go in Maha aarti, I will come. Om asks why. Shivaye says for Dadi’s happiness. Anika asks what are you upto. He says just go, I will come. He asks Anika to send Khanna. She goes.

Siddhi dances with much energy. Everyone looks on surprised. Anika says look at Rudra and Gauri, which Sadhu/saint dances like this. Om says Shivaye should have been here, drama is good, I m sure he is planning something. Siddhi says I got a sign, I have to make the prasad, until then, you perform the puja. Gauri says I will help. Siddhi says no, I will make it myself. She asks the man to give something. She says we need to mix this in prasad, so that our work gets easy. She collides with Shivaye. The bottle falls down. He goes. She says foolish man, you have much ego, I will get it down. She adds the liquid in laddoo. She says its almost done. The man says prasad will be distributed among you all. Siddhi asks Dadi go to and rest, she can’t have anything till maha aarti. Dadi goes. Shivaye comes and asks how do we believe that you didn’t mix anything in it.

Shivaye asks what happened Siddhi Maa, didn’t you read my heart, Siddhi Maa was stealing expensive things and running away from here, but we caught her red handed, she didn’t tell her name, Ms. Babita Anand, none can save you now, you have to go jail.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Riana

    Anika actually behaved like a bagaad billi today…Specially when scolded rudra “Ham sab yaha bina kapdo ke ghum rahe hai ???” ?????…Siddhi mai is a stupid con girl !…??…Hmmk..anywayz Loved Shivaay attitude towards Siddhi mai…Okay okay ab bas karo ye sab and waiting for Anika’s Pregnancy and Shivika becoming parents track !!! ????…Also wish they show Rikara’s intimacy track ??…Bcoz its so high time !!!..Precap – ??? billu ka kamaal dadi ka haal hua behaal ?????

    1. Arpita6

      Riana congrats my dear..GRG.
      And Annika will pregnant I think this spoiler is fake..No let them romance yarr No need of Baby soon.
      Yeh Rikara intimacy should be shown
      But Cvs…….yyou know na.
      Btw BILU KA KAMAAL DADI HUE BEHAL.??????????????
      Khidkitod line yarr

    2. Heyy,,raina cogratulation dear ,,go raina go ,,and on a serious note i really don’t want shivika pregnency track right now ,,i think they should develop rikara’s and ruvya’s story ,,let them (shivika) enjoy yrr ,,i also hope ki anika abhi pregnent na ho ,,i just don’t want that ,

    3. Go Raina Go.
      Congo on being first .
      Billu ka Kamal dadi ka hua behaal.

    4. Luthfa

      Go Riana Go.Many many congratulations…?
      I loved the way Shivaay confronted that fraud lady.Waiting for today’s episode and his actions.By the way,very cute dp?

  2. Hello everyone .
    How was your weekend ?
    Hope it was awesome.

    Because mine was superb with cousins.

    Episode was nice .
    Actually ,I missed 1st part .
    But the rest was good.

    Siddhi Bai SACH mein pagal hai.
    Pagalo ki Tarah naach Rahi thi .
    Idiot .

    I liked when Annika replied to Shivaye through JI.

    OK bye .
    Good night.
    Lots of love to all of u.

    1. Arpita6

      Hiii Ishu..
      My little Sis.
      Yeh Weekend was ok ok.
      Whole episode was hilarious and everyone expression also.
      Love you too my dear.

    2. Hi ishu ,,yes my weekend is good ,,
      really yr woh siddhi mai ki dance ,,pata nahi kaya tha ,aisa lag raha tha ki siddhi mai nashei mai dance kar rahi hai , very funny yr

    3. Luthfa

      Hi Ishita,I am good.How are you?Was busy like bee so weekend was also went so so.Anyway,episode was hilarious and I enjoyed Rudra’s expressions a lot.Take care?

  3. Pushpa

    Hi gals…
    Its been a week since i came here …
    Was away for a project.. butni think there were days no updates rite?
    Hw r u all..

    OMM? Wht have the cvs done to our ishqbaaz…. unbelivable…yehbhagvan…. i know v r handling social issues but this siddi mai really 2rps chepde mai… c shivaye knew already she ws fake…. really feel like throwing her like shivaye did to his phone… real shame….. there r gurus who is real who ppl worship where ppl believe but there r these type of ppl spoilt the believes…… i dun know wht happen to rudy….as for gauri& dadi i hv no words…

    Please dun drag and shivaye plese expose her tomoro and throw her out…
    #ishqbaaaz im very upset angry
    Gd nite gals….

    1. Arpita6

      Hii Pu di don’t worry Sidhi maa game wil over tomorrow
      Bit why are you angry? ????

      1. Pushpa

        Hi arpi….angry no its just break ppl hearts who worship real gurus…… but i feel v c truth here too….

    2. Hello Pushpa Di.
      Welcome back after a long time of one whole week.
      Just wait and watch Di ,Shivaye will through Siddhi Bai out of the house soon.
      And as Arpita Di already asked why are you angry?

      1. Pushpa

        Not angry but little cause these ppl r ruining some real mahan’s …

    3. Luthfa

      Hello Pu di,how are you?
      I don’t understand why Rudra is doing all these.But Gauri is acceptable and I am really surprised for Dadi being like that.Don’t worry di,your Shivaay will teach that fraudster a tight lesson.Take care.All the best and success for your project?

      1. Pushpa

        Yes of course my shivaye will throw her out…….

  4. Arpita6

    Hiii mere khidkitod pagals. ……
    So from now on we will call it as Mad House….
    Ok it was a mad house since first..ha ha ha.

    Rudy is totally gone. ?????He don’t know even the meaning of Utpan…God save me…????what to do yarr????

    Itni jai jai kar bhagwan ka toh chodo kisi neta ki bhi hoyi hogi ki nahi doubt he mere ko……….

    Ye Sidhi mai ka sidhi chulhe main chali gayi he.sirf rakh rehe gayi he.
    She needs some medical treatment

    Sso NADAN HE …Hamare Sharan main aao putra…SSO and Putra..????????????????????????writers you are rocking in these days….i am dead by laughing.

    Sso se PANGA never CHANGA JI …. .

    so finaly Bhabya did something. …

    Ok are totally gone out of character. … Aapki khushi ke liye hi toh bilu hamesha aapke saath hi hota he.but YE MERE KHUSHI KE LIYE ITNA NAHI KAR SAKTA…???????ye dialogue suit nahi karta Sso pe.Dadi plz don’t say it
    wwhen Rudy threw Kali coffee ?????And dono ayajeeb namone kyun ban gayehe.White peheno white khana khao..Kuch aur bhi white ho sakti he..???????????

    Ok Anika’s expression was on point today…and that Makhi part.?????She was realy pissed off by all.these..

    And phone no 535799532 got saheed.2 miniute silence for him..????.

    When Annika was going and Sso stopped her I imagined a Romantic moment..kitna accha hota.SHIVIKA ROMANCE KE BINA MERE KO FIKA FIKA LAGTA HE…. hi hi hi.

    So Sso aaj Hamare Khanuji ko kyun bulaya????thok ke vaav main toh unki insult kardi..aab kyun bula rahe ho.
    Ok So Sso ki bimari gayi nahi sayad baat share karne ki…?????????
    Sidhi mai and unka dance.?????????????????????????Savage. ….I thought i am watching some cartoon.
    Precap So Sidhi mai chapter is over….Good waiting for next track…
    Some party type scene is coming.

    sidhi si baat…

    Ok byy Pagals.

    1. Hi ,,arpu ,,how are you dr ,,
      Well sach mai sab logo ka jai jai kar was really funny tha ,,mai to suntehi has pari ,,aur ek hai “satay bachan” ha ha ha bohot hi funny tha ,,
      aur isse sayad logo ki age samaj ne mai thora sa priblem hai …ab dekho na dadi ko dadi ki nam se bula rahi hai jabki mujhe to lagti hai dadi unse umar mai bari hai ,,air upar se shivay ko nadan ke raha hai ,,ab kaya bataye inhe kaya pata shivay k bare mai ,,jara anika se puch lena kitna nadan hai hamara shivay ,,☺☺lol …
      Romance ,aahhh,,bohot hi romance soch rahi hai tumhe aj kal,,achi bat bilkul nahi hai ,,??nahi yrr tum apni imagination bana ti raho kuch nahi hota ??
      ab kaya kare tab shivay siddhi mai ki chinta mai dubi hui thi to romance kaise karenge batao ,,chalo thik hai i hope next time tumhe shivika ki ronance dekhne ko milhe ,aur hamje bhi ,,??

      1. Ha ha ha Tani..yes now a days i am saying more abd nore romance..aab kya kare…chipdiyon ka kaam hi yahi he..???..
        Ye Annika se hi pooch lete Sso kitna jyada nadan he…
        But that calling putra..was really funny. ??????

    2. Hi Arpita di

      Your analysis is as khidkitod as you.

      Right Siddhi Bai ki Siddhi Chule mein chali gayi hai ,and I think uski siddhi k Saath Saath akal bhi Chule mein chali gayi hai.
      And her hilarious dance is its result.
      As I told earlier ,I didn’t see the whole episode but From your comment it is looking like episode was very good .
      And full of humor.
      But what to do I have to wait till tomorrow .

      OK bye Di .
      Take care.

      1. Ha ha Ishu..yehh you can watch the episode…..nice…
        Thanks yarr.
        Love you.

    3. Luthfa

      Hi Arpita,
      Wow,as usual very nice analysis.Enjoyed reading a lot.Me too is not understanding what has happened to Dadi all of a sudden.Hope everything will be fine soon.Take care?

  5. rudy’s dialogue on utpanna was superb.Don’t know what happened to gauri n dadi. Congratulations to shrenu di for entering the times 50 most desirable women list and on becoming Ahmedabad times most desirable woman . I am vveri very happy for her.

    1. Hello Dipti .
      How are you?

      I didn’t see whole episode
      So I am not understanding what utpanna is.
      But ya Rudy really has good sense of humor.

    2. Ye congrats to her.

  6. Luthfa

    There goes a Bengali proverb-“Bisshase milay bastu,torke bahudur…..If you have faith in something you will get it,not with logic,reason or argument”.Seems like this metaphysical theory to place faith on God is being manipulated by some fake agents who considers themselves the messenger of God,all in all.To believe something needs the pure devotion,respect and most importantly a pure heart.That heart which feels peace and serenity after coming to contact of its expected believing object be it any.But there is a thin line which divides faith and blind faith for anything.If to tell the truth then every faith is basically blind faith.Whoever wants to believe something believes at his or her own interest forgetting all rationality and sensibility as faith or believe is not some products of market which will have some figure along with it to measure and examine the exactness.Very interestingly when human’s faith crosses the line of dignity to maintain faith,it turns out to be blind faith.Devotion,worshiping and all other valuable aspects related to God are not for any sale.But people love to make their faith a business treaty between God and themselves through this or that.God lives in everyone’s heart.He is there always and everywhere.He listens to everyone and every pleading,request which we place before Him and does answer our prayers.No middleman is necessary for it.God is the personification of absolute love.And His presence can be felt by love only.Not with any miracles,materialistic forced faith………………………………..

    1. Wooww ,,luthfa ,,nice analysis dr ,,sotti tomar comment amar khub valo lage ,,tumi ato sunder vave nijer fellings take prokash koro ,it’s just awesome ,,you are totally right ,god lives in evreyone’s heart and all our request and prayers will be reach to god by us not by any or another one ,,we just have to pray by fresh and free mind with the faith that this will definately reached to the god ,

      1. Luthfa

        Awwwwwww….Onek onek dhonnobad tomake.Yes,devotion that comes from true heart will not fail to reach to God.Namesake things won’t work here.Thank you once again.Love you?

    2. Ooohoooo So finally madam is back….
      Welcome Lu..ok i can understand
      Happy Ramdan dear…
      And keep studying
      Post graduation study……
      Love you.

      1. Luthfa

        Hehehehe…Yeah I am back(Not like Daksh???????)Thank you darling.Love you too?

  7. Agga4102

    Wish that Sidhi Mai gets out..and they show more Rikara and Ruvya scenes…I am basically a shivika fan…But others too deserve it…

    1. Yes cant say about rubhya but rikara also deserve some ss..

    2. Luthfa

      Only makers cup of tea and coffee?????

      1. Agga4102

        True….we can only expect….???

  8. Hlw ,,guys ,,how are you all ,,and i am good ,
    @ishu ,,tum yeh kaya bol rahi ho mai tumpe gussa kiyu houngi ,,aisa kuch nahi hai ,,pata nahi tumhe aisa kiyu laga but trust me aisa kuch nahi hai ,,
    Ok ,today’s epi is good and funny ,,rudy are gouri ki behaviour sachi mai reddiculous hai kuch bhi ,,aise kon itna kisipe bhi bharosa kar leti hai ,aur yeh suddhi mai seriously bohot pohuchi hui chez hai ,,aur uska dance ,,???mummy kasam kaya nach rahi thi mai to haste haste pagal ho ho gayi ,,kaya cvs ab log bhi na kuch bhi dikhate hai ,,konsi maai aise nach ti hai ,,aur rudy to maja le raha hai ,uske liye to yeh sab ek entertenment ki chez hai ,,
    aur anika ki reply bhi buhot hi funny tha ,,kappron ki topic mai ,
    Precap -so i think tommorow siddhi mai ki OMM hone wali hai ,,aur maine to yeh bhi suna hai ki agli pregnency track hai ,,to ab to sab bohot kush hai ki finally sivika will going to be parents ,i hope ki issi chakkar mai Rikara ki bhi story thora sa develop ho jaye ,,
    Good night ,,pagals ??

    1. Hello Tania .
      Sorry ,
      Actually mujhe aisa laga ki tum mujh se naraz ho .
      Par accha hai ki aisa kuch nhi hai.

      Me too think that Siddhi Bai ki jag hasai is going to happen tomorrow.
      Let’s see.

      And I don’t have any idea regarding next track.

      Love you .
      Stay happy.
      Good night to u too..?⭐?⭐?⭐?⭐?⭐?⭐?⭐?⭐?⭐?⭐?

    2. Hawwww Shivika parents…that too sooo soon
      Nooooooooooooo.let them enjoy na..
      Show some story of rikara…..and others….
      Then pregnancy track will come dont want baby soo soon.

    3. Luthfa

      Hi Tania,
      Yeah that disco-dandiya was hilarious.I just laughed like anything.Don’t know what is going on in Rudra’s mind as well as Dadi.Next is pregnancy track?Ok,bring it on.Hope cvs won’t make any blunder.And me too is waiting for Rikara’s next phase in love.Take care?

  9. Luthfa

    Hello my GPKJ family,how are you all?I missed you guys sooooooo….very much.Can’t tell you what I have gone through without PKJ and all of you.What to do,I was very busy with study and Ramadan activities.Couldn’t manage time to come here and meet you all.Anyway,now I am free.Hope you all are great and going absolutely perfect.Lots of love and hugs.Bye….???????????????????????

    1. Hello Luthfa di.
      Ya we all are fine .
      I mean, I am not sure about all but me ,Arpita di and Tania are good .
      And I hope same for you.
      Me too missed you a lot ,
      Your deep meaning analysis a lot.

      I can understand di ,after all studies comes first.
      You are absolutely right di,
      God lives in everyone’s heart .
      So we should respect all.
      But On one hand people fight with each otherand on other hand believes in such a superstitions .
      And believes that these types of activities connect them to God .

      1. Luthfa

        I am good dear.Thank you so much.Me too missed you and PKJ so much.Yes,devotion should be pure and heartfelt.Faking anything won’t take anyone to God in the least.Still people are running after all those.Anyway,take care.God bless you?

    2. Yes mai to tumse puch na hi bhul gayi thi ki tum do din o se kaha they ,,but that’s great ki tumne hi keh diya ,,yes we also miss you ,and your great comments ,,now you are free that also a good news ,,…

      1. Luthfa

        It’s ok dear.And I am free for the time being.And thank you so very much for your appreciation.God bless you?

  10. Why can’t Gul mam make Omkara solve the issue why always Shivaay ??!! ? I want Omkara to ask Gauri what happens and talk to her, I expect this but when I watch the episode all I see is STUPIDNESS, is really this show is 1 one India show ?… Ufff why am watching this ? show …?? ohh yes for Rikara who is never been seen in the show for days ? I wish DBO back so badly everyday I hope it happens ??

    1. Am glad they show stupid track in this way they TRP will drop in fast way and show go off air better off air than keep waiting for something not going to happens Rikara will not get their screen space?? Gul mam u are losing a magical couple why are u doing this ?? Rikara have the same magic of Arshi please give them what they deserve and bring back DBO ?? I don’t want to see them in IB anymore they are only wallpaper their I want them back in DBO ?? With scenes and tracks as they deserve it ?

  11. Hii guyzz…
    Nyc episode…

    1. Hiiii Hafza desr welcome to pkj..keep commenting and enjoy the fun..
      Yeh episode was not that bad…

    2. Luthfa

      Hello Hafsa,
      Welcome to PKJ family with band-baja.Keep commenting dear and join us in spreading love.Take care.See you soon?

  12. Hi guys am a silent reader of ib after so long am reading this update
    Gauri and rudy don’t let shivaye to drink funny
    Poor dadi gauri and rudy they blindly trust siddi

    1. AHAM123

      Yup lily….

    2. Lilyk dear..
      Welcome tok PKJ.
      Keep commenting and enjoy the fun..
      Yeh that part was actually funny.
      Cant stop laughing.

      1. Thankx di….yeh I will comment daily

  13. Hi guys am a silent reader of ib after so long am reading this update
    Gauri and rudy don’t let shivaye to drink funny
    Poor dadi gauri and rudy they blindly trust siddi

    1. Luthfa

      Hello Lily,
      Welcome to PKJ family with lots of love.Keep commenting dear and join us in spreading love.Take care.See you soon?

      1. Thanku for your love di….and yeh of course I will comment daily….one question..pkj means
        I read this word lot of times..but I never understand the meaning of it

      2. Luthfa

        Lily dear,PKJ means Pagalo Ki Jhund.Commenters of IB TU page address themselves as PKJ fandom lovingly.This is invented by one and only LAX di,one of the members of PKJ?

  14. Nice episode. Without villainbaazi IB is more interesting

    1. Hiii Geethu..yes this stressless episodes are really good.
      But want some romantic moments between couples.

    2. Luthfa


  15. Fairy205

    Shivaay and his eagle eye………just love billuji and her billi . Rudy antics always works cherry on top Hahaha i’m still laughing ??Ham sab yaha bina kapdo ke ghum rahe hai……

    Now Shivaay to do chop of lucchi Siddhi.
    Love Ishqbaaz DBShivika.

    So pkj how many of you read

    Dastaan – Niyu

    Connecting Dots- Riana

    Ishq sakoon hai…..- by VHM, Kanfi…..

    I’ll snatch you from sky too- Nati di

    1. Riana

      @Fairy… Hey dear, I read Dastaan its awesome and thrilling always ??

    2. Luthfa

      Hi Fairy,
      You are right.Rudra and his comic insertion into serious happenings is always good to watch.Shivaay is going to make Siddhi Mai dance on his tune this time.Well,I have not read yet.But must be amazing to read.Take care?

  16. Nikita_jai29

    Episode is good short tracks on social messages…is amazing….
    I think cvs are waiting for the revamp of sp.. So they finalized next track…

    1. Fairy205

      Yup go and read all are all fiction are khirkitod but unfortunately Nati di had stop writing ? i wish she change her decision and start posting it again

      And Niyu too post her Dastaan ASAP

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