Ishqbaaz 21st June 2017 Written Episode Update

Ishqbaaz 21st June 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Tej says we have to let Om go. Shivaye says you can’t take Om’s life decision alone. Tej asks who are you to stop me. Shivaye says I m his elder brother. Tej says I m his father, you could not manage marriage and talking of my son’s life.. Pinky says he left on bike in much anger, I m scared he does something, you can stop Shivaye. Anika says I understood. Some time before, three months leap is shown. Shivaye says will we believe anyone. Tej says why don’t you get it Shivaye, we are discussing this since three months, he is gone. Shivaye says I will wait for him for three births. Tej says wait and time is over. Shivaye says he was, is and will be with me. Tej says we have shown him to world’s top most doctors, they all have same answer, that there is no hope, we as a family will have to accept it. Jhanvi says don’t say this Tej. Tej says be practical Jhanvi, we tried everything, its time to take decision.

Dadi asks what decision. Tej says there is no hope for Om’s recovery. Gauri and everyone cry. Gauri recalls Om’s fall. Tej says Om will never come out of coma, there is no use to keep him alive, we have to let him go. Gauri says no, this can’t happen. Shivaye holds her and says I won’t let anything happen. She hugs her and consoles. Shakti says just once, listen to Shivaye, consult to the doctor. Tej says there is no point, we are increasing Om’s suffering, the fact is Om will not come back. Shivaye says he has to come, I will not believe even if Lord says he won’t come. Tej says you are not a doctor, who are you. Shivaye says I m his elder brother. Tej says I m his father, you have taken all decisions of my son’s life, but not this time, we will have to let Om go, I can’t see him like living dead, if he has to die, let him die with some dignity, not become a vegetable. Shivaye says you can’t take Om’s life’s big decision alone. Tej asks who are you to stop me, you could not manage marriage and talking of my son’s life, you forgot living since Anika went. Shivaye leaves.

He gets on a bike and drives away. Pinky says I could not stay and called you, I m a mum and can’t see him like this, he left on a bike in much anger, just you can stop Shivaye, please respect my words. Anika says I understood and ends call. Shivaye races and reaches the end of the cliff. He accelerates the bike. Ragini comes here and goes to him. She holds him and smiles.

Chanda asks what will you do now. Anika says as if anything will happen by my thinking, I m struggling for a job, I got offer letter too, then same story, sorry, I m a burden on you since three months. Chanda says you have helped me a lot, you can stay in my house. Anika says thanks, I will give rent and food expenses. Chanda says leave this, think how will you pay for boarding school. Anika says I have to arrange his fees. Chanda asks her not to take tension. Anika cries. Someone sitting away at the tea stall drinks wine. He walks towards the chawl. He sees Anika crying.

Pinky says thanks Ragini, you got Shivaye back, I was worried, you know he used to drive car in speed limit in video games, now he does not care for his life, you did big favor on me. Ragini says no favor, just kept friendship, Shivaye and my meet was an accident, but a beautiful one, we are now friends, he can’t refuse to me. Pinky says he will agree to everything. Shivaye asks what. Ragini says its Siddharth and my engagement tomorrow, its happening because of you, I stayed here for two days after my accident, I got time to think about my relationship, Siddharth and I patched up, my grandma says such eyed people are lucky for others, Kanji eyed people. Shivaye recalls Anika teasing him. He says no, I mean don’t say that word again. Pinky says congrats, did Shivaye meet your Siddharth. He says no, sorry I don’t go in parties, I wish you all the best. He goes. Pinky says don’t worry, I will send him.

Anika sees Shivaye’s video and recalls him. She sits crying. The guy sees her. He does shayari and offers tea. She says no thanks. He says I don’t talk to strangers, but I thought you need this. She takes the tea. He says sorrow is like a sea, learn to swim, you will learn living. She asks did you learn, if you did, you would have not had wine at this time. She goes. He does sad shayari seeing someone’s pic. Guard asks him to come, madam called him. The guy stumbles. Guard holds him. The guy says Samar does not need support. He wears his shades.

Anika say why is Gauri not answering, did anything happen to Om, what shall I do. She calls Shivaye. Shivaye and Anika hear each other’s voice and cry.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Hiiiii…. My family I missed you so so so much. I was going through the previous episodic pages and so many new comers. WELOCOME to every new comer. Now where is my REWELCOME??? At least I should get one right for missing you all so much (wink wink).
    Okk before everything else. That GO……… GO wala part.
    NIVI DI-1st June, 2nd June, 6th June, 9th June, 12th June, 13th June, 14th June, 19th June
    ANU- 30th May,5th June, 7th June, 15th June, 20th June
    MANYA-31st May
    ARYAHI- 8th June
    NILA- 16th June
    @Hmm… so NIVI DI is 1ST again (not done Nivi di…. But I will try to be your competitor again)

    @2nd ANU (to you also not done see…. I went away you became 1st commenter hhaaawwww…. Ok see I am back now I will also compete with you). Now I know I am verrryyy late but HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO PRAGNYA. Loads of love, hugs and kisses to her. Do send me cake and I will try to send you gifts.

    @3rd MANYA, ARYAHI and NILA…… MANYA…. Good to see you back but where are you now?? Come back soon.

    @NILA are you new because when I was here I never saw you commenting may be I overlooked. But Late CONGRATULATIONS to the new first commenter.

    @ARYAHI you also are you new??? Hiii from me. I will call you AHI no problem with that na if so then sorry.

    @ARPITA and NIVI DI verrryyy sorry for not commenting yesterday and day before that also. But see I am back now to start all my drama.

    @GAYU…. Now see I will ask PKJ to help me from you and VISHU…… I am sure they will help me. PKJ MAY I HAVE YOUR ATTENTION OVER HERE PLEASE…… actually I want to confess something two days before my exam I had Rs. 100 ka PAANI PURI and my stomach ditched me the next day (just a day before my exam) and I spent 18 hours of a day in washroom but then also my exam went well. But my two MUGAMBO DUSHMANS….. GAYU (GAYITHRI) AND VISHU (VISHAKHA)…… they warned me not to have PAANI PURI again. VISHU warned me for just a month but the extra mugambo GAYU increased the limit to ONE MONTH AND TWENTY DAYS……. Please help me to convince them that I will die without PAANI PURI please please please.

    @AMAYAA….. Congratulations…. And see I am back. You also come soon.

    @SHAB where are you??? Busy with studies??? But ek baar to darshan dedo. Please mere liye.

    ABOUT THE EPISODE…… I was waiting for watching episodes after the lapse. But ANIKA DIDI was best before nose piercing. And SSO ohhhh god please someone pinch me….. Shivay jiju on bike??? And Pinky ponkey called whome??? Anika or Nagini??? But Tej I am going to kill him now. I will throw him down from the terrace of the OBEROI MANSION. But again colour coordination. Good good.
    Waiting for my DIDI JIJU to come back.
    Today I am verrrryyy happy for three reasons.
    FIRST: I came back on PKJ…….. yyyaayyyy!!! (may be I won’t comment regularly but will surely try to)
    SECOND: DIDI was wearing the mangalsutra and that ring… yaayyy and my JIJU he was also wearing the ring…. Yessss…. So good see no one can separate them and I feel may be Pinky ponky also understood it.
    THIRD: I looted my didi just sometime back. Not my own sister but my cousin but we two share a bond just like SHIVOMRU. She is a working lady and I was feeling hungry and was also angry on her. She sent me two pizzas two eat. Yaayyy another surprise sooo happy.
    But now PKJ waiting for my REWELCOME.
    Heeyyy same Nilash

    1. Nivedita

      GNG! ??Glad 2 see u back! ? Dekho..u came back with a bang..? Ab se tum hi 1st Hona! ??

      Pinky didn’t call Ani– Anis call was about job rejection..( CVs have some strange connection with my and Ani story for many months I too was without a job– and going thru similar trauma like Ani’s..)

      Lol- getting the pizza treat from Ur Didi..u deserve it for your hard work on exams .
      I am with Gayu and Vishu.. no phuchka eating for it’s safer not to eat street food during rainy season..lot more stomach issues crop up during this season..
      So phuchka ban till after rainy season from my side! ? Ab mujhe peetna mat yeh sunn Kar! ??

    2. Nilash

      Thank You but no thank you. How can you join their team??? You are EXTRA EXTRA MUGAMBO…. sab ban jao pahle meri mumma thi and ab saare PKJ members bhi ???
      Na agar mai 1st hoti rahi to baaki log mujhe boycott kar denge. Isliye kabhi kabar sahi rahega.
      Don’t worry you will get one. Aur agar company waale nhi dete unke sar par danda tod kar ana. But I am still angry. Aap sahi sahi bol do na ki Nilu you die par aise mera PHUCHKA mat cheeno please???
      Nhi maar sakti aap mujhse bari ho but baat bhi nhi karungi CHUDAILBAAZ discussion ke alawaa.

    3. Nivedita

      Aww Nilu! I know u r angry at me.. kya karein we all became Mogambo’s in Ur life! ????

      But I give you an idea.. why don’t u make pani Puri at home.. it’s pretty easy to do it.. that way u r happy and your stomach is happy too.?

      Don’t stay angry for too long at your Mogambo’s! ??

    4. Nila

      Go nilash Go

      Thank u

      U donno me but I know u?

    5. Nilash

      Hello Nila…. see Nila replying Nilash and Nilash replying Nila…. good connection (hehehehehe)??
      Thank You so much but now fight to get the first position. Want to congratulate you again.
      But how do you know me??? After I was gone then you came right ???? Then how??

    6. Garu_2401

      Go nilash go
      And you know what I was more amused to see that pinky pinky aunty Ji was without jwelleries … be honest I first thought that may be she is guilty and shivaay hates her (in my dreams)…..and that’s why she is in this look…….
      Welcome back
      Maybe you don’t know me bit I always read your comments??

    7. Nilash

      Aashu you want a tight slap from me na??? You thought I forgot you?? Very bad I went away for just a month and you made me paraya dhan.???
      Yup correct I did not notice that that Pinky ponky was without jewellery. Soon Pinky will regret and I am waiting for the day.
      But I am still sad that you thought I forgot you.

    8. Garu_2401

      Amm I’m sorry di as I wasn’t online from last 15 days….and no one commented on my last comment so I thought may be you all forgot aashu……..and no problem from getting slap from you ……di can slap me??
      Pls don’t feel sad…..I’m sorry
      Otherwise mai na ?????

    9. Gayathri.visu

      why should I welcome u? I m extra mugambo na???
      Remember one thing….LIGHTENING BABY!!

      See now NIVI also with us! HEHEHEHE….

    10. Nilash

      Gayuuu I will bang my head now. See my last hope PKJ also ditched me???
      And what you are using that??? I know I am phobic to it but youuuuuu I won’t leave you. Wait I will take your extra class today.
      Stop laughing not only Nivi di but Shree is also with you and Arpita is half in yours team half mine. No problem I am alone is equal to 100. But ask Nivi di and Shree to decrease the limit. Please???

    11. ManyaPV5

      hey Nilash I was here only now u see I am a big girl now I am in 10th so there is lot of burden 🙁 what can a small little girl can do just guess they gave 5 copies and a project to complete just in a day they think we r robots or wht thts why now I am not coming frm a month on ib written episode page but on activity page I am active u can pm me. And congrats Go Nilash Go!

    12. Nilash

      Many… I know all the NAKHRAS related to project. I also suffered them 3 years back when I was on 10th. Just calm down dear. You are big girl na so you have to deal with it and prove to your teachers that you are not robot as robot cannot make awesome projects.
      Ok we will be in contact through pm.
      Now ALL THE BEST make a khidkitor project.
      And Thank You. Loads of love dear.

    13. Surbhi Sharma

      Hey didu . U are back . Yayyyy !!! So happy .
      How are you ?? And how was ur exam ??
      And a big Congo for commenting first . ‘GNG’ .
      Missed you so much . ????

    14. Nilash

      Hiii Surbhi… yup I am back but will not be a regular commenter I feel.
      I am good dear. How are you???
      My exam went well.
      Thank You.
      Missed you tons times.
      Love you

    15. Shree27

      Today to its GO NILASH GO vaala day….. GNG….. hii how r u…….n i can’t help u in tat paani puri matter instead i cn increase d tym limit to two months……
      Tat phone call is my confusion too n finally i came up with a stupid logic ( rudy vaala logic) u cn see in my cmnt below
      Now leaving paani puri u r behind pizzas…… great going 😉

    16. Nilash

      Hiii Shree you got registered?????
      Thank You dear. No no wait give back my Thank You you also went to their team ????
      Okk will check your analysis. But at first I thought maybe Pinky ponky understood her mistake but I did mistake to think that she is becoming good.
      No no that was a surprise treat. Actually I was angry on my didi so she gave it. I don’t like pizza that much the way I like PAANI PURI. So please don’t do this beraham atyachaar to me please???

    17. Pushpa

      u can have your pani puri whenever you like dear but just makesure thts eatable…varna again washroom….thst was cool na the bike he looked stunning gal….pinky will never understand shivaye’s pain dear…she’ll try to patch the new entry to shivaye…..dun forget to comment as and whenyou rhave time…

    18. Nilash

      Thank You Pushpa…. my PUSHUPS… missed you. Yup sure from the next time but I and my friends always have Paani puri from there but don’t know what happened that day.
      But by patching up that NAGINI to SHIVAY JIJU will increase his pain.
      And I will try to be there but not sure how much regular I will be.
      Love you my PUSHUPS

    19. Nila

      Ya nilash(is it ok?shall I call u like that?or what is ur full name?) I knew u bcoz I read ur previous cmts as silent reader and ya I want to tell u that I like ur dp??? very much
      Haa fight to get 1st position lol??

    20. Nilash

      Yup dear of course you can call me Nilash… actually my full name is Nilanjana. But Nilash is good right???
      Awwww… thank you so much dear. I love these bangles very much.
      The fight for first commenting begins.

    21. Mehakchalag

      nilash di welcome back and GNG.
      second point is r8 anika didi wears mangalsratra or not big suspense but mee too happy both wears their engagement ring.
      and aap mijhe bhol gyi ??? but it’s ok welcome back.

    22. Nilash

      Thank You Mehak…. ohhh sorry I forgot you. Kaan pakar ke sorry. Actually galti se mistake ho gaya zyada excitement me.
      Yup I was also very happy to see their engagement rings on. Hope to get Shivika meeting soon.
      Love you Mehak

    23. Piyuu

      congrats for ur first comment
      hw r u dear?
      hw was ur exam?

    24. Nilash

      Hiii Piyuu… I am fine how are you???
      I missed you sooooo much.
      My exam went well dear.
      And at last Thank You

    25. Haan di was busy with studies after that feww personal but I came here to visit all of uu see u remembered mee love u soo much how r u ????

    26. Nilash

      Hiii Shab actually yesterday I went through all the comments on Previous pages but you were not there to thought to ask you. Keep visiting us like this every time.
      But your studies are the first priority.
      Love you too dear.

    27. Archiya

      so nice to c u back.. but wht is this.. so much irresponsibility.. how can u eat pani puri just before ur exams.. an that too such a lot.. i thought u were much more mature..

    28. Nilash

      Archu you also actually I and one of my friend had a competition so I mistakenly did that. But from next time if all those mugambos of my life allow me to have Paani puri I will be extra careful promise. Sorry please don’t be angry na. Pakka no irresponsibility from next time. Now please sorry

    29. Archiya

      u have given me every reason to b angry..
      ok ur forgiven just coz u said sorry so many times an ur younger to me, but no more such irresponsibility during exams.. other times u can eat as much as u want.. but exams r imp.. v put lot of effort in it.. so why ruin that right

    30. Ranilya

      Hi Nilash welcome back…. n what a bang on entry!! GNG!

      Give my love to your sweet cousin

    31. Nilash

      Thank You Rani…. but I was not expecting to be first yesterday but I think maybe Universe wanted that
      Of course I will send your love to her.

    32. LAX

      Hey…!! Welcome back..!! You are back with a bang. First comment n all. Go Nilash Go???
      I love PaniPuris. How can I ask u to stop then. But then find a better place. Here We ve some places other than the usual street stalls, but usually there, it is not as tasty as the street ones.

    33. Nilash

      Heyyyyyyyyyy Lax di Thank You
      Yaayy got another one in my team.
      Sure I will take care from next time if the mugambos allows me.
      Street ones are just amazing. Awesomest of all

    34. Archiya

      street food is after all street food.. nothing can match its taste.. 🙂 not even a five star hotel .. infact i find the food of five star hotels total bland..

  2. Nivedita

    1) Glad SSO didn’t ride with – to quote Lax- Yuckini..?
    2) but the rest of pinky ragini parts just useless..??
    3) Ani didn’t get any jobs in 3 months? ??
    She was a good caterer before, what happened to that? ? Sad that they couldn’t show a strong independent woman and went the laachar bechaari Ani route for the entry of the other guy.??

    4) The guy maybe yuckini’s brother I feel.
    ( I liked the actor- though I don’t want him as Ani’s anything except maybe platonic friend– and I had liked his curls..they were ??)..they made him Om part 2..with his Shayari, diff type of addiction and looks.. nice Dialogue of Ani abt his drinking..

    5)What’s going on with repeat stuff in IB??
    On SSO side there’s Swetlana part 2 & on Ani’s there’s Om/ Daksh ( coconut top) lookalike part 2? ??

    6) I was wondering for a minute how Pinky changed so fast?! Then of course.. when SSO started riding the bike, I knew dinky called Yuckini.. dinky supporting that Yuckini??..pinky u r such a donkey OMM..???

    7) my prediction of -Om’s coma related pulling the plug chat- between SSO and TSO in IB and Gauri going to sultu for treatment in DBO came true. But Bhavya is back again??

    8) Now tomorrow my prediction Om will be alive, but will either forget Gauri or pretend to forget Gauri.. BTW the murderous Buama- didn’t care about Gauri still living for 3 months another logic OMM! ????

    9) CVs have so many cameras so why was the new guys walk from his drinking seat to Ani so weirdly done.. one min he was sitting just behind her and the next he was walking on the chawl apartments side & then standing behind Ani? All for stupid pointless drama??

    10) Yuckini is truly yucky why did CVs give her the kanji dialogue?! ?? That word should only be Ani’s.. her fiance must be a ruse to get SSO in her jaal..??

    Overall another filler, another unnecessary silly track! ???? That one Shivika FB was the only gud part of this episode..

    1. Swathi..

      Completely agree with your every point. I was thinking the same just to sit beside Anika why he wandered like a street dog?? And when that scene was showing​ I was like it is simply waste of time.

    2. Nivedita

      ? 2 both Samar and Yuckini parts.

    3. Swathi..

      Nivedita me too didn’t liked that yuckini calling kanjiankhe to SSO.

    4. My lil sis is also saying the same thing about ani’s unempoyment

    5. Nivedita

      ?yeah that was sad! Here we all were having high hopes for an empowered Ani..

    6. Samm

      Agreed agreed agreed! 5 was so true. The lapse could have been done better, I think. And about 10, I really saw Shivaay’s kanji aankhen’s thousand shades today! All angles of the camera and lighting did that magic! The only people missing from this ‘catch up’ episode were Priyanka-Ranveer and Mahi. Obvio I missed the latter more. ? hope to see some interesting progress in the upcoming episodes. Hope to be underlined, of course. ?

    7. Samm

      Agreed agreed agreed! 5 was so true. The lapse could have been done better, I think. And about 10, I really saw Shivaay’s kanji aankhen’s thousand shades today! All angles of the camera and lighting did that magic! The only people missing from this ‘catch up’ episode were Priyanka-Ranveer and Mahi. Obvio I missed the latter more. ? hope to see some interesting progress in the upcoming episodes. Hope to be underlined, of course. ? ?

    8. Nivedita

      seriously want Mahi back.. ??but I highly doubt it too.. kitna bhi we underline those hopes…

      Yeah SSo’s eyes and its shades are drop dead gorgeous!????

    9. Garu_2401

      Oho I forgot to say all the things that you said about pinky aunty Ji nivvi di……?????? yeh sab meri taraf se.pinky aunty Ji ko

      And I too agree that shivika fb was the best thing I found in today’s episode. Nivvi di?

    10. Nivedita

      Yes Gayu..??

      Kal bhi.. I have less hopes for something interesting.. until 27th we may not get good episodes..

    11. Garu_2401

      Anything special on that day (27 June)………have you read any spoiler di???

    12. Nivedita

      Oops sorry Garu..27 is 1 yr anniversary of IB. Hence I thought they would do a Shivika meet on that day..

    13. Gayathri.visu

      Even I also agree with ur all points.

      5) Lol….chudailbaaz side effect dear!

      7) when I was watching IB n DBO, 2 times I thought about u n ur comment.
      One is ur prediction i.e. Tej n Shivaay’s over Om’s health.
      Second one is ur wicked witch is back! R u happy now?(wink…wink)

    14. Nivedita

      Not at all Gayu.. I wish the stupid wicked witch was not back..??

      And she looked exactly like a witch in that scene with the blade in her mouth..?

      Have started to disengage from both series..

      Because of all the stupid villains and plots..??

    15. Shree27

      Yap nivi….. i thought they’ll bring back anni’s character bt they destroyed it more……even i didn’t lyked her using tat kanji word…….today after a long tym watched dbo bt wat was all tat crap…….an injection given by tat naagin will cure om where all doctors failed okay now got it naagin used her zeher to make tat medicine bdw why was gauri holding tat injection as if she’s moving ahead fr a murder…….this buama us really so scary n psycho too…… Arey bta dena unhe her son is in ib once tortured our anni vry much then sso also did his OMM now mst be in some agra’s jail or asylum……..dbo precap me also think tat om will be fine may frgt gauri……. bt in dbo all d problems means bhavya kidnapping n om coma was only fr three months n as soon as 3 month ended everything gt bck to normal then why ib can’t hv so…..

    16. Nivedita

      Yeah Shree.. they are hell bent on Ani suffering all the time..

      Ha ha ha.. a murderous Gauri..that’s because they want to create more drama on Om about to die and all.

      Today’s episode I am sure Gauri will get more insults from her in-laws 4 risking Om’s life..

      Well their problems were in a coma for 3 months.. but again new torture of Gauri and new torture of audience ( aka Bhavya) will continue in DBO..

      Same to same in IB.. new Ani torture and new audience torture villains..??

    17. Labiba

      Hey nivi do u vote for Shivika in gold award.. I voted for them yesterday.

    18. Pushpa

      tell me nivi…at the cliff when i saw the yuckini…i ws praying please dun show shivaye touching her or holding her or…..i hate this yuckini entry….pretending gona engage…..just to hook shivaye and I hope shivaye will not fall in her trap….pinky will start her evil plan again to patch them up….the rest other than shivaye and anika scn was not interesting…OF is about to ruin….shivaye have to come back strong to build the family & Om…..

    19. Nivedita

      Yeah Pushpa I want trong SSO back too.. but not sure when that will happen..??

      Om will be back today or Friday..because of Gauri..

    20. Pushpa

      thts great news nivi…..i want OmRu to spill the bean to shivaye fro anika leaving him….

    21. Nila

      Hi nivi ?
      1.ya I feel the same thank God they never do that

      5.coconut top lol??

      6.ya same to same

      7.bavya is back??

      8.ya OMM

      9.I think he was there for searching anni (wallet pic may be anni were in

    22. Nivedita

      9.. yes I thought..that coconut top may either be doing a purposeful stalking of Ani or he is genuinely grieving something..not sure yet about the tragectory of the character..

    23. Samm

      Yeah. And I would have liked to see an employed Anika but it’s not so easy to get a job. Although I think this might have something to do with SSO or someone else who’s pulling the strings to keep her unemployed (no, I’m not talking about the CVs) ? When the show started, Anika was self employed but that’s not so easy to start up again after you leave it as it is for even a few months. She still didn’t have a fixed job then and barely managed to live peacefully with her crazy Bua and Sahil. If you remember, SSO sabotaged her final job at the college canteen and then she got his wedding planner’s job by Prinku’s connection.
      Btw, is Sahil still in contact with both Shivaay and Anika and still doesn’t know about their break up? And why is Anika still wearing her mangalsutra and sindur?

    24. Nivedita

      U maybe right about someone sabotaging Anni to not get work..

      I still feel she could have been self employed..the CVs just chose to show this version of Ani…?

      I was wondering about Sahil too..and doesn’t he get any vacation in school?

    25. Nivedita

      Well they signed the papers, but if no one files them in court, they are still married.

      If anyone files them, still takes Min 6 months to get officially divorced..
      So becausr of these they aren’t divorced yet..and Ani was wearing the mangalsutra and sindoor because I don’t think she considers herself to be divorced..

    26. Pushpa

      samm….shivaye will never sabotaj anika specially now tht he luvs her…the new guy in the block samar /i think he’ll employ her…and shivaye will be jealous..

    27. Nilash

      NIVI DI…. i said i won’t talk to you but i can comment and reply back right???
      But i am still thinking why they showed that Pinky ponky and Anika didi convo like that??? Some new mystery??.
      Tia baby again went away?? She should help Anika right?? And this is pointless that my Anika didi is unemployed still now.
      One more question raised in my mind that are they DIVORCED or just SSO signed the papers. May be buamaa thought that Gauri can only bring back Om so she allowed her to stay at OM for three months. May be.
      YUCKINI NAGINI… i want to kill her for using that KANJI AANKHO WALA dialouge.

    28. Nivedita

      Nilu that pinky Ani – phone convo was just a misdirection for making us feel some hope and then dash it.. by showing Dinky’s true colors..??

      Yeah, Tia by herself couldn’t have done anything. Only if OmRu had worked with her, something would have happened..
      Since OmRu were busy with their own grief’s no solution to Ani SSO breakup..????

      Well they signed the papers, but if no one files them in court, they are still married.

      If anyone files them, still takes Min 6 months to get officially divorced..
      And Ani was wearing the mangalsutra and sindoor because I don’t think she considers herself to be divorced..

      Yeah.. u r right..about Bua ma. But still it’s a logic lapse there..

      May rahi itna ghussa.. not gud for health..??
      Mujhe pata tha..u will b angry about the Phuchka ban..??

    29. Pushpa

      tell me nila…..hw could yuckini use shivika signature words….not allowed at all……cvs please take note,,,,anika signature words are only for shivika……

    30. yes nivi i thought she must be employed and independent what happen to her in staring of the epi she used to work in many places and if she isnt employed so how does she look so richyaar i mean so modernly well dressed just bcoz it is a lapse they changed leads dressing style even sso how did he become so stylush i dislike his hair color vry much … when his bro was in coma jyst bcoz its a new season and bringing new entry for rasing trp?

    31. Nivedita hai, really if they showed shivaay as a playboy avatar riding a bike with rajini then I would have quit the show.Seriously sso or asr of ipkknd if they think to change those characters na better stop to watch them. But lucky they didn’t do something nasty like that. So In this 3 months lapse shivaay and rajini became just good friends, om was in coma(really very sad thing for gauri) Rudy is waiting for bhavya and ranveer is on training. Fine all 4 couples are separated by some or the other reason . Let’s see what will happen when ranveer comes back as the other stories kick-started. But I want him to be someone to teach tej a lesson for lifetime. May be tej was right yesterday of being practical. But it was gauri to decide na along with tej. Up till imkaa is unmarried it was different but now it is also his spouse to decide naa. Even law gives her the right . So who is tej to take decision for om not bothering about gauri emotions. Also when om was well and fine he never bothered. But suddenly all this bothering. No not acceptable.

    32. Archiya

      pt 3. even i was not happy the way they portrayed anika.. i thought she will b well settled by now.. but v got to c the same cranky anika..
      pt 5: true, they r just repeating stuff.. so much nice plots they had.. they just did OMM of everything..
      pt 8.. in DBO everyone is killing some one or the its a child play
      pt 9. i feel they will throw some light on it today,. it was so oddd… if he was looking for her.. why the big round.. she was right infront of him

    33. Ranilya

      Lol Nivi…. coconut top!
      Point 9– cvs wanted to text our patience level…
      Point 10– I felt the same too… I think the whole engagement drama will b a ruse…

  3. Nila

    ?Happy Yoga day?
    To all pkj members and Ishqies
    I think we need some shanti? bcoz upcoming episode r like that?? so do some Aasanas daily ????

    1.Tej-shivaay : Noooo??? I can’t bear those words abt OM???????????? but in a family at least one person should be mature to think/decide/handle these kind of situation .In my point of view tej was crt but just three months only passed na? Actually it is very difficult to take decision ??????

    2.Pinky & Gauri : I feel those feelings only in these two ladies ? I donno y others r as usual I think remaining scenes r in DBO??

    3.shivaay consoles Gauri???? so nice

    4.shivaay’ anger cooled by Yuckini?????pinky pinky donkey really she feels for her Hera beta???(ipavathu konjam puthi vanthucha??)

    5.pinky-yuckini phone convo????? ya we already knew that so no worries???

    6.Shivaay bike ride? & yuckini OMM I can’t Ctrl my anger?????( slow motion vera ivaluku)

    8.Again cheapdi & yuckini convo: thank god they never go for FB??(adipadatha valuku yepdi da two 3days treatment uh???)

    Video game lol? white shirt with blue jeans????????but his eyes ko kya ho gaiya? Aankho mai jaan nahi hai?? and his hair colour?? I donno I like it or not???but I love u shivaay??

    10.Nai drama siddarth? Definitely this yuckini have a big plan to trap shivaay
    Uski friend wali dialogue????i can’t

    11.kanji aankhen wala that fb?????Missing badly shivika??? how dare this yuckini use this word??????

    12.chanda ani convo : no job?? No ani don’t feel and today her costume was not suits for this scene

    13.Drunk wala Samar that slow motion scene?????y ? CVs y ?Y this kolaveri!(paaka mudila- can’t able to see?????)
    Samar was good even in promo but today yuck????

    13.anni to samar?????

    Precap:anni still have a connection with Gauri?bur y they using old scene (fraud pasanga) y they cheating? Giving fake hopes???????

    According to spoilers that yuckini and Samar r siblings??

    1. Ishuyamjha

      U are right this naagini and pinky should get out of the screen of ib they are getting on my nerves

    2. Nila

      Ya Ishu but we need to wait for some more episode to go???

    3. Nivedita

      Happy Yoga Day Nilu! U r so right.. we all need to be more zen to terate the crap that’s coming up..

      But frankly now I am totally getting detached to IB..their addiction is wearing off for me ( not completely– but thoda less nasha hai abhi about IB, Shivika,etc.)

      Don’t like SSO hair color.
      New stupid trap crap ( audience wants to stab) drama from Yuckini..

      Haan I feel the sibling spoiler is true..
      About Samar and gini

    4. Nila

      Hi nivi i feel some michi michi nowadays while watching IB?? i feel spoilers r true but they says ragini using Samar help to separate shivika I mean already they got separated but just by place

    5. Garu_2401

      Hey nila di……myself aashiya and lemme tell you your comments are really nice…I can only say that coz half of the comments juzt go out of my mind …..(I can’t understand the language..)
      But I definitely understood your feelings here…..
      And yes billu Bhaiya was looking dashing in his new avtar but I miss old billu Bhaiya…

    6. Nila

      Hi aash? I too miss old billu and ya I try to cmt in both the language next time but I donno how to change points in other bcoz it is not meaning full when we try to translate but sure I will make it next time

    7. Gayathri.visu

      1. Tej n his words, raised my anger! I want to give a tight slap him.

      3. Yes, so nice.

      4. Ada cheapdi periya dramebaaz. So don’t believe her so easily.

      6. Enaku yuckini slow motion n musicku bathil kavundamani’s pookkuzhi scene music(start the music…….stop the music) thaan thonuchu!

    8. Nila

      Haa gayu point6?????semma yennama yosikuringa????

      Point4.ya but I see the old pinky in yesterday episode cmp to previous episodes

    9. Shree27

      @Nila yes we all need some shaaanti…….wnt tia baby’s reiki
      Sso’s hair colour……i didn’t liked it on sso bt i m loving nakuul in tat highlighted hairs……means those offsceen pics of nakuul n especially tat ahmedabad pics were so cool……i loved him in those pics
      Anni hs connection with gauri tat is really gd also she hs connection with rudy shown before lapse…….now i wish to see aniri interaction even on d phone is ok……n gauri telling abt om’s condition to anni……

    10. Nila

      Ya shrew I too love those off screen pics???? so cool pics?

    11. Pushpa

      happy yoga day nila..i luved shivaye too yesterday…his caring towards Om, family&gauri..but he looks not strogn as he use to….tht cheapde using anika’s are u yuckini!!!!! kill you…. but shivaye scn taking off with this bike….supero superb pa…..dashing & stunning look..drama&drama&drama now yuckini&samar drama….looks like we have to suffer more before shivika meets……

    12. Nila

      Ya pushpa? we have to suffer more due to upcoming episode???? shivaay in bike aww ?dashing

    13. Nilash

      Hllooo… NILA… first time replying to your comment. Hiii okk then you know me. But i don’t know you. You are TAMILIAN right??? Gayu is teaching me TAMIL and i know a bit of it.
      In Precap they again repeated that SSO breaking down during Sahil kidnapping that scene. Actually they should not give us fake hopes.
      I want that SAMAR to be YUCKINI’s brother because only then i think we will get back our Shivika soon.
      Think Shivay and video games…. lollllzzzz
      But i didn’t get the need of that bike walaa scene. Not needed.

    14. Nila

      Hi nilu(ok?) Ya I am tamilianbI think Bike wala scene just shown for shivaay’s condition after Annika’s left (his anger )

    15. Archiya

      think we need some shanti? bcoz upcoming episode r like that?? so do some Aasanas daily .. we really need.. especially the breathing exercises.. to control r anger n frustation

    16. Nila

      Ya archi di we need some relaxation??? lol

  4. Garu_2401

    so here goes THE THREE MONTHS LEAP??

    oh god tej uncle how can you be so rude….?
    nope….om Bhai is not at all going anywhere ….and yah whatever dialogues you have thrown…..are only going in dustbin…. mind my words..

    shivaay Bhai….. what a believe…..???
    his dialogues???…..for om Bhai was juzt heart touching…..we could clearly see the love,believe that he has for his brother……..

    and tej uncle Ji ….what the hell is wrong with you…. you know what … when you said that “khud ki shaadi toh sambhal ni paae…….. blah blah blah?)……..I said yaah yaah and what about your marriage ???…..did you made it successful…. stupid uncle??

    Billu bhaiya ‘s eyes are juzt… what should I say…its juzt wowwwww…..beautiful eyes full of hatred and pain…….???

    and that chudail…. has finally entered in bhaiya’s life……yr meghna Jo karna h kar Lena but billu toh billi ka hi rahega……east or west billi is the best for billu Bhaiya…

    and that cliff scene was so real ….I still doubt if the cliff was just the graphics or the real cliff!!!!??

    and whose this sidharth now
    I think its no more ib but ib the dharamshaala… many people….??
    I wouldn’t have minded if they were +ve……???

    and anika didi’s new look was so so so sooo pretty ????

    but I thought she will get the job (the scene in tomorrow’s episode….you guys remember??….)…….god knows what happened there …??

    but yeh kyaaaaaaaa
    I thought anika Didi to be tadibaaz and tashanbaaz but she is again crying and crying…..aakhir kitne episodes se use rote hue dekh rahi hun… that’s enough of Rona dhona …….put off this aashu mode……I want my annika difi the bold girl back??

    and that new Bhaiya Ji …..Samar Bhaiya Ji…….did you guys too felt that his character was somewhat getting similar with om…..I mean long hairs…….shayaris..and all…….not the charm that my om Bhaiya have?

    and guess what now we also have to watch his family……I guess

    and pls pls CVS make Samar and annika Didi’s pair ……hey hey hey pls dont bash me…….I make that pair for some days …..I badly want to see a jealous billu…
    and that wallet me baitha shaks(person) kaun hain ab?????……is still a mystery hmmmm..

    and what’s gonna bhi Samar and annika Didi’s pair name….?
    lemme suggest::

    maran(?) (death)
    saman?(items….I mean things?)

    it so funny……well I read that from twitter..

    and shivaay Bhai and meghna’s


    laughing a lot!!!!!!
    that was my invention…….??

    wow garu tu page ke writers 2500+ words ke ff’s likhte hain aur Maine 2800+ comment likh diya???

    ohk ohk……now bub bye all
    have a good night
    don’t let the bed bugs bite??

    1. Nivedita

      Yes Garu, I was disappointed that the job shown Yesterday didn’t happen. Idk if they will show us what happened there?

      Maran is best..

      I want a jealous Billu, but without actually pairing..I want that Samar character to be good..

    2. Garu_2401

      Even I want that Samar’s character to be +ve nivvi di …..and he will help anika may be…..
      Jealous billu Bhaiya ……??

    3. Nivedita

      Yes dear I hope that happens..

    4. Shree27

      Yes Garu…… cvs tried to show this new guy lyk om bt frankly he doesn’t hv a single quality lyk him… charm nothing……nt even lyked his shayari delivery… hd so intense eyes…..d way he used to deliver his shayaries were so heart touching
      i think MARAN will be fine fr them n her name is ragini nt meghna so think it again garu……

    5. Garu_2401

      Hlw shree27……that’s what I felt about Samar……his look is somewhat similar to om bhai’s but there is a huge huge huge difference between both ……oh her name is Ragini??
      OK then:
      Shira?khaane waala…
      Shini?pata ni
      Aayni?aayenge bhi nahi mere billu Bhaiya
      Now tell me its good na?

    6. Shree27

      All r so funny garu……i m going with raay – an advice to nagini jst leave annika’s billujin ger lost otherwise we r coming with annika’s chamelis…….she cn jst ask tia abt d experience

    7. Pushpa

      garu….i too saw the anger the pain in shivaye kanji eyes…thts my dp..but he hv the most beautiful eyes ever…hooked me to it totally…….try garu look at his eyes for a scnd…u will know wht i mean..
      u r right together with OF now yuckini family too…im only interested & waiting for shivika meet..then the show will be a little interestign…anike please no more crybaby..think shivaye said you are strong&independent …dun wait fro the job ..u r good in catering…..start on that..

    8. Garu_2401

      Yup sooooooo true pushpa didi…….his eyes says it all that how he is in pain-hatred-broken………..
      And anika will definitely prove the nahi soch …..excited to watch shivika meet

    9. Nilash

      Arrreee baap re….. soooo lamba comment.
      MARAN is the best.
      Meri cute si khidkitor Anika didi ka band baja diya inn CVs ne. Pata nhi kab inka maha milan dekhne ko milega. Tum bhi itne din baad wapas aayi ho to tumhara bhi rewelcome to banta hai na??
      Actually i was also thinking the same when that stupid TSO was blaming my jiju. Why he has to interfere in everyone’s matter??? Stupid person and chillaaxxx today Om will wake up from coma and it will be a muh tor jawab for TSO.
      I badly want this track to end soon.
      LOVE YOU MY AASHU… and you Nilash Di can never forget you.

    10. Garu_2401

      yaah jyaada lamba ho gaya bit kya karun I couldn’t control thumbs….??herhh
      hmmm OK so the. couple name will be MARAN…..
      Waise I came back tomorrow on this page so mera welcome wahin ho gaya Maine khud hi kar liya???

  5. hii everyone …..
    I just loved the way SSO supported Gauri like a elder brother…. Love u SSO….
    Tej tumhare dimaag mein toh Gobar bhara hai….
    Guys did u notice that all the members present in the hall were wearing black…. Strange colour code after leap…..
    Today even pinky was also crying for Omkara…. I can’t believe that…. Is that real or she is acting again….
    NAAGINI RAGINI ( new name ) becoming friend with SSO …. Ragini issi dosti nahi zabardasti kahte hai…. Chewing Gum ki tarah SSO se chipak rahi hai….
    NAAGINI getting engaged with Sidharth aur Cheapdi doore daal rahi hai SSO par…. Huh her 2 Rs nazar issi ko lag jaye….
    Samar meeting Anika… Confused about his character….
    Chanda ur the best friend that Anika can ever have….hats off to u dear for such a genuine selfless friendship ….

    Big SORRY to @gayathri @pushpa @ranliya @arpita @swathi @LAX @nikitajai
    As I was unable to reply on it previous comments….
    I happy that atleast u guys laughed and plz don’t be senti yrr….
    If they don’t seperate than how can we enjoy their reunion…. So guys cheer up yrr…
    @ranilya – love u too dear….
    @nikitajai – if I am awesome then ur sweet siso…
    @swathi- hopefully CVS see this ….
    @gayathri- Whenever u reply me ur first word is “OMKARAJI” for me… I just love this….
    @LAX- This tag actually suits best for CVS … hope they soon remove all the vamps…
    @pushpa- Even I am also not liking this track… Full of nonsense and vamps…
    Thank u all guys @nivedita @gayathri @anu @nikitajai @arpita @pushpa @ranilya for always replying my comment no matter what ever I post / write…. So thank you soo much guys…

    1. Nivedita

      Maahikara.. no thanks needed dear!

      I am sure Om will live, but lose his memory..( real or pretend unsure..cause if he doesn’t we won’t get old Zulfi sigh back)
      RIP – last use of jatadhari hippy- I really loved Om’s new hair only for that line of Gauri’s..

      That Sid will be a fake bf. She will likely pretend to be heartbroken to get sympathy from SSO..

    2. did pinky cried for om no way may just acting aur kya and dis tej so mean kahika it was so sad to see om lik ths

    3. Gayathri.visu

      Even I also love u to call as Omkaraji!

      Tej – disgusting so called father
      PPD – disgusting so called mother

      Tomo may be our old Om is back from his longggg time coma!

    4. Pushpa

      maahi…gd mornign
      i cant believe pinky was crying…another act frm her i suppose…yes yuckini u cant cross your limit frm a friend…i’ll kill u if you ever try to seduce shivaye ….with samar around there will be jealousy….i just dun knowwht to say…… just waiting for tht moment for shivika to meet…

    5. Nikita_jai29

      Hii Maahi dii.. Excited to see omkara back again with his open hair

    6. Shree27

      Yea maahi pinky was crying fr om n i was thinking d same whether those tears r fr real or nt…… i wnt to blv tat they were real i really wnt her to chng completely……can’t see a mother lyk this…..a mother even if she is nt his real mom bt still how cn she leave her son in pain…….ik now even if she changes no one gonna sympathize with her nt me also…… bt they jst destroyed a mother’s image

    7. @nivedita @gayathri @nikitajai @pushpa @ros @shree…. even I am also waiting to see MY ZULFI SINGH OBEROI back…..

      Earlier Omkara used to be the most loving character in IB …. even more than shivika …. His shayaris, his philosophy, his smile, his understanding, his caring, his support was just a treat yo watch…… but the CVS
      first stopped showing him in the show and then they changed him completely….


    8. Nilash

      Yes correct Maahi di… SSO seriously did the job of an elder brother. Now waiting for some O’bro moments. At this time we all badly need that.
      Maahi di where is our MAAHIKARA this time??? I missed your shayaris for one long month to ek shayari to banta hai na???
      I also want that old OH MY MAATAA wala Pinky but CVs has some different plans i think. But I think Samar will become a helping hand of Anika in long run.
      And that YUCKINI NAGINI please someone shoot her. MAAHI di you apply your shayaris to kill her.

    9. Ranilya

      Maahi…. you don’t have to thank… your words r so good that I can’t resist from liking n replying….
      Wish to read your poems/verses regularly…

  6. Labiba

    This yuckini just gave me headache…. She wanna trap our SSO noooo plz di save ur pari??

  7. Labiba

    I mean pati

  8. Thank you for the update

  9. Loved anika Samar scene… N feeling bad for Samar in advance.. Om KO kya hua coma mei hai kya??.. Rudy kaha tha?? N precap mei anika nei Rudy KO phone kyu nahi kiya… By the way nice episode..

  10. Labiba

    But one thing this guy Samar is not bad in fact he was better than that budhi?.but they showed sahil’s kidnapping scene in precap?seriously?thik se precap bhi nehi dikhaya..?wow one thing was good today both di and jiju were in white..di was looking khidkitod..nd that yuckini ??looking horrible.. Aisa laga jaise kisi ki kapre churake pehni ho?? finally our julfi Singh oberoi ko kal hosh ayega??yepiiiiiiii in dbo gouri was looking damnnnn cute..

    1. Nivedita

      Sahil kidnapped!? R u sure?

      Yes SSO was wearing the same outfit as when Sahil was kidnapped..u think it’s a repeat scene?.

      So Ami doesn’t talk to SSO then? ?
      Darn CVs! ?

    2. Labiba

      No sahil ka kidnap nehi huya I was just saying when nayantara kidnapped sahil to usne jab SSO ko call ki thi …wahi scene precap main dikhaya..

    3. Archiya

      even i thought the same.. that shivay scene was when NT blackmailed shivay after kidnapping sahil

  11. Swathi..

    First 5mins was really emotional. SSO consoling guari remainded me of OmiKa scene when SSO got shot.
    How can Tej giveup hope?? People wait for ages if someone is in coma. Hope om comes out of coma soon. Where is Rudy?? No news about him.
    Biggest doubt is how shivaay went through these 3 months what was he doing?? While Anika was searching for a job.
    Iss cheapde nagini ka intentions kya hain??? I didn’t get anything. Why pinky was asking for Anika over phone to stop shivaay??
    For shivaay that nagini is just a friend. But I don’t believe that nagini she will definitely upto something.

    Is that Samar really concerned for Anika?? May be he is Devdas (guess)
    Today’s episode is full of doubts. Have to wait and watch for clarification.

    Preacap : both still crying over their separation plzzzz Don’t show such scenes. We can’t watch our shivika breaking down. Plzzz put an end to this rotlu part. Jaldi se shivika ko milaoo. Plzzzzz.
    GN all

    1. Nivedita

      Actually for the first time, I was with Tej on this.. I am realistic like that because, it’s rare to come back from such long comas..

      And also it’s painful for family to see someone be a vegetable for months.. my grandma was a vegetable for many months before she passed away- not coma- but something diff- I feel it’s painful to see the one u love not function and be the lively person they were.

      So for story’s sake while I was not ok with tej saying that..for real life sake.I agreed with him.. 3 months isn’t really a small span of time..

    2. Swathi..

      Yes nivi di some time we have to act realistic for the sake of our loved ones.

    3. Samm

      Yeah. And it was also consistent with his character. At least Tej said it with a lot of emotion in his voice and expression, I really liked that conflict scene. But how funny was it when Gauri was going forward with the injection and the others were fighting in the background over pieces of papers. ?? I cracked up so loudly over that!

    4. Nivedita

      Yes Samm and Swathi- Tej was pretty consistent with his practical nature..

      Yeah Gauri proceeding in a murderous way was funny, though they were likely going for drama there..

      Again pretty consistent with families, sometimes you can be quite oblivious to things around you when fighting like that..

    5. Swathi..

      correction so pinky was asking that yuckini.
      @nivi di thanks because of you my doubt cleared.

    6. Nivedita

      U r welcome dear! ?

    7. Nivedita

      yes SSO Consoling Gauri was very sweet.. also Chandu consoling Chandu!

    8. Swathi..

      Yes dr. Chandu such a sweet heart she is.

    9. Gayathri.visu

      PPD’s phone wala person is yuckini chudail not Anika! Even First I m also thought same like you.

    10. Swathi..

      Gayu.. can i call u like that?
      Yeah I think may be almost most of the ppl who watched would be misunderstood like us.

    11. Pushpa

      hey swathi…well while anika looking fro job i suppose shivaye was pulling together his life and i if you see the new shivaye who doesnt smile, sturn look..hiding all his feeling …running his business and he bought a bike to release all his stress & pain….tht yuckini try to get shivaye tht engagement is just to hook shivaye….please cvs no more crying and pain to shivika….

    12. Swathi..

      Pushpa. I hope that 3months flashback went as you said regarding SSO. Yess plzz CVS no more crying plzzzzz.

    13. Nila

      Me too have same doubt abt how was shivaay in that 3month?

      Ur dp was nice ? omani and shivri??

      Rudy were busy in search of bavya??

    14. Swathi..

      Thanks Nila. You know what my bestie name is also neelashree so whenever I see your name it reminds me of her.
      I loved your dp too. Nox???

  12. Pushpa

    Gals …. lapse/ leap of 3 month already….finally…..
    I dun know wht dp 2choose nothing interesting…but lets look at my shivayes kanji eyes…where anika bhar bhar calls him….those r beautiful eyes…my dp

    Im more interested on the precap….Tht phone call to shivaye… waiting 4tomoro’s track…..wht will happen????? Will shivika speak2each other…u hv another chance anika to tell everything 2shivaye……

    Im just so delighted to c my shivaye is the same shivaye ever…never change in his thinking nor attitude…love u more today when u faught wt tej 4Om & ur care4gauri….this OF parents na got cursed ist????? Bad mom bad dad….tej dimaag kharab hogaya…its only 3 mnth OM in coma ..wt to end his life…dumbo tej…hw could u speak to shivaye in tht manner u wouldnt hv dared to speak if tht was the old shivaye…

    For a scnd i thought pinky asking anika’s help… tht was the gal…im vry sure pinky will try to get this gal to shivaye….2rps mom……she still cant c shivaye is in pain…..shivaye is still stays far frm pinky….is there anything v r missing????.my bp ws rising listening 2their convo…so better stay in yr limits as friends gal….better dun ever cross tht line …..i damn warning u……god cant anyone speak to shivaye ..rudra or tia ….anyone 2tell the truth…..hearing the word kanjiakhae…shivaye still hurt still hiding his feelings still in pain!!! My heart once again cry for him seeing him in this stage cant handle the seperation…..kya karo……????

    Acha this is so called samar…. wander wht he’ s looking in his wallet…..anika watching tht kitchen video of shivaye omg I got a little emotional…???cant c anika crying tht way…..she’s is also in pain …..both in pain no one to help … tht phone call can change yr entire life anika….another chance ….use OM situation to patch back….i dun think cvs wants this 2 happen soon…

    Pre cap….im hoping so much but lets wait&watch 2moro……

    gd nite

    1. Nivedita

      I don’t think any Shivika talk tomorrow too..that was definitely a audience lollipop..

      Or any patch up soon..
      Abhi toh Samar has to get into Ani’s life.

    2. Nila

      Ya nivi it just a lollipop precap but that is also not original scene I mean they use previous epi scene for precap???

    3. Pushpa

      so sad …no convo between shivika….

    4. Nila

      Hi pushpa shivaay still in pain??? and I think Samar looking Annika’s picture in his wallet (spoilers)? I don’t think phone call do something bcoz they using old scene for precap?

    5. Pushpa

      im feeling his pain too nila…hurts a lot to c his beautiful eyes full of pain… how logn both shivika have to be in pain…cmon cvs….

    6. Shree27

      Pushpa abt d precap don’t think much pappu banne vaala h bss………bt gd thing ib d precap tat aniri still talk on phone
      Seriously blood strts boiling watching ragini with sso n u know wat in insta some people strted shipping sso- ragini annika- samar…..means how cn they even think tat way……frankly i m nt liking this samar also

    7. Pushpa

      seriously……. shree how could they pair them tht way….so very stupid……damn….

    8. Nilash

      Pushpa keep your hopes low dear beacause every time we hope something and CVs are up with something else. But that precap part was a repetation scene i felt because SSO reacted the same way when Sahil got kidnapped. So i felt a bit awkward but also waiting.
      I also can’t stand my Anika didi crying like that. This Samar should help her soon. Or else he can just go away.
      Samar may be looking at the GANDHI JI’s photo in a Rs.2000 note kept in his wallet. At first I thought may be he is looking at Anika didi’s pic but then dropped the idea seeing him wandering.

    9. Archiya

      dont hold any hopes with the precap.. the scene is an old one where sahil had got kidnapped

  13. Ishuyamjha

    Ragini u cheapade stop coming???? near to shivaay he is only anika’s sHivaay’s and teh how can that brainless creature tell shivaay and anika’s break up first anyone tell him to mind his life??? pinky u chinky i am going to do oh my matha to u how dare u to call the chepade to stop shivaay chanda please???? take care of anika and tej mind ur own business shivaay knows what his best for om more than u and the precap was awesome???? shivika don’t. Cry??? and its all because of that pinky and om us in coma because of that buamaa only???? i am going to do oh my matha to raginipinky buamaa and tej who are joining mein this divine work and samar saus shayari like om i think samar character has a painful past but loved him???

    1. Pushpa

      im with u ishu…….ready to murder yuckini if she goes any near to my shivaye….

    2. Nilash

      ISHU i am with you… let’s make a khidkitor plan to kill them. They are getting on my nerves now.And now see that TSO also joined that gang to kill our Om so they should be taught some lesson.
      Yeah i also felt that samar has some painfull past but i think Anika didi will help him to get over it.

  14. Riddhima

    How dare you tej ….
    How dare you …. No one has rights to kill my om … If Antone try I will kill kill them ..
    Tej I will kill kill kill kill kill kill kill kill kill kill kill kill kill kill kill kill
    Kill kill kill kill kill kill kill
    Kill kill kill kill kill kill ?????????????????? I will kill how could he say like that … ???????????? my om … Woh mera om … Surf aur surf mera om … En om .. Yaru en om pakthula. Vanthalum avangala konnuduven .. Om vitu ellam ponga yarum venam … Everyone go away from him … If anyone come near him I will will them …

    I was crying crying. ??????? how tej can do this .. Everyone is standing silently .. What is this ..I can’t bear this anyone .. Give my om to me .. I will take care of him …
    All. Allll everything is because of that gauri when he came in Om’s life back to.back problems are coming to him … Ava moonjiya pathale apdiye kadupa erichala varuthu … Panni ..maadu … Naai engarthuthan vanthalo therilla en uyira vangarthukune … Apdiye ????????????? konnutanum …
    Pera paru gauri kumari Sharma moonji ma …panni pisasu ..sadham …paradesi …
    Enaku en om venam please
    I need my om …
    Give him to me …
    Enta kututhutuga please …?????

    Dont want to say anything
    I want my om .i
    I need my om ..
    Enaku en om venam ..please …. Shivay give me my om … Save him from gauri,tej,fakelana ,buama …
    Please shivay ..rudra why are you standing silent he is your brother ..

    Enakunvara kovathuku tej apdiye palar palar nu araiyanum pesuviya pesuviya pesuviya apdi ….avan en om he is mine …

    1. Riddhima

      Nila .
      Yes I too saw that tweet ….
      Glad he saw that little part of Tamil version …
      @rani ..its shivay … I think mahi will come very late after shivika meet …
      Today epi also nothing to say ..

      Only part I liked is that fb …
      @gayu ..adhu dd voice than pa …

      Enaku en om venam ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

      Anu enaku en om venam pa …
      Nila enaku en om venam
      Pushpa I need my om
      Gayu enaku en om venuma
      Nivi I need my om
      Labiba I need my om
      Kiki enaku en om venuma
      Astha I need my om
      Liji I need my om
      Shab thangachi enaku en om venam
      Mahi I need my om
      Rani I need my om
      Chavi I need my om
      Lax I need my om
      Archu I need my om

    2. Labiba

      Don’t worry dear he is coming???? our Julfi Singh oberoi??

    3. Pushpa

      riddhiiiiii…..dun worry he’s shivaye brother and shivaye will never let him go ……riddhi …i need my shivaye badly…

    4. Nila

      Riddi just chill due to this coma we gonno see our old om Back????

      Om is urs don’t worry but gauri is bechari? so leave her

      Twitter chat awesome???

    5. Riddhima

      Nila …
      Happy morning…
      Only happiness of this leal is my old om is coming back ….
      Yes that twitter chat was amazing …LA ..

    6. Nivedita

      Hugs to you dear for grieving your Om..

      Hope to see Zulfi Singh O soon..

    7. Akka UNGA om kandippa yengayum poga mattan don’t cryy I will kill that tej???????????

    8. Riddhima

      Shab thangachi …
      Nanum unga kuda tej Jolla help.panren … ?????

    9. Riddhima

      Nivi …
      Thanks yaar …?????

    10. Piyuu

      riddi dont worry dear unga om engeyum poka matte he will come back.gouri romba pavam avale ippidi thittathe.

    11. Ranilya

      Yes Riddi.. .. it was Shivay.. . But I don’t like that look one bit on him.. .

      Ache bache zid nahi karthe…. yeh kya rat lagaye baiti ho?!
      But don’t worry Riddi Gowri will get back your Om….

    12. Nivedita

      Riddhi calm down..all Tej Dialogues was to push Gauri to Sutlu..

      Om and Zulfi singh will be back tomorrow.. and if not tomorrow by Friday.

      ( These CVs might show all Bhavya parts tomorrow and drag Om revival until Fri) ??

      And also a set up for Sultu reentry later for our collective OMM on Tej Buama- and Sutlu! ???

    13. Riddhima

      Nivi …
      I dont mind about this sultana tej lot bauma ..I need my om to be normal…
      Tej is not a father not at all …
      If he is doing all this to bring fakelana back ????? what kind of man his not even eligible to be a man or human being … ??????? will kill him ..for the words he said about om?????

    14. feel bad for om but yaa he will come back and all this fault of lapse seperation and coma is just cos of this produ er only she thinks by seeing like dis condition of om trp will increase dumpo cvs

    15. Riddhima

      Rose ..
      Good morning …
      All because of CVS. .. Feeling like killing them for all this miss ….
      Waiting for comeback of my old om …

    16. Nivedita

      Riddhi.. I understand your love for Om.. But none of Tej’s words were actually false.. Many families go thru this type of dilemma when a patient is living on machines.. IDK how popular this is in India, but in US patients usually make living will to describe what to do with their body if an Om like situation arises..

      I oppose Tej for the purpose of our show.. But his dialogues were only drama.. and in real life its really painful to see the person who was alive and healthy be stuck to machines for eternity..
      I have 2 grandparents who had entirely opposite deaths and the one who didn;t live like a vegetable for months, had the better and least painful death.. (so I kind of support Tej’s words.. Iin real life.. not in show..don’t kill me for that! I would rather die than be a burden on my family.. of course a yound person like Om, its harder to make such decisions than when its a person who had lived a full life,, hence everyone else protested — but in DBO)
      That set up for Sutlu entry is from CVs side. I don;t think Tej would want that. Why would he want Om to marry sutlu when he himself wants to marry the girl..

      With Gauri using the med from Sutlu.. now Gauri is indebted to her. Which sutlu will use at a later date to come into Om’s life.. And then we will get the repeat of omri MU and separation and repeat of Om-Sultlu-tej cheapo-ness..

      So if u r mad, be bad at the Cvs for the crap direction of OmRi track!

    17. Riddhima

      Nivi ..
      Yes I agreed in real life if very old person is went in coma then it is okay with tej’s decision .. My grandma also was I’m coma for one year … It is okay in the causes of old people ..
      But definitely not in youngster ..and no person will say this word about any young people ….

      I know my old om will be back …that yesterday when he said such words towards my om ..I was totally on angry mode and it came as tears ..

      Again this fakelana god why CVS not allowing us to enjoy any bit of the story …all the story or track is irritate us and hurt our feelings … Bad CVS….

    18. Gayathri.visu

      Enna idhu? Cool down urself pa. Don’t worry may be today unga pazhaya Omma paakalam. Till then just relax…ok! Almost ella decent aana keta vaarthaigala use pannitenga. Idhukku mela chennai tamizhla thaan tittanum. So chill….wait today for ur old Om!

    19. Riddhima

      Gayu …
      Enaku Samaiya kov vanthuchi pa …
      Kovam vandha azhugaiyum senthu varuthu … Yena pqnnurathu …
      Idhuku Mela lam thitamaten enaku therincha keta vardhailam pottu thituten …
      Ama old om Ku waiting …. ????

    20. Labiba

      Hey ridhima hold on I’m with u I also wanna kill him ..he was sooooooooooo irritating?

    21. Labiba

      Hey Ridhi vote for Shivika nd our dear omkara in gold award.. I voted for them..

    22. Riddhima

      Labiba …
      I too know that our zulfi Singh oberai will come back ..but this tej was irritating me …
      Yes sure will vote for them …???

    23. Pushpa

      yes riddhi….how dare tej speak to shivaye in that manner…felt like punching his face…hey thts not because of gauri tht cheapde buama la dear……riddhi dear we are all in the same boat …..cvs r killing all character one by one dun know wht they r up tooo..

    24. Riddhima

      Pushpa ….
      I know shivay will not let anything happen to om ….
      CVS ….????????
      Killing all lovely characters …. Wanna punch them on face …
      I think rumya is coming back on track ..hope CVS will take it in right track …

    25. Archiya

      dont worry ur om will come back to u only.. wen he has u .. how can he even go anywhere..

  15. Today episode gave me Soooo much michmicchi. .i can’t tell you..

    1.Most disgusted thing is till now didi can’t get a job….like seriously. .???????…Cvs mujhe ye rotlu annika didi nahi chahiye..kal ki annika didi ki confidence se toh main sure ho gayithi ki ye khidkitod annika ban ke lotegi..but meri toh tie tie fiss hogayi…???????..i can’t see her in this situation. .

    2.tej what kind of father are you??? I know no parents can see their child in this condition but how can you say this?????..????? doubt Sso was looking hot and dashing….but i was scared. .his eyes…Oh My God..heart attack agayi mujhe…

    4.highlight dekh kar meri saans ruk gayi. (Not woh wali?) i know it was impossible but when pinky ponky called and didi ‘s reply to someone , for a sec i also think that pinky is talking to didi…

    5.nagini ( i will not call her ragini)..??? totally irritating. ..??????????????..Sidharth..really….kya bhayankar plan he???? Toh engagement main plan badal ke Sso se engagement karegi ye nonsense…..????

    6.Sso did a perfect job as brother and brother in law…

    7.pigni (pinky +naagini)…ye jodi se mujhe aur michmichi mach rahi he..

    8.Samar…oh My God…syari ki dukkan but omi ke baad..acchi shyari maar lete ho….??..sharab bhi pite ho..

    But a big confusion. .kiski photo dekh raha
    tha woh… ???

    Now as per my ghatia wild imagination
    that photo koi ladki ki hogi..jisse ye samar
    pyarr kar ta tha didi met him he will change and fall in love with her woh bhi obsessive lover…???…bhai behen same to same..

    8.but didi was looking good..

    9 yarr i don’t want that didi will once again do her job as Sso’s weeding planner..i am fed up with this..woh Sso ke ghar kaam karegi..sso usse jelous feel karwane ki try karnge…
    Yarr ye sab hum dekh chuke he..kuch naya try karo na Cvs……

    Precap Sso part is was the time of Sahil.kidnaaping..Accha khaasa pappu bana rahe he hamara.???????..

    11.kanji ankhen.. don’t worry Sso we will get to hear this word very Soon..

    12.pakka Cvs plaaning kar rahe he Shivika ki meeting 27 june ko karwane ki….???…

    13.saw a pic in insta Didi with Samar..woh bhi OM main..??????????????????..

    Plz i don’t want ki Didi aise hi asjaye jab tak Sso usse khud le kar nahi aate main nahi chahti ki woh isse pehele OM main kadam rakhe..

    Plz Cvs Don’t do this ..

    1. Nivedita

      Arpita- quite possible.. I too thought it is a photo of someone. But whether he is a manipulative psycho like his sis or not I am unsure..

      I am getting a feel of an English movie Clueless where a brother sister duo play with the main leads emotions.. I hope this wont go that way. I would prefer Samar to stay good- but have less hopes from Cvs about this.

      yeah there may be Shivika meetup on 27th but will it be all MU resolved or just a lollipop god only knows. These Samarini wont disappear in 1 week.

      10. I didnt think it was repeat scene, just repeat clothes..when I saw the episode,, But u may be right about pappu part..

      9. Instead Ani being wedding planner for SSO she may become one for Ragini and her fake Sid..
      whereas that sid doesnt exist in real life..

    2. Pushpa

      cvs making us feel pappu….hw could thy do this yaar..i pray no MU on 27meet if there gona be one..i hate this yuckiniiiiiiiiiii……

    3. Pushpa

      arpi…i think anika finally will open a cafe…i read somewhere dun know if its true or this psycho samar will offer her a job…me too feelign so michimichui this yuckini&pinky ponky…willsure try to manipulate shivaye….oh god hope shivaye will not be trapped….he’s not very strong now as i see yesterday….heard it again kanji ankhen but tht yuckini saying..yukkkkkk…i hope cvs plan to meet shivika is a good one no MU….should be a nice meet….cvs please read TU and get some info what we feel….

    4. Shree27

      Han Arpita kal hmare anni di ko itna confident dikhaya aur aaj cry baby……i don’t wnt this cry baby……as per promo she was even more confident i think tat is yet to come……i think ur story is gonna happen……. anni will bring out samar out of tat devdas look n then he’ll be her obsessive lover……..n on d other hand nagini is gving warning again n again get ready shivaye singh oberoi means she another obsessive lover……..arey bhai ab itna kuch chalega to hmare love birds ko kab tym milega……unko to koi milwa do

  16. Todays Episode was nice.
    Guys today i want to tell something different. I should have posted this on 18th june. But it was Sunday. And sorry late posting it.

    Guys , Rani lakshmibai died on 18th june 1858. She is an icon of an indian women . Every Indian women should must be like her to fight against injustice and evil . I salute her for bravery and sacrifices. You guys should also salute her . I salute her . Jai hind.??????. We miss Rani lakshmibai. One of the brave woman of India.

    And guys some of the unknown facts of India are :-
    Unknown facts of India :-
    1) Hindi is not the national language of India. Infact India has not any National language.
    2) Hockey is not the National game of India. Infact India has not any official national game.
    3) Mahatma Gandhi is not the Father of nation of India. Infact there is no person with title Father of nation for India. Mahatma Gandhi was first called Father of India by Netaji Subhash chandra Bose.
    3) Mawlynnong has been declared as cleanest village in Asia 2003. Mawlynnong ( Meghalaya ) is also known as God’s own garden .
    4) kerala is known as God’s own Garden and kashmir as Paradise on Earth. Shillong ( Meghalaya ) is known as the “Scotland of East” and is also considered as “Rock Capital of India”.
    5)Tawang Monastery,( Arunachal Pradesh ) is the largest monastery in India and second largest in the world after the Potala Palace in Lhasa, Tibet.
    6) The Assam Rifles is India’s largest and oldest paramilitary force while the Indian Army’s Assam Regiment recruits exclusively from the seven Northeastern States.
    7) The Northeast part of the country is the biggest contributor to tea production in India.
    8) The Northeast India has been identified as one of the world’s seven richest biodiversity areas by Myers 2000.
    9) Keibul Lamjao (Manipur) is the only floating national park in the world whereas Loktak Lake is the only floating lake in the world.
    10) 70% of the country’s orchid are found in Northeast.
    11) There is no DOWRY culture in entire Northeast.
    12) Mugs, the Golden Silk of Assam, is not produced anywhere else in the world.
    13) Sualkuchi in Assam is one of the World’s largest weaving villages where the entire population is engaged in weaving silk Fabrics.
    14) The world’s largest river island- Majuli ( Assam) and world’s smallest river island- Umananda ( Assam ). Umananda is also known as Peacock Island By British due to its shape.
    15) There are nearly 220 languages spoken in the Northeast. It is a conglomerate of Tibetian, South-east Asian and East Indian cultures.
    16) Northeast is the only part of India that the Mughal Empire do not conquer.
    17) The Ahom dynasty which ruled the Northeast for 600 years is the longest unbroken dynasty in Indian history.
    18) The Great wall India ( in Rajasthan ) is the second largest wall in world after Great wall of china.
    19) Tamil is the oldest language of world existing and Sanskrit is the 2nd oldest language of world.
    20) In 2004, 200 women took law in their own hands and came to the court armed with vegetable knives and chilli powder and murdered on the court floor a serial rapist – Akku Yadav. Then every woman claimed responsibility for the murder.
    21) The First Masjid out of Arab countries was constructed in China, While the 2nd and 3rd Masjid out of Arab countries was constructed in India ( kerala 628-630 BC)
    22) Shampoo and buttons are invented in India.
    23) Calculus was first studied in India.
    24) Andaman and Nicobar Island and lakshdweep are integral part of India and we don’t require Visa to go there.
    25) We all have watched Teri galliyan Song. Watch this Song again and pause the video at 4:00 those beautiful blue biomolecules are found in the beaches of Andaman and Nicobar Island.
    26) Raziya Sultan was the first woman of India to become a ruler. She ruled from 1236-1240.

    My facts were little biased towards Northeast India because it is one of the less known region of India. Btw I am myself from Patna, Bihar.

    And Sorry for posting out of the topic comment. But i thought if I am sharing about death anniversary of Rani lakshmibai then i should share some unknown facts of India also. And Sorry Guys If i have hurted anyone.

    1. Gayathri.visu

      Salute to Rani Lakshmibai!
      Jai hind!!

      Some unknown facts about Northeast India! Thanks for ur information. Ur comment didn’t hurt me. Hope no one get hurt by ur comment. Once again thanks!

    2. Ranilya

      Rahul96 thanks for sharing the lesser known facts…

  17. Nandhana

    Toooo bad episode..can’t see that yuckini..but I have some hope that Samar is not that much negative like yuckini..pinky still u didn’t change..
    Coming to Shivay and Anika both are living with each others memories ..Good to see this..but can’t see Sso controlled by some other woman other than Anika..???
    Yes Tej you are right.. Shivay has stopped living..His eyes how much pain????all because of that donkey???
    Yuckini wats up there in your engagement???Think there is some mystery..
    CVS please bring my Shivika together soon????
    My love for Shivika never changes???????

    1. Pushpa

      maybe samar will help shivika patch up…oh god i hate this track seriously….

  18. Misha_Mikul

    Every scenes in Today’s episode has filled with many question marks because of the 3 months lapse???
    hope confusions will be cleared day by day??

    Shivaay!Shivaay!Shivaay! where is my classy Shivaay?????
    I don’t like his changeover even though he was looking handsome??
    even Annika..She was pretty??her hairstyle and the nose pin but only the dress hasn’t suited to Annika?
    I’ve surprised watching Pinky talked to Annika?But I was misunderstood?

    So, Shivaay treats Ragini as a Friend… Cool!?? She told about her and Siddarth’s engagement then showed her evil side??
    It means her evil plan is just going to work..!??
    Haha, that cotton candy hairy man? but today his hair hasn’t looked like the way..I just couldn’t understand what he was trying to do??He was keep staring at Annika then roaming around the chawl and finally he came back to the same point ?
    He should be Daksh’s brother..Haha!? His hairstyle , his body language and looked he had love failure before? he drunk seeing someone’s pic!!

    No interesting scenes has happened today.. so obviously no long comments are needed!!

    Precap- Anika called Om, Shivaay picked up, She said “Shivaay”, ..Shivaay broke down hearing her voice?? Aww??
    but that Shivaay’s part has already happened before! It was Sahil’s kidnapped day’s scene when BD Nainthara was in Oberoi mansion!!
    Seems they missed to shoot Shivaay’s part due to hectic on bringing lapse?? so they’ve just replayed the scene..
    It looked weird because Shivaay has switched to swag style what!!!??

    Guysss, Nakuul, Surbhi and Kunal have nominated in Gold Awards 2017??So do vote for them by log in to
    Nakuul for Best Actor
    Surbhi for Best Actress and Most Fit Actress
    Kunal for Gold Debut(Lead Role) and
    Nakuul&Surbhi for Best On Screen Jodi

    but the very saddest matter is Ishqbaaz isn’t even nominated in Best Television Show(Fiction)?? It was really very disappointed thing?which I couldn’t accept it once saw the nominee list .. Feeling very bad
    whatever but for us, Ishqbaaz is the only BEST SHOW?? We keep giving our love and support as a Award to Ishqbaaz ???
    Do Vote, Don’t forget dears??

    Good night dearsssss.. Tc all of u.. ????❤❤

    1. Nivedita

      And Aryan Prajapati (Sahil ) is nominated for another show- do vote for him too..

    2. Labiba

      I too saw nominations it was weird Cz its impossible how could IB didn’t nominated for best show ??its soo popular.. Pura ka pura nominations main zee ki shows vara tha..yeh award show zee TV telecast karte hain na maybe that’s why zee’s shows got nominated..

    3. Misha_Mikul

      Yeah but Yeh rishta kya kehlata hai and yeh hai mohabattein got nominated!! These are Star Plus’s show right.. IB is more popular than these two.. How they could leave IB in nominee…Unbelievable !!! 🙁

    4. Pushpa

      misha..our classy shivaye is hiding behind his sturn face ….u can see that in his eyes….full of pain… sid engagement is fake yaar pakka…tryign to frame shivaye into it…btw i hv done my voting..

    5. Misha_Mikul

      Yeah pushpa.. His eyes always speak up his feelings..! That ragini gonna trap Shivaay using this fake engagement plan.. She has been acted as good friend to him and made him trust her lot in 3 months and now a big game is getting started..
      I just want my ShivIka back very SOOONNNN!!!

    6. Pushpa

      mee too dear waiting fro shivika meet….

    7. Shree27

      D nominations were really weird ishqbaaaz nt in best tv show lyk really n then surbhi nt in best debut…….sso nt in fit actor lyk really……… n Yea aryan prajapati saw there frm some other show so vote him also……first i was abt to vote soha frm krpkab then saw aryan there….now how cn i choose soha over aryan……so aryan d best…….also do vote fr kaali thakur guys frm dbo he is nominated in best actor in negative role

  19. Nandhana

    Omg for the precap..ani calling shivay..can’t see them broken like this???
    Too bad episode..can’t see that yuckini..but I have some hope that Samar is not that much negative like yuckini..pinky still u didn’t change..
    Coming to Shivay and Anika both are living with each others memories ..Good to see this..but can’t see Sso controlled by some other woman other than Anika..???
    Yes Tej you are right.. Shivay has stopped living..His eyes how much pain????all because of that donkey???
    Yuckini wats up there in your engagement???Think there is some mystery..
    CVS please bring my Shivika together soon????
    My love for Shivika never changes???????

  20. Hii ishqies,atlast the leap occur I think after the leap the 1st scene they show shivika meeting
    nothing to say about todays epi
    Tej what dad he is trying to kill his own son
    Both pinky & tej are made for each other both ruin their sons life
    Oh anika didn’t got any job?
    This epi make me so confusion
    Samar is looking good Nice guy but my shivaay is best
    ok guys Gud night sweet dreams

  21. Nilash dear ,congrats go gal go.and you didi the work of Ammu.but it is really soo sweet…
    Yes actually paani poori meri bhi fev he but itna nahi khanna he..control yar..???..

    @Nivi dear , agrre with all of your points.. and yes only Fb part was good
    And good thing is Sso ne naagini ke saath ride pe nahi gaye..warna raita fail jaata..

    @nila dear , happy yoga day to you and sll my pkj…

    @Garu fear , her name is not meghna her name ragini… but samar annika couple name Should be Maran..??

    @maahi dear , exactly chwin gum ki tarah Chipak gayi he hamari Sso ke sath..disgusting. .?????

  22. GO NILASHA GO.Wclcome back pkj family.
    i m soooo confusing episod year.why anika call shivaal&sudden pinki call anika.

  23. Mehakchalag

    Thank god lapse aa gya.
    1.Chanda luv u.Thanks for supporting anika didi.
    2.Tej kaise father ho tum dob kar mar jana chaiye.
    3.Sso bike ride scene sso apni frustation aaise nikalta h.
    4.Nagini how dare u to touch shivaay.And why call kanji ankhon wala aage se aaise mat bolna.Uspe sirf anika didi ka hakh h samji tu.Happy atleast shivaay remembers anika.
    5.Samar chill boy kitni shayaris boldi tumhne.Seems like positive.
    6.Anika u r looking so beauiful.And that nosepin am very happy bcoz i m also wearing same nosepin.And shivaay u r looking very handsome in white shirt and jeans.Still there is a cordination bw their clothes.
    7.Very confusing epi.
    8.Cvs why r showing like this pinky ponky calls anika puppu kyu bana rhe ho yaar mujhe ek time yehi laga but dil ke arman aasun main bah gye.PIGINI KI CONVERSATION IS EWW.
    9.Precap-that scene of shivaay is that scene when sahil is kidnipped but its ok excited for tomorrow epi.
    10.Rudy’s dialogue in dboloved it -anika bhabi jabse gayi h tabse khushiyan bhi chali gyi h.

  24. Archiya

    Finally we are in the lapse period.. Just to separate shivika they had to separate rikara too.. Poor om in coma

    Tej no father loses hope that his son will b back.. It’s just 3 months n u lost hope so soon.. Liked the shot though… With shakti, Tej an Shivay at front. An others at back

    Shivika look super hot an s*xy after the lapse..

    So ragini is getting engaged to someone else, so why the drama with Shivay, may b she will make the circumstances such that the engagement breaks coz of Shivay an then shivay is forced to marry her

    They wasted so much time on Samar today, first his drinking shot, then he was trying to find someone,his shayari an the last scene. Such a rich man, drinking costly alcohol an sitting in a chawl..did not suite.. So does he know Anika from before or was it their first meeting. .was a lil confused there..

    So today we know whats with the bike thing.. Everyone has someway to get out of their pain, for Shivay its riding at high speed an not bothering abt his life.. After all his life has already left him.. Even seeing all this pinky is still quiet.. Such an evil woman..

    People go out of life but memories still remain, for some its happiness an for some it’s the deepest pain..

    Precap did shivika really talk.. Don’t think so,may b they will show some cross connection like today.. When they showed as if pinky was calling Anika but she actually called ragini

    1. Samm

      Oof! Your dp! ?

    2. Archiya

      Thanks Samm.. both slay in white 🙂

    3. Nivedita

      U r right- precap will be cross connection too maybe…

      Tej- I supported him some what.. 3 months is a long time, when u r a vegetable (and your family is helpless to do anything)… Of course its Om, so he will be back.. and maybe that’s why I didn’t mind it.. I had already predicted this too.. so my shock factor was less about it..

      but his dialogue was only for pushing Gauri’s next steps and to bring back sutlu.. so am more mad at Cvs for this crappy plot..

      Yup too much waste on Samar.. I don’t think they have an idea what to do with separation now that it has happened.. Or they are trying to build sympathy for Samar, which didnt quite work..
      because we were more interested in a better life for Ani.. not a repeat life of past stalkers, past work, etc.

    4. Archiya

      what with this DBO.. its such a boring story, with that buamaa an shvet ,seems like some physic story..

      may b ur rite.. the scenes were tattered here an there.. an i expected ani to have a good job, may b already working for samar.. dont they what they r upto..

    5. Nila

      I like ur Dp? and ya no hope for precap (fake precap)? I think Samar already knew about Annika

    6. Archiya

      Thanks Nila.. both slay in white… even i m thinking so.. else what will he b doing in that chawl.. but did not understand why did he put one big round an then come to her

    7. Pushpa

      hi archu…..we are still crying for shivika..when all this gona end yaar..u saw my shivaye’s kanji eyes full of pain…..cant see this…..this got to stop….anika still wearign her mangalsut…he shld know she’s married….thts was cool dashing&stunning look on bike …his new escapism from his pain….

    8. Archiya

      nice DP.. yeah full of pain..poor shivay

    9. Shree27

      I didn’t understood this samar’s story n i felt they jst randomly showed something d scenes nt properly organised……. i think did tat in a hurry……pinky will nvr undrstnd her son’s pain… actually as rudy said she vry well knows wat was annika to sso bt her stubbornness will nt let anni back in OM…….such evil woman she is……precap no i don’t think they’ll talk to each other may be anni will call someone else n they r moulding tat to think us tat way lyk they showed fr pinky calling ragini n everyone thought it to be anni….

    10. Archiya

      m hoping that today episode will put some light in ani-samar relation.. yest it was not at all clear as u said.. the scenes were not organised

      exactly just cross connection in the precap gain.. may b they r thinking that v will not see IB anymore.. hence the precap to attract us to it

    11. Nivedita

      Haan Archu.. Cv’s are confused about track or they want to keep things in mystery to generate curiosity about the new entries. Their actual motives won’t be revealed until next week.

      No Shivika scenes this week, probably because they both went on leave last week. Hence all filler types going on..

      And DBO toh pucho mat.. its back to crap track..

    12. Ranilya

      Archu…???dp…sply Shivay…..
      Archu I agree with Tej…. no point in keeping someone alive with machines for so long….unless you r super rich like the Oberois…. it would b difficult to see your loved one as a vegetable…

      Pinky has some serious psychiatric prb I guess…

      Samar…. dint like his look or dialogue delivery… a waste of time… instead Chanda Anika talks would b better

    13. Archiya

      they r anywyas oberois.. so there is no prob in keeping Om . for ppl who cant afford its a diff thing.. an 3 months is a very small time to give up on ur loved one

  25. LAX

    The first episode after lapse was not dhamakedar at all. It was just another regular episode.

    And the lapse is all about
    Insensitive Tej- non classy Shivay- crying Annika- Irritating Pinky- Helpless Gauri- Bewildered Dadi- Silent Shakthi- Well dressed Jhanvi
    On the top of it annoying new additions.
    It has nothing new to offer. Totally disappointed with the first episode.
    Show Ko kya se kya Bana diya??

    I hate this new girl so much that, everyday I can come up with a new nickname for her. She was sickini to me today.
    Pinky n this girl together is definitely Pigini.
    Like the lens falling shot of Mahi now they ll irritate us by repeatedly showing Yuckinis wine drinking shot. Aaaaghhhh..!!
    Maa Hun.. Apna bacha – don’t even take these words from your filthy mouth Pinky.

    Shivays bike scenes were not exciting too. But it’s evident that he could not move on.

    Annika looked glam. But what’s the use if she has nothing else to do but cry. Is this the double tadi they were talking about?

    What was the introduction scene of Bandar?? I didn’t quite get it. Why was he taking chakkar of the building?? was he acting to be a drunkard?? And that’s the last time I can take your sookha shayari Mr. Bandar. But I must say, Bandar was no so bad looking.

    The only shot I loved in the episode was the shot where Annika is sitting with the Bandar drinking a cutting chai.

    Chanda I love you

    Mahesh Thakurs performance was the best in the episode, even in DBO he was good.

    Precap- Why did Annika call Shivay?? Annika is already shown weak. Or Is it deceiving?? And Shivays shot is an old one. They ve repeated the same shot where he gets to know that Sahil is kidnapped by NT. What the hell??

    P.S.- I thot of going for a P.S once the good episodes start. Gave up that hope. So thot of going for my P.S from today with the start of lapse. I totally lost the excitement of lapse with the episode. I know it’s unfair to judge a book by it’s cover. But then I ve no hopes from the writer this time. What to do??

    1. Nivedita

      LAx exactly my thoughts too about no hopes for better episodes from Cv.. not until maybe 27th..

      Its going the std plot direction– another stupid psycho jealousy track..

      This time I fell the sickgini will use SSO to gain sympathy from her fake engagement..

      Either this sid wont show up for her engagement..
      Or he will but during her wedding or something he wont shw up and Pingini will be ready to push sso to marry sickgini (I too felt like writing new adjectives for her, but I was like she is a waste of my time)
      And Samar will likely off Ani job for Sickgini fake wedding, where SSO and Ani will end up re-meeting..

      Getting vibes of english movies like Clueless for the manipulative brother sis plot.. (where the is was psycho manipulating ppl) and brother was less psycho but still manipulative..

      And my best friends wedding or the wedding planner for the Shivika parts..

      God.. I feel I can write a better plot than these Cvs sometimes..

      yeah cutting chai scene was good, but it stayed a bit longer than necessary.. I liked samar too.. but anyone we like, or any new character is by default a villain in IB world. (exceptions were mallika and Mr. Bajaj only)..

      Annika Tadi will only be in Shivika scenes other than that she is abala naari of all ghatiya serials.. this isn’t the Ani we liked and started watching IB for..

      I don’t mind her crying and missing SSO, but she should still have been shown doing something productive instead of just crying.. to set up that Samar entry scenes..

    2. Nivedita

      likely *offer Ani a job

    3. Yes u r right nivi
      I think after the leap it is interesting to see shivika fight,old taadibaaz but again they show the daily soap drama & try to fooling as in precap
      anika didn’t got any job in 3 months lapse then what is the difference after the lapse looks are changed,om in coma

      Then what happen in these 3 months lapse?
      Shivini become friends ok then what about ani she also in coma since 3 months
      what Cvs is this?total confusion
      IB do not answer so many things like gayathri murder
      What about roop where is she disappear She is also a oberoi then why dadi do not think about her?
      The Cvs make us confusion

      But what ever happens in IB I do not stop watching

    4. Pushpa

      u know nivi….u can write a better script……and others here in FF….god its amazing to read some of them…tht anika crying is to brign samar in u r right…

    5. LAX

      I agree Shivika ll meet only next week. But they should give better episodes till then. That’s was I expected from a leap. Shattered anyway.

      Engagement is definitely a drama. It’s either what u said or the guy ll blame that Sickini has relationship with Shivay n ll call off the wedding. Now SSO ll feel a little guilty. Later ll see Annika with Samar n ll think that she cheated her n go ahead with Ragini. I am already getting a feeling that Samar ll hire Annika for the wedding arrangements and Annika ll Khushi Khushi do it. ??? I ve not seen the movie clueless. But I can totally get it. Nivi you can definitely write better plot than CVs. Am sure about it.
      And ya..!! Annikas character was totally butchered for Shivay n now for this guy.???

    6. LAX

      * what
      * him

    7. Nivedita

      Sulekha.. u r a very loyal fan! Keep it up dear! ??

      Yes I also thought if Ani character was in 3 month coma of only crying.. from where did she get the resources to start wearing western clothes and nose piercing and all.. Its not consistent…?

    8. Nivedita

      And Sulekha, yes Ani has worn jeans and tops before, but never navel revealing tops..

      Her character change with the nose ring and new dressing style was just weird/silly for me..

    9. Nivedita

      Yes Pushpa.. the fanfic of the fans are much better than current IB plots..

    10. Nivedita

      Yeah Lax I am sad about this start of the post leap episode too..

      I agree with u completely, they should start giving better episodes than this standard, Dinky Pingini plotting..

      Abi toh they haven’t even shown Prinku track.. that will be another stupid irritant to the whole state of post leap saas-bahu drama..

      Yeah that’s also possible that Sid will break off Nagini engagement thus Nagini guilting SSO to be engaged to her.. but that would be super yuck!

      And Ani getting nired by the new guy is almost confirmed for sure.. otherwise no point on her being unemployed.. for so long.

      RIP old Annika that I fell in love with in IB. If Ani’s crazy antics hadn’t happened in the first few episodes of IB, I would never have started seeing IB. (I fell in love with Nox’s acting much much later..)

      CVs are just confirming all the post leap naysayers worst fears..

      Atleast till monday no happy episodes.. will be there.. (cvs please prove me wrong)..

    11. Shree27

      @Lax d only one i lyked is chanda she is a true frnd of anni…….n double tadi instead i m getting double michmichi… . .earlier we use to see anni crying was ok……bt after lapse i thought tat now we’ll get a totally different annika with full of confidence, independent girl bt now she’s crying even more…….
      Shivaye forgot who he is……tat bandar roaming around d whole building was jst waste of ss…….okay u were right i think they r gonna gv me my b’day gift by showing a khidkitod meeting of shivika…… really they thinks a lot fr me ( wink wink)

    12. LAX

      Double michmichi..!! Lol..!! Looking at the track it is double CRY..
      I think it’s better to skip the episodes now n wait for 27th.

    13. ya lax not only u many pple must be dissapointed dont how will we bare that yuckini naagini and donkey and the guy is okk but negitivity iss too much now all thanx to cvs they made ponky villain just to separate shivika and by this forced sepereation drama they created lapse just bcoz to increase trp as trp was reducing since kaamini entry and who brought kaamini cvs?

    14. LAX

      Too much of negativity n impact of it is clearly shown on TRP.

    15. Archiya

      Show Ko kya se kya Bana diya??.. they have ruined it completely

      Pinky n this girl together is definitely Pigini. lolzzzzzzzzzzz

      poor samar.. u have completely did his naming ceremony to bandar

      even i liked that shot a lot

      what to do.. keep patience an keep watching IB.. 🙂

    16. LAX

      Bandar is not very bad. I can stand him n Annika in a frame but not that bhootni n Shivay.

      Patience rakthe rakthe am worried if I ll b a mental patient.
      Btw Killer DP..!!

    17. Ranilya

      Yuckini sickini boothini… waiting for more….?

    18. Archiya

      Patience rakthe rakthe am worried if I ll b a mental patient.. lolzz.. on a lighter note i thought we were already pagal belonging to pagalon ki jhund.. dont u worry we r there na.. will not allow u to b mental

      Btw Killer DP..!! Thanks 🙂

    19. Piyuu

      totally disappointing episode.after 3 months anika ki tadibaaz roop dekne ko milega ye socha tha cvs ne sare s*xpectation ko omm kar diya.yuckini ki wine glass scene dekh kar muje gussa aati.

    20. Piyuu

      lax thum dbo dekha? kaisa lega episode?mei nahi dekha isliye pucha written update bhi nahi pada pls batao episode ke bare me.

    21. LAX

      Nothing great in DBO too. Om is in coma. Tej wants to take his life support n give him a death of dignity. All others are against it. Gauri gets an injection from someone to wake up Om from coma. Later it is revealed that Svetlana is the one who handed over the injection to Gauri. Gauri could not make out it’s Svetlana coz she was wearing a mask.

    22. Ranilya

      Sickini!!! Seriously!! Now we have to put up with her wine drinking shot everyday!!

      the lapse is all about
      Insensitive Tej- non classy Shivay- crying Annika- Irritating Pinky- Helpless Gauri- Bewildered Dadi- Silent Shakthi- Well dressed Jhanvi
      On the top of it annoying new additions.
      It has nothing new to offer. Totally disappointed with the first episode.

      Was equally disappointed with the first post lapse epi… hope like the mahasangam today’s epi will b better…

    23. Ranilya

      Yuckini…sickini…boothini….waiting for more…?

  26. I dint like the changes gone thru shivaay charecter especially his hair color it looks he is a clg guy with bike and all ; i see this trend of hair color in my clg too it dosnt suits sso charecter but nakul looks cool..
    and i dint get y did they made om into coma bechare ko bali ka bakra baña diya nd whenever i see leads going into coma i remember nakuls web series i dont watch tv where he also goes into coma in tht series and d reson is funny d one who have watched that must have understood but i dont mean that to kunal??any one saw that series?

  27. Krishnaa

    the lapse was not as khidkithod as expected! a little disappointed…SSO’s hairstyle,anika’s dress, still crying after the separation which has broken all of IB fans heart…disappointed!
    Ir seemed just like a normal episode, even the precap…
    BTW,mallika’s husband was also called siddhart right?
    @nivedita if u had not mentioned in your post that pinky called ragini, i wouldnt have realised that it was ragini and not anika

    1. Nivedita

      Thanks.. u got that.. its evident from Pingini chat. too..

      Yeah it was not even a a good episode. Another set up episode..

      Hmm was Mallika’s hubby also Sid.. Hmm.. Maybe there is some connection between that Sid and gini pig’s Sid..

    2. Krishnaa

      Ya either there is some link or CVS has forgotten about mallika’s character and just brought in the same name siddhart again…

    3. Pushpa

      krish……frm the whole epi…i luved shivaye standign up for om&that brotherly hug to gauri….that bike ride he looked damn dashing&anika video scn..

    4. Krishnaa

      Pushpa, yes shivaay standing up for his brother was good as always! But overall not too satisfied with the lapse yet. Lets see how it is tonight!

    5. Nivedita

      Yeah that’s possible too Krishnaa that they forgot.about Sid name.

  28. Gayathri.visu

    Finally lapse…that means pkj’s OMM starts!

    Tej – is he really a father? 3 months, just 3 months….. don’t he have patience of for his son? Such a heartless father!

    Shivaay – loved the way he consoled Gauri. Very good bonding! But didn’t like his new look. Now can he easily accepts that yuckini chudail as his friend? This is his life’s worst decision! That fb Shivika scene….badly missing Shivika.

    Yuckini chudail n ppd – when ppd called someone that one min, I can’t believe my ears! Then I slapped on my forehead for this stupid thought. Yuckini chudail’s engagement? So she planned some trap for SSO!

    Anika – outfit is ok but that outfit is not ok for that situation. No job for anika? Then what about that job which she got 3 months back?

    Samar – Om version 2 or may be can we say daksh’s distance relation? Better intro than yuckini chudail’s yuckkkk intro!

    Precap – AniRi still both r in contact?

    1. Nivedita

      Same pinch gayu for all comments..? ?
      except Tej.. it was all a set up for DBO Gauri steps..

    2. Pushpa

      same here gayu…heartless dad…evil yuckini planning to trap shivaye..tht wont work…

  29. Mouni

    another filler ep , what happened to cvs ?? why dragging this much ?? and this ragini does she really have a boyfriend ?? l think she is lying to trap sso , maybe something will happen in the engagement party that will force sso to be with her later

    pinky is still around , this is really nonsense can we have an ep without seeing her face ??

    l like this new guy samar , he seems positive and this is good , sso will go insanely jealous bcz of him , according to spoilers samar will help anika get a job and they will be friends and later he will fall in love with her but l really hope he is not ragini’s bro , it will be awkward , some ppl say that he will make anika prepare the wedding for his sister and sso , l hope its not true , l don’t like repetition in the story , l see samar better as someone sso do business with or a rival

    there is a pic of anika and samar in the OM so it means anika will comeback soon , l hope they will meet soon , all the past ep are boring without shivika

    1. Nivedita

      Mouni I feel the spoilers are true..

      But I really will be happier if it weren’t..

      these Cvs just love repeating everything they have shown..

      They feel Shivika magic will be recreated with another Ani Wedding planner stint..
      Eyerolling till infinity..

    2. Pushpa

      hi mouni…yes i too think the spoiler true…samar got a job 4anika and yuckini+smar siblings…..but cvs please dun put anika back as the wed planner..tht hurts a lot….

    3. Shree27

      Noo plz nt again wedding planner……some r saying tat anni will again be wedding planner of ragini’s mrg i guess……n tat pic in OM i think tat’ll be in ragini’s engagement…… or if samar is really ragini’s bro then may be he invited anni fr his sister’s engagement……. bt d que us why ragini will hv her engagement prty in OM is tat bcz of budget problem???

    4. Archiya

      seeing that pics of smar-anika in OM , even i thought that ,she will again come as a wedding planer for shivay-ragini wedding.. i seriously dont want a repeat

  30. hey ishqiess , I’m so angry at the moderation guru and at my network coz my comments went missing ..

    so finally the leap has happened . the bonding btw cheapdi pinky and
    ragini yuckini ( courtesy – lax) was making michmichi wali feeling …. for a second shivaay’s bike riding look remind me of mahi. ..

    and the new guy Samar remind me of om. .. with om’s new angry wali look and his old shayari .. feels like compilation of both. ….. poor ani di doesn’t get job yet ….. actually I liked Samar baby coz of his shayari and om wali look …
    precap ??? don’t have strength to watch my babies in tear ….

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