Ishqbaaz 21st January 2017 Written Episode Update

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Ishqbaaz 21st January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Tia bleeds drinking the juice. Pinky says Anika has added glass in juice, enough of drama, I will kick out Anika today. Sometime before, Shivaye hugs Anika and consoles her. She gets away from him and wipes her tears. He says nothing will happen, sit, Anika I understand, last few days were tiring and stressful, you take rest, forget this. She says I try to forget, but I remember everything seeing you, my simple 2rs life, when something big is happening, I don’t know what to do. He says I can understand, same thing is happening with me.

She looks at him. He says even I don’t understand how to deal with the attacks and plannings, you keep it simple, you need rest, spend time with yourself and Sahil, everything will be fine. He goes. She cries. He comes back to her and holds her. He kisses her forehead. O jaana….plays…………He goes.

She says Shivaye, you are increasing my problems, you were fine before angry tadibaaz Bagad Billa, your avatar is confusing me, no I can’t fall weak, I can’t lose to love, I have to fight with myself.

Rudra asks Shivaye did you not go office. Shivaye says no, I was going to see Om. Rudra jokes that Om has become Tajmahal, everyone is seeing him, but he is not at home. Shivaye asks did he not come till now, he did not answer my call. Rudra asks is there any problem. Shivaye says nothing, tell me when he comes back. Rudra says fine. Shivaye goes.

Anika goes to Sahil and asks did your project not end till now. Sahil says no, its big project, this glass is to be broken well. She says you can’t do it well and takes the glass to crush. Tia looks on. Anika breaks the glass pieces into small granules. She says I will go and get glitter and goes. Tia comes there and puts the glass pieces in the sugar jar. Tia goes. Anika comes back and sees the stone grinder. She gets thinking. Tia looks on and smiles. She hides. Anika adds the glitter. Tia says thanks Anika, you made my work easy.

Tia sees Pinky and acts to have headache. Tia asks are you dizzy, maybe Anika added something in food. Tia says no, I was afraid and did not eat breakfast. Pinky says stupid, you kept my grandchild hungry. Tia says I was thinking to have juice. Pinky calls maid and asks her to take care of Tia’s diet, go and get orange juice. Tia says add two teaspoons sugar also. Maid takes juice. Anika asks what are you finding. Maid says I want sugar for juice for Tia madam. Anika says I will get sugar. She asks how many spoons. Maid says two. Anika says she is so bitter, two spoons are less. She adds sugar. Pinky comes there and sees Anika adding sugar in juice glass. She scolds maid. She taunts Anika and goes. She gives the juice to Tia. Tia gets tensed.

Anika comes that way. Tia sees Anika. She drinks some juice. Pinky asks her to have some juice. Tia says I can’t drink it. Pinky asks what’s in juice. She sees Tia’s mouth/lip bleeding and cares for her. Dadi asks what happened. Pinky says Tia just had juice. Dadi checks juice and sees glass. Dadi says its grinded glass. Pinky gets shocked and recalls Anika. Dadi says how did glass come in juice. Tia says its okay, I will manage. She gets up and gets dizzy. Anika rushes to hold her and drops the bowl. Pinky and Dadi see the glass granules on the floor. Pinky says Anika has intentionally added glass in Tia’s juice. Dadi asks what are you saying. Pinky says I have seen her adding glass. Dadi asks why will Anika do this.

Pinky says she does not want my grandson to get born. Pinky tells everyone that I did not say anything when Anika came here and made my son away, its about my grandson today, this house’s heir, I will not be quiet today, a decision will be taken today. She says Shivaye, you trusted Anika, see her doings, she is not Tika, she is a stain, you did not agree, this girl is dreaming of palace and tried to kill that unborn baby, she tried to kill Tia before by making oil fall, think, I have seen her adding glass in juice. Anika says I was adding sugar. Pinky asks Soumya to get the box. Pinky shows the sugar box and asks what’s in this. Anika says its sugar. She takes sugar in hand and gets hurt. Her hand bleeds. They all get shocked. Pinky says its not sugar, its your new doings, even Tia got hurt.

Anika says trust me. Pinky says enough now, you had this box, it had this glass, you added glass pieces in Tia’s juice. Anika says Sahil…. Pinky says shut up, Shivaye make her out of this house. Dadi asks Pinky to stop it. Pinky asks Dadi not to tell anything. She asks Shivaye to make her leave. Anika says I m saying truth Shivaye. Pinky scolds her and holds her hand dragging her. Shivaye holds Anika’s other hand and stops her. Tia gets irked. Shivaye says leave her hand….. Anika looks at him. Pinky says Shivaye… Shivaye says leave Anika’s hand. Pinky asks why are you taking her side. He makes Pinky’s hand away. He says Anika won’t go anywhere.

Tej asks where were you. Shwetlana says I went to find a house, and he has molested me. Tej asks who is he, I will not leave him. She says Omkara. Everyone get shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. What the hell…..just hate the precap just like ordinary drama

  2. What the hell…..just hate the precap just like ordinary drama

  3. Guys I heard in the news segment that with anika shivay is goin to celebrate lohri..yippee???
    But anything could happen so I just pray whatever he told he will mark his words.

    There are pics of pinky and tia for lohri celebration but not of shivika. Plz share if u see any pics of shivika.

    I hope anika will wear a beautiful saree and shivay’s reactiion seeing her

  4. fyn archu dear. I’m from kerala.

    1. Archiya

      Done.. bt less votes fr shivika.. guys pls vote.. this is the most happening couple with equal tadi

  5. That was a complete ‘bakwaas’ episode!! C’mon yaar……when you know there are feelings for each other and its your first kiss, how can you just walk away as if nothing special happened….ghanti nahin baji, blush bhi nahin hua… ho kya raha hain??
    “First romantic kiss” ka O MY MATA kar diya yaar!! and then there’s the writer’s explanation….stolen kiss?? Harneet Singh ji…..whom are you trying to fool?? You create so much hype about this “first kiss” and then you make it look like a disgustingly funny scene! Why? Because you didn’t have a proper planning for the scene….that kiss would have looked perfect if it was after Shivaye stopping Anika from leaving the house incident. But, no, your (or the makers’) main aim was to end the week with a high TRP rate and they expected that the much hyped “KISS” would definitely help them!! So this hurry right??

    Friends, I know that I have made some harsh comments….I didn’t mean to hurt your feelings for the show….but truly it disappointed me. I think I am a huge fan of IB and Shivika….but this is totally UNACCEPTABLE for me!! And what are we waiting for in tomorrows epi?? That Shivaye will fight with his mom and make Anika stay in OM….yes he will!! But ultimately its of no use na?? He is going to ignore Anika’s feelings and his feelings till God knows when and at the same time he will continue with his romantic gestures to Anika putting the poor girl in more confusion and stress!!

    I just hope that Anika also succeeds in ignoring his presence, his gestures and stops getting touchy at his touch…..this is not the Anika fans like me want to see!! Please writer/makers…don’t portray her like a dumb girl!!!

    1. Archiya

      Lijince dear,
      I am in complete agreement to your every word in the comment

    2. Liji
      So both Shivay n Annika are dumb. That way they are made for each other. Then there is absolutely no problem.??

    3. Ligence im agree with ur thoughts but in upcoming episodes there will be more fun….
      Bcz in promo they showed that pinky will put theft balme on sahil…and this time shivaye wont support anika with some hidden plan….later sso will do patchup with sahil but anika is angry with shivaye for not supporting her….it will be now fun to watch how sso will pacifie his panika to do lohri celebration with him….im so exited

  6. Sorry for not attending the TU since last two-three days. i was away from any types of net connection in mob/lap.

    I have yet just watched last 2-3 epis.

    But I have found one VC just now which you all like to see.

    From last epi I seen is 19 the january.

    My observation are as under

    Mrs.KAPOOR hands picked up a HT wire
    In her last confrontation with SSO, after being over confident and under estimating SSO, ,she was made to hear from SSO

    She was his MIL and answering person was her SIL . She forget , there is a vast difference between SSO and OMRU. He is businessman , shrewd enough to hide , and even kill his feelings, over more he does know the DIFFERENCE BETWEEN A DEAL & BLACKMAILING. She is still not aware wire she touched and held is carrying the HT electric wire.

    SHIVAAY’s conclusion

    She was under loe trauma , and couldn’t get him as of that time, but he did understand in its right perspective, SOME ONE MISSGUIDED THEM IN SELECTING THE ROAD WHILE FOLLOWING THE OM AND IT WAS NOT ACCIDENT, BUT SOME ONE HANGED ANNIKA MAKING HER TARGET, AND HE WAS NOT THE TARGET.

    It was not his expression of his love realisation yaa any love expression, even if he carries love for her, it was his simple effort to make her comfirt and to distract from the situation he thought of . So do not tangle his KISS with his LOVE feelings.
    In the back ground of above three point, it is cleared , SSO already smelled a conspirancy against OF, and HANGING OF ANNIKA is simply a part of this conspirancy. He simply concluded, SOME ONE FIND ANNIKA AS A HURDLE IN EXECUTION OF CONSPIRANCY GOING ON AGAINST OF. So why , he stopped her own monther PINKY from kicking out of OM, and bluntly told” ANNIKA WILL STAY IN OM ” He also might have marked TIA’a silence during convo going on between him and PINKY over the wrong accustation who was saved by ANNIKA, and of which he was eyewitness. At this point, he might have concluded, if CV does not make him dumb again, TIA is wishing ANNIKA out of OM, and there for TIA is also a part of conspirancy going on against OF. He smelled TIA’s bad intention, but just could not establish any connection between SWET and TIA even at far end at this stage.

    SSO is not going to favor SAHIL over the theft accustation
    He just can not go against her mother every time, and there by humilate her mother everytime. So he might have planned something , and in this by favoring PINKY against SAHIL he might have thought to this matter in a different way which can be seen in the VC i quoted above.

    1. Yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy…..smone z back 🙂 🙂

    2. Oopsss someone is back….that to with bang….u are right sso is not favouring sahil infront of his mother bcz of some hidden plan….and there us a vedio in insta in which sso telling sahil that he will do lohri puja only with anika who is his wife….not with someone else…i loved jeeju sala combination…that vedio is really superb….

    3. And im agree shekhar that sso cnt disrespect his mother always….whatever she is she is his mother…so he have to tc of her tooo….and if this time also he will support anika and sahil then pinky would goted more angry and will do another plan against anika thats why he supported his mother to keep her calm for some days…now shivaye will get more doubtful towords tia…

  7. u r right archu shivika is awesome.few episode wu nahi dekha today i saw your os fantastic dear u are very talented .shivaay proposal scene i dont know hw to express my feelings . show mai scene aane keliye kithna wait karna padeka patha nai any way thank u so much for ur treat.waiting for ur next os.

    1. Archiya

      Hey Priya,
      nice to know ur from Kerala.. Kovalam is one of my fav holiday place.. i visit it often..
      An thks for the OS appreciation.. i m overwhelmed with ur lovely words.. thks a lot..
      mY next OS in on the way.. have completed half.. nt getttin time to finish it.. will post it asap though

  8. What the hell, svetlana? Why cant you let Om live in peace, svetlana?!?

  9. Hii guys I am a silent reader. can I join in our ishqbaaz family plz

  10. Hii lax bhaiya, archiya di,sekhar bhaiya main aap logo ki comments hamesha padhti hu it is amazing specially sekhar bhaiya aap ki comments ka to jawab hi nahi very good analysis

    1. LAX bhaiya…!! Bhaiya…!! Bhaiya..!! (Ye tho mere liye daily soapwala jhatka moment ho gaya) ???
      Balak nahi Baalikaaaa hoon main. Gender change math karo tum Arpita. Ha Ha??
      Welcome n have fun..!!

      1. Hahaha Lax bhaiyaa….
        Mai baalak nahee balikahoo….lax u are superbyar…
        But u know what lax dr…when arpitha called u bhaiya….i thought is im wrong bcz i always thought that lax is girl….bcz reading ur comments i thought u are girl only….anways im happy…
        Arpitha welcome to the ishqbaaz family

      2. XD XD XD Lachu…lagta hain aapki comments main woh Baalika wali andaz nahin thi….shayad isliye Arpita ko laga ki aap bhaiya hain….. 😀 😀 😀

        Ya phir use ye laga hoga ki Lax Laxman ka short form hain….haan yaar…ho sakta hain!!
        Shekhar ka fans din bar din badthe jaa rahe ho…..lagtha hain jaisa Shivika fans association ho aisa hi “Shekhar fans association” bhi ho jaayenge!!

    2. Archiya

      Lax Bhaiya… lolzzzz.. srry Lax dear n Arpita .. bt i cld nt stop laughing.. first with arpita comment n Lax comment.. ye toh serial wala reaction hogaya… jab neck char bar ghumti hai..
      wc Arpita n keep commentin

      1. Liji
        Ab baalika wali andaaz kahan se laun ???? OK watch out for my comments today??

    1. Mouni

      aaaaaaaaah thanks lax , l hope he will do many things to pacify her , hope its gonna be funny but am guessing after the fun tia and pinky will not take it kindly esp tia who her madness will be high and am sure she will try to kill anika either in the celebration or after it

      1. Mouni..
        I think the Lohri episode SHOOTING is tonight. So may b tomo we ll get to see what Annika is wearing.

  11. Guyz dil bole oberoi is on the way…its coming soon

    1. Yes.. n Shrenu is the lead??

      Check the link, it’s a spoiler video n it was not opening for me

  12. I’m so sry yarr? chalo koi batt nahi akhir insan hun aur har koi insaan galti karta hai ho gayi dubara nahi hoga PINKY PROMISE???

    1. Sorry mat bol..!! I was just joking. It’s ok..!! Please don’t feel bad. This forum is all abt fun..!!

  13. Mouni

    guys , the new video about the thief blame is out , that cheap tia and her sis aghhhh
    she accused sahil of stealing and swet helps her , pinky asks sso to call the police to take him to jail ( poor kid ) and anika was pleading that her bro can never do such a thing but sso is quit and that ughhh tia asks her to fall on her knees and ask for forgiveness and sso said that both ani and sahil should apologise which poor anika do and he didn’t do anythinggggggg
    ughhhhhhh am typing angrily , the keyboard is going to break + am screaming
    this is too much now , tia is getting too much power , now l dont want her to be exposed only , l want her to have a bad ending in IB , she is the worst
    and sso ughhhhhh even if am almost sure he has something in his mind but still it was a hard spoiler to read guys , seeing him watching her and sahil public humiliation is awful , am skipping that ep , l refuse to watch more of this drama , its ugly , and tia has become soo ugly to see even if l consider navina to be a beatiful woman but that character of tia made her really ugly

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