Ishqbaaz 20th November 2018 Written Episode Update: Rudra throws a party

Ishqbaaz 20th November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Everyone gets shocked seeing the red haldi. Rudra says how did carpet burn by haldi. Roop says such a bad omen, Shivaye are you all right, thank God you didn’t touch this, Anika’s life would have got ruined if this haldi was applied to her. She says Aruna Maasi, I don’t think we should take some mahurat for marriage. Shivaye says I don’t believe in good and bad omens, find out who has got this faulty haldi. Omru leave. Shivaye asks Nani not to blame herself, nothing bad happened, so don’t get sad, its haldi function at home. Gauri and Bhavya go to get another haldi.

Shivaye asks Anika what are you thinking. Anika says we should fix a mahurat for marriage, Roop is saying right. He says we are already married, we are just conducting the marriage again, where is Priyanka. She says I called

her some time back, she didn’t answer. He tries to call Priyanka. He says her phone isn’t reachable. Bhavya says she went to Neha’s place. Shivaye calls Neha and asks is Priyanka there, I m coming. Bhavya asks what happened. Shivaye says I m going to get Priyanka. A cat enters the house. Shivaye reaches Neha’s house. She says Priyanka was here last night and got drunk, sorry, she doesn’t listen to anyone, she isn’t the old Priyanka, she got too stubborn, don’t know what has happened to her. He lifts Priyanka and takes her home.

Anika thinks to try Chunris. A cat catches the chunri in the paw. Khanna says I have brought your stuff. He shows Shivaye and Anika’s framed picture. Anika thanks him. He leaves. Priyanka stops Shivaye. He asks her not to worry, she is at home, everything is fine, take rest. She goes to sleep. He says I can’t believe that you are my old Priyanka, I m responsible for your state, its my fault, I promise you, I will make you the same one again, trust me. Anika says Nani, I will keep this photo in my room. Nani asks her to come for haldi rasam first. Om goes to get Shivaye. Anika keeps the photo frame and sits for haldi. Nani applies her haldi.

Roop comes there and thinks everyone is so happy, but I know how to ruin their happiness. She pushes the frame down and breaks it. Anika and everyone get shocked. Roop says the glass broke, its such a bad omen, I m really tensed, don’t know what will happen now, stop this marriage, else you may regret later. Shivaye and Om come. Shivaye asks what’s happening. Anika says this glass broke, its a bad omen. He says its nothing like that, so you did it. They all turn to see. They see a little cat on the table. Shivaye says it was an accident, that happened because of this cutie. Roop thinks why did this cat come here at this time, it ruined my plan, I have to think of something else now. Rudra says I know your mood is bad, but it will light up by the evening party, I have organized a cocktail party for you. Shivaye and Om ask him to take their help. Rudra says I will manage everything, its your wedding party, you will always remember it. Shivaye says I m excited for it.

Shivaye comes to Anika and hugs her. He says we should stop meeting secretly now, my marriage is happening in two days, I don’t want to cheat my wife. She says even I m marrying in two days, who is your would be wife. Shivaye says she is a bit clumsy, crazy, she falls down often. She says it means she is very rocking. Nani comes and asks them to have patience. She asks Anika to get jewellery boxes. Anika says I didn’t forget, I was going to get it. Nani says a thief has stopped you on the way. He says no, I just steal people’s hearts. Nani asks him not to dare trouble Anika. She asks Anika to try the necklace. She goes. Anika tries the necklace. Shivaye compliments her. O jaana…plays… She removes the necklace. The mangalsutra breaks off. She gets worried. She says this isn’t right, I can’t overlook this bad omen, its a big thing, this is the sign of my marriage. He says I will be fine, since you are with me, and I m with you, until we are together, nothing can go wrong, I will get this repaired. He wipes her tears. Rudra fixes lights and asks Khanna to switch it on. The lights flicker.

Rudra says switch it off, what’s the problem now. Om looks on and asks do you want help. Rudra says no, I will manage it myself. Om goes. Khanna says let me give it a try. Rudra says you go and see if they need more ice. Khanna goes. Roop sees Rudra and thinks I got an idea, Shivaye will die and Rudra will be ruined. Shivaye asks what, why doesn’t Roop want to come in the party. Roop says now Shivaye will get electrocuted and Rudra will be blamed. She connects some wires. Rudra shouts. Khanna comes. Rudra says it was just a spark, don’t tell this to anyone. Roop says marriage won’t happen when there isn’t any groom. She gets shocked seeing Shivaye. He asks what are you doing here. She says I was going to temple. He asks who left the electricity board open. She says yes, I was just closing it, I was going to pray for you. He asks why aren’t you coming in the party. She says I feel restless, I wonder why I m missing Tej so much, you guys enjoy the party, I will go to temple. She goes. Rudra welcomes everyone. He asks them to have his special punch. Everyone dances on Nashe se chad gai…. Roop mishandles the wires. She drops one of the wire in the pool. She smiles watching them. Anika falls back. Shivaye shouts Anika.

Rudra says I told you, you will always remember this party, I have waited for this moment since long. Shivaye asks what are you going to do. Rudra says sorry and pushes Shivaye in the pool. Anika shouts Shivaye.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Hello everyone….
    Enjoyed last part 😊😊😊
    Can’t say anything more

    Any updates????

    1. Sindhudi

      Congrats for being number 1 Nox👌

  2. Appy

    Hiiii mere khidkitod pagals…….
    Two important highlights of Episodes
    Bas woh thoda mota hogaya he…..
    I loved him so much
    And Second SC was looking beautifully beautiful in today episode specially with that Necklace
    She was really looking like princess
    And those Shivika enjoyed soooooo much

    Want to kill this Bua ASAP….

    And Guys keep calling…mailing to starplus don’t stop

    We have to win At any cost…..
    Love you guys

    1. Sindhudi

      Well Arpu internationally many of them have called and written letters to the channel. I have also written directly to the starplus channel. It is better than pleading with Gul because ultimately it is the channel that will endorse to accept the request of the fans not Gul.

  3. Banita

    Hlo PKJ…
    Today also epi was really nycc…
    Some small small moments r really beautiful… Like Shivika’s all moments , Rudy -Khanna wala part.…
    All r sooo beautiful , but that bua just go yo hell…
    Nd whole apsagun apsagun part was just irritating…
    In every cute nd lovly moments there was apsagun…
    Wase toh i don’t like pets , but that Cuty was really Cute…!!!
    But didn’t understand why they show Shivay went outside nd Cuty enter… Wo kisliye tha…
    GN PKJ…
    ND DONT FORGET TO VOTE ON ITA… Today is d last day 4 voting… Only few hours left…

    1. Sindhudi

      Hi banita yes I don’t understand why everything is abshagun for Roop. Ask her to eat her badham. Such a dumb fool. I hope they throw her into the water.

  4. JeevithaTK

    Hi guys.
    Wt to say abt the episode.. Even though it’s full of happiness bt can’t enjoy it…
    It’s like how they chocolate r toys to kids before injecting injection.. Sameway Gul is giving shivika part…

    How can you say tht anika character is nt giving u any Trp.. Ur 💯💯💯💯 wrong.. For ur kind information….
    I want to say u one thing that becoz of ur wrong decision in pairing 1. Ishana nd om pair, where Ishana fans lift, again somu fans, nd u didn’t give Rikara fans for nt giving proper screen place.. Nd leaving loops in the story… These r the wrong things u have done…
    Nd remember it was only SC & NM nd shivika fans supported the show till now…
    Now ur blaming SC for nt proper Trp…
    Do u think only NM important in the show.. May be Wen others character fans is 10% may NM fans 15%. Only 5% different that’s it… In tht to shivika fans also… If u want 100% Trp then all other characters is also important… Nd also proper story line….
    Good night guys… Tc

    1. Sindhudi

      Jeevi dear Gul is really bad. She first said that Anika refused to do pregnancy track. That is not true. Gul does not seem to like SC and feels threatened that SC is indispensable in the show. She does not feel a threat towards NM but with SC yes she feels that way. Actually the truth is she wants to kick SC out and that is why she brought this generation leap. The new female star that they selected already got so many hate fan mails even before she started acting. So you can see that IB generation leap will flop. Gul can sit and watch the IB generation leap herself in the living room.

      1. ShivikaSCNM

        Who is that new female star?

  5. I’m praying that none of the rumours about Ishqbaaz and Anika Didi leaving the show turn true… You pray too and have faith that everything will be alright! Have a nice evening people 🙂

  6. How come SC role is giving less trp I don’t understand actually gul should sack the writer not SC.
    SC is doing her role perfect. I think gul is out of mind she should talk with some logic.
    Writers are dragging the story and there is no proper dots connecting so far omru dint know why shiv killed tej.
    And roop’s track is so dragging no one knows why is she here. She just comes and goes here and there.
    In old ishqbaaz everything was perfect the kapoor’s track and roop’s track. But in redux Nothing is properly connected that’s the reason for low trp.
    They show everyone’s character as sad always crying,trapping,killing that’s it and no fun no proper entertainment so that means it’s writers mistake not SC or others.
    They don’t even show any love scenes of rikara or ruvya and no now dint see there marriage now this is the 5th time shivika is getting married is there any logic in this.
    They should have showed 3couples marriage together this time and end IB instead of generation leap.
    Once SC quits the show who is going to watch IB. I think only gul and writer will sit and watch.

    1. Sindhudi

      Shivika Agee agree and agree with you. That will be it. Only cvs and Gul can sit down and watch IB. Well I can still watch the old episodes from the beginning. They did this alternate universe to prove that If you are destined to be together with this person no matter what happens then you both will remain together. So after this marriage track and omrus know who killed Tej and Roop is ousted out of the house they should revert to the old IB and show the scene where they were stuck under the thunderstorm before the alternate universe and continue the story from there. Just do about 500 episodes with Obros finding it a challenge to run the family and perhaps some misunderstandings among the bahus which is reality and also among the bros and how they resolve all these differences with dadi being the mentor there. With that they can show Anika being pregnant and next gauri and Bhavya. They can end the serial with a happy ending of Shivika carrying their baby girl or boy perhaps use Bunty who may have be slightly older and with that end the serial. That will be evergreen. Both NM and SC can act in some other serial with a different plot and different get up. This is what Gul should do and everyone is happy .

      1. Yes I agree but gul is mad so she does anything she wants to she is like roop in ishqbaaz

    2. Sindhudi

      Shivika I hope you have registered in Telly login in. I think some of them have already told you how to do it. Waiting for your friend request

      1. ShivikaSCNM

        I registered but not able to find friends how do I search? My I’d is shivikaSCNM

      2. Sindhudi

        Shivika I will find you on friends request and send you a request

  7. Why can’t the writers just give us some happy episodes to enjoy without somebody always lurking in the background with evil intentions. If this is our last few episodes with Shivika they could at least give us that. 2 and a half years of watching the ups and down of Shivika. Always waiting for their happiness. We deserve this at least. Gul Khan has cured me from the addiction of Indian soapies forever. I just get to emotionally involved in them.

    1. Sindhudi

      Hey Susan how are you my dear? Wow it has been a longtime since you came on. I am Sindhu but my registered Telly login is Sindhudi. Anyway I will not come here anymore once the generation leap comes on as I have nothing to comment about the leap. No Shivika means no IB.

  8. It is true SC is leaving the show she confirmed it on her Instagram am so sad

  9. Heard the emotional goodbye from surbhi di… There was pain in her voice… Am not able to control my tears… 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

    Just hoping that not bhaiyya too quits the show so that there will be none other than narbhi’s jodi…

    Gulneet had better ended the show on a happy note with shivika rather than earning fan’s hatred and curse

  10. This comment is not about the episode…. Surbhi has officially announced that she is leaving the show….. I’m feeling bad for her but I know she will be back with a bang in a different show…..
    Gul’s reason can’t be accepted at all….. She is giving the same reason which she gave for IshKara and RuMya…. “Their track is not working”…. I was like seriously….. ShivIka track is not working?? Or you can’t work on it?? IshKara and RuMya must have worked if you have worked on it…. It was your mistake!!! Not them…. But the blame you put on them and you made Ishana, I mean Vrushika to leave the show…. Now, I can understand what you must have done to make Vrushika left the show….. But, I’m glad she has left or you have made her like Gauri and Bhavya in this show….. Then, Soumya, she supposed to be lead too but you again gave the same reason and brought Bhavya…. When RuMya fans started to bash you, you brought her back and made her as antagonist…. To satisfy your ego, you made Bhavya to kick Soumya’s face which you meant to RuMya’s fans…. I realised you are such an egoistic person and doesn’t deserve to be a director or producer…. Next, PriVeer which you have ended abruptly…. In redux, you brought new character playing Priyanka’s role……
    And you brought a lot of unnecessary track in the show….. Oberois elder son is an illegitimate….. Mahi’s track, Abhay’s track but you didn’t optimize it correctly and just leave like that….. Actually, you yourself don’t know what you want in your show……. The main reason this show is running because of ShivIka….. RiKara and Ruvya just a wallpaper for the show….. You brought Shrenu who played the main lead in her previous show….. But you ruined her character too…. You started DBO but it failed because of the stupid storyline for it, not because of RiKara……
    Once I saw an interview, where the director said, it’s in director’s hand to make their actors and actresses to be a best actor and actress…. He is right….

    1. I absolutely absolutely absolutely agreeeee with u…that’s the truth and Gul The Stupid must get over it…SHE DOESN’T DESERVE TO BE A PRODUCER, DIRECTOr…whatever…she has now complety screwed up everything with her so called generation leap that she thinks it’s going to increase those f***ing TRPs…I have just one more thing to say…Go to hell, Gullll!!!

  11. Sindhudi

    Hello everyone, I am not sure whether to enjoy the rest of episodes. I want to enjoy but I just simply can’t. Anyway today’s episode was nice.It was so nice to watch shivika’s romantic scene in the bedroom. Rudra and Khanna is so funny. I wish somebody pushes Roop into the pool. I must applaud SC. After knowing she is told to leave SC aka Anika still is giving her best performance. This is really remarkable. She is looking ever beautiful. Rudra has lost his Comedian flavour. I am sad. He is not like before. Even when he tries to speak in a joking manner it is not funny anymore. I am not sure why. When the episodes are going nice SC is leaving and leap is coming on. I can’t believe this. This is the kind of episodes we were looking for. They are giving good episodes. when SC has to leave.
    IB won the most awards almost 5 at the Starpaarivar awards and still Gul decided to kick SC out. At the award ceremony Gul was smiling when Surbi won 3 awards. Gul should be happy IB won many awards compared to any other serials.

    I still don’t know why Gul said that trp is Low because of SC. On what basis is she making that claim? I really hope another producer will rope in Surbi and Nakkul and create another serial with different story line. Gul can just use all newbies for the generation leap. If that happens I will definitely watch that serial. Hope that happens.

    1. ShivikaSCNM

      Yes even I want that to happen let’s hope for the best. I felt very bad for sc while watching her video no words to say once sc scenes are done even I’m done with IB and star plus.
      They said no rikara and ruvya in the show then why dint they comment anything.

  12. Sindhudi

    Hello Luthfa banita Arpu jeevi Shiny pushpa kadhambari shivya Shivika NSK Agga Jessie and many more members. My hello is always a happy one but these days I can’t bring myself to give you all proper greetings because of the heartbreaking news

    1. Yes even I watched a video of SC on insta very 💔.
      Gul is gone really mad actually she has to change the writer not the actors all actors are doing fab job except the writer the writer is giving the low trp not SC this should be understood by gul but she don’t have thinking ability from where she will understand.
      Sick lady she is really worst.

  13. What an lovely…epi😘😘😘😘😘
    Shivika scene is too good…their convo was awesome…I can’t watch it peacefully… because mai bas soch rahi hun ki kuch din baad yeh aur humhe dekhne kohi nahi milega..😞😞😞
    Our anika looks do pretty… gorgeous and beautiful…🤗🤗🤗
    It’s true that with shivay anika glows more….

    SC truly we are gonna miss you Very badly…☹️😢☹️😢☹️😢

    Last but not the least….all couples dance was superb….. mostly shivika…
    I love you shivika…..and I only can love shivika….
    I can’t take any other female with nakuul…..
    The chemistry they have no one can beat this moment at least…no chance….,…..😏😏😏😏😏

  14. Hi everyone, so finally surbhi ne kaha hi diya ki wo show quit kar rahi hai. I really love surbi and nakkul and narbhi. Mene bhaut sare serials dekhe hai but jo emotional attachment ib se tha wo aaj tak kisi ke sath nai huya…….. i really very misd my old ib, wo anika ki language , sach kaho to me serial hi uski wo werid language sune ke liye hi dekhti thi, obros ka kitchen moment…. everything……………….. mujhe asa lag raha hai jase ki kisi ne mere dil ka tukara chine liya😓😓😢😢😢😢 aur aab mera roz ka intezar khatam ho gaya

  15. Astmasiddika

    Hello everyone I felt very bad when I heared about IB generation leap, I am going to stop watching IB if SC, Kunal, Matoo , is not there I started watching to see IB only for Obros bonding Anika’s non stop talking, Shivika’s love , And more than that I loved AniOmRu bond but I will not see , if these things r not there it is not My IB I’ll see till Shivika’s remarriage,
    Today’s epi ws cute as usual I love it other than bua’s plan & I laughed at her failure
    Precap- I think Rudy Om Shivay will have their pool scene

  16. Hello my pkg
    Since surbhi has already quit and shivomru and aniriya will dissapear so i will not come here as there will be no anika and my old ib team. Since i am registered will be talking, reading new stories, but i will not come here.
    Bye love you all will be missing this area a lot.
    I will be back if some miracle happens
    Bye keep smiling and have a rockfull year ahead.

  17. We can meet in tu as my registration name is aniriya. Bye

  18. Nikita_jai29

    Very sad #nosurbhinoishqbaaz

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