Ishqbaaz 20th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Anika meets Gauri

Ishqbaaz 20th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Anika cooks at her stall Hawa Hawai. She makes Dosas. It rains. The man asks will I get the masala dosa on this date. She says just two mins. Her hand gets burnt by the hot tawa. She says I m just getting it. She takes the dosa for him. She stumbles and balances herself. She delivers the dosa. He asks what’s this, won’t I get sambar and chutney. She says I will just get it. She takes the chutney. He pays her money. The lady asks will we get a msasala dosa today. Anika goes to get it. Reporter Sunil comes to Shivaye and says you have raised hand on a journalist, you have to pay for this, you have no other option, I will drag your brothers. Shivaye says leave them, tell me how is your nephew Monu. Sunil asks how do you know Monu.

Shivaye says I know your brother and Bhabhi, they may meet with an

accident and Monu may turn into an orphan, you will file a police complaint but I can buy the witness, police, lawyer and judge, even the laws. Sunil asks why will you do this, what did my brother do. Shivaye asks and what did my family do. Anika wipes the tawa. The shade flies off and water falls on the tawa platform. The man asks will we get dosa or not. Anika gets a burn again and cries. The cars leave. Anika shouts no, wait a min…. She runs to see. She cries. She thinks not to lose courage. Shivaye says your Monu is really sweet, he went on you. He tells details about his brother. Sunil says you are not a human, you are a devil.

Shivaye says your opinion doesn’t matter to me, what matters is my family, you decide now. Sunil says my family is imp to me, don’t harm them. Shivaye says okay, I won’t harm them and you won’t harm my family, deal then, wait a min. Anika fixes the roof shade again. Shivaye says have Monu’s fav chocolate, tell him Shivaye has sent it. Sunil asks what kind of person are you. Shivaye says have this chocolate. He asks Khanna to drop him home safely. Landlord says you are just giving me 2000rs instead 30000rs. Anika says I know this, I will give it, give me some time, don’t think that we don’t want to pay, I will pay your money in 3 days. Landlord says fine, else you have to touch my feet and apologize. Anika says if I fail to give you money, I will touch your feet and apologize, I can do anything for my family. Rudra asks what are you cooking. Shivaye asks what will you have. Rudra says anything by your hands. Om says have a slap. Rudra says you are getting very funny, I want to ask Shivaye, if he cooks so well, why does he not eat food, does he not trust his cooking skills. Om says he never eats food. Rudra says you have to eat thrice a day.

Om says we just worry for you. Rudra says Shivaye is soon getting married, then Bhabhi will feed him food. Rudra does drama as Bhabhi and Om plays Shivaye. They joke. Om romances Rudra. Shivaye says its not going to happen. Om says don’t say that you won’t romance your wife, we have to become uncle. Rudra says he means, he won’t cancel meeting. Shivaye says I hate aloo paratha. Rudra says I m going to perform solo, its my only brother’s marriage, I mean its wedding of one of my two brothers, I have my signature step too. Omru dance. Door bell rings. Shivaye says someone has come, I will go and see. Anika says she would be coming now, she would ask about Mirchi pakodas. She fries the pakodas. Door bell rings. Anika goes to see. Shivaye goes to open the door. Tia comes dressed in traditional clothes. She smiles and greets him. He asks her to come. Anika sees Gauri. Abhi mujhme kahin…..plays….. They smile and hug.

Gauri asks what’s up, I will tell you what happened. Omru greet Tia. Om says we were thinking you and Shivaye are getting official. Rudra says think of some other name, I will give you options, Shona, baby, babu or Shivaye baby. Tia says shut up guys, how can you think I will call him Shivaye baby. Anika says you ignored a guy and slapped him. Gauri says yes, I scolded him first and then slapped, how did you know. Anika says you always do this. Gauri says yes, because I m a Gundi/bad girl and I m proud of it. She eats the pakodas. Tia says I think something special is prepared. Rudra says I m going to perform in your Roka. Om says he means, we will perform. Rudra says Shivaye doesn’t know dance, will you give us company. Tia asks why not. They dance. Gauri sings and hugs Anika. Sahil’s mum comes and asks are you eating all alone. Gauri jokes on her. Sahil’s mum scolds Gauri. Gauri says don’t say anything about my sister. Sahil’s mum insults Anika. Gauri says its dangerous, Anika is simple, but I m not, just say a word against my sister and see what I do. Sahil’s mum asks am I mad to argue with her. She goes.

Shivaye says if anyone takes us back to the same day to the same place where I had been seen you for the first time, but this time if I don’t look back at you, do you think we should still meet. Anika says on the same day at the same place, you and me, but if you don’t look back at me, will we still meet or not? I feel that we will meet for sure, because two lovers can’t be stopped by anyone, those who are destined to meet, the entire universe helps them unite. He says true lovers defeat the destiny, they can change the fate and compel the universe to unite them, because true lovers are those who can defeat the fate. They hold hands. She says what if this actually happens with us…..

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Arpita6

    Amena di thank you soo much for update

    1. Riana

      Go arpita go ❤️

    2. To be honest I m not liking these episodes ??I don’t know what they are doing??? As I m ishqbaaz fan so I have to watch…. Waiting for tomorrow s episode eagerly

  2. New story,new possibilities.Have my hopes high from this reboot thing at least instead of showing some creepy villains who out of nowhere want to take revenge ,snatching,plotting etc.
    Is it only me who is feeling after seeing today’s episode that they are turning SSO to ASR(issp Yaar ki kya naam soon)I mean even his clothes were like arnav ,his way of speaking but it’s too early too early to judge so I hope it goes in a right direction
    PS-one i’m sure i don’t like this version of Anika I want my khidkitod Anika back

    1. Iss pyaar ko kya naam soon*
      (Aah !!! This auto correct is making my typing worst and make it look like a some alien language)

  3. hi friends today was a shock annika cooks !!!omg

  4. Hey guys, I’m Aiswarya!
    I’m a regular reader of all the episodes and fanfictions but this is the first time I’m posting a comment. Now about ISHQBAAZ…..well, I didn’t like the new track but I hope it will get better…and about the characters….I’m really missing my khidkitod Anikka and Bagad billa….and, of course, Dadi…..but I liked Gauri’s and tia’s new characters….but I just want our old Ishqbaaz back! Thank you 

  5. I’m seeing in insta that they are saying this as season two… Is that true?? So, is that means that it will take another 300-500 episodes for this track… Please don’t do like that makers…. I don’t have that much of patience…
    Loved AniRi hug… Gauri is not using her Barreily slang anymore… I loved that slang of hers… Tia baby is back… Tia is not calling him as Shivaay baby… Missing that…

  6. Banita

    Hlo PKJ…
    Sindhu dii sry for not replay back u in pre page….
    CVS…. What U just done…!!!
    Anika nd cooking….!!!! Shock of d year…!!!!! Masala dosa , mirchi ke pakode…!!!!
    Nd this SSO toh much more rude then before for this World….!!! Nd silent vi… Yr banda kuch bolta hi nahi…
    Best part of today epi ,
    1) Obros kitchen moment….
    Omru’s teased Shivay…
    nd Shivay’s cooking…
    This two thing didnt change in Obro kitchen moment… But badly miss Obro dancing part in kitchen on Lafzon ka ye rista nahi song…

    Entry of “Reiki ki dukan”…. Yeh toh puri sanskari nd positive ban gayi hain…
    Nd Omru also support her…
    Well Omru – tia scene was also nycc….
    Hilarious part of d epi…. Shivaaayyyy baabbbyyyy….!!!!! Hahaha….
    I was like OMM yeh kya ho gaya… Hahaha….
    2) Dabang chiraiya’s entry as Anika’s sis…. I just loved it yrr… I always wanted to see type of scene between Aniri nd i m getting it now…. I m soo happy with it…

    Nd CVS ne Aniri ki character ko puri mix kr dia hain…
    Gouri’s traditional costume to Anika nd Anika’s costume to Gouri… I mean now Anika wearing traditional dress , gold ghumka nd all… Nd gouri wearing jeans & kurti….
    Also both r khidkitode nd dabang , but now Anika is saant like old gouri nd gouri is like old anika….
    Whatever it is i m lovinggg this new version of Gouri , Aniri bonding nd IB also….
    Precap – May be there will be Bhavya’s entry in tomarrow epi….
    GN PKJ…

    1. Hi banita no problem dear….. it is ok. Everyone is busy. Nice comments.

  7. I am sorry to say that I am not at all liking this new twist in the story. How can a guy change reality? Is he Thanos who holds the Infinity Guantlet? I don’t like to see Anika shedding tears for everything.

    1. Dont worry its not an au. It will probably end up as a dream sequence

  8. Arpita6

    Hiiiii mere khidkitod pagals
    Love VS Destiny
    Chapter 3
    I am died of laughing. .
    What to do???
    MIHIR JI….ok Mr old man.your imagination is getting very much wild ( listen i always do good wala qild imagination not like you)..
    Yaar in this AU ( alternative universe ) everything is chnged.
    TIA wil not call SHIVAAY BABY..?????????????????I am dying in laughing. .
    Loved Omru didn’t chnged at all..they are kike this.

    Now jokes apart…
    Noks are best actor for a reason.and the way you are putting efforts is really good….This Cold, ruthless, shady, Devil Shivaay Singh Oberoi is scaring me like snything…I am really getting goosebumps .his small smirk , devil dialogue, everything is hell scary.i can’t understand why he is not eating his own handmade food…And Old real Sso uad a fre and good bond with His brother..but This Sso is lifeless, no smile ..full sadu sigh oberoi. …more than that REALLY A DEVIL

    So for this time Ishqbaaz redux snatched My khidkitod Annika.???????????i don’t know if you guys will believe or not but i am literally crying seeing this Anika.I AM MISUNG HER KHIDKITOD PERSONALITY, KHIDKITOD DICTIONARY,KHIDKITOD TALKTAIVE NATURE, HER CHARMING FACE, GLOW IN EYES, and and most most imp CHAND BRACELET what made her Annika.
    Nooooo this is not My Annika di at all.THIS IS ANNIKA TRIVEDI.
    One thing is good that she is still a born fighter…I CAN’T SEE A CRYING ANNIKA.
    Cvs For Sso’s glorification you destroyed Annika’s character and in this Season 2 we lost her..Now for me My di is missing..I am missing her….
    Now live story will be Devil Sso and Abla Naari Annika.LOVE HATE SAGA.???????i don’t want to assume things but IT IS MAKING ME TO ASSUME.but still I am waiting for good.
    Both Niks and Chandu doing good job..
    She is a class apart character of Indian Television
    DON’T MAKE HER a Typical Bahu type…plz plzplz.
    Abla Naari crying and all that….stupid.

    Gouri is chnged this gouri is speaking English kassh Annika bhi English bol pati..
    Om is cool Gouri is Gundi.their love story wil be interesting …….
    Precap – want a fresh precap- if they are showing same precap they make sure that Pur Real Shivika will back.

    Dadi also want tia as her bahu???????????????????????
    Like so much hurrdle in Shivika.
    One more progression. .??????
    guys want to askWHO DON’T WANT IPKKND VERSION OF Shivika and typical LOVE HATE SAGA Plz Rise up your hand…
    I am one of them
    this comment became very long..i didn’t even realised..
    Ok bye see you tomorrow.

  9. Aiswarya Ramesh

    Hey guys, I’m Aiswarya!
    I’m a regular reader of all the episodes and fanfictions but this is the first time I’m posting a comment. Now about ISHQBAAZ…..well, I didn’t like the new track but I hope it will get better…and about the characters….I’m really missing my khidkitod Anikka and Bagad billa….and, of course, Dadi…..but I liked Gauri’s and tia’s new characters….but I just want our old Ishqbaaz back! Thank you 

  10. Riana

    Anika’s struggling for her family is really unbearable !…
    It was super emotional and sadestic !
    Aur voh log…agar dosa khaane ka itnaa shauk hain toh zeher milakar khaaa naa ! ????
    Sso scene was superb ! I really liked the scene “chachu…chachu ?”…
    He acted like a true villain and proved himself to be a true hero ! ???
    ShiOmRu kitchen moments !!…????
    Kitne dino baad…
    Especially OmRu’s shameless romance ! ??
    Shivaay was just cutting the capsicum ! ??
    And then Tia baby…Oops Tia ! ?
    Tia ReduX version is superb !…
    “Why should i call him shivaay baby ??”…??
    Really loved this new tia no drama vama and all…
    GAURIIIIIIII ?????????????
    The biggest surprise of this episode !!! ????
    I hope now the rikarians got a hint of whats gonna happen next in rikara story ! ????
    “Meri behen seedhi saadhi…aur mein GUNDI” ??
    LOVEDDD IT…NAILED IT !! ❤️❤️❤️
    Mini spoiler guyz…
    KHIDKOTOD ANIKA is coming very soon…???
    Here’s the trailer of it…
    Overall i enjoyed this episode over previous episode…previous episode was too laachar & bebaas but this one was ??

  11. things didn’t change 1.shivay being wall of OM 2.shivays tadi.

    1. Riana

      Kuch chisse kabhi nahi badalti ????

  12. Hlo guys…
    Cvs ne anika ki character ki jo gangaram kiya na mujhe bilkul pasand nahi aya …mujhe yeh bechari anika nehi cahiye ..i loved anika more than shivay just for her khidkitodh personality ..lekin agar anika aise hi all time balti bhar bhar ke paani bahata raha na to mai to sok ke mare mar hi jaungi …plz cvs do something with anu’s character ..i can’t take it more …..
    Shivay is like Devil ,,now day’s and he become emotionless person..
    Like obro’s kitchen moment ,and just loved omru ??but shivay kaya yr yeh to smile kar na hi vul gaya ,,stone singh obroi….

    Tia ……universe queen is back ..and shocking thing ..shivay baby …lol ..yeh to bohot hi bara kand ho gaya …

    Gouri …in this 3epis agar mai kuch chez sai kush hui hu woh Gundi Gouri ki entry se hui ho ..kaya pungi bajayi uss chachi ki …l loved this version of gouri ..
    She looks very cute in that dress…
    Aniri scean is also superb…..
    I think in this chapter mai shivika ki to pata nahi but ..rikara ki story bohot hi intresting honewala hai ..
    Ab baas bhavya ki entry baki hai ..let’s see age age aur kaya dekh ne ko milta hai ….
    Thanks @bani for explaining the thing of gold awards ..3awards on our ib’s name ,,congrats evryone ..but best comic mai rudy ko milna cahiye tha …but kaya kar sakte hai ,,aur yeh 2018,mai SPA hoga bhi yeh nahi ……kab hoga yr ..itna late kiyu ho raha hai..
    Good night …..byyyeeee???

  13. Hi all PKJ’s

    I know a lot of fans don’t like the new IB but I am totally full on loving it!!!! <3 <3 :*
    I love the new characterizations.
    Shivaay as a Devil who will slowly be changed by Annika
    Annika as bholi bhali now but I am sure that will change when she meet Shivaay
    Gauri…OMG! I have always wanted to see Gauri in this avatar and I was ecstatic!
    I lmao when Tia entered as sanskaari and scoffed at 'Shivaay Baby'! That was the best moment!
    I am so excited to see what else the CVS come up with and I totally support their efforts with this track which is being shown for the first time on Indian television

    Kudos to the entire team and please keep showing such innovations and I would also sincerely request you to keep this track up for quite a while.

  14. Mimi ? Gauriiii ?

    How i missed Gauri ?? And finally she is Back and her entrance ?? Gauri know English that was the shock to me ??? Aniri together make feel happy they never show us how their life before marriage great ?? …But what happened to Om !? Is he fine what is doing in his phone !? I mean what is Om is character ? … Waiting for Om and Gauri is meeting And am sure a slap from Gauri to Om that will be seen in their meeting ??….as a new fan am enjoying this redux alot but usually their is the fair …what if rikara become wallpaper again….what if their story did not continue…what if i get disappointed in the end ?…..From the day i knew Rikara all my day is either am happy with Rikara scene or upset seeing rikara wallpaper ? Everyday I wish i never knew them ?…can I have redux in my life to the day I never knew Rikara ?

  15. I think soumya will also be return in different attitude

  16. Sowmya will return with different attitude

  17. Arpita6

    Ok Guys..I got it..
    Listen frnds..
    If we will keep thinking about our old shivika..
    Then we will not able to watch it…
    And most imp thing is we can’t loose our Narbhi or Shivika or Ishqbaaz.
    So take this as a season 2 with same actors ,with some drastic chng in their character.
    So that we will be sble to enjoy…
    Otherwise we will loose everything. ………
    I was crying over seeing Annika li this..but now I understand. ..tgis is totally different from old ishqbaaz..
    5348985432388 times better than Sso’s bhasanbaazi…or lame thing….it is true that seeing Annika like abla nari is not easy at all..
    But still we can’t loose ishqbaaz
    Remember that all couples are not goung to work once again in another letse enjoy..
    —– message from your pagal trying to be understanding fan……???

    1. Hi Arpu dear I like this new IB track. I hand it out to the cvs for showing the realism. Anika being really in poverty state and unable even to pay the rent. She needs to get water from the pump and no electricity is cut off. They really depicted the hard life Anika is leading now unlike the old IB season 1 where she is poor but not that poor. She still could afford things. As for shivaay they showed the realism of what he is but at the same time he still showed some compassion by giving chocolates to the little boy and asking Khanna to drop the journalist home. It really shows that he still has a soft spot. That is why the journalist said he find it hard to understand shivaay. I like how the cvs depicted the realism.

  18. Hello hello everyone. It is nice to watch a new version of IB. As I said earlier in my comments I am liking this track. I know it is slow progress but I think this week they are introducing the characters and then maybe they will show tomorrow or on Monday the hit and miss of Shivaay at the temple.

    Wow anika believing in God, she can cook tosas and has a stall. My my. Anika can cook varieties instead of just aloo parata. Our SSO does not like aloo oarata. I was so Glad that tia didn’t say shivaay baby and mentioned universe. This Tia looks more gentle but I don’t know what cvs have in mind. I better don’t Guess anything. Just have to keep watching. Gauri can soeakgood English. She is really dabaang Gauri. Wow wow….

  19. Hai pkj fans I think showing same Precap to remember that mihir avathi put one question should they didn’t meet each other on that day there life will be have others. When the answer will show that in Precap said destiny whatever they love will a way to unite them. Once they m will meet each other they will come to present story because how many people tolerate marriage for shivaay almost it reach to 8 times. This is my point of view because they have already prove three true ishqbaazis so why should they prove in past. It is all about their first meeting to their soul mates

  20. the makers have simply made Ishqbaaz part 2. keeping the root. cmon there was much to show and continue in Ishqbaaz 1 itself. instead of continuing the love story…. the ishqbaazi of shivika, they moved to social issues. there should have been a rise a new level to the love story of shivika…… even if kids had to come in ….. they could have been toddlers on the show ……. and given a different twist and evergreen love story of shivika…… that even with passing time ……love never ages. it grows from strength to strength and stays always fresh and green.
    very sad …..we have lost the the true love in ishqbaazi and have move backwards instead of going forward.

  21. Hello as I’m ishqbaaz I must watch but I don’t like this track at all how can someone change the reality plz return the old shivaay and Anika.

  22. Nikita_jai29

    Hii ishqies… Cvs should have been made Ib season two.. So there is no more confusion…
    Welcome to aishwarya ishqies dear to pkj

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