Ishqbaaz 19th November 2018 Written Episode Update: Team Dulha vs Team Dulhan

Ishqbaaz 19th November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Shivaay, Om, Rudra erase border that was drawn. All 3 hug each other. Their wives are happy. Shivaay says there won’t be any line in their house and there won’t be any distance between family members. Nani says there will be distance between Shivaay and Anika until they get married. Shivaay says that’s not fair, they are already married. Nani says they didn’t witness it. She asks his brothers to handle Shivaay. Om says they are not on groom’s side, they are on bride’s side. Gauri and Bhavya say they will be on Shivaay’s side and watch what #TeamDulha does. Om says #TeamDulhan will be no less and asks Rudra right. Rudra says he won’t participate in wedding until Anika forgives him. He apologizes her for hurting her so much. Anika hugs him and says he’s

her younger brother, she can’t be upset with him. Shivaay asks Rudra to forget what happened. Him and Anika got closer because of what happened. Nani asks Roop to do Shivaay and Anika’s aarti. Roop does aarti and thinks once more Shivaay spoiled her plans. She will see how this marriage happens.

Rudra and Om think how they will arrange Anika’s wedding dress, jewelries. They see Gauri and Bhavya and tell them to handle that. Bhavya and Gauri remind them that they are from #TeamDulha side and they are taking care of sherwani, pagdi, etc. #TeamDulhan can see about lehenga, jewelries and all. Om says they will arrange it. Girls wish them best and leave. Rudra asks how they will do it. Om asks him to relax, they will do it. Servants are moving things out of Tej’s room. Om and Rudra come to the room and see Roop ordering servants. They ask her why she’s getting things out of Tej’s room. She says finally they found time to come to their father’s room. They can forget what Shivaay did to Tej and be happy in Shivaay’s marriage, but she can’t forget what was done to her brother. She can’t keep Tej’s things here, so she is taking it to Delhi. Om says she won’t do anything like that.

Anika is going to get medicine for Shivaay. Gauri and Bhavya ask Khanna to get it. They make Anika sit and observe / judge her. Anika asks what they are doing. They say they have come to see girl for Shivaay and decide whether she’s okay for him. They make Anika do different tasks.

Roop tells Rudra there is still time. This is in fact best chance to take revenge. He tells her enough. He hasn’t forgotten anything, but that doesn’t mean he spends rest of his life hurting others. He leaves. Roop thinks she will do something so Shivaay dies and Rudra gets trapped.

Anika brings tea, but says Shivaay doesn’t drink tea. Bhavya and Gauri say it’s good she knows her husband’s choices and orders her to bring black coffee now. Om and Rudra says enough. Now they will judge whether Dulha is good enough for Dulhan. Bhavya and Gauri bring Shivaay there saying dulhan side wants to ask him some questions. Om and Rudra ask different questions to Shivaay. They don’t approve Shivaay. Gauri and Bhavya don’t approve Anika either. Shivaay says but dulha and dulhan have approved each other and that’s what matters. Rudra says if dulha and dulhan are ready then what they can do and everyone congratulates each other. Nani comes and says let marriage happen and first comes haldi ceremony. She has put haldi in kitchen and asks Bhavya and Gauri to bring it.

Roop mixes some liquid in haldi. Bhavya and Gauri come there to take haldi. Roop hides.

Nani tells Shivaay to go first and apply haldi to Anika. Roop watches from distance and wonders why he’s taking so long. Haldi color changes into red. Shivaay notices it and throws it away. He figures it out something was mixed in it.

Precap: Shivay and Anika’s photo frame breaks. Anika says breaking of glass is not a good sign. Shivaay says there is no such thing. She says he doesn’t believe in it, but she does.

Update Credit to: Jenny

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  1. Banita

    Hlo PKJ…
    My comment will be small one… Just don’t feel like commenting…
    This time #Teamdulha nd #Teamdulhan is more interesting entertaining then last time… But still couldn’t enjoy it…
    Shivika part was nyccc…!!!!?
    Badam ki dibiya “Shivay marega Rudra phasega”… Seriously… Just want wo khud hi maar jaye…
    Rudy gave a perfact muhtoh replay to her…
    Whole epi was sooooo good except bua wala part…
    GN PKJ…

    1. Appy

      Hiì Bunny

      Want to kill Bua

      Yeh this game is interesting….yet …….
      Can’t enjoy it
      But we will cherish these moments forever.

      And Congrats for being first Go Bunny Go……

      You too have a good weekend

      1. Banita

        Yeh @Arpu…
        We will do that always…
        Luv U bahut jayada re…

      2. Sindhudi

        I will help you arpu to kill Roop. I feel like slapping her.

    2. Agga4102

      Congrats for being first!!!! 😘😘😘

      1. Banita

        Thank U @Agga…

    3. Hey Bunny!! Look who is here!! Are makers impressed with Bua and her acting!!

    4. Bilkisu

      Go Bani go congrats for being first dear.

      1. Banita

        Thank U Bilkisu…

    5. Sindhudi

      Congrats for being number 1. I can’t seem to enjoy the episode but I am just trying to savour all these episodes until the generation leap takes on.

      1. Banita

        Thank U dii…
        Yeh doing d same…

  2. Agga4102

    Seriously, I feel so sad seeing in now. Surbh is leaving and these happy moments r making me feel bad!

    Anyway, it’s a long time since I have commented.

    A big Hello to all my commenters!!!!

    Episode was Good! But I don’t want generation leap because Surbhi will be going after this.

    We are anyway fighting for her comeback in Twitter.

    If anyone can, do join in it!!!!!

    1. Appy

      Hiiii Agga what’s your Twitter name ???
      Mine is Arpupagal if you find me then contact me..

      Yes these happy moments are making me sad….

      1. Agga4102

        I will check now! Mine is @Agga4102

    2. Bilkisu

      Welcome back dear. No one is happy about Surbhi quitting the show after all these happy moments in IB.

      1. Agga4102

        I know. I am trying my all best to make sure she is back. Unluckily I can’t reveal myself and I am not in India too…

  3. JeevithaTK

    Hi guys, How are u all.. Nd how was ur weekend… Coming to episode the episode was super kidhkidhod good( Friday’s episode) … Full of ❤💙💚💛💜💓💕💖💗💘💝💞…. I forgot tht I was travelling in bus while watching the episode…. I was like mad smiling with tears in my eye…. What an proposal 😍😍😍😍. The way shivay was saying his feelings the way he changed all tht OMG…
    Sindhu akka nt only u even every girl wish tht her partner could propose her like tht….
    But somewhere I was missing with shivay….. I don’t wt bt I was missing something… This facial expressions was bit say y I don’t know….
    The morning scene was soo good… Sply tht om reaction…. Nd everyone reactions also….
    Shivay listen na at least v was ur marriage in last season… Bt Rikara nt even onces… Now Paaka it will nt going to happen ever…..
    The way they was removing the separation line….. So good….
    Bt after the episode I became more sad thing again will nt get it… Love you all guys.
    Good night sweet dreams…

    1. Appy

      Yeh Jeevi …..
      That proposal scene was so emotinal yet so beautiful
      Feeling like watching again and again and again..
      Yes episode is getting more interesting……….

    2. Sindhudi

      Yes jeevi something was missing on that episode. Not like before.

    3. Hi guys,
      Please don’t watch IB either on TV or hotstar.. If you want a happy end.. Pls help us out.. We will make trp down.. We are the one who made shown to high we have to show them we can even the make show fall with low trp.. Because Nov 25th is surbhi’s last day of shoot.. Leap start from 3rd Dec..
      Do you guys want someone to cut the cake on 700 episode.. Some one who gathered much love from zero level.. Please help.. In Twitter we guys are mocking the channel..
      Gul gave a statement that surbhi role is not giving trp.. She forgot that writer is not giving good story..

      1. How come SC role is giving less trp I don’t understand actually gul should sack the writer not SC.
        SC is doing her role perfect. I think gul is out of mind she should talk with some logic.
        Writers are dragging the story and there is no proper dots connecting so far omru dint know why shiv killed tej.
        And roop’s track is so dragging no one knows why is she here. She just comes and goes here and there.
        In old ishqbaaz everything was perfect the kapoor’s track and roop’s track. But in redux Nothing is properly connected that’s the reason for low trp.
        They show everyone’s character as sad always crying,trapping,killing that’s it and no fun no proper entertainment so that means it’s writers mistake not SC or others.
        They don’t even show any love scenes of rikara or ruvya and no now dint see there marriage now this is the 5th time shivika is getting married is there any logic in this.
        They should have showed 3couples marriage together this time and end IB instead of generation leap.
        Once SC quits the show who is going to watch IB. I think only gul and writer will sit and watch.

  4. Luthfa

    For every tormented,fighting,tired,depressed soul-
    “Khamosi se ki gayi
    Dua aur Mohaabat
    Bohat Taqat aur Aasar rakhti hai
    Taqdeer aur Qismaat se zyada Taaqat
    Dua mein hoti hain”
    Keep praying and loving.Love you all.A tight group jaadu ki jhaapi to my PKJ.

    1. Banita

      Tightest jaadu ki jhappi which will be never break… Will remine like this forever…

      1. Luthfa

        Yes of course.Deal is sealed😊😊😊

  5. Hi everyone….
    Enjoyed the episode but felt like crying bitterly seeing the scenes and thinking about missing them so much after few days…. 😢😢😢😢😢

    I just want any miracle to happen tht surbhi di retains in the show…

    Btw, i heard news that nox bhaiyya will also leave the show… Is this true??

    1. Banita

      Hlo dr…
      We all will miss all these things dr… But always it will remin. with us…
      Hope for the miracle…

    2. Bilkisu

      We all hope she retains in d show.

  6. Appy

    Hiiiiii mere khidkitod pagals……..
    What’s up guys
    Don’t fall weak be strong
    I was waiting for this type of episodes since long
    But when I am getting it ……I can’t even enjoy it..

    Can’t comment enough guys….
    Just wanted to say much more love ……and energy for you

    1. Banita

      Yup Arpu…
      Loves nd a tight hug…

  7. Hello my pkgs
    Have a happy, bright weekend ahead since my exams going on i will comment less.
    Episode awesome this track was much better than previous one where shakti dadi were there.
    One think i want to ask will you all come here after the leap, will you all still carry on posting stories. Even i want surbhi to stay but don’t so i had some questions asked above. I am already going to miss ib now i dont want to miss you all.
    Bye keep smiling and take care

    1. Banita

      Hlooo Medhangle…
      If possible then register member ban jao… Agar story post nahi vi hua toh hum sb TU ke pm mein baat krsakte hain…

      1. Bani i have registered today would like to send friend request but im not getting how to do if possible send me request

    2. Bilkisu

      Wish u all d best in ur exams dear

  8. Luthfa

    I have not replied to any comment in previous page as I was busy with my exam preparation.I have exam tomorrow then going have gap of four days.I will reply everyone.Plz don’t mind guys.I love you all.Keep smiling and be happy.I love you guys😊😊😊

    1. Banita

      It’s K @Lu…
      Study comes first…
      ADBOL 4 ur exms dr…

      1. Luthfa

        Thank you sooooooo…very much😊😊😊

    2. Good luck

      1. Luthfa

        Thank you soooooooo…very much😊😊😊

    3. Bilkisu

      Wish u all d best dear.

      1. Luthfa

        Thank you sooooooo….very much😊😊😊

    4. Sindhudi

      Hey lu study hard and concentrate on your exams. Comment can wait my dear. Take care 😘

      1. Luthfa

        Thank you sooooooo….very much di😊😊😊

    5. Hi Luthfa… Best of luck… Focus on ur exam… B bold brave as sso… All the best

      1. Luthfa

        Thank you sooooooo…very much dear😊😊😊

  9. Riana

    Whenever i was getting a smile on ny face seeing everyone’s joyous faces and fun…
    It was reminding me that “Ye toh chaar pal ki chandni lagti hai”…
    It was tough for everyone i know…
    Cant say anything about the episode although it was good but i didnt got a single moment of peace !!…
    Remembering that “iske baad kya hoga”…
    We shivika fans are sleepless since 1 week hoping for the best… But har roz rumours badte jaa rahe and we are just facing it, giving it back !!!..
    Just feel to say loudly to all like…

    Jis show ne humme har pal ki khushiyaan di…
    Uss ko show ko hum aankho ke saamne toontaa hua dekhenge ?”

  10. Hey everyone. Am totally sad over Chandu di'(yeah not mine but my Aprita darling’s) s departure and everyday rumours.

    By any misfortune, success and Gul are soutan!! She never completes her stories as previously planned, lack of proper storyline and forget her attitude.

    The single positive vibe is starcast, the hero and heroine. And by removing surbhi, she is snatching soul of ishqbaaz. Can’t imagine ib without “oh jaana” and shivika.

    Take care peeps. God bless you all.

    1. Bilkisu

      Just hope SC retains in d show and if not I think it’s better the show ends bcoz we don’t need any partner for Nakul in Ishqbaaz apart from Surbhi.

  11. Bilkisu

    The previous episode was so emotional and romantic. Shivaye’s proposal was the best I’ve ever seen. Today’s episode was also interesting. Thank God that shivaye hadn’t applied the haldi to anika. Hope nothing bad happens to anika in next episode.
    GN pkjs
    Take care.

  12. After long months I commented here bcoz of vikram Singh chauhan lover boy atharv psycho lover vyom & what role he will play in IB ???

  13. Sindhudi

    Hello everyone to dear banita Arpu Luthfa jeevi Shiny Agga NSK Shivika shivya pushpa kadhambari billikisu Jessie and many more.

    I could not enjoy today’s episode because I only can think that SC will leave when the generation leap starts. In fact all will leave except Nakkul. I find that Gul is so ungrateful. NM and SC do not take so much time off from shoots and they are constantly giving 100% of their time to deliver the best and Gul can just sack SC because she refuses to do mother’s role. Instead of looking for another female co star for the Generation leap why not just use SC?

    I read that so many went personally to the channel and told them to retain SC. If not they should just finished IB with all the couples married and Shivika have a child and all loopholes closed and with that happy note they end IB. Gul can start another serial with a different storyline instead of having this stupid generation leap. Why can’t they just go back to the old IB? Isn’t it silly? They still can develop some storyline with the three bros and their married life.

    Even I find Nakkul is not giving his best at for these episodes. His expression has become more stone. Only Ankia looks very happy and giving her best. I suppose NM is definitely missing his dear Friend and co star SC. I only hope Gul will heed the request of all the fans out there and retain SC as the other female co star in the generation leap. The makers of IB are complete idiots. SC says she does not want to play mother’s role but now they are getting another female co star to play opposite Nakkul. They changed the script so why can’t they just use SC. I hope the Generation leap IB will hit rock bottom that it they have to axed the show.

    1. I agree with u sindhudi

  14. Sindhudi

    I read somewhere that Nakkul is also pulling the plug and refuse to do the generation leap without SC. I am it sure how true this is but I saw you tube Telly news and they announced the same.

    1. Yes even I read I don’t know how far is this true and they said it might be a rumor.

  15. AJ ki scene dekhene ke baad..mujhe bas 😩😧😭😢😭😧😩😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

    I am gonna miss Chandu….. like anything…😩😩😩😩

  16. Guys please don’t lose hope
    I still hope surbi will stay in IB .The best thing we can do is give good Trp watch IB on TV.We can retain SC.This week is so vital Trp is the key.😶

    1. Don’t give trp… Gul will show the TRP to star plus & extend the leap without surbhi

  17. Nice episode 3 girls where rocking and Anika was looking so beautiful.

  18. Hi guys 2day epi.. Ok… So cute… Rudy the way he ask for sry… So sweet… Rivya both attitude towards ani was superb… Hmmm wat to say all super including my SSO…
    But still feel bad for SC exit… I cross my finger 🤞🤞miracle could happen.. Hope for it..
    C u all evg… Bye

  19. Nikita_jai29


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