Ishqbaaz 19th January 2017 Written Episode Update

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Ishqbaaz 19th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Anika says for him, blood, family line…. nothing is imp than that, I don’t even have parents’ name, he will never accept me, I decided to stay away from him. She hears bell ring seeing Shivaye and shuts ears shouting no. Some time before, Dadi asks how did this happen. Jhanvi says don’t know, its good Shivaye and Anika reached on time and got Om back. Tej asks someone to find Shwetlana and get her back. Dadi says Om is hurt and you are concerned for Shwetlana. He asks what happened to Om now. Jhanvi says Om was found unconscious, if Shivaye did not find him, he could have died, you just remember Shwetlana. They argue. Shivaye says please, Om needs rest, just tone this down. Dadi and Jhanvi ask about Om.

Shivaye says he went to see studio location, he slipped and got hurt, make sure he does not get stress. Anika recalls the moments with Shivaye and her professing love. She sees Shivaye and gets tensed. He asks what happened. She says I was taking clothes. He asks are you taking clothes or emptying cupboard. She says I did not know what to wear, is Om fine. He says his injury is not internal, thankfully, I will help you. She says no need and gets away.

She asks are you fine. He says yes. She says I feel you should also get checkup done by doctor. He says I don’t need doctor, you need doctor. He walks to her. She hears the ringing bells. He says you got much hurt, on the neck…. She says no, its light wound, it will be fine. He says and this one…. She says no…. She recalls her words. He asks why did you not do aid, come with me. She asks where. He says to watch movie… when you get hurt, you should go to doctor. He walks to her and she hear ringing bells again. She gets shocked and shuts ears shouting no. She drops the clothes and turns. He looks at her and asks what happened. She says bell, my ears are ringing. He asks what. She sees him and hears the ringing. She turns away and says no, I mean something is happening to my ears. He asks what’s happening, did you have internal injury to ears, let me see. She says no, I m fine. He says no, atleast show it to doctor. She says its not big injury. He says doctor will decide. She refuses and runs. He checks his ears and says ringing….

Sahil and Anika talk near pool side. Sahil says it means you are really in love, I would call Bagad Billa as Bagad Jija, I like to see Jab we met when I m in love. She says stop it Sahil, don’t say anything. He says you said all that when Shivaye fainted. She says I flowed in emotions, I can’t love him. He asks why. She says love is dangerous thing, I m not scared of anything, I m just scared of love, because love spoils many things, it hurts person a lot, it makes a person weak, I just loved you till now, you are my weakness, I don’t want to make anyone else my weakness, I don’t have strength, I can’t love Shivaye. He holds his head and says I thought my sister is very strong, you can also fall in love. She says love is not for me, if things spoil, it would be tough to manage, you know when I was with Shivaye, he was unwell, if he died then… Sahil asks what.

She says I would have died too, if I m afraid to lose him, think of the fear if I get him, I will fall weak Sahil, it hurts when lover leaves, everyone leaves me. Sahil says I will not go and not let SSO leave, I will tie SSO and he can’t go anywhere, try to fall in love with him, tell him you love him a lot.

Jhanvi talks to Om. She says doctor said you are not much hurt, you need rest. Tia sees them and says Om did not tell anyone anything. Rumi says Om would have not understood whatever happened. Tia says fine, our plans are successful, except for one, Anika gets saved always. Rumi says because of Shivaye, they both save each other. Tia says Anika has to die, this time I will lay such trap that Shivaye and Anika will get thinking what happened.

Anika says I can’t tell Shivaye. Sahil asks why. She says there is no match between us, I m ground/earth and he is the sky, for him, blood, family line…. nothing is imp than that, I don’t even have parents’ name, he will never accept me, the man who wants enemy from the good family, how will he love a girl like me. Sahil asks what will you do then. She wipes her tears and I decided to stay away from him, I got habitual of him, now I will stay away and love will get away. Sahil says its cheap 2rs idea, you can try if you want.

Tia tells Rumi that Tej is worried for Shwetlana and everyone is worried. She feels unwell. Rumi asks did you drink again, you can’t drink in this state. Tia sees Pinky coming and says Rumi, I will talk later. She starts acting. Pinky asks what happened. Tia says I felt dizzy. Pinky says it happens in this state, take rest. Tia says pregnancy is not the reason, this happens when food is served to me, Anika is always there, since oil incident, I got fear in heart that Anika wants to kill my child. Pinky says you are right, Anika will not wish this child’s entry at home, I will make her admit truth. Tia says no, you know Shivaye will not listen to us, I want proof that Anika wants to kill my child, I want your truth. Pinky says I m ready to kick Anika out, tell me. Tia thanks and hugs her.

Anika comes to room. Shivaye says Anika… She turns away. He says I was thinking of accident, I feel someone tried to purposely kill you, I was there, but attacks were on you, I was not target, this plan is something big. She moves. He asks what are you doing. She asks what. He says I m talking to you. She says I m also talking to you. He asks why are you seeing curtains. She says its chiffon curtain, matching to my night suit and your kurta. He says look at me and talk. She says I m seeing you by heart eyes, you say. He says till you face me, how will I talk. He walks to her. She hears ringing and signs him to stop. She asks him to stay there and talk. He says turn around and look here Anika.

He goes to her and asks what are you doing. She gets away. He asks what’s going on, I m here. She says I m seeing. He says listen, I m here. He walks to her. She sees him and hears ringing. She shouts ears shouting no, this is ringing again. He asks are you fine. Sahil says she has got love fever. Shivaye gets shocked and looks at Anika.

Anika looks at Shivaye. He says I know everything, tell me. She says there is nothing like that. She goes and says I have to do something, to get love ghost off head. Tia looks on and says sleep Anika, who knows you will not get such luxurious sleep, or you get such sleep that you don’t wake up.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Is show or baki shows me koi difference nahi raha ab

  2. Priyadarshini

    Luved today’s episode. I felt really emotional on Ani’s statement.
    Superb precap

  3. Hahaha…shivika bell ringing scenes are superb….poor anika….anikas this bell ringing incident remainded me kushi from ispyrkokynamdo…..but i felt bad for anika….now she knows that she is in love with shivaye….but she cnt express this to shivaye….bcz she knows for him blood family linage are important….but dntworry anika one day shivaye will understood that love is important than anything….he to loves her but he wont accept it easily…..
    And this two chudeils tia and swetlana are trapping omkara and shivika in their ugly cheap plans….and this tej how disgusting he was….he dnt care about his son and family at all…always swetlana manthra in his toungh….plsss tej bcz of ur stupidity ur son got trapped…
    And plsss its just enough now end this nafrathbaaz soon….its just irritating now nothing else….we wants ishqbaaz not nafrathbaaz
    Note: trp of ishqbaaz 2.3
    Kasam trp 2.4
    Ishqbaaz in top8 in overall trp
    Guyz plsss try to watch ishqbaaz on tv 10pm itself…

    1. i thought the same..bell ringing scene. huge ipk fan by the way

  4. Why is it some updates are done and other serials are still not updated.

  5. fire kapoor sis’s characters from show especially vo svetlana who always hurts om

  6. Archiya

    Today episode made me cry an laugh.. it was awesome
    Anika n sahil share a much better bond than the oberoi bros, atleast anika discussed her probs wit sahil, an sahil is lot more matured for his age..I so loved it wen he said he will tie SSo n keep n nt allow him to go anywher.. u atleast try lovin him.
    The star dialogue was wen anika said she wld have died if shivay died, an the best shot was wen anika was telin sahil abt lovin SSO
    Its so difficult for anika to have the person she loves in front of her,knwin tat she cant stop loving him.. but also knowing tat he cant love her back
    Anika i agree tat love hurts a lot but the same gives u lots of happiness as well, also love is the greatest strength one can have

    I enjoyed the bell ringin part.. its so funny.. just like the heartbeat in IPKKND,
    I am in love with the color white.. it was never my fav.. bt shivika look so fab in white tat my taste changed

    How come pinky cld not smell liquor on tia, wen rudra was able to and
    Did om tell shivay tat he went to studio n gt hurt thr.. or did shivay make tat up as they did nt show the convo bet shivkara

    1. Archu..!!
      Kya Baath hain. Lecture on love.. Not bad..!! Ha Ha.. just kidding.
      Yes Shivika in white is a treat to watch n whenever they are in white there ll b something for the fans to cherish.

      1. Archiya

        Lax dear,
        did tat really sound like a lecture on love:)

    2. No Archu, but like a good friend I did not want to miss a chance to tease you ??

    3. Yes Archiya… would be very tough for a simple girl like Anika to know that she is in love with Shivaye and still can’t express it as she knows he is not going to accept her love even he feels the same for her!! Its too complicated yaar!! Loved the way Anika explained that love makes a person weak….that dialogue where she says “I love you Sahil…and you are my weakness….if I love Shivaye he will also be my weakness…and I don’t have the strength to bear another weakness…..if Shivaye had died then I would also have died and I don’t want to face such a situation….” Not the exact words but I think meaning was almost same. Its good that Anika has learned what kind of love she is dealing with….her lines reminded me of the lines in O Jaana sad version….”Ishq hain adhura sa…rooh main pura sa…..dard hain saari umr bhar…..” Those lines convey all the love that Shivika experience…what else to say!

      I just hope Shivaye will realise all this feelings from his side and Anika’s side and act/speak according to that….saw the video where he stops Anika when Pinky takes her out of the house!! I think the kissing scene might happen after that… an assurance to Anika that he is not going to leave her….hmmmm….we have to wait and see!


    Tooooooo much love in air…… ???? which is good but it will have more bad impact than goodness….??????????
    As these 3 sisters attack are more server and our 4 lead survivours…..

  8. Awesome ep. Anika ki dil ki ghanti baj hi gaye. After seeing today’s ep only one song is appearing in my mind.
    Tu ne mari entry a
    Or dil me baji ghanti a
    Dhang dhang dhang!!???????????

  9. Change the track

  10. What a boring series going on here 3 villain musketeers trying to kill Oberois and we seeing Anika and Shivaye love story, it seems story is not going anywhere same thing is repeated. IT seems Tia like Tom trying to chase Jerry urf Anika, who gets saved some how or will say its director who saves her.In this I feel Sahil is only smart guy who thinks and puts in the action others are really dumb, first one Pinky and other Rudra. Don’t know where story is moving, will see later. There is no grip.

  11. First comment!!!!!

  12. nice episode

  13. A lot of people seem to think a spin off is a good idea and are clamouring for that. I, however, feel it will affect trps. It’s better to advocate for one hour show.

  14. Surbhi, How do u do this?? Nailing both emotional n funny scenes. Absolute bliss to watch u perform.

    Atleast Shivay made out that it was not an accident but a trap to kill Annika. Good, hope Shivay finds more clues.
    Annika opening up in front of Sahil, was so emotional, really felt bad for her. Dialogues were so good. Itna understanding wife kahan milega Shivay

    ROFL moments for me
    1. Shivays puzzled expressions, not knowing whats happening
    2. Annikas expression when she springs n says Nahi n the main theek hoon after that
    3. Bhagad jeeju
    4. Annikas walk when Shivay was saying abt the trap
    5. Mann ki aankhon se
    6. Annikas slip escape from Shivay n the brisk walk after that.
    Oh God..!! That’s all I can think of now.

    Why did Om lie to Shivay? So Om is blackmailed.
    And this Tia n Pinks Moms na too much
    Can’t wait 24 hrs to see how Annika covers up Sahils pyaar ka bukhar dialogue

    Again, TRP is 2.3 this week, stable but why is it not improving? Not slot leader again

    P.S.- To show what happened in 24hrs they took a whole week. That’s too slow for IB

    1. Also the ‘ting ting’ was so irritating. Poor thing Annika

      1. Shiv

        Yes yaar its irritating and they are dragging too sorry if it hurts nowadays I don’t crave for IB like before especially after shwetlana arrival too much of evil plot enough to nauseate don’t feel thrilled at all shivika moments these days to felt repetitive nothing new but still just watching them both onscreen together makes me happy

      2. Yaaa im agree they where dragging the story…..its now a punishment to watch this nafrathbaazians stupid story…..they shouod end all this mess soon….ib tracks shold move like jet speed….thats the soeciality of the show….but nowadays its too much of dragging
        And u guyz are right surabhi is doing all type of charecters faintastically….

      3. Archiya

        Lax dear,
        Rite.. The ting ting was irritating,pyar ki ghanti thoda pyaar se bajate.. some nice pleasant music

        Also shivay realised tat anika was targeted.. sign of hope tat nb may b exposed soon

        Addin few more lol moments
        1.Shivay holdind his ears to see if ringin
        2.Anika asks wher.. shivay says to movie
        3.Anika holdin the curtains n sayin its matches mine n ut nite suit.. an the way shivay looked at his kurta

      4. Jaya

        I also agree part before 1st break was worthwatching. After that…’ting ting’ was really irritating! They just dragged the epi. Jabtak nafratbazians won’t exit…trp will be same. :-/

    2. Mouni

      hi lax , me too l loved how easly she can handle comedy and drama and l liked that she is not stupidly under the influence of her feelings and she knows how sso thinks
      l think the trp is stable due to the nafratbaaz dominating the show for the past weeks and maybe for weeks to come if things continue in this road , the makers nedds to take tia out of OM asap she is the most annoying one l think om is blackmailed with the mms of prinku and he can’t tell his bros but am hoping ranveer will take the matter in his hands

      1. Shiv, Shahabana
        Yes.. IB was so fast paced. Hope it ll gain the momentum soon.

      2. Shiv, Shahabana, Jaya
        Yes, IB was so fast paced. Hope it regains it’s momentum soon.

        Yes good that Annika is mature enough to understand that Shivay won’t accept her so easily.

    3. Lax and Archiya have mentioned all the LOL moments….but I think the whole Shivika convo was a treat! The makers could have skipped some shots like Shivaye coming near Anika and then she signs him to stop there, then again Anika goes to the other side and Shivaye comes near to her with the ‘ting-ting-ting’ going on and on….that was just dragging a simple scene!!
      Anika should get the Best Actress award for her role in IB….I don’t think in any other shows female leads are showing this much versatility as Anika!! If Starplus decides to give the award to those from Saathiya or YRKKH then its a shame for them!
      Lax am also waiting to see how Anika is going to cover up Sahil’s “Pyar ka bukhar”…..haha!
      Low TRP is mostly because of dragging I think….they took 3 days for telecasting the jungle scenes only….and with this Nafratbaazian track frankly speaking its too irritating to watch IB!! We fans are watching it only for Shivika! Am sure Omkara fans must have stopped watching IB as there is no progress in Om’s story!!

      1. Liji
        The best actress (fav. actress) is usually decided thru votes and I think Ishitha of YHM has a huge fan following. So I think that cannot b expected. But still I wish Surbhi wins.

      2. Liji..!!
        The best/fav actress is usually awarded based on votes. And Ishitha of YHM has a huge fan following. So I donno if awards can b expected although I would love to see Surbhi winning one.

  15. Mouni

    l really like anika’s way of thinking , its good that she isn’t letting her feelings control her , sso always speaks of KKN thing and am happy she remembers it now add to that her fear of losing her loved ones so am thinking what if even if sso confess his love she will still refuse to stay out of fear , it will be interesting to see him trying to convince her to stay , it will be different from other dramas
    the black point is these Nbaaz , come on ppl , when these snakes are going to be exposed , atleast expose tia so shivika will get a life but with these new video where tia and pinky accuses anika of mixing glass with her juice to hurt her and pinky will make a scene and drag her out of OM but sso will defend anika and l think all of that will make anika control herself more and not confess her feelings and the minute tia is exposed l guess she will try to leave the OM , am tired of the tia’s track , its guetting too long , l have no problem with swetlana / rumi but tia is too much but l noticed something , the writers are making her drink heavily in the past 2 or 3 episodes , maybe its a hint of what may happend to her ?? maybe she will lose the baby or try to kill anika but hurt herself instead ?? or maybe she will kill one of her sisters ( hopefully ) by mistake ?? anyway am thinking that her drinking problem may lead to something

    1. Mouni..!!
      Even I too noticed, Tia is shown drunk for last two episodes, may b that ll dig her own pit. Or may b she ll ve a miscarriage coz of some accident that happens when she is drunk. And the blame ll come on Annika. Oh God..!! What are the CVs upto.

  16. Gayathri.visu

    Nice episode….. Amazing shivika moments!!!!! Tej doesn’t deserve Om’s love,, what kind of father he is?????? He cares about that cheap girl Svetlana only not Om……Congrats! Mr.Tej Singh Oberoi this is called father’s love????????? Right…….

  17. Plz don’t spoil funny scenes in ib but I’m really in love with ishqbaaz and I’m glad that anika accepted that she love him but he would not easily accept that….and I just hate seeing om in tension. .????but really keep going and let shivaay and anika be shivika.. ??????????????????????????????????????????????

  18. Today’s episode was real good for me because of the acting job by Surbhi. She is just too good. She did all the awkward, emotional scenes with such real expressions. But I do agree with many of you that the only story that seems to be progressing these days is the Shivika story. They need to speed up the Nafratbaaz line and focus on other main characters as well.

  19. hajera unnisa

    Today’s episode ws nyc…. And I think anika ws ryt love makes a person weak and love hurts

  20. Only trap I like when anika and shahil ware taking. Please end tias trap it’s enough with. Tej cares about swatlana but not about his own son. That is so rude. Ilike the way shivay care about om. Aslo dadi and janvi too.

  21. Yvonne Codner

    Thanks Amena…You work so hard to entertain us…It is appreciated!! 🙂 🙂

  22. Couldn’t watch the show yesterday…..watched it at 6 am slot today! I felt sorry that I didn’t watch yesterday. All Anika scenes were superb….I loved it to the core! AniSa scenes almost made me cry….how much they care for each other!! I wish I had a bro like Sahil to whom I can discuss anything and he understands much than I have told! Shivika scenes were also too good…..haan….ganti kuch zyada bach gayi….otherwise both of their expressions and dialogues were awesome!!
    I hope Shivaye understands what “Pyar ka bukhar” will do to Anika….and he should try to talk to Anika and know her feelings!!
    Not able to understand what is Om thinking… least he could have opened up to his mom! Does Shivaye know the truth or Om said the same thing what Shivaye said to Dadi?? Becoz Shivaye was looking down while telling to Dadi….I felt he is lying. And, in one of these days I think Tia will bring mishap to her by her own plans!!

    1. Liji..!!
      Just wanted to reply to your comment on last page.
      This pista green outfit is different from the orange one. This has only one sleeve. Matte sleeve Thaikaan marannu nna thonnunne. ??
      If Om told Shivay what happened, Shivay would ve reacted immediately, he cannot stay so cool headed abt it esp coz of Prinkus MMS. So I think Om is blackmailed.

  23. I jst loved the episode Anika hearing bells when shivaay is coming near to her is superb i love Anika and saahil bonding i hope ye teeno bhai bhi aapas pe baate share kare Anika aur saahil Ki tarah.guys shivaay kisses Anika on her forehead can anyone plz tell me is that dream or true

  24. Wow shivay got promotion from bagad billa to bagad jija 😀

  25. It is first time that SSO think intelegently, he feels something fishy and concluded someone had missleaded to the wrong way and it was not an accident but it was a preplanned attack and target was not himself, but ANNIKA. He also found attack on ANNIKA as a part of the big conspirancy going on against OF. And it should not be difficuilt for him to understand why attack was made on ANNIKA when he consider its part of big conspirancy against OF. THat one conspirator is now find ANNIKA as a hurdle in their conspirancy going on against OF who doues not want ANNIKA involved with OF.

    Any attaempt of TIA to push away ANNIKA from OM may force SSO think , TIA as a part of conspirator.

    1. It was a heart wrenching now for ANNIKA even for a cat walk over the path she was led by her heart. She is one who know and also expereinced the most shades of the man she love named SSO. She knows his obsession to his family, his obsession to NKK. The very thought, HE CHOSE ENIMITY WITH A PERSON HAVING NKK, made her whole being aware of her feelings. Her only self confession made her shaken from base and soon she just realised , SHE JUST CAN NOT CARRY ON SUCH FEELINGS . She know, that very feeling for SAHIL made her weak to withstand against all odds, and now such new feelings may cause havoc in her life and would cause her to lose all her gains out of struggle so far and would made it impossible to regain that ability again. She never mean it, and never could have recognised her so far strange feelings, but those moments when she saw that unconscious body in her lap was craving for life made her understand those strange feelings. She came to know, it was all her blood , all her feelings , all her spirit rushing to her eyes was nothing but her LOVE for him. She was carrying these feelings since long for this man lying in her lap, totally helpless was nothing but LOVE. She was in love with this man, who hated her, insulted her, doubted her, humilated her, and over more he did it all at extrimity level. He snatched her all those precious things with which she was used to stand proud , and now she was in LOVE with him. She, after a while, when she was out of trauma, found her whole being shivering in fear for her this new situation she was put in. She just could not bear with these feelings any more . She can not be weak, vulnerable and never ever can gain those ability he is obsessed to. She found no meaning of these her feelings , which are flowing without directionless. She tried hard to ignore him, by passed him and avoided him and when she talked with her little brother SAAHIL heart out, her only WEAKNESS, it was a BEST CONVO so far over WHOLE SMALL SCREEN MELODRAMA ever.

      SURBHI is a BLISS for indian serial, and no doubt as on today SHE IS ONLY ONE IN HER OWN CLASS HAVING ABILITY OF EMOTING OUT ALL TYPES OF EXPRESSION IN A SINGLE SCENE! For ant actor, actress, to jump over from one to next expression is a unique ability to have.

      1. Wel said bro ….feeling sad for anika ..unfortunately she fallen for man who neither understand his own feelings nor others??

  26. ab kitna taarif karu surbhi ur acting is outstanding girl ..shortage of words to praise u..really felt very bad for difficult it wil be for her to stop heself loving shivaay..nice shivika scenes..chuffon curtains ki ankhon se..hahaha..ur superb angel..o bro kuch seeko aniSa bonding se..plz atleast end this tia track expose her soon..its really high more patience left in us to bear tia.

  27. Archiya

    Guys.. the new promo is out just now saw it
    Disclaimer(as put by me): if ur still in dreamland of shivika kiss do not watch it(wink wink)

    Promo : tia n pinky blame sahil of robbèry n tell tat throw him out of OM.anika holds shivay arm an tells shivay tat sahil cant do this, bt shivay removes her hand and says sahil has to explain

    1. What noncence….robbery blame on sahil….if shivaye beleives this then no need to expect anything from this show….im not understabding if they dnt want to end this nafrathbaaz track fully then atleast end this tia chapter… sorry if they shows more negetivity now then i cnt watch it…we watches a show for get some relax not to get mad

      1. Archiya

        Right Shahabana,
        The only positive thing in IB nw was shivika. . Tat also they r spoiling. .

    2. Archu..!!
      I was actually thinking abt it few days back that they may do something to Sahil. Oh God.. Tia manipulated Pinky also. That look on Pinks Moms in the promo. May b she is behind the plan. Shivay won’t believe anything against Annika, so they ve gone for Sahil. Smart move.
      They could ve aired this promo after Shivikas kiss, yaar.
      Shivay ka policy is not ek din acha ek din Bura, I think it’s ek haftha acha ek haftha Bura. Improvement hain kaafi.

      1. Archiya

        Rite Lax,
        They aired it bfre n spoiled the mood of the kiss.. tats why I put the disclaimer.. n rite ek hafta byra n ek hafte acha…hwcan shivay even belive tat the lobely sahil cld do anything such. . He had felt guilty fr kidnappin sahil.. knowin he is disabled.. wonder wht will happen wen he cmes to knw sahil is innocent

  28. someone kill this pinky n tia…shivaaay proved onnce again he is dumb singh oberoi..are yaar anika just leave OM its high time enough this humuliation..u should stand for sahil after all he is ur everything n leave shivaay n his problem when shivaay can go any extent for his bros why cnt u …just leave cn be also done by staying out of OM..toooo much dragging..for the first im feeling that ishqbaaz losing its charm

    1. Im agree ishq if shivaye beleives pinky and tia…..insults sahil….then there is no need to anika to stay in om….its now enough of patni darm….its high time for anika to leave om if its matter about sahil….plssss anika leave that oberoise to die….

  29. What to say abut the was mindblowing???..bell ring haha..and anika saying man kI aankhon se??
    Don’t worry anika shivay will not care about khoon khandan tag.becoz he also loves u a lot..
    Sahil anika (anisa) covo was amazing..and pyar ka jukham.ya sahil it’s true..
    Is the precp dream of Anika or reality???

  30. By the trp of ishqbaaz is 2.3..may be it’s in no.8 position..
    Online trp is very good I heard..I don’t know how much??but it’s high..

  31. When Shiva knows about rumi,tia,sherlatha….always they are happy but anika is suffering problems… Sometime boating….

  32. Mouni

    enough is enough guys l saw the new promo , lets take it in 2 ways ;
    1 – sso does not believe it but he has some plan
    2- sso is still dumb and still believe anything against anika and her bro
    lets hope for our own mental health that its the first option or else l will believe that sso is an idiot and the makers are more idiot than him , after all what happend if he believes those lies am starting to hate the show , the makers look soooo desperat and does not want to end navina bole’s role in the drama , they seem they can’t let her go , every time she is almost exposed they come up with an idea to keep her in the show , sorry but its getting boring now , am not against nafratbaaz as rumi and swetlana but tia is too much its almost 200 ep in IB and she is the one dominating the show and ppl ask why the TRP is not moving up , the show needs new villains and new tracks and tia’s track took almost 200 ep ?? and bcz of that they have no time to show priveer or rumya stories
    anyway if sso really believes all bad things about anika and her bro l think she have to let go of him and that proves he didn’t change a bit but if it was a plan am ok with it but am truly bored with tia and its getting worse

    1. Archiya

      Even I m hoping tat pt 1 is true.. else it will destroy shivika.. it tuk a long time fr sso to become shivay, he is still nt shivay completely. . Bt he has cme a long way. . N shivika relation has gone to a next level..
      Just hope they won’t cme to square one

      1. Mouni

        lets hope for that , l want to believe that he is smart enough and come to know anika and sahil and knows that they can not steal but l am worried that pinky is the one making this plan not tia , maybe she planed some money or jewelery ?? and blamed sahil for it , lets hope pinky will not get this low for tia

    2. Me too Mouni. I am just hoping option 1 is true. Otherwise it is high time she leaves OM. I was never angry on Shivaay even when he did forced marriage with Anika. I hope it is better be option 1. Otherwise I will probably hate Shivaay unless he has a solid reason.

    3. Yes Mouni…..I too think that Shivaye has some plan in his head….he already knows that Anika is being targeted for all the wrong things happening to Tia and now Sahil! So maybe he is waiting for the chance were he can prove Sahil innocent and thereby catch the culprits red-handed…..Oh….I hope that would end with Tia’s exit from OM!! Hope so!
      But, if Shivaye has lost his mind and returned to his SSO self, then I agree with Shahabana. Anika should not wait for Dadi’s request or Shivaye’s explanation…she should just leave OM with Sahil! And I think she will definitely do it but that won’t be necessary!!

      I agree with the Tia track also Mouni….her track took 200 episodes and still she’s in the show…. Is GK ma’am so much impressed with her or what?? Swet and Romi are back after a long absence….but this Cheapdi is there from the 2nd episode without a break!! It was OK to see her earlier….but nowadays I donno I just can’t stand her!!
      Thank God from 23rd onwards, I will switch to ‘Woh Apna Sa’ and see Ridhi and Disha whenever this cheapdi appears!!

    4. I feel it is because of Tia, Shivaay and Anika are becoming more closer. Otherwise our dumb Shivaay (in love matter) can never come this far. Probably they would still be in the initial stages. Even now they did not express love for each other but there is lot of progress in Shivaay. He does accept her as wife as well even though he does not say it aloud. He did accept it during Daksh Kidnap. Only thing I feel they can show more of Rudy love story and start Om’s as well. I love all the scenes that involve Shivika and when Rudy and Om make fun of Shivika.

  33. ya lax..formula hv been changed..taarif karna hai

  34. Sara Mohammed

    My blood is curdling just thinking about what Tia and her she devils plan on doing to Annika.

  35. lovely episode.anika and sahil conversation was good.anika you made me cry. surbhi u are amazing.

  36. today epsoide was nice and super i loved shivika today. i think tia’s every plan may bring shivika close to each other and anika’s statement was very emotional with sahil

  37. Both lead r doing great performance. Both r rocking. Shivay’s medicine might HV some twists.

  38. I liked yesterday’s episode so much. Anika’s reaction seeing Shivaay and Shivaay’s expression seeing Anika were so cute. Shivaay raising his hand and saying I am here are so cute.

  39. whats wrong with this show it was one of the good show ,it has turned into holy crap it is giving stiff competition to saath nibhana saathiya ,I am tired of watching conspiracies it’s better I won’t watch this show

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