Ishqbaaz 19th February 2019 Written Episode Update: Shivaansh doubts Mannat

Ishqbaaz 19th February 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Nani asks Shivaansh and Varun to come. She makes Mannat wear bangles. She says we have given gifts to Mannat, where is your gift. He says I will give it in private. He takes Mannat and gives her a bunch of flowers. He says this is an award for your best acting, I should learn acting from you, my plan was fixed, I signed contract with Sonya and arranged fake pandit, you changed everything into real, real pandit, real bride and real marriage with superstar SSO, tell me what does your gang want. She says its nothing like that, how could I change bride and pandit.

He shouts on her and says you are a chronic liar, your innocent face is fake, your tears are fake, remember I won’t let you succeed in your motive, once Nani gets fine, I will throw you out of my life, I will send you to jail on the charges

of fraud. She says I m saying the truth. He says your Lord won’t come to testify for you in court. He goes. He stops and sees her tear on his hand. He turns and sees her crying. Sochke jise dil….plays… He wipes the tear off his hand and goes. At city hospital, Sharda hides from staff and goes to call Shivaansh. She says there is a threat at home, someone wants to hurt you. Shivaansh asks threat? Varun hits on her head. She faints. He says its good ACP called me on time and warned me. Shivaansh says Sharda was telling about some threat, Khanna go to hospital and find out if she is fine. Munni talks to Mannat on video call. Varun calls Mannat and asks did you talk to Munni, I m keeping a watch on you and Munni, if you try to act smart, you are gone. Mannat says I have agreed to you always. He asks her to remove batteries from tracker. She goes and gets tracker. She says maybe I will be putting someone else in trouble.

She thinks to throw some other batteries. She says I have removed the batteries. Varun asks her to throw the batteries in dust bin. She says I will throw wrong batteries to show to the blackmailer. She collides with Shivaansh. They both get hurt. She asks if he is fine. He asks her not to touch his hand and forehead. She recalls her words. She apologizes to him and goes. He sees his tracker and wears it. Varun sees Mannat throwing the batteries in bin. He thinks Shivaansh your last hope to get saved got in the bin. Khanna says Sharda went back in coma. Shivaansh says Sharda wanted to tell me something. He gets doctor’s call. Doctor says we have found a match for your heart transplant, I m sending a form for your consent, sign it and send it back to me.

Shivaansh tells this to Khanna. Khanna hugs him and says now everything will be fine. Shivaansh says once this surgery goes well, I will fix everything and end this meaningless marriage. The man gets the papers for Shivaansh’s signs. Khanna says I will get it signed and send back to doctor. He gets Shivaansh’s ad contract papers. He says I will get his signs on both the papers. Varun comes and checks the file. He fills the form and ticks no transplant needed. He says I will mix the papers for your convenience. He calls Mannat and says its time for your next task, go to Shivaansh’s study and get Shivaansh’s sign on the papers kept in black file. Mannat comes and checks the file. She says it seems ad contract papers, its not a trouble to get this signed. She goes. Varun says now Shivaansh will sign on consent form, it will state that he doesn’t want that surgery to be done, sorry brother. Khanna asks what is this file doing with you. Mannat says I m going to give it to him. Khanna takes the file. She thinks I don’t want any trouble to come on Shivaansh.

Shivaansh comes to Nani. Mannat goes aside. Nani saays I was feeling constrained on the bed, I thought to walk when I have support like Mannat. Shivaansh sees Mannat in pain. He sees Nani’s stick pressing Mannat’s foot. He asks Nani to come and sit. He gives a ice pack to Mannat. Khanna comes to him and asks him to sign on the papers. Shivaansh thinks she is so strange, she is in pain and didn’t say anything, who will say she is the same girl who cheated me to marry. He signs the papers. Nani says I want to play with your children. Shivaansh asks her to focus on her health. Mannat asks did you sign all papers, sorry, I will just come. Nani laughs that Mannat got shy.

Dhruv asks Nani what happened now. Everyone jokes on Nani’s walking stick. Doctor comes and says I have to talk to you something imp. Shivaansh says it must be about the hospital we are constructing. He goes with him. Doctor asks why did you refuse for heart transplant. Shivaansh asks what, when did I sign. Doctor says you have ticked on no instead yes. Khanna says I didn’t take his sign yet. Shivaansh checks and says its my sign. Khanna goes and checks file. He says form is missing. Shivaansh says I just signed on ad contract papers. Khanna says I took it from Mannat. Shivaansh recalls Sharda’s words and says it was done by Mannat.

Varun asks Mannat to replace Shivaansh’s medicines. Mannat cries.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. One more fast pace episode.. poor Mannat.. how she is going to prove that she is innocent??.. why Varun asks Mannat to remove batteries and change Shivaansh’s medicine? He is roaming in Dulhan dress he can do it..He is creating so much misunderstanding between Shivaansh and Mannat

  2. Thanks for the update Amena

  3. Ab bohot Zyada ho rha hai..iss mannat ko thoda chalak dikhya hota toh mzaaa aata that’s why I wanted acp😼😼😼😼kya ho rha hai, kya chl rha hai, aur kya kya hoga bhagwan ko bhi naa pta hoga…show ki aisi ki taisi krdi. Apna dimag hi sirf chalayegi gul toh sirf 1. Something trp se nirash hi hogi…fans ki demand kaun poori krega…aapke papa ji😠😠

    Main sach mein bohot thak gyi hooo. Jb show barbaaad hone pr uttar aaye toh bnd kr dena hi solution hota hai. Yeh zaroori toh nhi ki channel wale tumhe bole ki

    🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏bs ho gya aap apna yeh show bnd kre..or bhi ache ache shows hai. Hona toh aisa chahiye ki fans ke sath sath channel wale bhi kahe ki show mt bnd kriye..hamare channel ki trps ke khattir😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    Derrr aaye durust aaye u can do now like

    Put acp on her work, expose varun, family Thanking acp, sso realising his folly, announcing in media that he framed acp on wrong bribe charges, become friends, side by side having good time with niti as well, confused whom is he falling for, relises😄😄😄, confesses it secretly to acp, not willingly to accept as he’s married, SSO trying his luck, niti being little bit uncomfortable, sso giving her divorce, media announcement- divorced ManSh, ShivAdi getting married(after some time), family is shocked and heartbroken, hesitantly accept acp, still hopes of ManSh, peeth peeche niti is upto something coz she had fallen for SSO after he realized that varun is the culprit and not niti(started talking to her somewhat nicely)😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😝

  4. Annsh

    Hi Guys
    Ansh is here

    So, Mannat getting her khidikitodh avatar
    Com’nn Mannat Your Mother-in-law to Oberoi’s ki raita pehlgaya
    U must become some attitude like her…….
    U must also be clever for that calls and give it back……….

    Gul mam show some funny scenes
    We are missing Ishqbaz Flavour
    Give importance to Dhruv Character also
    You only focusing only on Shivansh

    What about Dhruv………………..There is no cuteness & Stupid ideas like her father……….
    Shivani—– She is Annika’s Daughter………not all like her
    Radhika– Like her mother dabang wala feeling
    You must focus them also

    Annika have good bond between Omkara , Rudra & Priyanka………..
    Mainly Rudra-Annika Conversation was very entertaining………..
    Gul mam you must focus other characters also…………………

    What you says Guys
    About Dhruv , Radhika , Shivani’ characters in this season

  5. Cute cute moments with maansh really beautiful

  6. Mannat..please try to findout your blackmailer. And expose that hm varun..dont just obey him.

  7. Ansh correct misses its flavour..

  8. Mannat never got a chance to meet her motherinlaw.. Anika would have given her khidkitod ideas to bring sso back in line.. Guy if anika is alive what type of mother she would be? Any guess? She would be a friendlike mother… Shivaay no doubt.. Controling loving at the same time a strict father…what u say?

  9. Rv..ha..ha…no ones going to hear our screams…better accept what they give.

  10. Sry guys no time to comment

  11. Ibfan. shivaay too would be friendly father..was he strict with rudra or anyone? That character of him changed after anikas entry. I think… If they are with shivaansh now this wouldnt have happened with him..

  12. I miss old IB and all the characters in it… Leap was a bad idea? Confused……..

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