Ishqbaaz 19th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Anika in trouble

Ishqbaaz 19th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Anika says Shivaye. Veer says its me Veer, welcome to watery hell. Roop says Shivaye isn’t answering my call, go and find him, I want the evidence. Charlie goes. She asks Shivaye to answer her call. Shivaye is fallen unconscious over the steering. Anika tries to get up. Veer asks what are you trying to do. She says I want to go to Shivaye. He says be careful, do you think I will let you go to Shivaye. She asks do you think you will stop me. He says you have much proud of yourself, love and Shivaye, you maybe not scared, but Shivaye is scared, so he is listening to my mum, your lovely Roop Bua is my mum. She gets shocked.

Charlie reaches Shivaye and checks the car. Veer says what all did Shivaye hide from you, didn’t he tell you. Anika says you shouldn’t care for that. He says I m telling you a big truth. She says for me, what Shivaye says is the truth. He says he is not in a condition to talk, he is in big danger, you want to hear me out, fine.

Charlie sees Shivaye inside the car. He calls Roop and tells her. He takes the folder and goes. Roop asks Pinky to say, what does she want to talk. Pinky asks who will bear their children to get punished for their misdeeds, you have problem with us, take revenge from us, spare Shivaye. Roop says I would have thought of it if you told this before, its no use now. Pinky falls in her feet and says forgive me Roop. Roop says your apology won’t be enough, Shivaye has to touch my feet and apologize to me and Veer too.

Veer says you can’t imagine Shivaye is in trouble. Anika asks what did you say, I can’t hear you. He says Shivaye is in trouble. She goes close and thinks to show him. She pulls him down. He falls in the sum. She goes out and runs. Pinky asks what’s Shivaye’s mistake, why will he apologize. Roop says he has to make an apology. Pinky says Shivaye is my pride. Roop says I will shatter it, how will you stop me. Pinky says I will stop you, even if I have to kill you. Roop shows the gun and says its not easy to take life, but its easy for me, I can kill you right now, then how will you see your beggar bahu and son’s destruction. Pinky shots and hits her with a vase. Roop faints. Charlie knocks and asks is everything fine. Pinky says I will run by window, no she will vent anger on Shivaye, I will call Shivaye, he can get me out of this problem. She gets a phone locked. She cries. Anika falls down. She runs to the construction site. Pinky takes the gun from Roop and aims at her. Charlie calls out. Anika hides. Veer looks for her. Charlie says I will come out if you don’t answer. Roop gets conscious. Pinky says tell him you are fine. Roop says I m fine Charlie. Pinky says you will cancel Shivaye’s marriage and let him go. Roop says look how your hands are trembling, this gun doesn’t look good in your hands. Pinky says my intentions are firm. Roop laughs.

Veer looks around. Anika gets to the edge of the floor. Pinky says I can die or kill for the sake of my children. Roop says even if you die, Shivaye and Anika will die, Veer will kill Anika, Shivaye is doing this for you all, so that your name and Anika’s dad’s name don’t come in Kalyani mills incident, Anika is that foreman’s daughter, Shivaye knows this well, that your family and Anika’s dad aren’t involved in that incident, because I have done that, I have evidence against you all. Pinky says what, it means you had set fire in the mills. Roop says yes, I killed Mr. Kapoor, you all will go jail if Shivaye don’t agree to me. Pinky says you will surely be punished for your sins. Roop shouts you compelled me to commit those sins, who separated my son from me, you all did this, wasn’t that a sin, you all are sinners, Shivaye and beggar Anika have to bear the punishment. Pinky says I won’t let this happen. Roop asks will you shoot me, why did you stop, shoot.

Anika gets tensed and runs. Veer goes to see. Charlie gets Shakti at gunpoint and asks Pinky not to dare. Roop says well done. Charlie says I knew you are in danger and got him. Shakti scolds Roop. Roop says Charlie, take them out. Charlie takes Shakti and Pinky. Roop says my head is aching, where is Veer. Veer shouts Anika I know you are here, come out, if I find you, I swear Shivaye won’t be able to recognize you. She hides. He says all right, there is only one way to go out, which will get shut now. He places the blocks. He says lets see for how long you play this game. He smiles and says I blocked the exit, it will be better that you come out.

He shouts. She comes out. He looks at her. She throws soil in his eyes and pushes him over the blocks. She gets up and runs. Veer gets up. She runs away from the site. Roop says where is Veer, he should have got Anika by now, where is Shivaye, my plan will fail. Veer stops Anika by a bull dozer. She moves back. She falls in the sum. He smiles and says enough of hide and seek, I could have killed you easily, but I m getting fun seeing you fighting for life. She asks him to stop the water. He thinks look at the sand, you will be buried alive just like Anarkali. The machine lowers and drops the sand in the water. Anika thinks of her moments with Shivaye. She thinks where are you Shivaye…..

Roop asks where are you, you don’t care for your wife. Shivaye says I need to talk to Anika, where is she. She thinks even I don’t know where is she, my plan will fail if Shivaye knows this. She says Anika is where she is supposed to be. He says I have to talk to Anika first, I have to be sure she is fine. She says if you don’t remarry, I don’t need to say what I can do. He says until I talk to Anika, I won’t listen to you.

Update Credit to: Amena


    why ishqbaaz trp is decreasing its 1.6 now.
    Kya vase pada aaj bua mein i wished gun bhi chal jati unpe. And anika ne veer ko dewar pe phek diya end mein vapas tank mein daal diya veer ne and where is Gauri and bhavya aaj ke episode mein toh Om aur Rudra bhi nahi they. Not even shivaay. Full episode bua and veer ka drama

    1. Banita

      Congo dr for being first again…
      Yeh full epi was on irritating DWB nd Veer… Gauri nd Bhavya toh pure week mein nahi aaye…!!

    2. AAYUSH

      Thanks banita

    3. because there is no Rikara, no Ruvya, no Dadi, nobody wach Ishqbaaz this days.

    4. Hiii Aayush…..dear..
      Congrats for being first…GAG..
      And leave that TRP….
      Last week episodes were really good.
      I agree there was no goiri and bhabya.
      But all people loved last eeek episode..
      Bhaad main gaya trp aunty..leave it..

    5. Don’t say again that Bhaad main gaya trp if it is decreasing TRP, it is not good for IB. Because trp increasing means audience are enjoying the serial decreasing means no one is interested in current track of IB.

      So many starplus serials went offair because of not getting enough TRP. Now latest news is one more starplus serial is going to be offair the reason of low TRP. The reality is the makers are ignoring other characters totally. Especially gauri and bhavya. Rikara & Ruvya. In half an hour episode, Running time is 22 mts. obviously they will focus only shivika more afterall they are main leads. Automatically the other couples can’t get screen space. hardly they will get 2 to 3 mts that also for shivaay bhaiya & bhabhi not for their separate (romance) scenes.

      You are saying Bhaad main gaya trp and may be some people have started saying Bhaad main gaya Ishqbaaz.

      Just think about it.

    6. AAYUSH

      Thanks arpita and yeah last week episodes were really good hope trp increase next week

    7. Sekhar bhaiya…
      You did not get my point..
      I am saying Bhad main gaya trp bcoz of only IPL..i am also wondered that ISA trp got high and it became in third position on trp chart.
      And if we will analysise then last week episodes were really beautiful and get soi much Appriciation..TRP aunity love only one thing ..Shadi..shadi…Ghost scary blag bhlah blah..
      Pinky promise…..
      Even i also want IB trp should high..of course it is our fev show.
      Koi bole toh BHAD MAIN GAYA ISHQBAAZ..
      Fir dekhenge mujhe..( ok now stopping my drama)..
      Sry I will not say anything like that..

    8. Go Aayush Bhaiya Go!
      Congratulations on being first.

    9. AAYUSH

      Thanks ishita

    10. Luthfa

      Go AAYUSH GO.Congratulations on being first…?
      Because of NM’s vacation,everything is in dragging mood.Next week will be much more exiting.Let’s see.Take care?

    11. AAYUSH

      Thanks luthfa and even i hope next week should be more interesting so that trp increases

  2. Hi everyone,
    I m back.
    In the whole episode Anika di was running from VPC and he was following her.
    And I liked Pinky Aunty’s confidence-less confidence.
    How dare this Veer to try to kill my di.
    In flashback only but my bhaiya was shown. Loved the FB.
    At last veer will leave di and will bring her back to OM. Where TOOTHPASTE AD will try to frame Oberoi family for killing HVT and Mr.Kapoor.
    By the way what is trp and position??

    1. Banita

      WELCOME BACK Ritu…
      HRU dr???
      TOOTHPASTE AD… LOL… Nyccc name…
      IB’s trp is 1.6 this week nd 16th position…

    2. Hiii Ritu welcome back.. go and .soon join on milkha singh club…..
      And Yaa This Vomit akka Toothpaste AD is just irritating…….

    3. Luthfa

      Hi Ritu,how are you?
      Anika is running from Veer and Shivaay is stuck in that car!Pinky’s confidence was good but not enough to confront bua.I think bua’s plan will backfire.Let’s see.Take care?

  3. Criz

    is there any new entry in ishqbaaz instead of nakkul mehta pls tell me precap shivaay’s face is not shown

    1. HiiiiCriz…i dont know about many new..but somebody is coming According to Saharsonu..
      Dekhte he.. kya hota he aage…

    2. Luthfa

      Don’t know who is going to enter dear.And in precap it was Shivaay’s body double that’s why.

  4. Pushpa

    In the absence of NM we got this filler but i can tell u both anika & veer superb performance ??
    Anika in the water ‘ tank’ …she ws wandering what happen…thn she realize veer kidnapped here trying to kill her…
    Annika asks to stop the water flow!!
    But veer refuse…. in the midst of telliing anika some truth…anika sais she only believe shivaye….anika got a plan….pullled him into the tanker and she escaped….
    Anika naya soch….am i saying it correctly….yes v women must not be weak…but be strong in handling anything in life…

    On the other end pinky & roop…. pinky such kaha thaý…. u can never run away from the god punishment.. roop u r going to get punished soon.. pinky should hv just pulled the trigger & shot roop dead…mujhe santhi milgayi…… shivYe meet wt n accident and unconsious.

    Anika manage to escape ran but veer once again caught her..she fb of their luvly memories… shivaye still unconsious…

    Bua calls Shiv,he asks 4 Anni
    B: talks to herself. ( whereis Anni, even I donno. if shiv gets to knw that,my plan will fail) thn says
    Annika is thr whr she shld hav been,if u don’t listen to me, i dnt hv to tell anything
    S: & if u dont tell me, i wont listen to u ….agree wt u shivaye now u can hv yr plan outlined…

    Gd nite gals

    1. Banita

      Hlo Pus di…
      Yeh mujhe vi saanti milta if Pinky shot that DWB…!!! Hope she will get her punishment soon…

    2. Pushpa

      damn,…… i so wanted pinky to trigger

    3. Hlw Pu di..I knew it I knew it I knew it…
      Yiu will miss Shivaay…
      Don’t worry dear he will come back next week.
      Yaa Annika is truly a nayi soch.
      But Cvs shows her weak.which she is not..
      Love you dear

    4. Pushpa

      yes i miss him so so so much.. and yes anika is nayi soch.. v should all follow hr footstep..

    5. Pushpa remember shivaay said before they got separated that whoever says anything to you do not believe. Ask me and and I will confirm the truth to you and I am sure anika knows shivaay meant that and he also said things will get bad from now on but he said you have to trust me so I am sure anika will not believe veer whatever he says

    6. Pushpa

      yes dear i remember hope anika too remember and dun believe roop..

    7. Luthfa

      Hi Pu di,
      You are absolutely right.Anika will believe Shivaay,not the other.A big punishment is waiting for bua and her son.Our Anika is very strong and she will continue fighting.Just Shivaay needs to back to consciousness.Waiting for today’s episode.Take care?

    8. Pushpa

      lufi… yes today i think will be even better with shivaye around…

    9. Hello Pushpa di,
      yes u r right annika is nayi soch.
      Take care.

    10. Pushpa

      ishita……. yes new women power…

  5. i guys ,i think they really drag the story ,but i can understand NM was absent so it’s not easy to do ,anyway coming to epi ,nice epi and when anika say i only trust Shivay ,and what wil shivay say that will be truth. I just hope anika ai sahi kare ,or shivay jo kahenge usi ko truth samjhe, and today shivomru kisiko vi nahi dikhaya ,and pinky omg uska hat aise kaap raha tha usse to koi vi nahi darega ,but firbhi she tried her best ,cholo lets hope for best !!!

    1. Tania dear..
      Yes ..Hope Annika will trust only Sso because now Vomit is going to mislead Annika terribly….
      Right..lets hope for the best..

    2. Luthfa

      Hi Tania,
      Anika has to stand firm on her trust.Pinky tried but couldn’t succeed because she is not an expert criminal like bua.Anyway,let’s hope for the best?

  6. Arpita6

    Hiiìii mere khidkitod pagals. …
    Ok today episode totally belongs to Vanmanush and our khidkitod annika. ..
    Both Nikitin Sir and Chandu di nailed it..
    And it is really not easy to work in Summer days that also a out door shoot with so much dirt……and dust..but both of yiu managed to do it…
    Take a bow from My side..
    Pinky ponky was full chandi mode today….just for formality i am saying thank you for hurting Vomit..
    Pakadam pakdai chal rahi he…aur kya kahu..
    Chalne do..
    Glad that after sooooooo many months i saw my tigress my jhansi ki rani my khidkitod Annika.
    One thing i am.always love sbout her that she is a BORN FIGHTER
    She can be break
    She can fall weak.
    She can cry..
    She can plead
    But she never give up.
    May be for good for her self or for her loved ones.
    She fights.
    Win or loose doesn’t matter to her..She know she has to fight.and when her most beloved person or his feelings are with one can break her.
    Sometimes she gives me inspiration to fight with odds..when i fall weak.
    Love tou Annika di
    And CHANDU DI yhank yiu for giving a natural life to ANNIKA..
    last part was really emotional when she remembered all the moments..Ok all those are personally scenes of mine…

    Precap- i know Vomit will mislead now pinky ponky knows the truth..
    Btw where are all people..
    I think tomorrow also we will not see Sso.
    Don’t worry your shivaye will come back on monday..yiu have to wait.
    Love you pagals..

    1. Banita

      Pinky Ponky in Chandi mode….LOL… Hahahaha…. Sahi hain…..
      Yeh Chandhu nailing Anika….

    2. Hiii Bani……
      Tora exam kebe??? Mora ta postpone heigala June month ku..
      Yaa pinky ponky was in Chandi mode.????????…..
      Are yiu ready to deal with exam devil

    3. Yes my dear arpu anika is a fighter and she never gives up. She is Anika shivaay Singh Oberoi.

    4. Sindhu di..yaa She is ANNIKA.
      Actually ANNIKA BARDHAN SINGH OBEROI is sounding more royal to me….
      But we love more As Annika..

    5. Luthfa

      Hi Arpita,
      Agree with you totally.Anika’s fighting spirit is an inspiration for me too.She is a born fighter.Pinky did well but couldn’t manage to the last.Looked like Shivaay’s family only in danger.Anyway,just hope Shivika will make everything fall into place.Take care?

    6. Lu , me too hope so.
      Lets see.

    7. Pushpa

      veer & anika both of them hv nailed the episodes…. veer will be the best villain so far in any show i think..
      what shivaye back only monday….. urgggggggg….. i hate this cvs……
      but u know i luved anika courage her Jhansi Ki RAni avatar … phenomenal performance….

    8. Vanmanosh is best vilian.
      But for me DAKSH is the besst vilian till date..ogcourse Vanmanosh is right at his place..but he didn’t scared me like daksh.
      Daksh really scared me..
      KARAN KHANNA nailed Daksh role..

  7. i have to say today anika’s confidence was superb ,she is a very brave girl ,i mean she attact veer many times ,hamari anika har manlowale girl nahi hai ,i mean she just don’t give up yrr ,she again and again tried to go from there but this veer ,uska sarir keya paththar se bana hua hai anika ne itni bar mara ,pata nahi kis kis chiz se nahi mara but this veer always get’s up and go after anika ,baise kehna parega yeh veer kafi sakt hai yeh vi har nahi manega ,

    1. Tani…if you remember then during his introduce time Snakes were roaming around house..
      So he got soo many power.?????.
      Yaa Annika don’t give up.
      That is why she is a born fighter…

    2. Luthfa

      Yeah,Anika’s fighting is worth mentioning.And Veer being the villain,can’t fall or lose so easily?????????

  8. Niya.IB

    Hi all my buddies
    Trp dropped this week too?but it was a bit draggy episodes
    Proud of anika di for not giving up and struggling to save herself from the enemies. She blindly believes shivaay eventhough god himself appears infront of her and says shivaay had lied to her,she wont believe. That’s the power of our shivika’s love.
    Pinky apologized to roop for to spare her children and said to take revenge on them for their doings. Today I got to see Pinky in her true motherly avatar for begging to free them from her revenge motives,it was good to see.
    Where’s our omru and rivya??and tejvi too?
    Have they really disappeared???
    Toothbrush ad waali bua dont be so happy it wont last longer,dont ever try to destroy the oberois and shivika it wont happen even in your dreams
    Its impossible for you even in your next births.
    But it’s sad that cv’s are spoiling the track?.
    Hope that they will end up this Dw bua and make her behind bars asap,she is really getting on my nerves
    What do you all think about the proggression of the story?
    It would have been better if kapoor sisters come to know bua is the real culprit and join hands with oberois to trap her by befooling her.
    Im curious to know what’s gonna happen next.
    Im very sleepy so bye all my sis and bros
    Good night&take care,I’ll be back tomorrow?

    1. Banita

      Hlo Niya…
      I also feel like they r just dragging d story too much…. CVS already dragged KMM too much ,now they r dragging this 24h… No progression in story…
      I m waiting to see Kapoor sister’s reaction after knowing d whole truth… Specially Pasinalana’s…

    2. Me too banu. I juts want to see svetlena and sowmya’s reacton when they know who is the real culprit

    3. Yaa They are draaging a little just to cover up NM absence..dont woory next week will be good.
      And you are right..this is the power of love of shivika..
      Hope After misleading part Annika will still trust Sso.
      Lets see.

    4. Luthfa

      Hello Niya,
      Even me too want Anika to believe Shivaay forgetting everything.Bua wants to break them but she won’t be able to do anything.Don’t know how cvs are planning to end this track.I am expecting a clean conclusion.Let’s see.Take care?

    5. Hii Dear Niya,
      Trp is really disappointing, I think just bcoz of dragging kind of episode.
      Let’s see what will happen next

  9. Luthfa

    So,Veer Pratap Chauhan,Ma ka ladla,broke the most important news to Anika that Roop Oberoi is his mother.This Veer just ruined all the efforts of his mother to destroy Shivaay and Oberoi khandan.sometimes I don’t get whether Roop takes side of her son to provide him so called justice or she is using her sentiment for her son against the Oberois.From her behaviour,it seems that the second one fits the bill.But bua and her revenge has targeted Shivika as they are the foundation of OF and she is hell bent to separate them.In separating Shivika,will Veer get back what he lost?I don’t think bua is at all concerned about Veer.She is just using him as a bait to haunt down the Oberois.Going by the situation,only one hope is’s Anika,who needs to take the floor to tackle bua and her evil plan.Because she is the one around whom everything is happening.Anika trusts Shivaay more than anything else and her this trust is going to be tested by bua.Shivaay has earned Pinky promise from Anika that she would believe him before she believes the world.If she stands on her promise,bua will not be able to do anything.Anika’s work just started when Veer disclosed that truth of Roop.Now it’s only Anika who can save everything as ball is completely in her court…………………………….

    1. Banita

      Heyy Lu…
      I also feel like DWB is just using Veer for her own motive…. Well it will be hard for Anika , but just hope that she will stand on her promise…

    2. Luthfa

      Hi Bani,how are you?
      It seems so.I haven’t seen anything from Roop’s part being a mother.And our Anika will go through acid test.Let’s pray for her win?

    3. You are absolutely right!!! That’s what”s gonna happen….

    4. Luthfa

      Blessed be your tongue dear.Let’s see?

    5. Luftha well said my dear. Yes anika has to fight this battle alone and shivaay is in no position to know where she is. Anika has to single handedly handle bua. True my dear that Roop is disinterested in Veer. She is only using him to avenge her vengeance. What kind of a Mother?

    6. Luthfa

      Sindhu di,
      This is now Anika’s battle completely.She needs to ensure the safety of her family as well as her love.Roop is anything but a mother.Thank you so much for the compliment di.God bless you?

    7. Lu…..100% agree with you dear..
      I also think This Vomit is just tryting to calm herslrf by destroying oberous and specially Shivika
      Now she is using VIKARAN ANNIKA.Man karta he uski jaan le lo
      Yes now only Annika can save the misery
      This time if she will not trust Sso..then everything wil be shattered..

    8. Luthfa

      Calm down darling.Let her bark.Nothing is going to touch Anika the fighter.And bua’s days are numbered.Anika has to maintain her promise and trust on Shivaay.Otherwise,disaster is waiting.Take care?

    9. Right Luthfa di ,
      Veer always ruins all efforts of his mother , but I think thats not his fault bichara kya kare uske pass dimag hi nhi hai utilize karne k liye.
      Sometimes I doubt how he became doctor.
      I think he is Farzi doctor , having fake degrees.
      and I agree with u Roop don’t care for anyone except heself but problem is she herself don aware of it.
      Don’t worry di Annika never breaks her pinky promise.
      and this time also she won’t break it.

      Ok bye di .
      Take Care.
      Love u.

      I want to add one more point about veer

    10. Luthfa

      You are right.Veer always ruins his mother’s plan.And Roop is very much self-entered.Hehehe…..Yeah Ma ka ladla bigar gaya.LOL!!!!

    11. Luthfa

      It’s self- centered dear?

    12. Pushpa

      lufi ….. all roop cares is herself and her revenge to oberois not veer…. some i dislike the way she raise her voice to veer….not so much motherly way

    13. Luthfa

      You are right di and I think so.Roop has not showed her mother-like feelings much rather it’s a rare case.

  10. Banita

    Hlo PKJ…
    HRU all???
    I m here with my comment after a long 3 days…. @Ishu nd @Sindhu di , now adays I m a little busy with my study dr that’s why I m absent for last 3 days…. Nd I m good di….
    TRP of this week is just 1.6 …. It dropped 0.5 compared to last week…. It’s a high drop for IB…. I don’t know what say about this rating..!!! Actually I don’t want to say anything about it….
    Well in this whole week epis r just like dragging nothing much…. I feel like they r trying show Pinky positive throgh these epis…. Now they r giving almost d same effect to show her positive same way they did while showing her negative… They shoot almost 2 week for 24h…. Seriously kitna kuch ho gaya or ho raha hain in just 24h…!!!!
    Now coming to epi…
    I must say Bichara Veer…. Ussne apni life ke sabse jayda maar ek hi din mein kha liya… Anika ne Veer ko usse jayda hi maar dia…?
    Nd I don’t like d way CVS repeting d same water wala scene just like Daksh time…. I know both r different nd both Ani – Veer doing gr8 in this , but still when almost same like scene is going on which U saw before then automatically there will be a comaparision come in ur mind(Actually it happening with me)… Nd I m NOT GETTING any scare like feeling from Veer like we got from Daksh…. No offecense to Niketin Sir or any fan… I m sorry if I hurt anyone , it’s totally my POV…
    Pinky fall in DWB’s feet nd ask for forgivness… Still I don’t forgive Pinky for her dids… But yeh I don’t want to see her to ask forgiveness from DWB like this… DWB nd dialouges related to Daant is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo irritating….
    Pinky ,Why U didn’t kill her..???? Atleast U can break her her teeth…???
    Charli…. He took d douments , but didn’t help Shivaay… Ab toh pakka I want a solid fight between Charli nd Khannaji…
    Preacp – Didn’t feel like he’s Nox… May be someone replace him for sometime as d need of story…
    GD PKJ….

    1. Banita

      Nd forget to say….
      When Anika remind her nd Shivaay’s many old scene nd some scene… That part was Nycc…
      It refrease my mind… Shivika’s all old memories before their marriage nd some after that… That was Superbbb…. It took me in d thought of old IB for sometime…

    2. Yes banu dear I love the flashback of shivika

    3. Hii Bani. So yiu were not commenting..
      I thought Moderation uncle ate your comment.
      Now leave TrP yarr IPL
      After IPL i will give importance to Trp not now..
      And this week thry draged a little..yaar NM shhoted for 2 weeks and Shivaay was needed in ever prt..So Cvs had to drag it no prblm next week will be exciting….
      You are still dreaming about action between Charlie and khanuji…..Hope your dream will come true…..
      And yes last part refresh mind….
      All memories are really good..and all are my fev..
      Love you sooo much..
      Tama exam kebe????????

    4. i agree with you banita ,really that part when anika remember shivay and her old memories that part was superbbbb ,and i just feel ki l liked that part most in the whole epi ,mere to akhon me pani a rahi thi ,kinta emotional tha ,love you shivika forever ,!!!!

    5. Banita

      Heyy Tania…
      Yeh me also like that part most in d whole epi…. All lovly moments between Shivika….
      Yup , Love U SHIVIKA…

    6. Banita

      Yup dii , that was d best part…

    7. Banita

      Arpu , i dont think ipl is d main reason for IB’s trp loss…. Becz no serial effected by ipl this week… 10pm slot – Isa.. Jumped to 3rd position… I m not saying ki wo serial acha nahi hain.. I just want to say agar ipl reason hota toh wo serial ki trp itni acchi nahi aati… Wase vi if u see trp chat koi vi serial IPL ke wajahse kuch jayda loss nahi hua hain…
      Mora vi exm june ku postpone haegala…
      Nahi nahi ab toh bahat din ho gaye hain moderation uncle ko mere comment khaye huye… LOL…

    8. Luthfa

      Hi Bani,how are you?
      Forget trp dear.It only spoil your mood.Episodes are dragging because of NM and his vacation.And I agree they shouldn’t have repeated that water stunt again and that even when Shivaay won’t rescue Anika.Pinky’s break down on Roop’s feet was a sight to watch.Now I am also waiting for Charlie and Khanna’s fight.Let’s see what happens next.Take care?

    9. Banita

      Hlo Lu… I m good yaar…. How about U???
      Hmm… Why d same type of water stunt again nd again…!!!
      Charli nd Khannaji’s fight ki toh mein kbse intejaar kr rahi hun… Hopd cvs will show a perfact fight scene between these two…. Finger crosse…

    10. Pushpa

      bani dear ….. i also asked pinky why didnt u pull the trigger… that teeth booth to die ..
      tht will be nice ot c khanna & charli fighting for their bosses…. and khannaji will win the battle…

    11. Banita

      Yeh dii…
      It’s my dream… I want to see both of them fighting… Bahat maaja aayega…

  11. Hello hello my dear PKJ family, hope all will have a good day. Wow wow oh my goodness the episodes are getting so interesting that I can’t even Guess what will happen next. Today anika nailed the episode with her bravery. I think shivaay will be proud when he had seen how anika tried to escape from the clutches of Veer. Anika was right. She used to say that ever since she was an orphan she had to learn her own survival skills against such kind of monsters in society. She was brilliant. Too bad Veer caught her after all the attempts of escape. Arpu dear I will have to borrow your coined term. Today I would say it was waterbaaz and vasebaaz…. Either it is the water or someone hits someone else on the head with a bottle or vase.

    So today full on was. Anika’s episode and I must hand it out to pinky on how she was pleading for shivika. At least now everyone knows that anika’s Father was not involved in KYM.

    Doesn’t Roop get tired of the same saying ‘You have separated me from my son’ …. Fine the seniors did that but what did Roop do. They only separated one child with his Mother. Roop separated so many parents and their children by setting fire and killing Kapoor where the three girls were fatherless and made Anika an orphan by killing Harshvardhan. So didn’t Roop separate so many children and their Father and Mother and she keeps harping on how the Oberois separate her and veer. Ridiculous!!!

    I am glad the cvs dedicate this episode to Anoka as in to a women because after the minor rape case in India cvs are trying to show in this episode women are not weak and vulnerable. They can take on any men single handedly like what Anika did even though she was losing the battle she never gave up. A good lesson for all women that they should never fail weak and show their strength by using their brain power

    1. Luthfa

      Hi Sindhu di,
      Anika never falls weak and that’s the speciality of her character.That’s why we love her so much.Roop is a disgusting person.She goes on and on to describe her parting with Veer but forgets about those who became victim of her personal revenge.Nowadays everybody is in breaking mood and hurling things at others.Very nice analysis di.Take care?

    2. Thanks so much my dear luftha

    3. Hii Sindhu di ,
      u r right that bua had done such a big and unforgettable sin by killing Mr Kappor and Harshvardhan Trivedi .
      But she os not at all guilty.bcoz she is nusy in taking revenge

      I don’t understand which type of person she is??

    4. Sindhu di….yiu have the right ……
      Waterbaaz is perfect for episode..
      I agree with you totally…
      Agree with each and every point
      Love you sooo much di..

    5. Banita

      Hlo Sindhu dii…
      Agree with U… Why d hell DWB is just repeating again nd again that line… I just hate her…
      nd yeh me too felt like this… May be someone else is there in d place of NM…

  12. Now I don’t understand one thing. If shivaay’s phone is on why didn’t Omru trace his location instead of just waiting for him to come to the house? Isn’t that ridiculous? Charlie managed to trace him but not Omru

    I also feel that maybe nakul is on leave because during the precap they did not show Shivaay’s face. Only his voice was heard and someone driving. So I am not sure today’s episode shivaay will be there or they have prerecorded his scenes. Somehow I felt that his shots were sort of taken earlier before he may have gone on leave.

    1. Luthfa

      Everything is depending on cvs di.And because of NM’s vacation,things have taken an off turn.Hope next week will be better.Let’s see?

    2. Luthfa

      You are right di but I think because of NM’s vacation things have gone in off turn position.Hope next week will be better.Let’s see?

    3. Bcoz Cvs wanted to do that..?????

  13. Pagals…
    Listen to me carefuly.
    I want to say
    First watch show..
    Don’t panic..
    It is not going to happen at all.
    So once again i am saying Dont panic………

    1. what a generation gap ? nooooo its not needed…i really won’t believe this,….we want all our lovely pairs..

    2. Aathu i told na..DONT BELIEVE ON SPOILERS.
      just watch the show and enjoy it..

    3. Hi guys ,good morning ,and Arpita what are you saying ,,but i really feel we should’nt give importence to the spoilers yrr ,bas galat information jada dete hai ,i mean 1st spoilers me we got information ki shivay ka hero type entry hoga or shivay anika ko bachyega but nothing like that happen ,so i think if we want to enjoy IB we have not to believe the spoilers ,

    4. Yes Tania..if we want to enjoy the episodes..
      We have to ignore all spoilers.

    5. Hi good morning PKJ members . Oh god boring episode ,how anika managed to escape from that veer was good . Else everything was so boring. Uhh .. and why didn’t pinky shot that roop ,if i was at her place i would have both mother and son. oh cvs pls show something new.

    6. Luthfa

      Hi SANA,
      Good morning dear.
      Bua and her son are getting on our nerves very badly.Just hope cvs end their track soon and start another new track.Take care?

    7. Good afternoon Sana dear…
      Bua is really buaaaaaaa Vomit…

    8. Luthfa

      Spoilers are another headache.They just snatched the essence of watching the episode.Don’t believe such spoiler.Wait for the verified confirmation for anything before making speculation.

  14. gud morning…
    this bua and veer r really disgusting… loved shivika pair…
    where is this gauri and bhavya ?

    1. Luthfa

      Hi Aathu,
      Good morning dear.
      Don’t know where are they.Only makers can tell.

  15. Hi my guys…..arpu,bani,luthfa di,niya,pushpa di(are u tamil?) ,aayush and some others sry I can’t remember….
    Just dragging episode..but I like it…bcoz there is full of my ani di….just ignore that irritating bua&VPC…..I think this toothpaste ad(someone said) did her ph.d in irritating others…….
    Oh my anika di…..what a brave girl……u r my inspiration…..she is unbreakable,emotional one,loved others,she had all the possessions
    To lead a happy life….. girls should be like her,…chandu di u r great……I am watching IB only for u…whatever may be the dragging epi and that bua,so many negatives,my eyes and heart just around u…both of them never lies na… u r my most beloved one…
    Nice to watch the FB……let’s wait and watch what’s gonna happen?..

    1. Luthfa

      Hi Susi,
      I agree with you totally.Anika the invincible fighter.She is our inspiration to fight against anything.Episode was boring somewhat but it will improve next week probably.Let’s hope for the best.Take care?

    2. Hello Susi di ,
      ya…… you are right annika is a brave girl .
      She inspires not only u but each and every girl.

      Flashbacks were really good.
      Take Care u too.

    3. Hii Susi……
      Yaa kitile dragging but i also love it..bcoz of Annika di…
      Agree with you..
      Yes that FB scene was really emotional and nice..
      Love it..

    4. Banita

      Heyy Susi…
      Agree with u dr about Anika…
      Yeh they r just dragging it… Hope from nxt week it will be nycc without any drag…

  16. Nikita_jai29

    Don’t believe on spoilers and actors are performed their act together very well….

    1. Luthfa

      Exactly Nikita dear?

    2. Yes Niku..agree.with it..

    3. Banita

      Yeh Niki dii… All r just stupid rumores..

  17. HiIi my khidkitod Arpita di ,
    and how r u ??
    First of all ,I just want to tell u that I like ur names like PHONEBAAZ,
    and many more…….

    pakadam pakdai chal rahi hai….
    . he he ….so funny di.

    and ya its really very difficult to shoot in Summer days .
    Al the actors specially Nakuul bhayia, Surbhi di and Nikiten Sir deserves appreciation.

    correct di Annika is born fighter she never gives up .

    Di, not only Luthfa di but ur analysis is also khidkitod , darwazatod .

    and one thing which I like most in u is u have good sense of humor.
    It’s a request di always be like this .
    I love u a lot.
    Ok bye take care.
    Hamesha isi tarah haste raho or hasate raho aur comment karte raho.
    Har kisi mein dusro ko khush rakhne ki quality nhi hoti jo aap mein hai.

    1. Luthfa

      Awwww….You have made me totally speechless Ishita.You are so so sooooooo….sweet.God bless you always.Love you?

    2. My Little sis Ishu…..
      How are you
      You made me khidkitod…..thank you soo much..
      Yiu are soooooo sweet….
      You too stay always like this..cute bubbly.
      I will try to make you smile more…pakkka.
      Love you sooooooo much..

  18. Hii Banita di ,
    I am fine nd u ??
    oh so u were busy with ur studies..
    No problem comment here whenever u get time.

    Ya …..trp is less , but what to do

    Just hpoe for the best.

    Me too want fight between khannuji and Charlie.

    Ok bye .
    Take Care
    All the best for ur exams.

    1. Banita

      Heyy Ishu…
      I m good dr… How about U??
      Yeh just hope that nxt week trp stable ho…
      It’s f9 dr… No need to say sorry… Moderation uncle generally ase gadbad kr dete hain…
      Yeh how i wish ki pinky uski daant to tod deti… Kaas wo vas DWB ki daant mein lagta… Mujhe sukoon milta…
      I m also missing dadi nd Sahil most…
      TC…Love U…

  19. So shivika are going to die…. generation leap ahead…. tak tak tak

    1. Eman dear..welcome to pkj..
      plz Don’t believe on any spoilers they are just too much confusing and headache type.
      So just watch the episode and enjoy

  20. Good afternoon my lovely family .
    How was ur day and How r u all??

    First of all,
    Sorry Arpita di and Banita di Galti se mistake ho gayi.
    Actually meine to aap dono ko reply hi kiya tha but i don’t know how it get posted in new comments. really sorry for that.

    About episode it was somewhat dragging and it was all about annika and veer .
    No Gauri .
    No bhavya.
    No Om .
    No Rudra .
    No tejvi.
    No dadi.
    and not even shivaye.
    I am missing dadi a lot please dadi come back soon.

    It was good to hear that for annika what shivaye says is truth. Through this she proved she trust him more than her self.

    Now a days pinky is surprising me.
    I like when pinky hits bua with vase but I like it more if she breaks her teeth with that vase.

    Roop is so bad she is just destroying everything in the name of revenge.
    She is not only responsible for annika’s and kapoor sister’s fathers death but she is the one who snatch childhood from Annika..
    Childhood is the golden period of ones life but because of her so called revenge it became most horrible period of Annika’s life.
    I hate her for all that.

    Banita di, Luthfa di, Pushpa di, Sindhu di , Susi di , Niya, Arpita di, Sana,Tania and many more all of ur comments r nice.

    Ok bye .

    See u at night or tomorrow
    Till then stay happy and stay safe.

    1. Luthfa

      Hi Ishita,
      Good afternoon to you too dear.
      Me too is missing Dadi a lot.Don’t know where are they.Even Tejvi are missing.Roop bua destroyed so many things along with people and their memories became bitter one.Just hope she gets apt punishment for her countless sins.Anyway,take care.See you tonight?

    2. Ishu….
      All are become Mr India
      Me too yarr missing Dadi and Sahil like anything..
      And Lu told me to calm i am calm now..otherwise the amount of anger i have for Bua. I realy want do her gangaramm.
      Usko ulta latka ke done ka man kar rahe he..
      Btw I want to ask you one thing Do you understand hindi..( just asking)..
      And Why are yiu saying sorry is absolutely ok…
      No sorry..
      Love you…

    3. Yes di ,
      I can understand but why??

  21. Pinky calls shivaay, annika calls shivaay, omru calls shivaay, Roop calls shivaay where will be shivaay present?

    1. Adiri dear that is why i call it Phonebaaz..????..

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