Ishqbaaz 19th April 2017 Written Episode Update

Ishqbaaz 19th April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Mahi fights with the goons. He says till Mahi is there, nothing can happen to you. Shivaye asks how did this blood come. Anika says Mahi is bad, but he is not mean, maybe he did this on someone’s saying. Shivaye asks Ranveer to come in front of him if he has courage. Lights flash on him. The goons come there. Shivaye asks where is Ranveer. The man says we will say. They surround Shivaye. Shivaye fights with them. They hit him with a metal rod. Anika gets tensed and says Shivaye…… Shivaye falls down unconscious. The goons tie him to the chair. Mahi drives the bike and comes there.

He gets down the bike. He says if you touch Shivaye, you will have to use one hand all life. The goons asks who are you duplicate, you do good comedy. Mahi says I do action better. He puts some powder and makes a line. He says this line is your border, if you cross this, I will do your Gangaram. The goon says we took supari to kill him. Mahi says I have sworn to save him. The goon says if you have courage, save him. Mahi says if you have courage, touch him and show. The goon to hit Shivaye with a sword. Mahi holds the sword in hand. His blood falls over Shivaye’s face. Mahi beats the goons with a big metal rod, to defend their attack. The fight goes on.

All the goons fall down. Mahi goes to Shivaye and sits. He opens the ropes. He removes his headband and does relief to Shivaye’s wound. He gets tearful eyes and holds Shivaye’s face. He sets Shivaye’s hair. He holds his own face and hair and cries. He says I m here, Mahi is here, till I m here, nothing can happen to you. He gets up. He takes Shivaye’s phone and calls Rudra. He says I m in old mill, come and pick me. He keeps back the phone in Shivaye’s pocket. He holds Shivaye’s hand and then gets away.

Rudra reaches there. He sees Shivaye and runs to him. He asks what happened to you, get up. He lifts Shivaye on his shoulders and takes him in the car. Mahi looks on from far.

Its morning, Shivaye wakes up. Pinky asks are you fine, we were worried, what happened, how did you faint, what were you doing in old mill. He asks where is Anika. Anika says I m here. He asks her to come to him and sit. Pinky sees Anika and gets up. Shivaye asks Anika to sit. Anika sits with him. Pinky stands with other family members. He asks are you fine. Anika says you are hurt. He says you are also hurt. She says I m fine. He says then even I m fine. Pinky cries. He holds Anika’s hand. He asks how did I come here. Rudra says courier guy delivered you, you just have one dashing brother. Shivaye jokes oh, Om got me here, how did you know I m in old mill. Rudra says you called me and asked me to come to old mill. Shivaye asks how did I call you, I remember, I reached there, some goons attacked on me, then I fainted, and then I woke up here. Rudra says it was your phone and even voice was yours. Shivaye says no, I did not call you. Rudra says maybe you forgot. Shivaye says I did not. He sees the blood marks on his shirt and touches his head. He says I have no wound, how did this blood come.

Mahi comes home and says Maa why are you after Shivaye’s life. He gets a call. Ranveer says its me, listen to me, I have gone underground, police is finding me, there is major problem, Kamini went somewhere, you also get underground before police reaches you. Mahi says she did not tell me and went. Ranveer ends call. Mahi says Maa went and did not tell me.

Rudra says this would be his blood. Anika says I also think so. Shivaye asks whom are you talking about. She says we are talking about duplicate/Mahi. Rudra says you called me, his voice is like you, it means he called. Mahi goes somewhere and cries. Shivaye says you mean Mahi saved my life, he is the same person who kidnapped me, he kept me in confinement, he tried to prove me fake, you are saying he saved my life. Anika says why would he kidnap you if he had to take your life, think Shivaye, you were unconscious, goons would have done anything, but someone came and saved you, he saved you, I don’t think he is that bad. Mahi plays mouth organ and cries.

Shakti says I think Shivaye is right, you all think why will any wrong man do a right thing. Shivaye says exactly. Anika says maybe he did this on someone’s saying, or maybe he was helpless, think he stayed here as Shivaye, but he never used this, he did not steal money, he always stayed away from me, he never tried to come close, he is bad, not mean. Pinky asks are you taking his side. Anika says no, I think there would be big reason behind this. Shivaye thinks why did he save me, what can be the reason behind this.

Anika talks to Sahil. She says I love him, but he won’t love me. Sahil asks why. She says if Shivaye knows, I m raised in an orphanage, maybe that day will be last day of our relation. She cries and hugs Sahil.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Wow it was amazing episode mahi just love u soooo much (mahi’s lovers u have got another sautan)he is going through so much pain but no one is there to support him or share his pain. Its really amazing to see mahi such kindhearted & caring person because after spending so many years with kamini he did not become bad or adopt kamini’s worst thinking. OF is lucky to have shivay & shivay is lucky to have anika a loving wife & Mahi a protective brother both can give there life to save shivay.

    1. Welcome to the sautan club firdose?

  2. Today’s epi was nice……today again maahi stole d show……..
    How come annika got tat sling all of a sudden i thought they’ll show something abt tat bt mo they didn’t……. Seems lyk d sling was delivered late n they thought why to waste it so used it later……… d way rudy carried sso it was as if he’s carrying a wheat sac
    Today somewhere i Also felt tat shivaay was wrong he shld hv at least answered to pinky bt no he kept saying anika sit anika sit……i felt bad fr pinky…….everyone except sso noticed pinky crying tat tym (aniru prinku shakti)……….bt yea i njoyed tat small prt of shivika n m sure u all also enjoyed
    So they hv Only one kidnapping place tats d “old textile mill” even daksh kept ani there
    Gd one maahi ma 9 2 11 ho gyi…….tat means now Njoy ib fr few days without kamini’s drama
    At least someone understood tat Mahi is bad nt vry bad now hope ani will dig out d truth
    Precap- again i felt lyk ani’s past is on d way otherwise why All of a sudden they brought d orphanage discussion ……..or is it heading towards shivika unison Bcz they brought nkk also suddenly in tat omru convo…….don’t know bt something is surely cooking up fr shivika
    Also saw a pic indicating some award function n most probably shivaay appreciating annika fr tat means again another insecure moment fr pinky n this tym it wld be beyond limits……

    1. Yes Shree.. 1 things for sure.. anis past is definitely on the way..
      I was definitely waiting for the story line to take that direction.. but now am scared.. especially with pinky’s added drama.. i fear shivika seperation..!

    2. Actually u know wat if there is a separation track b/w shivika i’ll be quite okay with it unless it is becomes boring fr us ( now u cn kill me fr this)…….then it’ll be something fr shivika n nt tat d villains will get more priorities……. i think d separation track will make sso realize ani’s importance n hope he’ll undrstnd his feelings…… some r sayng there will be a leap which i don’t wnt at all……. even if there’s is a leap then how’ll they connect dbo with ib so plzz no leap so soon

    3. Ranilya

      Yes sree everyone except SSO noticed how hurt Pinky felt…
      Shakthi even tried to console her by patting…
      SSO should not have done this…

    4. Bt d fct is sso can’t be blamed cmpletely fr tat………frm d starting we hv seen omru were more imp to him pinky was jst wearing a tag of being sso’s mom bt nvr seen any spl bonding b/w them……… now this girl came in his lyf whom once he used to blame fr everything bt always found her on his side…….now situations so created tat losing tat gal became his biggest fear n d day before only he hd to face his biggest fear n in all this he forgt everyone…….. bt shivaay if u keep on repeating these mistakes u only hv to pay fr it

    5. Amayaa

      Rudy carry Shivay like carrying a wheat sac
      Ha ha ha
      That old textile mill is de perfect favourite nd 1 nd only place for torturing de main leads
      Shivay bhaiya u have 2 maintain a good nd balanced relationship with ur mom nd ur wifey both

      PRECAP is really unexpected nd horrible
      Hope for de best ???

    6. Exactly Amaya precap as shown yesterday was a normal convo b/w anni sahil which happened earlier also bt this i m nt getting any gud vibes……..wat will happen if pinky really hears d convo

  3. A very senti episode.. I commented few days ago but couldn’t comment again bcoz of my entrance tests. That day Archiya di asked that is Diya my real name..yes di its my real name. I saw a post on insta about a separation track between shivika..anyone here knows about it?? Plz tell

    1. Amayaa

      No diya
      Don’t give heart attack from now only

      Is this really going 2 happen? ?????????????

  4. Ok,first let me clear it out that this comment has nothing to do with 2day’s episode. My comment is dedicated to “THE ULTIMATE MAN…NAKUUL MEHTA”.Yes,he totally deserves this title & respect as he has earned it.I know many of u have been his fan ever since PKDH.But 2day i’m going 2 share my journey…Let me start with the day when I first saw a cute & quite handsome boy in star plus who was promoting his new show & didn’t pay much heed to him.It was so because this incident dates back 2 2012 when only one man was occupying my mind & soul-“BARUN SOBTI aka ASR”?Yes guys u guessed it r8.i’m talking about pyaar ka dard hai’s Aditya Diwan.When somehow I started watching the show(mind u just coz of Mansi Salvi coz I love her too much), was when I saw his acting & wasn’t that much impressed.I hated adi-pankhuri’s pairing & disha parmar during those days.From AND, I came 2 know his name-“NAKUUL MEHTA” which failed 2 impress me either (who has such a wierd name in recent times!was my thought then).& one fine day,in 2014 the show ended.It was a relief for me as I’ll not have 2 see their faces again.Especially his.
    Now comes the 2nd part.its 2016…. I saw ishqbaaz promo & was immediately attracted by 24th concept of bro bond(I was in class 11 & this is the time when u r closest to ur siblings & I was no different). The 2nd reason for my love for the show was OMKARA SINGH OBEROI aka KUNAL JAISINGH (as I found this character diff from all the rest of the characters played on TV till then & I too had a crush on KJ from THE BUDDY PROJECT days??). Honestly speaking,I was sceptical about NM as to how would he carry off an angry young man look (as I was still thinking him to be Adi) in a diff way (as its such a common concept on TV nowadays).
    But then I started watching the show.& I really don’t know when I started falling for him!may be when he cried for Annika during daksh track;or may be during Shivika wedding;or may be when I saw his acting attitude 2wards his bros..!!!or may be the very first day I saw him doing the SSO signature step & looking at Annika with anger along with passion filled in his eyes!!!& was ignorant towards that!!! But that didn’t stay longer… as soon as ishkara was scrapped.,my complete attention shifted 2wards Shivika & then eventually I fell in love with SSO (& NM too)!!! I thought ” he’s not that bad! I can be his fan too!” & started surfing net.watched a few of his interviews from 2014 to 2016 & then I realised how much growth he has gone through in these 2 years both as an actor & as a person! He compelled me 2 admit 2day that “Yes!!! Now I watch the show just for u Nakuul!!! & i love ur name too!!!” That much is his power… not just as an actor…but as a man!!! He is very successful indeed but i never saw even a bit of ego in his talks,his rappo with the co-stars made me love him even more, his loyalty towards his wife even after having such a crackling chemistry with his co-star (we have witnessed many incidences when most loyal couples divorce coz of extra marital affairs-I don’t want to mention the name here) made me respect him with all my heart & soul,24th way he addresses his fans & viewers made me fall on my knees for him & last but not the least,his acting made me give away my heart to him. I don’t believe this is the same man whom I used to hate so much!!!& now he’s no.1 in my list of favourite celebrities (recently he took over Barun Sobti)with his talent & goodness. Never in my life have I seen such a beautiful soul!!!! “A GEM OF A PERSON” is something which we rarely say now in recent times….But this man justifies this phrase…”NAKUUL MEHTA IS TRULY A GEM OF A PERSON”.THANK YOU NAKUUL SIR FOR CHANGING MY WAY OF SEEING A PERSON…THANK YOU FOR MAKING ME REALISE THAT WE SHOULD NOT JUDGE A PERSON WITHOUT ANY PROPER KNOWLEDGE ABOUT HIM… THANK YOU FOR TEACHING ME SO MANY VALUABLE MORALS IN LIFE…My journey with u has been very special & different as with u I have also grown as a person with every passing day & realised LIFE BECOMES REALLY BEAUTIFUL & SIMPLE WHEN A PERSON LIKE U ARE AROUND!!! HOW I WISH I COULD HAVE U AS MY BROTHER TO GUIDE ME IN LIFE!!! BUT …STILL I AM TRYING TO LEARN A LOT OF THINGS FROM U BY BEING UR SILENT FAN WHOM U MIGHT NEVER KNOW IN UR LIFE… BUT UNKNOWINGLY…U HAVE CHANGED A LOT IN MY LIFE AND THE ALMIGHTY’S BLESSINGS WILL ALWAYS KEEP SHOWERING UPON A PERSON LIKE U… ALL THE BEST TO U… MAY U REACH ALL THE HEIGHTS OF SUCCESS & COMPASSION BOTH IN PROFESSIONAL AND PERSONAL LIFE…& MAY KEEP SPREADING JOY & LOVE AROUND U ALWAYS AS U ARE DOING NOW… U HAVE BEEN SUCCESSFUL IN SEALING MY NAME IN THE UNENDING LIST OF UR FANS…ALONG WITH MY HEART… LOVE U NAKUUL MEHTA SIR…???

    1. Aastha_Reddy

      This is a Capricorn thing yaar….

    2. So true Aastha di!!!!well on a diff note I want 2 say that i am a big fan of ura even…& was eagerly waiting for u to comment on my post someday…& it has finally happened!!!! Yippee!!!! I am on cloud 9!!!!!

    3. Aastha_Reddy

      Arshi… I am on the seventh heaven after reading you (blush blush).. I too am one Capricorn so just replied that way…ha ha…
      And I usually fails to impress people from the first sight…like He did for you….

    4. hi Arshi…tht was a good write up
      we all love shivaye singh [email protected] mehta tooo much
      he is good
      he is talented
      he is handsome, gorgeous, friendly
      the best he answers fans questions…
      in short he’s my HERA&HERO

    5. Wow! U surely have followe him..!
      Undoubtedly NM is a great actor!! And is one of the best small screen has ever seen..!

    6. Ranilya

      Arshi I wish Nakuul reads your post dear…

    7. Nivedita

      Arshi! Wow! Your journey to Nakuul’s fandom mimics mine to a degree.
      Astha–I agree that maybe it’s his Capricornian nature that gets to me..Cause I am a fellow cappy too and series he just seems like my twin.
      Arshi, I never saw Nakuul’s first serial and his name didn’t charm me as well.
      And initially when I started watching IB, the main draw was Annika, her acting and the funny script of Obros and dadi!
      As for Nakuul, I was like he is a good looking dude, but not as good as Surbhi.
      But I agree, he has certainly grown in the series as an actor. And his dual portrayal of Shivaay and Mahi brings that progress to light even more so..
      And nowadays I feel I watch IB more for Nakuul than Surbhi — and at times they are equal in my eyes..

      As for Nakuul’s​ off screen posts- yes he is totally humble, sweet and charming towards his fans.?? Plus his intellectual side and dedication towards pursuing alternate entertainment ( IDWT and Timbuktu films) draw me further in his magic! ??
      Anyways this is Nakuul’s year and I sure am glad that we get to see him shine in IB..

    8. Nivedita

      and *seriously he just seems like my twin brother (at times..albeit a more, handsome, charming and magnetic personality)..

  5. Hey maahi ur lines are awesome it clearly describes the character of our innocent & pure soul mahi.
    Shivay how can u ignore ur mother in previous episodes CV’s have shown how Shivay handled both mother & wife. It hurts a mother very badly when their children’s ignore them in front of others u need to sort out shivay before it becomes a big issue & on the other hand even pinky should understand that her son is married now & he too have some responsibility towards his wife. Well just hope CV’s does not make this as a big drama & focus on rumys’s love story & sort out our mahi’s issue n even he also gets family’s love which he truly deserves it.

    1. Thank you firdose…. keep loving dear….

  6. Piyuu

    liji , arpita mai soch ra tha anika ki hand mei kya hoga

  7. AND should be SBS,24th should be the, acting should be caring…these typos!!!!???

  8. Nice episode covered action scene,slightly romantic scene,jealous scene and etc etc precap very emotional superb acting surbhi chandna it is like your really crying and whenever you cry we will also cry automatically love you surbhi nice acting nakul like you too
    And pinky till now your problem is anika’s behaviour but now your even unable to see your son with his wife please again don’t bring any problem in shivika’s life
    Ha yaar I think this would be the problem again in shivika’s life what was shown in precap LET’S SEE

  9. Friends from many days I’m forgetting to ask you one thing what’s the meaning of tadibaaz and ishqbaaz in English I don’t know their meaning as I’m a Telugu one please yaar anyone answer please humble request

    1. Ishqbaaz – one who loves..
      Tadibaaz – one who shows attitude..
      Ishq means love and tadi means attitude..

    2. Thank you so much ANU really suffered a lot to know it thank you so much thanks

    3. Amayaa

      Tadibaaz means a man with full of attitudes
      Nd ishqbaaz means a man with full of love

      Am i right dr ishqies ???????????

    4. Heart fully thank you so much Amayya

  10. Mahiman is the name of the new superhero in town.!! Maaahimaan Maaahiman (In the shakthiman tune)..!! I can see motte motte aansu out of love flowing down the cheeks of Mahimaniacs in the forum.

    Shivay, how lucky are you. People are in queue to love you. Naseeb..!! Mahi Shivay scene was really good, but coz both are played by Nakuul, when they are coming in the same frame, I felt some technical imperfection, cut n paste was evident. Other than that the whole sequence was fantabulous.

    I did not like that Shivay took Pinky for granted today. How can he ignore his mother. Any mother would ve felt bad in such a situation I feel. Annika should ve also played smart when she made out Pinkys feelings rather than pretending to be helpless.

    Ranveer is still in the picture. So am guessing Priveer story is still on. I must say ACP looked handsome in that white outfit.

    I donno if Annika is going to be Mahis saviour or the reverse. But from today’s episode I concluded that Mahi n Annika ll ve a strong connection. (@Samm- Keep wishing) They can be of mutual help too. May be it’s Mahi who ll bring Annika Pinky close n not Shivay, who instead of bringing them close are making them enemies, knowingly or unknowingly.

    Precap- SurbhiC, darling you nail emotional scenes. To be honest I think Annika Sahil bond is better than Obros bond. Atleast they share their problems. And one thing am confused about, Shivay does not know that Annika is an orphan?? Then what did he make out when she said she has no surname. And why didn’t Annika say it till now, it’s quite unlike Annika to hide things. Hmmm..!! Anyway good that Annika is aware of the fact that Shivay still believes in the stupid ideology n is all set to face that day when things are out in open. I think we should be prepared for it too. Oh God..!! That’s another episode I am going to skip I guess. Can’t see Annika in pain, liking her more n more. Apart from being a Shivikan I think I am Annikamaniac too.

    Why Annika was wearing a sling suddenly?? SurbhiC has some injury is it or did I miss something in the episode? May be for an upcoming Shivika scene.
    Leenesh is a body builder I know that n it was commendable when he lifted Nakuul. ??
    And guess what, Shivani has got a new prey, none other than Mahi..!! Mahi tera outfits ka ganagaraam ho Gaya samjho..!!

    P.S.- Guys, new spoiler pics are out, there is a press conference in the mansion. Shivika holding hands n standing on the Dias. Donno somehow am not getting a good vibe from the pic.

    1. Lax tats a gud idea of maahi erasing d differences b/w aninka pinky true sso making them enemy luks lyk no villains left so now sso took d responsibility of making pinky against annika 😀
      Is SC injured really??
      Abt d pics i mntioned earlier tat i think its d new plan of cvs to make pinky more insecure n she’ll strt imagining ani as a sautan…… she is innocent yr she hs nothing to do with this maa- heera beta duo

    2. Shree
      I am not sure but I feel may be Annika ll disclose the truth that Mahi is Shivays twin n thereby bringing Mahi n Pinky close. Pinky out of this gratitude may start liking Annika. Also u remember in the last episode, Pinky was saying that mein bhi Apne bache ke liye goli kha sakthi Hun. May be Pinky saves Mahi n not Shivay. I know I am thinking way too much. ??
      Lol..!! ? True that now IB does not ve many villians so the makers ve decided to make Shivay negative even without his knowledge.
      I thot SC is injured, y sling all of a sudden?? I think there is an upcoming Shivika scene where Shivay helps her with the sling.
      SaaS Bahu drama is quite outdated, atleast IB should not do it.

    3. hey lax superb comment..yes were all going mahimaniacs……..
      i just hope pinky wont trouble anika…

    4. Pushpa
      Thanx again dear ??
      Seems like a SaaS bahu drama is coming up.

    5. Maaahimaaan!! Thanks for coining this.! I love it..! Mahimaniacs.. I loved that too!!

      Tell me abt it lax.. Shivaay and his Naseeb! One hell of a lucky swine he is!!
      Abt ani Sahil.. true yaar.. they are way way way better than Obros.. as soon as anika realised something huge.. she first lest it out to Sahil… am waiting to watch their convo….
      And abt the insta pic.. even am having not so good vibes.. what happens on the sis might look good.. but what follows it will definitely be a huge drama I guess!!
      As u say.. can’t see annika hurt?? writers will definitely give a nasty turn..! But I just hope that doesn’t stay long and gets positive soon!!

    6. Anu
      About the pics, there are speculations that Shivay is holding a press meet after he wins the best businessman of the year. Donno how true is it, but it seems he ll give the credit to Annika n guess who is super furious?? Pinky..!! I don’t even want to think what ll happen after that if this spoiler is true. If at all Pinky overhears the Annika Sahil conversation today, it ll be sone pe suhaaga for us…!! ???

    7. Amayaa

      Lax di
      From now onwards
      I too repeat this lines
      Thank u so much MAAHIMAAN for saving my ( not my but ur bro ) …………………..
      YA di
      Now only he can erase de diff. between Pinky ponky ( of AASHTA DI )
      Nd Anika bhabhi
      Shivay bhaiya bhi na
      Hamari ooohhhhhhnhn my mata ki bhi ooohhhhhhhhhh my mata kar di aur Anika bhabhi ka bhi pappu bana diya
      Di again if cvs make plans 2 ruin anything
      We all will go nd make his gangaram or oohhhhhhh my mata aur taai taai phis

    8. Amayaa
      CVs are going to ruin it by bringing SaaS bahu naatak I feel..!! ??

      Btw you ve a very good name Amayaa..!! I like it..!! ??

    9. Amayaa

      Just 1 word 2 say

    10. Ranilya

      It’s maahimaan
      Everywhere. . And he has made most shivikans, mahimaniacs!
      Liji/Anu me sautan list din bar din bad raha hain!!

      About the sling, I thought shivika will have a scene about he helping her comb her hair…putting on her mangalsutra….you know just make us blush…
      What say??
      Rudra pehelwan!! Love the way he lifted Nakuul….like a toy!!

    11. Rani
      Even I am hoping there ll be some Shivika moments with the sling thing. Let’s see..!!

      P.S.- this the tweet I was talking about. Plz check.


    So Mahi and Shivaye are twin brothers who lost in mela…???????? or may be mahi is real shiavye and shiavye is real mahi.????????
    Any way anika points are correct..

  12. Is anyone else worried that maybe a love triangle will form between Shivaye, Anika, and Mahi? Shivaye still focuses too much on status and Anika and Mahi are more on the same level. What if he falls for her and gives her the acceptance she wants from Shivaye?

    1. No Jashi.. that would not happen..
      1.mahi is too far good and mature to fall for his bro’s wife..
      2. Writers know that this kinda story line is a nail to their coffin..
      So we don have to bother abt something of this sort..

    2. Amayaa

      No no no
      Jashi don’t ever think about it
      I too think about it once
      Nd my head is started bursting out
      So it’s better
      We don’t predict anything from now

      MAHI is so good
      But this track of love triangle

      Oohhhhhhh God
      We can’t digest it

    3. Nivedita

      There was a Twitter post that asked if audiences would like this Mahi falling for Annika track- I hope that does not happen.. if Mahi stays he needs a different heroine–

  13. Akriti

    hii all ishiquies….
    so firstly anu, lax, astha,liba,arpu,ranilya,lijince,mahi,diyas,rajjo sorry to all because I couldn’t reply you in previous page because i have a small accident and I got injurey in my stomach…..
    but I want to clear ki ye koi vehicle accident nhi hai bas ek stupidity bhara accident hai. …….
    just leave it……

    comming to the episode. ……
    Nakul Nakul and Nakul. …
    what a fabulous actor he is. ..
    Jab mahi sso ke face of se blood saaf kar raha tha tab toh usne expressions se hi sab keha diya maano bina kuch kaha hi sab keha dena…
    I just lovit yaar. ……

    ab toh ye totally conform ho gaya hai ki mahi aur sso bhai hai…..

    Rudy ke dole shole aaj kaam aa hi gaye……
    aakir usne shivay ko itne aasani se utha jo liya….
    aur as usual uske dialogus ekdam dhaasu thy. ….

    ranveer aur kaamini underground hoo gaye chalo kuch din toh unki chepdi shakal toh nhi dekhna padega…..

    shivika moment chota tha but it was nice…..
    again shivikas telepathy wroks……

    now comming to pinky…..

    aaj mujhe uske liye thora bura laga par aaj jo hua issme anika ki koi galati nhi thi…..
    aaj shivay se hi galati ho gai pinky ko ignore karne ki. ..
    aur humesha ki taraha pinky anika ko hi blame karegi …..

    but dekha jaye toh issme shivaay ki bhi koi khaas galati nhi hai….

    he was just confused about his feelings ……

    humesha wo business me laga rehata hai par iss baar use zindagi me pehali baar kuch alag sa feel hua hai… ki isse pehale kabhi nhi hua. …

    jisk wo dard kehata hai par wo ye nhi jaanta ki ye dard nhi ye pyaar hai…..

    par pyaar toh use bahaut mila hai bhaiyoo ka pyaar, maa ka pyaar ,dadi ka pyaar, family ka pyaar….

    par ye wala pyaar ek alag hi cheez hai……
    ye aapki zindagi me alag hi maayene rakhti hai….

    I’m not telling that ki iss pyaar ke liye baaki sab choor do par ye pyaar dil ke ek koone ko apne liye alag se hi book karke rakh leta hai jis dil ke kone me koi aur jaa hi nhi sakata siway us special person ke …..

    ye pyaar kab hota hai kyu hota kaise hota hai ye pata hi nhi chalta bas pata chalta hai ki ye bas hoo gaya hai…..

    kuch logo ko ye jaldi samajh aata hai aur kuch log isse jaldi samajh nhi paate ya phir accept nhi kar paate ya phir confess nhi kar paate …..
    jaise ki shivaay……

    usne aisa experience first time kiya hai. ….
    iss liye wo isse samajh hi nhi paa raha hai ya phir accept nhi kar paa raha hai…..

    ya shivay ki sabse badi 2 problem :-
    1.tadi,attitude,ego or stupid idelogy all we now that he can’t express himself and his feelings

    bas wo apni feelings ko dabane ki koshis kar raha hai jo ki usse ho nhi raha hai….
    aur usko feelings us par haavi to rahi hai….

    aur bas usko sirf anika ka hi khayal aa raha hai aur wahi bas dikh rahi hai usse……

    aur wo emotionally bahut confuse hai…
    so usne pinky ko galti se na chahata hue but ignore kar diya …….
    par iska matalab ye nhi hai ki wo pinky se pyaar nhi karta wo pinky ko bahaut pyaar aur respect karta hai aakhir wo uski maa hai aur maa ki jagaha koi bhi nhi le sakata….
    par anika ne bhi toh goli khai hai usske liye uski bhi usko bahaut chinta hai…

    bas ye baat pinky ko samajh nhi aati….
    aur wo bura maan gai….
    par use samajhna chahiye….
    aakir maa apne baccho ki baat bina sune hi samajh jaati hai…
    toh ye pinky kyu nhi samajh rahi shivaay ki feelings ko uski khushi ko ki wo anika se bahaut pyaar karta hai….
    use samajhna chahiye….
    balko as a mother use toh shivay ki help karni chaiye ki wo jald se apni feelings samajh le….. .

    but nhi usse bas jealousy ho rahi hai anika se ….
    aur wo insecure feel kar rahi hai….
    which is not right…

    par mujhe lagata hai ki she (pinky) is over thinking and over posssieve….

    usko bas apne bete ke pyaar uska apni maa ke liye pyaar aur respect pe bharosha rakhna chahiye anika ko samajhne ki koshis karni chahiye saas ban kar nhi par ek dost ban kar….
    aur chaar dhaam ki yaatra par nikal jaana chahiye taaki uske maan ko shaanti mile…..

    aur pata nhi ye cvs IB ko saas bahu saga bane me itna interested kyu hai..
    but we are not interested to see this nonsense saas bahu drama in IB…

    aur aaj ke episode ke baad 5 cheez dimaag me aa rahi hai:-

    1.oberois will accept mahi (which we want)

    2.shivika seperation ( hum ye bhi nhi chahate but agar ye chota to toh chalega kyuki isse shivika aur karib aayenge but agar bada ho toh just forget about it).

    3.anika’s past revelation (which we really want to know )

    4.destruction of shivays stupid Nkk ideology… (which we badly want)

    5.confessio (but mujhe nhi lagata ki Cvs itni jaldi confession dikhayenge)

    but aisa bhi ho sakata hai ki upar ke Sare points me se kuch bhi naa hoo aur kuch alag up ho jaye ekdam unexpected and illogical…
    because in IB expect the unexpected…..

    aur sach kahu toh mera toh cvs pe se bharosa hi uth gaya hai….

    bas episode dekho aur enjoy koro joo ho raha hai ….

    kyuki kuch bhi pehale se imagine aur expect karna se humara hi pappu ban jaata hai…

    1. Very well written dear…u HAVE conceived SSO’s p.o.v. very nicely!!!

    2. Akriti.. first take care of your health dear..

      And one thing I said is true.. YeH wala pyaar alag hain… u might love ur parents.. u might luv ur siblings.. above these too.. u will love it kids too… but above all love for ur life partner will always be different.. that’s quite a true statement.. and especially in the phase where u have just started falling for them and building a relationship.. u r always in a trans.. everything else around would seem negligible!
      Pinky definitely shud understand that.. but still shivaays reaction yesterday was actually so unlikely if Shivaay.. CVs are zabardasthi spoiling his character drama to bring in saas bahu drama!!

      And abt ur 5 points in upcoming episodes.. we have to see abt how and in which order these events unfold.. especially annikas past and shattering of sso’s NKK ideology is very critical to the story line.. hope they have handled it well..!

    3. Amayaa

      My God
      Akki control
      Itna gussa mat karo Shivay bhaiya pe
      Don’t take too much stress
      Everything will be fit nd fine

      may CVS see ur comments
      ND fulfil it

      Each nd every point mentioned by u is correct
      We can’t do anything except prediction
      Every thing is in CVS hand now
      Hope for de best

    4. Ranilya

      Akriti hope you r fine…
      Dhyan raka karo apna.

      All your 5 points r good…hope the cvs work on it properly…hamesha hum kuch soch the hain aur cvs kuch dikathe hain!

    5. Hey akriti…… All ur points are correct at its place….waiting for Mahi to enter in OM….
      Even I also felt bad for pinky…

      Get well soon and @takecare….

  14. Akriti

    and forget to mention about precap i will mention it tomorrow because now i am felling very sleepy

    1. Ranilya

      Super dp.
      Where did you get it from?

  15. Akriti

    and one more thing shivay also had to understand about his mother’s feeling
    he has to maintain a right
    t balance between his mom and his wife….

  16. Ranilya

    Hello.. ..
    So how many of you r crying and how many of you r angry on Shivay??
    Lag raha hain ke Shivay ne Anika-Pinky bonding ka oh my mata karne ki tan le raki hain… !! Uff Shivay your spoiling things betn them…
    Come on Shivay your mom is sitting next to you, worried to the core…imagine the plight of a mother with an unconscious son in dont front of her, and you dint don’t bother to atleast reply in monologue??
    We all know your concerned about Anika, she on your mind 24/7 but still Pinky is your mom!! You coukd have cared for Anika in more sensible way. I’m sure Pinky wouldn’t mind…
    Can’t even blame Pinky today….
    Pls dont repeat this again…
    Poor Anika feel so sad for her…even though she understood pinky’s misery she was helpless …
    Anika pls put some sense into Shivay regarding this matter dear…only you can do it.

    Oh Mahi….y r u so good…?
    You have so much love within yourself, how well you would take care of your family if given a chance…..kahan aake yeh kameeni ke paas phans gaye ho yaar…

    1. Ranilya

      It’s monosyllabic not monologue…..
      Tired of correcting autocorrect!!

      And my comment got posted half way through!!

    2. Ranilya

      Poor mahi

    3. Ranilya

      True brotherly love…kammal ki acting by nakul…
      Loved the way Mahi caressed Shivay and his dialogues too…Shivay got an elder brother…wow so nice…shivay always took care of his younger siblings with all responsibility now he can recieve
      Felt like consoling Mahi with a tight hug….
      Mahi don’t worry Mrs kanji ankh will surely get you into OM with full respect…

    4. Ranilya

      Now he can receive love as a younger sibling.

    5. Ranilya

      Anika darling…only you can understand Mahi so pls do the needful and get to OM asap.

      Precap??? Anihil convo great but Anika’s words saddened me today…

    6. Ranilya

      Poor Mahi… when he returned home n found that his mom is no where to b seen…i felt he looked like a lost child….the grief he underwent when he realised his mom has left without informing him….i too felt like crying…
      How could she do this? I know She is not his biological mom.. but still for about 30 yrs Mahi has been calling her and treating her as mother, she could have respected that atleast…

    7. Ranilya

      My comments today r like the compartments of a train ?????????

    8. Ranu…
      Answer to ur question.. am doing both.. one side crying for mahi and on the other side extremely angry on sso..
      It is ok to be in love.. it is ok to be totally totally blinded in love.. it ok to think abt them 24*7 and stay in a trans.. but it is not ok to be insensitive..
      as u said a monosyllabic reply and an acknowledgment of pinky’s concern cud have made the situation better..
      But again.. I felt what he did was also so unlikely if him.. writers are just di ding ways to bring in this saas bahu drama!! ?

      And abt mahi.. true.. if given a chance how well will he take care of his family.. it was quite evident from the way he was caressing shivaays hair!!
      Even am pinning all my hopes on MrsKanji ankh.. but poor gal… kudh problems me phans gayi hain… how will she attend to mahi.. ?
      Glad that she is opening up to Sahil.. their convos always gives her clarity.. dunno how her past is gonna affect shivika! Scary!!

    9. Ranilya

      Anu it scares me too to think of the separation.. .i don’t want pinky to bring in mu betn Shivika.. .

    10. Amayaa

      Rani di
      Don’t be angry on Shivay bhaiya so much
      I know he has 2 care for both his mother nd his wife
      ND respect their emotions too

      Today even i m not angry on Pinky
      But he was in unconscious state na
      That’s why may be

      He is gr8 wall na
      Everything be okkkkkkkk ?

    11. Ranilya

      Hope everything will b under control amaaya…
      Donno y cvs r doing this… they r spoiling shivay’s character…
      I don’t want any prbs betn aniky

    12. Nivedita

      I cried for Mahi.. ??poor dear.. i hope he gets to experience some family love soon..??
      But I am not mad at Shivaay- because in real life we can all b insensitive at times..
      Also I do feel Pinky is over reacting a little bit.. though from her point of view it’s understandable- most Saas I have seen are like that to some degree– not able to handle the divided love of their son..

      Maybe it takes time for a Saas like Pinky to get around to sharing their son’s love..

      Ranilya– if one has been hit on the back of the head, one is excused such insensitivity ?
      Maybe the beating knocked all off SSO’s tadi and made him a cutely and newly enmeshed in luv Billu ji..??

    13. Ranilya

      Nivi as you wish dear..this time due to head injury shivay can b given a chance…bit I feel the damage is already been made…im sure Pinky will spoil things for us shivikans…

  17. Gayathri.visu

    Mahi…..stoles the episode! He is real hero in yesterday….. His emotions, expressions and caring for SSO….he makes me cry! Nakuul Mehta nailed in Mahi’s character…..! Shivaay don’t create difference between Pinky & Anika!! Please balance those relationship…they are really important for u!
    Precap! I don’t pinky hear this convo…
    @MAAHI…yesterday both Mahi & Maahi are rocking!
    @RAJJO… GO GIRL GO! But how can u types long comment in short time??
    @ANU…. Me too loves Mahi sooo much after watching yesterday’s epi. I am also his biggg fan now! Can I join u??
    @ASTHA DI… Asusual professional writer’s very nice analysis..
    @RIDDIMA.. Epdidhan ipdiyellaam yosikiringkalopa. Semma comment! Semma diagolue…

    1. Welcome gayu.. welcome.. pls join us???

    2. Aastha_Reddy

      Thank you Gayathri.. its passion not profession…
      Good morning ..have a nice day…

    3. Riddhima

      Gayu … Good morning … And thank you …???

    4. r u from vk family if yes then plz come to this ff I Love U Appu.. Its The Truth Of My Life & This Love Is For Ever

    5. Thnx @gayathri.visu…. keep loving…

  18. Hello everyone …..i am back
    ab ye mat sochna ki “who cares”(lol)

    aaj ki epi…ice breaking
    mahi u r good not bad .ab shivaay bhaiya ko pyaar karne ke liye doosri bhaai bhi aagaya hai .dach me shivaay bhaiya solid good luck leke paida hoye hai ….pata nahi pichle janam me kya acha kiya ..mahi dear tumhara entry wha…. Ek dum hero entry…
    And i loved his each and every dialogue aur mahi ka pyaar dekh ke mujhe apni aankhon me aansoon aane lagi …shivika scenes great but no blushing scenes…yeh shivaay bhaiya bhi naa ab pinky itnsa insecure ho gayi hai poor anika bhabhi …shivaay bhaiya ko aisa nahi karna tha
    precap-amazing …anika bhabhi shivaay bhaiya se apni dil ki baath batane kyu dar rahe ho

    Shab di and diyas di thnks for the title …really loved it
    aastha di..main aap ki taarif sun ke blush nahi kar rahi hoon par proud feel kar rahi hoon ki koi tho hai jo mujhe taarif kar raha hai ..
    Four days ke badh main aap logon ki comments ko reply kar rahi hoon sorry…kya kare haalaat hi hee aisi
    lag tha hai bohot bol diya itna blade daal ke liye sorry…
    Voh kya hai nado din ishquies aur ishqbaaz ko bohot miss kiya
    din he nahi guzari

    1. Anikaa…. Teri annika Bhabhi ko Shivaay bhaiya se dil ki baat Bol be me isiliye dad hain kyun ki abhi bhi hume patha nahi ki Shivaay NKK ko piche chod dhiya hain ya nahi..tere bhaiya dang se I love u bhi nahi bhol paatha hai..
      Kya karegi bechari..

    2. Bolne* me isiliye dar*

    3. hi anika welcome back

  19. Actually busy vid exams tdy i have exam but what to do yar…iam out of control… This mahi??????????????????mahi stole the show yesterday…. Again again watching how mahi reactions the way he touched sso face nd said nothing vl happen to you ven iam der ??nd at last he sets shivaye’s hair I think this one is the most nd best scene I seen in Ib I tell you..mahi looked sooo innocent nd pure soul thank god atleast anika found out mahi z da one who saved shivaye’s.nd now iam 100% sure mahi knows sso is his own brother…. I want mahi to come back mansion.. I love mahi I hope writer won’t end mahi charecter very sooon I want mahi fr long tym in this show

    Tdy’s my comment is fully dedicated to mahi???????

  20. @anu dear, exactly. My didi is always rock.and maahi is also. Narbhi are really a fabulous actor

    @akrti dear, get well soon.and take care of your injury.

    And about other who are confused about if sso know about annika as orfan.I am trying to clear it.
    He knew it.bcoz when didi was injured while saving tia.she shared her sorrow with Sso.that being an orphan it is very difficult
    to survive.
    I think sso doesn’t know that Sahil and didi are not real cousins.So he thinks that sahil’s parents are her parents who are died. IT IS JUST MY POV DON’T KNOW IF THIS IS TRUE OR NOT.

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