Ishqbaaz 19th April 2017 Written Episode Update

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Ishqbaaz 19th April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Mahi fights with the goons. He says till Mahi is there, nothing can happen to you. Shivaye asks how did this blood come. Anika says Mahi is bad, but he is not mean, maybe he did this on someone’s saying. Shivaye asks Ranveer to come in front of him if he has courage. Lights flash on him. The goons come there. Shivaye asks where is Ranveer. The man says we will say. They surround Shivaye. Shivaye fights with them. They hit him with a metal rod. Anika gets tensed and says Shivaye…… Shivaye falls down unconscious. The goons tie him to the chair. Mahi drives the bike and comes there.

He gets down the bike. He says if you touch Shivaye, you will have to use one hand all life. The goons asks who are you duplicate, you do good comedy. Mahi says I do action better. He puts some powder and makes a line. He says this line is your border, if you cross this, I will do your Gangaram. The goon says we took supari to kill him. Mahi says I have sworn to save him. The goon says if you have courage, save him. Mahi says if you have courage, touch him and show. The goon to hit Shivaye with a sword. Mahi holds the sword in hand. His blood falls over Shivaye’s face. Mahi beats the goons with a big metal rod, to defend their attack. The fight goes on.

All the goons fall down. Mahi goes to Shivaye and sits. He opens the ropes. He removes his headband and does relief to Shivaye’s wound. He gets tearful eyes and holds Shivaye’s face. He sets Shivaye’s hair. He holds his own face and hair and cries. He says I m here, Mahi is here, till I m here, nothing can happen to you. He gets up. He takes Shivaye’s phone and calls Rudra. He says I m in old mill, come and pick me. He keeps back the phone in Shivaye’s pocket. He holds Shivaye’s hand and then gets away.

Rudra reaches there. He sees Shivaye and runs to him. He asks what happened to you, get up. He lifts Shivaye on his shoulders and takes him in the car. Mahi looks on from far.

Its morning, Shivaye wakes up. Pinky asks are you fine, we were worried, what happened, how did you faint, what were you doing in old mill. He asks where is Anika. Anika says I m here. He asks her to come to him and sit. Pinky sees Anika and gets up. Shivaye asks Anika to sit. Anika sits with him. Pinky stands with other family members. He asks are you fine. Anika says you are hurt. He says you are also hurt. She says I m fine. He says then even I m fine. Pinky cries. He holds Anika’s hand. He asks how did I come here. Rudra says courier guy delivered you, you just have one dashing brother. Shivaye jokes oh, Om got me here, how did you know I m in old mill. Rudra says you called me and asked me to come to old mill. Shivaye asks how did I call you, I remember, I reached there, some goons attacked on me, then I fainted, and then I woke up here. Rudra says it was your phone and even voice was yours. Shivaye says no, I did not call you. Rudra says maybe you forgot. Shivaye says I did not. He sees the blood marks on his shirt and touches his head. He says I have no wound, how did this blood come.

Mahi comes home and says Maa why are you after Shivaye’s life. He gets a call. Ranveer says its me, listen to me, I have gone underground, police is finding me, there is major problem, Kamini went somewhere, you also get underground before police reaches you. Mahi says she did not tell me and went. Ranveer ends call. Mahi says Maa went and did not tell me.

Rudra says this would be his blood. Anika says I also think so. Shivaye asks whom are you talking about. She says we are talking about duplicate/Mahi. Rudra says you called me, his voice is like you, it means he called. Mahi goes somewhere and cries. Shivaye says you mean Mahi saved my life, he is the same person who kidnapped me, he kept me in confinement, he tried to prove me fake, you are saying he saved my life. Anika says why would he kidnap you if he had to take your life, think Shivaye, you were unconscious, goons would have done anything, but someone came and saved you, he saved you, I don’t think he is that bad. Mahi plays mouth organ and cries.

Shakti says I think Shivaye is right, you all think why will any wrong man do a right thing. Shivaye says exactly. Anika says maybe he did this on someone’s saying, or maybe he was helpless, think he stayed here as Shivaye, but he never used this, he did not steal money, he always stayed away from me, he never tried to come close, he is bad, not mean. Pinky asks are you taking his side. Anika says no, I think there would be big reason behind this. Shivaye thinks why did he save me, what can be the reason behind this.

Anika talks to Sahil. She says I love him, but he won’t love me. Sahil asks why. She says if Shivaye knows, I m raised in an orphanage, maybe that day will be last day of our relation. She cries and hugs Sahil.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. @jashi dear I don’t think that there will be a love tringle.maahi aisa nahi he .hasn annika aur maahi bonding strong ho sakti he tringle nahi hoga

    @akrti dear, your each and every point is right .and that 5 things we also want except shivika separation. Agar ye separation SSO ki NKK IDEOLOGY khatam karegi.then ok.but we can’t trust on Cvs anymore.goli wala promo deke hamara pappu banaya .so I don’t want that.

    But I really want that SSO will tell annika that my soch is totally broke down before you.I want make you mine completely. You are mine only mine.

    @mouni dear , wait toh pata shivika ki chotu chotu sa scene bhi kitni intense and passionate hoti he. Agar woh log hame full blush ke mode pe le ayenge then we have to some courage to handle it (wink wink ) sooo wait.and watch.

  2. Are I forgot to say GO RAJJO GO. Congrats.

    @asthababy you prove that you are a true sis of your bro.

    But tell your pinky ponky don’t spoil my shivika s badhti nazdikiyan wali rista.woh paaka apni bak bak suru karegi. Oh nooòoooooooo ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? crybaby.I am.

    1. Amayaa

      Where is a reply for dramabaaz ( I mean AMAYAA ) ???????????
      Very few ishqies ( my ishqbaaz family members ) read my ff

    2. Amayaa

      I too become a cry baby now ???

  3. gd morning beautiful IBzians…
    hope all is well…wow wow wow today our TU rocked with Mahi Mahi & Mahi……

    Nakuul sir u nailed it wt yr Mahi character..super wonderful act left me and most of us in tears u hv played the role very welll&good until we were fighting wt tears..super owsm hatsoff to you

    its Mahi Mahi mahi & Mahi wow he stole the how totally…his love his expressions the way he touches&feel shivaye…and made sure he was safely taken back home … oh my mata hogaya yaar … i was totally swept away together with Mahi and tears in my eyes….Mahi should get the chance to life in a family…i hope shivaye together anika will bring him to OBs afterall he’s shivaye’s twin brother..

    “Everyone needs a house to live in, but a supportive family is what builds a home.. and Mahi needs this home and this family…not kamini

    Pinky have to accept the accept tht shivaye is married and he hv a wife who have saved her son’s life many times. of course sons love to mothers doesnt change its there liek shivaye is not good in expressing it , she should know this better. just hope there is no drama from pinky which will trouble anika.

    precap: anika sahil bond great sahil is always there to hear her and a big hope im keeping for saahil will inform shivaye that anika loves him and shivaye will confess to anika…just a little

    1. True Pushpa!!! It’s just mahi all over now… as u said mahi needs a home and family.. I am sure that is gonna happens pretty much soon..!

    2. Ranilya

      Everyone needs a house to live in, but a supportive family is what builds a home.. and Mahi needs this home and this family…not kamini
      Well said dear…
      A home is made by supportive n United family…and I really wish Mahi gets his due..

      1. Yes ranilya…family so important in building ourself mahi was brought up by kamini wt fully hates him&no live af alll….poor mahi


  5. I feel pinky will make a scene n separate anika n Shivaye. In D mean time truth of mahi will be revealed. That shld ne enough for oberoi family to understand that our own child is without nkk so why not anika too get a chance. Though I hate this nkk crap . mahi shld come under d fold of oberoi family n get love. It may get exhausting for nakul to play both mahi n Shivaye for long so may be they can sort out by bringing mahi under their Care. Sending him abroad for some polishing n biz sense..
    Pinky needs to give space to anika Shivaye to explore their relationship. No honeymoon yet..let them spend time together. But feeling that separation track will be played now

  6. Hi evryone.. i am Rebecca..i hav strtd watching ishqbz & dbo recently and i have undrstood the ovrall stry but since i didnt see the episodes synchrnically i have sme confusns..i saw that people interact with each other quite friendly so i thought to ask for some help..can anyone plz clear my confusions.
    i saw one of the strting episodes of ishqbaaz where shivaay was in hospital & where rudra first met saumya..she had sung a song for the obros with her guitar partner whom she caled karan but at a later episode i saw the same person being called as reyaan. who are these two?
    isn’t mahi the illegitimate elder son of oberois abt whom daimaa had told shivaay? then why was he convinced that his bro omkara is illegitimate when the other lady(probably the villan) with daimaa said that?
    are gauri(of dbo) and anika sisters? in yesterday’s precap anika said that she was raised in an orphanage and she had some dream too abt her sister being taken away from her and in one of the strtng episodes of dbo gauri’s chachi is taunting gauri( in a hospital) that she does not belong to their family and was adopted. so does this mean that they are sisters? then how is sahil anika’s brother?

    1. Hello Rebecca.. first welcome to Ib page!!
      Abt answers to ur questions..
      1. The character karan/reyaan is just a reuse of junior artiste and a directorial mistake.. sighing else significant abt that..
      2. It has still not been revealed that who is the illegitimate son that daimaa has referred to.. Mrs.kappor had just misled(probably) Shivaay that Om is the illegitimate one.. as far as Mahi is concerned his birth also remains a mystery.. he could/could not be the one daima is referring to.. we just have to wait..
      3. Ani-Gauri, again it has not been revealed yet if they are sisters.. during the first ever phone convo of ani and Gauri, second episode of DBO I guess.. they showed some kind of a possible unspoken undercurrent relation between them.. so far, we only know that anika was an orphan.. Gauri is an adopted kid to her mom.. and anika has a long lost sister Chutki…
      And abt ani Sahil.. ani lived in an orphanage from where she was adopted by Sahil parents.. but later in an accident she lost these foster parents too.. Sahil is actually a step brother, but they share a relation beyond that..

      Hope this clarifies!

    2. Ranilya

      Hi Rebecca.
      Welcome to pkj.
      Rehaan is soumya’s ex boyfriend with whom she got friendly again…but I’m not sure if that karan with whom she sang a song is the same person…
      I had forgotten about dai ma’s words…so Mahi is that eldest son who is illegitimate??
      But none of the younger oberois know about it…Shivay was made to believe that Om is illegitimate by Mrs Kapoor, but Shivay was not 100% sure.
      Thanks for reminding daima’s words.
      About Anika n Gouri we all think n wanted them to b sisters…but it was never indicated as such directly…

    3. thanks anu.. 🙂
      jst now saw a sbs segment where anika is waking up shivaay with her wet hair,then she goes to mahi’s house,and at OM pinky is hell bent on asking shivaay anika’s surname and parents but seems like shivaay is no more concerned abt all that..and i think it was 1st joint interview of nakul and surbhi… really excited for the episode..

  7. Yesterday’s episode was nice.Feeling really bad for mahi he is so concerned about his brother .The way he clean the bloodshed from his face is so nice.He stretched a line between that goons and shivaay and warns them if they try to cross this boundary so he will not spare him. He stop the sword and reminds me shivomru’s dialogue”khud par talwar chal jaaye toh gum nahi. Bhai ko kuchh kiya to ya tu nahi ya hum nahi”. His care and love is clearly seen through his this act. He truly deserves a better life and better people around him. Today mahi aka nakul made me cry????truly u deserve a best actor trophy.

    Today shivaay’s behavior towards his mom is not justified. She is a mom usse bhi bohot dard hota hai apne bete ko iss condition mein dekh kr but I think shivaay himself don’t know how to balance between a son and a husband .Pinky should have to understand this that he is noT her son anymore he is now a husband also .She should understand his son’s difficulty in balancing these two important relations because now at this stage of his life he can’t choose or lose any relation for any body

    And about pinky usne bhi apne pati ko joru ka gulaam banaya pR uski saas ne kabhi koi question nahi kiya kyunki woh janti thi ki uske bete ki zindagi mein ab koi aur bhi aa gaya hai jise vo chah kr bhi ignore nahi kr sakta . Jab dadi ne adjust kiya toh pinky kyun nahi kr skti . She have to understand this and have to adjust just like her saas .

    Today anika took maahi ‘s side which is really Good. I hope now shivaay also reconsider on it once what anika said

    And about precap…… I am spellbound so no comments????

    1. Ranilya

      Wow prerna thanks for reminding the obro dialogue ”khud par talwar chal jaaye toh gum nahi. Bhai ko kuchh kiya to ya tu nahi ya hum nahi”
      What a caring brother he would make…

  8. Piyuu

    mahi u rock today..mahi thune mere ko rula diya.mahi ne shivaay ka face touch karne ka samay i cant control my tears..sare dialogues ,emotions, actions mahi thum kamal kardiya.i love mahi today thum kithna sweet ho.nakul u are fantastic actor u did great job yaar.

  9. Hii ishqies… Astha dii.. Maahi dii… Anu dii… Lijince dii.. Shab dear… Diyaa dear.. Amayaa dear… Samm dear… Ranilya dii… Akriti dear… Chavi dear… Pushpa dear… Surbhi dear…. Shekhar bhiyaa…. Rajjo dear and many more my sweet ishqies…. Good morning to all…
    Astha dii.. Maahi dii.. Ranilya dii.. Rajjo dear….anu dii.. Aap sabke analysis and comments are awesome…
    After watching the episode… I have two feeling… 1.anika ka past revelations… Is the next track (I am hoping) after Mahi chapter finished.
    2.shivika separation because of pinky insecure feeling for shivaay….

    1. Ranilya

      Hi nikita…
      Same apprehensions here too….
      Anika past revelations is fine but hope if there is a separation track then it’s in a positive way….i don’t want it to b dragged…

    2. I think d second one bcz cvs r nt so gud tat they’ll serve us wat we wnted since a long tym……..n if they show ani’s past n then separation b/w them due to tat reason then plz don’t show d past now.. …..i always wnted ani’s revelation shld proceed with sso’s support as she hs a dark past n sso’s respect fr her shld increase after knowing abt her………n nt tat separate them when he needs him

    3. hi nikithajai how r u
      i want the 1 opt not seperation

    4. Amayaa

      Hllo niki di
      Gud afternoon

      I too want de point 1 only
      Point 2 can’t handle

    5. Hey Nikita.. Yeah.. pt1 is what we have been waiting for loooong!
      Pt2.. looks like that is upcoming too! Quite scared of it.. it is to worrying to see a shivika seperation.. and I totally totally hope even if it happens.. it doesn’t last long..!
      Coz when Shivaay was hospitalised after Lohri.. we saw what asar it has on them.. on us.. and now that they have grown even closer.. can’t bear!!

    6. Good evening @nikki… Sry for commenting late…. I also want anika’s past to be revealed soon and hopefully Gauri turns out to anika’s long lost sis chutki….

  10. thanks Anu for accepting me as ur sautan i think this is the only family where sautan’s are welcomed. Many of you guys are saying it will be Mahi to bring pinky & Ani together but don’t you guys think instead of Mahi if Shivay do this work it will give the good impact on story & as well as relations after all yeh raitha toh shivay ne Phailaya hai.

  11. Good news to ishqbaaz fans they r giving segments and I saw new segment inSBAS scene is b/w anika and mahi that anika come to mahi house

  12. Chavi

    Good afnoon ishquies..
    Sterdays episide is rocked by mahi n anika..l liked mahi’s expressions while he is seeing unconscious shivay n d way he hold sso’s hand …it seems mahi tells shivay dat he support n protect him in future ah…
    Anika applaudes to you yaar..always assuming in a right way…so soon shivika would find about mahis truth…hoping so..
    I hope cvs soon clear d confusion of pinky …

    Rudys lifting sso makes me laugh yaar…but its nice..

    Totally good touchy epi..
    Hi akriti r u?..hope ur fine now by d gods grace..ah

    1. Ranilya

      Hi Chavi.
      How r your princesses?
      Yes Anika n Mahi rocked.
      Rudy’s stunt was too good…lol

  13. Chavi

    Friends..i loved reading all ur analysis ah..good…keep writing my dears..

  14. Hi Nikita even i think Anika’s past revealation should be next but along with Shivay’s support.

  15. Hi….m.all are fine is it…..guys please send ur birthday dates and can find a person who has the Same DOB of me…..and u can know…….

  16. I was crying after that when shivajye fell down anika could feel the pain the best scene was that….lovers should also be like this they should feel the pain of each other……if one is not near u and if the person is indangeerin danger the other person should feel it…..will be…..should find where he/she is…..they r the true lovers…….can u come ti me…..I can feel u ……u sphould say…………?????

  17. Mouni

    good morning ishquis , it seems sso will finally receive his ” best business man of the year ” award and its seen that in the press conference he is holding anika , maybe thanking her ?? if pinky is there she will get into big drama l think
    about the precap am sure something happen to trigger this talk and there is a pic of sso and his parents only it seems like a hint and they were well dressed and anika was wearing her casual clothes ( jeans ) so there is 3 situation

    1 – no one heard the talk so nothing happens

    2 – sso hears it , gets shocked for min but then it doesn’t make big change for him , he already knows she has no family and name

    3 – the worst , pinky hears it and some spoilers says she will and then she will make big drama but sso can never leave anika , and even if pinky said it in front of the family they will not support her and she will lose her relationship with her son

    1. Mouni

      omg omg omggggggggggg THE MEDIA IS BACK ON SETTTTTTTTTTT
      seems pinky is trying to ask for anika’s background and sso got angry and throws the phone
      there is a seg omggggggg l can’t believe it yaaaaay

      1. Mouni
        When I read the writers tweet yesterday. I didn’t know they ll do it so soon…!! But ya its true now. Yay…!!

  18. Guys
    Spoiler videos are back I guess..!! Yay..!! ???? Mahi Annika scenes coming up.

    1. Lax.. yay!! I saw the spoiler? I saw the spoiler??
      Media is back on sets!! Yay yay??
      My God I feel like some drunkard who was restricted to booze for ages and suddenly found bottle of wine!! ??

    2. But one thing is good!! Shivaay throws his phone in anger when she asks for her details for kundli..
      So he atleast is out of NKK.. for sure..
      My gues.. pinky will emotionally blackmail annika like she did after lohri and force her to leave without shivaays knowledge/consent…
      This time annika will go farther.. Shivaay will become Devdas.. pinky realises her mistake.. shivay searched for annika..
      Am ok with this kind of a track as long as it is not boring and is fast paced..
      Let’s see!!
      Anyways!! Yay? Video spoilers are back??

      Sumi.. where are u.. she was one more soul who missed vedio spoilers a lot!!

    3. And lax.. one more.. after a loooong time.. in the Mahi ani scenes.. seeing ani in jean top indo western.. I was dying to see anika in these!

    4. Ranilya


      @Lax n Anu I can feel your excitement….i feel like dancing too????????

  19. Gd news guys media ban is over frm ib sets n saw d sbs segment……….. so we were correct story is heading towards some pst revelation of both anni n mahi…….pinky asking fr ANNIKA’s surname her parents n till now sso is supporting annika n plz i wnt this support to continue………. also ani followed maahi to his house………..means so many drama upcoming also shivika separation may be
    Bdw guys today first tym nakuul surbhi gv joint ivs

    1. Shree
      NarBhi giving IV together…!! Aankh bhar aayi meri..!! Sure, the sun has risen from West today..!!

  20. Anila_Kannath

    Hello everyone . Aastha dI arpita rejjo anu renima akriti amaaya and other all ishquiezz(sorry i miss alot of names) how r u dears

    1. Hello anila!! Am good.. how are you.. ?

    2. Amayaa

      Gud Gud anila di
      Gud Gud
      What about u ???

  21. Akriti

    hi Everyone….
    it’s a great news that media ban is over from IB sets and it’s the first. combine interview of nakul and surbhi in SBS…..
    and there is a upcoming shivika moment….
    and Mahi anika face off…..
    and pinky tries to insult anika on the basis of his surname and shivaay fumes in anger…….

    @rajjo dear congrats for first to comment.. .
    go rajjo go…

    @anu @arpu @arshi @ranilya @amayaa @chavi and all others thank you for your get well soon wishes name I am feeling better

    @ranilya dear I got these DPs from insta and Facebook and my present DP se Maine pinky ko crop karke upload kiya hai…..

    @nikitajai and anila_kannath hii and thanks for remembering me….

    @lijince dear yes we all are Mahi fan…..and soutans also but on this TU page all the soutans are friends….

    @astha @Lax @riddhima @shree @mahi @diyas @pushpa @mouni @anikaa @shab @nivideta and all the other ishiquies sorry it’s too late to reply all but I will reply to all in today’s page….

    @shree dear I also saw SBS segment and feeling happy to see videos spoilers after so many days and also happy to see surbhi and nakul together….

    Missing @Archu and @shekhar bhaiya where are you both……

    and eagerly waiting for today’s episode on bed rest….

  22. Hmm… From what I noticed.. Shivaay didn’t ignore Pinky.. He called Annika and asked her to come sit by him, Pinky should have sat on the other side of Shivaay and dotted on him instead of getting up and crying..

  23. Guys,

    Main insta pe dekha neha laxmi iyer(SOUMYA) IB aur DBO se out ho rahi hai.patha nahi true hai ya fake.agar ye true hua na tho main dhono show dekhna bandh karengi.agar Lee ki opposite koi
    acha actress laya tho okay.jaise IshKara ki badle GauriKara mila.waise RuMya ki badle acha Jodi mila tho okay.but phirbhi main nahi chaathi neha show chode.please GK aur CVS ko request karo ki RuMya ko imp dhene ko.

    LEENESH aur NEHA ki beech kuch problem hai kya.aaj kal unki selfie miltha nahi iss liye poocha tha.
    Please agar NEHA ki show chodne ka news sach nikhla tho patha nahi wo LEE ki tarah rukhengi.patha nahi aap logo main se kithni log RuMya ko pasand karthi hai aur kithni log SOUMYA ko.please guys RuMya ko next IshKara hone se rokhlo.agar wo CVS aur GK meri saamne aaya ??????NEHA show chodne ka news true ho ya fake ek dhin wo sach main show chod dhegi.
    GK aur CVS kyu aisa karthe hai kyu saare COUPLE saare LEADS ko imp nahi dhethe.

    1. Uf, I saw that too.. that Neha is out!!
      I don want it!!! I just totally loved rumya ?
      But cannot wonder if it happens.. Soumya hardly appears on screen off late!! Neha is such a talented actress.. Y will she stay if her character has no value!
      I hope this is also like lee.. I want them to stay! We want rumya!! We want rumya!!

    2. Aastha_Reddy

      Haan yaar UF..
      I too saw that Neha is leaving the show. GK should know that we want Neha..we want Neha..Neha..Our tasty golu molu tamatar…
      And the new drama who the hell bring this Guruji…Did they borrowed him to torture Annika mentally over her NKK..If he is that much intelligent Guru..can’t he predict about Annika and her surname ..Stupid guru .. hope he will be a cupid guru..Warna uski sar se do char bacha kucha baal bhi noch lungi…
      now I want to visit the maternal place of Pinky…and want to observe how much khandani they are..Pinky mera agla target tu hai…Annika ke upar ungli uthayi toh teri haath kaat dungi..
      Maahi -Chakku-Annika.. kya hai yeh….
      Baaki sab jo bhi ho definitely we want Neha and her justice on screen space among these never ending pinky family drama…
      Arpita Darling ke Rudy ke saath itna injusticebaazi kyun????
      The next pair for Lee may not make a place in audience’s heart like Shrenu is still not liked by many fans…Ishqbaazi karo Cvs not this leavebaazi…aaj yeh show chodega..kal wo.. kya hai yeh!!! Just keep all of the cast together in the show…
      Quality of Rudy’s love story is our Matto…

  24. Hye……everyone i am seema can i also join u guys

  25. Aastha_Reddy

    @Anila kanth..we are all fine here and fighting for Neha Laxmi Iyer …Join us yaar …
    @If in between all these I missed to reply any Ishquise.. then I am sorry yaaron.. I am in my friend’s marriage and still stuck to TU page..She is cursing me,”Who the hell is more important to you Astha more then my marriage “… I am Hitler in our gang na who does not believe falling in love…Its like an eight wonder for her that I am always smiling looking at my mobile…ha ha…

    1. Ranilya

      Lol Astha…

  26. Mahi stole the show

  27. welcome to IB fan page seema now u are also a part of pkj.

  28. Amayaa

    Gud evening every 1
    Today’s day is lucky 1 nd best for all de ishqies
    First , we got the news that media ban is over on ishqbaaz
    Nd then we have that spoiler video
    Nd now a big bang news for all of u
    That HOTSTAR upload today’s episode for all
    I mean no premium is required
    I just saw this by random clicking on my tab
    Omg omg omg
    I m super excited
    But ya remember 1 thing
    This chance is for only those who read ff of AMAYAA nd comment
    HOTSTAR announced this
    Ha ha ha
    I m kidding ???
    By de way I m very disappointed by no. Of comments
    It is very much less than my previous post
    I again become cry baby
    Don’t weep AMAYAA don’t weep
    Here no 1 loves u

    Well I did much drama for today
    Nd now I m going 2 watch it ………………….

    Heyyyyyy wait
    Is this known 2 every1 before only

    Bye every 1
    Again we will meet at 10:30 pm ?????

  29. Hi….astha,akriti,archiya,shab,liba,chavi and all …..guys please send ur birthday dates and can find a person who has the Same DOB of me…..and u can know…….

  30. Hii ishqies… Yr ye koi naya trend chala h kya show ko quit kerne ka… Pahele… Ishana ka. Chlo OK show ko jada time nhi hua tha..
    Phir Lee k bare m… Priyanka k bare m
    Or ab soumya k bare m… Ye ib CVS wale mujhe heart attack dila k hi manege….
    Plz God ye news false ho…

  31. Aastha_Reddy

    Diyas…It is 6th December birth day(it is bad to ask girls about their age but I can share my date only no one believes that a girl will tell truth about her age..) …ha ha….

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