Ishqbaaz 18th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Mihir challenges Shivika

Ishqbaaz 18th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Mihir says I can foretell the future of any person, its better if you forget that girl, because she got married. The guy asks how do you know, my GF got married, but I still love her. Anika says I can understand, love is such a thing, you feel at the top of the world if you get your love, else its like your life got ruined. Mihir says love is nothing, its just an overrated word. Anika says you are joking right. Mihir says no, love doesn’t exist. Anika says its not like that, we know you are a big writer and mentalist, but how can you say this. Mihir says its by chance, if two people meet, its fine, else they will find some other life partner. She says no, the ones destined to meet always meet, love is strong enough to change fate, I believe that relations are made in heaven, those who are destined to meet always meet, no matter what.

He says I will consider this as your ignorance. She says no, its my experience, this has happened with me, I m a living example, love has the power to change fate, me and my husband are just the opposite, we never imagined that we could unite, but we united after crossing all the hurdles, just because of love. Shivaye looks on and says she is right, she is my wife Anika, our worlds were different, love united us and got us together, it gave us strength to fight with name, lineage, status, our past and our ways of thinking, we have fought and won, as we are soul mates. Anika says many people have tried to separate us, they tried to create misunderstandings between us, we are together as we have love between us, relation between husband and wife is meant forever. Mihir says if this was true, people would have never taken divorce, people would not marry more than once. Shivaye says love changes fate, divorce happens when love ends, love is bigger than destiny, we believe this, sorry we don’t agree with this.

Mihir asks are you challenging my research. Shivaye says no, we are not imposing our view, lovers just stay together always. Mihir says fine, tell me, when and where did you two meet for the first time. Anika says at a temple. They recall their first meet. The lady says co cute, I wish our love story started this way. Mihir says your first meet was sweet and dramatic, love doesn’t exist, you just got lucky. Anika says no, we were destined to meet. Mihir says what if Shivaye didn’t come to temple that day or didn’t see you, he would have married someone else. Anika asks how is this possible, I m the one made for him, he had to look at me, we had to meet. Mihir says if that chance was missed, you would have not met, its all a matter of timing. Shivaye says sorry, I don’t agree with you, after meeting Anika and experiencing love, I can’t agree, Anika is the one meant for me, my soul mate. Anika says fate united us, love kept us bonded together forever.

Shivaye says Ishqbaaz are the ones who defy the universe. Anika says who defy fate. Mihir says you both are wrong, none can defy the universe and fate, you would have not met together if you didn’t the chance. Anika says we were supposed to meet and unite. Shivaye says we will always meet, no matter what destiny wishes, sorry, I had come here for your book launch, but our views don’t match, I don’t feel I m the right person to launch this book, so just excuse us. Mihir says as you wish. Shivaye and Anika hold hands and leave. Everyone claps. Mihir says Anika and Shivaye… you have challenged my theory and experience, you are proud of your love, you feel you can defy the fate. It starts thundering. Anika hugs Shivaye and says I think its a thunderstorm approaching. Shivaye says we shall leave. Mihir says you feel you can defy destiny….. Anika asks how did the weather get so bad. Mihir says no one can defy fate, not even you. Shivaye and Anika run in the rains. They get shocked seeing….. Mihir says I will make you reach that day, that place and that moment where you both met for the first time, but will you be able to meet. Life pauses for Shivaye and Anika. Mihir says lets see…… Shivaye holds Anika’s hand. He turns away. They walk other ways.

Anika comes home. Sahil asks Anika where was she till now. Anika says it was raining heavily, I didn’t get any auto. Sahil asks her to wipe her hair quickly, else she will catch cold. She asks did you had food. He says no. She says I told you many times to have food if I get late, sit, I will get food for both of us. He says but change your clothes. Rudra asks did you call Shivaye. Om says yes, he didn’t answer. Shivaye comes home. Rudra says Shivaye has come, Dadi. Om asks where were you. Shivaye says the meeting for late and car broke down on the way, I didn’t get any rickshaw. Dadi cleans his clothes. Shivaye says I hate this rain. Dadi asks him to change clothes. Shivaye asks didn’t you have dinner. She says they have forced me to have food, but they kept waiting for you. Shivaye stares at Omru. She says until you three get married, stay this way, then your wives will look after you. She goes. Om says change quickly and come. Rudra says we are very hungry. Shivaye says you guys start, I will just come. Omru say business is everything for Shivaye. Anika wipes her hair and stands in the window.

Shivaye looks out of the window. Tu safar mera…….plays……….. She gets scared when it thunders. She thinks the weather is getting worse, as if something huge has happened. He thinks these rains…. I hate the rains, nothing looks fine. Its morning, Dadi asks Khanna about puja items and pandit. Khanna says its all ready, pandit will be coming. Om asks Dadi why is she worried, they will handle everything. Dadi says I asked you to make Swastik. Om says I can’t make it, you will ask me to make paintings and do shayari, but I m a businessman, not an artist. Dadi says Shivaye’s roka is after few days, we have to make a good start, this puja is special, I don’t want anything wrong.

She says if your Dada ji was alive, he would have got much happy. Rudra says I don’t know emotional people. She asks is everyone supposed to be stone hearted like you, go and get ready, I want everything ready in 2 mins. Anika hurries up. Sahil helps her. He asks why are you in hurry. She says I have to start my work early, I have an interview with celebrity wedding planner, Shyamali Malhotra. Sahil says your friend Pooja, when I marry her, hire the same wedding planner. He turns shy. She makes a pinky promise. She says I have many dreams Sahil, if I get that job, maybe my dreams fulfill. Sahil says if your want dreams to come true, you shouldn’t hide it. He gets a frame and shows it. She hugs the frame and says I have preserved it. He says I know Shyamali will give you a job instantly, everything will get fine. She says you talk strange things, talk well, let me get ready. The power goes.

Omru check arrangements. Rudra jokes. Dadi says you are still here. Rudra says I was going to do ramp walk here, I m a supermodel. Om laughs. Dadi says I can do that too. Om asks will you do ramp walk. She says yes. Om says you can have a challenge with Rudy, all the best. Rudra and Dadi have a ramp walk and show off their style.

Shivaye says if anyone takes us back to the same day to the same place where I had been seen you for the first time, but this time if I don’t look back at you, do you think we should still meet. Anika says on the same day at the same place, you and me, but if you don’t look back at me, will we still meet or not? I feel that we will meet for sure, because two lovers can’t be stopped by anyone, those who are destined to meet, the entire universe helps them unite. He says true lovers defeat the destiny, they can change the fate and compel the universe to unite them, because true lovers are those who can defeat the fate. They hold hands. She says what if this actually happens with us…..

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Vidya Saraswathi

    What the story line telling I can’t understand the way of story plz anyone explain

    1. Vidya is like alternative universe story..
      If Shivika didnt met that day in temple then they could met with each other not…. their love story started or not..
      Its Shivika challange VS mihir ‘s thought but I am also confused that who is actually dreaming about all this?????.
      Hope You understand

    2. Luthfa

      Hi Vidya,
      It’s like we are watching a video and make it pause to some point and start watching another one.For example on hotstar.Rest,makers can explain as there are many theories are going on.Whatever it is,let’s enjoy.Take care.

  2. Episode is totally confused because their is no clarity about gauri and BHAVYA and characters are changed shivaay and om business and RUDRA modelling and as usual shivaay roka and what about annika, annika character totally changed her behaviour is not khititod she emotional character and shivaay say my car is break down and he didn’t find rickshaw it totally confusing
    And one thing when this challenge is proved they will come to present or continue on that track. But we are missing Shivika nok jhok and fighting sequence

    1. Banita

      @Aditi ,
      dr don’t forget he is still d same SSO… Nd Shivay Singh Oberoi come in a rickshaw…!!!! It’s can never be possible….
      yeh now we will be missing all couple becz now obros r single…

    2. Aditi.dear..whole characters are chnged…..
      so donkt know about Gouri and Bhabya…
      Stil i could not figured out that what type of change came in Sso character..
      He is not beliving in marriage..

    3. Dhwani_Naidu

      Relax yaar.. everyone will be back.. take care

  3. Arpita6

    Whatever story can go….
    Yarr ye banda kitni baar Shadi karega??????????????????

    1. Dhwani_Naidu

      Haha Arpita!! True that!! ???

    2. Luthfa

      Hehehehehehe……You are absolutely right darling.Duniya palat gayi par Shivaay ki shadi is on the way as usual.I am missing Pinky so very much for this upcoming shadi drama of Shivaay.Let’s see.All the best PKJ.

  4. Banita

    Hlo PKJ….
    Old dadi changed…. I m liking this new dadi also… She is superr cute , but missing our old dadi…
    So MA challenge Shivika… Or i can say Shivika challenge MA…
    I seriously still can’t understand what really they want to show us….!!!!!!!
    Is that MA hve any special power to stop d world nd go back to old times???
    It’s really strange for me….
    Today i felt like I m watching Mahabharat where Lord Krishna stop d world to give gyaan to Arjun…
    But whatever that was i really loved today’s epi….
    A fully new starting….
    All characters r totally different…. There was many changes in all characters expect our Sahil nd Dadi…
    Changing in characters….
    Shivay – Still same old businessman… But today it changed from “IN BUSINESS HEART IN BACK SEAT ND BRAIN IN FRONT SEAT” to “LIFE , FOOD , MONEY ALL R BUSINESS”…
    Same don’t interest in marriage…

    His hair style totally changed yr… I wish wo open hair hota…


    Anika – Many things r same in her case , but most imp part that makes her different from “other her LANGUAGE….
    She told Sahil what type of language he using”… Seriously…!!!!!!????
    I felt like now she is not a bindas girl , now she a serious one…

    Sahil – Same as previous one… Today i sacchi mein loveee Sahil… Same old one… Nd his roll no. 11 , his blush…. Awwwwww…!!!!!! How cuteeeee…!!!

    Dadi – Bs sakal se change ho gayi… Felt like same old dadi…

    But among all these one imp thing that not changed was OBROS nd ANIHIL’s love..
    In all these thing i wish 2 thing
    1) to see old Obro kitchen moment nd Anihil’s cutee nd sweet moments…
    2) Rikara nd Ruvya’s love story also in a different way….
    Precap – Ab toh kuch dinose se makers ko suspence bahat maaza aaraha hain…
    Let’s see what will happen.. Nd let’s enjoy everyone this NEW ISHQBAAZI…
    LOVE or DESTINY… Which is more powerful..??????????????????????
    If i take this as a personal question , then i seriously i dont know what will be it’s answer in our real life… I agree with MA nd Shivika both… I mean LOVE nd DESTINY both play different nd imp role in anyone’s love life….
    GN PKJ.,.

    1. Hey banita, yes you are right. Om from artist became a businessman. Did you realise Rudra is talking about his protein shake at all?

      Anika knows her father’s name. Anika Trivedi. She knows her name blood and lineage. Shivaay became a bit different in character. He didn’t say much though after they back in time except telling the brothers he will get ready and the mind voice. I wonder whether Anika is the wedding planner of Shivaay’s bride whoever this sharmila Malhotra?

      The twist is instead of Shivaay’s wedding planner Anika maybe the wedding planner of his bride to be? They may not even meet at the temple but elsewhere. There will be a lot twists. Don’t tell me Anika and Gauri will not be sisters. Maybe Gauri is not chutki anymore but just Gauri.

    2. Banita

      Diii u mean sacchi mein Shivay ki bride to be will come..??? I thought kuch aur hoga… But if it will be happen as u r saying then may be there will be a lovly shivika wedding not a forced one… May be this time Shivay will fall in love with Anika nd realise his love nd propose her for marriage…
      If something like this happen then it will be gr8 na…
      nd yeh if most change come in any character , then it’s Omru… There was not a single point of old Omru acc to today’s epi…
      Lets see what will happen…

    3. Mahabhart…??????????it cracked me up so badly…..
      …i dont know about love and dont know who is more powerful love and destiny..
      Bcoz in real life it is very much complicated concept……
      It will take time to accept Dadi…
      Baki meri gangaram ho chuki he….

    4. Banita

      Haan yr sacchi mein it gave me mahabharat wala feel….
      Yeh it’s really a complicated concept in real life…
      sbki gangaram kr dia hain cvs ne…

    5. Dhwani_Naidu

      Hiiii Bani!! How r u?? Me too loving this new iB yaar.. New starting… Me waiting for Gauri and Bhavya entry and Shivika meet.. Don’t know if we will get to see shivika’s tashan.. but let’s see.. am enjoying this track.. take care dr

    6. Banita

      Hlo Dhwani…
      I m good yr… How about U???
      After a longg time u come here….
      I think there will be shivika’s tashan becz janha shivika hote hain wonha tashan toh honi hi hain na….

    7. Luthfa

      Hello Bani,
      You have caught it right.Shivika challenged MA and he accepted that.And to defeat Shivika he is playing with their minds and set them in a different situation.But he does not know the power of love.Shivika will prove him wrong definitely and he himself will admit it,mark my word.And as far I am seeing,Obros have changed to explore their opposite characterestics.Here Om is a businessman but he never liked it.And now he has a chance to flourish in it,if possible.In this AU it’s more like listening to one’s heart rather one’s brain.Whatever it is,I am very much excited but missing my Old and Original Shivika to a great extent.Hope makers won’t disappoint me and other who is expecting something different.Anyway,take care.

    8. Banita

      Of course @Lu , shivika will defact him nd he will also accept it surely…
      Yeh as u said all characters r exploring there opp nature…
      I m also super excited for upcoming yr… Let’s see what cvs stores for us…

  5. Hi pkjians….so kaya haal chal …
    Ek shock ke baad ek shock mila mujhe . .
    Ek to pata nahi kaya Mukaddar..Kaynat ..Kismat ..kaya chal raha tha …mujhe pata tha yeh karishma to mr .awasthi ki hi hoga …
    Ishqbaazi challenge ..excepted..
    Ok .. ki hairstyle ,,bohot achi lag rahi thi ,,something really new ..???
    And omkara is a businessman …!!! One more shock ..
    2.Rudy is have no emotion ..he is like stone …!!! Really new….
    3..yr ,,dadi ko kiyun change kiya ,,,pehli kotheya dadi hi achi thi ..miss you dadi …
    4..sahil is back …love you sahil ..???
    5.phael gaya raita ,,,ajib sa languge ,,anika ko nahi pata yeh language …shock shock ..!!!
    Shivay ki roka !!!!!!
    Bhai abhi kaya roka hina joruri tha ….uffff yeh to pura ka pura story hi palat gayi …ishqbaaz se to palatbaaz ho gayi …the common ..thing is ,,rudy’s comis ,,as usual ,,very funne???
    Let’s see ,,aur kaya kaya palat ti hai ..
    Good night guys ….hope kuch intresting sa hi ho …
    Love you all …..????

    1. Yes Tania I agree. I don’t know why Rudra became Stone Rudra Oberoi. he used to joke and be funny but suddenly he is so serious.

    2. Banita

      Sirf tujhe nahi sbko shock pe shock lag raha hain becz of ib…

    3. Aaji shock laga…JOR KA JHATKA HI JORO SE LAGA..

    4. Dhwani_Naidu

      Hii Tania!! Yeah characters of our obros have changed.. it’s like a new serial.. am enjoying this track.. hope you love it too.. take care

    5. Luthfa

      Hi Tania,how are you?
      Change is very much visible but I am sure there are some reasons behind every change.Some things are looking awkward but we will get used to it.Let’s wait for the story to unfold properly.Take care.

  6. QueenSaffpaff

    First time here ??‍♀️ I haven’t watched Ishqbaaaz in a couple of months what’s happening? Someone who can give me a update!

    1. Luthfa

      Hello Queen,welcome to PKJ family.It’s difficult to give you updates of months.You can try written updates and watch it online.Take care.

  7. Same precap?? Actually Im stuck between both the version, I believe in true love at the same time the fact that nothing is powerful than destiny, I feel fate never spare anyone, that is why lord ram and Sita had to leave their luxuries and go to forest..

    No offense to anyone but these are just my views, the way I perceive things

    1. Dhwani_Naidu

      Agree with you dr.. but this is IB.. a serial.. a piece of creativity of our CVS.. so let’s wait and watch what’s ahead.. till then enjoy.. take care

    2. Yes even I’m waiting for the story to unfold

    3. Luthfa

      Hello 1234,
      Everyone will differ regarding this destiny and its function.And about Ram-Sita’s separation,there was a specific reason behind it.According to me,destiny is like calculation,calculation of every possible thing like if I will do that,as a result it will bring me my expected thing.If I go wrong in doing,I won’t get what i should get.Anyway,let’s hope for the best.Take care.

  8. Hello dear Pkj family, dear Arpu banita Luthfa krishna little Jeevi beauty Sneha Shivya Shiny little one pushpa Kadhambari Ishita Tania Aayush and many more of wonderful people. I hope all of you had a good weekend.

    Coming to today’s episode, I just have a little mixed feeling on how the plot is going to proceed but I wlll be patient. All I know is both Shivika have gone in time and the old moments are shown with of course the twist. So none of them are married now. I wonder will Shivaay and Anika meet again at the temple or he will not see her this time.

    I wonder when Gauri and Bhavya will come into the picture. I can’t analyse much as I have to wait and see how the story will develop in the coming week. One thing I can say i am still a bit confused with the precap. They have shown this precap three times on Thursday Friday and now Monday. I wonder whether they are going to show the present time or totally it is going to be the past and then bringing the story to the present. I just know there will be two new characters.

    I am sad Navnindra Behl will not be acting anymore. Our very own Dadi Kalyani. She is unwell and taken a break. I loved her as the dadi very much. Will miss her and hope she gets well soon.

    1. Banita

      Hlo dii….
      Makers full on mood to give us suprises as well as shockes that’s why they r not giving us a little hints about upcoming… That’s why d same precap is repeating…
      Yup now we hve to show paitence only before coming to any conclusion…

    2. Dhwani_Naidu

      Hii Sindhu akka.. yeah lots of confusions.. time will tell what’s ahead for us.. take care sis..

    3. Luthfa

      Hi Sindhu di,
      I think we will get to know everything eventually,with time.Now it’s like watching IB from start.Whatever it is,I am going to enjoy but at the same time I am missing my original Shivika terribly.Dadi has taken leave so we need to accept new Dadi.Waiting for today’s episode.Take care di.Lots of love.

  9. Moreover I believe it’s destiny which makes ppl meet and unite so I don’t understand how can someone challenge destiny

    1. Dhwani_Naidu

      I think that’s what shivika’s are trying to say too… Two people who are destined to be together will no matter meet and will end up being together..

    2. But I meant to say no matter how powerful love is but everything happens as per destiny ‘s wish, even true love is controlled by destiny

  10. Riana

    Mihir awasthi… He dont believe that doesnt mean that love do not exist…lol…he is so robotic ! ??
    Shivika gave them good answer…??
    Only he was alone at the auditorium and giving lecture !!! Rofl ????????
    Shivika splitting in the storm was like


    And all those shocking effects and electrocuted bgms were scary and dramatic !!!…


    Sahil bana ANIKA !…???????????
    Anika BECAME SEEDHI SAADHI ????????????????????????
    DADI REPLACED (Sadly navindra behl is facing heart issues thats why she got replaced will really miss her a lot ???)
    OM IS A BUSINESSMAN !! ?????????

    1. Banita

      Hlo Riana…
      Yeh all characters r changed… But i think sahil is same…
      Dabur vatika moment ab SP ke saare serials mein aate hain… So SP TV MEIN IB KO NAHI DV KO PROMOTE kr raha hain… Lolzz..

    2. Luthfa

      Hi Riana,
      This destiny vs love is going to be very exciting especially in the case of Shivika.I think MA has taken Shivika’s words personally and set to test the depth of their love.Many point of views are available for this topic but let’s see what makers are going to show us.Characters got changed for some reason perhaps.This Redux thing is makers’ call.Waiting to see how they are going to handle it.Take care.

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