Ishqbaaz 18th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Roop blackmails Shivaye

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Ishqbaaz 18th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Roop asks Shivaye to bring the evidence for her. Shivaye thinks I can burn the proof, but I can’t risk Anika’s life. Roop says keep the phone on. Shivaye says my Anika….. Anika tries to alert Shivaye. Veer pulls her back. Shivaye leaves from the house. Veer leaves Anika. He says Shivaye is gone, its only you and me in this house, scream as much as you want. She says you didn’t learn a lesson by going jail, Shivaye will punish you. He says nice joke, Shivaye has gone, leaving you alone here, with me. She says I m enough to handle you. He says I love your confidence, give me a high five partner. She hits him and runs with her phone and dupatta. He says well done and smiles.

Roop laughs and says say something Shivaye, else how will I know you aren’t doing anything, I can feel your anger, helplessness and pain in silence, don’t grind your teeth in anger, real beauty lies in anger, Veer will be hurting Anika, what a plan, I deserve a praise. Shivaye thinks I have to make sure Anika reaches home safe, then I will show Roop and Veer what I can do. Anika runs downstairs. She calls Shivaye and gets number busy. Anika stumbles by the carpet and drops her phone away. Veer comes in between. He asks what’s wrong, were you trying to call Shivaye, take this, call Shivaye, your communication with him is very strong. Anika takes a vase. He says don’t be scared, call Shivaye, I insist. She hits him with the vase. She runs with her phone. Veer holds his head. She hides and thinks I have to stop Shivaye before he goes far. She calls Shivaye.

Roop says atleast sing a song for me, sing maar diya jaye….. Shivaye gets tensed. Roop says this isn’t right, why didn’t you sing, sing for me. Anika gets number busy again. She thinks I will call him again, maybe he answers. Roop says let it be, you have a terrible voice, crack a good joke, I m getting bored while laughing, I m telling for the last time, sing a song otherwise….. Anika will sing on your behalf. Shivaye sees Anika’s incoming call. He stops the car.

He thinks Anika is calling me. Roop says sing a song. Anika says please answer my call. Veer pats Anika’s shoulder and smiles. She runs away. Shivaye answers the call. Veer runs to Anika. Roop’s call gets on hold. Veer holds Anika. Shivaye asks are you okay Anika. Anika falls down. Her phone falls away. Veer smiles. She hears Shivaye on speaker. She calls him out. Veer picks the phone and sits to talk. He says Shivaye, I told you our game has just begun, we will play a chasing game. Anika shouts Shivaye. Veer says if you disturb me again, I swear I will kill Shivaye. He asks her to be quiet. He says Shivaye don’t worry, Anika is fine. Shivaye says if you hurt her, I will kill her. Veer says if you want Anika to be fine, just do what you are told, be a good boy and meet the one who is waiting for you. He ends call. Shivaye drives ahead.

Roop asks why did you put my call on hold. Shivaye says Veer had called me. She asks why would he call. He says you would know the best, he is your son. She thinks I hope he doesn’t ruin my plan. She asks Shivaye to come soon. Shivaye says I m coming. She calls Veer. She says I told you not to use your mind, you had to take Anika way, who asked you to call Shivaye. He says I didn’t call him, Anika had called him, so I spoke to him. She says why don’t you unite them. He says control your anger. She says just do what you are told to, stop using your foolish mind. He says fine. Anika breaks a bottle on his arm. He gets angry. She says if you dare to touch me, I will beat you to pulp. He says I developed feelings for you because of this attitude, I didn’t tell you, when I had installed CCTV cameras in your house in Goa, it was only so that I could see you all the time, I did a lot to come closer to you, but failed, today we are in Oberoi mansion alone, we are so close, its only you and me here. She scolds him. She says you should have seen your face before dreaming about me, you have much overconfidence, I feel like laughing on you, you don’t deserve to dream about me. He says shut up. She says you shut up, you couldn’t defeat Shivaye so you are hurting his wife, you know how we regard the ones, who prove their masculinity by hurting women, impotent….

Roop says find out where Veer took Anika. Charlie goes. Veer takes Anika to a construction site and recalls her words. Charlie says he isn’t answering my calls. Roop says don’t know what he is upto. She calls Veer and asks are you doing what I told you. He says I m doing what I should go. She says get Anika here. He says fine and ends call. He says I will bring Anika to you, but she won’t be alive. Shivaye thinks of Anika. He thinks don’t worry Anika, I won’t let you get harmed, I promise to prove your dad innocent. He thinks of Roop’s words. Pinky says I hope Shivaye is fine. Shakti says don’t worry. Roop says great, groom’s parents are here, why didn’t Tej and Jhanvi come. They ask about Shivaye. Roop says let me be a good host, its a wedding here, what will you have. Shakti asks what do you want. She says I want Shivaye to get remarried, I found the girl too, I deserve a ring, don’t refuse, groom is getting ready, get seated. He says tell me if you are upset with us. She asks Dhol artists to start playing dhol.

Pinky asks what happened to you, don’t do this. Shakti says you think we did wrong with you, punish us, what did children do. Roop asks what did my son do, why was my son made away from his mum, why was he punished, you did what you had to, its my turn now. Omru and Khanna hide. Rudra says Bua has crossed the limits, she was blackmailing Shivaye, now she is after entire family, she is not taking Oberois seriously, I will see her. Om asks have you lost it, you think Shivaye couldn’t stop her, he is following her instructions for a reason, we can’t do anything, we don’t know the reason, we have to wait for Shivaye. Rudra says call Shivaye and inform him that Bua is making his marriage arrangements. Om calls Shivaye. Veer puts Anika in a huge water sum. She calls out Shivaye. Shivaye hits aside to avoid a cart. His car hits a tree. He falls inside. Anika shouts Shivaye and wakes up. She looks around and says where am I. Om says Shivaye isn’t answering. Roop calls Shivaye. She says why isn’t he answering my call.

Anika runs out. Veer drives a bull dozer towards her and makes her fall back in the water sum. He smiles.

Update Credit to: Amena

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    Bua is really irritating and where is gauri and bhavya can anyone plz yell

    1. Hii Ayush..wepcome to pkj..i think You are commenting for first time…..
      And Congrats for being first..

      1. AAYUSH

        Thanks Arpita

    2. Banita

      Go Aayush Go…!!!!
      WELCOME TO PKJ dr…

      1. AAYUSH

        Thanks banita yeah i will keep commenting from now on daily basis but not sure if i will be able to comment on 26th april or not as its my Birthday and college exam also. But I will try to comment daily from now on.

      2. Hii Banita di,
        How r u ????
        Good to see u!
        Where were u yesterday????

    3. Go Aayush bhaiya Go.
      Many Many congratulations on being first.

      1. AAYUSH

        Thanks ishita

    4. Luthfa

      Go AAYUSH Go.Congratulations on being first…?

      1. AAYUSH

        Thx luthfa


    Bua is really irritating and where is gauri and bhavya can anyone plz tell


    Hello everyone i watch ishqbaaz daily but has started commenting from yesterday only and will comment regularly from now on i hope i can join u guys and can u all plz tell me your bday so that i can know who is elder or younger than me so that i can call them by adding di oe bhai.

    1. Welcome to pkj …..
      Keep commenting and enjoy the fun…..

  4. Pushpa

    Wow…. this is what we call khidikhitod episode…
    So trilling frm the beginning till end.
    Shivaye…. he was just owsm left wt no choice and hd 2listen to evil roop seriously all the way.. super irritated yaar..god ke kasam i wanted to slaughter her just now…. cvs please end her track asap…
    To save anika shivaye hv return to roop wt the proofs but b4 tht he hv to save anika but how? He dun know where is she?…tht driving wt roop 24/7 hrs rather die yaar…poor shivaye….but i know u can& will do it shivaye…

    Anika…luved her today 4being strong and fighting back to tht giant veer was great never give up till the end trying all her way out to escape hit him many times but didnt fall at all….thts not good…at last shivaye answered anika’s call but veer spoke …

    I agree wt shakti … if roop is angry wt the seniors then she can take revenge on them but not shivaye…..dhanto dhanto im gone break all her teeth for the she laughs…

    OmRu why arent u guys do something…..
    Shivaye listening to roop and all the flahback shivaye nd up loose his concerntration&accident…oh no wht’s now.. who is going to save anika…. i think veer will save her & bring to roop…

    Im worried for shivaye& anika…
    When shivaye is there n dun worry ….he will click it ok..
    Waiting 4tomoro epi…
    Gd nite gals

    1. Hiiii Pu di..
      Actually it was very much risky….
      I mean yiu are already tensed and someone will increase your tension more…yiu are getting angry but still you can’t do anything..
      Most Difficult time.and Shivaay is going through this….
      Feeking really bad for me.
      And yaa after soo many day i saw my khidkitod Annika..
      Both are not giveup??..

    2. Yes pushpa shivaay and anika can do it. Not to worry

    3. Hi Pushpa di,
      how r u ????
      u said it right when shivaye is here then no fear .
      He will save annika at any cost and in any way .

    4. Luthfa

      Hi Pu di,
      I agree with you.Anika is a born fighter and she fought like a trigress.OmRu are waiting for auspicious moment to help Shivaay and Senior Oberois.Don’t know what is happning in bua’s house but she got on my nerves very badly yesterday.Waiting for today’s episode.

  5. Hi friends!!!
    Yeah yesssss… Our khidikithod Anika is back ??
    The epic one is , when Anika was trying to cal sso by hiding behind upstairs and all of a sudden veer pats her shoulder from behind ????
    When veer was talking to roop why can’t she run, Instead of talking lengthy dialogues to veer ?? ??
    I think in absence of kanna ji, it’s holiday for securities in oberoi mansion . ??

    SSO was worried and scared to core when he can’t find anika.. he was about to slip from the staircase ???

    I think marriage won’t happen.. bcz there is no news abt entry of any female character??

    1. Dhanu sri..
      But saharsonu was saying that a new stuff is coming..
      Yaa marriage is not going to is final..
      That was actuakly scary when Vanmanosh patted Annika’s shoulder from behind…

    2. Yes dhanu I loved the confidence of anika when she challenged veer

    3. Luthfa

      Hi Dhanu,
      Yes,khidkitode Anika is back.OM ki security remains in holiday almost all the time.Marriages are very common issue for Oberois.Let’s see what happens next.

  6. Hiiii mere khidkitod pagals…
    Sry for not replying..
    Ok i felt today episode kinda dragging but i will not blame Cvs for this bcoz Noks is in vacation so they have to maintain it.
    Ok maaf kiya.
    Ok today we will take a fun ride.
    Bcoz thriller scary rona dhona sab hogaya ..

    Come to episode.

    Jisko dekho koi na koi kisi ko phone hi kar raha he.Vomit Sso ko , Annika Sso ko ,Omkara Sso ko Vomit Vanmanosh ko…..

    2.waise VV god combination…..
    And Now i am.actually laughing on Vanmanosh..kitni baar maar khaya hoga..??????????ksbhi haath pe kabhi sar pe….Kabhi Sso yoh kabhi annika..??????..Vanmanush you messed up with wrong people…Vilians always irritated by them…and yiu are a vilian yiu have to bear all these..

    And Vomit became GABBAR SINGH..????????????when she was saying Gana gaa warna..Annika ki jaan chalijayegi..
    I remembered Basanti and Gabaar singh Frim.SHOLAY..????????..similarity he..

    Annika di yiu always do a wrong thing…you make more angry to a snger person.
    You slapped Sso during first marriage time and he turned into a beast.
    You slapped Daksh when he brike your phone..Now You are scolding Vanmanosh…guusa toh aayega na…Aab jhelo.iska torture???????..

    Vomit and her Ad for teeth….And she is saying this to Sso..ASLI BEAUTY TOH DANTO MAIN HE..?????????????….
    And she even mocked Sso on his singing bad..Annika look what you have done..

    Shivika has a very special.connection with water..
    So as vilians also They want annika to die in water first daksh and now Vanmanosh….????????.
    Inko bath karne ki jarrorat he hi nahi…panni main hi toh rehe ne lage he..Mermaid…A beautiful mermaid..????????..

    And Shinky with vomit chalo….Shaktiji ne hamare bacche toh kaha…means shivika….
    Glad to hear that..

    Precap.????baap re baap sidha bulldozer leke aagaya…My God..ok classy vilian…

    Ok byy.bahut hasli maine..

    1. Yes arpu dear I also felt she always slips at the wrong time and hurt herself and I loved the phonebaaz term that you coined. Cool

      1. Sindhu di me..too loved phonebaaz term.. ??..

    2. Hii Arpita di,
      ya ……. u r right there must be some connection between shivika and water .In initial episodes they used to throw water on each other or throw each other in water , in anger. Then they started romancing in pool water. and now they need water to die also.
      Wow !
      shivika realised me How precious water is????

      1. He ishu.they need water to die also ????????..
        Yaa water is pricious…
        But shivika and theur vilians always waste water..????????..

    3. Luthfa

      Hi Arpita,
      Hehehe….You are right.That Vanmanush got beaten by Anika so many times.Don’t know what does he think of himself.Like mother like son.Shivika and their relation with water is really very unique and special.Let’s see what happens next.

      1. Lu..yaa that is the only thing we can do..wait and watch..
        Ok lets see.

  7. kafi lamba khica ,pura week nekal diha ek din ke kahani main.Hi i am new here

    1. Banita

      Hlo Ny Tulip….

      1. Hey banu dear how are you? Good to see you

    2. Hiiii Tulip…
      Welcome to pkj..
      May be ….but it all has to be happen..
      And by this KM mystery will end…
      Keep cimmenting and enjoy the fun..

    3. Luthfa

      Hi Ny Tulip,
      Welcome to PKJ family.Keep commenting and join us in spreading love.KMM is dragging since September of 17 and I have read in Twitter that it will drag more.Anyway,see you soon.

  8. Please don’t drag the serial with this teeth Dayan track..

    In spoilers, Anika is going to take revenge from Oberoi’s..

    I think it’s a drama again by shivika to expose Dayan..

    Pls end this track soon

    1. UB.yaa yesterday it was kind dragging but Cvs has to maintain it….
      Bcoz Noks was in vacation…
      Don’t know about revenge but Vomit mislead Annika very badly……….
      Lets see what wil Annika do..

    2. Luthfa

      Hi UB,
      Makers are going to drag it for more episodes.Don’t know about spoilers but I have full faith in Shivika.Let’s see.

  9. Luthfa

    Today’s episode pictures the helplessness of Shivaay and Anika and their individual undying fighting spirit in any situation.They are separated physically but connected with hearts.Anika said it right.The one who raises hands on girls is anything but not a Man.Veer like a coward entered OM and started showing his disgusting manliness on Anika.Girls are always advised to maintain distance from outside world as it’s not safe for them but what about the surrounding and people they are in?Veer is a well educated,sophisticated modern man still his mentality is so barbaric.Wearing dignified cloths and having cultured and sober,refined manner can’t decide for a person and his inner personality.Anika’s fighting was very much symbolical.Girls needs to fight with what they know to be safe as well as dangerous for them.Who is wearing mask and who is not is very difficult to discern.And Veer like people are always there to show their true colour.Veer is definitely a man from head to toe but without possessing any characteristics of a true Man……………………………

    1. Wow wow wow wow….
      I don’t have words to praise. You ….
      1000000% right ..
      If we will see in society Bcoz of these kind of cheap minded people….Girl are suffering more and more…
      Khidkitod analysis lu…

      1. Luthfa

        Thank you so much darling for your appreciation.Society and it’s typical patriarchal mentality.Don’t know what is happning around us.Anyway,thank you once again?

    2. True true luftha. I vaguely mentioned that in my comment. Yes today cvs showed that women are also fighters. Regardless of whether it is 6 8 or 9 footer Goliath who cares. She showed her resilience

      1. Luthfa

        Sindhu di,
        You are right.Girls are born fighters and Anika faced her fear bravely.I am so proud of her.That Goliath is a coward of high quality and have no shame at all.

    3. Hello Luthfa di ,
      u r absolutely correct girls are always adviced to make distance from outside world .
      I think people should change their thinking instead of advising such things they should advise girls to be strong and be ready to face outside world .
      Raise ur voice against wrong , bcoz Galat ko sehna bhi utna hi galat hota hai jitna galat karna.
      Girls should know how to protect themselves bcoz in present scenario nobody is going tp protect u
      U r the only one who can protect urself.
      U have to take stand until its too late.
      Devlop such personality that people think ten times before looking at u with bad intentions.

      Girls posses a quality of tolerance
      Quality of Patience.
      and people are testing their paitence level.
      But they should know .
      A women or a girl is like a tea bag , you cannot tell how strong she is untill u put her in hot water.
      her strength is her another quality, that can overpower patience if u don’t stop this nonsense
      and dont change ur narrow mindedness.

      1. Luthfa

        I agree with you.God made girls as weak being and boys with all the power of masculinity.But girls have equal potential compared to boys.But society never wishes to see them as powerful and established in their own field.That’s why we should do our best to protect ourselves and our fellow girls.Be an example and do something exemplary-should be the motto.

  10. kafi lamba khica pura week nekal diha ek din ki kahani main .Hi iam new here

  11. Now whatever i am going to say is not realted to IB..but i wil say

    This line told by ANNIKA is actually 100% right .
    When Se said that i suddenly remembered ASIFA..little girl 8 years old..
    What was her fault ??????? Being born as a girl.
    She raped for 8 days and that also inside a temple…She died……And now it is becoming a political issue rather than a social.issue.
    Is this the mebtality of our people..Are people gone mad..
    Ok i am girl bow i am scared to go outside..
    Just to satisfy their desire peoole are going to any extent….they don’t even think about their own mother sister…..


    I am really feeling disgusting after knowing about asifa…I just wanted to say my opinion…
    No intension to hurt any one.
    And the people eho did this inhuman work..they are Not MARD they all are NAMARD..
    #justice for asifa..

    1. Hi Apru dear…..
      I also felt ashamed…what type of people they are???????????????????…ok leave it..I don’t want to talk about that inhuman people……
      Sry guys couldn’t able to comment here….little busy with my schooling….but I read all ur comments…i will comment here whenever I can……….TAKE CARE GUYS….have a good day..

      1. Sorry… sry ..sry…….I forgot to mention my name while typing……*ok susi leave it…I don’t want to talk about that inhuman people…..?????

      2. Yes Susi dear….felt ashemed..
        No prblm dear…come here whenever you will free
        Take care..
        Love you.

    2. Very true Arpita di ,
      Aurat par haath uthakar mardangi dikhane walo ko namard kehte hai.
      I also heard about that 8 year old innocent girl ASIFA.
      It is very heartbreaking to know that such type of cheap act arising in the country where girls are consider as DEVI as GODDESS .
      the so called mard raped her, mentally tortured her, and after all that they crucially killed her .Still they are not ashamed ,not at all guilty.
      I cant even imagine from what pain that samll girl has gone through.I just want
      #Justice for Asifa.
      #Justice for girls .

      1. Yes Ishu..we can’t even imagine how much pain she beared..
        Those inhuman people should get punish brutally..and soon..
        So that log sudhrne ki koshish karenge…

    3. Luthfa

      What to say about this horrible incident?I became speeches while reading it in paper.How could they do this to a little girl?Did not their conscience strike them for once?Such nightmarish experience.God save us girls from those beasts…….

      1. Lu if this news will spread over world..what they wil think.about us ..indians…
        Bcoz of some inhuman people india is getting insulted. .

      2. Luthfa

        Such incidents don’t see any place or country.Girls are not safe anywhere be it India or other.Some cases come to light and most of the cases remain in darkness.What we can do other than feeling worried and scared?Anyway,hope that this scenario will change and we get a girl-friendly surroundings.Take care?

  12. today’s epi is more intresting and dramatic ,i like the way anika scold veer ,use uski aukad batadi ,lambu darial , And this bua seriously i can’t tolarate her anymore ,and his laughing is just so funny ,i mean disgusting tha bilkul ,and i promise agar kabhi bua mujhe dikh gayi na i will broke her all shiney and white teeth ,is she is pyshico ,shivay ki aisi halat or use gana ki pari hain ,,keya demand hai gana gana parega ,stupid pagal bua ,bechara shivay ka tention me accident hi ho gaya ,shivay plz get up and go save your anika ,this veer thierd class guy ,and precap is also very sad ,anika is suffering ,i just can’t watch it ,,so painfull ???

    1. Totally agree with you.. Tania..
      Bua and everything related to her is hell irritating…
      Just like Vomit….

    2. Luthfa

      Seriously yaar,this bua and her mental torture on Shivaay just too much.She is flying very high.Shivaay will not spare her as well as her son.I am just waiting for their OMM to be done.

  13. Dhwani_Naidu

    Nail-biting episodes.. Very much happy that IB’s trp is high.. Hoping for better trp this week too.. Shivika are both in danger.. omru waiting for shiv at bua’s home.. Gauri and Bhavya are missing.. Omg!! What would happen?? I hope nothing wrong happens.. How wud it be if swety and sumo get to know the truth and they helping Shivika.. It wud be great.. just my imagination.. Missing rikara scenes very very very much.. I really want to see Gauri also feeling for her jiji.. Hope that happens after OMM of Bua and Veer..
    P.s: Wasn’t feeling well these days.. that’s why cudnt come even after promising tht I wud be regular.. A big sorry to all my gpkj family members and to my dost.. I really missed you dost.. Love you all guys.. love you so much dost..
    P.p.s: A big welcome to new family members.. And a belated Tamil, Bengali, Odia, Assamese, Nepali new year to all..

    1. Loook.Who is Back…
      Dhawani dear…..
      Missed you..
      Get well soon.
      Hope they will sgow Aniri yrack soon.
      Don’t know where is gouri ……

    2. Hey dhawan you are back. Missed your comments.

    3. Luthfa

      Hi Dost,
      Welcome back with lots of love.Hope you are doing great now.
      Yeah IB’s trp is increasing.It’s a promising aspect.Don’t know where is Gauri and Bhavya.For the time being bua is overpowering everyone and making Oberois dance in her tunes.Waiting for today’s episode.Take care.Lots of love?

  14. and yeah aayush ,i also can’t understand where is this two lady gouri and bhavya ,??they are not in OM there where are they gone ,

  15. What a wonderful episode evilbaaz is more than other serials and finally proved that seniors oberios nothing will do for their children and junior oberios also until today three oberios are nothing to do for lady loves. They didn’t even protect their love. Until today episode shivaay will not to do anything for annika and omru nothing do for rivya building the enemies is the duty of junior oberios and facing the enemies is for ladies. And saying oberios reputation really oberios have reputation tej is SWETHALANA janavi drinker and pinky selfish and oberios the great lovers first brother for reputation he marry annika, for tia problem she act memory loss and tia mom attack, daksh attack, pinky attack, kamini attack, veer and so on and lastly shivaay will come and protect her in whole story whom will protect whom. Second brother he marry gauri for his values like he didn’t look painful lady and afterwards gauri will help to get from SWETHALANA trap, bua trap and at last he doubt on gauri. Third brother his marriage is love marriage at last one marriage is love but he also saved by BHAVYA through sowya trap
    At last the story main part to hit the fans is their brother Hood and SHIVIKA, rikara, ruvya takarbaazi now a days that is also not their in the show
    I want this time annika listen to Roop words and will not forgive senior oberios she should leave oberios mansion I want know shivaay will flow annika steps or oberios and want Roop veer in jail for their crime and senior oberios oberios will punishment separate form their children because of these oberios their personal fight become thousands people of lives so they should also punishable

    1. Aditi..dear..
      I just hope Vomit will pay for her deeds..
      Bcoz one thing is always happened that vilians are given forgive very easily…
      Now hope they will not say AAP HAMARI FAMILY HO…
      And May be Annika can be anooyed with Senior oberois..
      Wish Annika wil not missunderstand shivaay
      Bcoz she primised her tgat she will not take any step without talking with Sso.

  16. Vidya Saraswathi

    Super episode IAM irritated when see Roop action. When Anika know her sister is gauri? IAM waiting

    1. Vidya..dear..
      Hope they will show Aniri track…
      After then vomit track..
      Me too waiting..

    2. AAYUSH

      Even i am waiting for that moment

    3. Luthfa

      Depending on mighty cvs.Let’s see.

  17. Boring ya too munch dragging n Mon to Friday only this point of story

    1. Pavani dear welcome to pkj..
      Just chill dear..i think upcoming week will be more exciting..
      Just wait and watch..

    2. Luthfa

      Watching bua and her teeth dialogue,anyone will get bored????????

  18. thank God!!I thought only me was irritated nowadays of this track..not track it’s prank… what’s going on this show… ishqbaaz is my favorite and don’t spoil by dragging too much nonsense.. fanfictions are doing great job than the serial….and mostly where is gauri and bhavya???are there still in OM???Iam die hard fan of RIKARA!!!!!still waiting and watching with so many hopes!!!bt alas!!! nthing as much expected even for 1%…still waiting for my rikara moments ???

    1. Dua Ps…..dear wecome to pkj
      I just hope you wish comes true….

    2. Luthfa

      Hi Dua,
      Hope cvs will grant us some Rikara moments.Let’s hope for the best?

  19. Hmmm very unlikely anyone will hear AAYUSH.

  20. Sorry I thought you said yell lol

  21. Niya.IB

    Hi guys Im back
    Actually I was out of my town for a family vacation
    So I couldnt keep in touch with you all
    I really missed everyone and IB too,need to catch up the missed episodes
    From the updates Its clear that its quite problematic condition
    But as long as ‘the great wall-SSO’ is there no one will be able to harm his loved ones
    I guess its a real nailbiting track,so keen to watch those episodes
    But now Im really tired and sleepy
    Goodnight for all my lovly bros and sisys???

    1. Hii Niya dear..
      Welcome back..hope you had a great time with family.
      Ok now take rest then watch ishqbaaz and come here..
      Love you.

    2. Hii Niya,
      How was ur vacation??
      hope u enjoyed a lot .
      and don’t worry about episodes watch it on hotstar .
      take care.

    3. Luthfa

      Hi Niya,
      Welcome back with lots of love.Missed you too so much.Yeah episode was quite thrilling but somewhat it was a dragging one.Shivaay will save everything on time and teach bua and her son a very tight lesson.Let’s see.Take care?

  22. dragging. gauri bhavya kahan hain? like the way rudra and om have been given higher roles in problem solving. kaafi mess up kar rahe ho family ko beech m laaker. better hota agar “ACP” bhavya aur “Annika ki behn” Gauri ko kuch dete…considering the previous highlights, both of them were in positions to help annika

    1. Jessica..dear..
      Welcome to pkj..
      Dont know why Cvs are not showing gouri…
      Hope Cvs will show them..

    2. Hi good morning pkj members. OMG cvs are just stretching only one story yarrr means irritating . Well veer if dared to trouble anika anymore , i curse you just go to hell .And shivay pls get up and show the world that why people call you ‘GREAT WALL OF SSO’ . pls shivay .

      And ya Arpita i am also with you ,a women should be respected not assaulted.

      1. Hii Sana..yes Women should be respected.
        But now a days..expect respect from society is like imaginary thing……

    3. Luthfa

      Hi SANA,
      Good morning to you too.
      Episode was dragging because of NM’s vacation.He has returned now main dhamaka will start.Anika’s love will be tested.Let’s see.

  23. Hello dear PKj family, wow many comments today. Hello dear Arpu banita Krishna jeevi luftha beauty sneha pushpa Ishita dhanu Sri and some other new ones who commented yesterday.

    Luftha nice comments yesterday and beauty yours too.
    Arpu dear your comments were funny. So many other beautiful comments

    Coming to today’s episode. Wow wow wow my spine got chilled and I really was greeting my teeth. Every moment was really raising on high. Shivaay’s expression was priceless. His Wife is in deep trouble and he can’t focus in his driving. He is trying to buy time to save anika to stop marriage to save Oberois honour to save Anika’s Father name and honour. To top it all to listen to the Monster Roop. Only her teeth is sparkling and I just wish I could remove all her teeth.

    Anika showed her courage and bravery towards veer without Shivaay. Now that was great but of course I don’t understand why she still stayed in Oberoi mansion when she had the chance to escape. She could have run out and while running call shivaay away from Veer. She should not have hidden herself under the stairs to call. Of course veer will come to his senses.

    Sometimes I wish I could hit the cvs. They make the three musketeers Khanna Omru as a puppet. Come on ya….. they heard the conversation and try to think what has happened. They could have tried calling Anika once the coast was clear. Khanna could have sent a message to other security team at Oberoi mansion and to check whether anika is safe. What happened to all this? No logic but don’t expect logic in IB. Why wait for shivaay?

    The only thing I liked the most was both shivika were really fighting this battle alone and it proves both are resilient and the love they have for each other is insurmountable. Without each other around the love they have for each other is good enough.

    Can’t wait for tomorrow’s episode

    1. Hello Sindhu di ,
      How r u ??
      Correct di annika could run outsider Oberoi mention at that time .
      and ya finally truth get revealed to annika that Veer was obsessed with her.
      really its difficult to wait for tomorrow for me too.

    2. Luthfa

      Hi Sindhu di,
      I agree with you totally.Only Shivika are fighting for their respective cases along with other problems.Rest of the family are watching everything silently without doing anything.Don’t know what OmRu are waiting for.Cvs just don’t want to make OmRu to use their brain at all.It’s Shivaay who has to solve everything.Anyway,let’s see what happens today.And thank you soooo…much for the compliment.Love you?

  24. hey guys , i’m newhere….
    ishqbaaqz…. osm as usual…llove the brothers bond and all the pairs…..
    luv u alllll….. have a great day…..

    1. Luthfa

      Hi Aathu,
      Welcome to PKJ family with band-baja.Keep commenting and join us in spreading love.See you soon.Take care?

    2. Hii Aathu dear..welcome to pkj..
      Keep commenting and enjoy the fun…

  25. Just wanted to add finally cvs covered the loop about confessing he was madly in love with her and how he installed the cameras. So finally anika knows about veer’s obsession

    1. Luthfa

      Yes di,finally Anika got to know his obsession.

    2. is like Vanmanosh ‘s long lost feelings for Annika..??????????….just want to kill bua thats it..

  26. So pagals..
    As per all Comments it is showing all.are getting irritated bu this track..
    I am just saying…
    Just relax calm.down..wait and watch….
    Once again i am saying.Cvs have to maintain the episodes……Bcoz Noks Bhiya was in vacation.
    But stil he manages to shoot almost two week episode….
    Plz don’t stop watching ishqbaaz.
    Bcoz after IPL starplus is going to revamped
    If trp will be low then show may be go offair..
    We got time till june…
    Lets see..
    So keep watching ishqbaaz Mon to Fri t 10 pm onmy on STRPLUS..
    Even if yiu are not like the episode then just on the channel and have yiur dinner..
    Ok i can onmy request alll of you.
    Chalo iss pagal ki bat manlo..warna rat ko bhoot ban ke sabke sapne main aaungi..???

    pehele se hi boldeti hun
    AND 20% TO BUA.
    If trp will decrease then 50% credit will go to Bua and othrr 50% credit wil got to her teeth . ????……
    Ok byy

    1. Luthfa

      Hehehe….You are right.But in Twitter every Thursday becomes battlefield.Everyone comes with their own weapons to attack the other.Anyway,keep watching on tv for increasing trp,who can contribute?

      1. Ha ha ha..Now a days twitter and instagram is looking like world war III battle space specially on trp day.????..

  28. Hai everyone…thrilling episode???this track vl b ending soon, don’t wrry and keep patience??I read somewhere dat anika-gauri relation is gonna be shown after this..???shrenu went for holiday I think…she went to vadodhara na…may b she is not in set…waise roop bua hi bacha legal hamari anima ko..???have a good day everyone????keep watching in on tv …its really important???

    1. Luthfa

      Hi Shana,
      Episode was thrilling as well as dragging.Don’t know which track is going to unfold next.Let’s wait and watch.Take care?

    2. Hii Shana..hope Anri track will unfold..
      Finger crossed

  29. I m not watch ib bcoz IPL match……

    Pora confused week chal raha hain….smj nhi pa rhi ho kya raha hain….

    Iss track baad pendency track aaegyi…..
    Iss pendency bi kuch problem ho ga…

    Take care….

    Welcome new members!!!!

    1. Luthfa

      Hi Beauty,
      Oh that’s really bad news.Are you sure after this track,pregnancy track is coming?Just hope this KMM ends soon.Take care?

    2. Beauty…
      Kabhi ishqbaaz bhi dekh liya karo..??????…

  30. good morning guys ,and from spoiler i got to know ,shivay will not go to save anika roop bua will say veer to not to killed anika ,and then she will tell anika that her father attempt suicied for obrois and anika will belive this ,anika will questioned shivay and obroi’s family and roop’s plan got succeed ,now god knows what will happened next ,waiting for today’s epi

    1. Luthfa

      Hi Tania,
      Everything is in confused mood right now.Let’s see what happens next.Bua is going to play something big.Me too is waiting for today’s episode.Take care?

    2. Best option for enjoying IB ignore spoliers..
      And yaa this true but waiting that What Step is Anika going to take..
      Lets see.

  31. Luthfa

    Hi Pu di,
    I agree with you.Anika is a born fighter and she fought like a trigress.OmRu are waiting for auspicious moment to help Shivaay and Senior Oberois!Don’t know what is happening in bua’s house.She just got on my nerves very badly yesterday.

  32. A very Good morning and a wonderful day ahead to all the members of Pkj family.
    And welcome all the new members.
    About the episode it was good .I know cvs are dragging kalyani mill mystery , but i totally agree with Arpita di.

    Shivaye was so worried for annika .
    And annika was full on khidkitpde mode yesterday.
    I am not at all interesting to write about bua and her fpplish son.
    Go to hell .
    Arpita di , Luthfa di,Beauty di, Sindhu di, Pushpa di,Dhawni dear, Shana,Aditi and many othes all of your analysis are Amazing .
    khidkitod .( in Arpita di’s and annika’s style)
    Ok bye .
    Take care.
    Stay happy and stay safe.

    1. Luthfa

      Hi Ishita,
      Wishing you the same.
      Bua and her son can go to hell but you don’t spoil your mood plz.And thank you so much for the compliment.God bless you?

    2. Hi Ishu My Little Sis..
      Yaa Lu always comes with a khidkitod and unexpected analysis.
      Always surprises me…
      Love her and love you too.

  33. Aarosh
    pinky helds roop at gun point and roop tells his father has been killed by oberois to anika

  34. Nikita_jai29

    Full of drama episode……
    Politics is main course which is served by news channels and made by politicians for them own profit…. They politics on every sensitive matter and make India more shameful…

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