Ishqbaaz 17th September 2018 Written Episode Update: Evidences against Shivaye

Ishqbaaz 17th September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Anika sadly sees the sealed room. She sees Shivaye and goes to him. He says you shouldn’t be here. She cries and asks what do you mean. He says there is murder blame on me, my family has to face problem, but you can go with Gauri, I don’t want the world to call you a murderer’s wife, go to some new city, start life afresh. She says what if I say I don’t want to do this. He says try to understand, why do you want to put life in trouble.

She says because you are my husband. He says I didn’t give you a wife’s status, why do you want to do wife’s duty, I don’t want you to bear this. She says we are one, we are husband and wife, you didn’t regard me wife, but I believe you as my husband, I have vowed to support you in every difficulty, I will keep my promise. He says even if I get

jailed. She says you won’t get jailed, I know you are innocent. He says I don’t have such faith in myself. She says you don’t see yourself by my eyes, you are stubborn, angry, but you aren’t a murderer, you appear stone hearted, but you have love filled in heart, you get angry as you love family a lot. He says its about you, just go. She says I won’t go, I won’t withdraw support. He asks what can I say now. She says no need to say anything, will you permit me for one thing. He asks what. She hugs him. O jaana….plays….. They cry.

Om says police will find out who killed Nancy, we have to prove Shivaye’s innocence by finding an evidence before forensic reports come. Shivaye says my innocence can be proved when we find real murderer. Om says murderer would be some outsider, maybe he has come as guests, Shivaye did you doubt on anyone, who tried to frame you. Shivaye says I don’t remember what happened yesterday. Anika says even we don’t remember. Shivaye asks how, I was too drunk, but you… Anika says I don’t even drink. Shivaye says it means someone spiked our drinks. They see Rudra. Rudra asks why are you staring at me, I swear I didn’t add anything, I left bar counter when I went for dance, but I kept an eye. Shivaye says we don’t have CCTV footage, else we would have got some clue. Anika says house cameras aren’t working, but maybe there is some camera outside. Shivaye goes to his room and says I m sure there are many CCTV cameras outside, some camera will be directed towards Oberoi mansion, we may get some clue. Bhavya gets forensic reports and says we have to leave for Oberoi mansion right now.

Manager says I can’t give you footage without Sir’s permission, you can talk to building’s chairman Harman, he is busy in international summit presentation, he won’t answer call. Shivaye says lets see, just try, call him. The man calls and says sorry, he isn’t answering, you have to wait. Shivaye goes. Bhavya is on the way. She says I m going to Oberoi mansion, its a high profile case, we will have political pressure. Commissioner says don’t worry, do your duty, I will handle media and everything. She thanks him. Shivaye hides. Fire alarm rings. Everyone runs out. Shivaye thinks I can just go and get Oberoi mansion CCTV footage. The man says wait, it was a false alarm, I will check CCTV and find out who rung the alarm. Shivaye copies the footage folder. The man comes back and doesn’t see Shivaye.

Shivaye comes home and plays the recording. Rudra says nothing is clear. Anika asks Shivaye to rewind a bit. They see someone. Anika says its you, you had worn this suit. Shivaye says yes. They see Nancy. Om says you both are arguing. Shivaye recalls and says yes, I remember, Nancy came in front of me, I warned her that I will tell Mohit, I started leaving and then…. They ask what then. He says I don’t remember. They see the man in video stabbing Nancy. Shivaye says its me. Anika says its not necessary that its you, nothing is clear. He says I have worn this suit, its my room. Om says you can’t kill anyone. Shivaye says this footage has it clear, evidence is against me. Rudra says your face isn’t seen in it. Om says we shall wait for forensic reports. Rudra says your fingerprints won’t match. They hear police siren.

Khanna says Bhavya has come, she is calling you. Om asks Shivaye to stay there. Omru go down. Bhavya says forensic reports have come, we got a match of fingerprints on murder weapon. Tej asks whose fingerprints? She says Shivaye. Everyone gets shocked.

Mohit says I told you Shivaye killed my wife, go and arrest him. Bhavya says calm down, we are doing our work, call Shivaye, I have arrest warrant. She asks Rudra to be quiet if he doesn’t know about law. She asks them to call Shivaye and cooperate with law. Om asks Tej to call commissioner, he knows Shivaye. Bhavya says you are wasting your time, I m following commissioner’s orders, you can call him if you want. Tej says no, there is no way, call Shivaye, ask him to surrender. Bhavya says discuss later, call him. Om calls lawyer to arrange bail. Tej says no need, courts are closed today. Mohit asks Bhavya to go and arrest Shivaye. Bhavya asks staff to come. Omru come in her way. Shivaye goes. Anika cries.

Bhavya asks Shivaye to open the door. They break into the door and get in. Anika asks where did Shivaye go. Bhavya says he has run away. They get shocked. Shivaye runs on the road.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. So horrifying episode it was… I hope the mystery gets a good opening

  2. Appy

    Hiiii mere khidkitod pagals..
    My internal exam started
    But I will try to come here
    So short comment
    Today what touched me is shivika hug.
    Although I am feeling little awkwardon Annika’ PATNI words but loving her confident side…
    And today She Hugged him by taking his permission
    That HUG was not for was needed for Shivaay
    She ke he will not express such things so she took his permission they hugged her tightly.she knew he wants someone so badly.
    And When He hugged her back..relive was clearly there in his face.since morning.when he got up.he wanted someone who can assure him.who will trust him without any proof.and Annika Did it.she cleared his fear…And for sometime he forgot world and got some relief and warmth of trust love and affection staying in his beloved wife’s arm
    Declare Annika as his wife..waiting for this so early
    NM and SC portrayed emotions so flawlessly. You guys are amazing.
    Lots of love
    And whole episode was actually good
    Waiting to see CHANTOMAI Singh Oberpi.bahut hogaya ye rotlu Sso

    1. Hey arpu yes SSO will be back with big bang and I am waiting for that to happen

    2. Hy need ur help,stopped watching this series last year but I remember rudra was suppose to marry bhavya. So am wondering y they talk and act like they never met before even the whole family doesn’t even know her. Y? And how? Wat happened? Do they av amnesia

      1. Actually naira di u’ve missed a lot. After rudra and bhavya got married anika got to know her real father and her chutki(gauri) then redux started and many things happened.

    3. JeevithaTK

      Hi Arpi dear,
      Hru. Congrats for being 1st dear.
      ALL THE BEST 👍👍👍👍.😍. TC

  3. Rajvi_shah

    I think Mohit killed his wife and made her wear Nancy’s clothes to make her look like nancy. Shivaay whether u believe in yourself or not but Anika will always believe in yourself 😍. Bhavya Shivaay is your BIL believe him. Liked how omru protected Shivaay.

    1. Rajvi_shah

      *anika will always believe in you

  4. Poor shivaye bayya…all evidences are against him…

  5. Astmasiddika

    Wow what a lovely interesting episode Shivika scene is bit emotional i think the person who was stabbing is mr Taaj by wearing Shivay’s suite so from now it is going to be like a thriller & mysterious series let us see How CVs are going to take us for a roller coaster ride . Really hated Mr Tso today . Don’t feel SSO you r not the murderer

    Pre cap O My Maata Great SSO is running out from a problem that’s shocking

    1. Rajvi_shah

      You are right I also have strong feelings that taj is in Shivaay’s costume.

  6. HI everyone, my dear Banita Arpu Luthfa Jeevi Shiny Beauty Pushpa NSK Jessie Kadhambari Shivya and many others.

    Today’s episode is just mediocre. I loved the part where Anika tells Shivaay that she is his wife and they are one. How can Shivaay very easily tell Anika to just leave with Gauri and start a new life in a city? Shivaay do you think Anika would just leave you and live alone and start a new life. You are wrong Shivaay. She will be here and support you all the way. She will do everything within her power to save you from the gallows. Honestly I don’t like Bhavya in today’s episode. Why can’t they look at another angle where shivaay could be framed?

    Well I don’t know whether Shivaay escaping from the law is a good or bad thing. But Tej seems to be behind this masquerade murder party. It could be Tej who have spiked the drinks. That is a possibility to help Mohit to get rid off Shivaay. If it was Om getting arrested, Tej would have made calls for anticipatory bail for Om but Tej did not even allow Om to do that. Tej does not even have any feelings for Shivaay. So much for love for his family. A selfish rotten soul.

  7. That hug that Anika gave shivaay was a very tight hug and a reassuring one to let Shivaay know that she is there for him and will always be a pillar of support. We can see after the hug Shivaay got down to business to back track the murder to get clues. There was a renewed confidence in him with Anika beside him. I hope Anika continues to help him so that he can track down the murderer who is within the mansion. What they have failed to notice in the video is both Mohit and Shivaay are of same height physique statue so anyone can mistaken Mohit for Shivaay.

  8. Vidyakrish

    Wow shivika hug super. I think that guy in CCTV footage was Mohit because Shivaay and Mohit wear same color dress in party so I guess. Let’s wait and watch

  9. Hi guys…. don’t u guys think this is same plot of Abbas mustan thriller AJNABEE staring akshay Kumar, Bobby deol, kareena Kapoor and bipasha. Nancy’s character is of bipasha. Finally d truth will b out dt Nancy and mohit are bf and gf. N mohit married some rich girl to get d property. N now killed her to get insurance money.

    1. Yes it is like that movie…

  10. Riana

    I hope they make this murder mystery track short and interesting rather than boring and draggy… Although i am enjoying this sequence its somehow boring me from in when the dramatic sequences are increasing ! I really dont care from where this sequence is copied or not… What i just care is the bonding between obros and shivika should not end … Shivaay should be strong instead being coward he should face the reality ! Precap is slightly disappointing like this bhavya will suspect him more !… And why they are not showing gauri where’s she !!!…. Everyone should be present in mystery track directly or indirectly then it will be fun to watch !…😗

  11. Nikita_jai29

    I can smell foul play from mohit side… Hope shivika solve the problem

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