Ishqbaaz 17th November 2016 Written Episode Update

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Ishqbaaz 17th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Shivaye says Anika is obsessed with me, so she refused to marry Daksh, she does something to grab my attention, even that stalker and attack were her drama. Anika gets shocked hearing this. Sometime before, Tia asks Anika what was the matter that she had to come in Shivaye’s bedroom, I m waiting, you did not say. Anika says I came to talk to Shivaye about marriage, I mean about marriage arrangements, I will talk later. Tia says wait a min, your tone did not show you came to talk about arrangements, infact you were saying about something wrong right. Anika says whatever, I will tell Shivaye, ask him.

Tia asks why can’t you tell me. Anika hides her phone a bit. Tia observes it and asks why are you hiding phone, what’s in this phone, show me the phone. Tia gets shocked seeing her marriage pics. Anika takes the phone back and says I m not hiding, you are hiding that you are married, I was finding bridal dress for you, I did not know I will see bride. Tia says Anika, give me the phone. Anika says this time, I will show your pic and truth to Shivaye. Tia tries to snatch phone. Anika rushes. Tia falls down and asks her to wait. Anika runs out. Tia calls someone.

Shivaye asks Om to leave it, you can’t dance. Om says I told Rudra I can’t dance, what steps he gave me, like we are not dancing for sangeet, but preparing for any dance competition. Shivaye says chill, you don’t have to do it. Om says of course I have to do it, its my brother’s marriage. Shivaye says its okay, don’t dance so bad. Om says you are my brother right, don’t discourage me, show me. Anika looks for Shivaye and thinks where is he.

Tia calls and talks to someone. She asks where were you, I was calling since long, there is big problem because of you, I told you to remove our marriage pics from internet, Anika got our marriage pic, she is going to show it to Shivaye now, don’t know what will happen now. Anika says where are you Shivaye.

Shivaye shows the dance moves to Om. Om says I think just I will be non dancer in your sangeet. Shivaye says din’t do if you don’t want, its just a wedding. Om asks what about that vampire Rudra, and its your wedding, the famous Shitia wedding, its Tia…. Anika comes and says Tia is married. Shivaye and Om get shocked.

Tia asks what, I don’t care, delete the picture right now. Shivaye asks are you in senses Anika. Anika says I m in senses, you will lose senses when you see the pic, its proof that Tia is fooling you. Tia asks him to delete pic now. Anika shows pic in her phone. Shivaye and Om look on. Anika says this pic is proof that Tia is married, you are not listening to me. Shivaye says so you won’t listen. She asks are you telling me, its big proof, see. She sees Tia’s solo pic and says where did that marriage pic go, I have seen it. Shivaye says just stop it Anika, everything has a limit, you crossed your limit, I told you to stay away from Tia, you don’t understand, what will you do to make Tia fall in my eyes, mistakes can happen thrice, one who does mistakes again and again is called ill mannered, stop this. She asks him to listen. He says I don’t want to talk and leaves. Om signs Anika not to worry and goes.

Anika says where did the photo go. Tia says it would be deleted, you should have saved it or taken screenshot, you would be not knowing, was it this pic. She says you are too innocent to think I got married, seeing me in bridal dress, it was theme party, you will not know, you did not go in such party, you will think what you can, don’t prove your small thinking. Anika says small thing? I have seen a man in your car, you hugged a man on Karwachauth, you had couple massage in spa, someone gifted you T & D locket and calls you often, it maybe small thing for you Tia.

Rudra comes to Soumya and says your shoes. She says its because of you, ring is not getting off. He asks her to try soap, I m serious. She says I m not saying about soap. What was the need to make me wear ring. He asks why are you angry that ring is not coming out or I made you wear this. She asks what was the need to interfere. He says you are angry as your romantic moment with Reyaan broke, you should have said you wanted privacy with Reyaan. She asks do you think so. He says yes, as per your reaction. She says fine, I wanted privacy with Reyaan. He says you should have told me. She says yes, atleast this ring would have not got stuck in my finger. He says I don’t know why are you trying to remove it, Reyaan gave it, maybe that is how its supposed to be. She says exactly, maybe that is how its supposed to be, leave I don’t want to see your face. He says I m going and not interested in watching your boring face.

Tia says truth is truth when its proved, trust me, this truth can never be proved. Anika says this truth will be proved, lie is like a balloon and truth is like a needle, it will do lie’s happy birthday, needle will burst lie before marriage, I will not let you marry Billu ji. Tia asks really, you think Shivaye will believe you, he will not listen to you. Anika says I will show Tadi, you do anything, use your Reiki too, I will save Billu ji from you.

Om says Shivaye, everyone does mistakes, calm down. Shivaye says yes, but same mistake does not happen always, Anika is doing this intentionally, she is saying bad against Tia even when I stopped her, don’t know what problem she has with Tia, Tia warned me and I did not listen. Anika says I lost sense that I did not save the photo, I had proof and now if I find other proof, it will spoil things, I have to stop the marriage anyway, I have to tell him that Tia is very clever, girls don’t marry once and she is ready to do two marriages, I have to explain him.

Om asks what did Tia say about Anika. Anika comes to them and hears.. Shivaye says that Anika is obsessed with me. She gets shocked and looks on. Shivaye says so she refused to marry Daksh, she does something to grab my attention, that stalker, attack was her drama, so that she gets my sympathy, her real motive is that I don’t marry Tia, and she takes Tia’s place, this is aim of middle class girls, to trap a rich guy and marry him. She cries and leaves thinking of his words. O jaana…..plays……… She thinks I did not know Shivaye thinks this about me. Shivaye turns and looks outside. Om says wow, I can’t believe Tia thinks this about Anika, leave Tia, tell me what you think.

Shivaye says if I heard heart like you, I would have said I don’t believe this, like I know and understand Anika, she is not such girl, but you know I don’t just listen to heart, and my mind is making me helpless to think what Tia told me, since my marriage announcement, Anika is behaving strange. Om asks will you listen mind and not heart. Shivaye says ofcourse, heart can take on wrong way, not mind, money and power greed can make person do anything, so I always say, person’s thinking is known by blood and family, anyway I don’t want to talk, lets drop it. He leaves.

Anika sits crying. She says I m crying as if Shivaye insulted me for the first time, let him do, I m no less, I left calling him Billu ji, I take his name on his face, it should be easy to show anger, when he was annoyed today, I did not get angry, but cried, why, when I know he is rude, ill mannered person, why do I care. Tia comes and says aw, are you crying, if universe gets anyone insulted so much, anyone can cry, you are shameless, if I was in your place, I would have left job, I can understand, how bad it feels when all plans fail, there is still time, think, you won’t get Shivaye, don’t lose Daksh, take my advice, Daksh is a nice guy, not too rich like Shivaye, but 300 crores is enough, he likes you, its good, leave much greed, concentrate on what you are getting, else you will lose even that. Daksh comes and looks on.

Anika is attacked by the stalker. Shivaye asks where is Anika. Om says don’t know, why. Shivaye says I get a feeling that Anika is in some problem. Anika sees water entering the door. She calls Dadi/someone. Tia takes phone and sees Anika’s call.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. no comments for 2days epi..

  2. Laya

    Bully billuji

  3. Guys… do read n comment on the 4th epi of my ff.. SHAAYAD YAHI HAI PYAAR? .. Thank u.. link below

  4. Will shivaay or om save anika or she will be attacked

  5. O M G…kal kya hoga…? i dnt wnt any bride swap in ib… Baki serial ki tarah boar hongi…

  6. I loved in bcoz it had no negativity; no super brave villians; and no extended negative episodes. Every minor bad thing used to end by the end of the day and it was only love and growing emotions by the end of the day; no misunderstanding was strong enough to spoil relations. Par I think trp badane keep lite gk man is making it like other serials. I am not willing to watch this episode as it is filling negativity in me. Only reason I used to watch ib is getting lost. Hope it improves soon. Won’t watch today’s epi but love ib and its lead pairs a lot.

    1. Totally agree with you Saira.

  7. still shivaye feels for anika… then why doesn’t he understands that anika is not doing anything wrong…. if he can feel her up to this limit then he should understand and feel this also… what writers wants to show i just cant understand… and this tia… aaaahhhh… i want to choke her neck… i would like to fire bullet at her….she is limitless…. but feeling gud that still shivaye do not fully feel bad of anika or for anika…

  8. This storyline is dragging too much! I see Shivaay and Anika’s forced wedding happening soon and this is NOT right. I want them married, but not under false perceptions. Even if they are married after the mandaap switch he will hate and blame her for everything saying that she’s cheap and after his money. Of course Anika will be helpless and then look like the typical girl in serials who just cries and keeps quiet at injustice/insult. I hate that there is so much plotting and scheming now. Saira is right, the reason for watching Ishqbaaz is getting lost as they drag everything out and complicate simple matters. I can’t wait for the drama in this show to be over!

  9. This show is becoming like Saath Nibhana Sathiya, where Gopi is finding proof against new villain Radhika and she makes fool of her infront of everyone. Everytime she is proved wrong and all will accuse her, so what new in this show same old story, main character are shown idiot and villain make them fool, and if it’s true she will take place of Tia in marriage then it will look like old tv show Kasam Se where Bani (leading female character) sits in place of someone else and get married to Mr Walia, and he was furios everytime seeing her, so this show is mixture of all old shows, nothing new, no nayi soch, and don’t know where it is heading. It was fun to watch when it started. And now we don’t see track of Svetlana, Gayatri, Lover of OM, Murder story, Om murdering someone, no result, it seems all are confused to show everything and not concentrating on main story.

  10. missing priveer.And randhawa told by this diwali oberoi secrets will be out.what happened to that

  11. They need to stop this redundant track asap. Getting kinda tired. Plus is it just me or does it feel weird hearing Anika calling Shivay by his name. I prefer the Billuji, seems more personal somehow!

    1. Priyanka.N

      Evn i feel weird…its toooo common… I love billuji only….i feel like anika have right on tht name bt nt shivaay

  12. I saw somewhere about rudra’s kidnapping. I love to see that track. Hope this time they will make it more sensitive than last attack of rudra. I want to see a heart touching bromance jst like shivay’s hospital scene or om’s suicide attemp scene. Love us so common topic bt brotherhood is soo special… want to see how om getting worried about rudra.

  13. Kya aisa karne se TRP badta hai.Yahan toh 80% log khush nhin hai.Toh aakhir Gul man kiske liye story ko drag kar rahe hain.Ek shikayat hai,swapping shaadi nhi honi chahye,plz..


    Feeling bad for Anika… She should let Marry Shivaye with That Tia and leave from their life and show should take leap and Tia’s truth to come infront of Shivaye, and he should try to find Anika and ask for forgiveness and She should marry someone in front of him, who values her…

    And its so sad that soumya and rudra are so confused, if they want to get seperate they should file divorce..

    Where is Priyanka and Randhva, miss their chemistry…

    When will all truths will come out?? Show is going tooooo slow….

  15. Anah

    show is very slow ,so much dragging ,i think spark is missing now a days

  16. It is truth with which SHE walks with, and surely she walks it for long. Only she knows truth, and she will not leave it at half the way. She is simple, and has a simple ideoligy, TRUTH JUST CAN BE SUPRESSED, HIDED BUT CAN NOT BE STOPPED TO GET IT BURSTED OUT. IT IS THE LAST TO LAUGH AT A LIE!
    She walks and walks, and keep continue untill it is with her. She knows, even after having badly insulted, scolded, and even being rolled down to lowest possible level by him, HE IS GOOD PERSON , and it is her duty to keep him safe. She knows, and also believe, she just can not be happy if he is unhappy, and so why , he can not walks on and on keeping behind his all shitting belief .
    DAKSH is neither a BF of TIA and nor with TIA, because both motives are different, which leave an impression they are with, but just can not be so.
    I can see, DAKSH is here in OM for the good reason.
    OM and RUDRA both seems little bit unaware of what is going on in SSO’s life, but atleast for OM, I am sure he is observing everything !

    1. Daksh has come for good reason….whatever reason it may be I just want him to out of OM asap….hate to see him with Anika just like the way I hated him when he was with Radhika in Manmarziyan!!

      What if Daksh is here on a negative motive?? Maybe he is somebody appointed by Roop to know the secrets of OM?? Or maybe to take revenge for Gayatri’s murder….so much of possibilities for Daksh’s character…..but as you said Shekhar…I too feel that Daksh is not Tia’s boyfriend/husband….the writers just want the audience to think in that way so that they can create more mystery!!

      I just hope Anika will give a tight slap to Shivaye for making her cry so much!! Shivaye deserves that…bucket se kaam nahi chalega!!

      1. Don’t over look the effect of acts of both TIA and DAKSH!!!

        (1) TIA poured poison in the SSO mind against ANIKA and SSO soon jumped over his SHITTING IDEOLOGY and he behaved like a mindless RUDE ONE!

        Over more, what ANIKA’s said to SSO, get it here in hinglish ‘ TIA TUMHE PAPPU BANA RAHI HAI!!!” Its a blow over his ego who believe himself an intelegent, super inmtelegent, and always try to compete with ANIKA, and fir was added to his ego when TIA’s BF got successes to remove that mrj photo leaving solo photo.

        (2) Now see at post effevt of DAKSH. We see SHIVAAY ….. to be continued sorry

      2. We see SHIVAAY is getting jealous and more possessive than ever which is totally contrasting to what TIA is upto and post effect of her acts over SSO. So why, I am on the firm ground that both TIA and DAKSH just can not be with each other and also simplyhe can nit be TIA’s BF.
        What I said, you will get it cleared out in next coming episodes.
        As a whole , TIA is here as a RUBBER to erase out all the shitts from SSO Mind, and DAKSH is here to realise SHIVIKA their feelings for each other. VILLAIN is alwas there to see last laugh of HERO/ HEROINE, nothing new. GK mam is used to stretch our veins to its break point and nerve to get burst with anxieties, dissapointmen, distress. JEALOUSY , LOVE FEELINGS were and are never monopolised, and can be found in a shattered hut as well as in OM like MAHEL!
        HOW CAN SHE BE MORE TALENTED?, MORE INTELEGENT?, MORE STRONG THAN ME, is main problem of SSO, which he just can’t tackle, and accept as well!

  17. Whatever Anika did was foolishness…wonder why she informed evrythng to Tia

  18. After seeing yesterday’s epi this was my first reaction…”yeh ho kya raha hai???”

    Why is Shivaye even thinking in such an angle?? “Paise aur power insaan se kuch bhi karva sakthe hain…” really??? Too much Shivaye….too much….

    Poor Anika….she was so strong when she told Tia that she will not allow Billuji to marry a cheater like Tia….and let Tia do what all reiki veiki she can do….but this marriage won’t happen…
    But she was shocked to hear SSO’s words….and even while crying her heart out she was thinking this is not the first time SSO has insulted me….ab tho Billuji kehna bhi chod diya…
    That’s my Anika….you just have to be strong and face the situation….let Shivaye marry Tia or let him find out for himself what is Tia’s truth….you just do the work assigned to you…and leave Ob. mansion…

    I hope Rudra and Sumo will not spoil their relationship the way Shivika is doing…Rudr is childish as always….but still he is trying to make Soumya understand….what happened to Sumo?? Being the Love Angel why can’t she understand her feelings towards Rudra?? Noticed one thing guys…..after marriage Sumo is not calling Rudr Cry baby…
    Dear GK ma’am please don’t make Rudra another Shivaye….

    Also in one video it was told that Rudra will reveal Roumya marriage secret to Shivaye and will ask Shivaye to help him….I just hope Roumya marriage will happen instead of Shitiya marriage…..

    And in all videos of Shivaye’s sangeet Prinku is missing….why?? Didn’t the writers notice this?? How can Prinku the only behan of Oberoi family miss her Shivaye bhaiya’s sangeet?? Not fair…
    Or else are they going to change Prinku?? Mystery continues… 😀 😀

    I hope by next Monday this Tia-Daksh mystery gets solved…
    And about the precap….if Shivaye is not going to help her maybe Daksh will save Anika so that he can create a soft corner in Anika’s heart….and Shivaye reaches for Anika’s help only to see that Daksh helping Anika….again Shivaye becomes jealous and confused!!! Aaargh…stop this confusion or else am going to stop watching IB…. :-||

    1. Yes, she will leave OM after getting her assignment done, but she is used to square up all accounts still on unbalanced. She is not obsessed either with SSO or anyone to the extent from where she just can’t step back. She has a simple equation of life, like 1+1=2, and she know how to square it up with.
      She will also square up his account with SSO whenever she find an opportunity in her own way.
      In no way she can leave OM having a GOOD PERSON WITH A EVIL PERSON
      TIA very well know how much she is capable to do whatever she said to her, and experiencing the cold ironic strenghth behind her saying, her face
      was paled down, and she just can not
      ignore ANIKA’s affirmation. TIA knows, in OM, neither OMRUDA nor anyone else, but only ANIKA is a challenge to her evil intentions.

  19. Sumi.SS

    Good mrng guyzz.I lyk yestr epi becz of Anikas felng for shivay..most of the tym only they show shiavay felng..he senses her presence..geting jelus..carng etc..befre all the epi we saw only anika’s expresns and nervousness when shivay holds her..yestrday she also Said that this not the frst tym she is getng insult..Always she fights wth shivay..2day she is cryng for shivay’s bad opinions abt’s matter a lot to her…becz she loves her billu ji..
    I thnk robin is tia’s yestrpic the man has earring which is exactly same to robin.In karwachuth D had back look also matched wth robin..if it’s true how can she tell him as her brthr..
    Abt precap this tym daksh may help anika..waitng fr shivay and Daksh fight..

  20. Pragya

    Good morning……i am commenting after a long while……..
    So today s episode
    Was quite good…….shivay saying my heart is not believing tias word but my mind is…… Most of the time it happens……
    A I guess. Daksh will save Anika which will make shivay more jealous….and t and d mystery is I think d is dev and not daksh……i hope to be the

  21. Somehow I feel Anika should leave from SSO’s life and maintain the little dignity of her own. It is not necessary that you have to save the world. In spite of him saying such rude words, she continues to be on his side.. now where is the self respect she always preaches…

    IB has lost its earlier sheen.. kinda of boring these days..

    1. Zoya

      yes deepti u r rght i too feel the same for anika

  22. Mujhe laga Shivaay thoda badal chuka hain.leaking woh toh sso hain kabhi badal hi nahi sakta pehle bhi anika ko blame karta tha aaj bhi kar raha hain. Tia ne jo lichen kehdiya use shivaay jaldi maan gate agar anika ko pausing kind lalaj hotel toh us din woh shivaay ke diye hue blank check kyun phada yeh bhi toh sochna chahiyena shivaay.anyway iam you new friend tia

  23. Anika and pragya character are the same.. Such a dumb girl.
    Always finding something but fails to prove it…
    Khuda ke liye is serial ko kkb jaisa mat banao. Already the trp is very less.
    And I think that is not water that’s petrol or something..

  24. I think daksh is tia’s husband ..
    In T&D locket D is for Daksh..

  25. Razna

    Hiiii my ishquieeessss goodafternoon…..
    Really i dont know what to say about yesturdays episode….why this shivay always litsening to tia….he never try to hear anika…on the previous episodes he said to dhaksh that he know anika very well and even her silence…..then what happend now…..i think om will help anikaa….and GK mam where is oms lead……
    What happnd to soumya. As love angel why she didnt realise their feeling. Loved our jelousy rudys scence….

  26. It was so hurting to c anika cry lik tat, sso hurted her deeply tis time, I hope she maintain her dignity n let sso do watever he wants, let him marry tia. But tat won’t hppen, love is a very strong feeling which override every other feeling. .
    At least fr once sso shld hve believed his heart, he said he understands anika wrds n silence also, so wht hppen now,he so easily believed wht tia said without any proof.but he does nt want to believe anika .
    Bth the tracks r dragging, roumya n shivka.. bt I guess tis will go on till end of nov, till finally at least one couple marries

    Just hope anika says s to daksh, n move away frm sso life.. n let shitia go to hell

  27. So TRP of Ishqbaaz is increased at the cost of making it another typical serial with so much negativity. Tia is getting irritating with each passing episode.

  28. Guys I have found one apt pic which will explain why Shivaye is always insulting Anika…check this!

  29. AthiraAppu

    Hii ishquiees
    I also think that robin is Tia’s bf
    Check this pic in Instagram

  30. Priyanka.N

    I dnt knw y all r thinking soumya loves rudy….
    I dnt think she is in love….may b she give respect fr marriage….i knw i knw if she gives respect she wil nt remove magalsutra…bt i m sure she is not in love neither rudy is in love….its jst a thing tht thy think thy belongs to eachother after marriage….by the way there is no bride swipe…check gul mam’s INTA….

  31. fed up with this tia track hope they will not drag it more

  32. deekshefashions

    Is this your Nayi Soch Star Plus?

  33. I think no bride swapping drama in ib. But I feel there will be a groom swapping drama in ib. Anika will accept dash proposal in pressure and gradually Shivay will get to know tia and dash evil plotting. But being angry anika will not listen to him. So in the nick of time shivaye with the help of obros will replace daksh in mandap just to protect anika. Won’t it be fun ishquies? It would be an interesting change of plot. What say?

  34. I also hate this tia track

  35. guys guys wait wait what had happening here yar IB is my fav show loved it more than anything i want sso to marry anika with his will not by changing brides any way want to see priveer om’ s myster everything just hoping to see it

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