Ishqbaaz 17th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Shivaansh is introduced

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Ishqbaaz 17th December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

After some years, At the launch of Dhinchak Ishq Tera Mera….. the girls shout SSO We love you. Reporter Film Diwani/FD says its a festival for everyone, Shivaansh’s film is releasing today, all the celebs gave good wishes for SSO. Kulfi, Amyra, Sikandar, Mohena give good wishes to Shivaansh.

Publicist Aasya talks to reports. Manager Avi comes. Aasya asks where is SSO. Avi says where he should be. Shivaansh comes, wearing a stylish floral embroidered black suit and golden shoes. Bachna Ae haseeno…plays…. He throws hearts at his female fans. Some men see Shivaansh’s video. A girl asks the price of tomatoes. She sees the vendors busy watching video. She gets Mohini’s call. She says I m getting Bhindi, let my salary come, I will get paneer for you, I m coming home. Reporter

says Shivaansh doesn’t belong to any film family, his father Shivaye Singh Oberoi was a leading industrialist, whatever happened with his parents, anyone could have broken down, but Shivaansh learnt not to lose from his father and smiling from his mother, it means he got swag from his mom and style from his dad, whenever they see Shivaansh from heaven, they would be feeling proud. Junior Khanna, bodyguard stops the fans.

Shivaansh hugs the girls. He gives an autograph to a girl on her shoulder. Aasya gets commenting on girls. Avi says he is a big star. Khanna says I m Khanna, I m SSO’s bodyguard. He coughs. Avi says sorry, have this. He gives him a chocolate and gives water. Khanna says lets go to Shivaansh. The girl is on the way. Some men comment on other girl and get cheap talking. She asks why are you troubling her. The man asks whom will you call to save her, your dad or brother, take the phone. The other girl goes. The man says she has gone, what about you now. He holds her. She turns and says enough.

She bashes them up. Shivaansh is with his fans. The girl throws the goons around. Swag se swagat…plays… Everyone claps for the girl. She takes the veg bag and goes. Inspector Gaitonde and constable Nana salute her. She asks whose area is this. They say ours. She asks where were you two. They make excuses. She scolds them. She goes. They say did goons get this girl to fight, ACP Aditi Vijay Deshmukh. Aasya says this movie will cross 300 crores. Avi says it has to cross 500 crores. A boy shouts SSO. He runs and falls down. Shivaansh comes to him and asks what happened. The boy says I got hurt. Shivaansh says my dad used to say that kids become strong when they get hurt, smile now, what shall we do to make this pain away. The boy asks for a selfie.

Shivaansh takes selfie with him and gives away his shades. Dadi says my son…. Nani asks her not to cry. Dadi says I m missing Shivaye and Anika a lot. Nani says memories do come in always. Dadi says they always used to say, that Shivaye and Anika aren’t anything without each other. Nani says they were Ishqbaaz in real sense, Shivaansh wasn’t born when there was a threat on Anika, Shivaye did everything to find her. FB shows Bhavya showing the wax built hand to Shivaye. Rudra says it means it wasn’t Anika, but her dummy. Shivaye says it means Anika is alive, find out wax making companies, inform the police. Shivaye, Rudra and Bhavya meet Anika. Shivaye hugs her. He asks are you fine. Anika says I m find now. They all hug. Shivaye asks how did you get here. Inspector says they were taking Anika away by hiding her along wax statues, its good you informed us, we will reach the mastermind. Anika says I didn’t lose hope, I knew you won’t let anything happen to me. He makes her wear the charm bracelet and kisses her hand.

Shivaansh says SRK and Kajol made the people know love, but my mom and dad made me know love, I have just learnt love and its power, I believe in love and its Dhinchak stories, what does a person need in life, some love, swag and Dhinchak. Aditi says the two words love and marriage don’t exist in my life’s dictionary.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Lokesh

    Koi ye Bata do ye kalyani dadi ab tak Jinda kaisa hai and where is Rudra and om, mere Ko Laga tha Kalyani dadi ab pinky ka role play karenge ?? par ye to ab bhi Zinda hai.
    And only one lead pair, Mazza nhii aayega, pehle wale ishqbaaz ki baat hi kuch aur thi.

  2. Lokesh

    Dhinchak ishqbaaz ?????? hey Bhagwan, female lead me dhinchak pooja Ko hi rkh lete ???.waise paise acche kharch kiye Gul Khan ne audience Ko patane ko par kuch hone wala nahi hai.

  3. Dhinchak ishq tera mere….?
    Its better if they change the title name of the show something crazy name is better for this…
    First of all the girls sounds like irritating while telling SSO??…All r excited for shivaansh sing oberoi (kulfi..nazar)their introduction…??
    I felt like they are saying shivaay sing oberoi becoz shivaansh is sound like that…
    As usual Nakuul just nailed his acting no words about it as a rockstar he nailed it…but I don’t like this look without beard????I miss him??? I like the BGM…is she is manjari I mean opposite of nakuul ????

    No more words missss my ishqbaaz shivika…?????
    Their introduction is better than this dhinchak?

    1. Yes She Is Manjiri Pupala

  4. Riana

    Amena a request dear ? pls change the montage and put the new one as for all of us ishqbaaz season-1 was everything and three couple were lart of it… This season has no link to it so i hope people do not get confused… So if you change the montage they may enjoy this so called dhinchak ishqbaaz ?

    1. Riana


    2. Hi Riana, Please Explain One Thing To Me. In Ishqbaaz Season 2 , Some Scenes Of Ishqbaaz Redux Are Shown. Which Means That They Are Trying To Link Season 2 To Redux. But Redux Was Alternate Universe. Whatever Was Happening In Redux Was Not Happening In Reality, It Was Happening In The Imagination Of Shivaay And Anika. The Original Ishqbaaz Was Where Things Were Happening In Reality. So They Should Link Season 2 To The Original Ishqbaaz. Why Are They Linking It To The Imaginary Redux?

      1. I was thinking that whole the time too ? How can it be possible?

  5. 1st episode mst tha nakuul sir ki acting super but new lead actress ib ke bilkul bhi layk nhi h m nakuul sir ki fan hu islye i watch ib

  6. Lokesh

    Sorry everyone Maine aaj ka episode dekha, mujhe bas dekhna tha Rudy and Gauri kaha hai

  7. Lokesh

    Sorry everyone Maine aaj ka episode dekha, mujhe bas dekhna tha Rudy on and Gauri kaha hai

  8. I really missed old ib and six pairs.
    In this new season everyone is comedian manager, junior khanna…. New lead is having all qualities of anika, Gauri and bhavya which I don’t like. Nakul as usual nailed the performance.

  9. Nakuul again shines like Shivaay in another role as Shivaansh

  10. Hi Guys
    Season 2 Started………………….
    Khanna Jr that was good……………
    Only main 2 Leads are intro……………..
    What hapeens to Shivaay and Annika how they died………..
    Where are Omkara , Gauri , Rudra, Bhavya,Priyanka……………

    Totally Opposite Aditi will be full on grey character and our Shivaansh was joyful and playful ……..
    It will be good seeing him in that character…………….he looks so good when he smiles……….
    Waiting for tommorrow
    lots of unsolved…………….

    1. Renimarenju

      We all need to wait for it……..Hope this time they will execute plot properly….

  11. Lokesh

    ACP Ko paisa Kam par rhe hai to buy bhindi instead of tamatar like really, ya to koi hospital me hai ghar ka so money drain, otherwise ye possible Nhi hai.

  12. I don’t like the heroine, sry

  13. Oh no… lead pair is mismatched

  14. Renimarenju

    Hello Ishqies, Why so less comments ?? Guys, Though we all said literally IB is ending, star plus has not ended the show…….Pls guys , just give a chance……So a new start for us…….Watched this episode just for seeing nakul mehta and he did a fair job….But it’s too early to say something over this new turn…..Lots of questions are remaining which need to be answered, if cv’s are planning to serve any sort of crap, then i think many will skip this one…..Just give a chance ishqies and see what they are going to show in the name of dhinchak…. Adithi reminded me khidkithod anika and don’t know why flashes came in my mind when we watched our khidkithod anika breaking glass of SSO’s car ……It’s unfair to compare adithi with anika……. Hope they will show some thing new , instead of serving old wine in new bottle…..And to be honest, SSO means it’s SHIVAAY SINGH OBEROI only, that’s his identity and I can’t adjust myself with this JUNIOR SSO as SHIVAANSH SINGH OBEROI…….They should have tagged something else, any ways let’s wait and see……

    1. Shekhar

      The unborn SHIVANSH on last friday is being shown as 20+ , according to which DADI Must be above 85, but she is as aged as on last friday. Limitation of CVS is being limited in the sense, they removed SC who denied to being old, but i think, they might have failed to do so with the actress playing role of DADI!
      Secondly, the way new seasons get started where in leading character of other serial and few random youngster has been laid over vieweres head to create craze for new season, is it self a reflection of their fear of dismissal of new season in the field of new and old both viewership chart. The gal playing oppisite to new SSO , it seems to me as of now, is totally a expressionless. You can’t create havoc each time repeating same alike incident, while breaking of wind screen in old IB was againt whole odds ANNIKA was facing then, and here now, to let her break numerous windscreen the created the scene using GOONS.
      I strongly believe, such stunt never contribute viewership to any serial, bcz all have a better opþipn to enjoy more better stunt scenes.

      All these discrepancies is the strong signal of what they are upto. If they had new ideas, then they might have used in the process of amending the old IB story, but they simply didn’t !

      By filling country side wine into a
      CHAMAGNE bottle, one can create illusion of being it, but at last truth has to come up!

      Let’s wait for a TRUTH OF NEW season to come up then!?

      1. Renimarenju

        Shekhar, logic apart just hoping to see something good……Acting wise nakul will certainly shine and just want to see how he is doing that…..Story wise definitely this can’t take the special space which IB [before reduxion] left in our hearts……And the new girl, let’s wait whether she will do better or not…..Thing is it’s quite natural many are comparing this with season one of IB and even if don’t want to do so also, it’s happening…..And after a month we can clearly find whether this will sustain long or just remain as a stuff rather than a beautiful story……Any ways we need to wait….. Good morning and have a good day….

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