Ishqbaaz 17th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Anika’s mehendi ceremony

Ishqbaaz 17th August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Om asks why don’t you think before doing anything, you forcibly married Anika in anger and now to rectify that mistake, you are divorcing Anika and getting her married to Nikhil. Shivaye says I m doing the thing which has Anika’s happiness. Gauri says your happiness doesn’t lie in Nikhil, I can see it, you started liking Shivaye, don’t take any wrong decision in haste. Anika says I don’t understand what’s right and what’s wrong. Gauri says then ask your heart, what’s it saying. Anika says nothing, maybe I m not able to listen to my heart, so I left everything on fate. Om says you left everything on fate, when did you start believing in fate, you always used to say that you make your own fate. Shivaye says its not about me, its about Anika, I want her to marry the one she loves. Its morning, Shivaye checks arrangements. He asks Khanna why did you call these people, Anika is coming, decorations have to be ready, she will be here soon. Om says I didn’t find him so stressed during the Austrilian deal worth 1000 crores.

Priyanka says don’t know what will happen at the time of marriage. Shivaye asks why are you murmuring, we have a marriage function at home, help me, check the catering because… Om says Anika is coming. They laugh and go. Shivaye says yes, she is coming. He asks the man to check the lights. He goes to check. Anika walks in. He looks at her. Lights get on. O jaana….plays….. They have an eyelock. Priyanka says Anika has come and your face got illuminated, the lights got on. They smile. Gauri asks what are they doing. Om says don’t know, we will talk later because you will also be here until the marriage is over, right. Chachi comes and says we had to come by walk. Shivaye says your rooms are ready, you can go and rest. Chachi says let us help too, you are doing a lot. He says its fine, I spoke to Nikhil’s family, we decided mehendi function, go to your room, I will send some refreshments.

Priyanka welcomes guests. She asks Khanna why did mehendi artist not come till now. Khanna says they would be coming. Gauri sings and walks. She hits a plate held by the servant. Om holds her. The rose petals fall over them. They have an eyelock. Priyanka comes. Om says I was just helping Gauri, she was about to fall so I held her. Gauri goes. Priyanka says I have a cough, I wanted to ask something, are you sure that nothing is going on. He asks will you tease me when Rudra isn’t here. He says sorry, I will miss him a lot, when he was leaving for Paris for his modelling assignment, I said that there would be some peace and I m going to enjoy, but there is no fun. He says I m also missing that idiot. Chachi asks where is Gauri. Priyanka says Om will be knowing. Om asks how will I know, I m going to check security arrangements. He goes.

Anika comes for mehendi. Gauri gets shagun mehendi. Priyanka says I heard if mehendi color gets darker, it means husband’s love is deep, is this true. Shivaye looks at Anika. Nikhil and his parents come. Shivaye asks them to sit. He goes for work. Anika looks at him. The girl asks what name shall I write. A ladder is about to fall on Shivaye. Anika says Shivaye. Khanna holds the ladder. Shivaye turns to Anika. The girl says I have written your would be husband’s name, have a look. Nikhil asks Anika to show him. He sees Shivaye written and asks what’s this, Shivaye’s name. Everyone gets shocked. Anika asks why have you written this. The girl says sorry, I thought your would be husband’s name is Shivaye. Nikhil’s mum and Chachi react.

Om says relax, its a mistake. Priyanka says some mistakes are so beautiful, I mean she has written Shivaye’s name very nicely. Chachi asks Anika to go and wipe it off. Anika runs off. She tries to wipe it and says its not getting wiped off. Shivaye comes and asks May I. Tu jaane na….plays….. anika says you wanted to wipe your name from my hand, now your hands also got coloured with my mehendi, its destiny. Nikhil comes. She says sorry, name isn’t getting wiped off, I didn’t do this intentionally. He says I know, it was that mehendi artist’s mistake, come, everyone is waiting. She goes. Om comes to Shivaye and says do you know that you are the first man in this world who is getting his wife married to someone else. Shivaye says I have a lot of work. He goes. Nikhil’s mum gives shagun. She asks Anika about sindoor in her maang. Nikhil says sindoor is applied after marriage. She asks why is this sindoor there in your maang. Anika sees Shivaye. He signs her not to say.

Anika says sorry Nikhil, I should have told you before…. Shivaye keeps his hand near the diya. Priyanka shouts to him. Anika shouts Shivaye, what happened, what were you doing, were you lost, how did your palm get burn. He says I m fine. She says it must be paining. He sees Nikhil and takes his hand back. He says concentrate on rasam. She says your hand got burnt, its looking like you have done it deliberately. He asks what could I do then, it was imp to stop you. She says it means you did this intentionally. She gets away. Priyanka and Om care for him.

Anika goes. Shivaye comes to her and asks why were you going to say about our marriage. She says we can’t deny this truth. He says when this marriage doesn’t mean anything, why are you spoiling your life, did you think of Nikhil’s reaction, once you get married, you will be so busy and happy that you won’t think about me and our marriage, Nikhil’s mum is right, you shouldn’t apply sindoor before marriage, let me wipe it. She stops him and asks what are you doing, do you know the meaning of wiping off sindoor, you have already did a sin by breaking my mangalsutra, don’t do another one. He says when this marriage has no value, what’s the value of this sindoor. She says its my maang, my wish, my sindoor, we left everything on fate, why are you worried then. Whatever is destined to happen will definitely happen. She goes.

Nikhil shouts Anika, I want to talk to you. Chachi asks what happened now, where are you taking her. Gauri asks why are you angry. He says maybe this rasam isn’t needed now, Gauri don’t interfere between us. He takes Anika with him.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Banita

    Heyy PKJ…
    HRU all???
    Well today i m not here to say anything about epi… Actually i m superr happy with d TRP of IB… So couldn’t stop myself to come here…
    It’s 2.3 rating with 11th position in overal…. It clearly show that how much people like love-hate love story (including me)… LOL..
    Hope it will increase more nd more in upcoming epis…
    Lots Of Love @Arpu for convey my msg here…. Nd Thank u for ur concern girls…
    I will be fully here with my comment when i will be fully recover…
    BTW I m happy that CVS finally started Rikara’s love story also….
    Nd i m missing Rudy…
    GN PKJ…

    1. Hey banita congrats for being number 1. Dear missed you a lot. Hope all is good. Yes when trp went up I thought about you dear banita. I could just imagine you jumping up and down.

    2. Arpu dear redux is getting better and better. People just love to see the silent love between themselves and the inner feelings each has for one another and Rikara moments were also fabulous now.

    3. Yeh Di..
      You are absolutely right…
      But these trp aunties are totally unpredictable.
      I still couldn’t figure out..what they wants actually???

    4. Luthfa

      Go Banita Go.Many many congratulations…?
      How are you now?Missing you so very much yaar.May God bless you with speedy recovery.Take care?
      Me too is very happy for TRP this time.Hope we will get more than this in future.See you soon.Lots of love?

    5. JeevithaTK

      Hi banita dear,
      Hru. Congrats for being 1st dear. Yaa I think after knowing Trp ur health could Hv become bit better in joy.. S even liking their love hate chemistry of them. Rikara they r soo cute. Take care of your health and come back with ur bang on comment. Love you .tc

    6. He Bunny congrats….
      He me too soo happy for TRP
      Now jaldiiiiii se thik ho ja.
      Main tujhe miss kar rahi hun…

  2. Hiii mere khidkitod pagals…….
    Love VS Destiny
    Chapter 50
    Congrats pagals..redux crossed 50 episodes…
    I think it is successsful..
    2.3 after 1 year or more than that….
    With 11th position…
    And I am loving it totally.
    @Lu hum sahi pakad hi lete he…..
    @NSK dear..I am fine how are you ??

    Come to episode

    I am Hell SHORT COMMENT.

    Sso????????sry I know I should feel bad for you but I am laughing like really need a mental doctor
    You are totally gone mad…….
    Extreme feelings can mend things and so can destroy things
    First Sso’s hate and angerness destroyed everything.
    Now His Guilty falling destorying things once again
    Annika is giving him so many hints but he is just closed his eyes .OPEN YIUR EYES SSO.
    And hurting yourself is not solution at all.plz.
    And Annika my confused atma.
    Plz take a stand for yourself…
    But I over last scene..Kya khidkitod jawab..I love it Annika..OPEN Sso’s eyes and give him a reality check..
    Bande ka dimaag kharab hogaya he..
    With his Chachi.plz are making one more puzzle.plz..go
    You NNN go and die plz
    Precap- weekend ki OMM kardi stupid ne ..
    Btw what is wrong with Make up yar
    My Annika’s eyes are so beautiful in natural.
    Don’t make it look ugly with those weird make up..

    CINEMATOGRAPHY was once again killed it.loved whole scenario
    Pata he Sso ..kitni baar bolenge???
    Waise ek baat thik he..this time Sso is wedding planner not Annika.
    It is Sukoon for me?.
    Precap- NNN wanna break your hand

    I am missing RUDY.


    I wish flood will end soon
    Be strong……Keralians…

    1. Mona_2005

      Really sso is really confused
      Analysis were as always great
      Vaise Didi agar yeh chota comment tu bad a Kya hota hai?

      Take care
      Good night

    2. Hi Mona…???????
      Don’t tell me.blame goes to ishqbaaz
      For making me short comment????
      Pata nahi kab bada hogaya?????????
      Thank you soon much dear
      Sso is biggest confused atma
      So also we are….???

    3. Yes arpu me too. I am missing Rudy. If he was there he would have done so many things to reunite Anika and Shivaay but they left it with destiny.

    4. Yeah..right…

    5. Luthfa

      Hahaha…..Isme to koi doubt hi nahi ki aap hamesha sahi hi pakadte hain????????
      Both Shivika are confused(deliberately doing this)and making us confused as well.Let’s see what happens next.By the way,nice Short analysis????

    6. Kya kare.Lu..
      Short analysis hojati he Ishqbaaz effect…?
      Yes now we all are biggest confused atma..

    7. I am fine too.?
      Trp is 2.34.really happy about that.InShallah we will get more trp!?

    8. Hoping for best NSK dear…
      Let’s see

    9. JeevithaTK

      Hi Arpita dear,
      Congrats for being 1st yesterday, I do agree with you tht 1st on anger shivay took all decision of her now also in care nd love he his take all her decision… Ya missing Rudy if he could have been it Hv been super. His try to make shivka together nd his fun.
      Prayer for normal soon end of the flood.
      Love you. Tc

    10. Jeevi dear can’t tell how much I am missing RUDY..
      Plz come back…. thanx dear..

    11. JeevithaTK

      Forgot to say congrats dear for ur 50th day of analysis..


    Hello everyone Hope u all have not forgotten me i was busy with my exams so cant comment here and then had some issues with my phone . So Redux is getting good.trp we got a trp of 2.3 points and 11th position which is good without promotion from star plus. By the way how r u all arpita luthfa ishu kadambari sindhu di and all other members.

    1. Hey Aayush, how are you my dear? It has been awhile and hope alls good. Redux is going too good.

    2. Hiii Aayush dear.welcome back to pkj with lots of love. Ofcourse we remember you
      Yes it is actually great achievement for us..

      How was your exam ???

    3. AAYUSH

      Hello sindhu di I m fine how r u.

    4. AAYUSH

      Hi arpu I m fine how r u my exams were really good and I got 2nd position in my. College recently result got announced so really very happy and now will be regular here

    5. Luthfa

      Hello AAYUSH,
      Welcome back to PKJ with band-baja.How are you doing?Yes,Redux is going good and last week’s trp is also very good.Waiting for the next week’s result.I am fine.Thank you so much.See you soon?

    6. AAYUSH

      I m doing fine and thx for welcominf me again and not forgetting me luthra and I hope future trp will be more good

    7. JeevithaTK

      Hi Aayush Anna,
      Hru. V do remember u welcome back. Hope to to c u regularly . Yes now ib is going good. All r happy with this week Trp hope this continues . So how was your exam Anna.Tc

    8. AAYUSH

      Hi jeevitha yeah I will be regular from now on My exams were damn good and recently my results came and I got 2nd position in my college so was so happy.

  4. hlo guys !!!
    Happy News…. ib trp increased 2.3, 11th position ??‍♀

    Abt today’s episode ….

    * Loved prinku om nd gowri’s part ?
    * Om was so cute nd funny today??
    * Prinku ne rudy ke role le liya, she was soo cute & her comments were so funny
    * Me too missed rudy Om, rudy gone for a modeling assignment.
    * Om nd prinku? both are as good as om&rudy?, in teasing their elder bro??

    wt to say
    As Om said, shivay is planning to get his wife married to another person ???
    & Anika, with sindoor and shivay in mind…. sitting in mehandi function
    Thank god, she got shivay name in her mehandi??,best part shivay ko bhi mehandi laga??

    1. Luthfa

      Agree with you completely JO?

    2. Sso is starplus Bahu.toh mehendi tho lagana padega..??

    3. ??? actually yes ???

    4. JeevithaTK

      Hi Jo,
      Hru . Welcome to our pkj family. I know it’s too late. S happy news to all the ib pagals. Me to missing Rudy v. Much. Rikara was cute. Prinku has taken Rudy place that reminds him more. I think it has been regular tht anika wedding planner nd shivay be coming anika wedding planner. Tc

  5. Zainab

    Don’t know but Nikhil seems like a good man who is forced to do a bad role. He is not able to pick it up. I wish if Veer could come back (kinda missing him :|). Anyway that thoda sa RiKara scene made my night :p mere pyaarrr!! :*:*:* I didnt like the make up, anyway. Annika and Gauri looked like dayan :/. Excited for Monday, don’t know what’s gonna happen! Happy weekend! Catch you all later!!

    1. Actually Zainab you are right. Somehow nikhil can’t seem to act well or pull off his role well. I mean even daksh acted so well for his role and justified it.

    2. Luthfa

      Hi Zainab,
      Fashion disaster is nothing new.Have seen many examples in IB.But Dayan is an overstatement.My opinion.Rikara were sweet yesterday.Waiting for Monday episode?

    3. Hi I Zainab dear.
      Yeh Nikhil acting is not good
      But nooo veer..I hate him.
      Yeah but Nikitn Dheer did really a good job

    4. Dayan????

    5. JeevithaTK

      Hi Zainab,
      Hru,welcome to our pkj family. Nikil is nt up to his role. Hope he justify his role. Had to work hard. Lovely Rikara. OMG Dayan???tc

  6. Luthfa

    So,Mr.Shivaay Singh Oberoi,I am congratulating you on figuring out very successfully that whom Anika loves (not) and where lies her (un)happiness.You have used your business brain tremendously to find out what actually Anika wants and quality checking is already done by none other than,you.To be honest I can’t blame you.Nikhil is Anika’s childhood friend and he was going to marry her but before he could move with Anika by marrying her,you fell from nowhere in between them.What happened after that,you know very well.Okay,what was that we were talking about?Yeah about Nikhil and Anika’s no your choice.I have to admit that you have done a great job by selecting Nikhil for Anika.I am sure you have checked his background and all to know everything about him.Surely you won’t compromise after all it’s Anika’s marriage and you have taken the responsibility,from proposing her on be half of Nikhil to the departure of the bride from your house here the bride is,of course Anika.You must have patted yourself on your back for this unbelievable match-making skill.How smoothly everything is going!Only happiness is seeing everywhere.And it should be because it’s Anika’s marriage.Trust me Shivaay I have never seen such a superb and hyper-active wedding planner till today.Looking at your performance every other wedding planner would lose their job and opportunities to arrange any marriage further.You have put them on shame through your excellent work.Hats off to your dedication to fulfill every single thing,personally-gifting divorce papers to wiping out vermilion.I am just awestruck observing your enthusiasm and energy.How are you managing yaar just mind blowing.One important thing I want to tell you and that it don’t forget to take breath just because it’s Anika’s wedding that also with Nikhil.You have to carry on as the world is waiting to watch your suddenly developed talent on arranging marriage.Go Shivaay Go.The stage is ready and the world is waiting for you.

    1. Mona_2005

      Aur powerful words always nailed the analysis
      Ur anlaysis is something different, something v. Unique
      Ur writing skills are just marvellous

    2. Luthfa

      Mona dear,you just made me speechless.What should I say now?Thank you soooooooo…..very much for your such priceless love.Love you dear?

    3. Wow Luthfa what a way to describe the business Singh Oberoi. Of course you are right my dear….. time and again Shivaay is making a mistake. Again this is a deal if you realise Lu. He bargained with Nikhil’s Mum. What did he bargain? Simple. If Nikhil marries Anika I will arrange all the wedding function at my expense and the bidaai will happen at Oberoi Mansion and I will send off anika with respect to her in laws. In addition he also promised to give Nikhil a good job with high salary so Nikhil can keep Anika happy. So he lu our business Singh Oberoi beautifully planned this deal well for Anika. Poor Anika is left in the dark and not knowing anything. Shivaay wants to play the great Mahaan role not realising that every single second not minute his heart is breaking stage by stage. He is also breaking Anika’s heart slowly. It is hard for a woman to sit there and go through the rasam when she sees her Husband standing there and watching the event. Which Wife can take this? Om is right. He must be the only Husband who can marry his Wife to some else.

      Nice analysis Luthfa dear.

    4. Luthfa

      Sindhu di,
      You are 100% correct.Shivaay is dealing in Anika’s happiness with Nikhil and co.without realizing that how big his loss would be if this happens(marriage).Shivaay took it for granted that Anika doesn’t like him and the least is love.

    5. Luthfa

      For him,he is the culprit of Anika’s happiness so only he would atone for his acts.For that,he can go to any extent and going at the same time.Looks like he won’t stop until Anika gets married.Shivaay is blind to his emotions as well as Anika’s.And Om is absolutely right.Anyway,thank you sooooo…very much for your love di.Love you?

    6. Hope ye Sso na sune
      Warna banda abhi jiss mode par he..he will take it too seriously then…………………??????????????????

    7. Luthfa

      Ye hi to mein chati hoon ki ushe pata chale.Warna itni mehnat karke itni taarif meine faltu main nahi kiya.Agar tumhare pass time hain to mere compliments ushe pass kar dena,I mean Shivaay ko.Baari meharbani hogi…………..??????????????????

    8. No way I am not going to do this at all
      Bande ki dimaag satki hui he..
      Agar ye sab sungega tho impress hoke aur raita failayega.
      No way???

    9. Luthfa

      Hehehe…..Sahi decision liya.Aise joosh main hain Shadi karane ka,kya pata,tumhari Shadi bhi fix kar dale bande ne.Par tum fhikar maat karo.I will send those as a letter of compliment to HS to deliver him.Bach gaye tum darling???????????????????????

    10. You are too naughty….?

    11. JeevithaTK

      Hi luthfa dear,
      Hru. So after so many days I’m replying to ur awesome analysis the way u described sso a perfect business man. Who want to rectify his mistake with money directly r indirectly…. Making deal with stupid nikil nd his mom….
      Who feels the he can rectify his mistakes by doing marriage of anika nd nikil…. So the way he doing his work all tht. Great analysis keep it up dear.
      By the way wt abt ur FF dear. I’m waiting for it. Love you. Tc

    12. Luthfa

      Hello Jeevi dear,
      I am good.Thank you so much.Hope you are doing great?
      Yes,whatever Shivaay is doing to ensure Anika’s happiness,is nothing but business deals,to a great extent.
      Thank you sooooo…very much for your appreciation.Love you too and you too take care?

    13. Luthfa

      About ff,it will take time dear.For the time being I am really very busy.Once I am free,I will start working again.Now everything is in pending mode.Thank you soooooo…very much for reminding me.Lots of love?

  7. I hate shivika

    1. Mona_2005

      They are such a lovely couple
      I know that u must be a rikara or rumya or ruvya or ishkara fan who hate shivika just because u are not getting ur favorite Jodi
      No hate to u
      Just wait , if h are a rikara fan than there are possibility u might get it
      And even if not than also there is no fault of shivika in it
      And truely saying
      Shivika is the base of ishqbaaz
      And of course the 3 Bros but in Jodi shivika has maximum fan following therefore they show them much
      Aur sach bolo, bura mat maanna par agar rikara fans bashing ki jagah, ib TV par dekhti na tu rikara ke zyda scenes milte
      BTW no hate just my pov
      Hope u don’t get upset
      Take care

    2. Very well said Mona. Yes shivika is the foundation of Ishqbaaz then the rest came in later. So naturally they have to focus on Shivika but they are balancing now with Rikara moments as well.

    3. Agreed

    4. Oila dear I understand it is your opinion of whom you like and don’t but in this site we equally like everyone regardless of Shivika or Rikara or even Ruvya or Rumya. Whatever it is. When we make analysis we make analysis on the plot or what cvs could have done but never ever have hated any couples in the serial. So I hope you do understand this. Thanks.

    5. Luthfa

      Is there any specific reason?????

    6. Then whom you love ???????

    7. JeevithaTK

      No dear????then who is ur favourite. Tc

  8. Can someone tell me wat exactly anika wants
    1)she doesn’t accept that wedding still she keeps sindoor
    2) if she is confused y didn’t she ask for time this time he didn’t force her, she could have taken some time to think
    3)now that they’re divorced y is she not removing it, this only boils down to the fact that she considers this marriage, but if she does that, wouldn’t she be betraying nikhil
    (agreed that he’s greedy, but she loved him truly right no offense to any Annika fans but if she attending all wedding rituals with sindoor of someone else, then he Marrying her for selfish reasons might also be justified, again no offense but I really got irritated with her confusion)

    Overall wat she wants to do……

    1. Hi 1234, actually anika never loved nikhil right from the start. Her focus was for sahil’s operation and running the family. Also making sure gauri completes her education. Nikhil was just s childhood Friend and good friends. But he was a money sucker if you have watched the first few episodes of redux.

      She reluctantly agreed to marry nikhil because of her chachi taunting her all the time. Nikhil knows anika has self respect so she will work hard and earn money so he can pilfer her money. She already started liking SSO when he showed his sadness and tears when Priyanka was getting ready for mehendi, engagement and marrying stage. Anika did not realise that she was falling for Shivaay but his love for his family has touched her so much and she realised he has a soft spot somewhere.

    2. But now she seems to be confused y don’t she take time to decide

    3. Moreover don’t he deserve an explanation about that sindoor I’m pretty sure she wouldn’t have kept quiet if he had done something like this, if rubbing the sindoor even after divorce is wrong means, she Marrying him without even explaining anything is also wrong

    4. Luthfa

      Hello 1234,
      What Anika actually wants only cvs can tell.We can only state our opinions which are subjective by nature.Here is mine:
      1.Anika doesn’t love Nikhil and she is not ready to marry him but agreed for Shivaay’s sake.
      2.She was ready to give another chance to her marriage with Shivaay but she didn’t get the time because of sudden overturning of situation.
      3.Anika values marriage and every other things related to it that’s why she is still wearing vermilion and is not ready to part with it.
      4.Shivika are not divorced yet.
      5.Most important thing,in serials,such things are supposed to happen like that whether we like it or not.
      Rest is your choice to agree or disagree.Take care?

    5. Hy I kinda agree with it but wat is my point is that either she should wear sindoor of her first marriage or she should marry nikhil only when the entire procedure gets over, she being the girl who values marriage doesn’t know that it’s wrong to marry again when she values the former one

    6. Luthfa

      Dear 1234,
      Like I said before,here we are giving,expressing our own point of views based on certain situations those are very much subjective-only our thinking.In the same way it’s Anika’s(cvs)choice to decide for herself.And it’s not necessary that whatever we are thinking no matter how correct and right those are,would match her point of view.Anyone can differ on anything on the basis of his\her likes and dislikes,that’s it.And we can only share our own part.So,if Anika has decided to wear vermilion on her own,we can’t make it otherwise until she agrees and accept to do so.I hope I am clear.

    7. Very true actually, it was my opinion that these writers show whatever they want

    8. 1234 dear ok( I will be glad if you give a name to is difficult to say 1234 dear??)
      Annika always respect marriage.and for her marriage is everything.
      He never loved Nikhil she just wanted a permanent marriage
      And she wanted to be loyal with her marriage
      But this situation is he’ll tough for her now
      SHE IS CONFUSED BCOZ she is unable to decide that with whom she should be loyal????SSO or NIKHIL
      The one who married her(Ok forcefully. But still it was marriage)
      With whom.her marriage was fixed
      She respect her marriage although marriage was not good But still she consider it as important..
      So she is putting Sindoor
      And most important she is started falling for Sso.
      She supposed to hate him but she is loving his presence
      And overall

    9. Should it even be Said that shivka are mad lol, but doesn’t she feel she would be insulting nikhil by putting sindoor but these writers also they show whatever they want to twist the story

  9. Anjali30

    Hey guys… Coming back after a long time.. Don’t know if you still remember me? Saw IB after a long time today and was like.. completely confused (Poor me) but then I went ol and searched idhar udhar and finally understood xP xP xP

    SSO forcing Anika to marry him was nostalgic but I hated that he used the word mistress.. No one deserves to be publicly humiliated like that, esp Anika. As far as redemption goes, He was forgiven too fast and too easily.

    But it means that SSO and Anika will soon become Shivika again.. Also where’s Rudra and Bhavya?? No clue what they’re up to?

    I love this chirpy Priyanka. hope she stays when everything becomes normal again. Om and Gauri also are very cuteee…

    What’s up with O Jaana? I miss the old version and this new one just doesn’t give me Shivika feels 🙁 🙁

    Hope the ones affected in the Kerala floods are alright.

    Heyy Luthfa, Arpita, Banita, Dhwani and all!! Nice to talk to you after so long 🙂

    1. Luthfa

      Hello Anjali dear,
      Welcome back to PKJ family with lots of love and band-baja.How are you dear?It’s been long.Where have you been.Really missed you yaar.Hoping to have you regularly from now on?

    2. Luthfa

      And IB is in Redux mode as you have known already.Those episodes were nightmare for us.IB is is being bashed like anything for that mistress word and the way Shivaay married Anika.Anyway,very happy to have you back.Nice talking to you too.Take care.See you soon.Lots of love?

    3. Hoping to be back regularly… Actually was busy with exams and more exams.. found time yesterday and came here to watch ❤️

    4. Hiiiiii Anju..
      How are you ??
      Welcome back with lots of love
      Heh but this OH JANA is not bad
      Male version is good.
      Yeh but it will take time to accept
      Now you can watch ishqbaaz
      ishqbaaz we are now in an interesting phase.
      After so long you are are you ???

    5. JeevithaTK

      Hi Anjali dear,
      Hru. Welcome back dear. Off course v do remember u. S dear bit hard accept new version of o jaana. But u will like it Wen u hear it at least 4-6 time even me like it later. By the way how was your exam. Hope to c u regularly. Lots of love. Tc

  10. Luthfa

    @NSK:I am good dear.Thank you so much.Hope you are doing great.Take care.See you soon?

  11. sso…fully confused aatma…
    waise aaj bohot acchi tarik se beijjati hui annika se. bohot accha laaga ki annika ne ulta jawab de dia.
    so mehendi of shivika is done now waiting for shivika shadi. because after mehendi, shadi comes. now I can’t say anybody that how desperately I am eagerly waiting for next week. cause I read that next week we will see shivika intensity n also all the villain together. so it will be awesome to watch how shivika defeat them n becoming one at last by end up marrying each other.
    one thing I want to share that this redux track is gaining high trp because it takes very much less time to solve problems. when started..during prianka shadi trp was less because that track was stretched but as soon as shivika marriage was done n daksh was exposed immediately after that trp started to rise. so I will only say to makers that now we are all liking this redux track so please don’t drag this annika shadi wala track much. cause now we all fans are waiting eagerly for our shivika weeding. kuki un dono ki shadi ki baad hi to start hoga asli ishqbazzi n romance for that we all are waiting for last 2 months.
    waise uss kamina annika ko lekar ja kaha rahi hai…?? kahi daksh ne kuch kaha to nehi usse..??

    1. Luthfa

      Shivaay was needed reality check and Anika gave it to him.Don’t know when Shivika will get married once again.And their marriage truth is out that’s why Nikhil is angry.Waiting for Monday episode?

    2. I just want to kill NIKHIL that’s all.
      Heh redux is accepted by fans
      Hope they will continue to give us good and well paced episodes..

  12. Mona_2005

    Trp- 2.3 wow
    So so so happy, can’t be expressed, after so many moths 2+trp
    Thank u audience
    Vaise last week all episodes were khidkitod and best of redux from mine side
    This time ib also topped online ratings

    Coming to episode
    Phele tu SSO yaar Tere dimmag ko Kya hogaya hai
    Anika loves nikhil who told u, u make assumptions like that only
    Tujhe ye tu abhi Tak pata Chala nahi ki tu khud ka feel karta hai, aur Anika ki feelings(voh bhi galat) buhut achhi tarah se pata hai
    Tu na Naya ainstern Banega, sabki lovestory begarni me
    Yaar agar Tere pas en sab cheezi ka dimaag nahi hai tu mat use Kiya Kar, Tere galat dimaag ki wajah se tu apne aur Anika dono ki Zindagi kharab Kar raha hai
    Phele prinku ke liye ayr ab yeh kismat
    Yaar tum log na pagal hu aur viewers ku karne me tole rehtu hu
    And this nikhil, he is on my nerves yaar
    Vaise tujhe Kya Fark padta hai anika ke hands par kisi ka naam hu, tu bas Paisa dekh, vaise bhi tu 0.01%bhi Anika ke layak nahi hai
    Aur jiska naam haato par lekha hona chahiye tha vohi naam lekh gaya
    Kismat u know
    Rikara scene was cute
    Prinku we are also missing Rudy, jaldi aa ja na
    And shivaay burning ur hand is not the right choice at all, hurting urself is not a solution
    And last part in which Anika hold shivaay’s hand was so nice
    Loved it
    Miss one thing
    Shivaay impatience to meet Anika really show how much he loves her
    Precap- really how could that nithala nikhil shout at Anika, really irritating
    One one more thing, u are the one who wants to marry Anika, she is even not willing to marry u but is just not speaking, so pls be in ur limits
    Kaam-dhanda hai nahi, aaya bada Anika ka dulha baane
    Take every1
    Hope every1 is safe
    Kerlians keep calm, everything will get to normal soon
    Hope there is not much damage

    1. Mona_2005

      Look guys I not angry on SSO
      Just I was telling in a funny way
      Hope noone considered it to be ina angry way

    2. Im a SSO fan,but really didn’t hate ur comment. I found it kinda funny actually.?

    3. Luthfa

      Hehehehe……Your comment reminded me of another SSO basher of PKJ-Vivikhta dear.She too used to address Shivaay as “tu”.Loved your bashing special analysis dear.Take care.Lots of love?

    4. Omg?

    5. Mona.i love your analysis..
      I can see hidden love for Sso behind bashing..
      He he he

  13. Mimi❤️ RIKARA what a scene ??

    HOW CAN THEY LOOK SO BEAUTIFUL IN EVERY SCENE!! Rikara flower scene remind me of Chulkara scene in DBO But in DBO it took 3 min ? here only one 1 or less ? overall the scene was great and beautiful hope for more but less is what I will get ???.Hi family how are u ? Hope all of u are fine and the TRP get higher till 2.3 congrats many fans says is all because of shivika well they are right Rikara and Ruvya were not there, glad at last maybe Gulneet will decide to delete them so u can enjoy shivika without any other couple and I can stop waiting for Rikara in every episode ? take care and see u in next Rikara scene that if it come soon or after one month or two byeee.

    1. Luthfa

      Hello Mimi,
      I am so happy to see you happy.Keep it like that and never lose hope.Take care?

    2. No,only some shivika fans don’t like rikara/ruvya.Tbh, we all fandoms (shivika/rikara/ruvya) should be united.actually i have seen hatred between fandoms,but as per me,some of the shivika fans will also miss rikara/ruvya if they completely make it disappear. I hope u don’t mind.hope for the best,rikara scenes are maybe on the way.?

  14. Hello everyone, cvs are mixing right ingredients and people are watching now because there is a balance of Shivika and Rikara moments. All fans are happy and aunties are happy to see this love hate relationship.

    I like Rikara moments but most I love was shivika when shivika deliberately burned his hand and Anika cared for him.

    Shivaay you failed to understand one thing. The moment you tie the mangalsutra to a woman she values the mangalsutra for life and you are her husband no matter what. Regardless of richer or poorer or fairer or whether you are nasty the fact is she is married to you even though it was a forced marriage.

    Shivaay it is not fate that it is going to to decide. You are creating this fate but if God has written that anika is for you only then no matter what happens she will only be yours. I liked when Anika stopped him from wiping the sindoor. It is Shivaay who placed that on her forehead and she values that. She is going through the motion of marriage but she believes that destiny will join them together.

    I just would like to kill nikhil myself. I think he probably wants to just tie the mangalsutra on her without any rasams. So another forced marriage by Nikhil. Hope not. I really hope Shivaay finds out that nikhil is just using Shivaay to gain monetary value and marrying anika for that sake and not because he truly loves anika. Once Shivaay finds that out, nikhil is going to be slammed hard by Shivaay.

  15. Shivaay how do you know Anika loves Nikhl. You just make that assumption and decide everything for Anika. You are waiting for Anika to tell you to stop all these arrangements and Anika is waiting for you Shivaay to stop these arrangements but neither of you are going to say anything because you both are putting destiny to the test and see whether destiny will play a role here.

    When you got hurt Shivaay it was anika who ran to you without caring for the mehendi not even priyanka and that is true love. It is within both in your heart but ego is stopping both of you thinking that by sacrificing each of you all think that the other person will be happy but you both are dragging yourself deeper into the pit.

    1. Luthfa

      Sindhu di,
      Shivika are loving to play with their own emotions.They are not allowing themselves to admit the truth that they are destined to be together and can’t live without each other.Stubbornness is ruling their heart and mind.

    2. That’s Sso’s big prblm Di.
      He always make assumption and end up doing something wrong
      Send a brain of good quality to him.

    3. JeevithaTK

      Hi Sindhu akka,
      Hru. S CVS is doing good job by balancing both shivka nd Rikara hope it continues. I do agree tht shivay say let faith decide everything and make it more complex. I’m bit confused weather he making it complex r easy to there marriage. Actually I want to c love birds them first after that as couple. Love u akka. Tc

  16. vry happy abt the trp.trp credit -rikara fans who had left the show but returned because rikara got some scns ,although small n already present shivika fans.anyway , epi was gud.rikara were ???????????shivaay is behaving stupid but i guess he is just confused.nikhil has become irritating nd taken the post f chachi since chachi is less irritating now .congo to him for his promotion?? .missing rudy a lot.

    1. Luthfa

      Hahaha…..Yes dear?

    2. JeevithaTK

      Hi Dipti dear,
      Hru. Happy to c u r read ur comment me after some day. Hope ur good. S dear many r coming back hope all the fans start watching it again. Lots of love. Tc

  17. Hi mere dhosts… H r u all… Arpu n Luthfa happy for ur reply… 50 episodes rdy… tats great… TRP increased… Congratulations… Vr happy…
    Tis 50th episode.. Wow choti choti expression of SSO make me laugh… Like SSO wedding planner ka excitements…n the way both eyelock… Wow mesmerising….
    Sindhoor track also superb… The way annika explain to SSO… She hold his hand n cute anger of her by telling his action on mangalsutra n Sindhoor… Awesome..
    Rikara moments… Wow great… Love u guys… Rudy miss u a lot… Ur cute cute jokes n teasing Om.. I missed on tis epi.. Prinku teased Om n SSO.. Was really gd… I enjoyed..
    At last precap… I want to kill nikkil… Hw dare u forcefully bring annika with u.. Only SSO can do tat Ok.. Its not suit u well.. ??Pls b careful.. If SSO come out with full of jealousy u will margeya… I tell u…
    Hope SSO will use his brain a bit on annika’s thinking n interest is on who? … Who she loves nw… ??
    I’m waiting for Mon epi… Omg… 2 days need to wait…. C u all guys.. Bye..

    1. Luthfa

      Hello Jessie,
      Congratulations to you too dear.Episode was a balanced one.We won’t find another wedding planner like Shivaay in entire universe.Rikara moments were cute and lovely and loved Prinku as well.But missing Rudra very much.Anyway,waiting for Monday episode.And you are most welcome dear?

    2. Do one favour Jessie dear….
      Just kill Nikhil..he is hell

  18. please stop this redux episodes. I miss the three pairs, current track is only focusing on shivaay and anika. i have stopped watching ishqbaaz. Ishqbaaz was my fav show till then…

  19. I too felt anika is at fault.How can she marry someone when she does not love him.She is betraying Nikhil ..may be he is not good or selfish,but it is not justified what anika is doing.She cannot marry a person when she is already married to somebody else.She is not truthful to Nikhil.Will anyone accept if Nikhil is already married and cheats anika ?Same thing applies to anika also.In earlier episodes it was shown that anika believes in truth only but now she very easily tells lies to nikhil that she is too busy to meet him and now about the marriage also.I am a shivika fan but I am very much disappointed with anika’s character.She has no self esteem at all ,always running at the back of Sso .It can be interpreted that she is greedy also.

    1. I totally agree with you

    2. Luthfa

      Hello Jane,
      All I will say that-truthfulness,justification,commitment don’t occur in serials the way we expect.The world of serial follows total different dynamics.So,it’s a waste of time to think about those.Though it reflect real world to a great extent still there is a thin line that separate two worlds-Entertainment.Take care?

  20. Luthfa

    Sindhu di,
    How much Anika values marriage we all know that.She can’t think about removing her vermilion for once.Shivaay is assuming everything and doing accordingly.Neither he is concerned for his own feelings nor Anika’s.He wants to secure only Anika’s happiness which is his big illusion.Anyway,let’s see what happens next.Happy weekend di?

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