Ishqbaaz 17th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Veer captures Anika

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Ishqbaaz 17th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Shivaye hides from the goons. Charlie stabs the sacks with the sword. Sword reaches close to Shivaye’s face. Charlie says he isn’t here and leaves. Shivaye thinks I have to distract the goons to make a leave from here. Omru and Khanna get inside. Shivaye throws the carton. Charlie says maybe he is in that same room. Shivaye hits them with a stick and locks them inside the room. Omru look for Shivaye. Shivaye gets inside a room to pick his phone. He sees Roop coming and hides. He leaves from there. Omru and Khanna roam in corridor. They get inside Roop’s room. Roop comes in and worries seeing the safe open. She shouts Charlie. Omru and Khanna hide under the bed. Charlie and goons come. Roop scolds them and asks where is Shivaye. Charlie says he has run away. Om smiles. Roop slaps Charlie and scolds. Om signs Anika.

Pinky asks Anika to get some snacks and water, she is much hungry. Anika smiles and says I will just get it. She goes. Shakti asks the matter. Pinky says Roop called me, she is planning something big against us. He asks what does she want now. She tells everything. They get shocked. Pinky says I don’t know what to do, I separated Anika and Shivaye by my wish, I can’t do this sin again, I regarded her my daughter, how shall I ruin her house, I can’t snatch Shivaye’s happiness. Tej says we have no other option than to agree to Roop, I hope we can do something for Shivaye at the marriage mandap. Shakti says yes, we have to think about Shivaye’s safety, we have to agree to Roop. Tej asks them to come. They go. Anika gets pakoras and tea. She thinks where did everyone go.

Shivaye is on the way. He gets Roop’s call. She says you didn’t do right, you can run away but can’t get saved, you have to remarry, see what I do with your family. He says bad happens with bad people, you can’t do anything. She says just time will show that. She calls someone and says its time to get Veer out of jail. Om says we have to tell this to Shivaye. Rudra says I will message Shivaye. She hears a sound and shouts Charlie. A man is thrown inside the cell. He sings and gives a note to Veer. Veer reads it and sees the pill. He eats the pill. He falls sick. Constable checks Veer. Inspector says take him to hospital. Roop scolds Charlie. Rudra asks Khanna to get the phone from his pocket. Khanna gives the phone to Rudra and asks for password. Rudra types the message that Veer has got released from jail, be careful, go home.

His phone rings. She asks whose phone is this, check here. Shivaye calls Omru again and says where are they, I hope they are not in any problem. Charlie goes to lift the bed sheet and check. Omru close eyes. Charlie’s phone rings. He says maybe it was my phone ringing. Roop takes the phone. The man says I did my work, police took Veer to hospital, he will do the rest. Roop says he will run away from the ambulance with ease. Veer is on the way in ambulance. He opens eyes and gets up. He beats the constables. The driver stops the ambulance and goes to check. Veer kicks him far. Veer gets down and thinks I m coming Shivaye, get ready. He drives the ambulance.

Shivaye comes home. He says there is no one at home, its time I should burn this folder, but maybe it will be wrong, I can’t trust Roop, maybe this can be used against her later on. He gets Roop’s call. She asks did you burn the proof. He says how does it matter, your game is over. She says game just started, because my son Veer has escaped from jail. Veer smiles seeing Anika. He says I told you Shivaye, our game just started, we will play hide and seek today. Shivaye says Veer will be caught up soon, I don’t get scared. Roop says you don’t know what will he do. Shivaye says I don’t have interest in knowing this, you can’t do anything. She says I know changing the game. He says game is out of your hand now, accept your defeat. She says just see your Anika, if my son Veer has…. He says stop nonsense, I will kill Veer is he touches Anika. She says Veer will kill her before. Shivaye shouts Anika and runs upstairs. Veer comes to Anika’s room. She smiles thinking its Shivaye and turns. She gets shocked seeing him. Shivaye runs. Veer pushes Anika on the bed. She tries to run. He catches her.

Shivaye looks in kitchen. Veer says Shivaye and I are playing hide and seek, I won’t lose, don’t act smart. Veer takes her away. She kicks chair and few things. Shivaye comes running to the room. He sees the mess. He gets shocked. Anika tries to reach him. Veer pulls her back. Roop calls Shivaye. He asks where is my Anika. Roop says see the game has changed. He says if anything happens to my Anika. She says calm down, nothing will happen if you agree to me, I want that evidence and a Sehra over your head, when Anika dies, you will definitely remarry, if you marry now, she will be alive, Oberois don’t go empty handed in any marriage, get that proof for me. He thinks I can burn the proof, but I can’t put Anika’s life at stake, whatever the price.

Anika falls down. Shivaye feels she is in pain. Shivaye is on the way. Anika scolds Veer. Veer suffocates her neck and says I will show you, what I can do. She faints.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Pushpa

    Nooo…… shivaye ….dun give up plese…
    veer is back…? is it tht easy to escape ?????
    Great OmRu knows roop plans ?????
    Tej jhanvi shakti pinky out of OM nd Annika left Alone?‍♀️
    Shivaay is back 2OM bt today na dun know what happen his senso meter ws not working….. when anika just behind him held by veer his anika will be Kidnapped ….
    Shivayes eyes spoke all his emotion when he realise anika is gone….
    I just hope roop will tell her plan and OmRu khanna will safe anika
    Roop .???? dhanto dhanto i will kill u… mummy kasam
    Precap…. anika cmon be brave & bold…shivaye is coming
    Im in suspencebaaz gals….
    Whts going to happen…
    Take care gals
    Gd nite

    1. Go Pushpa di Go.
      Congratulations for being first !
      ya …. u r right di Shivaye’s eyes spoke all his emotions.
      Really ……. BILLU JI ki KANJI eyes are so expressive.
      Good night di!
      Love u .
      Take care u too!

      1. Congratulations being first Pushpa di…

        Billu ji aakhke spoke all emotion ….

    2. Hiiii Pu di……
      How are you?????…
      Yaa today Sso senso meter was lost due to stress….
      Want to kill vomit sooo badly…
      Most irritating person…….

    3. Luthfa

      Go Pushpa di Go.Many many congratulations…?
      Shivaay won’t give up so easily.He has to fight for his love.And he will fight definitely.Let’s see how things are going to unfold.Take care?

  2. Will shivay meet with an accident??

    1. Yes Mikuuu.Sso will met with a accident.
      Now it is more intriguing……lets see.

    2. Mikku…. yeah shivaay meet with car accident today episode…….

    3. Luthfa

      Yes he will.Let’s see.

  3. Arpita6

    Hiiì mere khidkitod pagals. ….
    Sry for not replying…as i am quite busy with making notes…….
    Come to episode. .

    Oh My God…another nailbitting episode. ..i mean scenes are atanged so right that you can’t even ignore one scene. .
    It is really thrling as well as Scary.
    Ok forgive me for this whatever i am going to say.
    I am loving Vanmanush new BG music…now don’t kill me for this…??????????….
    And pinky lonky is saying yhat she don’t want to commit tha sin again….hawwwwwwww let me clear my eyes and ear…am i dreaming..
    Ok it is really kind surprising for me..
    Now i get it Whole family is now in Vomit control even omru also.
    Don’t know about gouri and bhabya…
    And Vanmanush kidnapping Annika..i know Vanmanush can’t be like daksh but he reminded me of daksh……
    And Sso vulnerable state when He get to know about Annika’s kidnapping..??????????????????.
    So today Sso’s senso meter was on holiday..he was soo tensed i can understand. .so no scold..KAHAN HE MERI ANNIKA.
    Same desperation like daksh time…
    Oh god i am soo excited for upcoming..
    Love Harneet for these episodes. .
    This is really exciting.
    PRECAP -as per hotstar synopsis Sso will met with an accident. ..
    And Anika’s burning eyes……oh God..if she will be back to old tadibaaz then fire in her eyes can burn anyone..
    Waiting desperately for tomorrow. …
    Love you pagals

    1. Hi Arpita di ,
      how r u ????
      I agree with u that vanmanush veer is like Daksh .
      and di I read in spoilers that Veer kidnaps Annika and push her into huge water tank and will drown her into water.
      Exactly like Daksh.Right ????
      Luv u too!

      1. He ishu..
        Yaa i am fine..just busy with making notes.
        And Vanmanosh will put Annika in a Huge water tank….
        Ok i am getting goosebumps..
        Sab hamare Annika di ke picche pade rehete he………not fair..?????

      2. Ishita….u r right…. daskh ki tarah iss baar veer anika ko huge tank me daal de ga…..but sso ll save his ladylove!!!

        Love you…

      3. Arpita…ponky ko mafi de do…. anika ko aapni bacchi bol rhi Hain na….dil se maf na karo but uper se maf kar do..(with naughty mind)

        Senior oberio’s always think themselves favour….aaj bi aur kl bi….
        Bass sso ke liye thordi worried Hain but aapni ke liye jayda worried Hain…..i never like them…..

    2. Arpita… lovely comments!!!
      No scold sso… good
      Pinki surprise me everyday !!!

      1. Beauty is like 50 colours of pinky ponky..ha ha ha….just like Sso..
        Ok Sso is different..he is not vilian…
        But pinky oonky is always vilian for me..

    3. Luthfa

      Hehehe….Yeah Pinky said all those and me too couldn’t believe my ears.Veer is going to be beaten very badly by Shivaay.That heartfelt asking of Shivaay for Anika just broke my heart.Episodes are really keeping us on the edge.Let’s see what happens today.Take care?

  4. Hi friends!!
    Episodes are getting better by better each day ?
    Pinky’s change is the best.. yeah even she can’t able to choose between her son or her daughter in law ?
    The best thing is our sso wil stand for his Anika.. he wil be Anika’s Billu ???

    Precap ??

    1. Hiii Dhanu Sri…
      Yes yiubare right…now a days ..ishqbaaz is getting more and more intresting..
      Pinky ponky is changing..ok i am.surprised..??????..
      Yes Sso is now Annika’s Bilu..
      Lets see How Bilu will save her bili..

    2. Pinki change is good thing for shivika fandoms

    3. Luthfa

      Hi Dhanu,
      Pinky is in big dilemma.If she is changed then very good.Shivaay will stand for Anika and his love.

  5. G.vidya saraswathi

    Today episode was good.

    1. Hii Vidya…….agree with you..

    2. Luthfa

      Right you are?

  6. Luthfa

    Shivaay Singh Oberoi,the great defender,can do anything and go to any extent for his loved ones.He is absolutely fearless and mighty in doing anything.Even death can’t scare him but once he confessed that he did get scared of death as he thought that death was about to snatch something from him.What was that?It was Anika whom he referred.Back then he was confused regarding the matters of heart and feelings still he managed to utter such words of deep feelings and emotions.Today he is standing at such point that mere few second’s distance from Anika make him worried terribly.As Anika has become his center of focus and very reason of existing.Without her the great wall of Shivaay Singh Oberoi is nothing,absolutely powerless,strength less and what not?Now his enemies have hatched plans to separate Anika from him.Is that so easy to do?Until Shivaay is alive that won’t happen even in dream.Anika is Shivaay’s heart,his weakness and strength at the same time.His weakness can’t get the better of him now.Those beautiful blue eyes were searching Anika here and there,expressing fears but he needs to assure himself that as long as Shivaay Singh Oberoi is breathing,nothing will happen to his Anika.It’s time he should remind himself this thing clearly……………………………

    1. Lu….
      I just want to give youa tight hug dear…
      Yiu wrote it sooo beautiful..
      Yehh Now Sso have to assure himself…
      Khidkitod Analysis.

      1. Luthfa

        Awwwwww….A tight jaadu ki jhappi from my side.Thank you soooooo….much for the compliment.He has to darling and we are waiting for it.Love you?

    2. Hey luthfa…..???????????

      Sooo soo wonderful analysis of Shivaay Singh oberio’s feeling….just say u r a khikithord explained person….

      1. Luthfa

        Awwwww….You are so sweet dear.Thank you soooo…much for the compliment.Love you?

    3. Very true Luthfa di,
      The great wall of shivaye singh Oberoi is nothing without foundation that is annika .
      No Doubt in absence of her he can fall weak .
      and definately shivaye will save his annika bcoz Jab tak shivaye singh Oberoi ki saansein chal rahi hain annika ko kuch nhi ho sakta.

      What to say about ur analysis it is wonderful as always. I wish I could write like this.

      1. Luthfa

        Why not dear?Off course you can.Just give it a try believing your instincts.May God bless you with more and more writing abilty,best out of best.You are right.Still Shivaay is here for Anika,nothing can happen to her.Thank you soooooo….much for the compliment dear.Love you?

      2. Ishita… will see how sso save his beloved wife…am angrily waiting…..

    4. AAYUSH

      Great analysis of sso and i hope i can join u guys as i watch ishqbaaz daily and read written update but not comment here.

      1. Luthfa

        Hi AAYUSH,
        Welcome to PKJ family with band-baja.Keep commenting and join us in spreading love.Thank you so much for the compliment.See you soon?

  7. Hello pkjians ,
    how r u all ??
    To day episode was nice.
    Happy to see that shivaye managed to get proofs against annika’s dad and his family.
    But he is forced to return it to evil bua.
    I have an idea shivaye should do photocopy of proofs and then give original to bua and keep copy with himself.
    Pinky was tensed for annika and shivaye ,she too don’t want to see them separated like us.

    “Bacchi mana hai mene use mein uski zindagi barbad nhi kar sakti”
    Good to hear this from u pinky aunty.

    How dare u Mr. Veer Pratap Chauhan to touch and kidnap Shivaye singh Oberoi’s beloved wife.
    Now u just wait our tadibaaz bagadbilla will not spare u at any cost.
    He will make u dhenchu.( i mean donkey)

    In precap it ses like Om were right when he told shivaye-
    “Ek din teri zindagi kisi aur ki ho jayegi aur tujhe pata bhi nhi chalega .

    Royegi wo aur aanson tere bahenge

    Chot use lagegi par dard tere hoga.

    Hasi uski rukegi par dam..
    dam tera ghutega.

    Us din duniya ki koi bhi takay koi bhi paisa terevkaam nhi aayga.”
    Really shivaye feels annika is in pain

    ok its already too late guys .
    Goodnight .
    Take care!

    1. Ishu….
      My dear..yes..yiu are 100000% right..
      Whatever Om said about Shivaay happend in also it is happening..
      If one will suffer then another wil suffer more bcoz thry both can’t see each other in pain….
      Love yiu dear..
      Really Nice comment.

    2. Ishita…wowwww…..u remembered it….om bulkool correct khah tha sso ko…..
      Tumhare muh se ye dialogue sunnke mujhe episode yaad aayi Hain…. itna gussa tha sso, om eaisa baat kya bolit sso ko pyaar..NO WAY….both agree dekhte Hain aage kiya hota Hain…..

      Now everything is happening with sso life….

      I’m fine…….

      And u??

      1. I am also fine Beauty di .
        Om ne jab bhi shivaye ko love advice di hai wo sach hi hoti hai .

    3. Luthfa

      Hi Ishita,
      Shivaay will make a counter-plan to end this thing for sure.Those words of Pinky were good to hear still can’t believe it.Veer is going to be punished severly for hurting Anika.Very nice shayri of Om.Got reminded of so many old feelings.Thank you so much?

  8. Hi guys , keep watching ishqbaaz on star plus
    at 10pm. In instagram some people’s are posting episodes before telecasting it will defenetly affect our please keep watching ishqbaaz only on tv

    1. Yaa Geethu…..we are trying our best…..
      And i don’t think by posting clips it will affect is depend on people whether thry will watch it tv or not despite of watching clips at insta..
      Hope trp will be more high as well as online viewers ….

  9. Hiiii mere pagals…
    Where are you guys??????
    Sab ke sab Mr India bangaye..
    Its morning now and comment in only 9…
    Drought aagayi he kya pkj main..
    Or all are busy????

    1. Ya Arpita di ,
      comments are so less .
      Yesterday also there were only 74 comments.
      I think all r busy with their exams or some othet work.
      Let’s hope for more comments.
      Anyways di ,from ur previous comments I get to know u r in college so would u please tell me u r in which year??
      (if u like to).

      1. Arpita6

        Now i am in 2nd semester i mean in 1st year…

    2. Luthfa

      Drought ka to pata nahi but TU is taking so much time for moderating comment.Last night it took me one and half hour to post my comment.Network and TU both are making us suffer????????

  10. Hi dear lovely ones, today’s episode was good but there were certain things that I was not in favour too. For instance a shock to me that Pinky said she does not want to commit the sin again to separate Shivika but what happened to Tej Jhanvi and Shakti. Why didn’t they say they will not allow this marriage to happen? They are more concerned about not going to prison.

    If they have said we will inform anika and tell her to be prepared and then we will try to stop the marriage. If they had said something like this I would have been happy but No no only concerned about their names and reputation.

    The other thing is three huge men Khanna Om and Rudra were hiding under the bed and listening to Roop’s conversation. When the henchmen left, Roop was alone why can’t the cvs write the script where the three of them hit her on the head and abduct Roop instead and blackmail Veer so Veer’s game will be lost.

    Veer gets the strength because of his mum but when his mum is weakened Veer is zero. Everything falls on Shivaay. He has to save Anika, the senior Oberois and the reputation of Oberoi but the seniors just left anika at home and disappeared. It truly shows their self centeredness. What happened to Gauri and Bhavya? They are usually with their bhabi and no sign of them.

    I can’t understand why suddenly Shivaay’s toom is so far away that he could not reach the room on time. The only part I liked was his ultimate concern and fear that Anika is trapped by Veer and he has to do something. I hope Omru will save Anika. They have to become now Laxman while Shivaay prepares to get married.

    1. Sindhu di one thing remember always that DON’T EXPECT ANYTHING FROM.SENIOR OBEROIS..
      they always think about themselves..even this time may be they are worried for shivaay but more than they were worried about themselves..
      That is why they could not came in my fev list.
      There was a time i really loved janvi..but nownow i am not liking her…..

      Hope Omru will do something

      1. AAYUSH

        Jhanvi character changed when that vanvas track started she started hating shivaay and anika from then and in ru marriage also

    2. Sindhu di…… hope omru ll do something….am sure something unexpected happen….
      Beautiful write…..

      One thing senior oberio’s never change…they are worry sso but they were worried themselves first…… don’t like this…

      But pinki always love his son very much….not even Jhanvi….

      Poor omrunna(om ru khanna) under the bed…thy are know about bua plan?

    3. Luthfa

      Hi Sindhu di,
      Senior Oberois are good for nothing and they only think for themselves.They are going to save Shivaay forgetting Anika and her safety.Honestly speaking me too thought the same seeing OmRu and Khanna hiding like that.But what can we do?It’s up to cvs to do anything.Shivaay was in OM but couldn’t reach to Anika on time and his Anika sensing metre was not working as well.But I loved his concern.Let’s see what happens today.Drama is going to ride highest peak.

  11. Hi every one, good morning to all pkj members. The episode was nice , especially how shivay managed to escape from there (SUPERB). But anika is in trouble . Oh god pls save our anika from that ‘VANMANUSH’ big body small mind . Stupid like her mother roop. Very sad and inconsolable pre cap.

    1. Hiii Sana good morning..
      Yaa you are right….big body and small mind..
      Precap is hell scary ….
      Lets see.
      Vomit is annoying to the core.

    2. Hey Sana….big body..ha ha ha….

      Precap.. really scary me….
      But sso save his anika with band baaja tyeps….

    3. Luthfa

      Hello SANA,
      Good morning to you too dear.
      Yeah Shivaay escaped but bua played her cards very well.Veer’s OMM will be done very badly.Just wait and watch.

    4. AAYUSH

      Sso will definitely save her

  12. Omg so interesting episode…..???wat will happen now….??I think omru shayad aayega anika me pas…???wat vl happen to my SSO ???well hoping for best???and I don’t wanna see ma anima suffering…somone save ma anika from dat ravan..???

    1. Shana dear..dont woory koi na koi toh hamari annika ko bacha hi lega…

      We wil see WHO IS THAT PERSON..

    2. Shana…omru ll help sso….
      Someone nhi khud sso save anika…..

    3. Luthfa

      Don’t worry dear.Everything will be fine.I think OmRu will save Senior Oberois and Shivaay will save Anika and end Veer’s game.Let’s see.

      1. OMG LUTHFA Di i should once again appreciate you for your writing skills .Means WOW !! SUPERB. FANTASTIC .

      2. Luthfa

        Awwww….So kind of you dear.Thank you sooooooo…much for your love.God bless you ?

  13. I am also fine Beauty di.
    ya …. om ne jab bhi shivaye koluv advice di hai wo sach hi hoti hai .
    I think om is shivaye’s love amgel
    like somu.

    1. Ishita…. yeah…om always Shivaay’s love angle……. everything is happen in sso life which om told him…. lovely brothers …. today Omru ll help him….

  14. OMG..there is two sana.
    one is SANA and other is SHANA…
    Hum.thode confusiya gaye the .
    Ha ha ha.

    1. Hii shana felt nice to know about you and ya our SSO is superman he will solve everything. And ya ARPITA Di there are two sana so its little bit confusing but i think i am the youngest one on this page or in our PKJ family group ( to get all elders’ love ha ha ha ) . as i will celebrate my 16 th birthday on 4 june .

      1. Dats gr8 dear …??well u r ryt…u r d youngest one..coz I vl b 22 in cmng June???

  15. Ohh two Sana’s??haloo sana….???yepp hope SSO vl save anika..???I luv hw two brothers r helping shivaay…I luv omru..waiting for today’s episode….bye everyone ????

  16. wow ,,really nice epi ,but my bad luck ,because of dad weather i can,t see it on tv ,i just read the written update ,i wish i can see it ,but no chance ,so sad ,anyway, hope for best ,and shivay to apni anika ko bachalenge
    but sab se ajeb bat hai ,main ne spoilers me para ki veer anika ko ek pani ke tanki me dubakar mar ne ki kousish karega ,but i mean anika ko pani ke sath aise attach kiya hai ki use marna ho to tovi pani se hi marne me tuli hui hai sab ,pehle daksh or ab yeh veer ,,

    1. Luthfa

      Hi Tania,
      Oh really bad luck dear that you missed the episode because of bad weather.Yeah cvs are perhaps going to repeat the water stunt of Daksh this time also.Let’s see what happens today.Take care?

  17. Nikita_jai29

    I want to kill roop bua.. Because of her shivika is suffering…

    1. Luthfa

      Go ahead dear.Everyone will bless you from heart?

  18. Dats gr8 dear …??well u r ryt…u r d youngest one..coz I vl b 22 in cmng June???

  19. I think in senior oberios Roop is smart because she did all things put blame on others veer didn’t kill annika because Roop will stop her doing that because she known by mistake anything will happen to annika shivaay will not spare them and her plan by giving punishment to senior oberios will fail annika is main important person in shivaay life in future story Roop will manipulate the story that shivaay and his family betray her what will shivaay explanation that oberios will not do anything actually the main reason about kalayani Mills fire incident responsible oberios family only because of their personal fight through Roop become thousands people of death so obviously seniors oberios will also punishable for that crime but in serial every punishment for annika only this time also the punishment is waiting to loose shivaay are to forgive the family. Shivaay says trust me for this incident she did not trust shivaay anymore because he should keep secret for herself only and not share with her shivaay said to annika the whole truth it becomes easy to her she trust what shivaay said nothing the whole word said I think so seeing this serial most terrible because what will happen next day annika will trust Roop or shivaay

  20. Seeing this serial become habit not seeing one day Mich Mich Hotha hai

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