Ishqbaaz 17th April 2017 Written Episode Update

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Ishqbaaz 17th April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kamini shoots. Anika runs to Shivaye. She gets shot. Everyone gets shocked. Some time before, Anika walks to Shivaye. He sees Kamini pointing gun at Shivaye. Anika shouts Shivaye…… and runs to him. Kamini shoots. Anika gets infront of him and gets shot. She falls in Shivaye’s arms. Shivaye shouts Anika…. They all get shocked. Everyone look at her. Shivaye lifts her and takes. The family goes along. Shivaye thinks of Anika, their moments, marriage and love confession is seen in FB.

At home, Shivaye sits by Anika’s side. He recalls Anika getting shot. He calls and says I want ACP Ranveer, I need him, do anything. He checks Anika and says she has fever. He goes. Pinky says my head is aching so much. Shivaye comes and checks medicines. She asks did Anika get conscious. He says not yet. She asks what are you finding. He says medicines for Anika. She says I was also finding medicines for myself, the day was bad, Priyanka’s doli was to be lifted, and bullet was shot instead. He recalls Anika getting shot. She says see if I have fever, Shakti was tired and slept. He says wait mum, I have to give medicines to Anika.

He sees Sahil sitting alone and goes to him. He asks when did you come. Sahil says Rudra got me home, will anything happen to my Anika. Shivaye says nothing will happen to her. He hugs Sahil. Sahil asks pinky promise. Shivaye makes pinky promise. He says nothing will happen, a small bullet passed over shoulder, doctor said she is out of danger, she just has fever like we get, no need to worry, don’t cry. Sahil says I m not crying, you are crying. He wipes Shivaye’s tears. Shivaye says no, something went in my eyes. Sahil says nothing will happen to Anika, Lord knows I just have Anika, how can he snatch Anika from me. Shivaye says who said Sahil has just Anika, you have me, entire family is with you, Sahil you and Anika are my family, I promised you, nothing can’t happen to Anika till I m there. He hugs Sahil. Pinky looks on and thinks he did not listen to me and sharing sorrow and happiness with Sahil, Shivaye is forgetting his mum. She goes.

Rudra gives coffee to Om. Om thanks him. Rudra says you had to see Shivaye’s face when Anika was shot, it looked like his world ended, you saw him getting aggressive talking to doctors. Om says I know, he would have done same if it was some other member of family. Rudra says he did this for Anika, she is important to him like us. Om says its surprising that everyone knows this except Shivaye. Rudra says his love needs a push, once it starts, it won’t stop. Om says when will your muscles come to use. Rudra says I know he loves Anika, but he does not accept. Om asks how will he accept, when he takes step towards Anika, name, blood and family come between, Shivaye told me, he has friendship, care and respect for Anika, but as a life partner and mother is his children, she is not the one, as she does not have big family name and blood. Rudra says this does not matter once love happens. Om says problem is Shivaye does not want to change himself and his thinking. Rudra says he will change, he will fall in love, just Anika will tie the bell in his neck. Om says lets hope.

Anika gets up. Shivaye asks what’s the need to get up, lie down. She says I m tired of rest. He asks is it necessary to become superwoman every time, you could have told me, thank God bullet just touched, else you made complete plan to leave. He makes her sit. He asks what was the need to come in between. She holds his hand and asks is this anger or pain. He asks her to have water. She drinks and coughs. He asks are you fine. She asks are you okay. He says you got shot. She says but you got worried. He says I m upset, what was the need to get shot. She asks did you forget, you also got shot for me. FB shows Shivaye getting shot to save her. He asks you realize your life would have gone. She says bullet hurts me or you, my life would have gone. Music plays….

They have an eyelock. He says you got shot, you should just rest. She says Aw…. He asks why this Aw now. She says this Aw because you became Billu ji. He asks what do you mean. She says when I say something, if you don’t have answer, you leave attitude and become cute. He says I don’t get it, what do you mean. She says I mean I know what you want to say, but you can’t say as you are Tadibaaz. He says medicines affected her mind. She says your Tadi can stop your mind, but your Kanji eyes say everything. He asks her to come to point, tell me what I want to say. She asks shall I say. He says yes. She touches his face and gets up.

Mahi says I can’t accept this, how can you shoot Shivaye. Kamini says I wish you did this. He says he is Shivaye…. She says so what, if I don’t care, why do you care. He says because I can’t take anyone’s life, I m bad, not very bad. She says you can’t imagine how much he insulted me, it was good plan that you will go there as Shivaye and we will get Oberoi mansion, it was good plan to take revenge, but Anika failed the plan. He says if Anika did not come, Rudra, Om, Pinky, Jhanvi or Dadi would have come, there are many people in that 100 crore house, they all give life for Shivaye, he is the foundation of that house. She says I m seeing you are praising them a lot. He says I stayed there for long, I understood what’s family and love. He recalls getting hurt and everyone caring for his small wound. Mahi looks at all of them. Mahi gets sad.

Anika says you want to tell me, you are so beautiful, when you come in front of me, my heartbeat gets fast, you made me Ishqbaaz. Shivaye holds her in arms and gets close to her. Music plays……….

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Hello ishqies…. Astha dii your comments is awesome… Thanks shab dear for the title… And I am a bit disappointed with the episode… Saari excitement paani m bah gye….
    And astha dii wants more your rhymes….
    Maahi dii where are your shayari…
    Good night to all ishqies..

    1. Aastha_Reddy

      Thanx Nikku and good morning…

  2. Why why they did this to us?? Nothing much we wanted jst a hospital scene at least fr one day bt no inhone to OM ko hi hospital bna rkha h……teen dino se goli annika ko pg rhi h aur aaj coma me hmere armaan chale gye………seriously expected a bit more….. Actually today only i was fearing tat as i hv been overexcited frm d lst few days tat means something lyk this will happen…….why i expected so much
    I m really disappointed nt with cvs bt with myself why on earth i believed those written spoilers……. i nvr blv them as they all r fake bt this was d only news i blved n strted dreaming abt it……saare umeedon pr petrol pher diya…….why i blved no one frm d crew cnfirmed tat there will be a hospital scene then what was need to blv those fake spoilers……. i m more angry on those spoilers as they only increased our expctatns otherwise cvs nvr told us anything lyk tat………tat’s why i was upset with d media ban at least they gv true news…….now onwards I’ll nt read any spoiler 🙁
    Abt d gud things tat happened today
    First sso-sahil convo sso was literally crying
    Then rudy-om convo although om was lil weird today bt tat i think to match his char with dbo
    Then shivika scenes were also gud bt d fct is we thought of a completely diff track bt okay we all tolerated those kapoor’s drama kamini’s drama then to at least we r gettng shivika scenes here n tat too funny…..i feature it funny when he said lgta h davaiyon ka asar ho gya n drank water frm d same glass ahem ahem guys SAME GLASS n remember how he dropped his glass when once tia asked him to share d glass…….sachchi me omru is right sabko pta h ki sso annika se pyar krte h shivaye sso k
    Abt pinky i don’t think she’ll become lyk before i mean yea she’ll be insecure of annika bt nt lyk d same she was earlier……..pinky i understand shivaye shldn’t hv ignored u bt u also understand na his mental condition he was so sad annika was unconscious tat tym…….he always treated u both equally bt now she hs been saved frm a life threatening acc. so she obviously needs more concern frm every family member includng u…….this only happens in a family when someone is more critical tat person need more care frm other members……… Ab pinky ji maine itna lamba chauda 10 kilo ka bhashan maar diya ab tum mera maan rkhna Buri mat ban jana phir se 😉
    Precap – guys don’t expect much nothing will happen tomorrow
    I think in upcoming epis sso will hold his both eyes bcz he is following gandhiji’s path na in tat shivika ansh epi during annika’s memory loss he hold both his ears today mouth so it hs to be eyes few epis later…. 😛
    Maahi yr koi family vaala pyar de do yr isko banda sudhar jayega……..ik mahi u r bad nt vry bad n tat’s why lyk u so much…….maahi take my words n leave tat kamini……go to OM n say sorry to them jst once explain ur story i m sure my annika sso will frgv u n u’ll get ur deserved love…….
    Sorry guys in advance as i m nt sure whether I’ll be able to rply u all or nt……. jab tak ye project ka bhoot sir se nhi utarta na tab tak chain nhi aise hi chalega…….

    1. Akriti

      shree dear well said,
      humare arman but coma me chal diya hai…
      par ek baat aaj pata chal gai ki kabhi bhi Cvs se kuch bhi expect nhi karna chahiye….
      bas ja ho raha hai enjoy karo ….
      ab se no expectations….

    2. Shree dear.. first relax..
      I miss the vedios spoilers too.. but now getting used to it.. don ever read the written spoilers.. they are no good.. for all we know there might have been a hospital scene but they cut it last minute..
      and water form same glass! Wow! U have noticed quite a detail..!!

  3. Don’t want to offend anyone but I really felt more for Pinky today. I do find Sahil cute but why does he appear only when Anika is in trouble? ??? Shivaay literally snatched the medicine box from Pinky not even listened to her problem as he was in a hurry to give medicines to her wife. Matlab maa ki toh koi value hi nhi hai. Maa ka sirf sir hi toh dard ho rha hai but biwi ko 1 second bhi late “fever” medicine di toh pata nhi kya ho jayega! !!!
    Maa ki baat sunne ka tym nhi tha but Sahil ke saath 10 minute rone ka tha.Ridiculous ?
    Theek hai. Anika got shot but he could have at least asked Pinky if she’s fine.

    1. Nivedita

      Nandini, I definitely felt sorry for Pinky and I always do because she never gets much love or attention from Shivaay irrespective of Annika being shot.. but i always feel more bad for Annika when she is subjected to Pinky’s insecurity based poor behavior towards Annika and Shivvay’s that he has to be pulled in two directions because of Pinky’s insecurities. Pinky is one of the best well defined negative Saas character- only because her motivations are so realistic..
      I do feel bad that because of her insecurity- she felt bad about her son bonding with the little child Sahil–
      I want the makers to show that on reflection Pinky realises that the child needed Shivvay’s support more than she did..
      I do think the CVs showed us an unconcerned Shivaay because at that time he was in a daze about Annika’s being shot ..
      So overall i empathised with all pinky, Shivvay’s and Sahil and of course Annika who was unconscious but a root cause of Pinky’s insecurity..
      This parallels real life so much that– many times we may be right in feeling hurt when someone we love doesn’t pay attention to our needs– but in reality they maybe going through things we don’t understand because we are not them.. ie here both Shivvay’s, Sahil and Pinky were in pain for different reasons, but Pinky couldn’t understand Shivvay’s and Sahil’s pain and Shivaay (even if he had understood Pinky’s pain- is really heard her talking to him), he was at that time

      1. Nivi… I just loved the way u have put your thoughts! Very well said..
        as u said annika is becoming the victim of her insecurities..

    2. Nivedita

      ..And Shivaay ( even if he had understood Pinky’s pain-) he was in no state to think beyond Annika..

    3. Nandini..I did not pity pinky.. but I agree with u on the point that the way Shivaay reacted was not fair.. just a word of concern would have calmed her down..
      the reason I pitied her was I felt she was a lil immature.. but again it is shivaays responsibility to balance out on this..

  4. Mahi AND Shivaay Are TWINS!!
    When pinky gave birth she gave birth to twins(Mahi and Shivaay) but kaamini stole one of the babies (Mahi) and grew him up as her own to take revenge off the oberoi’s. That’s why they’re making Mahi slowly, Slowly turn good. Because you can’t really have an evil Main, Main character? Just can’t wait for them to find out the truthhh????

    1. Nivedita

      I hope this is true. I want this to be true..

      1. Saiyyamlover_17

        I do toooooo❤️️❤️️❤️️✨✨???

  5. Piyuu

    episode is ok..kya kya soch ra dha episode ke baare mei sab ko omm kar diya..mei socha pinky anika ki care karengi aisa kuch nahi pinky feeling possessive apne bache ka jaan bachaya vo uss keliye koi fikre nahi pinky very bad.finally sahil is back .i like the part sahil shivaay conversation omru conversation shivika conversation ….ham kya socha hame kya mila…waiting for today episode.

  6. Piyuu

    rajjo congrats for ur first comments..nyz analysis..

  7. Hiiii puspa dear, yaa I am fine.

    @Akriti dear, you are right and your dp is soooo cute.?. @arch dear same line 4u.

    @asthababy, your baazi is really cute and the song.LOLZZZ ????????? maine bolatha na pinky pe trust mat karna usko palti marna bahut accha lagta he.

    @lax dear, coma ka keema ?????

    @arshi dear, puri ki puri oberoi family annika didi ki sar pe bethkar nacchte?????????? Sooo true yarr.

    @amayaa dear, yes my didi is very she doesn’t need to go hospital.

    @asthababy Cvs ke gale main ghanti bandhna itna assan nahi.but agar ek baar bandh gayi na then our old IB will doubt.

    @maahi dear tumhare omi ne kuch nahi kiya , bas fir se NKK IDEOLOGY ki baare main baat hui na toh puri romantic mood bigad gayi.


    I mean aise baatein so I am confused.

    Thank you soooooooooooo much guys.? after reading your comments I am feeling better .bcoz after yesterday episode my mood was totally off.

    And after reading all of your comments It seems that we all are disappointed with episode. Hope Cvs will give us good thing.

    @pinku dear I know you are busy but cum se cum hiii hello toh bolo.

    Krisha ,sumi ye bhi 2 3 week se gayab he

    Sekhar bhaiya bhi Mr India bangaye.

    Ye ho kya raha he??????

    1. Aastha_Reddy

      Fine Arpita Darling… bass Iss Billu ki dil ka taala khul jaaye….Lock-key…Lucky..
      (from race gurram

    2. Akriti

      thank you arpu….

    3. Amayaa

      Itna strong hona bhi to thik ni h na arpu

    4. Nivedita

      I hope Annika’s talk with Shivaay wasn’t under painkiller effect.. i totally loved her expressions and toned down soft tones with Shivaay.. her every scentence delivery and expression was perfect..?

      I felt she was just reciprocating Shivvay’s moves, after all they are the takkar Ka Jodi in Ishqbaaz.. which is what I love about them– they both keep pace with each other in crazyness, tadi, breaking things and of course Ishqbaazi! ?
      Arpita hum San Ka thoda popat hua ki they dragged the shooting and brought so much anticipation for us.. while the CVs did an about turn.
      But if you put the expectation aside, it was a good episode.. and the Shivika moments were perfectly done..

  8. Piyuu

    hi anu u come back .hws ur vacation?

    1. hi piyyu

  9. On seeing this, tears went on my eyes

  10. Hi everyone, kal ka epi ok tha, actually kaya socha tha kya hua aur uspar om ke baatein, dil mein ek dar sa batth gaya. Kal ke epi mein billuji anika ke battein par itna awkward kyo feel kar rahe the._______ thode din phele to wo bhaut romantic ho rahe the__ dard, fark parta, blush etc aur 3 kiss bhi, par aab kya ho gaya. Om ne kaha wo anika ko frnd manta uske care karta hai but tell me ine thing koi apne frnd se itne romantically aur passionately kiss aur battein karta hai. Pata nai acc to spolier dadi ki grandchildren wali news bhi sach hai ke nai, agar inse shivika ka kuch nai hota to kamsekam rumaya ke story to aage karo, kya pata unka pyar aur romance hi shivika ko kuch feel karwade

  11. Yesterday’s episode was good .Iss episode ki wajah se bahot saare clues mill gaye hain
    1) starting of shivaay’s ishq baazi
    2)Anita’s past revelation(may be)
    3)rudra’s love realisation (the way he talked about shivika)
    I think the episode doesn’t disappoint us kyunki hospital scenes agar nahi dikhaye toh ghar ko hospital bana diya(as we know they r ‘the oberois’)?????
    Everyone had wanted to see a weeping and worried shivaay in hospital .Ab agar hospital mein nshi dikha tohOM mein toh dikha ek dara hua rota hua shivaay jise ek chhota sa bachcha sambhal raha tha
    Everyone had wanted an emotional hug and consoling moment between shivomru.Ab vo agar nahi dikha toh omru ka shivaay ki luv life ko lekar ek concern toh dikha.

    And most important thing har baar ladka hi kyun ladki se luv confess karvaye kyun har baar ladka ladki ke peechhe bhaage .Guys we all know that shivaay can’t be able to express himself aur ho bhi kyun na jo insaan aaj tak khul k naa roya aur na hasa buisness mein hi reh gaya wo inn sab new michmichi wali feelings ko kaise samjhe aur kaise express kare!!!!!!

    Ab agar anika first step le rahi hai toh problem kya hai kuchh naya hi milega dekhne ko.Aur jo log keh rahe hai ki romance forcefully ho raha hai toh kyaa!!!chemist ki shop pr toh dawai hi milegi naahi vegetables ussi tarah jab show ka naam ‘ishqbaaz’hai toh ishq baazi hi dekhne ko milegi

    Pheewwwuuu!!!!!!!bohot likh diya itna hi kehna tha ki show mein galti dhoondna achhi baat hai par compare it’s negativity along with its positivity also?????????????????? That’s all for today.Aaj ka kota pura hua

    Please koi isse negative mein mat lena. Kisi ki bhavnaon ko agar meri wajah se thes pahunchi toh main kuchh nahi kr sakti .Mujhe bas uss baat ka khed rahega.??????

    1. Nivedita

      Agree hundred percent with your views here.. yesterday was different from expectation, but was a good episode..
      As for guys running after girls, i don’t think our Annika is taking the first step..I feel in the Ishqbaazi both are equal, ek bast ek agey hits hai toh doosri baar doosra and at times both are doing Ishqbaazi taal se taal milakar..

  12. Hi…guys coming to the episode the recap was …..I liked epi little more….
    Archiya dear u got me whom I am….
    Astha can u say ur real naam…
    Tumahara naam kya hey……
    Shab was up Yarr…missed ur comments ……u caring girl now will u care me……
    Akriti I remembered u dear….now give me reply with happy face??…
    Surbi….tum kya karthe hey ladkie……tum comment karo…..missing u dear ….
    New parinttite chopra ka song ……did anyone heard……maane me yaar nahi song…..
    Guys libi,anu, arpita,piyyuu,amaya……u are just a wonderful ladkie from Delhi….
    Tumhara dp itna beautiful hey…..
    Others all chavi,bye dear full time busy …
    Rambir kapoor ka fans…..good morning all

    1. Akriti

      you diyas….
      ThNx for remembering me..?

    2. Akriti

      hi diyas….
      ThNx for remembering me..?

      1. Welcome yarryarryarryarr

    3. Amayaa

      Ooooohhhhh thank u diya
      Waise bhi hum Delhi wale beautiful hote hi h
      Ha ha ha
      Just kidding dr
      Here every 1 is beautiful
      But Mujhe ni pata tha
      Libi, anu di , arpu, piyu also from Delhi
      Waise Delhi vale dilwale hote hi h
      After all we r delhi -ites ??????

    4. Hello kisne kaha anu Delhi se hain?? Are u talking abt me anu? Or is there another anu?

      1. yaar anu I said to amayaa….a mistake came while typing…..only to amayaa others all hi……

  13. Nilash

    Hey peeps Nakuul is shooting a fight scene.. so may be in that scene anika will get another shot and then may be after that coma drama will take place may be…….. it’s just my thought… i badly want the confession scene of shivika. and that kameeni is still not arrested so may be this drama can take place but if not then just wait and watch peeps. i just shared my thoughts with you all.

  14. Akriti

    hahaha astha…
    shivaay singh oberoi….
    ke liye science bhi kam par jaye…

    1. Aastha_Reddy

      Haan Yaar Akriti.. SSO jo hai.. unke samne science bhi fail hogaya…. Newton sir is better no more for his own goodness….

  15. According to spoilers annika was supposed to slip into coma and then shivaay’s love would get her back to life, coma toh dur ki baat hai, woh toh hospital tak bhi nahi pohonchi…..

  16. Aastha_Reddy

    Shakti married Pinky in a love marriage.. and then became a joru ka gulaam for Pinky after marriage leaving his mother Kalyani.. did dadiji ever complained??
    Pinky made her husband a puppet and dominate him in every thing.. then came the great wall of Shivaay Singh Oberoi who is also married now..forcefully still full of love to a girl..and is trying to accept his wife…
    According to me.. when pinky did the puppet of Shakti it was ok…why not for Annika when it is the rule of nature…
    This indian mother in law are totally mad and need shock treatment….
    Wo khud kisi ke bete se shaadi karke usse darate hai… ki mera pati maaka pallu pakadke ghumtey hai… but when they become saas … meri baahu ne mujhse meri bete ko chhin liya. ya phir mera beta mera naa raha..kya palti maarte hai.. ekdum 360 rotation…Main karoon toh saala character dheela hai….aisa real life mein bhi kabhi kabhi hota hai… so only I shared my thought with you guys…
    Not every saas is like this but this happens in some cases like Pinky….

    1. Ur point is very very valid Aastha.. when she wants to exhert complete control over Shakthi.. she shud be ok with anika Shivaay closeness.. not being ok with that would be double standards.. having said that.. Shivaay cud have just at least enquired a little I felt..
      In most of the real life scenarios.. saas bahu problems arise only when the man does not balance between his role as a son and hubby..
      a gal is expected to balance a DIL, daughter wife and mother well.. whereas a man not doing it is still considered ok.. another societal double standards..
      Instead of showing the unhealthy elements in society like ssa bahu drama.. dahej.. NKK obsession etc.. CVs shud focus on better things.. but kya karen! This is their definition of “nayi soch”

  17. ff bahut aachi hey…..continue guys those who registered…….

  18. Kal ka episode dekh ke ek strong feelings aagyi h ki….
    Agr in future story of ishqbaaz….. shivika separate honge to 2 reason hoga…. 1.shivaay nkk ideology
    2.pinki ki insecure feeling….

    1. Nikita!!! Noooo… ????

  19. Mouni

    good morningz ishquis , there is a ne pic of the actors and subha is in it , am happy she didn’t leave and also it seems nakul’s wife jankee visited the set and you can see behind there is a scene with shivika and pinky , l hope really cvs will not go back to the saas bahu drama , its stupid and does not fit in lb , pinky getting jealous and creating scenes will ruin the show , no one wants to see that again also l must say from the start of the show sso was not close to his mom , he was more with omru , unlike om who is very close to janvi
    l hope cvs can use some brain and avoid this unnecessary drama and focus more on rumya

  20. Guys anybody saw payar ka dard hai

  21. Please bolo

  22. Nivedita

    I loved yesterday’s episode because of the lovely emotional moments..
    Top faves::
    1) cutie pie sahil, you were sorely missed..I hope you get to stay for a few more days in IB..?? he looked so forlon when Shivaay walked towards him..
    2) I am so glad for the Shivaay Sahil scene.. had tears in my eyes just like the two..???? And I loved how Sahil touched Shivaay’s cheeks and wiped out his tears. Shivaay breaking down in front of Sahil was a tender, raw and amazing moment- it would definitely have been a lot harder to see Shivaay crying in front of his family.
    3) Annika teasing Shivaay.. and all her expressions today– totally cute and Aww..????though she said aww to billu ji.
    4) I liked how Billu hi has changed from the argh inducing Bagad billa for Annika to the aww inducing Billu hi! ??
    5) this time Annika got to tease about dard hua and practice on SSO his moves, by touching his cheeks ( Annika’s bracelet was even more seductive this time round)..
    6) totally looking fwd to today, loved the precap-+ mann mein laddoo nahin tamatar photo rahein hain- ?
    7)Mahi remembering the Oberois’ care and love, felt sad for him. And i hope as an Oberoi, he gets to experience the love..?

    Didn’t like Pinky’s jealousy, though i feel a bit sorry for her.. maybe if Mahi turns out to b Shivaay’s twin..Then I hope there is Pinky Mahi bonding so that both can get their full of mother son love..That’s the only reason, why i would b ok with Pinky’s jealousies.. i wish they would show us an eventually slowly changing pinky, who can overcome her natural tendencies of insecurities and learn to be loving towards Annika. I do always suspect her sudden liking for Annika– because you me they are always abrupt and momentary and then she switches back to being jealous of Annika taking her Shivaay’s attention.

    I know why the CVs showed us Annika’s ?confession , when Shivaay was unconscious- does it mean his unconscious self heard it? There are so many other food scenes between them he could have reflected on instead.. ( did the CVs give us that scene, because we were waiting for a Shivaay confession- so gave us a past Annika confession instead?)
    Anyways no hospital scenes did make me think,bki CVs nei wapas hamara popat banaya, but the payoff with the cute Shivika scenes and Sahil Shivaay scenes was good..

    Was neutral about OmRu talk- i only hope that conversation is going to indicate that our Shivika guardian angels ( urf OmRu and dadi) will conspire to help Shivika romance, though for me these two don’t need any help.. their pace is absolutely perfect! ???

    1. Nivedita

      Both can get their *fill of mother son

      Other*good scenes between them

  23. 300th comment…
    Now watching our own IB…

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