Ishqbaaz 17th April 2017 Written Episode Update

Ishqbaaz 17th April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kamini shoots. Anika runs to Shivaye. She gets shot. Everyone gets shocked. Some time before, Anika walks to Shivaye. He sees Kamini pointing gun at Shivaye. Anika shouts Shivaye…… and runs to him. Kamini shoots. Anika gets infront of him and gets shot. She falls in Shivaye’s arms. Shivaye shouts Anika…. They all get shocked. Everyone look at her. Shivaye lifts her and takes. The family goes along. Shivaye thinks of Anika, their moments, marriage and love confession is seen in FB.

At home, Shivaye sits by Anika’s side. He recalls Anika getting shot. He calls and says I want ACP Ranveer, I need him, do anything. He checks Anika and says she has fever. He goes. Pinky says my head is aching so much. Shivaye comes and checks medicines. She asks did Anika get conscious. He says not yet. She asks what are you finding. He says medicines for Anika. She says I was also finding medicines for myself, the day was bad, Priyanka’s doli was to be lifted, and bullet was shot instead. He recalls Anika getting shot. She says see if I have fever, Shakti was tired and slept. He says wait mum, I have to give medicines to Anika.

He sees Sahil sitting alone and goes to him. He asks when did you come. Sahil says Rudra got me home, will anything happen to my Anika. Shivaye says nothing will happen to her. He hugs Sahil. Sahil asks pinky promise. Shivaye makes pinky promise. He says nothing will happen, a small bullet passed over shoulder, doctor said she is out of danger, she just has fever like we get, no need to worry, don’t cry. Sahil says I m not crying, you are crying. He wipes Shivaye’s tears. Shivaye says no, something went in my eyes. Sahil says nothing will happen to Anika, Lord knows I just have Anika, how can he snatch Anika from me. Shivaye says who said Sahil has just Anika, you have me, entire family is with you, Sahil you and Anika are my family, I promised you, nothing can’t happen to Anika till I m there. He hugs Sahil. Pinky looks on and thinks he did not listen to me and sharing sorrow and happiness with Sahil, Shivaye is forgetting his mum. She goes.

Rudra gives coffee to Om. Om thanks him. Rudra says you had to see Shivaye’s face when Anika was shot, it looked like his world ended, you saw him getting aggressive talking to doctors. Om says I know, he would have done same if it was some other member of family. Rudra says he did this for Anika, she is important to him like us. Om says its surprising that everyone knows this except Shivaye. Rudra says his love needs a push, once it starts, it won’t stop. Om says when will your muscles come to use. Rudra says I know he loves Anika, but he does not accept. Om asks how will he accept, when he takes step towards Anika, name, blood and family come between, Shivaye told me, he has friendship, care and respect for Anika, but as a life partner and mother is his children, she is not the one, as she does not have big family name and blood. Rudra says this does not matter once love happens. Om says problem is Shivaye does not want to change himself and his thinking. Rudra says he will change, he will fall in love, just Anika will tie the bell in his neck. Om says lets hope.

Anika gets up. Shivaye asks what’s the need to get up, lie down. She says I m tired of rest. He asks is it necessary to become superwoman every time, you could have told me, thank God bullet just touched, else you made complete plan to leave. He makes her sit. He asks what was the need to come in between. She holds his hand and asks is this anger or pain. He asks her to have water. She drinks and coughs. He asks are you fine. She asks are you okay. He says you got shot. She says but you got worried. He says I m upset, what was the need to get shot. She asks did you forget, you also got shot for me. FB shows Shivaye getting shot to save her. He asks you realize your life would have gone. She says bullet hurts me or you, my life would have gone. Music plays….

They have an eyelock. He says you got shot, you should just rest. She says Aw…. He asks why this Aw now. She says this Aw because you became Billu ji. He asks what do you mean. She says when I say something, if you don’t have answer, you leave attitude and become cute. He says I don’t get it, what do you mean. She says I mean I know what you want to say, but you can’t say as you are Tadibaaz. He says medicines affected her mind. She says your Tadi can stop your mind, but your Kanji eyes say everything. He asks her to come to point, tell me what I want to say. She asks shall I say. He says yes. She touches his face and gets up.

Mahi says I can’t accept this, how can you shoot Shivaye. Kamini says I wish you did this. He says he is Shivaye…. She says so what, if I don’t care, why do you care. He says because I can’t take anyone’s life, I m bad, not very bad. She says you can’t imagine how much he insulted me, it was good plan that you will go there as Shivaye and we will get Oberoi mansion, it was good plan to take revenge, but Anika failed the plan. He says if Anika did not come, Rudra, Om, Pinky, Jhanvi or Dadi would have come, there are many people in that 100 crore house, they all give life for Shivaye, he is the foundation of that house. She says I m seeing you are praising them a lot. He says I stayed there for long, I understood what’s family and love. He recalls getting hurt and everyone caring for his small wound. Mahi looks at all of them. Mahi gets sad.

Anika says you want to tell me, you are so beautiful, when you come in front of me, my heartbeat gets fast, you made me Ishqbaaz. Shivaye holds her in arms and gets close to her. Music plays……….

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Rajjo

    first of all sorry everyone… i was a lil busy some where thats why was unable to catch up u guysss…
    wowwww… after watching today’s episode i am very happy… so many blushing moments were there… blushing partners must be out of range… n anu what you think… now shivika proceeded to another level… and if they not then our omru will make them to… astha your brother is so much caring but just not understanding that its called love more than care… i am sure u were crying when shivaay was crying… even i felt bad then… both sahil and shivaay bond is awesome… their conversation was something can’t be explained…

    plz i request the cv’s don’t make ishqbaaz a saas bahu serial where saas feels bad when her son gives more importance to his wife… just think yaar… his wife saved him.. catched the bullet towards her… why will he not care her much…. its required… and i thought whole family will take care of her but shivaay was only there… okay not a problem… oh my mata pinky… i know u are obssessed with your son but give some time to you bahu also… after all she is his wife…

    again some 100 kilos dialogues-
    -ye apka gussa hai ya dard…
    -goli apko lagti ya mujhe jaan to meri hi jaati…
    – Shivaay: goli tumhe lagi hai
    Anika: lekin pareshaan aap ho rahe hain…
    -awwwww… billu jee
    – main jab bhi koi khidkitod lajwaab baat kehti hoon na jiska apke paas koi jawaab nahi hota, to aap apni shivaay singh oberoi ki tadi chhodke bilkul cute waale billu jee ban jaate hain
    – apki ye jo kanji aankhe hain na, sab bol deti hain

    some lost characters of ishqbaaz are back like sahil n omkara… great…

    somebody plz give maahi familylove… he is very hungry for love as his so called mom has never treated him as his son… just an asset… the way he talked of family love today was really very touchy… n that kameeni… i will kill her one day for sure… maahi is so nice she is trying to make him a killer thank god he didn’t listen to her n that bullet was shot by kameeni not by maahi else maahi was in great problem… in previous episode maahi looked like villian n some of my frnds was angry with him but i want to say that he is just a puppet of his mom… whatever was he doing jus becoz of his mom… for a child his mom(chaahe jaisi bhi ho) is he most important person for them n he was just following his mom instructions… yes is not realizing that his mom is not totslly wrong but toally villian and using him tooo… i am sure when he will realise tha he will leave her…
    today i found our old omru jodi… our om n rudra paggal for their brother… n wanted anika as their bhabhi(which she is now) n wife of their brother with all respect n love… the way talked earlier about shivika… now omru will make shivaay realise about his love … omg this shivaay everybody knows shivaay loves anika just shivaay doen’t know… billu ko mohabbat hogi… billu lover boy bnega… billu ka dil dhadkega… billu… billu… i mean billu knows anika has always become the saviour of him but he still treat that he is not in love with her… he does everything with her but doesn’t want to accept that he loves her(that bulshit khoon-khaandaan n ol)… really old ishqbaaz was here today… really dhakka to lagana hi padega… n ye kaan sirf aap dono kr skte hn omru… get ready…
    hiii everyone… how are you all…. missed you friends very much…

    1. Amayaa

      Really RAJJO DI
      as I don’t like it even 0.01 %%%% but it’s oookkk
      May be this is because of my angerness nd frustration on TU PAGE
      Which causes this

      Just leave all this nd come 2 de point
      Today is “GO RAJJO DI GO” DAY

    2. Rajjo

      thank you… 🙂

    3. Rajjo

      actually the way om and rudra talked i liked very much… loke old ishqbaaz that’s why i liked it…

    4. go rajjo go congo its ur dayyyyyyyyyyy

    5. Rajjo

      thank you… 🙂 🙂

    6. Gayathri.visu

      Hi Rajjo. How r u? Hey
      Congratulations for commenting first.. GO RAJJO GO!
      Very nice analysis dear…but I didn’t like this episode.

    7. Rajjo

      thank you dear visu… i can understand that you people expected much thats why you all didn’t like todays episode… but belive me this episode is just a hint there is something to be shown now… just have patience…

      also i was busy… n i didn’t expected anyrhing maybe thats why i liked the episode…

    8. Rajjo

      n i am totally fine… how are you??????????

    9. Aastha_Reddy

      congrats rajjo ..
      Inn sab ko chhod ke main soch rahi hoon ki akhir Annika ke kapde kisne badle….( naughty Astha)

    10. Akriti

      lol very naughty astha….
      but you have a point..
      anika je kapde kisne badle????
      now I am also wondering about this..

    11. Rajjo

      hahahahahaha…. really naughty astha… mene to ye socha hi nhi…. kyun astha apne bhaiya pe trust nhi h kya… yaha om n rudra ko shivika k relationship me kami dikh rhi h n tum ho ki naughtiness dekh rhi ho????
      n thank you so much…

    12. Naughty Aastha!! All kinds of wink wink thoughts huh??

    13. Akriti

      wow rajjo first to comment….
      great analysis…..
      and thanks for all those woo of dialogues. ……
      I always says that CVS of IB are dumb but when it comes to dialogue writers…..
      they are the best dialogue writer at present….
      I didn’t think that ki aur koi serial me at present itne aaache dialogues honge….

    14. Rajjo

      Thank you so much akriti… Of course ib have bst dialogue writers…

    15. Akriti

      wow rajjo first to comment….
      great analysis…..
      and thanks for all those 100 kg dialogues. ……
      I always says that CVS of IB are dumb but when it comes to dialogue writers…..
      they are the best dialogue writer at present….
      I didn’t think that ki aur koi serial me at present itne aaache dialogues honge….

    16. go rajjo go…
      i luv yr 100kg dialogues….all superb…anika u nailed shivaye there and he left blush blush speechless….

    17. Rajjo

      Thank you so much pushpa…

    18. dp super….congocongocongo for 1st person to comment……rajjo well done yaar

    19. Rajjo

      A big thanks to you diya…

    20. Hey! Today is Go Rajjo Go!!

      And the new song.. missed to mention a that billu ko mohobat hogi.. billu lover boy banega! ?? I loved it too! ?

    21. Rajjo

      Thank you so much anu….

    22. Hey go Rajjo go..!!
      I see you are way to impressed by the episode. Good..!!

    23. Rajjo

      thank you so much LAX…

    24. Ranilya

      Hi rajjo
      Loved the Billu Billu song…
      Except for pinky the epi was good.

    25. Rajjo

      thank you ranilya…

  2. Aaaaaand am back….!
    Aaaaaand Anika is shot!!
    3 din se yahi precap dikha rahe the kya ye log! I never thought I would say this.. but I was waiting for anika to get shot.. I was catching up with the episodes today and I was like 3 days same precap.. thank god I saw all at once!

    So now.. glad that they din keenchify goli drama a lot like lohri time.. after a loooong time we saw Sahil today.. but we all wanted to see a funny nautanki Sahil? not this crying version.. and our Om was there too!!

    Why were Omru discussing abt NKK? Is the story gonna proceed to discover anika’s past?

    BTW Omru.. u think shivika need a dhakka?? U just have no clue on what’s going on in their bedroom now!! I loved to see naughty annika and a fluttering Shivaay!
    What an actress surbhi is!! when he said kya zaroorath thi beech me ane ki.. they way she looked.. it was as if her eyes were saying.. look who is talking..
    Ye awww is liye kyun ki aap nah ek dum billuji ban gaye… awwww ??
    And God! Goli kisko bhi lage.. jaan to meri hi jathi!! Wah kya line tha yaar…??
    Like our blush club founders say.. they always end up saying way more deeper dialogs than just I love you!! Have to credit the writers here.. I was about to write Dumb Oberoi… React!!! But looking at precap I decided to ?
    OMM! Precap took my breath away!!
    And am still gasping!! ??????

    And poor mahi…! Pls give him a family soon!! ? He deserves all the love on earth?

    And what’s with this pinky changing shades again yaar ? Hello Woman.. that gal barged in and took a bullet saving ur son and u r complaining abt him not giving u attention?!? This was the only black spot in the show today.. CVs can u pls not start saas bahu drama again!!

    Anywayzzz.. have already started count down for tom’s episode..?

    1. Rajjo

      omg anu… anu our comments are so much alike… n of course whatever the episode was all about we will say…

    2. Rajjo! I just read and realised that yaar!! We have come out with same opinions..sighted the same things.. order is also kinda similar.. just that the verbatim is different!! Lol.. mine looks like a modified copy paste of urs!!

    3. Rajjo


    4. Amayaa

      Finally finally finally
      I m very happy that u kept ur promise well nd came back today
      We all ishqies were missing u
      M I right guys

    5. Hello amayaa!! Yes an back dear. So sweet that u guys messed me! Couldn’t resist commenting once I was back home.. even before unpacking things.. I sat with TU?

    6. Aastha_Reddy

      Hi Anu dear.. wel come back with a warm hug from Astha..
      May be a hint of story leading to the past of Annika ( least expected)or may be a sign to the evolution of Shivaay leaving NKK behind….on his way of ishqbaazi… Cvs can say only.. about the NKK hypothesis….

    7. Aww! A huggie to u too darling ?
      I feel that Shivaay has kinda evolved out of NKK.. at least w.r.t anika..
      Annikas past would be an interesting story line.. if they bring in we can hope for some sync up between IB and DBo too..

    8. Mouni

      welcome back anu , shivika was on fire today esp anika , this time she is flirty anika singh oberoi lol , l think omru does not know what happen when shivika are alone or in bedroom that’s why they have no idea about the progress in their relationship
      am totally with you about pinky , l hope shivika will pacify her , she was too much today

    9. Ya mouni.. she was Mrs.Flirty Singh Oberoi today..! It was a treat to watch them!!
      Abt pinky.. doesn’t look like shivika will pacify her.. Looks like writers are going with the cliched approach..?

    10. Wohhooooo Anu, You are back..!! Girl, u were terribly missed. There was always a short of atleast 50 comments daily coz of your absence. Now that you are back, those days ll b back too I guess.
      So how’s trip?? Enjoyed??
      I ll go for a detailed comment tomo. Feeling sleepy, Bye for now.

    11. Lol!! Feels so good when all u gals say u missed me!! ?
      Trip was awesome yaar! Din feel like coming back..!

    12. Gayathri.visu

      Wow!! Anu u r back… How r u?? I am missing ur comments soo much!!

    13. Hey gayu! Am back yes ?

    14. Akriti

      wlcm back anu….. and not I only you everu one is waiting anika to get shot… like always your comment is worth reading….
      I miss your comment a lot ….
      and how was your trip????

    15. Thanks akriti?
      Trip was super awesome.. thoroughly enjoyed!!

    16. Welcome back Anu…..really after my return i was searching fr u through d cmnts n finally got u today………. fr some milisec. even i was also thinking tatis annika’s past on d way bt then realized noo they r in no mood to make us happy

    17. Hey Shree.. that’s so sweet! ??
      Abt annikas past.. yeah CVs would rather chose a hopeless track like ani pinky saas bahu fight and sit on it rather than chosing to explore anikas past..!

    18. Anu,,,,gd comments ….i luved each of the scn .. no hospital scn but khoi bhat nahi….im indulged wt shivaye totally ystrdy….i just wheeping whn shivaye cried…nvr he did b4.. his love 4anika is just mindblowing..tht emotion is so nice t c&hear all tht u mentioned……
      …u get shot or me..i would hv died..yr kanji eyes says it all….and tht luvly bezutiful look frm anika 2wards shivaye……awwwwwww just awwwww….superb

      Mmmmmm……so mesmerizing & blushing in2days epi…waitingggggggggg?????

    19. Hey Pushpa.. thanks!
      Yeah.. even I missed to mention.. sso crying was quite emotional.. Sahil was becoming his bade bhaiya and consoling him instead.. that scene minus pinky wud have been much better!

      And the shivika scene.. tell me abt it!! Blush overload ?

    20. wow anu akka u r back how was ur vacation a big hug for ur lil one
      come to ur analysis it is kidkithod even i have started the countdown for todays epi

    21. Thanks shab! ? Will pass on ur hug to my lil one? Vacation was awesome!

    22. Anu
      U remember when Shivay said those dialogues to Om in DBO we were all worried n u were the one pacifying us saying it’s seems to be a mistake from the writers. Does not seem so. Jaise thaise mein woh bhoolne ki koshish kar Rahi thi n out of nowhere Om ne woh phir se woh ghaav taaza kar diya. Am really worried Shivay k attitude Ko leke. Ll things b back to square one.

    23. Lax.. am still telling u.. stay calm.. these CVs are just creating unwanted turbulence.. aur kuch nahin… Om is so much engrossed in swet vamp that he doesn’t have a clue of shivaays current feelings.. they will not go back to square 1.. the day he confessed that anika is his wife, he broke the wall that he had build around him..! Don worry.. shivika ma bond has grown nothing but stronger over the few days..

      So Stay Clam and Watch Ishqbaaz!
      You know what..our entire PKJ should get this line printed on our Tees! It can be our tag line..

    24. Anu
      Keep calm n watch Ishqbaaaz..!! Lol..!! ?? Good one..!!

    25. Ranilya

      Aaaaannuuuuuuu your back!!
      Hope you enjoyed your trip dear….

      Epi was good…though I missed devastated Shivay n hospital scene…i thought Pinky too will feel for Anika this time…but what’s up with the cvs?? Pls..i dont want any Saaa-bahu drama in IB again…
      Billu song was too good…but NKK again??
      Shivay-sahil after a long time….
      Loved their convo…. Anika n sahil r shivay’s family… on one side Om is remembering shivay’s words n on the other side Shivay is changing his thoughts towards Anika
      Couldn’t see shivay crying …my heart went out to him
      Shivika!! No words… Anika all flirty in wounded state too….???
      The way she passed her finger across shivay’s face…….. OMG!!
      Shivay ko conscious banadiya…
      Loved her dialogues today…
      Waiting for tmro ….

      But the sad part is my wait is tooo tooo took long

  3. episode was awww
    jeeja saala rocked
    pinky felt insecured
    precap is kidkithod

    1. i have a doubt weather every in laws r same insecured centi’s somebody say me know

    2. Shab.. it is natural for any mom to feel possessive when a bahu comes into picture.. but whatever they show in daily soaps is the way too exaggerated version.. If a mom says I am not well, no son ignores like how Shivaay did.. and if a hubby takes care of wife.. not all MIL will turn as evil as they show here.. MIL DIL might not get along well always.. but what they show here is definitely blown up.. this is is my opinion..

    3. Amayaa

      Shab tumhe bhi episode accha lagi
      Maine hi kuch zaada soch liya tha
      Is spoilers ki to man kar raha h gangaram kar du

    4. coming to todays epi i have missed that hospital scenes much i didnt expected that they willl wrapup this much fast they couldhave done this to swetlana or tia in those things they wer much dragging when it comes for the leads they just wrapup
      i like ishqbaaaz for its family scenes now writers what u want to show typical saas bahu drama im ffed up with krpkeb for such scenes now i dont want that stupid scene in ib too atleast shivaay could have asked pinky how r u afteral she is his mom so by his behaviour she would definitly eel insecured
      thanks atleast now om came back rudy om convo was good btut they tottally made us to forget ONE FOR ALLL AND ALL FOR ONE dialogue i felt that dialogue to be heart of ib now i miss that brotherhood
      and they started dbo for omi and rudy but i could never find rudy as a imp role in ib or dbo equal imoportance is not given for 3 bros i thinkk at 11 SEPERATE SPIN OFF SHOULD BE GIVEN FOR RUMYA ALSO
      taht kamini after shooting someone how can she roam outside so casually
      actually i have missed first 12 mins epi when i watched it it was frm shivika fun so i liked the epi but otherwise i just hate todays epi

    5. Any…where were you……I missed u dear…..

    6. Ranilya

      Shab 8 too missed the hospital scenes…wanted to see the brothers supporting Shivay when he breaks down…
      It’s always Shivay doing it for them…now was a good chance see the younger ones consoling Shivay…
      Pata nahi cvs ke dimag mein Kya hain…

  4. Aastha_Reddy

    Aww…ab Cvs ke gaale mein ghanti koun bandhega… Tien tien fiss of our most waited bullet shot episode…Only they gave us Omkara as a consolation character and Saahil as a post shooting gift… Not fair cvs…very bad…

    1. Amayaa

      Hai na aastha di
      U too think like this na
      I too agree with u
      see our thoughts r so similar

    2. Gayathri.visu

      Even I too agree with u di..

    3. Astha, I also felt the same. They should have showed the hospital scenes and how Shivaay was worried and taking care of Anika.

      Suddenly they showed like little thing happened to Anika.

      Somehow these days I feel they are inserting romantic scenes forcefully. I was not getting same feelings as I used to have before even when they were
      fighting. I am not sure if it is just me.

      Before their fights, nok jokes, blush scenes etc etc everything used to be so romantic as long as Shivaay and Anika were in the frame. These days I feel they are more forced ones. One of the reason I feel is suddenly they change the settings to introduce the romance as in the scene after Shivaay escaped.

    4. Aastha_Reddy

      Friends… I am not disappointed with the episode…but as I usually supports the story line in my long descriptive comment… so just thought to look from other’s point of view…as expectation and reality…

    5. Navz

      Yess aastha i was also very disappointed wid this episode.. my expectations are at heights of mount everest and epi was at very low….only gud things are some dailogues and omru and sahil..thats it nothingmore.and upar se pinky ki jealousy …ungrateful lady…
      I said to u in ur os comments that ur os puts on expectations and cvs will never reach ur level…uffffffffffffffffff very much disappinted and tom also there will be nothing much…anika will say that dailogues and shivaay will make her lay down and says u have talked soo much ,now u must rest…thatsit.nothing more …i am not daring to expect anything much if something great happen then it will be a surprise for me…???????????

    6. Ranilya

      Completely agree with you Astha dear…
      Tai tai phish…

  5. Antara

    wow Amena di thanx 4 the superfast update epi was so cool shivaay & anika’s moment were so cute precap was just AW……………. this kamini can’t change she need only momey & money greedy woman mahi was nice from heart circumstances made him helpless he is so kind

  6. Anah

    today episode was superb…
    no hospital and confession..
    glad anika fine…
    Pinky over possessive is not good….
    omru conversion was nice…
    total episode window breaking…..
    and hi to all of u guys….
    and one more request also….
    check out my new work guys link is here….

  7. Anah

    and yeah mahi scene also superb….he is so nice…

  8. Archiya

    i am so highly disappointed with this episode, what all v expected, some nice hospital scenes, shivay redemption for the way he treated anika,where they will show his pain just like they showed anika’s , but no they just showed like nothing happened.

    More disappointed with OmRu convo, when Om said that shivay does not see anika as someone whom he will love, an as the mother of his children,tat he will never move beyond the khoon khandan stuff,,all the romantic scenes in the last week held no meaning with these sentences.. i had though the had already moved away from all this stuff..

    Liked the Shivay-Sahil convo,especially when shivay cried ,first time i saw tears flowing from his eyes for anika.

    I dont know which mother will not feel the pain of her child,shivay was in so much pain that tears were just flowing, actually pinky should have known by now that shivay loves anika a lot.Instead of showing her as supporting,again they are making her negative, i mean come on anika took bullet for ur shivay,, an instead of caring for her.. ur just jealous.I expected he whole family looking after her an pampering her.. but of course goli sirf choo kar nikli 🙁

    Somehow i did not enjoyy shivika conversation today

    Precap: i dont expect anything, shivay will just put anika to sleep, nothing else is gonna happen.

    1. Archiya

      The 2nd part of my FF is complete guys ..please do read it an give ur precious comment

    2. hey archiya…thts a owsm FF..

    3. Aastha_Reddy

      Archi.. I am in a mood to imagine your red face…i don’t know why the red colour is the on your beautiful face… anger or blush…??? lolz.. ha ha….

    4. I completely agree with you! After waiting for 3 days, is this what we get? three-four mins of tears from SSO and a little fever? I seriously thought that Anika would be in critical condition and SSO would get completely shattered and realise Anika’s importance in his life and he might probably even realise that he loves her…but what a waste…the episode was no where close to what I had imagined! CVS completely broke my heart!
      As such Shivika’s moments were good but it could have been better!
      And regarding the precap, either SSO is putting her to sleep or someone will interrupt them as usual!!!

    5. Mouni

      l agree archi , esp with omru convo , am l crazy or it looks old ?? remember when sso told om that when he was about to marry tia ?? its same words , since sso declared her as wife in front of all ; media and family its logical that he sees her as future mom of his little sso , he loves her and can never be away from her
      pinky is possessive with sso and wants to be the only woman in his life , she even got jealous from poor sahil ?? too much cvs too much
      ps ; it seems many ppl attacked the writer on internet for how she made the ep , being aggressive is bad but the critics are right by saying the situation nedded more intensity

    6. Akriti

      mouni I also thinking that ki jab sso ne pure media of saamne anika ko wife accept kar hi liya hai
      toh bhi ye log kyu soch rahe hai ki shivay dosent accept anika as mother of his child….

      lol mouni dear anika as mother of little sso well said

    7. Rajjo

      archu don’ be sad… actually still shivaay has not accepted that he loves anika… the conversation between om n shivaay on the station in dbo is still alive thats why om is feeling that n thats true becoz from this only story will to the point that anika have khoon khandaan… n maybe the thing that gauri is her sister will disclose… shivaay being atleast of 28-30 yrs felt till now that khoon khandaan is important.. his this thinking will not be shown breaking easily… see shivaay has changed a lot now the time has came to change this thought too… it will show how this thought changes…

    8. Akriti

      agreed with you rajjo its not easy to change thoughts suddenly which is created in your mind since your childhood…

    9. Akriti

      archu dear,
      dissapointed mujhe toh lagata hai ki dissapointed word bhi kam hai uss feeling ke liye toh humare man me create ho gai thi aaj ke episode ke baare me…
      kya kya socha tha sab kuch tai tai phiss hoo gaya….
      and about omru convo every romantic moment of last week is just meaningless infront of these few words…….
      absolutely right

    10. Gayathri.visu

      Archiya I am completely agree with ur each and every point.
      Precap-even I don’t have any hope about that scene. But I think that scene turns out to Anika’s dream or Shivaay’s dream(very less hope)….

    11. Hi archiya..hw r u…im also a little sad thy didnt show hospital scn where shivaye will feel the pain….bt others r fairly ok in ystrdy epi.
      Shivayes bond wt sahil…he just cried hugging sahill…emotional i felt the same looking at him crying…cause its SSO dun cry in this manner at alll…. shows his love 2wards anika…
      I dun agree wt om on khoon khandan….all the shivika monents sure meant someting those hugs i luv his hugs always wrapped totally 2wards him..kissess sure more thn khoon&khandan…
      Hope pinky dun turn negative agan….she shld give some spacd yo shivaye to pull himself back frm thd whole situation,…cm yaar thts his wife being shot…..
      Dialogues vr gd….i think anika’s billuji just need more caring&luv&tht special feelings moment frm anika 4 shivaye to confess his luv to anika…like the feeling he gets whn anika touches him…..precap….i also think its ust the kiss….or more..,….lets wait&watch…

    12. archu i think we have expected so much so ye epi could not satisfy us

    13. I think if I had also not watched all these episode at once, I might have have been disappointed too!
      And abt OMs comment archu.. as mouni mentioned, om is not aware of what’s going on amidst shivika.. he din even get to witness what Rudy saw in the kitchen.. I think Shivaay is well past that..
      But I have a worry..what if om says this to someone else and anika over hears and leads to some misunderstanding.. our CVs are capable of that!!
      About the precp.. precap and promos in IBs are quite deceiving.. we might not get anything more than what we watched.. am expecting that too.. but am quite excited abt annikas dialogs and shivaays reactions..
      archu.. am sure u will get an full on blush DP today!!

    14. Ranilya

      Oh Anu don’t gives ideas to the cv…
      I dint don’t want any kind of misunderstanding or separation track betn Shivika now….
      Pls I don’t want Anika to get to know about Shivay’s thoughts…anyeay right now they r in a different world within the confines of “their bedroom”?

    15. Archu
      I did not see that DBO episode on TV in which Shivay discloses his feelings to Om, I saw it in hotstar later. Believe me I was in Shivay mode seeing that scene. Felt like throwing my phone. Shivays words were so pricking. I Cannot take that khoon Khandan shit anymore, it’s almost 300 episodes n there is no progress at all in his character. Also I would like to believe that Om does not know anything happening in IB house, he did not know Shivays progress.
      If it is any consolation, CVs were bashed left n right for the episode.

      @Anu- Annika overhearing Om, don’t give such ideas to CVs.

    16. Archu
      These are some replies from the writer for the comments of fans for the last episode.

    17. I just saw the replies.. as much as it is their right to show what they want it is viewed right to bash them as we want.. as long as the bashing don cross a limit.. writers should be ready to face it!!
      And abt anika overhearing.. I jut realised after posting that I shudn have typed that!! Coz this forum is a wishing well when it comes to such ideas.. the moment u fear something.. it happens on screen! ?

    18. Ranilya

      Hi Archu.. .
      Though I liked the epi, I very badly missed the hospital scenes.. .i think I had expected lots from Shivay n Pinky…but cvs be paani phenk di mere ummed par?

      Pinky was disgusting.. .why r the cvs doing this?? Typical SaaS bahu track?, pls no no …

      Sahil n Shivay were good..felt sad when Shivay cried….
      Expected sahil n Anika scene too..hope we get it tmro

    19. Ranilya

      As for the precap…i too feel Shivay will just put her to sleep n nothing else.. .hope I’m proved wrong

  9. Angela

    I am eagerly waiting for tomorrows episode ?❤️ todays episode sahils and shivaays bond made me cry ? When shivaay cried oh my good from my eyes tears were coming ??

  10. i think anika ki andhar koyi shakti hain dat’s why she never needs to go to hospital . Jayae kuch bhi hojayiyae she wil get only home treatment nd with in few hours only she wil be fit nd fine. Plz tel me d screte yaar we are paying a lot of money to d hospitals for d very very litle problems . My cutiepie sahil was back. Pinky nd kamini aap log kabhi naih sudregi. Mahi was mising oberois. Nd annika was looking so pretty today nd precap was ekdum masth.

    1. Amayaa

      Agree liba ???

    2. Akriti

      liba dear…
      tumne soue nhi SSO ne kya kaha “superwomen” that’s why anika doesn’t need any hospital….

    3. Akriti

      liba dear…
      tumne sunna nhi SSO ne kya kaha “superwomen” that’s why anika doesn’t need any hospital….

  11. Amayaa

    Today’s episode is like khoda pahar nikli chiraiya
    This is really a disaster episode
    I don’t like it anymore
    Only bakwaas bakwaas nd bakwaas
    From de starting 2 de end
    It totally spoiled my mood
    3 days wait kiya nd de result is this
    Oooohhhh my God
    CVS ka na sach me Ek rule h
    1 week amazing. ……………..1 week dragging. ………………….Nd then again 1 week amazing………………Nd so on

    CVS is really gr8
    Hamare mood ki oooooohhhhhh my mata kar di
    Aur ooooooooohhhhhh my mata ki bhi ooooooooohhhhhh my mata kar di
    What is this yaar
    Now here we r expecting pinky 2 be a good mother in law
    But see
    Now I m getting frustrated
    For me today’s episode is worst

    Kamini too freely went from there
    YA but Maahi part is nice

    Om ko ishqbaaz me Lana hi tha to thora caring Devar bana ke Lana chahiye tha na
    See pata ni an phir se he Omkara ji Maharaja lab dikhenge yaha

    Control AMAYAA control

    1. Amayaa

      Well bahut gussa ho gaya AMAYAA
      Control urself

      Why Om telling like this
      May be he forgotten Shivay bhaiya accepts our bhabhi already
      Nd now he also behaves nice with Anika
      Oooooohhhh ya
      Wo ishqbaaz me honge tab to dekhenge na ye sab
      He is stuck in dbo

      Well I m sorry 2 Omkara ‘s fans but what can I do
      Being Shivika fan I can’t control myself

      Well I can’t say anything about precap
      Or I can say I m not waiting for tomorrow
      Because if I m then again they will show something useless tomorrow also
      And that’sy it better 2 keep quiet

    2. Rajjo

      amu dear… omkara is concerned about his bhabhi that’s why he was talking about this… yes shivaay has accepted anika as his wife… n also romances with her but still that feeling of anika not having khoon khandaan is there in shivaay… actually om wants to cement out that feeling becoz of that he was talking to rudra so that they both can make their bhaiya realize that anika is his lover… no matter from which caste, khandaan she belongs to… they were talking to make shivaay sit on that train which directly goes to love world … n remember it was omru who had always thought of making their bhaiya’s jodi with anika… remember their KAL, AAJ, aur KAL scene with mallika, tia n anika…

    3. Amayaa

      Hmmmmmmm I got it Rajjo di
      Well de kal aka all vala part is really memorable

    4. Amayaa dear.. first relax.. pls take in some breaths..
      OM swet ka picha karte karte missed out on shivikas progress dear.. aur kuch nahin.. the last time shivom had a 1 to 1 convo was at barailey railway station where sso mentioned this.. Wahan say shivika bahut aage bad chuke hain.. so relax!

    5. Ranilya

      Hey amaaya cool down yaar..
      Many of us r dissappointed…but what to do…lets hope the story goes in a good way ..

    6. Hiii amaaya… Omkara is not like that…. He is the most caring and loving person in IB …..What ever he said about shivaay is just the shivaay’s POV and his(shivaay) thought about khoon, khandan….etc…. And may that shivaay is just juggling between his feelings for Anika…. Also Omkara and Rudra played the best cupid to bring shivika closer (Hopefully Hopefullyvice-versa also happens)….. And in today’s episode also Omru were discussing about how to give a kick start to shivika’s love

      (Waise bhi whatever Omkara spoke was just what the director told him to speak …)

    7. Amayaa

      YA ya ya Maahi di relax
      Really u r a true fan of Omkara nd I too like his character
      Nd no doubt
      He is de most sensible person in ishqbaaz
      Even Shivay is sometimes talked like nonsense
      But Omkara never

      Actually at that time I m very angry on TU PAGE
      And my frustration released on Omkara

      Mai karu di angry hona to banta h
      U know what Maine kitne mehnat se second episode type kiya tha TU PAGE ke chotu sa Box me but they rejected them because it was in Hindi
      Well what can I do
      Ye dialogues Hindi me hi acche lagta h
      Ab mai phir se isse English me translate ni karne vali

      Pardon me if i hurt u
      Hope u pardon ur ammu
      Waise bhi ammu se koi zaada Der tak gussa no rah sakta
      Right ??????

    8. Hey amaaya… I was not at all angery with u dear….. What u wrote were just ur views and u have all the rights to share it….. and what I wrote was my POV….
      So No need to feel sorry at all yarr….. JUST CHILLXX…..?????

    9. Amayaa

      Rajjo di , Anu di , Liji di
      Aap sab ke bina to TU PAGE bhi nahi rah sakta
      Aap sab thore din ke liye busy kya hue
      IB lost its charm
      Now I m reliefed
      Ab Aap Sab aa gaye ho na to CVS ko bhi thori akal aa jayengi
      Jiski unhe saktha zarrorat h
      Weekend pe bhi IB 500+ comments pura ni kar sake
      AISA to bahut din baad hua h

    10. Rajjo

      actually mujhe lag raha tha ki humaari amayaa ko aaj ka episode acha kyn nhi lga hum jo nhi the… ab hum aa gaye hain to amu bhi khush ho jayegi… hai na…
      hum chahe jahan bhi jaye we are always with you darling… kaam khatm hua… ab TU page ka charm wapas aa gya hai…

    11. Amayaa

      Yes Rajjo di
      Ab aap log wapas aa gaye ho na CVS ka dimaag bhi thikane par aa jayega aur TU Page ka charm bhi
      Bilkul an ammu bhi khush ho gai ???

    12. Akriti

      itna gudsa Cvs of upar ….
      bapre…but gussa jayaz bhi hai ….
      kitne expectations thy humare aaj ke episode se but very dissapointed….
      and well said khoda pahar aur nikli chiraiyaa…

    13. ammu baby control urself let us wait fr todays epi may be itcan satisfy us

    14. Amayaa
      Plz don’t worry. Let’s hope CVs don’t make it too worse for us. Still hoping that if not now, Shivay ll confess his love later, may be in a better situation. Let’s see. Actually I decided I ll not trust the CVs anymore but seeing your comment I felt like consoling you.

  12. kya kya socha me
    in be lekin oh sab nahi dikaya i love percap

  13. Caring Singh Oberoi was nice but meine kuch zyada expect kiya tha jaise spoiler mein tha ki anika will go on coma and SHIVAYE will shattered but accha hai ki ANIKA is safe…
    And yeh pinky Na …she will never change anika ko SHIVAYE ki bullet laga hai and woh pinky ko unke headache bohuth bada baath lag raha hai
    And SHIVAYE was mind blowing his caring,love all was clearly evident and I guess makers will soon stop rankamihi
    I think this is the reason why they plan to kill nahi
    Anyways I hope I could see more SHIVIKA scene’s

  14. Mouni

    After 3 same precaps and 2 days without IB we finally got to see anika getting shot The ep is nothing like l expected , there was not much drama and things got well quickly , not like when sso was shot , but l guess cvs didn’t want to repeat the same track

    Am not sure if l liked the FB when sso was holding anika , it would’ve been more interested if it was when he was sitting next to her , alone
    The real emotional moment was sso with sahil , both of them share anika’s love and seeing them crying was really sad but cute too , esp sso he was really like a kid , l felt that sahil was the older in that situation , poor billu ji

    Omru , finally we got to see them together after long time yaaay , they still talk about sso not accepting anika as a mother of his children ?? but he declared to the media that she is his wife and about love confession he still don’t understand that pain as it’s the first time he experience feelings like this
    Lets come to the disagreeable part of the ep , pinky ?? plz cvs don’t worry me with her now , she is getting jealous of anika and sahil relationship with sso ?? come on she saved his life many times and forgave him for the way he married her , she and sahil deserves his full attention and love , plz cvs don’t ruin her character again and Tbh l was hoping for rumya scene instead of this nonsense , rudra should’ve take care of poor saumya too

    Now now lets talk about our shivika , lol what happen anika ?? she became the flirty one today , sso looked shy and confused but since she woke up she was the one making him blush blush , he looked really innocent lol , billu ji is really cute and sweet and am happy anika is making a move , their relationship need a push as omru said

    ps ; so kamini / mahi track is not over but why no one know about kamini murder attempt , didn’t anika saw her ?? so why is she still in her house ?? and mahi , he really like the OF but not necesserely sso , l think he wants to take sso’s place and enjoy being in family where everyone loves him

    Precap ; woooooow , is this real ?? l had the same reaction as sso , anika is either under medication or she is kidding with him , l can’t believe anika will say this with this tone of voice , she will be shy and blushing but she is right , his reaction says it all , am so exciteddddd

    1. Amayaa

      Perfect elaboration of today’s episode
      Mouni di
      I no not only I but every ishqies feelings like this only

    2. Mouni

      thanks amayaa dear

    3. Rajjo

      yes shivaay has accepted anika as his wife… but what om was saying that he didn’t accepted her as mother of his children is also right… this is the thing where we were talking that shivika kiss never proceeds other than forehead… means they are not being intimate with each other just a relationship is there which is more than friendship but less than married life which every husband wife needs… they were talking about this relationship… actually if they have thought this now then something related to it will be seen… till now shivaay was doing romances but still there was confusion inbetween himself which he called as DARD… now he will know what that DARD means…

    4. Mouni

      l think both of them are nervous when it comes to physical relationship and if no trouble happen they may get to take the step and become real married couple
      this dard sittuation is the start for confession l think , l hope it will be soon

    5. Rajjo

      yesss mouni… i also hope so

    6. Akriti

      perfectly said about today’s episode mouni….
      but i am also very confused about om’s words….
      means again NKK ideology and anika cannot become SSO’s life partner and mother of his children …
      what cvs actuallly wanted to show us i cannot get it…

    7. Mouni

      thanks akriti , om words are confusing and for me they do not reflect the situation of shivika for the past 2 or 3 weeks , cvs probably just want to make an omru scene

    8. Hi mouni…i luvled the shivika moment cause shivaye being the SSO of course wont confesss….bt wt anika’s touch shivaye will melt at last..i think thts wht anika is trying….anywsy she said it right his eyes says it all..
      Precap doest promis anything but i just hope tht will be beyond just a kisss frm shivaye….?????

    9. Mouni

      hi pushpa , true sso is tadibaaz and anika knows that that’s why she is trying to push him to confess , and precap seems anika is under medication or just kidding with him

    10. Lol mouni.. true.. even I was wondering.. where from she got flirty today.. but one thing if you notice.. when it comes to dialogs she doesn’t flutter.. a couple of episodes back she was confidently saying abt mera wala original tedon ko seedha karta hain.. and even then she had called home cute and sso said focus focus..even earlier when sso escaped.. she said I din save u I saved my life..
      She gets into flutter mode only when it comes to physical closeness.. and that dominance over her is sso’s new found weapon to make her shut!

    11. Mouni

      anu , we got to see anika in new side of her character and you are right , she is confident in front of him but he found that physical closness as you said makes her nervous and shy , am sure he will use it often lol

    12. And I hope he uses it often?

    13. Ranilya

      Yes Anu your right…

    14. Ranilya

      Hi mouni…
      Well put dear ..
      Well analysed.. .
      Agree on all your points…

      Today’s epi seemed like 3 episodes wrapped into one….a bit of hospital drama would have been nice…
      Pinky!! I just cant believe…after all the trouble Anika takes for the OF n a buttet too to save her son (!!) Is this what we get of her?? A jealous MIL?? I just can’t understand!!

      Precap ; woooooow , is this real ?? l had the same reaction as sso , anika is either under medication or she is kidding with him , l can’t believe anika will say this with this tone of voice , she will be shy and blushing but she is right , his reaction says it all , am so exciteddddd
      For an instance I too felt so…but then dint want to b carried away again only to b dissappointed tmro

  15. VHM

    Awweee…episode was asweome but Precap was even more awesome

  16. First of all clear my confusion plz
    1.didi ko goli ek jagah pe lagi.aisa laga jaise dil pe lagi.but baad main pata chala ki goli chuke ke nikal baat sirf mujhe awkward laga ya sabko lag raha he????

    2. When annika get shot Sso remember all the moment with her.but what dbout love confession. ????? Sso didn’t knew about it right???? Then how could they show it???? Yaa aise hi dikhadiya???


    Coming to episode it was not bad at all but we are disappointed bcoz of our high expectation didn’t came true .spoiler were giving us many hopes STUPID???????

    Puri ki puri soch ki gangaram kardi Cvs ne .???? I will not send reiki to you . No hospital sequence after shot Like really????? When Sso got shot so much drama were happened. But now nothing .

    Aaj mujhe Sso ki dialogue yaad aa rahi he ‘KISI BHI RISTE MAIN JAROORAT SE JYADA UMMIDE LE KAR JAO TO BURA LAGTA HE’


    72 HOURS wait kiya but khali gaya sabra ka fal jyada mitha nahi hua.????????

    SSO-The way Sso took didi in his arms and remember all the moments, screaming her name.was emotional. Sahil Sso covo was
    really really really emotional. The way they were crying specially Sso made me cry toh sahil bhi Sso ki family he nice.. you are a good carring hubby .

    Pinky -THE MOST DISSAPOINT thing was pinky .Fhat the wack?????? Like really your DIL is in danger condition. And you are worring for yourself. When Your Son is carring about his wife ,you can’t see that??????? Why. This much insecurity is very bad .fir se meri didi ko bura vala kagegi.??? . PLZ CVS I AM REQUESTING YOU DON’T MAKE PINKY AS 2nd ISWARI. It is very bad.

    OMRU covo was nice and 100%correct . NKK IDEOLOGY is the most big threat of shivika relationship ?
    Hope Sso will not back once again with his stupid ideology. Otherrwise my didi will shatter.

    Maahi -you again prove that you are very good by heart .you love your mother so you are trying to keep her happy.but she doesn’t love you.??? soo just go away from her and start a new life.
    coming episode there will be a fighting sequence. Some are saying that it wiill be maahi -sso fight but I don’t think so.

    Annika didi I am confused about your acting but it was sooo beautiful “goli mujhe lage yaa apko jaan toh meri jayegi” Awwwwww sooo sweet


    Precap I am hell confused.I can’t understand what is happening. ???? Is she talking this out of her sense or something else. ?????

    Sry for long comment.

    But @uf dear I am sure that you are bcoming a aag babula.??? .tumhare saare sapno pe Cvs ne pasni pher diya.

    Not fair No Annika and Sahil hug. Shivika hug bhi toh banta tha na???? Am I right ???

    1. Amayaa

      Arpita tumhare quest. Ekdum correct hai
      But dr iska answer sirf cvs de sakte h

      Ooooohhhh no iska answer unke paas bhi no hoga
      Kisi bhi episode se itni ummid vali tumhari line ekdum khirkitor h
      Really Shivay bhaiya ke time to bara drag kar rahe the
      Now not a single episode in hospital
      Our bhabhi is really very strong who don’t need 2 go 2 hospital even
      Nut itni bhi strongness bhi thik ni h
      Na unke liye aur na hi unke fans ke liye

    2. Aastha_Reddy

      Darling… I also thought there how can bhaiyya remember the Confession from Annika scene.. he was unconscious then na… !!!
      Cvs ke gaale mein koi ghanti bandho….jaldi…
      I did a mistake the other day by asking a chance for Pinky … and all agreed here…that was my biggest mistake….
      Inky pinky ponky… Shakti had a donkey… donkey died Astha clapped…all smiled .. ho ho…ho..inky ponky pinky…damn pinky and her head ache…..

    3. Amayaa

      Ha ha ha
      Inky pinky pinky
      AASTHA DI y r u so sweet ??????????
      Tell me ?????luv u di nd arpu too

    4. Rajjo


    5. ROFL Astha…. inky pinky ponky IB version rhyme created by @astha_reddy…..Statutory warning: kripya yeh rhyme nursery class ke baccho ko na sikhayan….. couldn’t control my laughter….

    6. Akriti

      superb rhyme astha…
      inky pinky ponky…
      the best part is shakti had a donkey….
      I couldn’t control my laughter…

    7. U r so funny dear …luved wht u said….

    8. wow inky pinky ponky of ib version is so cool

    9. Gayathri.visu

      Lol…. I can’t control my laughing di!

    10. Aasthu gaaru.. inky pinky ponky!! Lol ???

    11. Astha
      Inky Pinky Ponky ..!! Lol ???

    12. Ranilya

      Lol Asthu….
      How i wish your poem comes true…
      I would clap n smile n dance along too….
      Pink is actually giving all of us headache ??

    13. Rajjo

      pinky is really being irritating again… i request cv’s don’t make her typical saas… its ishqbaaz not any saas bahu serial…

    14. Akriti

      arpu I am also wondering that how shivay knows about the anika’s confession….
      and one more thing why did shivay says to some one in a call that he wants ranveer…

      what a recreation of shivaay dialogue…
      infact today also rudy recreate anikas song billu ki shaadi…
      that’s was really funney but means a lot…..
      and at last shivika hug bhi jaruri tha….
      confession nhi toh hug he de dete. …

    15. Hi there Arpi..,true waited 72 hrs end up not showing hospital scn…..shivayes pain&his confession….its time 4 shivaye say it….writers pls dun drag……pinky pls give space 2 shivaye to come out frm this tragedy…lol….thts his wife la got shot…..

    16. Arpita darling.. I j dersgand ur emotional outburst..
      Even I was super pissed with pinky’s reaction.. actually I thought if there was a hospital scene.. we would see pinky caring for anika.. and probably this will be a situation for her to start calling her mom!
      Pure expectations main raita phail gaya..
      I guess we shud look at shivika progressing and console ourselves..!

    17. Arpita
      Your ‘kisi bhi episode…’ dialogue..!! Lol..!!?

    18. Ranilya

      Arpita…i too got a doubt on point 2…shivay was unconscious when she confessed so how can they show it as his memory/recall??

  17. Nice episode happy for not showing any drama of anika’s unconcious waiting for precap

  18. It’s was an awesome episode. But they don’t add hospital part it was inevitable for the situation. I have doubt only shivay can go to hospital, while he got an accident other family members cannot go to hospital when they meet an accident . pinki cannot change she have possessive towards her heera beta .

  19. Why ib is going backwards why now om rembered shivay conservation in bareli and today i didnt feel special in shivay and sahil moment because this scene was shown when daksh kidnapped anika its repeated scenes we all expected hospital scene and shivay love confession but cvs dispointed all fans in today episode i loved only starting scene where shivay carried anika, fb scenes of shivika, shivika conversation and mahi change over

  20. OMG what a episode, wonderful. I loved the fb moment when shivaay was carrying anika,though hospital scene was not shown I was not surprised since this only happens in dbo too,I wish kamini ‘s scene to over,I loved today’s omru chat, today everything was just awesome but I heard that anika Will go in coma but it didn’t happened, then too alright???

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