Ishqbaaz 16th November 2016 Written Episode Update

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Ishqbaaz 16th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Anika runs to Shivaye and says I have to tell you something Shivaye, I was telling you there is something wrong. She gets shocked seeing Tia. Tia asks whats the matter that you had to come to Shivaye’s bedroom. Sometime before, Anika says I m not blaming, I got this ticket so… Daksh says if ticket is the reason of doubt, then here it is, i have my tickets. Anika sees the tickets. Dadi says Anika, you are mistaken, we know Daksh since his childhood, he can’t do this thing. Tia says Anika I really think you should say sorry to Daksh. Shivaye says actually, what happened last night, Anika is scared, I think she said that to Daksh in stress, anyway for Anika, I will like to apologize. Anika looks at him. Music plays………..

Tia asks why Shivaye baby, why are you apologizing on her behalf. Daksh says hey Tia, its okay, and Anika, no need to be apologetic, I totally understand your stand of mind, just forget everything, are you alright. Anika says sorry Daksh. He says you don’t have to be sorry, no sorry and no thanks in friendship, if you need any bodyguard, I m here. Anika goes tearful eyes. Shivaye looks on.

Rudra talks on phone and says no Chubby, there is no party. He does rap and says I m also an artist, there is no party, Shivaye is getting married, sangeet and all is happening, I have to go to inter college basketball championship, yes going to Delhi, how can you be so stupid, I will call later. He sees Om and stops him, asking him to come. Shivaye is on call and says I know security guards are doing their work, I want to find Anika’s attackers asap. Rudra asks Shivaye to come. Rudra takes them to kitchen. Shivaye asks what do you want. Rudra says I want something to eat, I m very hungry. Om asks what will you have, don’t die. Rudra says anything, that can be made soon. He jokes. Shivaye says this was my old joke, will you have sandwich. Rudra says yes. They sing Khushiyaan baatenge hum…. and dance. They make sandwich.

Anika says sorry, I misunderstood you. Daksh says its fine, anyone gets scared in such case, I m feeling bad that you had to go through all this in my presence, I don’t know you regard me friend or not, but you are my most special friend. If you need anything at any time, just remember I m always there for you. She smiles and thanks him.

Rudra gives sandwish and says we did not get this moment since long, we got busy in our lives. Shivaye says correct. Rudra asks Om whats going on in your life. Om says nothing, just new exhibition preparations. Rudra says I m thinking to get gold in basketball championships this time. Om says wow, what a good thought, don’t take tension, if you don’t win, get gold water on bronze medal like last time, you think you will win gold if you think. Rudra says its necessary to think like its necessary to achieve, what are you thinking. Shivaye says nothing usual. Om reminds him that he is getting married. Shivaye yes.

Rudra says wow, I m waiting for sangeet, I m ready to dance. Om and Shivaye say please not in ghagra. Tia comes and says Shivaye baby, I need to talk to you, its urgent. Shivaye asks right now? She says ya. He says okay and goes. Rudra says I m fed up, Shivaye baby….. and jokes of movie Shivaay. Om laughs. Rudra says Shivaye went on her one call, I m not getting good feeling for Shitia wedding. Om says I can see on your face that you want to cry, come on cry Rudra. Om shakes him. Rudra tries and says later. Om says good vibes and all.

Tia says Shivaye baby, I think this is getting serious now. Shivaye asks what. She says I mean, Anika, attacks, stalker, I feel its strange, why will anyone attack her. Shivaye says it really happened. She asks how can you say this. He says because I went there, I have seen. She asks did you see attack happening. He says no. She asks did you see attacker. He says no, but when I went there, Anika was scared, she looked under stress. She says maybe that was acting. He says why will she act, it does not make sense. She says isn’t it obvious, to get attention and sympathy. He says no, she can’t do this. She says I wanted to tell you indirectly, maybe you did not understand, Anika is obsessed with you, all this stalker and attack is acting to get your attention, you make place in your heart, look I m saying all this, I want you to be careful, its good to help someone, but be careful. She goes. He recalls Tia’s words.

Anika stops Tia. She says Pinky asked me to final your dress and jewelry, please tell me choice and colors to tell designer. Tia says come on, you know my choice, I tried many outfits, did you not know my likes and dislikes, my taste. Anika says I can guess but this is your wedding outfit, I don’t want to do mistake. Tia says you do mistakes unknowingly and intentionally. Anika says please say. Tia says why shall I say, why to make your life easy, when you are creating problems in my life, anyways its you job to organize my wedding outfit, if I did not like it, you know what I will do, so best of luck. She goes.

Soumya says don’t know what Shivaye saw in her, anyway I have a solution, Tia is active in social media, check her pictures, you can know her likes. Anika says thanks, you solved my problem. Soumya says its easy to solve other’s problems, I wish I could solve my problem easily. Anika asks what happened Soumya.

Daksh stares at his laptop screen. Shivaye comes to him. Daksh shuts the laptop. Shivaye says you are always on laptop, what do you do. Daksh asks why, is it that only you work. Shivaye smiles and says this is your project coordinator list. Daksh says thanks, does this have all portfolios. Shivaye says I don’t do incomplete work. Daksh says Oh, I got a work call. Shivaye says take it, and leaves.

Anika says Soumya, they have just sent proposal, if you don’t want to marry, tell aunty, don’t marry if you don’t want to. Soumya says mum will not understand. Anika asks her to talk to Reyaan. Soumya says yes, it will be right. Reyaan comes and greets Soumya. Anika asks her to talk and leaves. Reyaan says I need to…. Soumya says before you say, I have to say something. She sees Rudra coming with a ring and asks Rudra whats that. Rudra says how can marriage happen without proposal, Reyaan feels so, he was coming to propose you, he got nervous and gave me the ring. He gives ring to Reyaan. Reyaan says our parents are talking of marriage, but I wanted to come and propose you formally, I know girls find all this romantic, so…. he gets on his knees and proposes her. He asks will you marry me. Soumya looks at Rudra. They recall their marriage.

Soumya gets tensed. Reyaan holds her hand and makes her wear ring. She gets hurt. He says its not fitting, I think I got shorter size. Rudra says you have to fit it, look now. He makes Soumya wear the ring. She looks at him. Rudra says you have to put ring like this. Reyaan says thanks Rudra, I thought I have to get ring exchanged.

Anika checks Tia’s pictures on her phone. She says my day was bad and Tia spoiled my mood, its her marriage and clothes, but I have to choose it of her choice. She sees pic of Tia with someone and gets shocked. She says whats this, so this is Tia’s truth, I have to inform Shivaye. She runs and reaches Shivaye’s room. She says I have to tell you something Shivaye, I told you there is something wrong. Tia smiles. Anika gets shocked seeing Tia.

Tia asks what happened Anika, why did you get silent seeing me. Anika says you…. Tia says thats funny, I should ask you, what are you doing in my fiance’s room, what was the matter that you came here to Shivaye’s bedroom. Anika thinks no use to tell Tia, she will change matter and make me fool.

Om says its your wedding, the famous Shitia wedding, its Tia….. Anika comes and says Tia is married. Shivaye asks are you in senses. Anika says yes, when you see this picture, you will be shocked, its proof that my doubt was not wrong and Tia is making you fool. She shows the pic to Om and Shivaye.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Nithu

    Again anika is made a fool… tia is too cunning hate her soo much…gul maam pls end her track…i just hate to see her….

  2. I think Rudra exchanged the ring….he didn’t wear Soumya Reyaan’s ring. May be it’ll show later.

  3. Hello dear friends the episode was on fire I felt it awesome every bit was amazing leaving behind that universe ki dukaan…
    Waiting for the next and especially that episode were anika sits instead of tia and instead of shitia marriage SHIVIKA marriage…
    Highlights for me…
    Rudra Saying om that shivaay baby and film dialogue
    Om talking in precap about shitia marriage
    Rudra makes somya wear ring…

    1. Nithu

      And di the part i hated the most is…whn tia says…that anika is obssesed with him and says anika is doing drama infront of make her place in his heart…omg…cant believe how canntia steep such low…..

  4. Razna

    Ooooohhhh again anika will fail to show tias truth……and this shivay…why he didnt try to believe anika……but i like when he say srry behalf of anika….only roumyas part was awsome….how romantically rudy put the ring….whn will roumya realize their feelings…and from todays episode we can read something fishy from dhakshs face…i really missing priveer and sahil…..and when will oms lead entre……

    And how r u my ishquiess….and now a days comments were declining…..why there is no replyss???

    1. I too miss priveer n sahil?

    2. Hai guys I too miss priveer & Sahil
      I think now Sahil is not a party of IB coz he is in Bahu Hamari Rajnikanth as a son of Rajni
      So only they were sending him to boarding
      I think he will join us after a loonggggg time

    3. Hellooo razna hw z ude
      Yes i too miss sahil and priveer
      I dnt think daksh is stalker it will be someone else

    4. hi Razna….me too missing Sahil too much….Sahil Anika convos are so cute and lovely….if he knew about this scaring incident he would have given some ideas to his Anika di!!

  5. Today’s episode was not so interesting. Waiting for Tia’s truth comes out. Loosing interest a little bit. Please writers don’t spoil the storyline. We are waiting for some interesting track. Please don’t stretch all the matters so much that people should get bore. We love this show. Please think by viewer’s point of view also.

  6. Hi all..!! Can I also join the discussions on IB?? A big fan of the show, especially of Shivika…!!

  7. Daksh is not that stalker And he is not with tia I think.. they r showing like that so only we will have doubt on him.. That stalker looks like a lady.. That eyes and all..
    Going very boring.. Waiting fr tomorrow episode.. But in tomorrow episode also Anika can’t prove anything.. Sad of her..

    1. I too feel that n think Bua is behind all these. She wanted to take revenge from Anika n throw her out of house..

    2. Hey…I also strongly feel that it’s a lady behind that mask….not bua….bua will not be knowing about computers right? I feel it’s Tia!! Let’s wait and see….

      1. If its Tia there is no mark on her hand which cud be bcos Anika hit the attacker with hammer. It cud be Daksh n Tia combo there are chances.

  8. Concept ഉഗ്രൻ screenplay also good but story slalways same വളിപ്പ്

  9. Surbhi and leenesh both are good actors

    1. haii sadhu.and a big haii to all my new friends.very happy to see a mallu dialoge.

  10. Tia is filling shivay mind against anika,hope he listens to his heart n nt mind,Till wen will tis tia drama go on.. iB never kept misunderstanding fr long,so why is tis draggin.
    Loved the kitchen bromance, nt much dialogue bt it was nice, was missing their kitchen scenes badly
    Rudy putting ring to soumya was so sweet, bt reyaan looked a bit foolish, who allows anyone else to put ring to their gf, and he wasnt even bothered tat soumya was hurt, an why wont soumya mom listen to her if she does nt want to get married to reyaan.soumya can directly say no to reyaan.. they r dragging roumya part also.
    Shivay looked so sweet apologising on anika behalf, tis shows he feels responsible fr her.
    I felt lik shivay gt a doubt on daksh wen he saw him abruptly closin the laptop
    Tia is behaving lik a true smart vamp, I liked her actin though.she was askin anika being in shivay bedroom, as if tis is the first time she has seen her thr.
    Neither anika nor shivay r shown remembering their hug, it was such a beautiful one

    1. I think u r right misunderstandings will be not more and it was not ekta kapoor show na so I think they will not drag these misunderstanding

  11. What happened to murder in which Shivaye was accused, that story on side now we see stalker, they create suspense and then jump on other instead of revealing the truth, now we will see stalker story on side and now something else.

  12. Hiii sadhu…I like ur comment. I am also a malayali…I am also feeling same about the serial. First time in TU, I am seeing a malayalam typing. I like it very much. .
    Any way ..hoping that upcoming episodes will be good.

  13. Sorry guys but I read the update and lost interest to watch the episode…..Im a big fan of IB and Luv Shivika but reading Anika being made fool again, I cant bear it anymore…..feels like evilness wins over trust and honesty so far in this show….
    PLZ cvs end Tia drama….I repeat again that if Daksh is with Tia, then it spoils friendship n trust RL……and having Shivay believe anything Tia says is stupid and ridiculous, now Tia is over the top.
    PLZZZZ give anika her strength n intelligence and stop making her a fool…

    I know its only a show but the viewers escape from real life stress for a short time in fariytale/ love story like IB and hope to see good at the end….scenes like bromance, shivika hug and nok jok, roumya fights, oms shayari….pillar of the show
    IB will lose trp if they go on like this, such a great show, especially Shivika characters but now they r slowly killing it by dragging TIa story n non of the mysteries have been solved.

  14. yeah kind of getting tired of this same track of Annika failing to expose Tia again. I hope they dont do the bride swap thing. I do agree with a lot of you. IB has slowed down significantly in the past few weeks. I used to like how the show was very fast paced before and now it is dragging this whole Tia thing like crazy. Shivay is acting too dumb by not believing Annika. I thought he trusted her.

  15. Hello ishqies
    Is Shivaay having any heart problem which was shown in initial episodes I missed tat
    If yes please say in which epi

    Coming to today’s epi loved the part where Shivaay apologise on behalf of Anika
    Rudra put the ring was so romantic and I think saumya not get hurt but get hurts to wear the ring by reyaan

    1. Yes sanaurifa shivaye has a heart problem in earlier episode it was showned and in insta also gul mam comfirmed this that shivaye has a heart problem

      1. Really…Shivaye has a heart problem?? I thought he is taking medication due to his stress….now what will happen??

  16. When is om connection coming back

  17. Hello ishkess gud mrngg….how r u all??

  18. Rumya were awesome and lovely. Again poor anika got fooled by cunning Tia. And d highlight of the episode is kitchen mein bromance . I was badly missing it and watching them again is soo nice.w waiting for oms lead track.

  19. Gd morning hv a nc day guyz.
    Yesterdays best part is rudras comments on tias shivaye baby ohhhh rudyyy he is awsome.
    After long time obros kitchen scence lovely.
    And rudyyy put the ring on saumyas hand its superb.
    And this tia ohhhh my matha how irritatin and cunning she is i just hate her

  20. Sad that this has dragged so much now. There is no self esteem in anika anymore. Why the heck should a woman be portrayed like that. Nah , shivay is not worth it. He is going to insult her again. I say tia and he deserve each other. Anika needs to stay away from Daksh and just move away. Let them handle the wedding. Hope Anika does not break down.

  21. :-):-):-) :-):-)

    Gud epi .hi friends of ishqbaaz add me as ur friend. I am an ishqbaazi

    N I’m h……?
    My dr frnd ruf….a?

  22. Shivaay has heart problem???Is it really confirmed by GK that there will be no swapping of bride..if it is so then best.Otherwise we will lost our interests..

  23. Even if it is forced marriage, its is totally fine with me. There will be hate track for some time and then Shivaay will totally accept her. I know many of you are thinking he should propose her. But look at how he used to be with Anika and how he is now. He is totally in love with her. It is not easy to tell someone that they love them even though both of them know they like each other. And especially for Shivaay who has such an ideology. So don’t worry friends if they don’t express it so fast. Anyway, once they accept their love, the story becomes boring and we will miss their nok-joke and romance.

  24. Where did they show that Shivaay has heart problem. I did not miss any episodes and I don’t remember Shivaay having heart problem.

    1. Shivaye has heart problem and its comfirmed by gk also

    2. Vijji, see episode 13

  25. ANIKA two times failed to prove TIA’s truth and both times SHIVAAY got annoyed, and as I said bfr, ANIKA does continue with his mission, may be this time too she get fail, but this time SSO may think otherwise instead to get annoy with ANIKA.
    Getting report from his security staff for ANIKA matter, he may ready to render 2nd thought to the saying of TIA over ANIKA, and definately it is enough for him. He is not fool, and that he show off in his tactical talks with DAKSH in his last convo.
    End results of the acts of both TIA and DAKSH are totally contrasting, and for that very single reason, they just can not be with. What TIA wanted, END result of DAKSH is opposite to it.
    When SSO excused to DAKSH on behalf of ANIKA, it was the ECHO of his saying to ACP, SHE IS FAMILY!, and that very act of SSO made TIA fume in anger and then behaved very rudely with ANIKA over wedding dress.

    Today SOUMYA get me in puzzled !

    After hearing TIA about ANIKA’s obssession to him, he just could not speak, She never can be obssessed, but I am obssessed to her! He just leave that her idea and lost to think otherwise.
    Rudy is very cleared what he want, and that he cleared out handsomely by wearing wedding ring to soumya. He knows, rathar came to know, he can get one best quallity, but just can not all the best quality, let he be belong to a COUNTRY MOST RICH AND REPUTED family!

    TO THINK OTHERWISE IN REPEATATION is the natural process of a kind of intellegent person!???

    1. ANIKA ask TIA for her choice for wedding dress, and allready fuming in anger due to SHIVAAY’s apolizing DAKSH on behalf of ANIKA, she rudely behaved and threatening her, she left.
      Soon SOUMYA got over to ANIKA, and condemning TIA, hinted ANIKA to check TIA’s FACEBOOK account and get what TIA likes.
      NOW, what TIA has to do to prove ANIKA wrong again?

      just think!!!!!

      1. What to think shekhar
        This tia will do her asusual drama and prove to shivaye that anika is making stories to create diff btwn them.once again anika will be proved fool and trapped by tias cunning plan and shivaye will beleive tia like a fool and insult anika .
        Showing all this stupid tia track cvs are making veiwers fool.

      2. MAM, it is not necessarily to think SSO will not think otherwise.
        After knowing that girl, who inked her own self image even after badly scolded , insulted by him, after kicking her only source of livelhood, SSO just can not keep continue with his previously assumption. He can, and will think otherwise. He do understand, ANIKA is to obssessed with him to the extent he is. She has a powerfull shock absorber, and she will continue with her life go as nothing happened in her life even after he get married to TIA, but no one think so for SSO.

      3. Read “ANIKA is to obsessed…..” AS ” ANIKA IS NOT OBSESSED……..”

  26. Good PoV Vijji….yeah….if they accept each other’s love and then get married, there will be no fun….but if forced marriage happens then there will be some more cute fights, romantic moments and hidden emotions which will give a lot of scope for the viewers to sit glued to IB…

    Coming to today’s episode, I was very happy when Shivaye apologised to Daksh on behalf of Anika…but when Tia said that Anika is obsessed with Shivaye why didn’t he react?? He didn’t utter a word…he just stood there with confused looks….why is he so confused when someone raises questions about Anika?? That’s not fair Shivaye….by now you would be knowing Anika better than her….and Anika knows you better than you….so why hesitating when you have to just say ‘ I know Anika….and it’s not the way you think…’

    Shivaye I feel in today’s episode you will hear Tia’s words and break Anika’s heart again….for once why don’t you just support Anika and find out the truth….please Shivaye don’t do this to Anika!!

    1. Lijince if its forced marriage for shivika then its k we can enjoy it but really dnt want bride swap track its looks like stupidity who wheres gunghat in this generation for their marriage and if anika will swap herself with tia then anikas state will be worse like typical bahu so we dnt want that and gk already comfirmed that there is no bride swap in ib

      1. Yeah Shahabana….I know….even I can’t imagine Anika in a bride swap….it’s totally unlike Anika then!
        But on the other hand, as Shivaye also will not marry Anika out of his self-will unless the situation forces him to do so….so I think forced marriage only will work out between them but due to what reasons…don’t know!! We have to wait and see…

        Somehow I feel that Shitiya marriage won’t happen….instead maybe Roumya marriage happens…and Tia gets exposed!!

  27. Guys…plz read my ff and give comments:

  28. So just to show Tia smart, u will show Anika as a complete idiot…plz don’t turn IB into an Ekta kapoor show in which the lead heroine doesn’t has a brain of her own… Ishqbaaz is loosing it’s charm. It’s not the show which I fell in love. Just see the old episodes and curremt episodes, difference is clearly visible.

    1. Yes luna there is much dufference in current and prevoius episodes all this mess is bcz of stupid tia track when it will become end then everything will become normal like before


    Toooo much torture of Anika now… as Tia and Daksh are making fool…
    And Anika is even more stupid, when she knows tia is cunning, why she believes her and why she is invovling herself this much; she is just wedding planner…
    And feeling sad for Om, Rudra and Soumya

  30. Sumi.SS

    Yestrday epi was good becz rudy and O bros moment..when tia plays +ve role it’s irritate nw she playng -ve role itss irrtate more and morrreee..I thnk tia role not end soon..
    I thnk D is not daksh..evrone blves him lot..but he may be stakler..
    happy wth upc epi of shivika..

    1. Sumi.SS

      Fnaly daksh gng to start shivika hate love..??

  31. Hi guys agree with above comments…why are they portraying Anika as stupid…seriously even shivay supposedly big hot shot businessman is being blindly manipulated by Tia and Daksh..

    CVs have lost it…..either make Anika leave OM and leave her job as a wedding planner
    give her some self respect…end TIA and Daksh crap…stop making Anika a fool
    Surely Shivay should by now realize he feels something for her……

    PLZZZZ solve some of the mysteries at least….IB is not a suspense serial, its about ISHQBAAZI

    Look at todays comments……so low, everyone it seems is over it

  32. Trp of ishqbaaz is 1.4
    I dntknw whats wrong with peaple
    All other crap sereals has good trp

    1. no dear, TRP is 2.2. The TRP given by Salil which was 1.4 is wrong. Actual TRP is 2.2 and it’s also confirmed by the channel. So relax!!!!!!!

      1. Ohhhhhh thanks for the imformation
        Im so happyyy
        Ishqbaaz trp 2.2

    2. Hey it was not 1.4 it was 2.2 confirmed by gul mam???????

  33. She is simple, and just can not stand with complexity . What does she see, she react to it in a simple way. She found SSO rude and egoist initially and she confront him accordingly. But there after, when hidden jealousy and somewhat hidden praising feelings were added to SSO’ s attitude along with his rudeness and ego, simply she did not get it. She never could have been understand why SSO , leaving his TIA’ S RINGCEREMONY and all business activities aside SSO was after her only to now down her, to defeat her? She kept continue with her own rude attitude untill she find SSO’s deep love feelings for his family. She then started to behave softly. One can be close only after being simple, and that we experienced in serial manyrimes. She just can’t be manipulative and can’t deal with a manipulative matter and person, otherwise she could have been tactfully came to know whether DAKSH had those two tickets of play or not.
    She just speak and behave what does she think, and just can not otherwise. And so why everyone coming in touch with her, loved her. And for that very her this simplycity DAKSH, whether he is BF or not fall in affectionate feeling for her, OM confonted his big brother in DEV matter, DADI made him to beg pardon from ANIKA, his mother herself and JHANVI stood against SSO in DEV matter, and above all, SSO himself fall in love with her, over looking, even avoiding TIA’s feelings. ANIKA is simple, but nor fool. She can be failed many times in any her matter, like EXPOSURE OF TIA’s truth, but she will not get dissaponted and never can be shattered like SSO !

    1. Read “……after only to her now down……” as ” ……..after only to her bow down……”

  34. uff I am fed up of this tia and daksh drama.what’s wrong with this show why they are showing anika clueless???she is supposed to be an intelligent and smart girl who is two step ahead of antagonist.what happened with om ,why he is not supporting anika ????why they are bringing bua again and again???where is acp randhawa and prinku????what about mystery of gayatri murder ????who is that girl?????where is sahil????now they are bringing reyan between raumya .I am missing ishana .I felt that om is not anguish ed regarding betrayal.pleasr bring ib to track

    1. Hellooo shivani
      Hw r u?
      U are commenting after long time
      Yes dr fed up of this tia and daksh

      1. hi dear m fine howz u???I was busy so I was not able to comment

  35. Guyz the stalker is daksh only shivaye gets to know that this truth
    Shivaye comfronts this with daksh and asks stay away from anika
    Daksh challenges shivye that he will get anika at any cost

  36. Devga

    Ishbaaz shivika shaadi

  37. plzzzz update fast

  38. Why do I have a gut feeling that Daksh is Tia ‘s Husband / Boyfriend , her D ? Well let us see what happens .

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