Ishqbaaz 16th May 2018 Written Episode Update: Devyaani Nani meets Oberois

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Ishqbaaz 16th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Omru talk about cricket and go. Gauri prays to Lord. Anika comes and says listen Chutki… what happened to you. Gauri asks what did you say. Anika says I called you Chutki. Gauri says I felt glad. Anika says you will always be Chutki for me, Sahil’s school is starting, I have to buy books, will you come with me. Gauri says why not, he is my brother too, if he studies in a big school, I will feel like I studied there. They hear Shivaye. Bhavya asks what happened. Everyone rushes and asks what happened. Shivaye says I have run out of the medicines. They get shocked. Someone comes there. Khanna asks who are you, how did you come in. She barges in the mansion. Om says doctor isn’t answering. He calls again. Anika feeds water to Shivaye. Om says tell the doctor to call me, its an emergency, my name… Omkara. Khanna asks who are you. The lady asks him to see what happened to him. Khanna says Shivaye Sir….. The lady asks what happened to Devyaani. Om says I m messaging the doctor. Bhavya says we should take him to hospital. The lady says wait, show me where is the kitchen. Bhavya says that way. Anika asks Gauri to take the lady. Om asks the doctor to come fast. The lady makes some kada in the kitchen. Gauri helps her.

Shivaye refuses to drink it. The lady asks him not to be adamant. She feeds him. Om asks who are you. Rudra says we don’t know you. Khanna says she forcibly got in. Om asks her to answer. Shivaye coughs. Rudra says you forced him to drink the kada. Om and everyone worry. Shivaye says I m feeling okay. Om asks are you fine. Shivaye says yes, thanks, but you…. who are you. The lady recalls Gauri’s words and says I m your Dadi’s friend. Khanna asks which Dadi. She asks how many Dadi do you have. She lies and says I didn’t tell her about my coming, I know your Dadi went to ashram. Shivaye asks Rudra to inform Dadi that her friend has come. The lady says no, she has gone to satsang, let her be there, I will go. Anika says wait, she will come. Om says Dadi will feel bad. Shivaye says call Dadi and tell her that her friend will be here. The lady says her name as Devyaani. Rudra says Dadi is not answering. Khanna says we should confirm this.

Devyaani says fine I will go. Shivaye says he is security incharge, its his work, Khanna say sorry. Khanna says sorry. Devyaani asks theme to call her Devyaani Nani. Anika asks for kada recipe. Devyaani says its a miracle remedy, I will teach you everything. Anika takes her and shows the room. Khanna spies. Anika says tell me if you need anything. Devyaani says sure, your bangles are beautiful, how much does this cost. Anika says Shivaye gifted this to me, I don’t know its price, I will send tea for you. Anika goes. Devyaani sees the things in the room and smiles. Khanna looks on. She sees him and scolds. He says I came to offer help. She says I don’t want anything. She shuts the door. He says there is something fishy, I need to find out.

Bhavya asks Rudra what happened. He says my eyes are hurting a lot, I don’t know why, get me some cotton. She says its digital eye strain for sure, sorry I will get it. He asks for his goggles. Anika and Gauri like the dish. Devyaani gives them tips and cooks. Bhavya comes and asks what did you make. Anika says Nani made this, we just learnt it. Bhavya says you should have called me. Anika says you aren’t with us these days. Anika and Gauri go to make mango pickle. Bhavya thinks I m always with you, you both stay busy with each other and don’t see me. Devyaani asks what happened. Bhavya says nothing, I came to take cold water, Rudra’s eyes are burning, he uses mobiles and laptops all night, it will affect his eyes, he has filled the room with gadgets. Devyaani says I will give this to him and explain well. She goes. Gauri says its imp to have elders at home. Rudra gets frustrated by pain. Devyaani comes to help. She says Bhavya said you stay awake all night. He says I study so much at night, I don’t feel sleepy. She says you will feel sleepy today. She makes him relax. She asks him to keep wet cotton on eyes. She takes his phone and goes smiling. Gauri says we danced so crazily last time. Anika says yes, I had much coffee. They talk and go laughing. Bhavya calls them out. They pass by.

Devyaani asks are they sisters. Bhavya says yes. Devyaani asks why do you stay away from them. Bhavya says no, I leave them alone as they met after a long time. Devyaani says then you fall lonely, come with me. She takes Bhavya to them and says Bhavya has to say something. Bhavya says nothing. Devyaani says Bhavya feels lonely as you both just talk to each other. Anika asks Bhavya do you really think so. Bhavya says I m happy in your happiness, I can’t approach you, fearing you might feel ….. She says getting clingy, listen to me, you are more like a sister for us. Gauri says yes, if you feel bad of anything, forgive us. Anika says don’t ever think that Gauri is more imp than you, you both are equal for me. Gauri says you know we wanted a little sister in childhood. Anika says we wanted to name her Gudiya. Gauri says Lord has given us a sister. They hug. Devyaani says the family where bahus lives like sister, there is much prosperity and happiness, come we will have sweets.

Devyaani says I used to come here to meet Kalyani, we used to sneak out and have chinese at stall, everyone is adventurous at a young age, did you have chinese there. Anika stares at Shivaye and signs no. Devyaani asks where do you go to have chinese. Rudra says Shivaye goes to China to have chinese. Shivaye says I go China for business. Rudra asks what are you saying, I thought you go there to have chinese food. Shivaye says forget all that, tell me how are your eyes. Rudra says better. Shivaye says I don’t like oily food. Anika says you don’t like street food. Devyaani asks why, didn’t you have it till now, one should certainly know things before making an opinion. Rudra says I couldn’t find out my phone, Bhavya I know you got it. Bhavya says I didn’t take it. They argue. Rudra says I didn’t misplace the phone, just Bhavya and Nani were there at the pool area. Devyaani says yes, I saw it, when I went with the cold water and cotton. Rudra says I have sensitive info, what if my account gets hacked. Shivaye asks bank account. Rudra says social media account. Khanna says what if anyone has stolen it. Rudra asks who can steal it at home. Khanna says we will look for it and know.

Khanna says she has stolen the gadgets, I have recorded everything. Shivaye gets shocked seeing the video. Devyaani worries.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Banita

    Hlo PKJ….
    HRU all???
    Now a days i m liking d epis of IB….
    D way they use their small vaccation wali relaxing epis ( means without any crap any negativity ) by sending a good message for viwers is appriciable….
    First PDA track….
    Well i don’t have to say much in this topic becz we all agree with d conclusion of d track….
    Second english wali track….
    English language is very important now days…. If one dont know how to talk in english then he / she is illiteral “GABAR” for this society….
    But it’s not that person’s fault…. It is d fault of our society who totally boycutt that person nd humiliate him / her… So actual in sence D PERSON WHO DON’T KNOW ENGLISH IS NOT ILLITERAL , BUT THAT PERSON WHO HUMILIATE HIM / HER JUST BECZ HE/SHE DON’T KNOW ENGLISH IS D ACTUAL ILLITERAL…. Who just know how to judge people… People like that principal…
    Totally agree with Shivaay…. Agree with each nd every point….
    It’s hard to speak in english student like me who studied in hindi medium or any other state medium…. at first i was also afried to comment anywhere becz i m very poor in english… Nd i always thankful to this platfrom becz now i m not much afrid of english…
    Principal – What is Kabiliyat??? Hahahaha…. It’s craked me up badly…
    When Shivaay said ” Mera school”… It remind me of my school…. Now i m badly missing my scl , my scl frnds , my scl teachers , that maasti nd everything… Nd scl life is d bestest part of life….
    Third upcoming old age issue….
    Nd it’s nycc to see chop of d HMC ki bacchi…
    GN PKJ…

    1. Banita

      I m really sry everyone…
      I was reading pre page of wu in my lappy , but i dont know how it copy nd paste here…. I just realised it after posting my today’s comment…
      I m really sorry for it… Sorry to toruble U all…

      1. Arpita6

        Whatever yarr..
        Btw Congrats you are Milkha Singh the runner hi hi hi..
        GBG .
        You felt that type of sad for me ???meri bili mujhe mewww ok i love it..

      2. No need to be sorry banita. Congrats for being no 1. Enjoy the rest of the week and see you two weeks later.

    2. It’s OK Banita Di.
      No problem .
      Actually ,I was confused in starting ,and thought that I am seeing yesterday’s page ,then I checked the date ,it is 16 May .
      Then I thought ye Kya hai yaar .
      Then ur next comment cleared my confusion.

      And by the way .
      Go Banita Di Go!
      Congo on being no.1.

      1. Banita

        Once again I m sry Ishu becz of me u got confused….
        I m not 1st… So GSG….
        Nd yeah YHM is not going anywhere…. It’s one of d main source of trp for SP yaar… So there is no change of yhm to off-air any time soon… But yeah it’s time slot will change to 10:30pm… Hope ab tujhe samajh mein aagaya hoga…

      2. Yes Ishita me too I thought I was reading yesterday’s Telly site and then kept looking at the update again to see that I was on the right page. ?

    3. Ok as per banita said ,,i will say go sindhu di go ,,congo on being 1st ,

    4. Luthfa

      It’s absolutely fine Bani.When I started commenting,in my initial days the comments I drafted used to get posted.I couldn’t figure out till today why that happened actually.Don’t worry,all those are normal.Take care?

  2. Hello my dear PKJ family, hello dear Banita luftha jeevi Arpu shanaya krishna omaira kadhambari beauty Ishita sneha dhanu Sri dhawani and many many wonderful people here. Your comments have been so inspiring.

    Coming to the episode I liked it but I just feel
    like anyone can go into Oberoi mansion and they welcome you with open hearts. I can just pose as their Long lost Friend and they will welcome me. This Nani reminds me a little of Pinky. Poor shivaay no medicines and his allergies sprung up. I felt sad for bhavya for a moment there. It is understandable that both are sisters and they have plenty to talk but I think bhavya feels she is left out.

    Khanna ji my dear Khanna you became jasoos. For once he is working for Shivaay as a security guard. So today’s episode is pretty much revolving with Nani and just pleasant to watch. Nice to see the Obros are all sitting together and having family time together with obahus. No seniors around.

    What is this that I heard they are gonna have another woman who will enter into Shivomru life? Why always shivaay? Why not this time on or Rudra? How many women will shivaay have?

    1. Arpita6

      Hii..Sindhu di that new woman will come but I think just for some days..she will play a role of fraud MATAJI..
      And this not about only Sso.chill my di .

      1. Ok Arpu I am chilled. But just na I am fed up with so many women villain coming and attacking shivaay. I don’t mind if it is OM or Ru then they can develop the jealousy in Gauri or bhavya. They can show how shivika help them.

    2. Banita

      Congo being first dii becz my 1st comment posted by mistakly….
      Dii hope this time this upcoming lady will not stalk on Shivaay only….
      Ohh… So U r from Singhapor…. Actually U told telgu na so i thought u r from India…. Yeh now i got U..,
      Will miss U sooo much diii…. But it’s f9…. HAVE FUN…

      1. Thank you my dear banita. Aww you are so sweet. Whatever our Mother tongue we are Indians and I am proud of my culture

    3. Hello Sindhu Di .
      How are you ?

      Congo to u too Sindhu Di .
      As Banita Di said her first comment posted by mistake .

      Me too liked that junior Oberois sitting together and spending family time.

      Ya ………….Khanna ji is doing his job perfectly first time.
      I hope he will continue with this.

      OK bye Di!
      Love you!
      Take care!
      Stay happy !

      1. Thank you dear Ishita. Enjoy my dear the weekend. Will miss all of you

    4. No its not just shivay but she will also trap OMRU i think its somewhat related three obros lets see

    5. Luthfa

      Go Sindhu di Go.Many many congratulations with sweet love…?
      I love family moments and every bonding.So loved yesterday’s episode.Khanna is doing his job and he was really concerned for the safety of OM.But you are right that anyone can enter into OM breaching the security.And that girl is related to new track on another social message.Take care?

  3. Banita

    Hlo pkj….
    Epi was really good….
    Today my comment will be small one…
    Nani remind me of my dadi…. I mean some caring scene remind me of my dadi…
    Bhavya’s insecurity…. Well it’s common…. Actually i wanted to see this insecurity in Bhavya , but a little more…. Okk it’s f9… Mila toh sahi…
    BTW anyone notice Bhavya’s MS…? Today only i noticed it… It’s nycc… I like it more then Aniri’s…
    Khannaji , Shivay bhaiya dekha Khannaji gaddha nahi hain… Kitne sayana hain….
    GN PKJ…

    1. Arpita6

      Yehh her MS is good i actually loved Anika’s first MS three kundan wali..that was different and good..but her recent MS is also nice. .

      1. Banita

        Me too like Anika’s 1st MS… But current one is Ok okk for me…
        Tujhe pata nahi kya “Haar insaan ka time aata hain” So kal meri bari tha tere liye sad hone ki… Hahaha…

      2. Dishani01

        what is that MS???

    2. Banita

      MS means Mangalsutra / Nupital Chain….

    3. Yes I also wanted to see the insecurity of bhavya and want to see how they deal with. I wanted Anika at one point to spend more time with bhavya to teach her certain things about Oberoi culture since she was there longer and i want Gauri to feel jealous that her Sister is now spending more time with bhavya. It will be good to see how Anika balances her love between her Sister and devrani

      1. Banita

        Di I wanted to see insecurity of Bhavya only… I never thought about Gouri’s insecurity…. But now as u said if it happened then it be fun , but kuch hua hi nahi..??
        Will miss u dii….
        Comeback soon…

    4. Yes bani ,,her ms looks really good ,,and she also look preety today ,,sajdhaj k achi lag rahi thi ,

      1. Banita

        Yeah Tania… It’s good… I noticed it yesterday only…

  4. Btw luftha arpu banita jeevi Ishita sneha beauty shanaya I will be away for more than a week. So I will not come on the telly update site starting tomorrow. I only will return 28th may. I am going to Philippines to do community work. It is to the remotes island where no internet access is available. Totally away from civilisation. I will miss five episode of IB which I am sad but I will have to somehow catch up. So you will not see much comments from me at all.

    Banita I am not living in India. I am a Singaporean and my grandparents hail from Hyderabad. He came to singapore before world war 2 and I was born in Singapore. That is why my IB timing is different from you all. You watch earlier and I have to watch later due to time difference. Hope this clarified your question. Happy week ahead

    1. Arpita6

      Hii Sindhu di…You are going to Philippines. .that is really a great news.. ..last time you went in a jungle trip this time for community work..good.but direct out of civilization. Take dear….Come back soon.HABE A SAFE TRIP
      Gonna Miss you..
      Love you di

      1. Aww thank you Arpu. Yes it is for community work. To do some charity. It helps us to appreciate what we have and never to take life for granted. Since I have the energy I tried to do what I can now. When I see such they’d world countries. And how people suffer in deplorable conditions. it helps me to appreciate what I have in my life at present. TC

    2. We will miss you Di .
      But work comes first .
      So,no problem.
      Love you!❤❤❤❤❤

    3. Oohh ,,we will gonna miss you sindhu di ,,but you are doing a great job ,,take care and have a safe journey ,☺☺☺

    4. Luthfa

      Wow di,that’s superb.You are very lucky to do awesome outing.Will be missing you so much.Do tell us about your experiences later.All the very best for your new amazing venture.Lots of love?????????

  5. Arpita6

    Hiii mere khidkitod pagals. …….
    Sry for not replying to everyone. .

    Kya baat he Cvs.aap toh chha gaye….light light episodes de rahe ho without stress..without any serious tension…good..nice. .love it.

    Devyani nani. Before you..i welcomed two vandar with rotten tomatoes but for you i will not do that…..i am welcoming you simply..bcoz you are just kuch dino ka meheman..???? .

    Thank you Naniji..ate hi Sso ki jaan vacha di..thank you…

    And Chutki and Jiji bond is soo adorable. .remembering good childhood days..and talking about that and also laughing and get emotional. .that feeling is really different. … …

    Bhabya felt alone. ……….Both Anika and gouri managed it.good.
    KHANUJI ??????????????????????Now you are doing your work extra perfectly ????????. Sry.but i was laughing hard by seeing this version of khanuji..Toh inke chadhendriya (sox sense)kaam karne laga he .good..very good
    Rudy.yes extreme use of Laptop, mobile is not good for eyes… soo many people are using spectacles bcoz of this issue….
    BUT NANI ROCKED TODAY AND CREATED A HISTORY..till dte nobody could make Sso drink that KADDA..not even Annika..but she did it. Naniji did it. .big clap for you Naniji. Impossible ko possible kar dikhata aapne. ??????.
    And When She was saying about that Street food i remembered my wish.if shivika will go in a night out enjoy street food…………………….
    Finger crossed. … kaash aisa ho jaye…
    And loved everyone expression when Rudy said about the hack of his SM..???.
    But I am feeling like He is not tallking nice to bhabya…..although I don’t like them but stil Rudy is not like this jerk type…don’t know if i am the only one who felt it..
    Precap -nothing wil happen . another social message will come..then i think last one will based on superstition .
    Then After IPL..some real dhamaka is waiting bcoz STAR PLUS IS GOING TO REVAMP…??????.hope they will give us a khidkitod track……–
    Ok HONEST CONFESSION. .-I Am Missing Chepda Shivaay And Nervous Annika’s Khidkitod Romance ??????????????????. …?? .

    1. Banita

      Yeh Arpu… SP ko revamp ki bahat hi baada bhoot cadha hain… From 21 May changes will come in many shows…. Leap in YHM nd YRKKH… End of NK nd new show will come… Dont know what change will come in IB… Will come or not…!!!!??? Okk leave it… jo hoga dekha jayega….

      1. But Banita Di .
        I heard that yhm is going off air soon.
        Is it not right??

    2. Hi arpita how are u
      Ya Iam also missing their romance

    3. ?
      Hi Arpita Di .
      Kya Haal chaal ?
      All good ?

      Di nice comment but missing your fun ride.

    4. Heyy ,arpu how are you ,and what about your sim card it’s working well na ??
      Yes cvs really give such an nice epis ,good you know ,and i don’t feel ki rudy ne bhavya se achese bat nahi kiya ,are hamara rudy aise hi hai so don’t think about it ,,
      yes yrr i too miss that chepade shing obroi aur nervous anika ,,but ajkal anika nurvous kaha hoti hai ajkal to wo hi fast hai yeh kam mai yead ha na ,wo scean jab anika shivay ka kurte ka botton khul rahi thi ,,???but still i miss anika’s nervousness,

  6. Nice episode.. Really wanna know what all heath problems does shivaay have? Heart problem, allergy.. The way he get angry he may get B.P, Diabetic as well.. Are they trying to show him patients..
    Anyway they mentioned anjaney Nani sabko parishani.. But, she is helping everyone… Tomorrow she will say she just took all his gadget so, that he won’t trouble his eyes even more.. Might be on Friday or Monday her son and bahu will come and her track will be over..
    Now mathagi shoot is going on.. Moreover, media is banned so hoping something interesting is coming… Let’s hope for the best.. ?

    1. Arpita6

      Hii Di..
      Shivaay has heart problem.and when he is around dust his heart prblm increases and sometimes bcoz of lack of medicine also he fall sick..
      Ye they showed like KUCH SAMAY PEHELE.
      I am missing that highlight part..
      And yeh something is coming for us.
      Lets see

  7. Arpita6

    And forgot to say.exam results are out..congrats to everyone. ……many more success will come….just fix your goal and try to achieve it in a positive way..
    Lots of love from this pagal to whole pkj..?????????

  8. I think that this new Nani would be good character.

  9. The most funniest part today is Rudy.. 1) I have more sensitive accounts in my mobile.. Bank account no social media account… My God Rudy..????
    2) shivaay bhaiya go to China to have Chinese food.. Seriously you are so immature.. Plz grow up.. But, if you grow up then fun also won’t be there what to do… You are really a kiddo.. ????

    1. Ya Rudy was good today .???????????

  10. Luthfa

    What Bhavya has experienced is very common in joint family and most probably almost in every family and that is emotional loneliness and distance.Where sometimes few people don’t get the attention they deserve.And if those are shy by nature then situation becomes worst.Because in the whole world mental and inner suffering have the most killing potential.Loneliness comes next to it.AniRi were not meant to hurt Bhavya still she got hurt.It happens as human emotions are like that.Relations are very delicate and those need proper care and love.Often time the very person we see before us seems to be happy and well balanced in everything but it’s not necessary that it is the truth.Human heart is very sensitive and soft.It can take offences of anything from anyone.It is the responsibility of family members to take notice of such things and talk about it.There are many examples of cases that where husband doesn’t get to know that his wife is suffering from loneliness emotionally despite having everything and same goes for husband also.Only time spending and doing everything together are not enough.To know what one is going through is also important for any particular behaviour among family members.The one who is suffering must speak out.After all,family is for celebrating the bonds human shares not to distance someone emotionally.And this emotional distance is a silent killer.Everyone should stay away from it for his or her own betterment.

    1. Hi Luthfa di.
      Agree to each and every point of your’s.

      Relationships are so delicate .
      We should keep it with lots of love and care .

      But it was great that Bhavya cleared her point ,otherwise she will have to suffer a lot.
      Not because of aniri ,but I think because of herself.
      OK bye !
      Love you!

      1. Luthfa

        Hi Ishita,
        Yes dear.Relationships are very fragile by nature that’s why we should nurture those with much love and affections.And what Bhavya did was right.She spoke up and the matter got cleared easily.Anyway,take care?

    2. Yes luftha agreed. The other members have to watch out for any members feeling left out. If they do see that they need to act upon it. The theee bahus have to be united. Pinky always looks for what everyone and she is the one who tracked Tej to find out what injustice Tej was doing to Jhanvi. So Anika being the oldest need also to include Bhavya into it because she wa longer in Oberoi mansion and Bhavya may not know a lot of things. There can always be separate bonding time but when bhavya is around they need to include her. Thenit strenghtens their bond. Like shivaay no matter how busy he is or troubled he always looks for out for his family members. That is shivaay. Nice analysis my dear

    3. Great analysis luthfa dr ,really emotion distance is a silent killer,is mai jo dard hoti hai na bohot hi khatarnak hoti ,,but it’s good ki aniri ne is bat ko achese handle kiya ,,now bhavya is their guriya,,

      1. Luthfa

        Yes,emotional distances are very dangerous for everyone’s mental health.Glad that AniRi managed it well.Thank you so much for your love.Love you?

  11. Anjani nani bani sabki paresani ,,but mujhe to aisa bilukul nahi laga yr ,,balki yeh nani ne to kamal pe kamal kiya ,tarke ke upar tarka mara ,,
    Hamare shivay ko thik kiya ,
    bhavya ki michmichi i mean dil me hua thora sa dard ko thik kiya ,,
    Upar se hamare khanna ji ko jaasos bana diya ,,
    Great khannaji yes ,,aisehi rakhna khayal is obroi mansion ki ,,
    I love aniri scean ,,that was superb ,,so nice to see both of them together like this way ,,
    Precap -nani ji ab shayad bolegi ki woh to rudy ke bhalai k liye rudy ki chize le raha tha ,,and khanna ji ko firse daat parega shivay se ,,so sad ,
    Good night ,,babies ,,,love you ,,

    1. Hello Tania .
      All good?
      Ya me too don’t think that anjaan Nani bani sabki pareshani .
      But it may be possible that they will show problems arising due to her in coming episodes.
      Till then take care and stay safe .

      1. Yeah ishu i am good dr ,,
        Yes may be future it would happen ,but for now this nani is only paresani for our khannu ji ,,

  12. Hi guy’s how are you all
    Stress relief episode ‘s wow it’s so good
    They are focused on Society problems now a days it’s good to watch with out any tension
    In these days they are showing sister bond mostly not a obros brother ‘s it’s like a fresh breath..
    Ya I hope after ipl they came with another strong story waiting for the next track

    1. Hi Chaitu .
      It is really good to see that CVS are focusing on social problems.

  13. Dishani01

    luftha,tania,banita,ishita,arpita ??????????????
    ???????????????How are you all sweethearts??? I’m fine! !!!!
    2day episode is coolest one… rudy is the best ?????
    China for Chinese ..
    awww how cute you are..???
    i want to pull you cheeks ..

    and i know bavya is mature more than rudy so she don’t spend time with social media or video games .. her annri sisters are her Partners to spend time .. that why her feel some loan but now all clear??????

    When nani steal the phone i feel like ?????????? how will rudy survive life without phone …
    next minute he start his drama…

    khanna is the dedactive ??
    wow best security is only khana no one beat him…

    somehow i feel bad for nani poor nani … in this age she steal phone for live .. i feel bad for her??

    Okkkk.. bye.. good night with peace ✌✌✌✌

    1. I am fine Dishani .
      And you?
      Hmm Rudy cannot survive without his phone for a minute .
      Good bye .
      Take care.

    2. Hi dishani ,,i am fine dr ,,
      Yes rudy is totally funny ?☺☺kuch bhi bolta hai ,,chaina kon jata chainise khane k liye ,,☺☺☺lol yrr,,
      Yeah khanna ji now doing his job perfectly ,,great khannaji ap ko aise hi kaam karana chahiye ,,☺☺☺

  14. Hai everyone….long tym back here..he r u all??????well can anyone pls tell me smthng??anyone noticed the episode in which our o ladies danced for laila mein laila in hotstar???They have muted the song ?????y is it so????I wanna Hera it with song…everyone have same issue naa????????

  15. Luthfa

    Sindhu di,
    Family means spending time together including everyone and every member if possible.It doesn’t look nice when one gets excluded and left out because of any proper reason.And Shivaay always looks after everyone with same loveliness and care.AniRi should not make Bhavya feel otherwise.Anyway,thank you so much for your love di.Love you?

  16. Nikita_jai29

    It is good episode…. Like the effort of cvs….
    Missing the kuch samay pahele wala precap

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