Ishqbaaz 16th January 2019 Written Episode Update: Shivaansh convinces Bua

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Ishqbaaz 16th January 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Shivaansh asks is everything ready. Sharda says yes. Dadi and Nani ask him why are Ahujas coming again. Shivaansh says I m trying to set everything right. Dhruv says they are here. Dadi and Nani welcome Ahujas. Bua says I never wanted to step in this house again, but Angad, he was quiet stubborn, he told me that Shivaansh wanted to talk to me. He says finally, you agree that you did a big mistake by hiding your sister’s flaw, I still stand by my words, if Shivaansh apologizes to me, I will consider this alliance. Shivaansh says we will have plenty to talk, we shall go and have food first. Someone in bride’s getup looks on. Sharda comes to that room and gets Shivaansh’s watch. She says whose watch is this, it must be of Shivaansh, I will keep this in cupboard as well. The girl goes to hit Sharda with a stick. Aasya comes to call Sharda. Sharda goes.

Angad sees Shivani and smiles. Dhruv asks Dadi to take soup. He sneezes and jerks Bua. Bua says he spilled the soup on me. Shivaansh says sometimes you drop things even if you can see properly, its not your fault right. Bua says accidents and mishaps can happen anytime with anyone. He says right, fate is to be blamed for it, such accident happened with Radhika too, no one talks about it, it wasn’t her fault, even then she is suffering till now, Radhika was blamed for Shivani’s relation breaking. Bua says this family is unbelievable, can’t you see the difference in lying and spilling the soup, you are ill mannered and stubborn, you are still lecturing me, how dare you, disgusting people, are you done insulting me. She asks Angad to come.

Aasya says Sharda has left a napkin here. She gets shocked seeing something and asks who’s there. The girl stares at Aasya… Aasya gets shocked. Nani and Dadi ask Bua not to go. Bua says we don’t want to get insulted. Shivaansh asks her to have some sweets, its a custom of their family. Radhika gets sweets. Shivaansh asks her to get some other sweets. He says Bua and Ahuja may have problem with these sweets, its not sugar free. He says I know you both have diabetes, so I have ordered sugar free sweets, you have also hidden a truth from us, how can you guarantee that Angad won’t have diabetes or arthritis, or that Shivani and Angad’s children won’t develop any disease in future, in this case, we should break the alliance, we have to think about Shivani’s future, we had hidden an accident, not a genetic disorder, you had said that accidents can happen anywhere with anyone, if this happens with Shivani, will Angad divorce her, if Angad’s love keeps changing with circumstances, I don’t want such a life partner for my sister. Bua asks did you hear, do you want to see more drama, this is our respect here, its enough of your hospitality. She leaves with her family.

Aasya gets hit. The girl drags her. Dadi asks Shivaansh to stop Bua. Bua stops and turns to see Angad. She asks Angad to come home. She asks why are you standing there, come with us. Angad says no Bua ji, Shivani and I are not at fault, why should we get punished, sorry, I won’t listen to you, because I love Shivani. He says yes, I love Shivani, if I ever marry, it will be only Shivani. Bua says I m doing this for your happiness. Shivaansh says no, you should have asked Angad what he wants, you have just seen Radhika’s flaw, not her qualities, she is just perfect, she lacks nothing, she completes our family. He hugs Radhika, Dhruv and Shivani. Angaad says Bua you said marriage is a bond between two families, where can we get such a family, where a brother doesn’t discriminate between cousin and own sister, where relations are seen, not kinship, I want to become a part of this family. He hugs Shivani. Bua looks on. Shivaansh says I m sorry Bua ji, if I have crossed any limit, I would like to apologize. Bua says no, you have done right, sometimes elders get stubborn like kids, you have shown much maturity, you protected the respect of your sisters, I m sorry, Radhika doesn’t lack anything, I think she is the luckiest sister to have a brother like you, person is defined by his relations, Shivani will be special too to get support from you and Angad. She apologizes to Nani and Dadi. She hugs Dadi and asks her to save tears for Shivani’s bidaai. She says after all this drama, I feel hungry, do you really have sugar free sweets. Bua feeds sweets to everyone. They all smile. Its morning, everyone dines. Dhruv does shayari. Nani pats him. Shivaansh comes and greets them. Khanna says Vajpayee has come. Nani asks why did you call the lawyer. Shivaansh looks on.

Aditi sees the room again and thinks I find something missing, is that girl here, I will find out what’s happening in this house.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Tit for tat
    I love it…
    Kia plan jsso…
    I don’t think bua change her mind she’s pending before everyone….
    Acchayi k drama

    Red shadi wala m ladka h ya ladki???too much confusion
    Nd asya injured but no one know…kiso ko khaber thk nhi h… security humesha ki tarah bekr h…..
    Last part why jsso is shocked smthig he knows..phr kuch or…. family drama

    No shivaadi moment I’m disappointed… guesa aa raha hain…hate this …

    Tomorrow kuch momnts dikha de…

    Isse kia indicate kar rhi h…lead change??….

    Take care

  2. Lovely angad….. oberio’s family k hisa bnna chte h…so cute.. radika ko behn man li… that’s part was great… today part i love it…..
    Tomorrow no melodrama plz…..

  3. Hlo Dib family. Before todays episode, tomorrow 17 th jan nakulji’s birthday. So mein nakulji’s ib characters shivaay and shivansh’s kuch khidkitod yadein share kr na chahthi hu. 1.shivaay’s frst entry. I thought he is a copy of ASR. But as an actor he nailed it. He was entirely dif frm asr.2 All shivomru scenes 3. Shivika first meeting and tashan. 4 shivika first marriage. It was painful to watch. Shivaays wrath and anika’s helplessness. But as an actor he lived as shivaay. A About shivaansh…like a character shivaansh is just like shivaay .but nakulji’s versatality is visible. My fav scene shivadi scenes and Ofcourse shivradhu scenes

  4. Coming to the episode… Today aditi is missing. I am disappointed..where did she went when shadi wala aurath attacked asya? The way sso handled bua was amazing.. Itni jaldi sudhar gayi moti ne? Cant believe it.

  5. Shadi wala joda m new ladki toh nhi… mujhe ladka lggi h.. confused ho

    Kl trp day..i hope trp increase… payer for …dib save ho jye

  6. Crime thriller jaise lagi dib ne aj. Kaun hai us lal dress ladki? Today they ignored aditi completly. No shivadi moments…makers se kuch ummed rkhna bekr h..tik hai.. Kal nox ka bday.. Ok kal wish karthe…lets hope tomorrow adiansh momnts hoga..

  7. LETS CALL THAT GIRL RED GIRL with only 2 eyes ? ? ?

    Oh god that bridal girl is so scary. And with a mask my heartbeats??????
    Aditi missing how is that possible?? ????
    Just scary and emotional like again OK OK????phir se. Ghar mein koi rh rha hai aur kisiko nhi pta ghar hai ki bhootiya haveli???????? hamesha aisi hi rhti hai yeh red girl like????? darr lgta hai bhai??????????????????
    Want mannat quickly so that SSO gets close to acp??????????

    1. RV
      Humeri aarman khbi pora nhi hoga kyu ki lead iss niti Taylor laa lehnga m ghum raha hain…. she’s i leave dib….
      Take care guys

      1. How do u know that ots niti? And if she is the lead aise kyun hhoom rhi hai like vamps..
        Hnnn shakal bhi toh aisi hai uski scary si???height kafi lambi ho gyi hai niti ki woh koi aur lg rhi hai.

  8. Red girl??????

    1. Mujhe bi lgga nhi…lekn ho bi skte h…
      Height jyda h..or ladka jaisa lgga h……

      Mujhe Instagram se pata chlla ki niti Taylor h????…..

      Isllye toh shivaadi k koi moments nhi de rhi h or koi importance… isllye ajkl nhi dikha raha h..jsso ignore kar rhi h

      Meri frnd bi kha ki new gal hi lead h… confirmed….
      Finger crossed bss false ho bss

  9. Fl lead is change… shadi wala laki h niti Taylor h….
    So i don’t watch dib anymore…..
    Good bye..i ll come here….

    1. News mein aa kya. Kuch bhi??????
      Vamps ki trh goomna bnd kr phir ghar mein kis haq se bhoot bn kr.rh rhi hai???
      Aise mt bolo that niti is the lead main gul ka mooh tood doongi

  10. Gm to all.. Happy bday to nakul mehta

  11. Arish girl is not nithi. Wo fl lead ho kr yeh wala hrkthe nai karogi..roumers istharah ara ha h ki sso k heart transplantation donor mannath k boyfriend h.. Surgery k bath this new heart will automatically love mannath..sso will attract towards mannat..kya stupidity hai..dont know..gul’s demag transplant karna hoga..

    1. I hate this…kiya bakwas h yr.. I’m feed up nowdys…trp waise nhi aa raha hain iss to or bi gir jye g

  12. Gud morning.. And happy bday nox

  13. Startimg from the precap..i think sso change his property to siblings.. Thats why vakkeel..aj shivadi moments chahiye..trp? Any one know?

  14. I like shivaansh bonding with siblings..and family happy moments too.a perfect brother..will he be a perfect lover and husband?

  15. Niti ko agar shivani ka role mile toh sahi lgegi she just looks like of her age means sso sister ufffff!!!!!!!! Her face is not meant for such kind of roles. Kyy was different and thats why she looked good but this is just impossible???????????
    Plz usse villain bnao shyad waha acha kr jaye we r looking frwd for her new avtar.
    Acp villain bnegi r u like crazy????
    Imandar police officer ko villain bmake police pr se bharosa uthana hai.

    I HATE NITI???????

    1. RV
      Haa… villain hoto acha h..or acp kaise villn ho skti h..achiya dikha ab villain..or

      Mujhe smj nhi aa raha mein kia bolo ya karo… frustrating

  16. Mein ek Instagram m ek ladki ko poocha ho ussne kha ki lead niti Taylor h..or manjiri kia h usko pata nhi Hain….
    Kl raat ko poocha usne reply di.. Meri dil toot gyi..i don’t like niti Taylor…
    Aditi villn isse acha mein off ho jao…..i have no mood

  17. Episode was full of family drama….. sso planning was good…. I don’t think Bua can change her mind this fast might be she having other plan.

    What is the motive of the person in bridal dress? Is it a man or lady and poor Asya how they gonna find her…..

    Today I really missed Aditi they’re ignoring her and new lead entry going to happen I don’t want to watch dib anymore…..

    1. Nithi
      Aditi totally ignored …fl lead change must… confirmed it..niti Taylor hi h new lead.. shivansh k sth romance….oh god…..

  18. I leate it to fate..

  19. Don’t know what to say, start from where you stopped, it’s a request as a viewer. The priest or some one like that split anika and shivay to two ways.eventhough it seems like a fairytale we accept due to same talented actors. Now please make them meet at the same place and bring them back to old shivay and anika just like in the movie “action replay”. Even though it again seems like a fairy tale, I am sure all the viewers who love ishqbaaz will be happy because they will get back the magical feeling which they gained from the beginning of ishqbaaz.

    1. Ammu
      Mujhe aditi or shivansh k momnts dekhkr old ib wala feeling aayi thi isslye dib dekhkna start ki ho……i love family.. member also
      But now lead change… mujhe mazor nhi h..meri mind fact accept nhi kar rhi h yr….kiya karo……..

  20. I stopped watching ishqbaaz it’s because as a viewer i like ishqbaaz a lot. I am sure if they bring shivomru back notonly them but also anika, gouri and sowmya the serial will once again be top rated series in star plus. Why they took generation leap in a sudden? It was going in a very nice way.

  21. Any one knows trp?

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