Ishqbaaz 16th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Shivaye proposes Anika on Nikhil’s behalf

Ishqbaaz 16th August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Shivaye says Anika is an honest and nice girl, she is a good daughter and sister, she will become an equally good wife and daughter in law. She says if she is so good and honest, why don’t you marry her. He says I already have….Anika looks at him. Shivaye recalls his marriage. Nikhil’s mum says its easy to give Gyaan to other, if you have courage, you marry her. She takes Nikhil along and leaves. Om, Gauri and Priyanka come and ask why are you still standing here, why aren’t you talking. Aniak says there is nothing left to talk, come Gauri. They leave. Priyanka asks why did Anika leave. Om asks what did you say. Shivaye says nothing and goes. She says we thought is Shivaye and Anika talk, their distance will get less, but things got worse. Om asks what happened between them.

Shivaye says you just have to decide yes or not, I will handle the rest, great, I made this mistake and I will solve this, its my promise. Khanna comes and says she is here. Shivaye asks him to go. He thanks Nikhil’s mum for coming. He says I called you for a talk. She says if its about Anika, I don’t want to talk about it. He asks why, I told you already that Anika is innocent. She asks did you call me to clarify about her. He says no, Nikhil likes her and still wants to marry her. She says I don’t want this marriage to happen, Nikhil knows this. He asks why are you punishing them for my mistake. She asks why are you taking interest in their marriage. He says their marriage was called off because of me, I can do anything to join their relation. She says you are rich, you can do anything, we are poor, I had spent all my savings on Nikhil’s marriage, how will I get them married now. He says if its just about money, don’t worry, I will take care of everything. She says but how will Nikhil manage Anika’s responsibility after marriage, he doesn’t even have a job.

He says he will work in my company at a good salary, I will hire him, I will pay for loss and take care of all marriage expenditure, do you still have any problem. She says no, son’s happiness matters the most to a mum. He says this should just be between us, Anika shouldn’t know this. She says I won’t tell her, I can do this for my son’s happiness. She goes. Anika comes and says Gauri, I got a job in Shyamali’s company. Gauri congratulates and hugs her. Anika says I will be joining from next week, I will take loan and we shall start Sahil’s treatment. She gets Nikhil’s call. Nikhil says I want to meet you right now. Anika says I m busy, can we meet tomorrow. He says fine I will call you tomorrow. He turns to Shivaye and says she said she is busy, she can’t meet me.

Shivaye asks is she busy, wait I will call and ask her. Anika smiles and says its Shivaye’s call. She answers and says yes. He says I want to meet you. She says yes, when. He asks are you busy. She says no, I m free, I was going to call you to say that I got a job. He says wow, that’s great news, we should celebrate it, shall I come now. She says sure, I will wait. He ends call. Shivaye says I will go and meet her, I will fix everything, you don’t worry. Nikhil says she said she is busy, but she agreed to meet you at once.

Anika says Gauri, Shivaye is coming, lets clean the house. Gauri smiles and says amazing, you said you are busy when Nikhil asked, but when Shivaye asked, you said you are free and he is coming here, what’s the matter. Anika says I didn’t feel like meeting Nikhil so I lied to him. She goes. Gauri smiles. Shivaye says I think she must be upset by your mom’s words, I will talk to her and sort it out. Nikhil says okay, I will leave now. He goes. Anika stops Gauri and goes to open the door. She smiles and greets Shivaye. She asks him to come in. She asks can I get you something. He says no, thanks. She says you wanted to talk. He says yes, the relation which spoilt because of me, I want to make it fine, I want to return the happiness which I snatched from you, I know what marriage means to you, you value every ritual and vow of marriage, I have made fun of those vows and bonds, but also mocked your feelings, life has given us another chance and I don’t want to miss it, I want to give you the marriage you deserve, with all the respect and pride. She asks what are you saying. He says you just have to agree, I will handle everything. He holds her hand and says tell me, do you want this marriage. She nods. He says great. They smile and hug. She gets away. Her earring gets stuck in his collar.

Jo meri manzilon ko jaati hai…… He asks are you ready for the marriage. She smiles. He says yes, I told Nikhil, if I talk to Anika, she will agree. She asks Nikhil? He says yes, I personally spoke to Nikhil and aunty, she will also accept you. She asks were you talking about my and Nikhil’s marriage. He says yes, what did you think. Nikhil comes to his mum. She says our good days are here, I did such acting that he is ready for everything. He says Anika is proved beneficial. She asks why is Shivaye doing so much for Anika. He says guilt, he broke our marriage and now he is compensation, he doesn’t know that we are making him pay, Anika has self respect, she won’t ask Shivaye for a favor, I know how to benefit out of Shivaye by using Anika. They smile.

Anika says no, nothing, why are you doing all this. Shivaye says for your happiness. She says I don’t know where my happiness lies. He asks her to sit. He gets on knees. He says since I have brought Nikhil’s proposal for you, I ask for your hand on his behalf, will you marry me Anika. She looks at him. He says I mean, will you marry Nikhil…. I will keep you very happy, Nikhil will keep you very happy. He gets up. Nikhil, his parents, Gauri and Chachi gather.

Nikhil’s mum says we have come to join broken relations. Nikhil holds Anika’s hand and says lets forget the past and start afresh, I promise you, I will keep you very happy. Shivaye says you have to, else I won’t let you live happily. Nikhil’s mum apologizes to Anika. She says Shivaye is right, lucky people get bahu like you. Nikhil’s dad says yes, we want to make Anika our dad. Chachi says if Anika is okay with it, consider it a yes from me too. Shivaye says great, this time I will become Anika’s wedding planner, marriage will happen in Oberoi mansion, she will have bidaai from my house. Nikhil holds Anika. Shivaye looks on and says I know you both want to talk, I will take your leave, congrats. He goes and recalls Nikhil and Anika.

He says come on, why am I thinking about it, Nikhil and Anika love each other, I came between them, now I have to bring them together. Anika comes and stops him. She says I want to ask something, what you did for me and Nikhil’s relation, you convinced Nikhil and his mum, then you came to me with his marriage proposal, tell me what should I do, should I marry Nikhil or not. He says I have already told you, this is your life, why are you asking me about your decisions. She says its you who decides everything, you didn’t ask me when you married me forcefully, you didn’t ask me when you denied our marriage, when you handed me the divorce papers, and not even now when you spoke to Nikhil and his mum about my marriage. He says this is what you want, right. She says that’s not the question, what do you want. He says your happiness. She asks why.

He says because you are my friend. She says then tell me what should I do, it hasn’t even been ten days since I got married and my friend wants to get me married again, do you think this is right, tell me, should I get married to Nikhil, I can’t understand. He says you should marry the person you like. She says what if I m confused about it. He says then let destiny decide. She says fine, I will let destiny decide it. She turns to go. Tu jaane na…..plays…..

Nikhil’s mum gives shagun and asks Anika about sindoor in her maang. Nikhil says sindoor is applied after marriage. She asks why is this sindoor there in your maang. Anika sees Shivaye. He signs her not to say.

Update Credit to: Amena

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