Ishqbaaz 16th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Shivaye proposes Anika on Nikhil’s behalf

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Ishqbaaz 16th August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Shivaye says Anika is an honest and nice girl, she is a good daughter and sister, she will become an equally good wife and daughter in law. She says if she is so good and honest, why don’t you marry her. He says I already have….Anika looks at him. Shivaye recalls his marriage. Nikhil’s mum says its easy to give Gyaan to other, if you have courage, you marry her. She takes Nikhil along and leaves. Om, Gauri and Priyanka come and ask why are you still standing here, why aren’t you talking. Aniak says there is nothing left to talk, come Gauri. They leave. Priyanka asks why did Anika leave. Om asks what did you say. Shivaye says nothing and goes. She says we thought is Shivaye and Anika talk, their distance will get less, but things got worse. Om asks what happened between them.

Shivaye says you just have to decide yes or not, I will handle the rest, great, I made this mistake and I will solve this, its my promise. Khanna comes and says she is here. Shivaye asks him to go. He thanks Nikhil’s mum for coming. He says I called you for a talk. She says if its about Anika, I don’t want to talk about it. He asks why, I told you already that Anika is innocent. She asks did you call me to clarify about her. He says no, Nikhil likes her and still wants to marry her. She says I don’t want this marriage to happen, Nikhil knows this. He asks why are you punishing them for my mistake. She asks why are you taking interest in their marriage. He says their marriage was called off because of me, I can do anything to join their relation. She says you are rich, you can do anything, we are poor, I had spent all my savings on Nikhil’s marriage, how will I get them married now. He says if its just about money, don’t worry, I will take care of everything. She says but how will Nikhil manage Anika’s responsibility after marriage, he doesn’t even have a job.

He says he will work in my company at a good salary, I will hire him, I will pay for loss and take care of all marriage expenditure, do you still have any problem. She says no, son’s happiness matters the most to a mum. He says this should just be between us, Anika shouldn’t know this. She says I won’t tell her, I can do this for my son’s happiness. She goes. Anika comes and says Gauri, I got a job in Shyamali’s company. Gauri congratulates and hugs her. Anika says I will be joining from next week, I will take loan and we shall start Sahil’s treatment. She gets Nikhil’s call. Nikhil says I want to meet you right now. Anika says I m busy, can we meet tomorrow. He says fine I will call you tomorrow. He turns to Shivaye and says she said she is busy, she can’t meet me.

Shivaye asks is she busy, wait I will call and ask her. Anika smiles and says its Shivaye’s call. She answers and says yes. He says I want to meet you. She says yes, when. He asks are you busy. She says no, I m free, I was going to call you to say that I got a job. He says wow, that’s great news, we should celebrate it, shall I come now. She says sure, I will wait. He ends call. Shivaye says I will go and meet her, I will fix everything, you don’t worry. Nikhil says she said she is busy, but she agreed to meet you at once.

Anika says Gauri, Shivaye is coming, lets clean the house. Gauri smiles and says amazing, you said you are busy when Nikhil asked, but when Shivaye asked, you said you are free and he is coming here, what’s the matter. Anika says I didn’t feel like meeting Nikhil so I lied to him. She goes. Gauri smiles. Shivaye says I think she must be upset by your mom’s words, I will talk to her and sort it out. Nikhil says okay, I will leave now. He goes. Anika stops Gauri and goes to open the door. She smiles and greets Shivaye. She asks him to come in. She asks can I get you something. He says no, thanks. She says you wanted to talk. He says yes, the relation which spoilt because of me, I want to make it fine, I want to return the happiness which I snatched from you, I know what marriage means to you, you value every ritual and vow of marriage, I have made fun of those vows and bonds, but also mocked your feelings, life has given us another chance and I don’t want to miss it, I want to give you the marriage you deserve, with all the respect and pride. She asks what are you saying. He says you just have to agree, I will handle everything. He holds her hand and says tell me, do you want this marriage. She nods. He says great. They smile and hug. She gets away. Her earring gets stuck in his collar.

Jo meri manzilon ko jaati hai…… He asks are you ready for the marriage. She smiles. He says yes, I told Nikhil, if I talk to Anika, she will agree. She asks Nikhil? He says yes, I personally spoke to Nikhil and aunty, she will also accept you. She asks were you talking about my and Nikhil’s marriage. He says yes, what did you think. Nikhil comes to his mum. She says our good days are here, I did such acting that he is ready for everything. He says Anika is proved beneficial. She asks why is Shivaye doing so much for Anika. He says guilt, he broke our marriage and now he is compensation, he doesn’t know that we are making him pay, Anika has self respect, she won’t ask Shivaye for a favor, I know how to benefit out of Shivaye by using Anika. They smile.

Anika says no, nothing, why are you doing all this. Shivaye says for your happiness. She says I don’t know where my happiness lies. He asks her to sit. He gets on knees. He says since I have brought Nikhil’s proposal for you, I ask for your hand on his behalf, will you marry me Anika. She looks at him. He says I mean, will you marry Nikhil…. I will keep you very happy, Nikhil will keep you very happy. He gets up. Nikhil, his parents, Gauri and Chachi gather.

Nikhil’s mum says we have come to join broken relations. Nikhil holds Anika’s hand and says lets forget the past and start afresh, I promise you, I will keep you very happy. Shivaye says you have to, else I won’t let you live happily. Nikhil’s mum apologizes to Anika. She says Shivaye is right, lucky people get bahu like you. Nikhil’s dad says yes, we want to make Anika our dad. Chachi says if Anika is okay with it, consider it a yes from me too. Shivaye says great, this time I will become Anika’s wedding planner, marriage will happen in Oberoi mansion, she will have bidaai from my house. Nikhil holds Anika. Shivaye looks on and says I know you both want to talk, I will take your leave, congrats. He goes and recalls Nikhil and Anika.

He says come on, why am I thinking about it, Nikhil and Anika love each other, I came between them, now I have to bring them together. Anika comes and stops him. She says I want to ask something, what you did for me and Nikhil’s relation, you convinced Nikhil and his mum, then you came to me with his marriage proposal, tell me what should I do, should I marry Nikhil or not. He says I have already told you, this is your life, why are you asking me about your decisions. She says its you who decides everything, you didn’t ask me when you married me forcefully, you didn’t ask me when you denied our marriage, when you handed me the divorce papers, and not even now when you spoke to Nikhil and his mum about my marriage. He says this is what you want, right. She says that’s not the question, what do you want. He says your happiness. She asks why.

He says because you are my friend. She says then tell me what should I do, it hasn’t even been ten days since I got married and my friend wants to get me married again, do you think this is right, tell me, should I get married to Nikhil, I can’t understand. He says you should marry the person you like. She says what if I m confused about it. He says then let destiny decide. She says fine, I will let destiny decide it. She turns to go. Tu jaane na…..plays…..

Nikhil’s mum gives shagun and asks Anika about sindoor in her maang. Nikhil says sindoor is applied after marriage. She asks why is this sindoor there in your maang. Anika sees Shivaye. He signs her not to say.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Hiii mereHiiiiii mere khidkitod pagals
    Love VS Destiny
    Chapter 49
    This is what my condition
    Seriously Sso.redemption ka bhoot kuch y
    Jyada hi chad gaya he tumhare sar or upar…
    Unknowingly knowingly you are trying Annika that too very badly.
    Trust me I litteraly cried Seeing Annika’s happiness…
    She was soon happy when Sso called her..
    May be she did not realised her love but she feels good when he near her…..
    She feels something relief also Sso too
    He also get peace with Annika.
    But as always both always lostlost when it comes to communicate.
    THAT HUG.first official non drunken hug of Shivika
    Annika was sooooooo happy.HUG was really passionate full of love..Annika just hugged him so tightly taking it as her right…(my voice is choking)
    She really thought Sso want to give a chance to their relationship ….
    But …She don’t even know what Sso is gonna give her??
    Really Sso….you are also hurt can’t see her with someone else..just bcoz of guilt you a’re tuning her life.
    First knowingly
    Now unknowingly
    Ok That Hug scene…can’t get over from it.
    Up at se Dhadak song..uffffff.aag lagadi SHIVIKA..
    After solo many days I see her genuine smile and that blush…how much I missed it??????????
    Fuuny part is both leave that confusion on Destiny..
    Are mujh par Chod do..i will take both of you to a romantic place..ya fir OM main lock kardungi.
    For karna LAAL ISHQ PART 2 3 4 5 ???
    Both Shivika are mad
    And me the biggest mad..??????
    Last scene was really good.
    Annika’s confrontation. Her silent pain.. bothhurting eyes face..I loved it
    Whole episode was soo good actually
    Wana kill NNN and his IDIOT GREEDY Mom too?????…

    Waise wanna see that How Sso will propose Annika for himself..abhi you itni pyar se kar liya..
    You proposed Annika on behalf of Nikhil
    Now marry her on behalf of Nikhil
    And also love her on behalf of Nikhil.
    SSO apni bare main kab sochoge??????????
    ..Thanx @Lu @Sindhu Di.


    1. Mona_2005

      Awesome analysis didi

      1. Thank you Mona dear…????

    2. JeevithaTK

      Hi Arpita dear,
      Super analysis dear. This is problem with all the love birds r shivka. Bt I was v. Much angry on shivay. Before doing all this he must Hv been asked anika weather she loves him now. Repeating same mistake again 1st with 6foot (vikram) nd now with stupid Nikil..
      I just feel like kick both mom nd her son I know after knowing the truth shivay will tht.
      Dear do tht lock then in OM lal ishq 2 3 4?????. Good advice dear I don’t know Wen shivay will follow it. Love dear. Tc
      ??? R I P TO OUR respected VAJPAYEE ji???

      1. Hiii jeevi yes.
        Now Sso is totally on Devdas mode
        Just for once Nikhil truth will come out banda chantomai banjayega…??

    3. Luthfa

      Hi Arpita,
      Kya kare hum iss Shivika ko lekar?They are just too much.I think now it’s time we too leave everything to Destiny to decide.LOL!!!
      Very nice analysis.And you are most welcome?

  2. Hi guys… 2day episode… Wow I like it.. Really great…
    I love to c the hugging scene… Where it was very very natural… N it showed their true love.. Unknowly by both of them…
    N the last part.. Superb.. Let the destiny decide… I hope wonderful scenes will appear in OM..
    Precap.. I think that sindoor applied by shivaay himself to annika… May b… I’m very eager to watch 2moro episode…
    Omg still hv another 17th hrs to go… I can’t wait… Shivika meh pagal hogiah… ??
    Gud nite guys….

    1. Hiii Jessie dear..
      Sso appiled sindoor to Annika..
      Baat thodi hazam nahi to rahi….
      If it is true then I will be more happy..
      But….still.lets see
      Waiting for next..
      My excitement level is increasing day by day.
      I am loving it..

    2. Luthfa

      Hi Jessie,
      Shivika’s everything looks naturally fresh and amazing be it nuances.Me too was doubting the same.Such long patch of vermilion.Let’s see.Waiting for today’s episode.Take care?

  3. Hello guys this iso i mean idiot singh oberoi will kill me with his stupidity he still can’t real his feelings for anika he must see the lovely glow on her eyes when she sees him and they way that she huged him it shows the big love that she had for him but he is bso blind singh oberoi when will he open his eyes and for nick and his and his moms evil intention im sure that shivaay expose them than he will marry anika and thei will realise their love love u arpu

    1. Hiii Imane dear..
      Yet now Sso is so deep into guilt.he is unable to see anything
      And also unable to see Annika with Nikhil..
      Heh just for once let come out the truth 0f Nikamma Nikhil.
      He will come totally.
      Waiting to see that
      Love you too Imane dear

    2. Luthfa

      Relax dear.Shivaay is in fix-it-up mode at any cost.What can we expect when for Shivaay it is-Mushkil baari hain,raasme mohabbat yeh(Shivaay’s heart)janta hi nahi……..????????????

  4. Luthfa

    On this earth,there are many battles have been fought and will be fought by humans.But one specific battle that require no weapon,artillery or anything to fight still humans get engaged into it without realizing that they are fighting.And this particular battle is against one’s own heart.How extraordinarily Shivaay went on mending Anika’s Broken marriage and everything while continue the fighting with the emotions of his heart!He managed to hide his pain behind that fake smile in front of everyone but not to himself and his heart.Shivaay is struggling to make his heart believe rather consoling that he is doing the right thing,for Anika.But he has forgotten this fact that human heart being the most famous rebel,always declares war against the very person within whom it resides whenever humans refuse to accept its demands.Here the heart of Shivaay Singh Oberoi is in totall rebellious avatar but he is not affected or touched by an inch.Seems like Anika’s happiness has become the aim of his life which he will fulfill by any means no matter what.Suppressing those true urge of heart he is killing himself with every passing moment.Don’t know when the peace of Shivaay’s heart will be restored signing some treaty.Till that happens,battles will go on,followed by non-stop fighting.

    1. Eyes are the words of heart

      If Both Shivika will look into each other eyes deeply.they both will know how much they move each other
      But as always.Sso and his Manmani..
      Sso no Sad budhhi Do lu
      ..he really need it
      Banda khud pain main he and so my Annika Di .too…
      Waise fight between heart and mind is not new for Sso at all ….. ha ha ha

      1. Luthfa

        Ji bilkul sahi pakde hain aap????

  5. Riana

    Hello frands ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
    Ib dekhlo ???????????????
    Superb emotional episode ????????
    Good night friends ! ?

    1. Chalo apki Darshan toh Mili Riana..
      Mahan gayab you are ho???
      Bepanah mohabbat main ?????????

    2. Luthfa

      Deal is done.Take care?

  6. Mona_2005

    Both nikhil and his mom are of same nature
    Lalchi ma ka lalchi beta
    Yaar Inka Sach kab bahr ayyega
    Mera Sach me man karta ki uss nikhil ka muh toor du
    Cheap ppl, running after money
    Yaar vaise boh Anika ki smile was so cute when sso called
    U both show u are effected From each other but still remain quite
    Vaise jaise shivaay Bata Raha tha kisi ko bhi lalega ki voh khud ki baat Kar rah tha
    Nox bhaiya acts v. Well
    And surbhi di also
    The hug was the best part if the whole episode
    @arpu di
    @luftha di
    Thank u Didi for ur kind words

    1. Mona..milke muh todte he Nikhil and uski Mom n.a.
      Really irritating
      Yeh Sso actually was saying his dil no baat.
      Sirf nikhil ka name le raha tha…..
      Welcome dear

    2. Luthfa

      Hi Mona,
      Oberois are honeycomb so such flies are there to get benefit out of it.For example Tia-Daksh and now Nikhil and his Mom.Oberois are their personal bank I think.Anika was excited like a little girl to meet her Dost.Don’t know for how long it will say.Just hoping for a quick wrap-up.Let’s see.And you are most welcome.Take care?

  7. totally emotional and heartbreaking episode. I was literally crying to see shivay’s condition. how silently both of shivika were crying. I strongly believe that this time steps should be taken by annika because shivay won’t say anything because of his guilt. I wish ki nikhil aur uski ma ki truth annika k samne aa jai aur wo un dono ko expose kar de.
    one thing..kya kl om mai annika ki mehendi function hogi..?? kuki aagar mehendi function hogi to accha hoga. hume jada din wait nehi karna padhega hamari shivika ki shadi ki lye. aur na makers to na jani kitna sara function karti hai shadi mai. I just hope ki next week tak hume Shivika shadi dekh ne ko mile. kuki pehle forced marriage track week was heartbreaking then uski baad wala week daksh expose track that was amazing. now this week is emotional and heartbreaking so hopefully next week hume Shivika shadi wala dhamake daar episodes mile.
    I don’t want that makers stretch this shadi track. actually audience are liking this redux track because here every track is ending quickly although daksh wala track jada lamba tha paar shadi k baad hi wo expose hi gaya. so this time also I want that this track should not stretch. kuki hum already shadi drama bohot dekh chuke aur nehi dekh sakta. last year iss time pe shivay ne vikram k saath annika ki shadi arrange kaar raha tha aur iss baar nikhil. makers se request hai last Eid mai shivika ki nikah hua tha next week Eid ul azha ane wala hai. so this time we need shivika shadi. please makers.
    I want to ask specially Arpu dear..
    what do you think..?? will this marriage track go long or makers will end it…quickly like daksh expose..???
    waiting for your information…

    1. Hiii Shamrin dear…
      Yeh me too cried Seeing both of them like that..
      Pagal he dono.
      Yeh sarri function toh OM main hi hoga.
      And about marriage I think mandap talk you baat jayegi.
      Sso will feel hurt ,jealous but he will silent as he is thinking it is for Annika ‘s happiness..
      But honestly I don’t want no baat mandap tak jaye
      But our Cvs……
      They are dhit.
      But shivika ki saadi abhi nahi to go
      Abhi time he usmain…

    2. Luthfa

      When Shivaay himself has decided to break his heart to hum kya kar sakthe hain?And Shivika have left it to Desnity to decide so let’s wait and watch,what is going to happen under Destiny’s supervision.And stretching of Shadi drama is depending on cvs.Take care?

  8. Where are baki pagals????
    Most of pagals are vanished…??

  9. hi arpu…
    you mean to say that hume next week mai bhi nikhil to tolerate karna padhega..??
    I thought that today annika’s mehendi function has been started. n after mehendi function it’s shadi. that’s why i thought hume shayed next week mai shivika shadi dekh ne ko mile. paar…
    iska matlab hume next week tak bhi shivika shadi nehi milega..??
    aur bhi jada intezar karna padhega..??

    1. Shamrin.
      Shivika Shaddi abhi nahi hogi.
      They need to realise their feelings
      Moreover..more trust is needed
      I want them to enjoy their friendship akka love zone.
      Let them came close to each other, understand each other, Then confession .then happy marriage.
      According to Navina( who is playing tia)
      Picture abhi bakki he means she will come back
      D will be come back too……
      So now not sadi..
      But ye nikhil ka chapter close chahiye.
      I don’t want to see him
      Let’s see what makers will do…..
      Let’s enjoy the track..
      Love you

  10. I am here☺

    1. glad to see you NSK dear.
      Btw what is your name ?????

      1. Noushin.
        I was kinda off for some days.but im OK now.? how r u ?

    2. Luthfa

      Hello NSK,
      What’s up dear?Glad to have you here?

      1. Nth much is up r u di?

  11. Nikita_jai29

    Sso you are such a fool… Knocked out by ownself

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