Ishqbaaz 16th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Shivaye tries to escape

Ishqbaaz 16th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Roop asks Charlie to take the groom’s phone, as she doesn’t want the groom to think of something else than his marriage. Shivaye disconnects Om’s call and gives to the man. Om says I can’t believe Roop is so mean. Rudra says she left Shwetlana behind. Om says we know the truth now, we can help Shivaye. Rudra says we will tell Bhavya to locate Shivaye. Om says Shivaye said no one should know about this. Khanna says I can trace Shivaye’s location if his phone is on. Om asks him to find out. Om asks Rudra to control his anger. Rudra says she is blackmailing Shivaye for another marriage. Om says we won’t let this marriage happen. Anika asks whose marriage. Rudra says my bro… Om says his friend Bharat, he loves someone else, his family is forcing him for marriage. Anika asks do you know about Shivaye, his phone is not reachable.

Om says he went for imp work. She asks about Roop. Om says she went to Shirdi. Rudra says we got to know when family was talking about her. Anika goes. Om says we have to find where is Shivaye. They leave. Shakti says Shivaye’s phone is not reachable. Pinky says he will trouble himself till he finds the mills truth. Shakti says I m worried that he may fall in problem. Pinky says Roop is the root of all problems. Roop calls her and asks how are you, is there anyone around, none should know its my call, else it won’t be good for Shivaye. Pinky asks what nonsense. Shakti asks whose call is it. Roop says don’t dare to say anything to Shakti. Pinky says its my stylist’s call, you call Shivaye. She goes away and asks what is it. Roop says if you value your son’s life, reach at the address which I will send you, without letting anyone know. Pinky says you should lie that can be believed, I won’t believe that you have kidnapped Shivaye. Roop asks her to check pics. Pinky checks and asks why are you after my son. Roop says reach there without informing anyone. Pinky worries for Shivaye.

Shivaye sees the goons. He thinks I need that folder any way. He says I have to go washroom. Charlie says boss said you can’t move till you get married. Shivaye says tell boss that there will be a problem during marriage if I stay here. Charlie sends him. Shivaye hopes washroom is near the place where Roop took that folder. He thinks of Roop. He thinks it must be in that safe, I can run away but problem won’t be solved, Omru would have traced my location, I should get my folder till they come. Khanna says stop, Shivaye’s phone is in this area. Rudra says how will we find Shivaye in such an isolated location. Khanna says sorry, we can’t get exact location. Om asks them not to waste time and come. Shivaye asks goons to stay out. He checks the washroom for some exit point. He runs the taps.

Pinky comes to meet Roop at some lonely road. She asks why did you come to fill poison in our lives. Roop says I can’t tolerate your happiness, I m helpless to fill poison in your lives, I called you to give good news, Shivaye is going to remarry. Pinky gets shocked. Charlie asks why is he taking so long. He knocks the door. Shivaye sees the safe and says this safe has a passcode, what would Roop set as password, Veer’s birth date. He enters the passcode. Pinky says Shivaye will never do this. Roop says he will do this being helpless, if he refuses to me, you all will go jail, I will get happy, when Shivaye and Anika’s marriage breaks, Anika will shatter, Shivaye will cry and entire Oberoi family will cry. Pinky asks have you lost it, you are also an Oberoi. Roop says you all always treated me as an outsider. Pinky says you were not such.

Roop says yes, you all made me such, forget the past, its Shivaye’s remarriage, I want you to invite Tej, Shakti and Jhanvi in marriage, you should show you are conducting it by your wish so that Anika feels cheated by her husband and inlaws. Charlie shouts open the door, come out, if you don’t come out, I m going to break this door. He counts. Shivaye thinks what can be the passcode, which date is imp for Roop, the date of Kalyani mills accident. He enters that date. Charlie says I m going to break the door. Shivaye opens the safe. Alarm rings. Shivaye takes folder and hides. Charlie looks for him. Pinky says you can’t do this with Anika, she is like my daughter. Roop laughs and asks since when did you become a good Saas. Pinky taunts her. Roop says a mum is always a mum, I know if you have to choose between son’s life and bahu’s happiness, you will choose your son. Pinky says don’t do this. Roop says I want them to cry, they have sent my son to jail, that beggar Anika is worthless, she is living in palace, I will show her status, go and prepare for marriage, don’t act smart, my son just went to jail, your son will go to heaven.

Shivaye opens the door. The goons fall down. Shivaye runs out. Shakti says its not reachable. Pinky comes home. They ask where did she go, they were worried. Shakti says Pinky also got habit like Shivaye, to break her phone. She says Shivaye…. and cries. Shakti asks what’s the matter. Anika comes. Pinky wipes her tears and smiles. Anika asks is everything fine. Pinky recalls Roop’s words. She hugs Anika. Anika asks is everything fine, is Shivaye fine. Pinky says yes, why are you asking so. Anika says since few days he isn’t informing me where he is going, when he comes back, you take his class. Pinky thinks I couldn’t become your good Saas or mum. Rudra asks Khanna to hurry up. Khanna says I m trying. Rudra says I want results. Om says security alarm is ringing. Khanna shows the bungalow. Rudra says Shivaye is definitely in that house.

Shivaye runs downstairs to the exit. The mains get locked. Shivaye stops and takes another way. He gets inside a storeroom. Rudra says my sixth sense is saying Shivaye is inside this house. Om asks what if your sixth sense turns out to be nonsense, your wife will put is in jail for entering someone’s house. They see Roop. Om says Bua is here, it means Shivaye is here. Rudra says I told you, sixth sense, Shivaye is here, how will we go inside. Charlie and goons look for Shivaye. Shivaye hides behind the sacks. A box falls. They stop and turn to check. Charlie says he is here, he wants to play hide and seek. He gets a sword….. Shivaye looks on.

Shivaye says your game is over. Roop says game just started, my son Veer has escaped from jail, you should look for Anika, did Veer do…. Shivaye says if Veer dares to touch Anika, I will kill him. She says Veer will kill Anika before that.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Hi everyone, Bua was in half of the episode. Kaash mein un sare parts ko crop kar sakti. My mom who sometime watches IB with me was saying after everything will get fine na then this Bua will be beaten by Pinky Aunty (I m waiting for it). Shivay bhaiya and washroom. From starting I was feeling that password will be KM’s date. Liked Pinky Aunty’s concern for Anika di. This Charlie looks so wired. But I m upset with CVs they are not giving Gauri and Bhavya importance. Rikara and Ruvya fans have stopped watching IB. I saw on Only Ishqbaaz ( YouTube) that IB’s trp is 2.1. Precap- Shivay bhaiya will be safe but Anika di is in danger. I m scared.

    1. Banita

      Yeh final correct TRP of IB is 2.1 …
      Me also upset about how they progressing Gouri’s character…

    2. Hii Ritu dear….congrats…..GRG….
      Yehh trp is 2 .1 thofi thandak mili…
      Yaa Bua ke dant todne main maja aayega..

    3. Luthfa

      Go Ritu Go.Congratulations on being first…?
      Yeah Pinky can beat Roop.She is harassing Shivaay so much.Only cvs know what they are doing.Trp got revised and thank God it’s 2.1.Everyone was sad because of that.Take care?

  2. Hi pkjians,
    How r u all ??
    Hope all r fine.
    Today’s epi was good .
    Shivaye successfully escaped.I just want to break Roop bua’s shining teeth.Phir pata chalega kitme chamk rahe hain.
    I love pinky today, I think she really changed.
    PRECAP -so Veer is going to kidnap annika .Let’s see what will happen Till then just wait!

    About yesterday’s epi –
    Ye to hona hi tha.
    Annika’s unconditional luv changes shivaye’s priorities. He chooses annika over his family.
    Congo ! To u Lutfa di , u always belive in shivika’s true love.
    How romantic our shivika and episode were.
    I think after lal ishq first time annika didn’t use her fav dialogue.”ye aap kya kar rahe hain shivaye”.
    Banita di , i will stay happy bcoz u all r with me.
    Arpita di , me too want annika to get hospitalized .Last year when they show annika get shot i was so excited. But CVs did big Oh my mata of my excitement.
    Krishna di ,
    We cannot leave commenting bcoz ishqbaaz and pkjians r part of our life
    So dont worry we keep commenting.
    Beauty di,
    R u teacher??
    If u r then u r doing such a brilliant work by teaching future of our nation.Great job di!
    Arpita di,Luthfa di,Banita di,Pushpa di,kadambari akka, Sindhu akka , beauty di,Jeevi,Sneha,Krishna di ,Niya and many others, i want to say u all that i just luv your amazing company.
    And last,
    Happy new year to all !
    (I know its late but not too late.Right????
    Ok bye.
    Luv u all !

    1. Hiii Ishu…..
      Yaa i am fine yaa..last year this time .annika got shot…..bit They chopped our excitement. Hope this time we will get that…
      Happy new year to you too…
      Love you…

    2. Oh thanks Ishita. You are so sweet. We also love you and your company. Thanks for your comments

    3. Luthfa

      Hi Ishita,
      Congratulations to you too dear.Shivika’s love is invincible.They will come out victorious.Let’s see how Shivaay is going to rescue Anika.And belated”Happy New Year”.We all love you and will always love.Take care?

  3. Haloo ib family…????shivaay is a real super hero .Even in the captivity he is ruling as a king???dats oru SSO…??bechaari anika…shivaay plzz help ur biwi???

    1. Hii Shana…ha ha ha yiu are right
      Capative he but fir bhi king ki tarah behave..well Sso ki tadi… kahan jayegi…

    2. Luthfa

      Hi Shana,
      Shivaay is no less than a superhero.So that’s obvious?

  4. Zaveesha

    A big hello to everyone here…
    Again I’m here to show my glance…
    How are u all??..
    Hoping that everyone is in good health…
    These days IB is going good..the story is progressing..pace is also always hoping that it ended completely…
    Loving Pinky and Anika relation..

    If I missed anyone’s bday then Happy Birthday to them…and Good luck to everyone who have their exams… Keep smiling and Spread Happiness…❤️

    1. Zaveesha …where were you gone…
      Welcome back…..
      Yaa now story is moving..thank Cvs….
      Hope they will put an end to this story with a complete touch..

    2. Zaveesha

      Hey Arpita…
      I’ve gone no where..just got busy with studies and other stuffs…
      But don’t worry I watch IB regularly on TV…
      Yeah hoping so…

    3. True zaveesha. IB is going good. I like that way but sad that they are underutilising Gauri and Om so some are boycotting it.

    4. Zaveesha

      Yes Sindhu di…
      They are not giving proper attention to Rikara and Ruvya too…

    5. Luthfa

      Hi Zaveesha,
      Welcome back to PKJ with warm hug.Yeah IB is going good.Pinky-Anika relation will take its own time but is in good pace.Take care?

  5. Hiiii mere khidkitod pagals. ..
    So thriller baaz in continue……
    And moreover i am.saying thank you for today episode.
    And i can’t believe i am agree with vomit..
    When she asked Pinky ponky AAP ITNI ACCHI SAAS KABSE BANGAYI…
    I also want to ask ponky. …….
    You are the one who broke both shivika. .only bcozof you they suffered soooo much.
    Now you are asking her that what she will get by breaking shivika…WHAT YOU GOT PINKY PONKY WHEN YOU BLACKMAILED ANNIKA…
    Now may be shivika are once again suffering. .but it is pay time for you pinky ponky..You know very well how to blackmail others….
    Now you should know…when you are get horrible it is…And hope you will understand Annika’s pain..that time……
    GGlad to hear that finally yiu understand that how much shivika love each other.
    And plz now this time don’t breal annika..
    Yiu know very well how to play with others emotions. .don’t yiu dare to fo that with Annika……

    Feeling very much sad about SHIVIKA…how much they will suffer..bcoz of others they always suffer. …….Now once again Both will be the victim…..

    Vomit…………you don’t even know how much i hate you …… just don’t want to talk about you and yiur blo*dy teeth…go And mary your teeth…stupid.—-

    Sso And his Pakdam pakdai game
    …ok i enjoyed it mere ko maja aaya…..

    Annika was really cute today…they way she said everything i got emotional. …..don’t know why? ???.

    Hope all these mess will give pinky ponky a good lesson.

    Omrukhanna…..good team..

    Precap- once again shivvay will be in dillema..i yhink whole family will go to Vomit house and Sso don’t know about it…it means allare in trouble. .and here Vanmanush kidnapped annika…….
    It is really getting so thrillng and entertaining. .

    Thank God TRP is 2.1 and in 11th position. ..
    Chalo sahi trp aahi gayi..

    Love you guys…too sleepy..goodnight.

    1. Nice di ,
      I like your advice for bua to go and marry your teeth.
      and your comment is as amazing as you.
      Take care .

    2. Yes arpu dear. You are right. I think now Pinky will be in a dilemma. Who to choose? If pinky wants to prove her loyalty to Anika and really treats her as her Daughter then she has to do something where she chooses both Anika and makes sure that shivaay does not remarry. How she does that she needs to prove to the family? Shivaay and Anika have proven many many times so it time for Pinky to prove her loyalty

    3. Luthfa

      Wow darling,your thoughts are same to same of mine.Pinky’s change will be a slow progress for me.She can’t earn respect in our eyes so easily.Bua and her teeth-dialouge,just horrible to bear.Let’s see what happens next.Very happy for trp.

  6. How smartly CVS change the storyline all are divert marriage to annika killing sequence. Today pinky is told true that she not a good mom & sasa she knows full plan of Roop and she supporting her because of shivaay life without annika what the use of shivaay life and what about that dialogue shivaay sabse kuch sahi karega

    1. Aditi dear..lets wait.. both Shivaay and Annika are log kya karenge kisi ko idea nahi he…
      So lets wait..some khidkitod sequence is on the way…….

  7. Yes i forgret to say that after watching friday’s episode I remembered Om’s shayri –
    “Ankhon mein basi thi jo ,
    Dil mein ja utri hai.
    Ishqbaazi chalte chalte ,
    Manzil tak aa pahochi hai.”

    1. Wow..Ishu.. . Yaa nice line and perfect for shivika…
      I am missing Om’s shayari……….

    2. Luthfa

      Awwww….So sweet of you Ishita.Thank you so much for this awesome lines?

  8. Dear PKJ family, my dear Arpu, Banita, Luftha, Jeevi, Kadhanmbari, Beauty,Sneha,Oamira and many many more wonderful people.

    Today’s episode was sitting on the edge episode especially when Shivaay was trapped and trying to run from Roop’s men. I must say Roop is rich. She has henchmen and even a huge house. How did she get so much money?

    I like the part between Khanna and Rudra. When they were discussing how to find Shivaay, suddenly Khanna comes and says if Shivaay’s phone is switched on we can trace location. I laughed when Rudra told you should have said something earlier and not wait for us to discuss so much. Rudra was cute and talking about his 6th sense. Good that at least Om is getting more screen space together with Rudra. This is what I want to see the obros working along together.

    So it seems that Pinky has to choose between Shivaay and Anika. Of course she would choose Shivaay. It goes without saying. No guesses.

    Shivaay trying to escape from the goon was really nail biting for me. Goodness me Veer just entered into the Oberoi mansion and kidnapped Anika away. How did he do that? What happened to security in Oberoi mansion? Nothing at all? What happened to Bhavya who is a police? Veer just simply escapes from prison and kidnapped Anika right under the eyes of security.

    I loved it when he told Roop if Veer touches Anika he will kill him. How dare Veer touch Shivaays biwi? No one would dare do it.

    1. Sindhu di Vanmanosh is a doctor na…may be she got money from here..
      And Khanuji is now with Omru..So leave security btw…Koi farak nahi padta..??????…
      And whole family is now under Roop control..
      Don’t know about Bhabya and gouri……

      Lets see how Vanmanosh will torture. Annika.

    2. Luthfa

      Hi Sindhu di,
      Veer is rich so Roop became rich automatically and those arrangements are of Veer’s.Oberoi Mansion and its security can never live up to our expectation.Every time he or she gets entry of free fund.Don’t know what will happen next.Lots of love?

  9. Vidya Saraswathi

    IAM waiting for tommorow episode.

    1. Yes dear..waiting ..waiting..and too..
      We too..

    2. Luthfa

      Yeah waiting is fully on?

  10. Hiii everyone

    How are you’ll?
    Sorry for not commenting for a really long time now but I’m going thru alot these days I haven’t watched ishqbaaz since last week Wednesday I can’t really talk about what happened but when I get the strength i surely will just came to say I don’t think I’ll be regular for a while now ..?? and I mean a really long time I might comment here and then but I doubt I will

    Take care ?
    Remember you’ll the best and I’ll never forget you’ll ?

    1. Hiiii Omi…what happened yarr…
      Don’t worry..Everyyhing will be fine soon..
      No prblm dear…once everything will be fine you will be free…hope your prblm will solved soon….
      Love you dear..

    2. Luthfa

      Hello Omu dearest,
      Just don’t worry a bit.I will pray to God for you.Everything will be fine.And you can visit PKJ whenever you wish.Will be waiting for you.God bless you with all the love and protection?

  11. sindhu di,
    security of oberoi mantion never wprks at time .
    .what to do ????
    I think they must change the whole security except our khannuji.
    luv u di.
    good nigt.

  12. Luthfa

    Only two people loved Shivaay more than their life and anything else.One loved for the sake of true love and one for self-interest:Anika and Pinky are those individuals.Pinky’s love was very much obsessive by nature as she wanted to gaurd her love from anyone’s trespassing.Pinky failed to understand what her son wanted in actuality rather ignored deliberately.It’s Anika whom she hated like anything as to sharing Shivaay.Today she is worried for Shivaay as well as Anika simultaneously.Roop is right on the statement that a mother is mother after all.She can’t think ill of her child even for a second.Now the problem is,she is not only Shivaay’s but Anika’s mother also.Whom she will choose,Anika or Shivaay?

    1. Luthfa

      Roop gave her option and that was absolutely comfortable to accept but she got stuck.She got stuck because of her newly found daughter/bahu.In the past,Anika faced similar situation because of Pinky.She left with no other option but to leave Shivaay.In the same manner Pinky was rendered optionless and she had to choose only Shivaay.Now Shivaay’s mother Mrs.Pinky Singh Oberoi has to fight a inner fight to be Anika’s mother in her heart.That heart which was heartless once for Anika and anything related to her……………………………..

    2. Ya ….Luthfa di ,
      it is very difficult for pinky to chose between shivaye and annika.
      But this is called “KARMA”.
      She is in the same situation in which annika was when she blackmailed her.
      Now she will understand how painful it is to go against our loved ones and how hard it is to hurt those whom we loves a lot.
      At the time she blackmailed anmika she forget that”As we sow so shall we reap”
      and now this is the time for pinky to reap what she sowed.
      Anyways leave her ,

      your analysis is good.
      If i have to dedicate one word for your analysis then it o
      your style of analysing is unique.
      Luv u di.

    3. Very well said Luftha. Pinky has to prove and this is time for her prove that she is a good Mother and good mother in law and Mother to Anika. Pinky knows schemes also right? So she can always come up with some khidkithod plan if both shows shivaay and Anika are important to her

    4. Luthfa

      Absolutely agree with you.Now Pinky will understand what Anika went through when she blackmailed her.But what seemed more interesting to me is,now Pinky is suffering doubly,for Anika as well as for Shivaay.KARMA is balancing her wrong deeds with interest.Thank you so much for the compliment and your precious love for my writing.God bless you?

    5. Luthfa

      Sindhu di,
      Agree with you completely.This time Pinky needs to prove her loyalty both to Anika and Shivaay as their mother.She does know how to scheme anything.Let’s see what she is going to do.Thank you so much for the compliment.God bless you?

    6. Lu….Really good oart..
      But…..i want ponky to suffer more..she should what is dilemma…..
      But i don’t expect anything from her…….
      She loves only her son..i think only bcoz of him.she accepted Annika..

    7. Luthfa

      Pinky loves Shivaay only for herself and she accepted Anika seeing only that advantage(for me).Until KMM gets fully solved I can’t trust her instincts.Her suffering is started and she should suffer more.Thank you so much for the compliment.God bless you?

    8. Zaveesha

      Just amazing….Luthfa dear ur writing is fab…
      Best wishes

    9. Luthfa

      Thank you sooooooo….much for your love dear.God bless you?

  13. Hi guys, ha ha ha april fool to Banita , Arpita, Luthfa dears n sindhu akka to may pkj family…..
    the one u all welcomed on friday i.e indu. it was me….. actually i hv done april fool to all my family members n friends…. then how come i leave this family…. so just changed the user name n commented…… vv much happy……..
    Sry those who didnt like it r felt silly……..
    just for fun guys…….. i know its too late bt still its april chalta guys….

    tq aprita, Banita, beauty, Luthfa dears n Sindhu akka for ur reply n sry for nt replying….


    1. Wae wah Jeevi..april is going to be finish..and now you are making us fool..
      And we became fool..??????..not sily it is funny….
      Koi nahi chalta he..pkj main rehene wale he hum..Pagalpanti kyun na kare..
      Ok ALL THE BEST OF GOOD LUCK to you .rock your exam..
      Come soon.
      Love you.

    2. Oh jeevi dear you fooled us and we did not even know at all

    3. Luthfa

      Hi Jeevi,
      April fool is being celebrated on first April right?Why you did it so late?But thank you so much for this amazing piece.Had really a good laugh.All the very best for your upcoming exams.Take care?

  14. In the starting, the day after shivaay mistook Anika as tia and hugged her, Anika was running behind SSO for her Chand and OmRu were like “yeh kya ho raha Hein”. This was the comment that came in my mind after watching today’s episode. SSO being held captive, Anika goin to get kidnapped, pinky being blackmailed and dat too where she has to choose between Anika and Shivaay and for the first time she is actually feeling bad for it and Roop bua who was shown as taking water in a vessel in a chawl now having a super hifi bunglow and bodygaurds???.. But then again she is Veer Pratap Chauhan’s mother and also she must have gotten married to a big businessman. After all tej got her married off. He would get her married only for going higher up the ladder in business. But for the first time today Pinky’s concern fr Anika looked natural. Not made up. Not over. It was perfect. But I can’t understand one thing, this oberoi’s do have proper security ryt? Shivaay is in charge ryt? Khanna is wid OmRu bt after all their bahu is an acp na? Forget police their khudki security is a total failure ??.. and Roop bua is underestimating Shivay so much!! I only have one dialogue to say , quoting geet from jab we met and modifying it to streeling- thadpegi tu kameeni keede padegi theri upar.. U r nly an Oberoi in name bcoz even Tej who hated Shivay at one point knew enough not to underestimate him. But u and ur darling son are living in the clouds I guess.

    @Sindhu di- Thank u
    @Arpita – please try forgiving pinky yaar. Hots hein insano se galtiyan. She has been paying for it since.
    @Beauty- of course you can call me di. Srry for not replying sooner
    @Ishita – very true. There is an energy here in this page that makes you excited
    @Luthfa – ur comments! Mashallah they make me want to ryt more

    P.S: My Hindi is not that good so if I make mistakes please forgive?

    1. Krishu di…
      I don’t want to think.athink.about forgive will take a very long time to forgive her…Since 30 nov 2016…she has been showing her hatred towards annika…
      Aab itni jaldi maaf kaise karu.. nahi hota..
      And tight security in OM bhul jao kabhi nahi hoga….?????.
      Love you di.

    2. Krishna di,
      you r right that roop bua and her darling son is on clouds but it will be very intresting to watch their down fall.
      and it will be more intresting to see daanto wali bua without daant.(coZ during down fall her all teeth will break).

    3. Hello Krishna hope you are doing good

    4. Luthfa

      Hi Krishna di,
      Agree with you totally.This security thing of OM never works on time.Every other person and enemies of Oberois can breach it as per their wish.Bua is underestimating Shivaay under the influence of her overconfidence that she can tame Shivaay and make him do anything.Tej is learning his lessons and Roop will start learning in no time.Pinky’s concern was genuine and she felt really bad because she had to choose Shivaay unwillingly.Be it Shivaay or Anika,loss will be of Pinky’s.And she was upset and worried for that only,as a mother.Thank you sooo…much for this valuable love di.I am honoured.God bless your writing with more and more power?

  15. Pushpa

    Hi all pkjs
    Hope u guys had a great weekend…
    Another khidikhitod episode..
    Please someone help me to poison roop…. irritating to lookmatvher man… her teeth her eye lashes… god……sure I’ll kill her wt no mercy T all…
    So OmRu was listening to all shivaye roop convo…great and khanna too…luved their detective mind & yes thy found where shivaye is kept..
    Auntyji susususus…..thts funny…. and he escaped finally frm the bath the proofs….
    Om….Maaa…… subkhush teekta??? This new bonding is luvly… no one likes 2c pinky b a good mum….. so for shivaye she hv to turn 2b the bad pinky…i pity her…
    Precap… looks like shivaye manage to take the proofs andmhe’s at OM… so run and save anika… lets c what happen tomoro…waiting eagerly…
    Dil hua suspencebaazz..
    Gd nite gals..

    1. Hii Pu di..
      Ha ha Whenever IB character wanted to be good situation made them 2 behave bad…
      Previously Sso was going through these situations now pinky ponky too…
      Lets see what is going to happen next..
      Love you dear….

    2. Luthfa

      Hi Pu di,
      Yeah Pinky was forced to be bad and she felt really bad about it.As now she can’t be bad as per her new role of Anika’s mother,owing to a changed person.Shivaay will make everything fall into place.Your Shivaay is invincible.Let’s wait and watch.Take care?

  16. Hey guys, I never comment, but being a krpkab fan, I noticed that the house that shivaay was locked in today was of the dixit house. You can tell by the door style, and the wall garden, the purple wall with circles and the steel balcony. As far as I remember, the room used was Dev and Sona’s room. I was super surprised at this:))

    1. Hiiii Aditi dear..
      Welcome to pkj..yaa you are right….that is KRPKAB.. set……

  17. Well I think they might not show shivaay for few days, coz he went Japan naa….and I saw in news dat he vl b replaced by some duplicate???But hw can smone replace our SSO…and who vl save our anika di???excited to see

    1. Nooooo Shana..
      Only our Sso will save Annika..
      No body double..
      Just WAIT and watch

    2. Luthfa

      No body double dear.Only original Shivaay is going to rescue Anika.Let’s see?

  18. GOOD MORNING to my lovely are you all???I was missing you health was not well.belated HAPPY NEW YEAR to all.Today is my best friend’s? birthday plz pray for her happiness she meant a lot to are my family so I wished to tell you coming to episode… Friday’s episode was epic.the long awaited but unexpected things just happened.shivika romance oh god….and yesterday’s episode was quite good.shivaay was looking stunning???. the way shivaay escaped I just loved it.when he jumped from that sofa he was looking dashing.finally I feel pinky is changing the concern for annika specially for Shivika just loved it.and veer escaped from jail oh shivaay???plz save your jaan.and lights di how are you doing and your writings are too you❤❤❤

    1. Dear Puja,
      Good morning !
      Happiest bithday to your bestie may her special day brings all that her heart desires.
      and for u Get well soon dear !
      Take good care of health .

    2. Hiii Puja..he take care of your health…bcoz In summerdays sunstroke is very much dangerous..take care…
      Yaa on friday unexpected thing happened..ha ha ha..
      Sso was looking really handsome……..matlab bande ki bhagne bhi tadi..captive rehene pe bhi tadi..otadi..Hone question to Harneet ji..
      Writer of IB..KYA KHAKE AAPNE SSO KO LIKHA THA…sari duniya ki tadi isi me he.

    3. Luthfa

      Hello PUJA,
      How are you now?Take care dear.This season changing is always bad.Do give my best wishes and love to your best friend.
      Shivaay looks always dashing and superbly handsome.Waiting to see how he will do OMM of Veer for hurting Anika.I am good dear,thank you so much.And lots of love for your absolutely precious love for my writing.Love you?????????

  19. ya Arpita di ,
    me too missing our shayar Omkara.
    and sahil and dadi too.

    1. Hmmm Ishu..
      Since 19th feb….or usse bhi jyada..No dadi……
      And Sahil came just for few seconds..
      That little muchkin is really a treat to watch…
      Hope both will be back soon.

  20. Gud epi, roop bua ka security head wo kajal wala charli hamare khannaji ki nakal karega uske layi???????????

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