Ishqbaaz 15th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Priyanka hates Shivaye

Ishqbaaz 15th October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Shivaye gets a bad dream about Tej. He shouts no Omru… He wakes up. Anika asks what happened. Shivaye says stay away, I m not a human, I m an animal, you will get hurt, you have to stay safe. She asks what are you saying. He goes out. He sees a car coming. Priyanka gets down the car. He holds her and gets shocked seeing Priyanka drunk. He says I m looking for you since morning, how are you. She shouts don’t touch me, I hope my friends didn’t see you, they left, nobody has seen you. He says I wanted to see you. She says don’t touch me, leave. Anika comes and asks what’s this way to talk to your elder brother. Priyanka laughs and asks are brothers such. Om comes and asks what’s going on. Priyanka says I m drunk, but I can identify a murderer well.

Anika says don’t forget he is

your elder brother. Priyanka says he isn’t, Om is my brother, he doesn’t hurt me. She hugs Om and cries. Om says you should have food, freshen up now. She says I have to take a bath now, a murderer has touched me. Om takes her. Shivaye asks Anika to leave him alone. Anika asks where will you go now. Gauri’s phone rings. She says aunt is calling. Om asks why does she call at this time. She says I will explain. Rudra says I know your aunt cares for you, tell her you are married now and she shouldn’t call at this time. Bhavya says fine, I will tell her you don’t like this. Gauri and Bhavya go and enter the cupboard. Anika looks at them.

Anika says sorry to call you two here, you had to lie to Omru, I couldn’t stop myself, Shivaye isn’t fine, he has come home, but his mind and heart are still caged, how shall I make him normal. Gauri says have patience, he will get fine, give him some time. Bhavya says yes, jail experience makes the person shaken up. Gauri says you have to become Shivaye’s strength. Bhavya says sorry for Rudra’s words. Anika says its not your mistake, Shivaye and I have no complains with Rudra, situation is such, hearts got distant. Bhavya gets Rudra’s call and answers. Rudra says tell your aunt to come and stay with us, where are you. Bhavya says fine, I have come to guest room while talking. He comes to guest room. She opens cupboard and sees him. He says I m also in guest room, where are you. Gauri disconnects call. Bhavya asks why did you disconnect. Rudra hears sound and goes to check. Maid comes and says Dadi is calling you. He goes. Anika comes to room and says Shivaye didn’t return till now, he doesn’t have phone. She asks Khanna to find him. He asks her not to worry. She says I will come along.

Shivaye walks on the road. Anika sees someone and calls out Shivaye. She sees someone else and goes ahead. Shivaye collides with a man and says sorry. The man says why are you sorry, did you recognize me, I used to beg at signal, you used to give me 2000rs note and asked me to pray for your family, you got jailed, I can’t believe you can kill someone, I m glad seeing you released, how are you. Shivaye asks how do I look, sorry, I have nothing to give you today. The man says you gave me a lot, I will ask for your time, come and be a part of our celebration. Shivaye asks any special reason. The man says we are alive, what can be better reason, we celebrate every day that we will live one more day. Shivaye nods and goes with him. Arziyaan….plays…. The people celebrate. Bhavya calls Anika and says I found out, a constable has seen Shivaye to some signal. Anika thanks her. Shivaye sits there and looks at the people.

Anika and Khanna come there. Anika holds Shivaye. She asks shall we go home. The man says go, those who have a house and family are lucky, your wife have reached here finding you. Shivaye asks what’s your name. The man says Altaf, thanks. Shivaye asks why. The man says Shivaye asked my name, what can be better than this. He tells everyone that Shivaye asked his name. Anika says this man has nothing, even then he is so happy. The man waves to Shivaye. Anika and Shivaye come home. She says don’t do this again, you won’t go without telling me. He says I can’t promise. She says fine, talk to me. He says I want to know, why did you wait for a murderer for five years. She says I m your wife, your Anika, tears or smile, happiness or sorrow, I will not leave you. He says you will just get troubles. She says I will be happy with that also, you and I are happy, its big thing for me, if this happened with me, would you leave me. O jaana….plays….. She says you would have not left me, so I didn’t leave you, this is called keeping the marriage, you will understand this one day, sleep now. Anika makes him sleep. He stays awake. Its morning, Dadi asks maid for knee pain relief oil. Shivaye greets her. Dadi asks him to stop and not think of crossing the line.

Anika asks Shivaye to have breakfast. Shivaye says I should have not come home. Om asks who is giving speech in event. Rudra says we are giving speech since 5 years, we will give speech even this year. Om says he is also here this year. Rudra says I can’t let his shadow fall near Oberoi industries.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Appy

    Hiiiii mere khidkitod pagals….
    Hi hello namaste…….

    Guys plzz use this tag before commenting..
    Once again congrats to our ishqbaazians and ishqbaaaz
    For running successfully more than 2 years..
    More power to us…..and more love…..much more more and more

    BG music bajgaya.I 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    @PKJ I missed you sooooo much….I was busy…
    So guys how are you.

    My last hope us gone
    So prinku is also hate Shivaay.
    I will not say anything about her words bcoz her words were stabbing my heart very badly💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔…
    What she has done to herself..
    Sidhhi did a fabulous job..
    Loved her acting

    As Sso said from both side he will face defeat……
    And it happened..his brother left him so as his sister
    He was a tree and now her branches are fallen down
    Just his neev is with bodyelse is there for him.😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
    He Did a big sacrifice.. but it didn’t worked it messed up.everything..

    SSO used to give money to beggar…I was shocked
    But that scene was actually needed Sso needs to realise that sometimes there is nothing with us but still we are happy bcoz we a chance to love for tomorrow with new hope and energy…
    I cried and loved it..

    SSO, I know it will take time but plzz try to come out from your trauma…..I can’t see you like this..
    I loved Annika and loving her..Now she is the only one who is on Sso’ side….

    Precap- I promised my self I will not think about AU omru ..if I will think I will end up hating them
    So nothing to say
    Bit Dadi I am.requesting don’t open your mouth plzzz.
    It’s hell.annoying ..
    Thank God Janvi is not here…….

    1. NSK

      The tree example 😭
      OmRuPri are hurting now,but they’ll be loveable soon 😉
      And Annika didi will Bring Shivaay out of trauma.Don’t worry di.😄
      Have good dayyyys💚

  2. Rajvi_shah

    Oh my god priyanka hates shivaay😭😭 shivaay is your older brother at least u should believe him. He did so much for u please show some trust on him. Anirivya trying to unite shiomru😍😍 likes how they are helping anika😍 please Cvs unite shiomru I can’t see their seperation 😭 it is even worse than shivika’s seperation.

    1. Appy

      Me too hope Shivomru will reunite soon…..

    2. NSK

      Agreed 😞

  3. heyyyyyy everyone.i am new here.can i join u guys?and yeah can someone plz tell me the repeat telecast timings f IB on star plus n star utsav?i couldn’t find it anywhere

    1. Appy

      Pratyashi dear welcome to pkj..keep commenting and enjoy the fun.

      I think ishqbaaaz has no repeat telecast.

    2. NSK

      Yes ur welcome to join with band Baja and love dear.😊😊
      Keep commenting.😃

  4. Shivika,rikara and ruvya u guys are awesome

    1. NSK

      Yes agreed.😊

  5. Vidyakrish

    Finally all in oberoi mansion hate shivaay except Anika according to some rumors Annika take shivaay business responsibility and turn as business women. If like that it’s good to see. Let’s wait and watch

    1. Appy

      Yes all are hating Sso.
      Annika and business’s my dream
      But let’s see what Cha are keeping for us

    2. NSK

      Lets hope for the best di.😊

  6. actually i meant both timings n repeat telrcast timingd f IB on star plus n star utsav .plz someone tell me plz.btw epi was okay but i want to see shivomru union n gud rikara scn.

    1. NSK

      Actually if i knew the timings,i would tell you.but sorry dear idk.😮
      Yes,lets hope for the best😊

  7. I dont know why but i think omru are faking there hate towards shivay i feel so dont know why but i want cvs to turn the story the way that omru got some clue about shivay being innocent or aginst tej from the starting and they are doing this hatred drama just to make shivay open his moth to know entire truth and i also want to see that its omru who released shivay from jail indirectly


    1. Appy

      Abhisek dear…it is just that We are upset with omru’s act ……and we are not saying that Annika is mahan he is also a human……
      It hurts to see such comments from you

    2. NSK

      Dear you are free to comment what you have in your mind,but degrading an character can’t ever upheld your favourite.
      Moreover nobody in PKJ are hating OmRu.They are sad and blaming CVS.nobody is also saying Annika is Mahan.its done by some so called obsessed fans who just can talk rubbish.
      Pkj isn’t that place.its not a social media.
      Hope you understand and sorry if i have hurt you.
      Take care.

  8. Luthfa

    Hello the greatest ShivOmRu/OmRu/Shivaay fan,
    Congratulations on IB’s completing 650 episodes.Yeah,all those can be a part of drama on their side to make Shivaay open up.If it’s true,cvs are making joke on specific fans.And why are you waiting for Anika fan’s attack on OmRu?They are doing it regularly na according to you,so you also start bashing ANIKA,the way you like,on a regular basis on PKJ as well as in Social Media.No one will stop you.You have all the right and liberty to speak up your heart and mind.So,all the very best😊😊😊

    1. NSK

      Strong words apu.😊 loved them.😃
      But sorry to say,maybe this comment has got scattered!😂😭
      (Should i laugh or cry or become serious😐😐)

      1. Luthfa

        You are right.My comment did get scatter.Mine was last so I did not realize it.Thank you soooooo…very much for your lovely acceptance.As you wish😉😉😉😊😊😊

    2. NSK

      OK apu😄

  9. Luthfa

    Many many congratulations to PKJ on IB’s completion of 650 episodes.Heartfelt congratulations to every single person who is related to it.Special shout out for Narbhi-Shivika as they are carrying the show since almost 2 years.Waiting for more.Go Ishqbaaz Go.

    1. Appy

      3 cheers for ishqbaaaz

      1. Luthfa


    2. NSK

      Yay !!!! 😁😁😁 cheeerssss 😊😊😊

      1. Luthfa

        Absolutely dear😊😊😊

  10. Astmasiddika

    Episode is good except prinku ‘s scene so even prinku hates Shivay mmmm…..Aniriya hide speaking drama was cute .. Nick names too Eana,Meena, Teeka. a this sound like a song from Kollywood film Theri where song starts with this words . Yes SSO should be atleast realise he has Anika as support .
    Precap – intresting

    1. Appy

      🤣eena meena teeka .it’s a song heading …sung by Kishor Da….
      Yes hope Sso will realise that……
      Even I am.waiting for it

    2. NSK

      I gotta listen to that song haha 😂 thanks for the information😄
      Hmm Agreed to the rest of the comment😃

  11. I also want that omru are faking anger and want to know whole truth from shivaay mouth
    I miss shivomru and obros moments plz
    I want shivomru union plz prove shivaay innocence asap

    1. Appy

      But seeing omru it is not looking like they are showing fake anger..
      Lets see what is the real story.
      Who killed tej….

    2. NSK

      Hoping too😃keep watching

  12. Sindhudi

    #Ishqbaazhits650, Congratulations!!! For being successful in your run for more than two years. It is great to see how the plot is now developing. Nakkul and Surbi as usual nailed their parts so well. I loved the adorable and funny Rudra but here Rudra is very serious. He is doing a good job because now people are hating Omru which means they are acting very well. Must hand it out to them showing their anger and displeasure to shivaay especially to Shivaay. So we are seeing a new plot of a divided household of ShivOmRu. The new twist that I saw was Priyanka is the one who killed Tej. She overheard the conversation and Shivaay took the blame. Not sure because cvs always can change the storyline suddenly.

    I did see Asia Biz interview and both Surbi and Nakkul were saying there will be a scene of London so the interviewer asked when will that be but both said it is coming soon. So we will see SSO rising because Anika takes over the business and uses her khidkithod style to run it that will shock Omru but impress Shivaay so he will take back his SSO avatar. He looks very stylish in that shot. When it will come I am not sure but I Guess we need to be patient.

    Today Anika was an amazing support pillar and of course I love Gauri and Bhavya who are always helping Anika out in whatever way they can and thank goodness did not listen to Omru. Nakkul really nailed his part as someone who seems so lost in his own world and I liked when Anika said whatever situation you are in I will always be there for you and support you. Oh how lovely. Shivaay sleeping and Anika caressing him lovingly like really a Mother.

    Hello to everyone Luthfa banita Arpu Jeevi Shivay NSK Pushpa Agga Kadhambari Shivya and many many more

    1. NSK

      Hello di👋
      Yes i agree to your comment, beautifully spoken.😊
      In my opinion SSO should be back after ShivOmRu reunion.😊but lets see what CVS has kept for us.😉
      Hoping for the best😄
      Yes Shivika has been awesome 😀 and AniRivYa too.😃
      Love your positive opinion on OmRu.😊
      Take care di.😀

  13. Appy

    Oh my God
    Mere pkj main ho kya raha he ???????
    Shivomru vs Annika he kab suru hui..that also in PKJ
    Totally unexpected…….
    Kya yarr..all are protagonist of show….so why we are putting this kind of opinion…
    Nay be we have our dev couple or dev characters but that doesn’t mean n.a. we will bash others
    Plz isse social media mat banao.this is pkj
    .it has its speciality
    Every person has right to put his/ her POV.but without bashing other can happen without bashing too na……
    This is ishqbaaazians world….
    @Lu I missed you soooo much.
    How are you ???? is your ff going on..???????
    Kuch pagalpanti..cheapdipanti..🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪

    1. I agree with you

    2. NSK

      True,Agreeing to you and Luthfa apu.PKJ is not social media.😄its a place where the fans comment their opinions,yes sometimes negative comments come but its not by degrading other character😃
      And Her FF IS ROCKING😍do check if possible di.😊
      Loads of love.😁

    3. Luthfa

      Hello Darling,how are you?Me too missed you so very much.I think you were busy in Twitter😉😉😉😇😇😇😇
      Pagalpanti and Chepdipanti are every PKJian’s department.And my FF is going good.Kabhi padne ke liye aa jana.See you soon😊😊😊

  14. Hello my pagal ishqbaazians
    Congrats for completing 650
    Aree mere omru ko kya hogaya itni nafrat
    Aniriya ki bonding 😋😋 ena mina tika 🤗🤗🤗
    Rudra tu pachtaye ga
    No words to say about priyanka
    Overall episode was ok
    Waiting for shivomru millan
    Bye keep smiling and take care

    1. NSK

      Lets hope for good up coming a😁
      Keep smiling too dear😊
      And ShivOmRu will reunite soon and their bind will become much more stronger😃

  15. ShinyTirupathi

    So #IshqbaaazHits650.. Each time When Show Crosses Some Mile Stones.. I Become Emotional.. The First Day I Get to She the Show.. I’m Happy I Could Get More Frnds.. and So Many Positives By this Show.. Simple Baat Ishqbaaaz Changed My Life So Much…
    Ok Coming To Today’s Epi.. It Was Good… Bro and Sis Scene Was Little Emotional and I Didn’t like it ..But Loved Siddhi Acting..How Natural She is….
    Hello Sindhu Di.. Arpu.. Banita.. Luth.. Ishu.. Jeevi… and Many More… So Long.. How are U Guys… Missed U Guys So Much…. Love U My Pagals…

    1. Hey Shiny how are you my dear one? Been a long time since you came here. Glad you came today.

      1. ShinyTirupathi

        I’m Fine Di… Yeah I’m Little Busy.. Will Try to Come Often..

    2. NSK

      Love you too. 😊
      And cheers to IB.😁
      Episode summary of yours was nice.😃

      1. ShinyTirupathi

        Love U too Dear.. Yayyyy!!!! Cheers To IB…
        Thnk U For Appreciating Dr

  16. Riana

    Guyz… I read somewhere in spoilers that not shivaay but priyanka killed tej and shivaay took the blame of murder !!!… I means seriously i guess the news is utterly fake !!… Kuch bhi chaap te hai ye kalke aaye reporters 😂😂😂😂😂
    Emotional & Boring episode….
    AniRiVya scenes were atleast okayish ! 😽😽😽
    But one thing that i loved the most was priyanka’s behaviour… Grt dadi just love how you upbringed priyanka in this 5 years !!!…😊😊😘😘
    Issi liye toh vo apne bhaiyaa se itne battameeeeeeeeeeeezzzzziiiii seeee baaat karrr rahi haiiii 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬
    Precap – OMRU you guyz are good… apne papa ke nakshe kadam par chalna… Aur sabkaa naam dubana 😏😏😏😏😏😏

    1. NSK

      Haha nice sarcastic comment .😂😂 taunts on point di.😉😉

      1. Riana

        Nsk… Reall dear eagerly waiting for tadibaaz sso & khidkitod anika… I am pissed off sering this overemotional scenes 😶😒😒

    2. NSK

      Hoping same 😄 tc

  17. NSK

    Episode was really heartbreaking😭💔
    It’s really sad to see OmRu controlling RiVya over whom they will talk and who they won’t😭
    AniRi are own sisters,still they have to be in disguise to talk💔its really deep💔
    Bhavya also supports AniRi😆yah! Glad that no hatred is among this trio.
    PS.All of them looked marvellously beautiful yesterday😍
    Pri hates SSO too😭
    OK that Fakir part was awesome for me.What a great lesson it has!😇
    Yes its true.Despite having many things,people want more and become sad because of being extra ambitious. We should also think about others lives where some are hardly getting a meal in a day and help them. We should be grateful that we are atleast able to have what we desire,not everything. But we are in a better condition than many other are!so we should be grateful.💯
    This lesson is way too good.😇
    Anni also was indicating SSO the😊
    Actually there are some fans who are never satisfied with IB’s story.They keep saying to HS and GK ‘do that,do this, we want that,we want this,Don’t do that, don’t do this” etc etc… Have some patience guys or better imagine a show for yourself as per your aspirations!😂 glad that no one in PKJ is like this.😄
    ShivOmRu will reunite and it will be soon and in a grand way.*hopeful*
    So stop crying guys,Their bond will become STRONGER THAN EVER !!!☺
    #ishqbaazhits650 !
    Yay!congratulations whole team.U do fabulous work for us and we,the fans are very grateful for that.keep entertaining us.😇
    Thanks for your hard work and time for the fans.😄
    Everyone in PKJ have good days,i couldn’t come and comment yesterday. Sorry.but I love PKj.😆
    Tata for now.😉

    1. ShinyTirupathi

      Ur Analysis On Epi Is Superb.. This Much Long.. Haven’t Wrote Anything This Big

      1. NSK

        Thanks dear .😊
        Actually my comment always gets long idk how 😂
        Anyway take care 😃

    2. Luthfa

      Wow,I am impressed Noushin.Very good analysis on a very important point of life-Contentment,which,lacks most of the people of Post-Modern era.And it suits some fans of IB who is never satisfied with anything IB offer.Complaint box personified people.Anyway,we PKJ are beyond all those things and it is our greatest achievement.Loved reading your comment so very much.Keep writing like that.Love you😊😊😊

      1. NSK

        Thank you 😊
        Love you too 😄

  18. Nikita_jai29

    Congratulations to ishqbaaz team for completing 650+episode…. But now a days i don’t feel like to watch ishqbaaz… Please change the track soon cvs

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