Ishqbaaz 15th February 2019 Written Episode Update: Shivaansh vents anger on Mannat

Ishqbaaz 15th February 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Shivaansh makes excuses. His siblings demand for Nek and take money from him. They send Shivaansh to the room. Varun thinks I will get real Nek, after all I worked hard to get this marriage done. Mannat thinks I should run away before Shivaansh sees me. She hides. He calls out Sonya. She thinks he will know its me when he sees me, he will murder me. He asks where are you Sonya. He says where did she go, maybe she has gone to washroom. Mannat leaves from room. Nani says maybe you are shy, you know Shivaansh already, you go in, Shivaansh would be waiting. She sends Mannat back to room. He asks where did you go, we will discuss what to do, so that there is no confusion, why did you put this ghunghat, remove it. He lifts the ghunghat and gets shocked seeing Mannat.

He hits the chandelier in anger.

She worries. He asks where is Sonya, what’s this joke, what are you doing in my house, it means you sat in mandap in Sonya’s place, I got married to you. He recalls her words and says such a big conspiracy to take revenge. She says no, someone has blackmailed me, someone is plotting against you. He says don’t lie. She says I m not lying. He scolds her. He says you manipulated and married me.

She says you are misunderstanding me, I was asked to come here as mehendi artist and inject something to faint Sonya, I didn’t do this, Sonya was missing, I wanted to tell you everything, someone wanted me to take Sonya’s place, that person is here, he was keeping an eye on me, so I couldn’t talk to you. He asks who is he. She says I don’t know, I haven’t seen him. He says I can’t believe your nonsense story. She says I was helpless, you are also responsible for this. He asks me? She says Munni got kidnapped because of me, kidnapper fixed a bomb on her and asked me to sit in mandap. He says it looks like a C grade film story, you didn’t go to police station, you sat in mandap. He recalls Varun’s words. He says Munni is resting in your house, she is fine. She says no, she is kidnapped. He says lets see, make a video call. She calls her Chachi and asks for Munni.

Chachi says Munni had food, she is sleeping now. Mannat gets shocked. Shivaansh throws phone and says if you had to lie, you should have taken family in confidence. Mannat says I had sent letter by that waiter. He says stop it, Aditi was right, you did this because of your obsession, you crossed all limits, you married me for money, you have done this sin, I won’t hear your explanation, just tell everything in police station. Nani and everyone come. Nani says I got to know everything, she is Mannat, not Sonya. She lifts Mannat’s ghunghat and sees her. Everyone looks on. Nani says I know, none could do this, I don’t know how to thank Mannat, she has saved our family respect by giving this sacrifice. She hugs Mannat. Dhruv asks what are you saying. Nani says Varun told me, Sonya had run away from mandap by changing mind, Mannat married Shivaansh to save our respect. Mannat signs no to Shivaansh. Nani says I m happy that Shivaansh married you.

Shivaansh asks what’s all this. Varun says Sonya called me, she said someone tried to attack her, so she got scared and run away, I had seen Mannat there, I think she is behind this. Shivaansh asks why did you lie to Nani and make Mannat a hero. Varun asks would I let Nani get a heart attack again, if you think I did wrong, sorry. Shivaansh says no, I understand, I will not leave Mannat, she doesn’t know that pandit and everyone was fake. Varun thinks he doesn’t know marriage was real, I played new game and involved Nani, now Shivaansh can’t make Mannat out. Nani asks what are you guys talking. Shivaansh says I was saying, this happened for good, what she with us, I mean what she did for us, none can forget it, just she could do this.

Nani says I will fulfill all rituals well. Dhruv says Lord has fulfilled your Mannat finally. Nani asks Shivaansh to make Mannat wear the ring. She says promise that you won’t never leave each other, you will stay together, you both will also set an example of love. She gives them rings. Tere naam…plays… They exchange rings. Everyone claps. Shivaansh and Mannat go to their room. He asks did you see them, how shall I see them that this is a lie, how shall I tell Nani that you are a liar and manipulative girl. He throws her ghunghat. He ruins the decorations in anger. He throws the rose petals, which fall over her. Mannat gets on the bed to help him remove lights. They fall down and get tangled. They have an eyelock. Jaanejaan…plays…

Mahesh says I have come to tell you, that there is still a hope, heart transplant can make you fine. Khanna says I knew injustice can’t happen with you. Shivaansh smiles.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Trp day konsa hota hai?

  2. Thursday.
    Ok fine😽

  3. Good evening DIB..Another fabulous episode.. Mannat and shi the light scene they both shined like stars..mannat was gorgeous..sso as usual nox’s eyes was cat like yellow.. Gusse me unki ankein yellow colour ho jata hai..

  4. Here is my episode analysis.. First of all I like MaAnsh’s hide and seek.. A wife is scared of her husband!..LOL… SSO’s anger is justified. He has been terribly misguided.. Thanks to Varun and Aditi..and oberois accepted meine expect nahi kiya. Acha hua..precap..good news..heart transplantation…hurrah… I hope his changed heart will melt for Mannat

  5. Hey ishqies.. Did sso throw the phone? That too into the pool…Ok papa k beta.. Papa used to throw mamma into the water..beta phone ko..

  6. Two days no dib. Not fair. I will cherish todays memories till monday.. I expected overreaction from oberois. But no. They easily accepted it. Sso’s anger also was not scary. But those eyes where really scary. Jane jan moment was blissful. Next week please start MaAnsh nok jok..

  7. Nani ki tarah mei bhi dua karthi hu.. Let thier ishqbaazi become a my shivika..may they loved by everyone.. God bless you MaNsh

    1. Don’t you dare to about our shivika and compare to krna mt iss manshit ko compare kiya next time shivika se apne iss bkwas jodi ko apne pas rkh smjhi sara serial copy paste chl jayega h aur tm jaise aye iss shit hmare original se copy krne second time stay in your limit

  8. Thanks for the written update..
    Episodes are moving fast no dragging..
    Heart transplant is going to take place..
    Started loving this show very much

  9. Good morning

  10. MaAnsh first night…became like this…afterall he lifted gungat…threw flowers on her…in the light admired her..ha..ha…ok dont be a cheapdi..

  11. Gud mrng. Where is everyone?

  12. In many ways jsso is more matured than shivaay. He is not prejudice like shivaay.. Doesnt have blind anger.. Jsso is more controled than

  13. Mannat again failed to explain sso. Pool scene k bare mei meine kya socha kya mila…lets wait..they will show another pool scene.

  14. Kya h rh hai..kahan h sab?

  15. Nithu. Unlike Shivaay Shivaansh trust his heart. Shivaay dimag se sochtha tha. Dil k bath kabhi nahi suna. Shivaansh trust others. Remember in the lockup he trusted that criminal..he is frank and anika.. But he got his fathers tadi no doubt.

  16. Guys How is your weekend

  17. Dib fan… Yes..without ishqbaaz life is colourless…and jeena you are thinking about first night..ha..ha.. Too cheapdi..apni bhayya k first night k barein me ek behan soch na bhi math….

  18. Ibfan. Weekend is boring. Two days no dib.. Guys atleast comment here.

  19. Neha goyal.. Tumne abi tak vomit nahi kiya.. Meine kaha tha na..vomit kar tera man sudh ho jayega

  20. Thanks for the threaten neha goyal

  21. I understand your pain.. Koi bath nahi.. Think positive.. It will help u..

  22. Jeena.. Better avoid it.. Its their frustration..

  23. Sso in shadi dress..dashing

  24. Neha love you really need medical help..try a psychiatrist.

  25. And about copy paste .. Ishqbaaz original was also a copy of ipkknd..that u enjoyed every bit..after surbhi’s exit u people think the entire world is ur enemey..dont u dare

  26. Ok .lets talk positive things

  27. Jeena..not only sso entire oberois were beautiful.. I started watching pyar ka dard in starutsav.. So saturday and sunday will pass..

  28. about shivaansh..too innocent.waise honey’s murder video clip mannat k phone mei hai na. Wo abhi tak us video dekha nahi? In that way she will catch ghatia dulhan varun

  29. They have to clear many mysteries aditis parents death..shivika death.. Sahil’s character change..jai kotharis plot..priyanka.. Prof. Avasthis challenge..finish nahi karna hai to start kyu kar rh hai..

  30. Yes nithu. If they clear all these links it will be more interesting. I cherish the chandelier scene. Awsome scene. In the light sso’s anger, frustration everything was clear. Mannat’s worry,fear, guilt was visible.

  31. Muh dikhay rasam honewala hai. Next week. More syappa. Uper se presswala poured oil in the fire. Dadi is missing. In the ashram ye kya kr rh hai. Apni shivaanshu ki shadi nahi dekhna h kya.. Makers dadi ko le ayiye. We miss her.

  32. I personally am not enjoying the show as much as b4. I feel mannat appears as a young child against shivaansh. Better pairing with aditi. No spark as such with the 2 leads.

  33. Mannat wrote a note to Shivaansh.. but Varun interrupted and threw the paper in a bag which contains PD’s gift for Shivaansh’s would be wife.. Now I am waiting to see who
    Will read the letter? Shivaansh or PN ? What is your guess guys?
    Oh we have to wait till Monday

  34. Dib fan.. Hamesha ki tarah letter varun ko milega..and he will make some excuse. Or turn it against mannat. Yadi sso k mila, to bhi wo barosa nahi karoge..he has been misguided..he easily trusts villians..fir bhi pata nahi what makers stored for us. Yes waiting for monday.

  35. I bow down before all those brave soldies who sacrifised their life for our country in pulwama

  36. What! Ok…bhaiya k barein mein ehsa nahi sochungi…waise meine ek punch k liye bhaiya kaha tha..tik hai man gayi…LOL

  37. Gud n8 guys

  38. Ibfan yes those soldiers are real heros. agree with u yar

  39. Weekend is boring without dib. Monday ao jaldi

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