Ishqbaaz 15th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Shivaye convinces Nikhil

Ishqbaaz 15th August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Shivaye says I set you free by my will today, its your life Anika, you will decide how to live it, no one else will decide for it, not even me. He goes. Anika gets shocked and calls him out. He stops and says yes. She looks at him and says nothing. He comes home. He goes to kitchen and gets some vegetables. He prepares food. Om and Priyanka fine. She says he is cooking at this time. He says its normal for him to cook late at night, but the way he is cooking, something is troubling him. She asks shall we find out. She asks Shivaye what’s happening. He says I m cooking food for you guys. Om says wow, dinner at 12.30am, we usually have dinner at 9pm. Shivaye says so what, you can take this as a midnight snack. Om says okay. He signs Priyanka. Shivaye asks what’s the matter. Om asks what happened to you, you don’t have an answer or maybe you don’t want to, what have you done this time.

Gauri says he handed over the divorce papers. Anika says its a birthday gift, he has given such a birthday gift which I will remember always. Gauri says I think what he has done is right, he has freed you from this meaningless relation. Shivaye says I know its right for Anika, but I feel a strange kind of heaviness in my heart, do you know about it. Om and Priyanka look on. Anika says Shivaye did right, I should be happy, but instead, I feel like crying Gauri. Shivaye says why is it so hot here, switch on the AC. Om says its already on. Priyanka asks has someone melted your heart….. Om asks what was Anika’s reaction. Anika says I wasn’t able to say anything, what happened, what should I say, I didn’t know how to react, Shivaye handed me these divorce papers and left. Shivaye asks what was I supposed to do, how long could I tie her in this meaningless marriage, this was my anger, not any marriage, I have rectified my mistake, it will take time for it to get longer, Anika will get happy, she doesn’t like me.

Anika says the day I have seen Shivaye’s anger, apart from that, he has many other sides, he is not just good, he is much different and special, I have seen his every emotional, I m sure that Shivaye is the best person in the world. Gauri says you know you started liking him. Anika says there was something between us, don’t know what it was, but by the time we understood, things got spoiled. Shivaye says everything got finished, anger, grudges, complaints, its over now, even our relation is over, chapter is closed. He goes. Anika says now that’s everything is over, what is the point in discussing this. She goes. Shivaye and Anika think of each other. Tu jaane na….plays…..They look at the moon…..

Its morning, Shivaye checks a file and asks did he also come for the interview. Khanna says yes, all the candidates have come for legal advisor’s job. Shivaye says send him in. Nikhil comes and says you…. Shivaye says I m sure you are shocked and disappointed to see me here. Nikhil says I didn’t know its your company. Shivaye says okay, that’s why one needs to do homework both in professional and personal life. Nikhil says its advised not to mix professional and personal lives, I hope our personal issues won’t affect your professional decisions. Shivaye gets angry and asks him to have water. He says I believe that a person with a bad reputation can’t be good at work, whatever you did with Anika in temple yesterday, I have figured you out, and still you hope me to give you a job.

Priyanka says relax, she will come, there will be much traffic. Om says yes, I didn’t consider traffic, I should have sent a car, I should have gone to pick her. She jokes that you should have sent a chopper for her. She laughs. Gauri comes. Om looks at her. Gauri says sorry I got late. Om asks really, I didn’t check the time. She asks why did you call me. He says we are worried for Shivaye, I m sure you are worried for Anika, there is confusion between them, we should clear it out. Priyanka says Shivaye and Anika’s marriage… they are thinking of divorce, they should give a chance to their marriage. Om says we have to do something by which their feelings come out, there is something in their hearts. Gauri says I agree, the way he apologized to Anika and celebrated her birthday, I feel he has something for her, she feels the same, she is upset since he gave divorce papers. Priyanka says same case with Shivaye.

Om says so I called you, we should try to unite them. Gauri asks what can we do. He tells his plan. Anika asks what, right now. Shivaye says I have an imp meeting. Om says there is emergency here, come quickly. Gauri says I will tell you the rest after I come, come quickly. Shivaye and Anika agree and come home. They ask the matter. Gauri says I got you here as something needs to be discussed. Om says the same. Priyanka says not us, you both need to talk. Shivaye asks about what. Om says how do we know, you guys talk. Priyanka says yes, carry on. They go.

Anika says what happened to them. Shivaye says they have gone mad, are you fine. She nods and says its good that you are here, I need to talk, you have given divorce papers.. He says I have signed, you also sign, I spoke to lawyer, proceedings won’t take much time. She says I wasn’t talking about that, I had to ask, our marriage… He says I don’t want to talk about it, I want you to meet someone, wait. He goes and gets Nikhil. She gets shocked.

She asks what’s all this. He says I spoke to Nikhil, all his misunderstandings got cleared. Nikhil recalls… FB shows Shivaye saying everything I said to break up Anika and you was a lie, there is nothing between Anika and me, in fact that video footage was also manipulated, I said all that because Daksh instigated me against Anika, I couldn’t identify her, I was wrong, she is an honest and nice girl, like you misunderstood her, you should have broken my face when I said wrong about her, but you believed me, I can only accept my mistake, you can rectify your mistake, you can give another chance to your and Anika’s relation. FB ends.

Nikhil says sorry Anika, I didn’t understand you, forgive me once, it won’t happen again, I promise. She says you don’t need to apologize, maybe anyone in your place would have done this. Shivaye says she is right, lets forget the past and start fresh. Nikhil says I have forgotten it. His mum comes and says but I didn’t forget it. Khanna stops her. Shivaye says let her come. Nikhil’s mum says Anika is shameless, she and her lover got is insulted, what you are thinking will never happen, its good I saw you coming here, you were preparing to humiliate us. Nikhil says you are misunderstanding Anika. She says you are mistaken, she is fooling you, she will marry you and then have an affair with this rich man. Shivaye says not a word more, I agree whatever happened was wrong, but its not Anika’s fault, I m at fault, believing it or not is your choice, its my responsibility to tell you, I m already ashamed for this, believe me, Anika is an honest and nice girl, she is a good daughter and sister, she will become an equally good wife and daughter in law. She says if she is so good and honest, why don’t you marry her. He says I already have….Anika looks at him.

Anika stops Shivaye. She says I want to ask something, what you did for me and Nikhil’s relation, you convinced Nikhil and his mum, then you came to me with his marriage proposal, tell me what should I do, should I marry Nikhil or not.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Hiiii mere khidkitod pagals
    Love VS Destiny
    Chapter 48…
    Shivika are mad and you both are making me mad too….
    Both are hundred percent confused atma….
    Ok Today I am writting A letter to Shivika

    Dear Shivika ( Ajeeb Admi & Confused Atma).
    So much love from my side …
    I love both of you soon much and unconditionally.
    But sometimes you both do high limits of Stupid panti.
    You know what you both have the biggest prblm.
    That is communication problem.
    You never talk with each other..just think each other in your mind and make decision without asking anyone..
    Yes we all know they way your both tied in a bind was really horrible. But you both know that was a big blunder bcoz of misunderstanding.
    Now everything is cleared……
    Shivaay I know you did wrong and now you are trying to make it right….
    But you are not realising that once again you are Forcing Annika….firsst you forced her to be in a bond now too you forced her to break it.
    And you are giving pain your self and too Annika.
    You are restless…hurt , heart broken. Confused about your feelings…..and spending sleepless decided that Annika doesn’t like you…just for once see directly to Her eyes..then tell
    You are trying to keep busy yourself but you failed…
    Now you will fix Annika’s marriage ..too.
    And My Annika.
    Plz whatever you want to say just say it..I know you are thinking Sso don’t considered this marriage.bit just for once you both ask each other that really this marriage doesn’t matter both of you…
    You are friends now….
    You know there was always something between both of you.
    P.S – I am not telling you to behave as husband and wife or I am not romanticising anything…
    I want both of you to know each other through friend -ship..
    With love from Arpu….

    Om was soo cute today….
    And Sso midnight feast..koi mere liye banata..
    Annika was looking so pretty today specially in Precap
    Nikkama Nitthla Nikhil and his Mom….
    Waist she asked Sso a good question????..
    –.ok today moon was really good and so emotional.
    They were watching moon separately
    Waiting for that day when they both will be together and moon will be witness of their love…they both will watch moon together
    P.P.S today shivika were in white.???
    Moon was there ….agar saaath hote toh……

    Precap- I can see farak game???????..
    Ok but actually Loving Sso’s moves..whatever he is doing to mend the wrong thing.
    But plz thoda sudhar ke

    Ok bye…

    1. Luthfa

      Go Arpita Go.Congratulations on being first…?
      Wah darling,kya letter likha tumne.Absolutely awesome and beautiful and suits the on going conflict of Shivika’s life.What can we do?Shivika are Shivika.But upcoming is going to be very interesting.Let’s see.Lots of love?

    2. Hey Arpu nice comment and long analysis. Wow!! Yes communication causes a lot of misunderstanding and anika assumes that Shivaay understands and Shivaay assumes that what he is doing will make anika happy. One complete complex couple.

  2. Dhwani_Naidu

    How cute were my babies!! Om and Gauri???? Om is in love!!!! The way he saw Gauri??????.. Let Nikhil come in between.. Jealous SSO will realise his love.. And he will propose my Bhabhi!! So I am happy, for all the things that has happened will set everything right and Shivika will together once again!! That would end our redux.. so sad.. I don’t know why am missing Rudy.. and ruvya as well.. anyone else??
    Good night pagals

    1. Dhwani dear.redux is not going end soon.
      The tiara are getting more cute..
      Specially Om.his udte Baal is…?????

    2. Luthfa

      Hello Dost,
      You are right.Rikara were so cute yesterday.I think they will realize their love for each other soon unlike Shivika.I am expecting Shivaay to sawp groom this time and marry Anika once again.Upcoming is intriguing.Let’s see.Take care Dost.Love you?

    3. Yes dhawani Rikara were really cute and I wanted more moments there.

  3. Happy independent guys jai Hindi

    1. Same to you

    2. Luthfa

      Wish you the same?

  4. wht hav u done shivay….. u disappointed me…..
    loved om prinku nd gowri’s part
    missed rudy

    1. Don’t worry JO dear.
      Once Kamina Nikhil truth will come out he is gonna dead..
      Yeah omrupri were good today….

    2. Luthfa

      Shivaay has disappointed himself in the process of making of everything normal in Anika’s life.And OmPri,AniRi moments were good.

  5. Cool episode

  6. Haii guyss …remember me??I liked today’s was shivaay has started understanding his feelings…gud,???by the way guysss plzzz do pray for us…Kerala is all flooded up so badly…don’t know whether any of u have heard of it…but rain has stabbed lyf of many people…many including us is at verge of flood.. so plz do include as in ur prayers ??

    1. Shana..dear.. of course we remember you…once again sending heartily prayers to God for all of you.
      everything will be fine….
      Terrible Rain…..
      Thoda rehem kardo..

    2. Thanks yaarr???pata nahi kab saari electric lines bandh hojayengii…Sab dar we idhar udhar bhaag rahi hai yahan parr???

    3. Luthfa

      Hello Shana,
      Of course dear.Hope everything gets fine asap.My prayers are with you and all the people of Kerala who are facing problems.Take care dear and stay safe?

  7. Luthfa

    You didn’t know that doing the Right thing would confuse you like that correct Shivaay?Those subtle pangs of heart on losing someone are making you feel devastated.You know you are doing the right thing still it feels so wrong.But it was you who took the decision of ending that unwanted relation so why are you so upset?Tell your heart that whatever is happening,happening for good reason.There is no need to worry.Still you are sad and worst you don’t know why.I think you know it all just don’t want to listen what your heart is saying.May be you don’t know you do have a heart that has started beating for someone else?What can be the possible reason?See you married Anika for your own purpose of taking revenge out of a misunderstanding and now it’s clear and you have taken the decision that Anika should move on and start her life on a fresh note,with all the deserving happiness and love.Facts are simple but you are making it rather complicated not being happy on your decision.Seems like you have closed the door of your happiness by your own hand.You have realized what will make Anika happy very easily but never bothered to ask yourself where lies your happiness.To make Anika’s life a happy one,you are determined to sacrifice your happiness and this is the truth which you have not accepted yet.Sometimes letting something and someone go from your life is very easy.But sometimes that easy thing becomes the most difficult one to do.Generous heart is a precious object to have but not a broken heart.Your generosity will break your heart bit by bit causing silent bleeding,invisible to everyone.

    1. Feeling emotinal rocked it
      Sso ye dard kis liye…..
      Kis ke liye….
      Jawab dhondo…!!!…..

    2. Luthfa

      Awwww…..even me too got emotional while writing it.Shivaay needs to understand that he can’t let Anika go.But he is in his redeeming stage so he has to bear the pain for the time being.Anyway,thank you soooooo….very much for your love.Love you?

    3. Oh wow Luthfa what an emotional penmanship. Oh my you made me cry?? yes one can be generous from the heart but it breaks that same person’s heart then generousity has lost his value. Hope Shivaay understands and realises soon. By rectifying his mistakes which i applaud he is again making the same mistake of making life’s decisions for Anika by mending the broken marriage with nikhil. He does not have the right to make decision for her. He should leave it as that, that is giving divorce papers and leave it to anika whether she chooses to marry nikhil or not. Anika should make that decision of whether she wants to marry nikhil. Shivaay should not get involved here. But I know he is trying to make anika happy.

    4. Luthfa

      Sindhu di,
      I am soooooooo….sorry that I made you cry.
      And I agree with completely.Shivaay should have left it to Anika to decide,what she wants next.He has taken a big risk in shouldering everything.But his true redemption has started now because of it,I believe.Everything will be fine just at the end but Shivika are going to suffer intensely,that’s it.Thank you soooooooo…very much for your love di.Love you a lot????

  8. Hello guys this episode was sad and also good for me shivaay and anika feel so upset because of this divorce disicion i feel that they like eache other and they started love eache other and his reaction when he saw nikhil close to anika and holds her hands he was jealous but i think when shivaay will bring anika o OM and shivaay will be her weeding planer to celebreat her marriage with nikhil than their romantic story will start oh my god Omkara really likes gori je was hypnotised with her beauty when she comes to OM

    1. Hi Imane dear ….
      He bothshivika has unknown connection towards each other
      Whatever is happening is actually right but both are not happy with it.
      Ye Sso will be jealous…
      And he will be hurt seeing that Nikhil with Annika……
      Omki somki was cute today

    2. Luthfa

      Hmmmm……Love is in the air,for both the couples-Shivika and Rikara?

  9. Mimi ❤ hope for more RIKARA

    First Thanks luthfa for replying me yesterday i cant ask the makers of IB u know that that is why i said answer maybe u know or other shivika fans know why Rikara and Ruvay story is not in Redux. Anyway the scene of rikara was cute and yesterday was funny how Om thought Gauri will say something else ?? .. lets just hope for more rikara ?? i miss rudy dose anyone know if he left the show or he go on vacation ???

    1. Mimi dear.rudy akka Lee is on vacation..
      He will come back..

    2. Luthfa

      Hello Mimi,
      What can we do dear?Everything is in maker’s hand.Even we all in PKJ want to watch Rikara but……Don’t lose your hope.Stay positive always like my Dost.And you are most welcome.LM is off to vacation?

  10. Mona_2005

    Anika POV
    Yaar yeh aadmi hai ya jadu, pata nahi mujhe ho Kya gaya hai isse milke
    Kabhi yeh stone singh oberoi hai TU kabhi sweet Singh oberoi
    Par hamesha yeh aise cheese karta hai Jo unique hai, Jo koi aur nahi karta
    Agar yeh revenge le tu Matlab Kya karta hai
    Aur agar Mafi TU apni heart condition ke baad bhi mere liye gela ho jata hai
    Yaar TU itna alag kyu hai
    Tu itna special kyu hai
    Tu itna aacha kyu hai
    Tu itna pyaara kyu hai
    Yaar TU jaisa bhi hai par ek Cheez hai TU apno ke liye kuch bhi Kar sakta hai
    Pata nahi yaar Mai Tere liye Kya feel karti hu par kuch toh hai Jo Maine kabhi phle mehssos nahi kiya
    Kuch aisa Jo Mai nahi jaanti
    Kuch aisa Jo mujhe Teri taraf aur kichta hai
    Kounsa magnet hai TU yaar ki jab bhi tujhe dikhti hu bas yeh sochti hu ki tu hai koun
    Kabhi kabhi TU hurt jarror karta hai par TU buhut acha insaan hai, Dil ka
    Shivaay’s POV
    Yaar ye ladki mujhe pagal Kar dengi ek din
    Matlab Kya hai, koi itna acha, Sacha aur dedicated, hardworking , truthful kaise hu sakta
    Khash iski kuch quality Mai bhi posses Kar pata, khash Mai bhi iski jitna logo se pyaar Kar pata
    You are special Anika
    For me, for gauri and for every1 around u
    U have those qualities which could attract every1
    U are some1 whom i have never thought of
    Someone maybe whom i needed
    There is something b/w us, something unknowing beautiful
    Our relationship is something which is really in predictable, something very deep
    U know when i gave u divorce, something broke inside me
    This stone inside me is melting
    I want u to be by my side forever
    But don’t know how
    Pls help me
    # happy independence day to all

    1. Wow…
      Perfect presesention of emotions of Shivika ..Mona dear.
      I love it..
      Same to you..

    2. Luthfa

      Those you have written,how I wish Shivika could utter in front of each other!Amazing analysis dear.Enjoyed reading.Hoping to read more.Lots of love?

  11. episode was heartbreaking…so sad to watch shivay’s condition. but now everything has been done by shivay to rectify his mistakes but I think now it’s annika’s turn to speak up her feelings because shivay won’t say anything because he will think that if he will say anything then it may hurt annika. so this time I think annika should take the first initiative.
    I hope makers aab iss shadi track stretch na kare because already hum shadi dekh dekh kar paak chuka hai.
    last Eid mai shivika ki nikah hui thi aab to Eid ul azha paar un dono ki shadi dekh ni hai…???
    paar ek picture mai dekha ki annika ki mehendi function chal raha hai so shadi wali function start ho gaya aur wo bhi mehendi se. isska matlab hopefully marriage track jada stretch nehi hoga.
    paar mujhe iss chipdi nikhil k lye problem hai. mujhe laagta hai ye annika ko shadi ki mandap mai insult karegi badla lene ki lye…just wild guess…
    hopefully Shivika shadi hum next week mai dekhengi. eagerly waiting for their 5th shadi.

    1. Marriage track jyada nahi khichega.
      Waise jitni jaldi khatam ho accha he.
      Us Nikhil se chutkara milega…
      Ishqbaaz is gonna break all records of shaadi????????

  12. Mona_2005

    Vaise don’t understand
    Why SSO asked nithala nikhil to Marry Anika
    Mean ok he cares for her but still Anika should not Marry the person who didnt trust her
    How can he ask nikhil
    As he didn’t trust Anika, he was not with Anika when she needed him, he could have shown his trust and support towards Anika
    And how shamefully he blackmouthed Anika yesterday
    He was her friend so he must know that yesterday was anika’s b’day so at least just for friendship, he could shut his mouth
    There is no guarantee that if nikhil will really support anika or trust her, will he be there for him at hardtimes
    The answers from my side is no
    Such a cheap person cant do such things
    Someone has rightly said
    Someone true colours can only be seen at hard times
    And i advice u Anika , don’t marry him , he is just a cheap, nithala, nalayak insaan unlike ur sso, who is a rear gem
    @arpita Didi
    @luthfa Didi
    Thank u for ur kind words
    My analysis are nothing in front of u both
    U both write really fantastically
    Maybe i learn writing analysis from u all amazing writers
    Banita di, puspa di, Ishita di,
    I am bad at remembering names yaar
    Sorry if i have forgetten any1 name
    Is any1 here is of 13 yrs or less
    Actually i am 13 so asked like that only
    Sorry if any1 gets hurt/angry by my this question

    1. are writting amazing.keep it up..
      Yeh Nikhil ka koi bharosha nahi he
      But Sso broke their marriage so he thinks that They both should marry and Annika will be happy……..
      Ye Sso bhi….hamesha khayali pulao pakate rehete he……???

    2. Luthfa

      Shivaay broke Anika’s marriage with Nikhil that’s why he is trying again to fix it.Moreover he doesn’t know Nikhil’s true nature.Once he gets to know,he will break it again and now for himself and Anika’s sake.Let’s see,how he is going to do that?

    3. Luthfa

      And dear,your writings and the style of writing as beautiful as everyone here in PKJ.Just keep writing like that and we would love to read.God bless you always?

  13. This shivika case temember me in najeny track shivay maneg his wife wedding and he did now

    1. That time he was more jealous and hurt
      But this time he will more hurt than jealous …
      Let’s see

  14. Om and gauri were really cute. Oh so cute oh I didn’t realise you were late. He was fretting one moment. Anika thought both and Shivaay can get back together again starting out with friends but Nikhil has come back. Oh my goodness can someone kick nikhil out. I just can’t stand seeing him. Initially he never liked Anika after hearing what Shivaay said and never once supported Anika. Now he comes running after Anika. Anika you should know better then to marry nikhil. Your Happiness lie on Shivaay’s and not Nikhil’s.

    I think Shivaay even though feels it he has become hard hearted and is not letting that affect him but to make sure Anika is happy with Nikhil. It is only now Rikara and Priyanka to show Shivaay that anika means everything to him and Gauri has to make Anika realise that Shivaay is everything for her. Now bother their hearts are confused. She assumes that Shivaay perhaps does not want her but Anika is is not true. Shivaay loves you so much but how can he say this is a marriage when he did the rituals with just one priest and no witnesses except God and dragged you to do the rounds. That is not marriage so Anika you have to understand this and try to make Shivaay understand that to start the relationship with friendship and it may blossom as love.

    1. Luthfa

      Sindhu di,
      Shivika will realise their love for each other and for that they are going to test their own patience and tolerance level.Don’t know what will happen next but we are going to entertained with intense drama for sure.Waiting for Shivika’s new journey.Take care di.Love you?

  15. Hiii guys
    Sry can’t wish anybody…..
    Ok belated happy independence day to all of you.
    Have good and free life

    Waise MUJHE ishqbaaz se azadi bikul Nahi chahiye…..
    I want to watch it always..
    Hi hi hi

    1. Luthfa

      So sweet of you darling.May God fulfill your wish in the truest sense?

  16. JeevithaTK

    Hi guys, a v. GM Hv a beautiful day. Good episode. So shivay feeling for anika started even anika hope both understand their feelings towards each soon. Actually I didn’t like nikil coming back but it b super to watch our shivay jealous which I like to watch. Hope v can c more cute jealous singh oberoi.. Bt one side feeling bad for both of them.
    O our was soo cute ?????? if I’m nt wrong on Hv fallen for gouri so I hope this time I’m propose for gouri first nd proper marriage.. Guys do any know y RUDY is missing. Missing him a lot. Gil mama plz make bit more space to sahil also na.
    Love u guys. C U. Tc

    1. Anika says the day I have seen Shivaye’s anger, apart from that, he has many other sides, he is not just good, he is much different and special, I have seen his every emotional, I m sure that Shivaye is the best person in the world. Gauri says you know you started liking him. Anika says there was something between us, don’t know what it was, but by the time we understood, things got spoiled. Shivaye says everything got finished, anger, grudges, complaints, its over now, even our relation is over, chapter is closed. He goes. Anika says now that’s everything is over, what is the point in discussing this. She goes. Shivaye and Anika think of each other. Tu jaane na….plays…..They look at the moon…

    2. Luthfa

      Hello Jeevi dear,
      Jealous and Possessive Shivaay are always a treat to watch.I just hope Shivika won’t take much time to realise that they are destined to be together.May their love lead them in the right direction.And Rikara are coming close as well.Waiting to watch their unique love story.Anyway,take care.Lots of love?

    3. JeevithaTK

      Hi dear, off course will b treat for us. I wish they don’t take much time to release their r made for each other. For Rikara story must wait nd watch r like always CVS don’t fool us. Love you. Tc

  17. Luthfa

    I agree with you.Shivaay won’t say anything fearing that it might hurt Anika.So now its Anika’s turn to take the charge to make realize Shivaay about his real feelings.And IB is famous for wedding celebrations.Let’s gear up for another one????????

  18. Hello all ☺

  19. Annika nikhil marriage prep will start, some or the other way she might end up romancing sso (in each ceremony) which makes nikhil insecure and decides to marry her at any cost on the day of her wedding she realizes nikhil is not the right one and tries to run away only to get kidnapped by nikhil

    Ps:the only thing wat I can predict

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