Ishqbaaz 14th May 2018 Written Episode Update: Anika decides for Sahil’s admission

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Ishqbaaz 14th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Shivaye says our love doesn’t need the approval of strangers. Anika says but love needs society’s approval, so people marry in a grand way. Rudra says yes, when people come home, we show them marriage album. Bhavya says but we don’t keep the marriage album in any public library. Gauri agrees with her. She says we should treasure the moments, we don’t show the treasure to people, its wrong. Om asks why, its a matter of personal choice, who are we to judge them like this. Rudra says yes, I keep posting everything on social media. Dadi jokes on him. She asks who is bothered to know about you. Om says maybe people posts things for themselves, I have posted Gauri’s pic so that I can show Gauri how much I love her, how much I value her, there was a time when I couldn’t give her importance, what’s wrong.

Shivaye says Om your intention was right, but why did Anika do this. Dadi asks Anika does she not trust Shivaye’s love. Anika says I trust Shivay more than I trust myself. Dadi asks then why, you should express love to the person you love, not people. Gauri says I m saying the same to Om, Om did this for me, but I didn’t like it, I felt like reporters are mocking me. Bhavya says yes, sometimes we give a chance to people to make fun of us, Rudra had uploaded my pic, but he is not ready to show me because I know someone has commented bad. She reads the comment…. When did I say she is mine, you can keep her for yourself, she is too old for me…..

She says its okay, lets read what’s written. She cries. Dadi says why are you getting disappointed. Dadi asks Rudra to see what he has done. Rudra says I m sorry Bhavya, I don’t know who has commented this, please don’t cry, you know how much I love you. Dadi says tell it to the person whom you love. Dadi asks why did you need to show everyone, what will you get in reward.

Dadi says Anika, Om, did I say anything wrong… Shivaye says social media is a virtual world, it has nothing to do with actual life, our so called friends on social media, do we know them, will they come to see you when you fall ill, don’t make your actual life a circus for strangers. Dadi says the moments you are trying to capture, are not meant to be captured, you need to live them, love should be expressed by eyes, stop looking at your phone and start looking at your partner, then you will see what’s life. Anika cries and says sorry, you lost your deal because of me. Shivaye wipes her tears and says no deal is imp than you. She says sorry. Rudra says if everything is fine, shall I take a selfie. Dadi asks him to get a beating too. They smile.

Its morning, Shivaye gives medicine to Sahil and asks him to have it. He says your infection is in control because of it, have it. Sahil takes the pill. Shivaye says there is a good news, according to latest reports and scans, your infection is under control because of this medicine, you may not need a surgery. Sahil asks really, can I go to my boarding school. Shivaye says yes, but I don’t want you to go there, I want you to stay with me. Sahil asks what about my education. He jokes. Shivaye says we will talk to Anika about your studies.

Anika enjoys the ride. She gets a jerk and asks what happened. Driver says someone has hit our car, please be seated, I will check. The lady gets angry on the driver and insults him. Driver says you came from the wrong route. The lady says you think I don’t know traffic rules, you idiot. She pushes him. Anika gets down the car and says you have come from the wrong route, you have bumped into my car, you are scolding my drive, isn’t it wrong. The lady says shut up, I m talking to this stupid driver. Anika says I respect elders, you are really narrow minded, I will give you a tight slap if you touch my driver. People laugh. The lady says your language shows which class you belong. Anika says you created this drama, which shows your class. The lady says mind your language HMT. Anika asks what HMT. The lady says Hindi medium type, illiterate girl. Anika asks her to stop, where is she going. The lady leaves in the car. Anika says she was not bold enough to stay back and talk. She asks the people to go, drama is over.

Sahil reads about photosynthesis. Anika comes to him and asks are you studying. He says yes, do you know meaning of photosynthesis. She says yes, maybe any filter of photo in phone. He laughs and says don’t you know about it. She says you know it, then why are you asking me, I have been teaching you. He says I was just joking. She says study well. Shivaye comes and says I was waiting for you, I need to talk about Sahil, we have to remove him from boarding school, we have to get him admitted here, I want Sahil to stay with us, so I have already spoken in school for his admission, have a look at the admission form. She says its same school where you studied. He says yes, not just me, Omru and Priyanka studied here, Sahil will study here and continue the legacy, this is one of the best english medium schools, if Sahil studies here, it will be a matter of great pride and prestige. She says no, he will just study english and start showing off, no need, we will get him admitted in a good school nearby. He says his future will be set if he goes here. She says he will work hard and make his future, I have decided. Shivaye asks what happened to her.

Rudra asks Shivaye to come for lunch. Shivaye says T 20 league is going to start, and we haven’t decided the captain for super smashers. Rudra says you are the best, you punched Viraj so hard that he can never play again. Om does shayari. Shivaye asks where are the seniors. Gauri says everyone went along with Dadi to attend a wedding. Rudra asks Shivaye to sit with them, so that they can get a feel of Obros and Obahus. Shivaye says there are some aloo parathas. Rudra says Okra is my fav. Gauri says what’s Okra, its Bhindi. Om says Gauri, Bhindi is called Okra in English. Anika says English is torturing us a lot. Rudra calls her funny. Shivaye asks her about the accident. Anika says yes, it was not driver’s fault, it was the lady’s fault.

Rudra jokes. Shivaye asks why didn’t you ask me. She says such things shouldn’t be remembered and repeated. Om asks did you decide who will become captain. Rudra says Shivaye will become the captain. Shivaye says playing as a hobby is different, but professional cricket is not my cup of tea. Anika says I will make tea for you. Shivaye says I didn’t mean tea, its basically an idiom. Om says its a saying. They laugh. Shivaye says like I m not interested in something, or I m not made for something, not my cup of tea. Rudra says you shouldn’t even try it if you can’t do it, to be honest, you and English are not made for each other, its like Saas bahu relation. He laughs. Anika says I will bring some rice. She goes. Gauri goes after her. Anika cries.

Gauri asks the matter. She says you can hide your tears, not your pain, I know you felt bad whatever happened at the dining table. Anika says no, I didn’t feel bad of Shivaye and Rudra’s words, whatever they said wasn’t wrong, if something is lacking, its me, both of us are lacking, the three brothers are highly educated, they have studied in good english medium school, we know nothing about english, we get scared of english, no doubt, Shivaye never made me realize this fault, but I know where I stand, both of us know where we stand, look at Shivaye, he went abroad to study, I can’t even speak 2-3 lines in English. Gauri says I know, you are right, I have realized how imp is education, when I was in Bareilly, I used to be proud and say I have studied till 5th grade, when I met Om, I felt really ashamed of my education. Anika says I have studied only till 10th, that too hindi medium.

Gauri asks why didn’t you study. Anika says I had to look after Sahil, I had to do some job to run the house, I had to leave education. Gauri says its strange, we have made a way to our husband’s heart, I even tried to learn English, I think we can never eliminate this difference. Anika says I don’t know if I can achieve this or not, but I won’t let that happen to Sahil, Shivaye is right, we have to put him in english medium school so that he doesn’t feel ashamed like us, I have decided. Gauri agrees.

Anika asks Shivaye about setting an alarm. He says set it for 7am, but why are you setting it. She says I don’t wake up until alarm rings. He asks where do you have to go in morning. She says we need to go for interview for Sahil’s admission, I have signed on the form, you were right, we must educate Sahil in a good school. He says I m happy you understood my point. She says we understand few things late. He says lets keep this aside, come on. She says you are really happy. He hugs her.

Anika cries. Shivaye asks what happened, tell me. She says sorry I let you down today, Sahil’s future is ruined because of me.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Dhwani_Naidu

    Superb episode.. Very much happy that after KMM track, there is no pyscho villain track.. Hope Trp increases this time.. Seriously some sensible talk happened in today’s episode.. Very much happy for that.. Love you IB.. Jiji-Chutki talks?? Anika bhabhi is learning from her mistakes first.. then from her experiences.. Would be better if the latter happens.. That’s better for u bhabhi.. though mistakes can’t be avoided completely..

    1. Go Dhwani Di Ho!
      Congo on being first .
      Hope that trp will I increase this week.
      Good night.

      1. Dhwani_Naidu

        Hi Ishita!! Thanks a lot yaar.. take care..

    2. Arpu

      Hii Dhawani dear…congrats.GAG. these kind of tracks are really good.

      1. Dhwani_Naidu

        Arpita is this you?? Anyway, thanks a lot yaar arpu..

    3. Yes dhawani I liked chulbul talk with Ani di and she made sense to Anika whom Anika listened. That was nice.

      Congrats for being no 1

      1. Dhwani_Naidu

        Thanks Sindhu akka.. Yeah Anika-Chutki talks are always awesome.. Take care..

    4. Luthfa

      Go Dhwani Go.Many many congratulations with sweet love….?
      You are right.Anika should learn from her experiences as only experience was and is her teacher.AniRi convo was heart touching.I felt bad for both of them.Let’s see what happens next.Take care.Love you?

      1. Dhwani_Naidu

        Haha thanks dost!! Yeah me too felt bad for them, but then didn’t Gauri learn english? She cud hv atleast comforted her jiji that learning English doesn’t make a difference.. coz Ani still thinks , as she hadnt learnt english, she isnt worthy of shivaay.. Gauri cud hv said learning English doesn’t make someone more worthy.. Yeah let’s see what is in store for us.. Take care dost.. Love you yaar..

    5. Congo dhawani….for being 1st
      Really feeling happy to see u. How r u???
      Yeah now ib is showing some gd tracks.hope they will show more like this balanced track. Shivika rikara n ruvya romance r showing equally. It’s really grt. Hope trp will increase now
      Take care dear?

      1. Dhwani_Naidu

        Hey Shanaya!! How are you?!! Missed you yaar.. How is Suhana? Happy to see you back yaar.. Haan yaar, shivika rikara and ruvya romances are balanced.. so hope trp increases too.. Take care..

  2. Pushpa

    Hi luvlies…my pkjs Hw r all of u..
    Got busy wt our genenal elections in town and yeah didt had time to comment but i think last few episode nothing much its all about social media…and happy happy wali episode..
    2day episode was beautiful… we learn more about the bad & good site of our social media ..
    Well i agree totally wt shivaye not because i luv him but what he said is the truth…dadi and gauri too..

    1. Uploading our personal pix for a stanger to c is not on the dot..v dun know them.. not all r pleasant thy might end up commenting brutally 2pix & end up hurting us just like bhavya case.. our personals pixs r 4 our eyes only..for our loved ones only NOT strangers…. v r not in their world 2shiw everything which is not healthy at all.

    2. Education r very important 4this century everything is hi fi gadjets spoken languages specially english… v dun speak eng to show off but tht resembles yr ability&ur presence in this society.. whts wrong if u speak english its internatioanl language… all understand if u go 2any corner of the world peep acknowledge u.. & one dun hv to tease another wht HMT??? . my foot ..this is the world v r living in ..prepre ourself dun let peep look down on u…my life principle?

    Anika decision to send sahil 2english medium is right… if v dun hv it let the next generation learn and achieve their ambition..i too believe on this statement…

    Oh my mata…. depart frm ishq v learned so much 2day frm #ishqbaaz im proud of myself and thk u gul maam and harnet for this social awareness…

    BEST SCENE OF THE DAY… SAHIL SHIVAYE CONVO luv their bonding frm the very beginning… such pure honesty papa beta relationship..???

    Who is tht arrogant stupid idiot lady???? Driving at no entry and just shoot….

    Today such mae dil hua ishqbaaz..
    Gd nite peeps…..

    1. Arpu

      Hiii Pu these soicial issues are really important.
      Hope Trp wil increase so that Cvs will focus on more social issues

    2. Pushpa yes I agree the cvs are using plots that are society related and it is very good. That should be the way and it should teach vital lessons. Sometimes serials should just put aside villain plots and show social issues and how to tackle them.

    3. Luthfa

      Hello Pu di,how are you?Did you vote?
      Episodes are in the mode of offering messages.I loved the way cvs brought issues like PDA and now learning English.Me too loved Shivaay-Sahil bond.That lady is so disgusting.Felt like breaking her head.Anyway,take care?

      1. Pushpa

        Hello. Yes i voted v won fav prime minister ruling

    4. Hi pu di
      How r u??
      Yeah education is really important for all. Bt if anyone learn it just for show off then it’s not gd at all. Um really glad that ib r showing such a beautiful track. So much greatful to gul n harneet mam too?
      Um just waiting for trp✌
      Take care di n love u?

      1. Pushpa

        U r right…… luv this epi

    5. Hi Pushpa Di.
      Ya depart from ishq we learn so much today.
      CVS are doing great job by raising such an important topic .

  3. Arpita6

    Hiiiii mere khidkitod pagals. ..
    He he he..back..
    Yes..i am back..with good health..
    So Now Ishqbaaz become kiss hi hi.
    And soicial messenger baaz…
    I don’t know if trp wil come good or not vut these kind of plots are really really khidkitod which gives people good knowledge about sone imp soicial day to day issues

    Ok So PDA matter is done..everybody kept their pov..god without yelling or scolding everything got fine.i am happy……

    Shivaay Singh Oberoi became Dad sSingh Oberoi. And Sahill ha ha ha.nice troling Sso.before Rudy now you..good..i realy love this jija saala bond.they have also their oen tashanbaazi and progression. .
    Really Principal much attitude is not good for you.. I really wanted to smash her head..i mean everything has a limit yarr…
    Creating a scene Road.
    And HMT….like seriously even i also didn’t knew the neaning of much short cut. Huhhh…..In real life also I have seen many people who shows sooo much 2 rupee attitude by speaking English and underestimate other who can’t speak English properly. ..
    —- buddy…Sometimes we should know what we are can make bat effect on others… it will make other sad….And yourAnnika di mood is off today…So today she was out of mind for sometime. .
    Today I really touched by Aniri’s each and every word..Actually it is happening in our society. …that bcoz of so much responsibility students are leaving their study. I know there are soo many bright students who are taking responsibility of their families and studying good too.but it is rare….and it us very much difficult to maintain both side.. And For Me Studying in hindi medium is not bad at all.not only Hindi medium, one can study in any medium .that doesn’t make difference Many purpose is to gain knowledge. In our earlier society People were not educated soooo much but still they have more moral value ,more knowledge. ……They learned from their experiences. Now a days also..some wicked childrens are making fun of old people bcoz they don’t know English.but they have that inner knowledge which a highly educated person don’t know..They have soooo much experience than us…They also studied from some where
    One doesn’t know English is not mean that he is illiterate. ..

    And lastly Shivika’s cute cuddle moment..Wgat happened Cvs.????there was a time we were craving for a SHIVIKA yiu are raining of Shivika kissses…Good keep it up…

    Ok tell me one thing how much weeding are happening that oberois are going to attend.. he he he ??

    Both Aniri can understand each other beautiful bond

    Precap- urghhh dont know how i will watch Annika’s will be very painful for me..

    1. Yes arpu this Shivaay became dadi. Not bad eh…. nice word you coined again.

      That principal needs to be put in her rightful place. Anika should show her after learning English that even though she is Hindi medium she is also capable of speaking good English. I hope that day will come where she puts a slap on the prinicpal’s face.

      If shivaay Singh buys the entire school can she deny entry to Sahil I wonder

    2. Luthfa

      Hello Arpita,
      Welcome back with lots of love.Hope you have recovered fully.
      In the episode the way that lady principal insulted Anika on being educated on Hindi medium is not acceptable.Every langauge is beautiful and have its own importance.Not for bragging and put others down in ego.That lady crossed her limits by showing her so called unnecessary knowledge of English.And Anika should not feel bad for not matching the level of Shivaay in speaking English.It’s very easy to learn nowadays.Let’s see what happens next.Take care?

    3. Hi arpu dear
      How r u???? Hope everything is going well n u r khidkitod.
      Such a longgggg cmnt…….”wow”
      Yeah sahil n sso convo was damn cute. I just hope may sso become papa soon. What yarrr….itni kuch ho geya ab toh ek baccha de do???
      This english ki nani is really showing off. Wanna kick her. Bt i don’t need to cz sso is here then nothing to fear.
      Yeah ib is going now with such a gd track. Nd i totally love it.waiting for tdy’s epi.
      Take care n stay blessed?

    4. Hello Meri pyari Arpita Di.

      Good to know that you are fine now.
      And welcome back .

      Such children who make joke of their elders just because they don’t know English are mannerless.
      To Kya hua agar unko English nahi aati par unke pass itna experience hai Jo hamari zindagi bana sakta hai agar hum unki advice ko follow Kare to .
      But just because most of us think that they are not much educated so how they know the solution of our problems we just ignore them and their advices that they give us from their life’s experiences.
      OK bye Di.
      Love you.

  4. Dhwani_Naidu

    Also, felt sorry for Bhavya.. Tht lady who called Anika ‘HMT’, got me furious.. Not knowing English isn’t a big thing! And knowing Hindi alone isn’t a bad thing!! English is a language!! Hindi as well is!! Just by not knowing a language if a person is called an illiterate, then WTH is that.. Sorry pkj for my kutti rant..

    1. Arpu

      NoDear..its absolutely alright…all language should given importance…that lady is really idiot. Stupid.

      1. Dhwani_Naidu

        Thanks arpu for understanding.. U r right.. We shud respect all languages.. Haha.. yeah.. Take care..

    2. Luthfa

      Exactly Dost.Not knowing English is not the end of the world.And to insult someone for that forgetting manners is not the sign of sound mentality.Bhavya became the target of her husband’s social media craze.Let’s see what happens next.Take care?

      1. Dhwani_Naidu

        Agree with you yaar.. Anika shouldn’t have been insulted.. Bhavya too.. felt sry for them.. Yeah let’s wait and watch.. take care dost..

    3. Heyy dhawani….
      Um also very furious for this lady. Bt don’t worry. Sso will give her a tight lesson.
      Waiting for next epi.

      1. Dhwani_Naidu

        Hii Shanaya! Yeah SSO will take care of her.. Hope she gets a taste of her own medicine.. take care dr..

  5. Hi all,
    IB giving khidki thod episode with social messages.. After Malika’s track I like this track which we can relate to our real & day-to-day lifestyle.. Many would have across this circumstance in their real life..
    Some people where scolding Anika.. I do agree she was adamant.. But just think from childhood she was craving for love.. Some to take care.. Now she got everything.. She just wanna to show case this to the world to know how happy she is but due to her carelessness she posted the video.. From childhood there is no one to teach her what is right or wrong.. She learn from her mistakes I hope she understands the adv & disadv of social media..
    I love the way shivaay explained to her.. I just felt he is not only her husband a father figure has well..
    I just love the bond of shivaay and sahil.. A biggggggggg hug and kisses to you guys.. ????
    Truely shivika will be a good parents…
    That principal how rudely she spoken to anika.. When shivaay know about it he will do your ti ti phis…
    Sahil is a kid he just joked on her sister.. But Rudy what happen to you.. Plz grow up.. You doesn’t know how u hurted u r maa like bhabhi.. Felt so bad for Aniri..
    Tommorow the princy gonna insult more of our Anika.. My poor anika plz don’t cry.. Plz make your weakness to strength..
    My real life role model my mom.. Even my mom just 10th passed and my dad graduated but she is a entrepreneur.. Some time she will feel down and ask my dad I’m not right match to you.. You should have married a nice educated girl.. My Dad used to smile and say u r right match to me and I don’t think my life would have been this much colorful with any educated girl.. I’m so blessed to have you.. Not only that he used to push my mom to read more novels to gain knowledge.. Now my mom is a independent lady.. Who just earn money for herself, ride bike, car…
    I just wanna Anika’s character to be like that.. Shivaay to motivate her in best way.. So that she can make her weaknesses also has her strength.. Let’s see what happens..
    P.S: last Friday I couldn’t comment here in bangalore heavy rain and thunder.. Powercut.. On top it my son was so frightened due to thunder..
    I just read u r comments.. Luthfa, Sindhu.. I just loved your comments.. Great analysis..

    1. Arpu

      Proud of your Mom… I mean our Aunty. And proud of yiur father too..Mothers bahut acchi baat jane ne ko mili……
      Yehh..An independent Annika will be a treat to watch………..
      it will be difficult to watch Annika’s insult again.and again..

      1. Yup.. I’m so proud of my mom.. Now she is a interior designer,beautician, selling products like Tupperware, AMC vessels..Earlier she used to summer camp for kids to teach art work like doll making.. Because of that I have more soft toys..????

    2. Thanks kadhambari. We missed your comments too. Rightly put but Anika should not fall weak. She should show the principal who she is. She is Shivaay Singh Oberoi’s Wife and she can live up to that. All she needs to do is learn basic English and tell the prinicipal off in english and I hope that will happen.

    3. Hi kadhambari di!!!!
      How r u?? Such a long time after um talking to u. It’s really osm feeling. So u r momyy!!! My best wishes n lots of love ur child n ur whole family. Btw, what is ur son’s name????

      U r r8. Anika was she didn’t know what is wrong n what is right. Bt u see na how amazingly sso explained her….i totally loved it. He is the best husband in the whole world?
      Yeah nice track is going. Hope ib will bring more social issues like this.
      Take care n love u soooo much n ur cute n happiest family???

      1. Hi shanaya,
        I think you back to TU page after long gap.. I hope you doing well.. I’m doing too great.. The climate is very cool here.. So, getting nice sleep keeping alarm like anika to wake up.. Otherwise unable to wake up..
        My mom & dad is a lovebirds.. Me & my sis always tease them…they used to do cat fights like shivika and we both use to admire them.. Atlast we all laugh @ them..
        My son name is Suhas..
        Thanks a lot dear.. I’m so blessed to have a lovely family..

      2. Yeah….i have come here after a long gap. Actually i had xm. That’s why i couldn’t attend here.
        Ur mom is like a super mom. U must be proud of ur mom. Really happy to know abt ur lovely mom n dad. May god bless them. Nd may this relationship never break. Nd tease ur mom n dad like this. I like this line???
        Thank u soooo much for sharing this with us. Stay in blessed di with ur happiest family ever???

    4. Hello kadhambari Di.
      How are you?
      It is really great to know your mom’s real life progression story .
      We are proud of you aunty.
      And I like the idea to show Annika independent .
      Let’s see what CVS are up to.

      1. Hi Ishitha,
        I’m doing good…how about you? Thanks you… Many things of my mom & dad are same like shivika.. My mom got once she completed her 10th.. She was zero in household things.. Till now my papa used to tell me and laugh that once my Bua came to home for some work in Chennai while leaving she asked my mom to make upma.. My mom doesn’t know cooking.. She asked does it made with uppu and ma? In Tamil uppu means salt and mavu means flour..At first her cooking teacher was my dad.. Now she cooks everything..
        He used to buy recipe book as my marriage, they gave that books to me now I’m torturing my hubby with new new dishes..

  6. Hlw my dear pkj. Hope all guys r fine n doing well…..
    First of all um really glad to see ib in balnaced. N this track is just osm. Now ib is showing the bad effects of using social just touched my heart. Cz from this recent track we will get to learn many useful things.hope this kinds of amazing n khidkitod track will come…..hoping for the best✌

    Anika why r u so upset????? Pls don’t be! U r our inspiaration.if u fall down then what will happen to us??? U r a great women. U always balanced ur life.u taught sahil.u taught billu ji also!!! Then why u r feeling that u r uneducated??? Um really feeling angry abt rudy.he should nt say like this to her bhabi. I know he said in funny mood. Bt sometimes this little fun makes other person cry n hurted. Anika don’t let urself down. Don’t compare with sso. U r the ONE. ON N ONLY U R D KHIDKITOD ANIKA. No one can beat u. Don’t feel insecure. U r exceptional anika…..u r the best.

    Aniri convo was so heart touching???don’t feel bad aniri….???

    Shivika bed scn was as always???
    Ohhh….i forgot to say sahil n sso convo was so cute!!!! They r the bundle of cuteness…!!! Noks u just nailed in every scn.
    Anika tdy i just loved ur khidkitod tashan.
    Go n smash this english nani. Um egarly waiting for tmrw…..billu ji. I fully trust on u. I just wanna see how u r gonna fight with this english ki nani for ur lady love?

    Stay in blessed guys n have a sweet dream
    May god bless u all.
    Gd n8??

    1. Arpu

      He Shanaya dear. Welcome back..
      Yes Annika shouldn’t cry. She is our inspiration…
      DON’T know sometimes what happens to Rudy…English Nani…ha ha ha.nice name dear.

      1. Hi arpu
        Tnx dear….
        It should be angrezi nani. Bt i told english ki nani….cz that time i couldn’t understand that what is the spelling of angrezi??

    2. Luthfa

      Hi Shanaya,
      I agree with you.IB is balancing everything in a perfect way.I am loving every episode without dragging and melodrama.Social messages are very important.Glad that IB is giving importance to few of them.Anika is feeling bad for her incompetence in English but it’s not a big deal.That lady principal is too much.I am waiting for her OMM to be done by Shivaay.Take care.Love you?

      1. Hey lutha
        Um also waiting for her OMM. Egarly waiting for tdy’s epi

    3. Hi Shanaya .
      Yes u can call me Ishu .
      Right Annika is one and only our khidkitod Annika .No one can best her.

      Let’s see what will happen to that angrezi Nani.

  7. Zaveesha

    Hello everyone…
    Today episode was good…
    After the PDA issue the CVs are now focusing on the language issue…the hype of learning and speaking English language… It’s a very good issue raised… Mother tongue is very important for a person…I believe that English is important for too but not at the cost of devaluing one’s local language…

    Have a great weekend ahead…

    1. Arpu

      Hii Zaveesha…totally agree with you….

    2. Luthfa

      Hi Zaveesha,
      Yes,you are right.To show the greatness of English by demeaning other langauge is not considerable.Every langauge is important and we should respect and restore the feelings accordingly.Cvs have done a nice job to introduce something like that.Take care?

    3. Hi zevi
      How r u dear??
      Yeah ib is now in social issue track. N this track r osm. U r right . Mother tongue is really important for each person. Other languages also have the same importance. Bt to learn them for showing off…’s not gd.let’s see what happens in next.
      Take care dear?

    4. Hi Zaveesha .
      You too have a great week ahead.

  8. Heyyy ,,guys how are you all ,,todays epi was fine ,,THANK YOU SSO for handeling the situation so gently ,,i am with bhavya guri and shivay ,,ok i don’t want to talk about this matter again ,,today i feel somthing at RUVYA scean ,,i think they are doing nice job ,
    Lovely when shivay said no deal is important than you ,,???you are the best SSO ,,
    I loved sahil and shivay’s scean what an joke on Shivay’s office work ,,good job sahil???that was very funny and cute ,,sahil is really briliant child actor his expression was just superb ,,love you sahil ,,??
    Aniri scean was also nice ,,ab kaya kare kami hai to hai but is kami keliye apne apko kisise chota samajne ki koi jarurat nahi hai ,,rudy today your joke irritate me ,,i don’t like that ,,
    And woh churail lambi baal bali ,,use to bolna bhi nahi ata thik se ,,pata nahi kaise khisak khisak ke bat kar rahi thi english kaya ati hai ap ne apko pata nahi kaya samaj ne laga ???
    I loved the last part ,,shivika ko ek sath dek kar na sukun si milti hai ,,lovely ,,
    Precap -yrr cvs plz haddd hai ab anika kitna roegi ,mujse aur dekha nahi jata ,,anika ko rote hue mai bilkul nahi dekh sakti ,,shivay plz support you anika
    The most important think ki aj ki jamane mai english janna is really needed ,,

    1. Arpu

      Crying Annika.. right.. it is very hard to see her crying.. nooooo. Plz Cvs..give us more jhali happy Annika…..not rotlu Anika
      Shivika are really sukoon to eyes..loving these cute cute moments.

    2. Luthfa

      Hi Tania,I am fine.Thank you so much.How are you?
      Me too is very happy for how Shivaay handled everything without hurting Anika.What Rudra said in fun that lady principal said in ego of knowing English improperly.Shivaay-Sahil talks were like Dad and Son.Love their bonding.Waiting for today’s episode.Take care?

    3. Hi tania
      Yeah sahil is really a btight child. sso n sahil convo was so nice. Nd u r right. That lady can’t talk in hindi so well. She don’t know her mother tongue well n she comes to show off to our anika. It’s disgusting.
      I also can’t see anika like this?bt don’t worry dear. CZ SSO IS HERE.
      Waiting for sso’s action???
      Take care?

    4. Hello Tania.
      I am absolutely fine .
      And what about you my dear ?

      Correct there is no doubt that our or Annika’s SSO is great .
      Me too like the way in which he handled situation so gently .
      Aniri was really nice.
      And me too don’t like Rudy’s comic timing today.

  9. Riana

    Supabbbb windowtod episode…❤️❤️❤️
    Dadi’s confessing that she had kofta and later she got gas was funny but it showed that we should not reveal everything about us in socio ! ????
    Bhavya’s buddhi tag wasnt good though, it was over over a bit ! ??
    AniOmRu realized the mistake thats good ???
    Huhhh…How dare that #angrezi nani to humiliate anika by calling her HMT ! ???????…Glad that anika threatened to slap her (raapta wo bhi ulte haath kaa)..????
    Aww Sahil & SSO scene was tooo cuteeee ??
    Gauri & Anika’s sad scene was like ??????
    But one thing which i am finding common since a couple of episodes, Firstly SSO, then Rudra, then Om and today even anika !!! All are using the same color moto g5 plus loooooooool ???????????????????…this ritual will even continue with GauVya too ?
    Anywayz, ShiVika’s final tadka scene was ????
    Precap- ??? …Ghatiya phir anika ko ruladiya ????
    Hey evryone, share ur thoughts too below ???

    1. Arpu

      Oooohooo Riana…..????..very good
      Observation ….
      I want to slap that Angrezi Nani…huuhhhh.

      1. Riana

        @Arpu.. Shivaay ne phone tod tod ke aisa haal kardiya ki ab puri oberoi family ek hi phone use karti hain vo bhi same color ka ??????

    2. Luthfa

      Hi Riana,kemon acho?
      I agree with you.Our personal life and its happenings are not for any highlighting in SM.And one should respect that privacy.Sahil is more of a Son than brother-in-law of Shivaay.That lady principal forgot her manners of talking in the arrogance of knowing English.Anyway,let’s see what happens next.Take care?

      1. Riana

        @Luthfa.. Bhalo aachi ?, you’re right n yah that lady principal forgot all her EMT manners but anika bole o HMT ???

    3. Hi riana
      Ur emoji filled cmnt is really so gd.
      Hmt!!i also didn’t know what it means!!! I just wanna see how sso handle this angrezi nani?
      Take care?

      1. Riana

        @Shanaya.. even i too was about to google it but then angrezi nani said the meaning…Tc ?

    4. Raina dear me too liked dad’s confession of her daily routine .
      And your observation is great.
      Well done !
      (I am just kidding )
      You should get an award for such an amazing observation.

      This is for u Dear Raina in the behalf of entire Pkj family members.
      And I am really very sorry if u don’t like it.
      Love u!????????????????????????????

      1. Riana

        @Ishita.. loool ?????????????????

  10. Luthfa

    Comparison always brings out Competition and its not necessary that all of them would be good to run after.To compare with anything it needs equality in every proportion of any criteria.Providing with equal resources one can compete for any supposed goal.Comparing oneself with others on the basis of such quality which one doesn’t possess is not great thing to do.And to feel bad for it is the worst of all.What Anika is thinking about herself in the light of Shivaay’s education is dead wrong.She is now thinking that perhaps she is unfit for him to a great extent because of her educational qualification.Shivaay is a super-educated,high profiled degree holder because he got opportunities to achieve those.His family let him complete his education the way it suits him.But Anika never had that chance to complete her education because of the struggle to survive in a society which was completely hostile to her.If she would have got the opportunity like Shivaay then she could have mastered her skills in education.It’s not her fault at all.To look at the bright aspect,now if she wants then she can get the opportunity to educate herself the way she likes.Shivaay will arrange everything to make that happen which was not available before.What Destiny deprived her of,the same thing Shivaay can give her with interest.She just needs to stop worrying and paying attention to the words of strangers.Lacking something in life is one thing but to hold responsible oneself for that is not good at all.Life always offers second opportunity to those who are willing to receive and work on it.Anika needs to learn English to clear her heart from the burden of not knowing it and to implement it when necessary,not to compare herself with Shivaay for anything,not to show off.Because it’s Anika who matters to Shivaay not whom who feels bad that she doesn’t know English at the level of Shivaay.And most importantly,love doesn’t need English to communicate.Shivaay knows it very well…………………………….

    1. Arpu are right.
      Most of the time she ignores strangers word..but when a family member said something to her it actually hurts her
      Knowingly or unknowingly She hurted by both sahil and rudy.. that’s why she got upset..and also that lady was too much today…want to beat her by my chappal.

      1. Luthfa

        Anika was hurt because of Rudra and Sahil’s words but more for her ignorance in English.And that stupid lady just added to it.I am waiting to see that Anika should teach her a tight lesson learning English better than her.Let’s see what happens next.

    2. Luftha agreed totally and nice analysis. Anika should not break down. She has survival skills. She should start doing something in her life. Shivaay goes to work. She can fulfill her bahu duties and then start learning basic English skills just for survival purposes. She does not need to be a graduate. At least so she can communicate with Shivaay’s clients and hold her head high up in society rather than succumbing to the insults of society just because she is an Hindi medium.

      I don’t want to see Anika getting weak and crying because that is not her personality. If she has worked as an event organiser then she is capable of anything. Yes luftha your points were so valid that comparison will only cause more devastating results

      1. Luthfa

        Sindhu di,
        Even me too want that Anika should learn English for herself and her necessity.Not to show off like that lady principal.And to learn English nowadays is not a rocket science.She can master English if she is willing to do.It’s not a big issue and I am hating this thing that Anika is feeling depressed because of her weak English.She sholud stand strong and face the situation boldly like before without breaking down.Not knowing English is not a sin.She is absolutely perfect with her Hindi and her own invented vocabulary.Thank you sooooo….much for your love di.Love you?

    3. Hi luthfa
      U r right. Sso got everything for his anika was alone. Now she is feeling insecure nd comparing with shivaay. Yeah we all should know english bt not for show off. Nd u r right luthfa. Shivaay knows very well that love needs no english to communicate. Um egarly waiting for shivaay’s action………
      Take care dear?

      1. Luthfa

        Agreed and Shivika had different upbringing so it will vary.Me too is waiting for Shivaay’s action.Take care?

    4. Hello Luthfa Di.
      I agree with you that to compare with anything ,there should be equality in every aspect.
      By keeping this point in mind Annika should not compare herself with Shivaye .
      Because both were raised in totaly different circumstances .
      Shivaye had everything whether it was necessary or not .
      But Annika did not even have the basic necessities of life .
      And in that situation also she qualified herself till tenth .
      It is great.
      And yes Annika is right to send Sahil in English medium school .
      OK bye .Take care Di.
      Love you.???????

      1. Luthfa

        Hi Ishita,
        Exactly dear.There should not be any comparisons as Shivika were poles apart at the matter of acquiring education.And what Anika earned with her own effort is absolutely commendable with no one to guide her.Anyway,you too take care and love you too?

    5. Dhwani_Naidu

      100% right dost.. Even in Math, one can’t compare complex numbers.. then why do we compare two people of completely different nature?! Shivika got educated in diff schools, grew up in diff environments.. Their peers were different.. And still, Each one is special at their own.. Just becoz one between them knows English, was brought up in a ‘big’ house and is now a businessman doesn’t make him superior.. All are created equal, none is more equal than others.. You are absolutely right dost.. Love doesn’t need English to communicate..
      P.s. Dost, I love math ??

      1. Luthfa

        Hi Dost,
        Wow,what an explanation!Superb yaar.Agree with your every word.Shivika were in different surroundings so the facilities they received were different all along.And love is universal so it can understand every langauge that speaks with genuine feelings and emotions.You love Math?That’s great Dost.By the way,I love geometry and algebra???????

  11. I don’t like this Gauri De-progression:
    Didn’t she learn English and give a fluent long speech to Om?
    Now why said tanku and doesn’t know Okra + her #aniri conv’d have been more relevant if she said “Jiji Eng isn’t gonna make u feel higher, I learned Eng and I didn’t”
    Why do Cvs keep butchering Gauri’s character?!
    Her English learning chapter was the only character progression she ever had but now look like it never happened just to equalize her to Mrs, Anika!
    Actually, I think Om and Gauri ‘s storyline ended with there patch up so I suggest you end their story before they embarrass themselves more than you already did

    1. Yes dalida I also was wondering why they sidelined Gauri’s English. Didn’t she go and complete the course successfully? What happened to that?

      I think they need to rewatch English Vinglish and learn from the actree Strdevi how she learnt English and never gave up and became a successful entrepreneur.

    2. Agree with u dalida.
      Hope cvs will bring some gd track for rikara too..till then we have to wait???

  12. Hello all.
    Kese hai sab ?
    Episode was nice full of lessons.
    It taught us the safe use of social Media.

    And dadi after a long time speaks about ishqbaazi .
    She was 100 percent true.
    No one is interested in seeing our happiness ,and love.
    It is really unnecessary to post something just for others or I should say for show off .

    It’s better that Annika ,Rudy and Omkara understood.

    I don’t like that English medium type lady .
    How dare she to call Annika HMT.
    Badi aayi high standard wali.
    Uska standard to road pe tamasha karne se hi dikh gaya.

    I know in present scenario English is an important language but it’s not like that if we know English then we have a right to insult others who don’t know English .

    I felt very sad for Annika today.

    Rudy _ you should think before saying anything to anyone .

    Ya ………….
    Sahil and Shivaye was superb as always .

    But I want to clear something .
    Gauri ko to English aati hai Na usne Shivaye k kehne par sikhi thi .Right?

    OK bye !❗
    Love you !❗
    Take care.❗

    1. Arpu

      He Ishu..haan ab thik are you my little Sis..
      Now a days people learning English and isulting other who don’t know English..just like this stupid lady….
      Cvs ko bhulane ki bimari he they forgot that gouri learned English..???
      Chod na..leave it.

      1. Yes Arpita Di.
        CVS are really bhulakad .
        I think Unhe roz subhah badaam khana chahiye .
        Taki unki bhulne ki bimaari ki jaldi oh my mata ho jaye.???????????????

    2. Hello Ishita how are you? Yes I loved sahil and shivaay bonding. He feeding him the medicines. All those moments were good

      1. Hmm ,Di Shivaye feeding medicine to Sahil was really good to see .

    3. Hlwww…..can i call u ishu????
      Agree with u dear.
      U r right. After so long time dadi said abt ishqbaazi. Hope this kinds of ishq types lines will show more. I love u dadi.
      Um also irritated with this lady. So much show off. Now sso will do her OMM in shivika style???
      Take care dear ?

      1. Me too waiting for oh my mata of that angrezi Nani in shivika style.

    4. Luthfa

      Hi Ishita,
      I agree with you.SM is not for everything we do in our life show elaborately.We should keep it the way it suits our purposes.English and its importance in 21 century is something which no one can ignore.But to degrade others for not knowing it is not acceptable.That egotistical attitude of the principal proved that she is an educated illiterate who doesn’t know basic rules of manners.And Rudra is like that,immature at the wrong time.Waiting for today’s episode.Lots of love?

      1. Correct Luthfa di .
        That lady is really educated illiterate,mannerless angrezi Nani.
        Love u too .??????????

  13. To learn something is never late. The girls are very smart and sharp
    They can hire a teacher or go adult school to learn what ever they want….
    I was 35 when I graduate a collage. If I can do it, they can do it too… Good luck girls

    1. Arpu

      Hiii Seda di…. welcome to pkj….
      I don’t know if it will happen in the show or not that Annika will start to study ….but I am really happy and proud of you. ????…
      Yes Age can’t be a hurdle on path of learning or gaining knowledge…….
      And you give us a very good example…

    2. Hi Seda Di.
      Welcome to our khidkitod pkj family with lots of love.
      You are absolutely right we can learn anything if we willing to learn it ,no matter whatever our age is.

    3. Hi Seda,
      So proud of you…?? Kudos to you.. ✋✋Learning doesn’t have any age limit.. But only thing is we should have self confidence and willingness to learn things.. ?

  14. For the last two episodes about social media vs personal space I had a feeling that CVS are also addressing the kind of bashing that bhavya as a character is receiving. Intentionally or not I have no idea. Bt nonetheless wen rikara posted a photo it became viral but when ruvya posted a photo it received bashing. It’s jus my pov. Bhavya has always been at the receiving end from ishqians for no particular fault of hers. So somehow i felt that they are asking us to bash less/judge less. I also find the chemistry between rudra and bhavya improving a lot.. from initial dbo days to even after shaadi I didn’t find any chemistry bt fr the last few episodes they have put up a good show. I guess partly it’s also because CVS are giving more space to rikara and ruvya and it’s such a welcome change. Finally! Better late than never I guess. Though I was never a dbo fan, I had missed rikara scenes a lot bt now CVS are tryn to give screen space to all 3 pairs and their issues.

    The best part I like about ishqbaaz is that it not only focuses on husband wife or saas bahu or dad and daughter relns bt all the relns in a family. Whether it’s omrus’s bonding wid sahil Anika or shivaay’s bonding wid sahil gauri and bhavya or the reln btw anirivya or their reln wid snr oberois or the role dadi has in dat family. It’s beautiful. Today was yet another such an episode wid sahil and shivay scene.. and even if gauri and Anika were not sisters, gauri still would have followed Anika to comfort her. Also I was happy bout the mother tongue vs English talk. In this modern times people need both bt English can never replace our heart’s language. Unlike wat somebody pointed out about gauri’s character deprogressing from somebody who learned English fr Omkara to being the same guari who is uncomfortable wid English I think gauri has grown from thinking that she needs English to reach to Om’s heart to realizing Om would any day choose heart’s language rather than English. I think nw she knows the difference between thank you and thanku bt would automatically resort to thanku out of habit bt would not care to correct it because she has realized mre than pronunciation, her family values the emotions. The speech that day that she delivered was after many rehearsals and with the aid and advice of Arjun sir. Bt she wnt have somebody to do that always na. Frankly I don’t think our dabang gauri or khidkitod Anika needs english to make a mark in somebody’s life. Bt this issue will come up when they’ll have children. Sahil knows the trials and tribulations Anika went through so even as he jokes he wnt hurt her. Bt wen ppl like Anika and gauri will have children they will question why their mothers dnt knw English and may hurt them unintentionally. Only shivaay and om or any other father for that matter can make a child realise that their mother is much more smarter than to be judged by her knowledge in a foreign language. The inferiority complex wld remain esp in the kind of world we live in where people are more into finding out another’s negatives bt in this case luckily both have the strength to face issues and and have amazing husbands who would stand by them never letting them to bow their head.

    1. Luthfa

      Hello Krishna di,how are you?
      I agree with your every point about Gauri’s English knowledge.She and Anika are perfect in their own style.And we fell for them like that.About next generation,yes they might face difficulties and it needs special attention.I am sure they will make up to it with the help of Shivaay and Omkara.Take care?

    2. Hi krishna Di .
      Me too don’t think that dabang Gauri and khidkitod Annika needs English to make a mark on somebody’s life .
      But they can learn English for their own sake not for others .

  15. Finally Anika realised the importance of not posing anything on to social media. Wow!!!! Dadi you were great!!! He said it so truly. Why get some other friends to know that you are declaring love for your Husband? It is personal. I can’t believe Omru agree with Anika. Only dadi agreed with shivaay and rightfully said it. Good for her!!! We do need elders to guide the younger ones in case they do go astray.

    Well now the illiteracy track will come in. Come on Anika…. if she feels that she is insecure and not a match to shivaay because of the hi fi English then she should do something like what Gauri did. She took English classes for Om so he is respected in society. Anika should go to shivaay and tell him that she wants to attend English classes to learn basic English skills and grooming. I am sure shivaay will be happy to help Anika in this regard even though he accepts anika for what she is. Why should you she feel insecure now after all this while? Get up and do something in her life and show the principal that she can be better.

    1. Hi sindhu di
      How r u???
      Anika is feeling insecure n comparing with we know this is only for sometime. Hope this insecurity will finish soon…..
      Take care n love u?

      1. Hey shanaya,missed you. I know you comment on YHM before and am Glad you are here. Hope it is the same person I am talking about. Even if it isn’t I have read your comments here several times. Nice comments my dear

    2. Hello Sindhu Di I am fine n u?
      Yes you are right Annika should not be insecure bcoz she knows Shivaye accepted her as her wife with both ,her qualities as well as her flaws .
      And yes we need elders to teach us the lessons of life bcoz elders are much more experienced then us .
      Take care Di.
      Love u .

    3. Luthfa

      Hi Sindhu di,
      To be very honest,what Omkara said in his turn for PDA didn’t please me.I mean,he posted that pic for Gauri but she doesn’t like all those.Gauri doesn’t belive in all so it’s better for her her to stay away from SM.If Omkara made some painting for Gauri and recited poems for her then I think she could be more happy.And Anika should learn English for herself and for Shivaay also.Mostly to stop the mouth of those arrogant people who demean others for their English knowledge unnecessarily.Let’s see what happens.Take care?

  16. Hello luftha arpu banita sneha Ishita beauty krishna omaira kadhmabari jeevi pushpa dhanu Sri dearies and many more PKJ family. Happy week and Greta going guys for a new week!!!

    1. Luthfa

      Thank you so much di.Love you and wish you the same?

  17. Cvs have changed om,gauri and bhavya’s character…om was sensible and understanding than shivaay…om was poetic,each word spoken by him was intense.. always used to think om deserves a better girl than anika…gauri used to love omkara more than anika loves shivaay..where that all that love went…her dialogues like ek jhap mein missing that…n she used to eat kamphat that all are missing…bhavya was strong and independent acp..anika and gauri are better than her..bcoz they got their respect back..she cant prove herself right in that bribe case and so much calmly she is living like a suspended acp with those people and wat abt that sultan track..she didnt fight for that also…

    1. Hi kiggh
      Yeah something has changed in ib. Bt what to do? We can’t do anything…..hope writers will bring that love that dia n that tashan soon
      Hoping for the best as always.

    2. I totally agree with you.
      I think ever since the Bareilly track ended, all their stories and progression stopped and actually began retrogressing.
      I actually think that the show has become another spinoff of his former self and I can tell you exactly when:
      Right after Shivika’s 1st night the moment Abhey came saying her will destroy the Obs but looks like he failed in destroying them and destroyed the show itself! Lol
      Seriously, every story after that literally suck! Idk what happened, did they change the writers or something?

  18. Luthfa

    Hello Kadhambari di,how are you?
    Me too is impressed to see how beautifully Shivaay handled the entire thing.Anika did mistake but unknowingly and she understood.Shivika complement each other perfectly in most of the cases.Your Mom is soooo…sweet and your Dad also.Life partners are to complete each each other.To support in every ups and downs.There is nothing to feel otherwise for not knowing English.I am looking forward to upcoming that how cvs are going to shape this thing especially for Anika and how she will react to it.And thank you soooooo….much for your love.Love you?

  19. Luthfa

    Wow,that’s the spirit.Hats off to your dedication di.And there is always a chance to improve.As,better late than never?

  20. Nikita_jai29

    Cvs are doing good job as projecting important societal issue….
    English language is important for the professional growth.. But you win somebody heart with the feel of Hindi language or your mother tongue…

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