Ishqbaaz 13th November 2018 Written Episode Update: Decision time for Anika

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Ishqbaaz 13th November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Anika says I saw you and Chintu yesterday. FB shows Anika seeing them hugging. Twinkle says I missed you a lot. FB ends. Anika says I took your phone and messaged him to come. Twinkle says its wrong to check someone’s phone. Anika says everything is fair in love and war, you love Chintu right. Twinkle says yes, he came to Mumbai to become a singer, when Nani called me here to help Shivaye Bhaiya, I have come. Anika asks what, did you call him Bhaiya. Twinkle says yes, sorry, I regard him as brother and I regard you as bhabhi. Anika says I know but Shivaye needs to be brought to his senses, we have to play a game, you don’t tell him that I know your secret, he shouldn’t know that you are in my team now. Twinkle nods. Shivaye comes home and asks servant where is everyone. Servant says they all went

in Jagrata at neighbor’s house.

Roop says there is no one in the house, this is the right chance. She switches off the power. Shivaye asks who is it, is anyone there. He hears Tej and says this is Tej’s voice. He goes to see. He gets the voice player. Lights come. Shivaye says this is Rudra’s room, so did Rudra do all this. Rudra comes. Shivaye asks didn’t you go for Jagrata. Rudra says no, I was near the pool side, is there any problem. Om asks what happened, what did you do now. Rudra says I didn’t do anything, I m already troubled by my headache. Om asks him to take medicine and sleep. He goes.

Rudra says I have done much wrong, I will be in guilt till I apologize, I will tell you everything. Shivaye says Rudra can’t do this, he is my brother. He recalls Rudra’s words. He says Rudra did this in front of me, he doesn’t strike at the back, it means someone else is trying to scare me. Anika holds him. He gets shocked. She asks what’s the matter, are you okay. He says I m fine. She says you are not, tell me what is it. He asks what shall I do to look fine, shall I sing or dance. She says sorry, you seem exhausted. He lies to sleep. Roop looks on and thinks Shivaye must have doubted on Rudra by now, I will make this doubt stronger to separate these brothers.

Shivaye recalls Tej. He shouts no, this can’t be… Anika wakes up and asks are you fine Shivaye. He picks a vase and hits her. He wakes up and sees her. He shouts Anika…. He sees her forehead bleeding. He sprinkles water on her. She gets up. He says sorry, forgive me. She says stop it, don’t do this, I can understand your pain. He says no one can understand me, why do you feel so, I m fine from outside, I m still an animal within, you are not safe with me, just go away from me. She asks how can I leave you for such a small thing. He says it isn’t a small thing. He goes out and hurts her hand. He cries and says I don’t wish to hurt her, this won’t happen again, I attacked her twice, I won’t let this happen for the third time, I will make her leave from my life.

Its morning, Nani asks Shivaye to think again. He says its my final decision. She agrees. She gives sweets to everyone. Anika comes. Shivaye says I m getting married. Anika asks how long will you drag this drama. Shivaye says I m not acting, why don’t you believe this. Nani asks pandit to get an early mahurat for marriage. Anika looks at Shivaye. She takes Twinkle aside. She says I know I asked you to do this drama, its enough now, tell everyone that you can’t do this marriage. Twinkle says I can’t do this, Shivaye has cleared my dad’s loan, I have to do as he says, I love Chintu, but not more than my parents. She sees Shivaye.

FB shows Shivaye saying I understand this isn’t easy for you, I m doing all this for Anika’s sake, help me and do a convincing act this time. She agrees. FB ends. Shivaye says pandit ji, I want to marry Twinkle soon, please give an early mahurat. Om asks what are you doing. Bhavya asks how can you do this with Anika. Anika says Shivaye, I need to talk to you. He says I m busy. She says you need to end old relation before forming a new one, I just need your 5 mins. She says I know you and Twinkle are doing this drama, she loves someone else, you are making me away and insulting me too. He says you have compelled me to do this, I asked you to leave from this house, you have no place in my house and life. She asks and in your heart? He says you have no place in my heart.

She says all right then, what am I even doing here, why do I have to protect this relation alone, marriage is upheld if two people try equally, you don’t even know its meaning, marriage means to support each other, if you have decided this, tell me one thing. She keeps his hand over her head and asks if I leave from your life, won’t that make any difference to you. He says I don’t have time for your silly things. She asks him to answer. He says it won’t matter, I will just be happy. She says then who am I to come in your way, I will leave, but you need not pretend to get married, you have already mocked our relation, you have always taken the decision in our relation, you are the villain of our love story, we couldn’t be together because of you. She thanks him for his five mins. She leaves. He thinks I can’t see her tears, I have to think of her happiness, she will be out of danger now, I have got her hatred, congrats.

Shivaye asks Gauri to find out where is Anika. Khanna says maybe she went to her aunt’s house. Shivaye goes there and says she didn’t come here, I didn’t try to know about her.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  2. Appy

    Hiii mere khidkitod pagals.
    @Lu… just said my heart’s word..
    Totally khidkitod idea about this 22nd Nov..
    Need to inform everyone..
    @Sindhu Di..he what’s up ????

    Now come to episode ..
    I really really loved today episode…….
    1.Annika’s expression seeing Chintu and his PRINCESS together..?????..that was damn funny..
    2. I wanted Sso to touch Annika’s feet when MU happened between them
    Now he touched Annika’s feet and I am feeling bad
    Why wrong timings..???
    Ok jokes aside but felt really bad for both Shivaay and Annika
    Roooppppp…????????dayan..doob mar kahi jake…
    3 Sso hurted himself so badly ????…..
    And Hurting Annika too…????? Sso BHI na..bada ajeeb admi’s too much difficult to understand him
    Finally Annika said those entire things that I wanted to tell Sso
    May be it is her plan or not But these words with real.emotions was so high level..
    I loved SC acting..Her modulation and dialogue delivery was so powerful…
    Loved it sooooooooo much……

    Ok one question
    Are you guys voting for ITA awards????
    You can vote through message..
    1.Nakuul Mehta -ITA 10982
    2.SURBHI Chandana – ITA 20462
    3.Ishqbaaaz -ITA 31680
    Keep voting guys
    And don’t believe on any spoilers plzzz
    Ok byyy

    1. Hey Arpu dear how are you? My question is the same. Who is funding our Badham Roop and how did she get hold of the voice recorder. You mean to say she was there when Tej and Shivaay had a scuffle and when Shivaay shot him. Which means Shivaay did not shoot so it maybe Roop. She has the last conversation recorded between Shivaay and Tej. I hope Omru find that recorder and then they will understand everything.

  3. Luthfa

    Win-Win situation type episode where both cvs and viewers got their own way.Here comes the analysis-
    1.First of all,I want to know who is funding Bua’s Baadam Bhandar?Meet me as soon as possible.Finally,the real mastermind took the charge of breaking baadam on her own.Good that she spared Rudra,vice-versa.And cvs,thank you(?)for showing Rudra’s budding guilt plant.Now make it a fully grown up tree then uproot it once and for all.
    2.It’s really hard to fight something which is deeply buried inside one’s heart,being this or that fear.Fear is human’s worst enemy.Shivaay is too overwhelmed regarding his fear.It won’t leave him until he himself decides to make it leave.Self help is the best help.
    3.This Twinkle Third angle is such an angle which is not irritating and blood boiling unlike many other Third Angles of Shivaay’s life.By the way,Chintu+Twinkle=Chinkle make good pair!
    4.Shadi ki ladoo is very sweet.For Shivaay Singh Oberoi,it was bitter,is and will be.Reason-Self-imposed unnecessary nakhre!
    5.So,Mrs.Anika Shivaay Singh Oberoi confronted Mr.Shivaay Singh Oberoi.Every question hit Bulls eye still Bhains paani mein hi utaar gayi.One shayri for Billu’s last words-
    “Mere Aansuon ka har ek Katra,
    Teri Mohabbat ki Nishani hai.
    Jise tum samjho toh Moti hai,
    Na samjho toh Paani hai!”
    Precap:Baas bhi karo bhai.Aur kitna khoon jalaoge hamara(CVS)!

    1. Lu it is nice that Rudra is feeling guilty. He is becoming the old Rudra. It is better Rudra admit what he did to Shivaay such the blood water and the written words on the mirror in the bathroom and the ashes in his shoes then Shivaay knows this recorder player is not Rudra but someone else. I hope dadi and Nani will deal with Roop.

      Actually Lu I like this nani to be around. They make such a good pair Nani and dadi. They sort of light up the Ishqbaaz set.

  4. Luthfa

    @Sindhu di:
    Thank you soooooooo…very much for liking my idea di.Let’s do it.I am on a very tight schedule still decided to do it as don’t know whether I will get another chance in PKJ to celebrate it or not.So,let’s seize the day.There are some pending things of mine regarding celebration and I will finish writing those too.Pls di,be with me.Wanted whole PKJ will accompany but looks like no one is interested.Perhaps they are also busy.Anyway,I am going to celebrate either way.Best of luck to me and to you too.Love you di???

    1. Hey Luthfa, you fact fiction is amazing and I really hope the cvs will read and incorporate your ideas. I am getting inspired reading them. But as you say I am also very tight with my schedule here so sometimes hard to come on Telly site to read other comments at a later time.

      Lu one request before the 22nd nov please mention it again on the 21st nov so everyone is aware if not people might just forget.

  5. Wow wow I loved the episode. Now Shivaay knows the value of Anika. Surbi acted very well. I loved it when she said you don’t know the value of marriage. It means Husband and Wife support one another for better for worse for richer or poor but in this case Shivaay has become selfish. True he is concerned about Anika’s safety and afraid he might hurt her but not even once did he think whether Anika is prepared to leave him. Has he even thought whether Anika will stay happy. Both also will not be happy.

    I loved the precap. Gauri you are great. I like the way you answered Shivaay. Why is Shivaay so worried about Anika? He asks her to go and then when she is not there he suddenly goes in search of her. Fickle minded SSO. Anyway Gauri and Bhavya have a hand in it in bringing Anika to someplace in hiding. I hope Anika will not be found quickly. I want SSO to suffer for at least two days just like how Anika suffered for months.

    1. Agree with u.
      one thing I dint like is Anika’s Saree she looks older in that type of saree.

  6. What an lovely episode….
    Anika is.. superb..Kaya dialogue diya..
    The last scene is.. Very emotional…

    Waiting for today….epi

  7. Hello everyone
    Sooo sorry for being late as my exams are near by and lots of assignments to do so not getting much time to converse with you all. How are you all luthu, appy, banita, sindhu, nsk and many more. Luthu your idea is very good but sorry I will not be able to participate as of busy schedule but if i will get time I’ll do reply.
    Coming to episode it was heartbreaking. Happy to see my old rudy back. Love obros moment its pleasure to watch. Hehe cute twinkle i loved the way she said shivay bhaiya and anika bhabi. Heart wrenching scene of anika’s decision to leave and the way shivay hearted himself after accidentally hurting anika.
    Precap seems to be hide and seek i am sure anika is hiding in om. Lets see what happens.
    Bye keep smiling and take care and have a blissful day to all

  8. Nikita_jai29

    Episode is good but #nosurbhinoishqbaaz

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