Ishqbaaz 13th February 2019 Written Episode Update: Mannat forced to marry Shivaansh

Ishqbaaz 13th February 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Shivaansh holds Mannat’s hand. Haldi gets on her hand. Shivani says this is… Shivaansh says don’t…. Mannat goes. She removes the veil and cries thinking I missed this chance, Munni is in danger there, and here Shivaansh, what shall I do. Shivaansh gets ready. Shivani, Radhika and Dhruv come. They compliment him. Shivaansh jokes. Radhika says your fav uncles have sent this shagun. He asks did Om and Rudra send this for me. Radhika says they want to fulfill a bit of Shivaye and Anika’s duties. He says even I miss them. Mannat says how do I tell him. She sees Varun and says I can tell this to Varun, he will inform Shivaansh.

Varun sees her. She says I have to talk to you. She shows her face. He asks you here. She says someone has sent me here to ruin Shivaansh’s marriage and

kidnap Sonya, I m finding Shivaansh, I don’t understand anything. He asks what, just relax, I will talk to Shivaansh, don’t tell this to anyone. Nani calls him. He goes and thinks mad girl, she is telling me about my plan, I have to do something fast, else she will ruin my plan. Mannat comes to Sonya’s room and calls her out. She doesn’t see Sonya. Varun threatens her about Munni again. He says I had to do your work. She says don’t hurt Munni. He says I gave you enough chances, this is your last chance, else forget Munni. She says no. He says you have to sit in mandap instead Sonya and marry Shivaansh. She asks what, how can I do this. He asks her to think, if she wants Munni safe, she has to marry Shivaansh.

He asks her to check her phone. She finds Munni captive and crying. She cries. He says its okay if you agree for marriage, else Munni will die. He counts down. She begs him and says I will marry, don’t do anything to Munni. He says good girl, if you try to tell anyone, you and Munni won’t get saved, go and get ready, its your marriage today. She says I told Varun, if he tells Shivaansh, then Munni…. I have to find Varun. She stops Varun. He says I m going to tell Shivaansh, come with me. She says no, it was my mistake, don’t tell him anything. He asks is Shivaansh in danger. She says no, forget it. He says you scared me, fine, I won’t tell him anything. He thinks I m doing this to get Shivaansh’s property. Shivaansh wears the pagdi and accessories. He thinks this marriage is fake, but this happiness isn’t fake, I m doing so wrong with you.

Mannat gets ready. She sees her bangles and cries. She says I have to keep faith, I m cheating Shivaansh, if I don’t do this, I will lose Munni. Shivaansh comes to her. She puts on the veil. He thanks Sonya for doing all this for him. He says marriage decision is a big one, I m sure you will have dreams, you are keeping wishes aside and marrying me, I really appreciate that. She thinks he is right, marriage is a big decision, Shivaansh and Sonya will have dreams, how can I play with their feelings, I should tell him everything. She holds his hand. Tere naam…plays…. Varun comes and asks Shivaansh to come, there is less time for mahurat. Shivaansh goes. Mannat thinks if I don’t do anything, I will get married to Shivaansh. Shivaansh comes downstairs. Everyone smiles. They dance and hug him. Shivaansh asks Khanna did he talk to the actor who will play fake pandit. Varun asks why. Shivaansh says pandit has to be fake for fake marriage. Varun says don’t worry, I will get him. Shivaansh thanks him and hugs. Varun thinks marriage is happening for real, just see how I get real pandit.

Mannat is brought to mandap. Nani hugs Shivaansh. She asks him to always stay happy. Mannat thinks Nani is happy, I m cheating all of them, its better I run away and find Munni. She tries to go. Varun asks are you going to find Munni, but Munni is here. She sees Munni behind Shivaansh. Shivaansh asks Munni is she fine. She nods. Varun says you got Munni, now look a her well, see the red light behind her back, marriage will happen else the blast, just sit in mandap, else everyone will die with Munni here.

He asks where are your parents. Mannat thinks she is my Munni, her life is in risk. She holds Munni. Munni runs away. Nani says pandit is here, Sonya come here. She gives Mannat’s hand to Shivaansh, and says today my Mannat got fulfilled. Tere naam…plays…. Nani blesses them. Shivaani goes away. He says I can’t cheat Nani, even if this marriage is fake, I cant do this. Varun says look there, Nani looks happy, your lie gave her a reason to live, do you want to snatch her happiness, do you want to see her ill, look at Shivani, she forgot the sorrow of her broken marriage alliance, many people are happy for you. He takes Shivaansh back. Shivaansh hugs Nani. Mannat thinks Shivaansh is good towards his family, how shall I tell him about the kidnapper, kidnapper is here and watching me.

Shivaansh and Mannat get married. She cries.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Ok DIBians..age kya hoga?.cant guess..very interesting. Yeh sab dekhkar mujhe shivika ki shadi yad a rh h..

  2. Agree its a forced marriage..but again not feeling that much pain

  3. Thank u Amena for the written update..wonderful.

  4. About Niti Taylors acting..she is a good actress..but again has to push herself little more..dialogue delivery also. She is acting as Mannat.. But no she has to live as nakuul.. He lived as as that……i think u people understand.

  5. Precap…SHADI!..waiting..waiting…tomorrow come fast

  6. Today just watched pyar ka dard in starutsav.. Have to say as an actor Nakulji improved alot..nowadays nailing each becoming more handsome….

  7. Night night guys

  8. Hai… Kaise ho sab? Ek bhi comment nahin??? Vaise mujhe exams se thodi break mili hai… Hey guys where is dadi by the way?

  9. Niti was not @all looking gorgeous in wedding attire. Upar se rona dhona bhi tha thoda sa boring ho gya. Ro ro kr hi makeup khrab kr dia or sirf eye shadow rh gya😁😁😁ab kuch na ho payega. Dard bilkul mehsoos hi nhi ho rha tha. Jisko btana hota hai woh bta hi deta hai.

    Chalak nhi hai bilkul bhi

  10. Bkwas episode with ghatiya actor accept nakul and chutiya fans wjo watching this shit bhagwan bnd kr de aur fans p reham karo we can’t see our shivika like this wo bh pathetic acting k sth i hope end ho jldi ye baap beti k show

  11. Hey mansi..hope u hve done your exams khidkitod..dadi in ashram..may be she is sick

  12. Ibfan..yes yar..aj shadi..waise happy valentines day to all my dhinchak ishqiees

  13. Gm dib..welcome mansi…longtime no see…how was your exams?

  14. Guys. I have many doubts. Why omru didnt come for marriage? Supriya mams character was pretty close to oberois. She is missing. Aditi gayab. What’s her intentions. Shivika ko kisne mara? Aur kyun? What happened to aditi’s parents? Makers please clear all this..

  15. Thank u gul mam. Aj valentines day ap hume shadi episod di.. I am waiting for 10 o clock

  16. In my opinion she looks good. acting should improve little more.. But she just started now in ib..and she will improve..

  17. I understand shivika fans frustration

  18. Mannat is really a good girl.. She is stealing my heart.

  19. Waiting for MaAnshi shadi.feeling bad for mannat

  20. Us ghatia admi varun ko jaldi expose karo. Kaise insan hai. Bachon k sath koi yesa karoge kya? Whatever happened to mannat and munny no one knows. There is no witness to prove mannats innocence..then how maansh mu will clear..

  21. Kabhi kabhi yesa lagtha h ki shivaansh apna bap k tharah nahi hai…unki khilaf itna bada sazish chal rh h. He doesnt seem like gotten any clue..if shivaay hota by the time he would have figured some part of the picture..sso jr is too innocent..

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