Ishqbaaz 13th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Shivaye fears to lose Anika

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Ishqbaaz 13th December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Nani asks Dadi to get up for Shivaye’s sake. Dadi gets conscious. Nani and Priyanka hug her and cry. Shivaye says no, I don’t know any Ranjit, kidnapping motive isn’t ransom, go to his home and call me when you get info. Rudra agrees. Shivaye stops the car and sees the ambulance on fire. He runs to see. He says no, I m wrong, Anika isn’t in this vehicle. He cries and shouts Anika. He thinks of goons taking Anika to the ambulance and kidnapping her. Maano jaise…..plays…. Anika gets up and shouts to Shivaye for help. Goons catch her and give her some injection. She faints. Shivaye sees her. The goons take her in some other car. He turns and sees ambulance burning. His imagination ends. He says no, nothing can happen to Anika, she is alive, if something happened to her, my breath would

have stopped, I promise I will find you Anika.

Dadi and Nani sit praying. Priyanka gets food for them. Dadi refuses to eat. Nani says have the food, we shouldn’t trouble Shivaye, we should become his strength. Om says you both are behaving like children, you don’t want to eat, how will you take medicines, you may get ill, you want to trouble Shivaye more, I will call him. Dadi says we will eat food. He says what will we do if you both fall weaker. She says I m worried for Shivaye, if something happens to Anika, no, Lord can’t do this with Shivaye. Nani says you remember Ramayana right, Sita was separated from Ram, Ram found her and brought her back, Shivaye is our Ram, he will find Anika, nothing will happen to her. Dadi agrees. She says Shivaye is Ram of this house, he will restore our happiness, I will light the lamps with ghee. Nani feeds her food. Om says have food now. Om and Priyanka feed them. Jai looks on. He thinks I don’t know if Ram can get Sita back, but till he returns, he will miss the deal, if Shivaye doesn’t give the presentation, the deal will go to next best bidder, that’s me.

Bhavya asks Rudra to come fast. Someone shoots her. Rudra asks who is there. She shouts Rudra…. She falls down. He holds her. He asks what happened, get up, you can’t leave me. He cries and says open your eyes, please. She asks have they left, don’t say anything. He says yes, they went away, I heard the bullet shot. She says I will always be an ACP, I always wear a bulletproof vest. He says why did you pretend, we could have found him. She says its an age old cop trick, whoever wanted to kill me has some connection with Anika’s kidnapping, nothing will happen if we catch them, let them be in illusion, you got scared right. He says no, I was almost dead.

She says we shall go, Shivaye must be waiting. Jai says Shivaye, first your sister, then your tender and happiness, I will take away everything from you, I m preparing the presentation, while sitting here in your Oberoi mansion. He laughs. Priyanka comes and thinks the family is worried and he is smiling here. She asks what happened. He says we will get the tender today. She says Anika is missing, you think of business, don’t you matter relations and family. He says no, just business matters, its possible that Shivaye’s business rival got Anika kidnapped. She says fine, don’t make fun of my family’s sorrow, I will not tolerate it, don’t help, but don’t say such bitter words. She goes. He laughs.

Rudra asks the man to say where is Anika, why did he withdraw ten lakhs. Bhavya says don’t do any drama. Rudra says you will regret later Ranjit. The man says I m not Ranjit, I m Mohan, Ranjit is my friend, he was staying at my house, I didn’t know that he opened a bank account by giving my address. She asks where is he. He says he didn’t come since last night. She asks how does he look. He shows the pic. She says Rajiv…. Rudra asks why did he withdraw ten lakhs. The man says he said he has come for some land deal, I don’t know. Priyanka talks to Bhavya. She says Bhavya was asking if we got a ransom call. Om says I didn’t get any, I forgot that there is a big presentation today, we will lose this deal, and we will be ruined, Shivaye has worked hard, he is worried for Anika, what shall I do, I can’t call him.

Altaf stops Shivaye and asks what happened, you look sad, where is your wife. Shivaye says I m finding her. Altaf says don’t worry, you will get her, I got rich, see this bangle. Shivaye says its Anika’s bangle. Altaf says someone has thrown this out of the car. Shivaye asks which car, tell me. Altaf says black color car. Shivaye pays him and says pray that I get my Anika. Altaf blesses. Bhavya calls Shivaye and says Ranjit is Rajiv, he has withdrawn money to purchase land, we got details from registry office, I will send you the address of a factory. Shivaye says send it soon. He calls Om and asks him to handle the presentation. Om asks how can I do this alone. Shivaye says I have complete faith in you, you know everything, you never got an opportunity, you have to do this, just think about me and remember that I m always with you. Om says fine, but if you get to know anything about Anika, call me first. Shivaye says I m coming Anika….

Shivaye and Rudra break the door. They see Anika captive at gunpoint. The place blasts. Shivaye, Bhavya and Rudra fall back and get shocked seeing….

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. ShivikaSCNM

    Writer has lost her mind to write such a sad ending.

    1. How shivaansh will saved who raise him tommorow epi is full of suspense

      1. Riana

        arey… the main question is who will give birth to shivaansh if shivika dies tomorrow loln???

    2. Sindhudi

      Yes Shivika Writers have lost their mind and need brain transplant.

      Congrats for being number 1.

      1. ShivikaSCNM

        Thanks sindhudi??

  2. Luthfa

    Don’t know what to write or say.Just hoping in heart that some miracles happen and IB fans become happy.Being emotional for a fictional show is really too much.But human heart is actually blind to every other rational things.To give one’s heart to someone or something truly and loyally is a big deal.Its not easy to withdraw that love and affection all of a sudden.Somewhere it really hurts and who knows it better than me?Anyway,want to ask a question-
    Tomorrow is probably the last day of Ishqbaaaz season 1.
    PKJ is supposed to celebrate the day by expressing their love for IB and respective favourite couple and character.Is the plan is on board?Want to know.Thank you.

    1. Sindhudi

      Lu I have given up hope of getting a miracle from IB. This is reality and nothing more than that.

      1. Luthfa

        You are right di.Even I have accepted it in recent past that IB is going to end for us.Okay,let’s move on di.Love you???

    2. Dear human heart shouldn’t be blind to a fictional show, no matter wat it will get over one fine day gul can’t literally grow old with this show, don’t waste your precious heart on this show take care of yourself

      Ur love and emotions towards this show scare me at times

      1. Luthfa

        Hello 1234 dear,how are you?
        I am all good I swear.I could be devastated like anything but somehow I managed to be at peace and there is a story behind it.What is the story,I am going to write about it today.Thank you soooooooooo…very much for your sweetest concern and love for me.Lots of love dear???

    3. I’m good thanks, lots of love to you too

  3. Tomorrow is the last epi of shivika story… So sad…so happy bcoz surbhi got awards for her kidhkithod acting…
    Remembering their old ishqbaazi…Still watching old IB in hotstar it make cool….this is may be my last comment here I dont comment much here I comment here before….Comments are very much less when compare to old
    Anyway bye guys WISH U ALL in advance MERRY XMAS & HAPPY NEWYEAR luv shivika luv narbhi….miss them a core always there kidhikithod luv story stays in hotstar:-P:-P miss u SHIVIKA
    {so many que running in my mind about comin track but now….7}

  4. Banita

    Hlo PKJ….
    TRPof this week is 2.1 nd overal 19th position…
    Now coming to epi…
    That sad song “Alvida…” It was emotional…. It shows our emotions… I got goosebumps while watching it…

  5. Banita

    I dont understand how can tomorrow S1 will end soon… I mean at least SHIVIKA ki pregnancy news toh dikhana chahiye na…
    I think may be there will be an additional episode on saturday or sunday….
    Or may be S2 will start after some day… Like it happened before, track start after someday of d given date…

  6. NSK

    Its sad that writer didn’t listen to fans.?
    Anyway episodes are damn EMOTIONAL.
    i am doubting that Annika won’t die like they shows in precap.if she dies like this,how will SHIVAANSH come?(not liking him at all but yet LOGIC FACTS)but yeah,Logic and IB r like NORTH N SOUTH POLLS because of HS.?
    thanks to all the actors and cast for IB.?
    Hope to get to see Narbhi soon.?
    Thanks to PKJ.❤
    Hope that friendship of PKJians will last Looooong!?
    Thanks to everyone who watched IB.
    Tomorrow is d last Episode of ISHQBAAAZ (season 1/redux/Original IB)
    so let’s try to celebrate the last epi!i know its gonna be hard,but lets try!for Our IB.?
    Gn pkj.?

  7. After Watching So Many Press Conferences In Ishqbaaz, I Myself Feel Like Throwing A Press Conference! How Many Other People Over Here Feel Like Throwing A Press Conference?!

  8. I Love Chulbul! Chulbul Should Come And Stay With Me In My House! How Many Other People Want Chulbul To Come And Stay With Them In Their House?!

  9. Maybe anika dies in redux and story moves to real universe showing anika to be pregnant

  10. Sindhudi

    Hello wonderful and lovely PKJ family, love you all very much and will miss you after tomorrow. Tomorrow will be my last comment and thereafter I will not come on as the leap takes on. I am going to miss all your wonderful comments and lovely words for Shivika Rikara and Ruvya Obros dadi nani Khanna and also miss jhanvi Tej Shakti Pinky Mallika Svetlena Tia little Sahil Bua and many other Califere actors. All did very good job and I also like the Altap and Surya Uncle.

    Now Shivanaash will be dripping from heaven if Anika dies on tomorrow episode. I am still not sure how they are going to end tomorrow with Anika being pregnant when she is at gunpoint and there is a blast. Only cvs know what they have in store. The episode was so nice but I am sad it is coming to end. How wonderful I’m cracks the deal presentation and Shivaay brings Anika home and all get united and then Anika faints. Doc checks her and confirms she is pregnant. Wow wonderful episode. Everyone of happy. I just want to see Omru’s face lightening up. Jai can pack up and leave for America and I want Prinyanka to tell him to get lost form her life. If it is one hour episode I am sure everyone will be happy as it is a beautiful closure.

    I will cry tomorrow when the serial ends. I have never felt like this before after it is only fictional but IB members became part of my life. I read that they will show Shivika in flashback for two weeks when Shivaansh thinks about them.

    Enjoy the last episode my dear friends.

  11. Banita

    Hlo PKJ…
    Now here I m for an announcement…
    As we know today will be d last epi of IB S1…. So as I told before lets celebrate this day…
    I hope U all will be come today nd comment down ur views about IB nd ur journey….

  12. What is the need for this shit generation leap by killing my shivika. It hurts me a lot. There are many stories are there to development the redux version shivika. what is the need to end this track for that generation leap. only need is to fire the writter of the show and bring someone new. we won’t watch generation leap.

  13. Riana

    Simply they could have ended redux and came baxk to RU and their they could have explored the pregnancy and baby track, alongwith foreign trip track, party tracks, comedy tracks etc !!… But ?

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