Ishqbaaz 13th August 2016 Written Episode Update

Ishqbaaz 13th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Shivaye holds Anika against the wall and asks who are you, whats your standard, you bl**dy low standard people. She says leave me. She gives him all the lists and docs. She says I m leaving this job, do me a favor, don’t show me your face again. She leaves. Some time before, Shivaye asks Rudra to open the door and not touch water. Rudra screams. Shivaye and Dadi get shocked. Shivaye is about to break the door. Rudra opens the door and has foam over him. He says I was going to bath and water ended, I slipped and got hurt. Shivaye asks did you not open tap. Rudra says I did, but water did not come. Anika comes and says I switched off main water supply and no tap will have water now. Dadi thanks her for saving Rudra’s life.

Anika tells Rudra that someone left current in water supply. Shivaye says

don’t worry, everything is fine, relax. Rudra sees Soumya there and hides behind Shivaye. He says see how Soumya is seeing me and jokes.

Om sees Shivaye’s missed call and calls him back. Shivaye’s number is busy. Om calls Rudra. Rudra says shayari. Om says I wish I could slap you via some phone app, Shivaye’s phone is busy. Rudra says you know what happened with me. Om says Soumya has thrown water on you. Rudra says nonsense, someone left current in house’s water supply. Om asks what.

Shivaye tells Tej that its one more attack, we gave work to Shwetlana on your saying, sorry to say, she is inefficient, we will get best security service. Tej says I won’t ask you to give one more chance to her. He tells Shwetlana that she could not do this work, he got away from family because of her. He says I mean I went against my family, I gave this work to you and did not listen to Shivaye. She says I managed your responsibility well, you were happy with it. He says now I m not happy, its about my family security, none is imp than to me than my family, you are done here. Pinky and Jhanvi look on.

Rudra tells Om that Anika has closed the switch on him. Om asks is everyone fine. Rudra says if Anika wanted to kill me, why would she save me. Om says maybe she is positive and she looks negative by situation. Rudra says you are copying me, I got saved by her presence of mind. Om says she saved you and Shivaye, just I m left, we have to find out, just meet me. Shwetlana says I will leave this work, you can hire world’s best security agency, but can’t stop these attacks. Tej asks what do you mean. Shwetlana says thieves come from outside, but doors open from within, someone is present at home who is helping them, we have to find out who is that person. Shivaye recalls Anika and says I know who is that person.

Om and Rudra go and meet the channel guy, about the chip leaked in media. Rudra says I think Shivaye has scared him. Om says Shubhankar, we just came to talk to you. Shubhankar says we did not do sting operation, we got that big story, that woman came to our office and save us the chip, I told Shivaye, you have sent that woman to jail too. Rudra says all proofs sign to Anika. Om asks what do you know about that woman. Shubhankar says she gave us the chip, I don’t think she is related to your family, how did she get this story. Om asks that woman’s name. Shubhankar says she was from lower middle glass family, she did not look educated. Rudra doubts on Anika.

Anika tells Dadi about sweets from Raju halwai. Dadi asks her to order sweets from this shop. Anika says its not of Pinky’s aunty standard. Dadi says old shops make sweets by hand, so it has taste, get sweets from this shop, packing should be beautiful. Anika says people like packing more than sweets. Dadi says I told Rudra to get packing designs, call Rudra, he would be in Shivaye’s room. Anika goes.

Rudra says Anika is that dangerous spy. Om says I can’t believe this. Rudra asks what other proof do you want. Anika goes to Shivaye’s room and says his room is danger call, I will call Rudra and tell him Dadi is calling him. She calls Rudra. Rudra says see her face, she looks so sweet, who can say she is spy. He shows Anika’s pic to Shubhankar. Shubhankar asks who is she, is she any celebrity. Om and Rudra ask don’t you know her. Shubhankar says no, that woman was aged, she came wearing saree. Om shows Gayatri’s pic. Shubhankar says yes, she was that woman who gave us chip, she asked us to leak footage, I don’t know that girl. Om tells Rudra that Anika is innocent. Rudra says how can Shivaye do this, its too bad. They leave.

Anika says why is Rudra not attending my call, maybe he is busy, I will tell Dadi. She stumbles and her phone falls down. She looks for her phone. Shivaye comes and asks what are you doing now, are you planning to plant bomb here. She says my phone fell here. He asks whats your game plan, there will be new threat on my family. She says I saved Rudra’s life, you are blaming me. He says because you knew it, you wanted those electrical points. She says so what, you called those men, its your marriage. Shivaye asks Anika for whom is she working, I will pay double.

Anika calls him mad and says I don’t talk to mad, don’t know if I get madness germs from you. She starts leaving. He holds her against the wall. She says leave me. He says you think this is joke, my family is not joke for me. She says I don’t know you are one person or dual, one Shivaye can do anything for his family, and I know one Shivaye who is arrogant and egoistic, you maybe best for your brothers, but for me, you are bad. He says I don’t need character certificate from you, who are you, whats your standard, who are you parents, did they do anything in their lives, you blo*dy low standard people. She says leave me. She goes and gets papers.

She gives him all the lists, advance cheques and docs. He asks why are you giving this to me. She says you have to check things, and decide what to do, I m leaving this job, your family is very good, I wish I could say this about you, elders give good values to everyone, but everyone can’t adapt values, you did not learn your Dadi’s values, you just learnt to earn money, you are a cheap, ill mannered, egoistic and mad man, you have money and still very poor, do me a favor, don’t show me your face again. She leaves.

Shivaye tells Tej about Anika. Tej asks are you sure. Shivaye nods. Jhanvi asks why will she work for Gayatri, Gayatri is not rich, how will she give money to Anika. Shivaye says we have many business rivals, anyone can give her money to harm us. Dadi says no, this can’t happen, I can’t be wrong to know person, Anika is not like that. Shivaye says I told you, attacks started after she came in our life, if she can give sensitive footage to media, she can do anything for money, my opinion about her is….. Om comes and says its totally wrong, Anika did not do anything, she is innocent. Anika goes home and cries recalling Shivaye’s words. She hugs Sahil. Sahil talks to her and she cries thinking of Shivaye’s words. Sahil asks why are you crying. Anika says your story was boring that I got tears. He says I m not 8 year old kid, did Shivaye say anything. She says don’t take his name, I hate his name.

Anika throws water outside and it falls on Shivaye’s face. They both see each other.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. yes om will save anika…love u om n all ishqbaaz fans

  2. Hi ishqbaazians how are you all? As always, today’s episode was mind-blowing. Annika,you did a great job by leaving the Oberoi mansion. Omkara love you???you really understand and analyse things better than your brother do. Shivaay you deserve to be drenched by Annika tomorrow????

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  4. Hi Aliya,roz,rose,ooshi Akbar,disha,zuha,kat,mukta,nelka,sujina,vinnu,rosh,ananya,soorya,renima,priya,navi ,sakina, apeksha,nivedha,kiki,ashna,shivani,aruna,luna,haya,shai,mishri,ensanjida,shahabana,dil,mottu,etc…..,…………….,………………… All sis and bros, how are you all? Independence day comind ahead.what are all your plans

    1. Hii sat l am fine and how r u???????

    2. hi sat
      I am good How are you
      nothing special plans for Independence day only a programme in my school

    3. Hai sat..I am good. How is u???

    4. Haya123

      hyy.. sat nothing much.
      Flag hosting,sweets distribution that’s all ..

    5. Kat

      Hey dear how are u???????????????????????? I’m fine and hope u ar fine too!!!!!!!!!!!! 😀 😀 😀

    6. Hai Sat 😀 yea it’s independence day tomorrow <3

  5. सलाम मेरे दोस्त. केसे हो सब. कल का एपिसोड अच्छा था. अनिका ने नोकरी छोर कर बहुत अच्छा किया. उम्मीद हे शिवाय को उसकी गलती का एहसास हो ओर अनिका से माफी मागैआ ओर वो उसे जल्दी माफ न करै. ??

  6. Miss you too renima… hope you will be able to watch ishqbaaz. . It’s gonna be very interesting from now

  7. Happy independence day in advance to all my ishqbaaz friends…
    I am good sat. . How are you? ?

  8. Fine navi

  9. What about your plans navi? Any celebration

  10. where is mukta di today .

    1. Advance independence day to all ishqbaazians

    2. yea…She z missing,,, o.O

    1. Hii sat

  11. Rose,,,soumya reminded me of Malayalam actress Roma…innalathe episodil

  12. Priya15

    ROSE di. I asked bcoz if u have an Twitter handle u can ask for ishkara scenes to CVS.. Nothing else..

  13. No plans sat. . Just at home. . Wbu

  14. Happy Independence Day in advance
    To all my Indian Ishqbaazs

  15. hey guys…surbhi jyotiki entry honevali hai…i wished ki anika & survi sisters ho….kyoki anikabhi anath hai na….& har time shiway use status ke bareme bolta hai- isse usebhi jawab mil jayega…

  16. hey guys…surbhi jyotiki entry honevali hai…i wish ki anika & survi sisters ho….kyoki anikabhi anath hai na….& har time shiway use status ke bareme bolta hai- isse usebhi jawab mil jayega…

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  18. Can i join ur group

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    2. Welcome to the family Malu keep commenting

  19. guys have u checked on the male version of o jana title song of shivika….. that song gives me the vibe that shivay is singing that song remembering anika…. 😀 😀 😀

  20. Luna inters*x and transgender are almost the same

  21. hi ishqbaazians how r u all . commenting after many days . happy independence day to all of u

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