Ishqbaaz 13th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Shivaay makes a deal with Roop

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Ishqbaaz 13th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Anika tells Shivaay it was best day of her life today and it was all because of him. Shivaay is quiet. She asks why he’s not saying anything? He says he hasn’t seen her so happy. He promises she will always be happy like this. She kisses him on cheeks. O Jaana.. plays. They spend some close romantic moments.

In morning, Shivaay is upset with Khanna as he said they can’t do anything to Roop as they have no proof. He tells Khanna that a criminal always leaves something behind. He gets a call from Roop reminding only 12 hours are left. He can still agree to her. He says 12 hours are enough for him. She says for now, he only has few minutes as she has sent out suicide note to media and police. Shivaay tells Khanna to stop news from spreading and disconnect tv signals to their house. Shivaay calls commissioner and tells him that documents related to Kalyani Mills are fake and asks him to keep them on hold. He will soon expose the true culprit. He then calls media outlets and threatens them if they publish those documents, he won’t give them any news about his company in future.

Roop calls back Shivaay and says he stopped media from publishing suicide note, but he can’t stop her. She has sent suicide note to Anika. Soon she will see it. He can stop it if he can.

Anika opens her cupboard where the envelope is. She sees it. Shivaay is rushing to her and succeeds in stopping Anika from reading it. Anika asks why did he come back suddenly? He says he forgot to hug her when leaving, so came to hug her. Shivaay throws letter to Om, Rudra. They leave. Anika says there is something for sure that he’s hiding. Shivaay says no matter what husbands do, wives always doubt on them. She says fine and goes to wear mangal sutra. She drops it. Shivaay catches it and puts it in her neck. He then puts sindhoor on her forehead. They spend close moments. He then tells her that he might not be telling her everything, but he will tell her one thing that matters most in their lives that he loves her a lot and he will always love her. Until he is alive, his heart will beat for Anika only. She asks why he’s being so senti as if they are getting separated? He says they will never be separated. Next few days will be very difficult for them. She is right that he is not sharing something with her, but he will tell her when he can. He asks her to promise no matter what, she will not react. She won’t trust anything others say. Before she makes any decision, she must talk to him. She says he’s scaring her. He asks she trusts him, right? then promise her. She promises him.

Later, Shivaay goes to Om and Rudra. They ask why Roop is doing this. Shivaay says to put him in pressure. He knows Roop did everything, but he doesn’t have proof. Anika tells him when it’s between her and his family, he always chooses his family. But this time, he will stand with Anika. He will prove her dad innocent. Om-Rudra say not him, but them. He is not alone, they are with him.

Shivaay comes to Roop and asks what she wants. Roop said she had just said yesterday. She wants him to leave Anika and marry girl of her choice. Shivaay agrees, but on condition of her retuning fake suicide note and all photos including copies. Roop agrees. She says she will throw all that documents in his wedding fire. He will not go anywhere until he gets married. Shivaay thinks he can’t leave without taking those documents, so he will have to stay there.

Precap: Om and Rudra decide that they won’t let Shivaay’s wedding happen. Anika comes and asks whose wedding?

Update Credit to: Jenny

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  1. Pushpa twitter my tv screen was on ??????
    My heartbeat ws beating fast…
    My hands were shaking…..
    Never expected gulmaam will b giving the ultimate long waited romance scene of our luvable shivika….???????
    So guys u think it happened??????think after all what happen once anika unbutton shivaye kurta ??????… sorry anyone here kutties…. close yr eyes dun read this….they have deeeeeed it… lets c 3months frm now will anika tell us she’s pregrant or not…..
    Shivika signature…mangalsutra…sindoor…forehead kiss and finally the hug…. beautiful…????

    And today 2 miracle happens words thaf shivaye always think many time to say it……
    A. ” Main bhale hi tumhe har baat ma batau lekin ek baat zaroor kahuga main tumse bohot pyaar karta hu aur hamesha karta rahuga..jab tak shivaay singh oberoi ki saansein chal rahi hai uska dil annika ke liye dhadkta rahega” awwww he is real gem ???
    B. He said it he will not choose his family but anika….. im in tears hearing these 2 diamond words frm shivaye..

    He really loved her so much….. i hope anika will listen to what shivaye said 2her talk tomhim first b4 decide on anything …. i just hope shivaye will overcome this teeth vampire & vanishing her soon…. 2rps evil…. i hope shivaye drama will end well.. no one getting hurt in anyway although its gona b difficult….

    I totally trust my shivaye…. subkuch teekh kartahu…..
    Luv u shivaye
    My dil hua ishqbaaz…
    Gd nite gals.

    1. Pu di…congrats my dear..
      GPG..iss baar weekend aapke Naam.
      He why we will close our eyes..we wil see..ishqbaaz he toh ishqbaazi kyun band kare..
      And My Dil.Hua Blushbaaz..

      1. Pushpa

        i meant kutties the young ones… of u can watch arpi…..
        u blushing….. me smiling away….

    2. Congratulations di
      Jo likha Hain aapne hum aakhke band kar ke pardh liya……
      Yehi track aay toh acha Hain!!! Waiting waiting nd waiting

      1. Pushpa

        its beautiful epi dear…. as beauty as yr name ….

    3. Banita

      Di after watching today’s epi I don’t know how to help U…
      Today Shivaay slaying in epi as well as in ur dp…
      Hope U r okk now…?

      1. Pushpa

        me ok!!!!!! no……. bani u please ask yr bhaiya stop breaking my heart… but frankly he was good…he is everywhere man….. and his actign skills owsm…

    4. Luthfa

      Go Pushpa di Go.Many many congratulations…?
      Hehehe….You have become so naughty di.I watched the episode with open eyes and blushed like anything.Hope that my Shivika and Ansh are on the way.Awwwww…..???????????

      1. Pushpa

        lufy.. i watched many times…. we will know in 3months whether Ansh is coming or not…..

    5. Shekhar

      I don’t think, you will be able to see for what you are hell bent to see! After exposure of ANNIKA’s past and it’s connection with OF, CVS may not have any reason to stretch this IB unnecessarily. And so why they aired the intense scene of PINKY’s redemption. In my POV, it’s the begining of the END of IB, ANNIKA’s past was the last mystery to be aired, then after END! Question is, how much the spread this THE END!

      Anyway, atleast, SHIVIKA and PINKY made the few epis worthy, and over more, all crappy VILLAINS are in jail, thank GOD!

      1. Pushpa

        hi bhaiya…
        Agree with you with Anika past revealed IB has nothing much in the script unless cvs bring another villain in shivaye life and stretch again,……no nno can take it anymore… i think seriously thy hv to have anika past as final bhiaya roop is still on loose she worst than svet…omg … seriously thay have to end with happy ending…

  2. Banita

    Hlo PKJ….
    Sorry everyone for not replay back to U all who replay on my comment becz I was busy with my last assignment of this semistar which I submited today…
    @Sindhu di nd @Sneha , I know IB is very popular in out of India… I m sure that IB isn’t going off-air any time soon becz there r many serials in SP whose trp is very less compare to IB… So point is not about IB’s off air… I m just disappoint becz epis were very good in that week nd compare to that epis TRP is very less… I m talking about that only… Nd yeh spoilers r playing vilian’s role in our minds… LOL…
    BTW I like this name @Banu…
    @Shiny nd @Lu , 1.8 is d real rating only dr… First they show 0.9 rating of IB , but now it’s changed to 1.8…
    @Arpu , yeh now just for nxt week TRP…. BTW TRP aunty se jayda tu mujhe confusai rahi hain… Tu yeh bol tu two different E-mail se comment karti hain kya?? Kun di dono ka colour alag hain…
    Mission DWB kidnapping….
    @Arpu… Yeh I remember @Akriti dr… Let’s bring her kidnapping ven… Then U with some other ishque will kidnap her…
    We others will be at kidnapping place… At first I will break all teeth then MRINAL will make it to particles…. Then main uski muh tod dungi nd @Prabha will cut her hair (After all it’s her right)…. Then who ever want can broke her hands nd legs… Nd finally U , @Sonia ,@Pus di , @Kadhambari di ,@Sindhu di ,@Lu nd whoever else want can kill her…. Nd hume uss DWB se chukara milega… LOL…
    @Lu , I just hope ki Shivaay will slove everything before Anika know d half truth… Thank U dr…
    @Prabha no one can snatch ur ri8 from U… Just hope ki Shivay bhaiya saare raita samet le…

    1. Oh Banita dear I am so sorry that sometimes I write your name as Banu for short. HOpe you don’t mind. I try to remember to write it as banita my dear next time. Sometimes I type too fast and try to shorten it

      1. Banita

        Arre @Sindhu di… Nooo… Call me @Banu only… I said I like that name… One of my scl frnd call me in this name… But she is not here now… U can call me Banu…

    2. Bani…Yarr Main 2 phone se commet karti hun.ek meri aur dusra meri mama ke don’t know about it..if she will know then i am gone..he he he.
      If we will fail no prblm.Sutlu ko jaake vata dete he..
      She will do perfect gangaram of Bua with her unpredictable chemical lab..??????????.
      LOVE you sooo much.

      1. Banita

        Arpu… phone doesn’t matter… Agar 2 different E-mail id hoga toh color change ho jayega… Agar teri mama ki mail id hue toh wase vi U gone… Chod main samajh gayi…
        Haan Pasinalana apni chemical se DWB ki daant melt kr legi…
        Love U too…

    3. Congrats 2nd position!!!

      Shb ko reply dehi diya…. Good…

      Slove toh hoga vo bi dhamake ke saath….till wait

      1. Banita

        Thank U Beauty….
        Yeh solve toh hoga hi… Let’s wait…
        BTW HRU?? Nd Where r U yesterday??

    4. Luthfa

      Is is so?Oh I am confused now.Hope next week it will increase.And bua’s day’s are numbered.Shivaay will fix eveything I am sure.Happy weekend.

      1. Banita

        Yeh Lu…. Yeh just hope so…
        Yeh Shivaay will surely fix everything…

    5. Pushpa

      please help me to shoot roop ………. hell irritating

      1. Banita

        Okk di at last U can shoot her… Then saare saypa will over…

  3. Oh god..what a fantabulous episode
    CVS just remember one thing..we r also human..we can’t see itna romance in one day..shivika u r grt

    1. We are humans..we cant see itna sara romance..hawww….Sneha….
      Chalega chalega…hum.dekhenge…ankhe phad phad ke prblm???????????…

    2. Banita

      Sneha…. I want moreee….

    3. Little more busy with student…. coaching tha subha chali gyi so comments nhi kar pai…..

    4. Luthfa

      Hehehehe…..The more the merier dear.We love watching Shivika romance.

  4. Nyc episode…??I am cmmntng for first tym here…but I am a regular visitor of dis page????

    1. Hiii Shana dear..welcome to pkj..keep commenting and enjoy the fun..

    2. Banita

      WELCOME TO PKJ Shana dr…

    3. Thanks for warm welcome…???vl try to cmmnt from now on….waise there is no separation track as per gul man’s post..ryt?????and I am a die heart fan of in and all characters.????

      1. Banita

        Yeh Shana there is no separtion track for now… My fav couple is Shivika , but I m also a bigg fan of all other character of IB dr…

    4. Luthfa

      Shana dear,welcome to PKJ family with lots of love.Keep commenting and join us in spreading love.See you soon.

  5. Full of shivikabazzi..????????… ???????????????????❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️????..
    One thing threating us for scenes where like recreation of separation track.. Pinky promise.. Omru & khanna plz help him to save his martial life and family..
    Roop Bua your end game is near.. Who is this Charlie.. Is he bodyguard of Roop?
    Shivaay is full of tension.. Plz don’t take tension you are born to win…
    So Monday veer Gonna kidnap Annika.. I Think shivaay got those file which has all the proof we can see that in the gul mam insta post..
    This will be the last comment of this month.. Full tied with house hold work and festive..
    Tom tamil new year have to Pooja and sweets and on Sunday my wedding day.. Then 19th April my prince birthday.. 20th House warming function will be vacating to new house of our Chota family..
    So from Monday have to Pack things for shifting.. My head is twisting when I think about.. I hope my mumma come soon to help me..
    IB chums I will miss you guys so much.

    1. Hiii Di…
      So princess birthday is coming. Wishing her
      Advance happy wala khidkitod birth day ….
      Little Muchkin…stayblessed..
      And you have soo much work..
      No prblm..just enjoy princess birth day… .
      And do all work.and come back..
      Miss you too.
      And Chill shivika separation is not going to happen.

      1. Prince not princess.. I have a boy kid Suhas..

      2. Ooops..sry…Ok Prince…
        Little Prince……
        Btw this is not my mistake…ye asar shivika ke he..

    2. Hey Arpu di kya aap mujhe bhool gayi……mein bhi is mission mein saa mil hoon. …

      1. Sonia….noo how i will forget you…
        Hum sab ek hi team toh he.MISSION KIDNAAP ROOP SINGH OBEROI..
        Wow..sounding soo royal….

    3. Banita

      Hlo dii…
      Tom is Odia NEW YEAR also….
      HAPPY WEDDING ANNIVERSARY di nd jiju in advance… Stay bless always… Jiju ko vi meri wish paas kr dena…
      Nd HAPPY BIRTHDAY Suhas in advance…. God bless U dr… Lodss Of Love from my side…
      TC of urself di… So much work….
      Will miss U too….

    4. Hi kadhambari akka,
      hru n u prince suhas..u r fine..
      1. eniya tamil puthand nalvaltkal….
      s akka all tht shivka moments gave the vibs of separation track… n the pinky promise always fears me…
      akka yesterday u gave a heartattack news tht shivaye n somu marriage.plz nooo akka cant even imagine tht… got normal sfter reading the shivaye n swetlana togeather wars on bua……

      akka ur form b’lore wr???miss u too akka. love u

      1. Hey jeevi how are you my dear little sister?

      2. Hi Sindhi Akka,
        I’m good Akka. Hope ur good. Happy weekend Akka. Love you. Tc

    5. Luthfa

      Hi Kadambhari di,
      Shivika were lit yesterday as well as episode.I loved watching wholeheartedly.And advance Birthday wishes for your Prince and advance Anniversary wishes.Lots of sweet wishes for your new house and for housewarming.I am going to miss you sooooo….very much.Come back soon.Love you di???????
      P.S.Happy Tamil New Year di?????

  6. Hiiì mere khidkitod pagals. ..
    Sry for not replying to.everyone.

    Come to . episode.

    Romantically emotionally thriller episode…

    Ok first 3 miniutes was totally a very big khidkitod surprise for me………….
    I really didn’t expect that moment.
    It was a emotional yet hot..Annika is showing gratitude To shivaay through her love. And Shivaay for some moents he forgot all tension and held her close to his hearts…….Such things i found only in Shivika Scene. …
    Btw it was totally a mixing of Pre Separation episode of SHIVIKA. ..that time both MS and Sindoor And close moments happened.and this time also…… ……..
    Ok one thing is confirmed that something happened after screen blured..Ahem.ahem.type..????????????……..ok.i stop here..getting too much chepdi.
    No…actually i am blushing like hell.
    Look Shivika what you have done to me..

    2 Vomit ???????????????? really She gave a tip about teeth…she should advertise for Some tooth pest company..??????????actually laughed……and also want to kill her.
    3.khanuji a days you are doing a good job..keep it up..

    4.Sso…Is this a excuse infront of Annika..yiu know her na…..She knows you better than you..and you are lying to her…..miserably failed…..
    5 I became full senti after MS part..Sso’s emotional confession and warning to annika…is heart melting…

    6 whenever Shivika do pinky promise…..something goes wrong. … i am.scared by their pinky promise. .

    7.Sso……Ye hui na baat.Ya This Time yiu have to take annika side….not only omru..WHOLE PKJ IS WITH YOU…go and teach vomit a good lesson.

    8.Vomit you made a blunder by making deal with you jave to face the consequences. ………..

    9.precap– thank God they didn’t showed any thriller type…other wise it will be muvh hard to wait for two days.

    P.S-Last year.we were waiting for MONDAY LIKE HELL BCOZ IN LAST YEAR ANNIKA Got Shot by saving Sso…….
    Now also i am waiting for next week with excitement.

    Gul insta story ….Vanmanush kidnapped Annika. Yehh yehh.Plz send her to hospital…i want to see ..ok i am very cruel na..???????.

    I can’t believe nox bhaiya shoot soo many things..
    Really he did a very hard work..and yiu deserve appreciaion……

    Ok nowi am in totally shivika lalaland….


    2. Yes Arpu dear, I can’t stand Roop’s teeth. I wish I have pliers and would like to extract her 32 teeth.

      1. Mera bhi eohi man kar raha he…
        Most irritating vilian in ishqbaaz.even botox kumari NT or old andha kanoon didn’t irrritate me soo much the way this vomit is doing..

    3. Hey Arpu di thnx for ur wishes exam is going good…waise I really want that Vanmanosh kidnaps Ani di….
      Khair ajka romance dekh ke mujhe aisa kyun lag raha hai ki bohot jald pregnancy track sure honest walk hai….

      1. He Sonia…exam is going good.glad to hear that…
        Itni jaldi nooooooooooo..
        Let them be like this….
        Thoda aur romance hojaye..
        Fir pregnancy. Baad main..????????

    4. Banita

      Yeh Arpu… Ek dum pre separation wala scenes…
      Hope teri saalon ki iccha puri ho….
      Haan Nox bhaiya shoot so many things before his vaccation… Now it’s almost a week of his Japan trip… he deserves much more appreciation for it…

      1. Yaa He deserves Appreciation for it..
        And yehh meri salon ki tamanh puri hojaye..???

    5. Luthfa

      Hi Arpita,
      Shivika made me speechless yesterday.They are just perfect for each other in every aspect.I smiled and blushed so hard that my cheeks were hurting to some extent!Shivaay won’t let anything happen to Anika his love as he promised he would stand by her.Let’s see what happens next.Take care?

  7. Hii guys
    Arpita,Shanaya,dwani,banita,sindhu,kadhambari,prabha,aashika,zaveesha,pushpa,dhanu sree,Nikita,mahira,Zara,janu,mahi,chaithu,chavi,omaira,jeevi,riya,ss,Misha,beauty,jeni,shivya,shyni,riana,Aastha,rahul, abhishek,anitha,sana nd luthfa…how r u????
    Just loved the epi….nakuul mehta nd surbi just hats off guys


    1. HI Sneha dear I am fine. Hope you are good too…

    2. Riana

      @Sneha… Hey sneha…i am fine…and it was fabulous episode !!! ❤️❤️❤️

    3. Hii Sneha…..
      I am.totally fine…..
      And yaa hats off to Narbhi..the can set screen on fire just in mere things….
      Love them.sooooo much..

    4. Hi Sneha,
      I’m doing good.. How about you?
      NO doubt, they are world’s best onscreen Jodi.. Spa 2018 is near to our narbhi.. They will receive all the awards.. And I also want Spa to add best devar bhabhi Jodi.. Our Aniri must receive..

    5. Banita

      Hlo Sneha….
      I m f9 dr…
      How about U???

    6. Hi sneha how are you Iam fine

    7. Luthfa

      Hi Sneha,
      I am good dear,thank you very much.Hope you are doing great.Yeah NM and SC were fantabulous yesterday?

    8. Hi Shena dear,
      I’m fine. U. Ya NK n SC rock. Tc

  8. Nyc episode…???I am cmmntng for the first tym here,but I am regular visitor of dis page???

  9. ok now i badly want scenes of anika trivedi and saahil chaturvedi
    lagtahe vanwaas track ka aadha hissa abhi khatam nahi hua hai kyunki
    seeta maiyya ka apharan honewala hai ayodhya main?

    1. Banita

      Hlo Maggi….
      I also want Anika nd Sahil moment… Badly missing him….

    2. Maagi..Dear.sita maya ki apaharan in ayodhya..sounding thriling actually..
      Yaa me too badly waiting for Anika sahil scene.

    3. Luthfa

      We all are missing Sahil Maggi.Yeah,Veer is going to kidnap Anika.Let’s see.

  10. Again shivika separation?????????noooooo i could not see them separated….i wanted to kill this roop….?????????

    1. @ mahila………No separation it confirmed by Gulkhan!!! Just chill pill… enjoy weekend!!!

    2. Mahila dear..No separation is going to just enjoy the track without tension..

    3. Luthfa

      Calm down dear.No Shivika separation will take place.GK herself confirmed it?

  11. Amnaeman

    They should reveal anika and gauri relationship…only shivaay is suffering…om should suffer too…this is not fair…and please expose bua…I can’t tolerate her anymore.

    1. Banita

      Hlo Amnaeman…
      Yeh Why only Shivaay…???
      I also want to see both d couple suffering….

    2. Hii dear..i think in upcoming they will show some rikara scene. Hopefully…

    3. Luthfa

      This is depending on cvs totally.Don’t know when bua track will finish.

  12. Thahsina Thasi

    Its getting mor complicatd for my pyaari she will deal with those by knowing his loving hus getting married to some one..already they deal with many..they trust each there is a limit for evrythng…pls dont trouble her more…

    1. Thahsina dear..
      Anika always understand Shivaay.and this time this is very much needed.
      Yaa annika ko thodi shanti fo yarr..
      Actually both shivika ko shanti do..
      Prblms pe prblms.
      Btw this is not new for Annika as seeing her husband getting married with someone alse..

    2. Luthfa

      Thasi dear,
      Let’s see whether Shivaay can make up to mandap or not this time.

  13. Dear PKJ family, have a great weekend all of you and enjoy every moment of it with your families.

    Coming to today’s episode, I loved the first part of shivika moment. They both were lying on the bed and spending some romantic moments. WOW….. very nice to see.

    Roop and her telling of 24 hours, 12 hours, 2 minutes left???? Won’t her mouth be painful repeating the same thing about how much time he has? She sounds like Mrs Kapoor when Mrs Kapoor blackmailed him on Damai video.

    So there will be a temporary separation I suppose but ShiOmRu’s plan. When her mangalsutra dropped and Shivaay caught it, it reminded me of the time during Shivika’s 3 months separation. Just before Anika was thrown out of the house, she would try to wear the mangalsutra and it will drop but SHivaay will catch it on time. Shivaay wore it around her neck and placed the maang. He did the same today. After that part, Anika was thrown out of the house. I suppose he already prepared Anika to trust him and he also have verbalised and promised Omru that today he will choose Anika over his family. Finally our Shivaay is going to do for Anika and not for family. He will not trade Anika for his family. But I feel Anika will come to know of this and she will do for Shivaay’s family. Anika is such. She is just like her father. She will sacrifice as she knows for Shivaay his family is important and if it is important for Shivaay it is also important to Anika. Her father was a trustworthy foreman and like father like daughter.

    Can’t wait for Monday’s episode.

    1. Banita

      Hlo Sindhu di….
      That scene remind me of KKT… Anika’s fake ML drama…. Before last Shitia wedding also this things happened nd later we got a khidkitode epi… So now also hope for best…
      This DWB is more irritating then Mrs. Kapoor… She was far better then her…

    2. Hi sindhu akka,
      hru. hope ur good. s akka finally shivayee will choose anika for the 1st time dont know abt anika wt she will do. v got news tht their is no separation track… just waiting for anika’s kidnap.. akka ur previous comments was lovely akka … love u
      happy weekend

      1. Thanks my dear jeevi. You have always been giving lovely comments. Not only everyone here gives heartfelt and lovely comments

    3. Sindhu dear…ofcourse Vomit is an Oberoi na.
      So initially Sso used to chat 72 ghate 48 ghate 24 ghate 5 minute.
      Blah blah.
      Ek hi khoon he na..??????????????.
      Yes i am waiting what will Annika do…
      Sso toh jo karenge karenge.
      But what wil the step of annika.
      Lets wait.
      And glad to her Sso is taking annika’s side..

    4. Luthfa

      Sindhu di,
      Shivaay promised to Anika that he would stand by her and he would do it definitely.That scene reminded me of pre-separation part where Anika was worried for Shivaay but now Shivaay is tensed for Anika.Same situation but person is different.Waiting for irritating bay’s wrap up.Anyway,take care di.Love you?

  14. Then again I had read that either Anika would get kidnapped or plan is Shivaay will get pretend to get married as he is buying time to obtain all the original copies of the note. The woman that Roop wants SHivaay to get married is Sowmya. How many times Sowmya would dream of getting married to Oberoi?

    1. Hy Sindhu didi….h r u…
      Anika kidnapped news is true(veer kiya Hain)…. upcoming Monday ll be saw this scene….
      @ shivaay nd swetlana joined hands with each other…..bua ki baand baaja ne

    2. Actually what I meant to say everyone gives lovely comments. This auto type is frustrating. By the way if you see sindhu with a green icon I just want to say it is still the same sindhu. I don’t know why the colour sometimes changes

      1. Luthfa

        Thank you soooo…much di.And it’s ok,we will manage?

  15. Banita

    Now coming to epi…
    Shivikaculous epi…
    Shivika first part was Awwww…!!!!!! With “O Jaana” song… I don’t know what to say about that scene… My TV screen vi full on fire…. I m blushing hard now after watching Shivika’s romance….
    Yaar light blur kun ho gaya…!!??? I want moreeee…… Okk Stop Banita stop…!!! It’s not good to watch ur brother’s romance….
    @Pus di… R U alri8???? I was thinking about U only while watching that scene… Nd others who r in love with Shivika…??
    Shivaay stopped media nd police…. True SSO can do anything…
    Shivaay successfully distrack Anika from that paper…
    Shivaay tied nupita chain nd filled her maang with Sindur with “Ishq hain aansu” song…
    Fore head kiss… Shivaay many times kissed Anika on her forehead , but every time it feel new nd lovly… Just like first time…
    Shiv- Jb tk Shivaay Singh Oberoi chal raha hain tb tk uske dil sirf aur sirf Anika ke liye dhadakta rahega…. Heart touching line…
    Shivika’s Pinky promise…
    Separat wali baat kun kia yaar..?? I don’t want a single day separation between Shivika…. Plzz CVS , NOT A SINGLE DAY SEPARATION…. Nd why Rudy said “In ur absence”…??? I m getting very bad vibes now…
    Shivika r bestest reel couple…. I can never stop admire them…. Love U Shivika….
    Shiv – Main Anika ke saath khada rahunga…. This what we want to listen from Shivaay’s mouth…
    DWB…. Now don’t want to talk about more… Just don’t underistemate SSO… U will suffer for it….
    Hope everything will be fine soon…
    Precap – Rudy don’t worry , if U not then we will kill that DWB….
    @Ishu , U r very strong my girl…. I don’t know what to say to U… I will just say I love U dr… U r soo sweet… KEEP SMILING ALWAYS… That’s what ur Papa want… Always BE HAPPY… TC…
    GN PKJ…

    1. Banita

      Forget to say , That DCB ko ek Choti wala asst. hi mila…. Charli..!!!
      I want to see fight between Charli nd my fav Khannaji…. Jo ki cvs kbhi nahi karenge… But still I m requesting Plzz CVS…

      1. ???????you want a fighting scene between Charlie and khanu ji..??????????..ok i can’t stop laughing.
        And I too wanyed more shivika romance..ok itni main toh meri cheeks red hogaye he..
        Kuch jyada hi chepdi hogaye he hum..
        Not good.????????.

      2. Banita

        Yeh Arpu kuch jayda hi chepda ho gaye hain hum…
        Yeh i want to see fighting moment between Charli nd Khannaji… Becz ek vi fighting scene khannaji ko nahi mila hain aj tk….

    2. Yes banu I also love the pinky promise. So nice to see that they captured some old moments of IB. Nice reminiscent

      1. Banita

        Yeh Sindhu dii… It’s nycc to see some old lovly moments again…

    3. Luthfa

      Hi Bani,
      ShivIka were just awesome to the power infinity yesterday.They complement each other very beautifully.OmRu were talking about Shivaay aka NM’s Japan vacation and his absence indirectly perhaps.Episode did give negative vibes of separation but I have full trust on Shivaay.Let’s see.And you want Khanna-Veer fight?Not bad yaar.After Shivaay giving enough punches,he can take over??????

      1. Banita

        NO NO Lu ,i dont want Khannaji nd veer fight becz Shivaay is fit for Veer… I want to see Khanna – Charli fight… Nd to my fav bodyguard to win…!!!

    4. Pushpa

      what do u think bani…… aft shivaye romance my tab screen was on fire …
      the whole episode was owsm…. no seperation darling gulmaam confirmed ….
      most likely OmRu will tell anika and once again the detective mode……

      1. Banita

        Yeh Pus di me also read Gul mata’s post…
        Ohh is it??? I m waiting for today…

  16. ?????????????????????????????????????????

    Now talk time…..

    SSO saare news channel nd cable , WiFi sab bnd kar diya aur police, media, sponsor everything…..??????

    When bua tell him that letter reach anika then Shivaay’s fears clearly seen…then ran ghr everything mess up .. never did tha shivaay but today he did… thank God don’t see Anika that…Omeru always there….

    Lovely pinki promise…..and forehand kiss…this reminds me per-sepration episodes…… seems like first time watch shivika romance!!!!

    Last parts….oh ho ho Daanto Daanto fall in traps of Shivaay game plan….now no one save u…..sawge of sso???…. bevkoof Daaton…tujhe kya laagta Hain shivaay shadi karega dousri ladki se….jhooti dream dekhna bohut achi laagti Hain tum pr…..khudi ki pair me khudali mar rhi…… very very poor Daaton…..wo SSO Hain……##charlis bol aagyi kon Hain vo?

    Precap….much interesting!!! Waiting next week……

    @@@ No separation … confirmed by Gulkhan!!!

    Veer kidnapped anika!!! Interesting hoga…. mujhe intezar nhi ho raha hain… Monday jaldi aa jaai…..

    @@@ mujhe laaga raha hain ki pendency Vibes aa raha hain….ajka episode dekhr laag rahi thi.. this is only my assuming guys….
    Aap shb kya sochte Hain … Hume opinion baata sakte Hain…..

    1. Banita

      Hlo Beauty…
      Yeh No one can save DWB now from SSO….
      Bevkoof daanto… Hahaha…. Sounding good…

    2. Yes I love that too Beauty where Omru together is helping shivaay in this plan and I am Glad at least he is sharing with his brothers everything. That at least should be the way. Poor Rudra just got married and have not really spent time with his Wife. It happens to all junior Oberois. Rudra welcome to the marriage world

    3. Beauty..
      I am.too getting a vibes of prgnancy track..
      Bit i really don’t want it.. completely my POV
      Bewakoof danto…??????

    4. Luthfa

      Hi Beauty,
      Shivaay is husband goal and he was on fire yesterday.OmRu are brother and brother-in-law goal.Bua is going to haunt down soon.Let’s see.Pregnancy is possible if cvs are willing to work on it.But I would love to watch it if it happens.And yesterday’s episode was the first step(depending on cvs)??????

  17. Luthfa

    Never underestimate the power of a person who is in love and that is True Love.You are absolutely right Roop bua.Love makes everyone weak and vulnerable but with a condition.If that person let his love to be his weakness and the reason of feeling vulnerable.Shivaay Singh Oberoi is such a lover who knows the power of love,its destructive force and every other aspects very well.In true sense,his love for Anika in the most part made him an extraordinary believer of true love.Once upon a time Shivaay Singh Oberoi did the mistake of letting go his love from his life and paid a costly price for that.But he won’t repeat that action ever again.You know why?When a person starts believing in love,true love,by dint of that love he acquires the inner power to fight against anything which is threatening for his love,automatically.Love sends its secret power to company that person who is going to wage war for his love.But you will not understand it because you never loved anyone from heart.Whatever you are doing in the name of love,for your son,is not love but self-destructive activities.Shivaay loves Anika and Anika loves Shivaay more than anything else and it’s a universal truth.If anyone dares to come in between their love,that person’s destruction is inevitable.Just remember one thing,if you are believing that Shivaay has become weak and succumbed to your whimsical wish then it’s your biggest illusion.You are thinking you are using his weakness against him in this game but let me tell you,Shivaay Singh Oberoi knows very well how to play the game you are playing and turn it in his favour making his opponents powerless and option less completely.Be ready to lose especially because this time it is Anika’s Shivaay against whom you are playing……………………….

    1. Banita

      True Lu…
      Anika’s Shivaay is against d battle now…. Who have Anika’s love nd attitude of her tadibaaz bagad billa….
      Very nycc comment Lu…
      U always nail it….
      Love U…

      1. Luthfa

        Anika’s Shivaay is invincible.He has Anika beside him and her love.The enemies of love will be defeated definitely.Thank you soooo…much for your love.Love you too?

    2. Yes luftha dear shivaay plays his chess game very well and he will soon check mate the 6 footer and his wide teeth Mother. Nice analysis my dear luftha. Take care and have a great weekend.

      1. Luthfa

        Sindhu di,
        Shivaay is a mastermind and will not fall into any trap of bua so easily.He will protect Anika and his love no matter what.Thank you soooo…much for your love di.Happy weekend to you too and lots of love?

    3. Yaa yiu are 10000% right Luthfa.
      Now this battle is between Annika’s Biluji and Vomit……
      He will fight as Annika’s biluji but in Sso style..
      Loving it.
      Khidkitod analysis luthfa..
      Love you.

      1. Luthfa

        You are absolutely right.Anika’s Shivaay and SSO is going to knock down his enemies.Bua doesn’t have a chance other than fail.Thank you soooo…much for your love.Love you?

    4. Luthfa….. lovely analysis….

      Shivaay’s game plan start and knock down his enemy…bua never ever imagined how much she fool….

      1. Luthfa

        Thank you soooo…much for the compliment dear.Yeah doesn’t know that as well the power of love.Shivaay will win for sure.Let’s see?

    5. Pushpa

      wow lufy…. u know more about love… well that great … our shivika love r so pure unconditional ….

      1. Pushpa

        and shivaye will win at the end ….. sending roop to jail..

      2. Luthfa

        Pu di,
        Awwww…So sweet of you.Actually Shivika’s love for each other taught me that much.And Shivaay is the end game and only he will win?

  18. Also one golden line by shivaay today..
    I always chose family over Annika but not this time & I will stand for her..
    Omru also joined shivaay to overcome the obstacles and save to their lovable Annika..

    1. Luthfa

      Agree totally?

  19. Don’t want to say anything abt the epi.No rikara scns.I am tired f waiting for a gud rikara scn.Forget gud rikara scns, they are hardly shown during episodes.It looks like the whole world revolves around shivika.They face problems,solve it,give sacrifices n get gud scns The talents f actors like shrenu,kunal,leenesh n mansi are just being wasted on a show like IB.The charaters f rikara n ruvya are just being used as props.They do not get anything neither scns nor dialogues. Ihave already stopped watching IB…….

  20. Hi my guys….
    My comment will be short…..our shivika are always awesome…..
    Obros are going to start their mission together………their hug was priceless……
    That roop…. I just want to kill her..
    I don’t why? When I saw roop,automatically a song will strike my mind…..
    “Pora Pokkil Oru Look-ah Vittu
    Enna Senjitaley
    Enna Senjitaley
    Paarapatcham Paakaama Kooda
    Vechu Senjitaley”
    With a careless glance, as she went past me,
    She has finished me up,
    She has finished me up.
    Without an ounce of mercy,
    She has taken me and finished me up.
    “First-u Look-ah Vechu Bokkunudhaan
    Onnu Vechutaale
    Onnu Vechutaale
    Hate-u Book-u Onnu Nenjukulla
    Open Senjitaley”
    With the first look, with a bang,
    She has hit me with a blow,
    She has hit me with a blow.
    A book of hate,
    she has opened in my heart……
    ‘Senjitaley’ literally translates to “ it is
    used to refer to finishing up a job, usually, a violent act like beating someone up or thrashing someone( no offence intended)..
    @arpita….do u see that Insta video that veer is trying to kill anika?…I know u want ani’s hospital scenes(As u told one day to someone)…I too badly want that scenes yaar…I am waiting for the scenes that anika in critical condition..(it may sounds bad but I want)….
    .we all are forgot one thing…#INTERNATIONAL SIBLINGS DAY….belated wishes to my pkj family as we r siblings na…

    1. Hi susi dear,
      hru. welcome back. u asked tamilians here right. ok im also tamilian from karnataka.
      1. happy tamil new year..
      all the best for ur results nd coming up studies… s prayer for ur results..
      same to pinch dear becoz even me if the subject n qp is difficult.then i write such tht the invesulater get mad n leave his job…
      shiva(SK) song got remembered bue noo.dear

      1. It’s shiva(SK) Song got remembered for the bua…. Nooo ?????????

      2. Hi Jeevi….
        Sivakarthikeyan is my favourite also….but what to do…our irritating bua forced me to dedicate that song.??? especially the word “SENJITALEY”…..

    2. Susi dear…
      Annika in hosptal sounding bad…no not at all dear..
      Yaa i am egarly waiting for it.
      By the way song is good.but which language it is???????..

      1. Hi arpita dear….
        It’s tamil language…I too deadly wishing to see ani in hospital…thank u for ur wishes… and same to u…..have a good day

    3. Banita

      Heyy Susi…
      Again song was very nycc dr… Perfact for situation…
      Happy Weekend…

    4. Luthfa

      Hi Susi,
      Shivika are made and mad for each other.Bua is getting on everyone’s nerves.But her high fly will crash soon on the ground.Perfect song for bua and her torture on us.Happy”Tamil New Year”to you too dear.And happy belated Sibling’s Day.Take care?

  21. Hi every1. im new here ,so can i join your family..

    1. Banita

      Of course Indu…

    2. Welcome Indu to our family

    3. Hiiii Indu.
      Of course dear.
      Welcome to okj..keep.commenting and enjoy the fun.

      1. Sry its pkj…not okj…
        This typo mistake..?

    4. Luthfa

      Hi Indu,
      Welcome to PKJ family with lots of love.Now you are a part of our family.Keep commenting and join us in spreading love.See you soon?

  22. Luthfa

    Some genuine talks:
    I absolutely forgot when was the last time I smiled through out while watching any episode of IB.But today’s episode just returned my old habit.And Shivika romance,oh what to say now.Such a stunner visual experience.Kisi ko kuch hua while watching Shivika romance?Mujhe to bahat kuch ho gaya!!!!!Anika just killed it with her sensuous moves.That button opening part,O MY GOD!!!!!!!Ok,I will go mad if I don’t stop right now.Lastly,thank you soooooooooo…..very much dear CVS for gifting such an episode on the occasion of Bengali New Year.I will consider it as a gift absolutely and cherish all the time.Thank you once again?????????

    1. Kisi ko kuch hua…
      Kuch mahi bahut kucha hua…
      I was blushing hardly.
      Actually i didn’t ecpect this boldness frim annika..
      She surprised me totaly.
      I am blushing and smiling like a stupid..
      Look What shivika did with me.
      and annika unbottoning kurta ……
      Oh My God……….ok i am too stop here..other wise i wil lose all my sanskariness .??????…

      1. Luthfa

        Hehehe…..Darling,we were totally in Mouni di mood while watching Shivika romance.Me too blushed like anything.And after that was humming Ashoka flim’s song….Ok,I can’t tell.You imagine??????????

      2. Issshhhh……….
        Directly Asoka movie song…. got two step ahead from me….
        …..waise it is not our fault at all..
        All credit goes to SHIVIKA..
        Ok we will do more prblm..shivika don’t stop..????????????…
        Love you.

      3. Luthfa

        Isssshhhh…..Hehehe…..We have showed enough chepdiness darling.Let’s see what else is waiting for us.Love you too?

  23. Hi guys, hru all my lovely akka’s n my dears pkj. hope everyone r fine. missed u all guys..
    wt a week yaar full of emo,senti,love etc.. afterwatching thus week episoid i got remembered of initial day of vanawas track becoz tht days was epi of tissue paper after tht this week got tears almost all the episoids….
    shivaye n family,anika n shivaye hug on tuesday, nd wensday episoid cant express it. just feel in love with shivka..the way he was lisening to anika n the way he pampered her n anika di ur emotions just superb.. NK n SC love u both…..
    Agar iss bar in SPW they deserve jodi pati n best patni actor n actoress.. only NK n SC deserve it…
    anika b’day awoww.
    but in yesterday episoid anika n pinky scene was emotional bt did nt touch the heart for me… even tht senior oberois happiness janvi happy tears …… so finally anika entered her name in OFB. hahaha bhavya name didnt get entered..sry if 1 felt bad… khannaji worried for
    kash sahil may present n anika coming n tell him abt her name as AVT…. one thing no one asked her abt her younger sister…..
    today episoid shivka moment wt to say even my tv cant c it. it got off(dish off)… bt all the shivka moment me feel like indication of shivka separation…… still shivaye mentioning her as bua..yyy… i dont wt say abt her nd her 2 rp plan becoz for me she already dead n murdered her even did her 11day of her death….



    1. Banita

      Heyy Jeevi…
      I m good dr… How about U??
      Agree with ur all points…
      Yeh Narvi deserves all awards in SPA….
      Even Best Beta nd Bohu award also,.. Actually i want all awards goes to our IB only…
      Nycc comments dr…

    2. Luthfa

      Hi Jeevi,how are you?
      Agree with you totally.Whole week was quite entertaining in terms of everything.Shivika and family moments were emotional.Me too wanted the same you mentioned in the last.Ok,what can we do.A very happy”Tamil New Year”to you too.Take care?

  24. Dont know wt say for cvs big douth weather he is deaf??? becoz v ask him one thing he does another thing???
    1. v asked equal screen play for om he did separate track.
    2. v requested for rumya bt did ruvya.
    3. v asked for somu +ve role bt did tia +ve role.
    4. now v r asking for rikara marriage wt planing again for shivaye marriage…tc

    1. @Jeevi..u r right…jo maag tha hoon saari ultha karke dete Hain hume….khbi sunta nhi…..

      Miss u yr….

    2. Jeevi …Cvs will do what we don’t want..
      And happy new year …
      And this week is one of the best week in IB ….
      Missed you..

    3. Luthfa

      Cvs don’t want to show us what we want to watch.Don’t know what they are thinking about Shivaay’s upcoming marriage drama.

  25. Yesterday’s episode was a big disappointment fr me.. I dunno y. I felt it was too much nkk and too much melodrama.. I didn’t feel it was our khidkitod anika. And usually I love nikita ma’am in emotional scenes but this time I felt the dialogues were a bit too much. I dunno. I have loved the character pinky wid all her pompousness and eccentricities because of her but yesterday I cldnt digest it..

    But today’s episode was ??.. it was toooooo good. Shivika scene was soo damn sensual.. Of Al the couple’s I have seen their scenes are the most sensual even if they don’t show them “naked” under sheets.. and when Omru and shivika come together they rock. I jus wish gauri and bhavya would also join them. Bhavya as an acp/ex acp, gauri to handle Anika..

    I read somewhere that bua will ask shivaay to marry swety. That is not wat I meant wen I said they should join hands. I meant it only as metaphorically CVS please don’t take it literally.

    @beauty – thank u fr appreciating my plot twist?

    @Luthfa and @Shekhar Bhai – awesome comments. Especially shekhar bhai ur analysis the day before yesterday.

    @Kadhambari akka, Arpita, banita, Sindhu di, pushpa, susi, niya, Ishita, Abhishek, Ritu ritika and everybody else keep posting ur awesome comments. (I really don’t know he many if u r younger or elder than me. I’m 24) .. My day ends with ur ib analysis nowadays. Kadhambari akka will miss u. And Susi the songs are too apt?..

    And someone was asking y shivaay cldnt identify gauri even after seeing the picture. The one in anika’s home was taken much before the one in gauri’s hand. D photo Wich is wid gauri has a bit more grown up anika- chutki so shivaay can’t connect it that easily. Also he is behind Roop bua.

    Tmrw half of India will be celebrating their new year/ a new era. So happy new year to everybody who is celebrating vishu, bihu, baisakhi, etc etc etc.

    1. Oh so sweet of you Krishna. Nice comments ya. tC

      1. If you see my icon colour changed it is actually me Sindhu but I don’t know why they changed to green suddenly. So yes I am the same sindhu that most of you know. Not someone new

    2. @Krishna…aap meri didi banngyi…??
      Now i call u didi…. If you are don’t mind??….

      Aaj anika nkk me bohut khush laag raha tha….aaj jo romance secne dekheyi thi wo Anika nhi , anika veranda trevedi laagyi mujhe……..

      Anika eaisa easily nhi karte but nkk ke hua mujhe laagta Hain…..

      Beautiful comments didi…. lovely??

    3. Hii Krishu di.
      So you are older than me…
      Yaa shivika are damn sensual.
      That is why they call themselves s*xika..????

      1. Hi good morning everyone . Oh god fir vahi sindur and mangalsutra vala track ,means shivay fir kisi or ladki se shaddi krne vala h . But he is very smart usne anika ko message de diya that whatever he will be doing have logic behind it and she have to believe it. Nice shivay . Starting of the episode with romance
        SO HOTT LIKE U SHIVAY ,amazing lovely . And get ready to loose from our hottest couple.

    4. Banita

      U r elder then me…..
      No comparision of Shivika… They r Superbb…

    5. Luthfa

      Hello Krishna di/bhaiya(going by the name),
      Absolutely agree with your starting lines of day before yesterday’s episode.Everything was quite melodramatic.And yesterday’s episode was a totall bliss.Enjoyed wholeheartedly.And thank you so much for the compliment dear.God bless you.Happiest”Bengali,Tamil New Year” wishes to you?

  26. Nikita_jai29

    It is hot and blushing episode… Eagerly waiting for the next episode…

    1. Hii Niki..
      Yaa full on blushing blushing…

    2. Luthfa

      Yeah,agree completely??????????

  27. Good morning everyone!!!!

    Have a great weekend…..

    Today i m not able to comments here…
    I m gonna miss everyone!!!
    But try to comments …..

    Take care……

    1. No prblm beauty dear..just complete your work.then come back here..
      Have a great weekend.

    2. Luthfa

      It’s absolutely fine dear.Do comment whenever you can manage time.Happy weekend to you too?

  28. Nice comments Krishna. Love your comments.

  29. Pagals..
    STAY BLESSED. and in odia style.i am wishing you MAHA BISHUBA PANA SANKRANTI..
    Odia naba brsa ra hardika abhinandan..
    Ok btyyyyyyy
    Love you all.

    1. Banita

      Luv U everyone…

      1. Love you too bani…btw Pana pilu???????….
        Without pana land lasi no new year….???

      2. Luthfa

        Wishing you a very happy”Odia New Year”with lots of love.May God fulfill all your wishes.Stay blessed and keep smiling?????

    2. Luthfa

      Wishing you a very happy”Odia New Year”.May you always be khidkitode happy and the year ahead turns most successful one?????

    3. Banita

      Of course pana bina no new year… Mu aji tike besi pana pideli compare to other… Btw tu vi pi thibu na..? Nd pachila aam…? I love it…

      1. Yaa But mu chena pana pichi…
        Mate bela ate bhala lagebi..
        And no pachila amba..
        Waiting for it..
        And enjoy summer with lassi..
        Ok Summer ko enjoy karna sirf winter main mumkin he…not in summer days..
        Ok take care

    4. Banita

      Same here Arpu mu vi cheena pana pithili nd True , summer can enjoy in winter only… Abe ta yanha aag ka barrish ho raha hain…!!

  30. WOW…..Shivika? loved their romance. Time and time again Narbhi prove why they are tbe BEST ?

    Waiting eagerly to see Shivay and OBros do OMM of evil bua n her son….the most awaited moment….plz cvs let us enjoy their demise balti bhar bhar ke…dont end it abruptly.

    Cant wait to see AniRi revealed as sisters….hope Rikara wedding will be after this as per Anika wanting to see her chutki getting married.

    Lastly, Pushpa di….hmmm what happens after Anika opens his button …..hope good news after all the villainbaazi n nafratbaazi.
    …wish to see Sultana turn good n help Shivay….hope finally kapoors realise the real murderer of their dad n get some peace✌

    1. Hiii Zara dear..
      Yaa Narbhi are always look natural in romantic scenes…thnx to their comfort level..

      Yaa me too hope kapoors will get to know the truth ……and leave in peace…
      Specialy botox kumari..??????.

    2. Luthfa

      Hi Zara,how are you?
      You are right.Shivika were just khidkitode yesterday.Loved their romance like anything.Hope to see those coming into screen you mentioned.And Pu di was in gaga mood all over I think?

  31. Luthfa

    Hello my khidkitode PKJ family,
    Good morning to all.
    Wishing everyone marvellous,extremely excellent and happy “Bengali New Year”.Stay blessed and keep loving.Have a brightest and glorious year ahead.Love you all??????????

    1. Hapy new year to you too Lu…..

      I am missing Shivya Shiny and all S wala grp..
      And Aniru dear leave ishqbaaz..i have not seen cimment since 2 or 3 months or more than that…

      1. Luthfa

        Thank you darling.Yeah members of “S” group are missing mostly.Actually they are in majority in PKJ.Me too have not seen Aniru’s comment and it’s quite a long time now.Hope they will come back soon finishing respective works?

    2. Banita


      1. Luthfa

        Thank you soooo…much Bani?

  32. NO Banita di I have just passed d 10th class only . By the way why did you asked this??

    1. Banita

      Dr U r new na that’s why i just asked to know about U more…

  33. Hi guys, big sry for late wishes bit busy with festival n my sister b’day today. Okk
    Wish everyone who r celebrating NEW YEAR… MAY UR YEAR B FULL OF JOY N PROSPERITY. LOVE U GUYS.

    1. Luthfa

      Same to you dear and do give your sister my greetings and birthday wishes.Yeah,network is very disturbing today.Don’t worry everything will be fine.Take care?

  34. No irritating network n tu comments r nt posting… Lossing my patience ????????

  35. Gud epi, i m big shivika fan but aab to mere kan taras gaye sahatiya version sune ke laye aur ankiyen taras gayi omri ka romance dekhne ke laye, pls harneetji aab to omri ko bhi thoda nai bhaut sara romance karne ko de do. Mere sath kon kon agree hai pls bolo

    1. @Simrat…. Mujhe bi chaiye saahtiya song….i love this song very much……

      1. Hello my lovely dovely PKJ !!!! How are you everyone!!! I miss everyone…

        Sorry yesterday was not able comments and reply….

        I m still blushing and smiling yesterday Romance …

        Shivika kon scene abi bliss karya Hain dil ko….kuch scene eaisa hota Hain jo shb se jayda fvrt hota…….

        Mujhe toh gajra song me dance kya tha shail ke saath mil ke…. lovely song…..

  36. Agar ib ho gaya tho hum kya kargA

    1. Banita

      IB kya ho jayga Aditi…???
      If u r talking about off air of ib then dont worry it’s not going to happen any time soon…

  37. Please reply for my comment

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