Ishqbaaz 12th September 2018 Written Episode Update: Anika apologizes to Shivaye

Ishqbaaz 12th September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Anika says I do care, even if you don’t. Shivaye asks do you think I can do this. She says you did this. Mohit comes and says Shivaye didn’t do this, sorry I heard your talk, its good, at least now I can clear her misunderstanding, I got that dress for Nancy, not Shivaye, I know she has done wrong, I should have not slapped her, I realized that later, I got that dress to make her happy, I asked Shivaye to keep it in her room and not say anything, in fact the dress you are wearing, my friend got it for you, the best part about him is, he does things, but never expresses. He goes. Shivaye says guests would be waiting for me. Anika says sorry to misunderstand you. He says its okay, we don’t know each other well, I didn’t give you wife’s status, but I respect you a lot, I won’t do anything such.

She says you are right, even then I m hurt as you don’t show your rights on me, you don’t care how I look, what I wear, I m not that beautiful that….. Shivaye says stop it, you are saying anything. O jaana…plays……..He kisses her and says you don’t compare yourself with anyone, you are special for me, you think you are not beautiful, when I saw you for the first time, my breath had stopped. She hugs him and says sorry, I can have this right.

Rudra asks what do you want, whiskey, vodka… Tej says water. Rudra says you came at wrong place. Tej says I m your dad, get water for me. Rudra gets water and gives him. Anika stops Shivaye. Kahin rok le hum….plays…. Nancy looks at them. Shivaye kisses Anika’s hand and hugs her. Bhavya comes. Rudra says welcome to Rudy’s bar and sees her. She asks which car do you drive. He names his cars. She asks do you have license, I have it, don’t get your car on roads, I will arrest you, got it. He says wait, you are…… He smiles and says your ears… She asks what, come and get your license. She goes. Om comes. Rudra says Bhavya’s eyes are like Shivaye. Om smiles seeing Gauri. Rudra asks him to have punch. Anika hugs Gauri. Gauri asks what happened. Anika says you are sweet. Gauri says I m smart too, what happened. Anika says nothing, whatever happened was too good. She hugs Gauri. Bhavya comes and says you look happy.

They get drinks and like it. Omru drink punch. Shivaye comes and asks what’s up. Rudra says have the special punch, I insist. Om says you should try. Shivaye drinks it. Rudra says I had to discuss something, there is a problem. Shivaye asks what. Rudra says eyes… Shivaye asks my eyes. Om says Bhavya’s eyes. Rudra says her eyes are like yours, Kanji and dangerous, I get scared of her eyes, give me some solution, I m so dashing, say yes, I m handsome too.

Shivaye sees Anika. Rudra says she maybe police officer, but in her city… Shivaye says you stay in same city. Rudra asks are you on my side or hers. Om laughs. Rudra asks what happened. Om says Shivaye’s Saali, I m talking about Gauri, you were saying about Anika. Shivaye says I was telling her something that changes our lives, I m thinking to go and tell her. Rudra says come on, do it, go for it. Om feeds him more drinks. He laughs. Shivaye goes. Rudra asks what will he say. Om says I love you. Rudra says I love you too. Shivaye goes to Anika and says I want to tell you something. Anika asks him to say. He says you and I…. Mohit comes and says sorry Anika, I m taking your Shivaye.

Shivaye says wait a min, I will tell you something, but after the party. She smiles. Priyanka says I m feeling sleepy, I m going to sleep. Gauri says I m also feeling sleepy. Omru also say goodnight and leave. Anika says even I m feeling sleepy, but I have to clean place. Nancy says staff will do it, its late, go and sleep. Bhavya says its too late, I was looking for Shivaye, thank him from my side. She leaves. Nancy asks where are Taj and Shivaye. Mohit and Shivaye sing Yeh dosti….. Nancy and Anika come there. Mohit jokes and says we were recollecting old days. They laugh. Anika says come Shivaye, party is over. Shivaye asks her to go. They sing. Shivaye asks Anika to go and sleep. Nancy says lets go. Anika says fine, you enjoy with friend, I m going to sleep with Gauri.

Shivaye says you are afraid to sleep alone. They laugh. Anika and Nancy leave. Shivaye and Mohit sing. Anika goes to Gauri’s room and falls asleep. Shivaye says I have to talk very imp thing to Anika, I will go. Mohit stops him. Shivaye drinks more. Mohit says I have to tell something to Nancy, I won’t tell you. Shivaye laughs and says whatever Nancy did, I felt weird, you believed me, thanks. Mohit says our friendship is old, you are so decent, you can’t do this. Shivaye says I saw you with some girl yesterday, who was she. Mohit says my wife. Shivaye says I m not so drunk. They laugh. Shivaye says I will go now to talk to Anika, its 3 now. He goes. Mohit sings. Nancy stops Shivaye. She says I m just helping you. Shivaye says I don’t want your help. Tej asks what are you two doing here.

Shivaye wakes up and sees blood on his hands and clothes. He gets shocked and checks someone.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Appy

    Hiii mere khidkitod pagals
    @Sindhu Di…yup..she is our hard-working girl.
    @Jeevi .pyarr se jo bhi doge totally accepted
    @lu…really nice words
    ( ok now I am not calling you Luthfa di)🤣😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣

    I wanna say so many things But sleep is overpowering me
    Ok one thing in redux is different that shivika are very expressive towards each other.they are saying what they feel without any hesitation specially Annika
    I love it
    And each shivika scene has different happened also once again.
    I loved the first official without drunk forehead kiss of Shivika
    Specially suddenly Shivaay kissed her and she calmed down instantly. Like his kiss was soothe to her inner pain.i love. It
    Back hug….yes Annika Di you have full right.. go for it.
    And Shivaay this is the last time you are turning from Annika..Now from onwards it is time to pull her towards yourself
    And so finally you admit that your breath stopped when you saw Annika for the first time.
    First step towards intimacy.
    I am loving it.
    Remember it.

    Obros were totally A fun to watch.looking like Nakunlee are more than shivomru
    And one I already decided their MERI WALI🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Ishqbaaz taught 3 meanings of KK
    1.Kutti Kamini
    2.khidkitod khoobsurat
    3.Kanji khatarnak.
    Future main aur bhi milega…I think

    Waise Sso..what you wanted to tell ANNIKA???

    Mohit and Shivaay.
    Ok when mohit said that girl is his WIFE AM FEELING THAT THIS IS GOING TO BE THE TRACK OF MOVIE AJNABEE.( may be I am wrong)….( if you don’t know then Google it)🤣🤣🤣

    But I am scared that Hareetji is very bad in writting when it come to climax.And she is best when it is come to build up. So build up is good but climax….I AM SCARED….

    Precap. What make Shivaay so frightened. Who kill Nancy. Mohit?????
    And now family the cop and even khaana is not going to believe him
    Can’t say about Annika
    I know she will trust her but when …..
    Upcoming is thrilling as well as scary.
    And Precap itself is scary.lets see.

  2. JeevithaTK

    Hi guys.
    Ya sindhu akka as u said episode good mainly dance part nd Rikara part.
    Today episode was good.
    Thanks Mohit don’t know weather ur good r bad. Bt now becoz u shivka bond have raised to level up. Otherwise shivay would have been silent nd anika pain could have been increased. Thank you for tht. Happy tht bit at least shivay confessed with anika of his feelings. Back hug nd kiss was lovely.
    Nd Rudy u always rock thanks for Rudy fruit punch. After soo long o’bro moments I love it.
    OK bye Anda plz don’t come back.
    Nasha wala expression of all were soo cute.
    Shivay tht song 👌👌.
    OK guys GN SWT dream. C u all soon. Tc

  3. Vidyakrish

    Shivaay kisses on Anika forehead was so cute to see. Omru part was so sweet I can’t conclude future story just wait to see what happen next. IAM sure Anika omru believe shivaay and support.

  4. JeevithaTK

    Hi sindhu akka. Welcome. No thanks for sister. Akka even me sent mail tht v can’t open ur page. Even they r confused y it’s happening like tht. They Hv said that they will reply soon regarding the issue. Hope it get solved soon.
    Arpi dear congrats for being 1st dear.

  5. Luthfa

    How adorable Anika was looking when she was telling that Shivaay never noticed anything about her!Looked like a little girl overpowered her who only wants the love and attention of her closed one’s,here Shivaay,in every way possible.It’s very normal for her to feel insecure and ignored because at last Anika has someone beside her who cares for her,her emotions and always there for her no matter what and ready to do every single thing that will please her.She has seen nothing of those mentioned above in her life until she meets Shivaay.All those beautiful feelings of getting love,being pampered and fulfilling of wishes are happening to her for the first time.Anika kept adding happiness in other’s life but now she got someone who would go to any extent to see her happy and this is indeed a great feeling for her.So when she feels that the person who is doing so much for her without even asking is avoiding her and her presence,it will hurt her.Anika’s assumption was not true and it got cleared eventually.Shivaay is not exercising his rights over her and this is not letting her be in peace.Why Shivaay is not doing so,everyone knows even Anika.What is the problem then?Problem is Anika is in love with Shivaay in her heart.And love makes anyone do anything,think anything,say anything when there is nothing like that.Anika has fallen in love with Shivaay and those cute complaining of hers are testifying it whether she accepts this truth or not.

  6. Shajessie

    Hi guys.. Wow wow wow. 2day epi…. Really amazing… Who wrote the story… Wow hand’s off to the writer..
    Wat a scene… Sudden kiss on anni forehead to make her silent… N said tat anni is special to him.. N breath had stopped when he saw her for 1st time… He alrdy mesmerized… So anni hw cm u said u r not beautiful… U r an angel annika…
    2nd kiss on her hand was awesome.. Tat much u love anni na shivaay… Better tell her i love u… Dun ever say again u r not giving wife status to her.. N bla bla bla ok… I dun even want to imagine tat… As arpy u said no more dhost also… If again he say like tat v Both go n kill him.. Ok
    The hug from behind.. wow so cute… Hw romantic.. If all hban n wife r like Tis.. I’m sure no words of talaq even in the dictionary.. Tis IB I really love to watch bcos it teaches the bonding between family n especially hban n wife… Hw important family n family members..
    Love between thee noh baay.. All should follow them.. I’m so excited guys… Vr Happy… Omru u guys really superb…
    Mohit n Nancy… Ur chapter going to end 2moro I guess… Happy.. But hw shivaay going to cm out from tat prob… Of cause Omru n anni r there to find the saboot n the way out..
    I’m vr eager to watch 2moro epi… So c u all 2moro guys…B Happy… Gd nite.. 😍😍

  7. Luthfa

    Hehehe….The way Rudra was handing over water bottle to Tej,made me laugh like anything.Rudra dear,your father won’t be able to digest such gesture of respect!
    Rudra was superb in all his antics.KK-Kanji aur Khatarnak!!!LOL
    And what Nancy was doing during Shivika romance? Reminded me of Pinky.Anyway,murder will occur tomorrow.Don’t know whether Nancy would die or not.Let’s see.Good Night…😴😴😴😴😴😴

  8. Rajvi_shah

    Shivaay finally realized his love for Anika. Bahvya ki kanji aakhe😍 So now everything is clear. Mohit is doing everything. Mohit and Nancy are not married. Mohit is in OM because of some hidden revenge and I am sure Nancy won’t die.

  9. Agga4102

    I know Mohit is behind this!!!!

  10. Great episode, I loved the forehead kiss, super cute.

  11. Sindhudi

    Wonderful episode!!!! It is a WOW!!!!! Just loved it. Oh I loved the way Anika said I am not that beautiful and tried to compare her with someone else but before she could do that Shivaay stopped her. The first time Shivaay saw her his breath stopped. Oh my my Shivaay!!! You already loved anika right from the start. Glad that Mohit cleared the MU but I still don’t know what his agenda is.

    Later that kiss on anika’s forehead and the intense hug. Oh my goodness I was so in love with shivika.💕💕

    Rudra was so funny wth Tej. And Omru always light up the set once again with their funny antics. Om is also falling for Gauri. Seems like he has ego.

    I don’t know why Nancy was hiding and listening to the conversation of Shivika at the pool. She does not seem to be happy. Worse is the precap. But still one thing does not add up. Why should Anika sleep in Gauri’s room? She should be sleeping in their room. I still don’t understand. You mean Aniks is really afraid to sleep alone. All MU has been cleared right so I don’t see the reason why she has to go to Gauri’s room. This gives more opportunity for Nancy to go to shivaay’s room and wait for him. Both Nancy and Mohit have different agenda.

    Anyway I enjoyed shivika and Rikara moments

  12. I think this part is gonna be like Akshay Kumar’s movie Ajnabee….. Mohit is behind all these blunders and I think he drove Nancy towards Shivaye…..

  13. Astmasiddika

    Really a lovely episode enjoyed a lot .I think now only real story
    is going to start let us see how Shivika going to solve this problem . Loved today’s Omri ‘s scene and Shivika’s scene seen forehead kiss after a long time missed that scene a lot
    Precap – real drama unfolds let us wait &watch

  14. I think tej n mohit are togather against shivay…tej is masterbrain of this murder….lets wait n watch

  15. AparnaPrasad

    mohit is defenitely not interested in anika so far.. nancy is only interested in shivay , they are not even giving a clue behind mohits enemity

  16. Riana

    I ammmmm sooooooo excitedddd for today’ssss episodeeee 😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😘

  17. Wow superb episode loved it

  18. Nikita_jai29

    Episode is good.. Happy hindi divas

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