Ishqbaaz 12th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Omru divide the house

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Ishqbaaz 12th October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Shivaye says if they have a problem with my stay here, its better that I leave. Anika says no, you won’t go anywhere, this is your house, you have undergone punishment, court has released you, you will stay here with head held high. Rudra says I can’t stay under one roof with this man, he will stay on his side and we will stay on ours. Shivaye looks on. Gauri asks what do you mean. Omru draw the line. Shivaye and Anika get shocked. Anika runs to stop Om. Gauri and Bhavya try to stop Rudra. Shivaye cries. Anika asks Dadi to say them something, stop them. Shivaye stops Omru. He asks what are you doing, this isn’t our house, its Dadi’s temple, don’t break it. Omru push him away. Om says when hearts get broken, houses need a partition they complete the line. Rudra says this side is ours, none will

cross this. Everyone cries. Om says these are two houses from today. Rudra says one ours and other of Shivaye. Shivaye gets shocked and gets back. Anika takes him. Dadi says I didn’t think I have to see this day in my life, my house will get divided.

Pandit says its happening for the first time, that three brothers aren’t doing aarti together. Rudra says it doesn’t matter now, when hearts got separated, what’s use to do aarti together. Shivaye starts coughing. Anika asks what happened, are you fine, I will get water. Rudra stops her. Om says you can’t cross this line. She asks can’t you see Shivaye’s state. Om says we don’t care. Anika says I don’t care for line. Shivaye says Anika, do what Omru are saying. Om stops Gauri from help. Khanna gets water. Shivaye drinks. Shivaye does aarti. Omru do aarti. Anika holds the aarti diyas. Ram ram….plays…. Anika says you aren’t doing together, but still at the same time. Omru pray that they get the deal. Shivaye thinks I have returned home, but I have to end this distance between hearts, give me courage to heal my brothers’ heart, you also know there is no Om without Shiv, and no Ru without Om.

Anika gets Shivaye to room and smiles. Anika says I have changed the room completely, you are silent thinking I changed everything, don’t worry, I didn’t change anything, things can’t take a person’s place, I have missed you every moment, but I used to sleep with peace and met you in dream every day, because of it. He sees dream catcher and recalls his words. She says just you didn’t serve the punishment, I have also undergone it, because living without you isn’t less than punishment, now our punishment and wait is over. He says don’t cry, everything changed in five years except one thing, I can’t see you crying even today. He wipes her tears. O jaana…plays….

He asks why did you not tell me that my family shattered. She asks what would I tell you that your brothers can’t hear your name, your relations shattered, if I told this to you, your wish to get released would have ended, I know what you are going through. He says its not their fault, I did the mistake, I have killed Tej. She says lets forget it and live the present. She hugs him. She asks him to go and freshen up. She shows his cupboard and reminds wardrobe management. He says this is of no use for me that Shivaye is dead. He gets clothes from bag and goes.

Anika says I can’t see you like this, I want my Tadibaaz angry Shivaye back, how shall I get him back. Its night, Shivaye sees Anika fixing dream catcher near the bed. She says its done, come, why are you standing there, come and sleep, tell me, did you take medicines or not. He says not yet. She gives him medicines. He sees the bed and rests. He gets up. She asks what happened. He says I m not getting sleep, I m not habitual to sleep on bed now. He sits on the floor. She says time and life don’t stop for anyone, this is your house now. He says I m this house’s culprit, I have snatched Tej from Omru and also their happiness, that wound is still fresh, Dadi, Jhanvi and Omru, I m their culprit. She says laws have punished you, why are you punishing yourself. He says any punishment would be less. He lies on the floor. She lies beside him and holds him.

Rudra takes the medicines and throws. He says Dadi tell him, even Amrit touched by his hand is poison for us. Shivaye asks what are you saying, I m your brother. Rudra says you are Tej’s murderer.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. NSK

    Episode was heartbreaking?
    Can’t see hatred between shiv om ru ?
    Anyway i have thought of this track’s ending in my way ?
    How can i post that as an article? I need help,if anybody knows tell me please.
    Waiting eagerly for the upcoming episodes.☺
    Hope and wish everyone a good and healthy weekend.❤

    1. Riana

      Nsk… You can go to submit article page which is on top left corner… There by clicking on that page you can write your article ?

      1. NSK

        Thank you so much for sharing the information?

    2. Luthfa

      Go Noushin Go.Many many congratulations on being first…?
      Kemon acho?How was the exam?Hope you have done khidkitode.Episodes of this entire week were superb to the power infinity.I am enjoying a lot though it’s difficult to watch Shivaay and OmRu like that.To be honest I wanted to watch something like that in RU,always.Makers have fulfilled my wish but in a twisted way.Waiting for Monday’s episode.Anyway,good night with sweet dreams.Lots of love?

      1. Luthfa

        To post any article,click that part where it’s wtitten “Submit Article”.You will be gudied accordingly how to write.But I am here telling you-First of all you have to choose a suitable title.Next you have to write down your article in written form using Text option.Then there is an option to choose a file namely a pic,relating to your article.Then comes category.You will find three option-1.Episodic Analysis 2.Fan Fiction 3.Humour.After choosing the category,you have to click Submit button which will be shown at the bellow.Then few lines will appear and that will tell you that your article has been submitted.It will post as soon as possible.Now you can try?

      2. Luthfa


      3. NSK

        Haha how i became first IDK ??? my exams were ok and i amam keeping fine too ??? what about you apu ? ???

        And thanks for sharing the information but am not gonna post now , gonna read urs now ? annddd i might post later on December maybe haha ?? thank yooouu??

      4. Luthfa

        Hello Noushin,
        I am absolutely fine,thank you so much.Will be waiting for your post dear.Okay,go and read those.You are most welcome.Lots of love????

    3. JeevithaTK

      Hi dear.
      Congrats for being 1st dear. Happy weekend. Love you. Tc

      1. NSK

        Www thanks di ? love you too .. Tc ❤

    4. ??? track’s ending i will wait for that want to know how you will end this track. Make it bomblast girl. I am super duper excited
      I will be waiting all the best sis
      Till then bye take care have a good day and keep smiling ??

      1. NSK

        Thank you so much for the warm wishes dear ? tc too and keep smiling too ?

  2. Vidyakrish

    It’s getting bore to see ib because without three brothers it’s not good to see plz reveal truth early

    1. NSK

      Hoping the same

  3. Riana

    Only came here to say that SHIVIKA’S NEW BLUE ROOM is more FANTABULOUS than the purely stupid heartbreaking episode !!! ???

    1. NSK

      YYes yeyss !! Blue room is just ??❤❤??

  4. JeevithaTK

    Hi guys. Hru all hope all r good.
    Sply all my oodisa dear, how r u all hope cyclone condition fine.
    So coming to the episode wt’s going on. The thing which always thinking must nt happen is happening now. The many reason for which I started watching ib is becoz of Shivomru bond love….. Now I’m missing tht.
    I don’t know on whom I most get angry.
    On Omru r CVS.
    On Omru for nt believing shivay. R
    On CVS for writing the script.??????
    Getting more hurt in yesterday episode went rudra was using those words to shivay…
    Can’t even c this broken shivay.?????.
    Many times I got sad r upset by ib. Even thought of quiting the show sply Wen they made somu negative then again I started watching mainly for 2 reasons 1. Shivomru. 2.For pkj where I found my new family.
    I know it’s just a serial bt I can’t take it. Becoz I’m v much connected to it.
    Actually v many of us know from the beginning tht any one track may come were Shivomru may get separated ( becoz it’s one of the rule of serials sply in INDIA). But still can’t accept it.
    I totally agree with what abishaek : said in yesterday analysis tht Shivomru r the heartbeat of the serial so I request cvs plz end this track soon.
    For the first time I don’t like the arthi scean… I never thought tht I will nt like tht part.
    Hi sindhu akka : u know even I the same tht shivay must leave the mansion nd then omkara nd rudra must come to know the truth. Even this I said to my sister also u know. Both r having same thought the same.
    Nd I came to know tht even prinku will in negative role…
    Really feeling sad unhappy ??????????????.
    OK guys good night SWT dream.
    Ya happy weekend to all…..

    1. NSK

      Yes di episodes are heartbreaking but will be interesting to see how ShivOmRu will reunite again ? don’t loose hope ? take care di

    2. Astmasiddika

      S it is true Jeevi prinku is supporting OmRu not Shivika she is in negative role now she is against her brother & bhabhi

  5. Banita

    Hlo PKJIANS…..
    Epi was too emotional….
    Today while watching d epi it reminds me of d vanwas track… Almost every part of the epi remind of that…
    Shivay bhaiya – ?????????????
    NM nailing it… I don’t want to say more about Shivay… It’s really hurt to see him like that….
    OMRU – ???????
    Their harsh words is killing… Specially Rudy’s talk towards Shivay… Don’t know why Rudy’s words hurt me more then Om’s….
    In vanwas track d way Rudy cried nd tried to stop Shivay nd today the way he talked with him ?????
    It’s heart wrenching…. Both r sooo different…
    When Omru put d line ,I just think about vanwas track when Shivomru removed that line..????????????????????
    Just never ever want to see Obros doing different aarti…
    This Obros separation thing is sooo heart breaking… Just hope this track will end soon (I don’t think it will happen anytime soon)…
    Shivika’s old blue room… I like green room also ,but a little bit more attached to this blue room…
    Shivay bhaiya’s this condition is horrible…??????????
    Nd I want Omru to see him like this once… So that it will be interesting to watch their reaction after knowing d truth… Here I m not bashing Omru ,becz they r not at fully fault also…
    Precap –
    I think many more heart breaking things r waiting for us…????????
    GN PKJ….

    1. NSK

      Agreeing to u di ? and all of the actors are nailing it …? and its gonna be amazing to see how ShivOmRu will reunite ? byeee have a great weekend❤

      1. Banita

        Yup NSK…
        All r doing gr8 job…
        Waiting 4 Obros milan only…
        BTW HRU NSK?

    2. NSK

      I am fine wbu di ?

  6. Dear shivika fans especially (anika fans)stop bashing omru for there action because anyone in there place would do the same thing even if gauri or shail would have died by shivay hands even anika would have insulted and hated shivay like this in social media shivika are fans paraising anika for her support and belief in shivay but let me remeber for those before redux it was the same anika who always questioned shivay decesion and even lost belief in shivay at the second time of seperation I am talking about (bua conspirancy) and it was the same omru who always supported shivay and his decision without thinking twice let it be any matter and they even supported shivay when anika was not with him and even in redux it was omru who respected anika and gave her good status in OM even they went against there dadi just for so called anika and if shivika relationship is strong today the main credit goes to OMRU because they made shivika relationship so many shivika fans are blaming that omru could have found out real reason for shivay shooting tej in these 5 years the same question goes to anika she could have found out real reason and should have informed omru about it why doesnt she have that much strength to find out truth ok just leave this matter before redux she could have found out real reason of shivay marrying another girl after leaving him for so many months anika is not mahaan she also have done alot of mistakes even she have doubted and hated shivay so stop bashing omru and stop prasing anika for small things i might sound harsh but this is true and let me remind you guys


    1. Astmasiddika

      Abhishek it is not like that we love OmRu a lot but we do not bash them but little angry becoz they didn’t respect Anika I can understand they could not but we wish , moreover a little angry they don’t allow Gauri or Bhavya to speak with Anika they don’t have rights to come in between sisters or they don’t have rights to order the Rivya to not to speak

      1. Vidyakrish

        Ya I agree with u

    2. Exactly i am with you and respect your words. In life both phases are there love and enemity. We have seen love of omru towards shivay from the start they have always supported his brother in any situation. Now they are showing another side of omru which is natural. I am not understanding why people are making issues unnecessarily they can see and tolerate bakwas of other serials hero heroine toh 10 saal tak nahi milte phir bhi people love to see but when ib is trying to show real emotions everyone is showing their hatred. Just enjoy every emotion .
      Don’t you think that when omru will come to know about truth what will be their reactions their love will be back and it will be shown nicely if you guys will support positively.
      Try to understand and stop bashing like immature kids

      1. NSK

        I am completely agreeing to you and hoping the same ? have nice days dear

    3. NSK

      Your point us correct ! Some fans unnecessarily bash the characters because they are not satisfied with what they are testing ugh… Its fine to hate someone when he is accused of murdering his father! And all the characters have flaws nobody is superior than others ! But some just can’t get that and all they do is bash!!! Ignore them and lets focus on thethe show? have a great weekend?

    4. Luthfa

      Dear Abhishek,

      First of all,this is PKJ,not any social media platform.Here we are not blind followers of any character or couple.And we do have our favourites and its everyone’s personal choice.PKJ never believe in using harsh words while opposing anything.Few are different as exceptions will be always found,everywhere.Secondly,by referring “Shivika fans”especially “Anika fans” what are you trying to say or mean?As far as I have read comments in PKJ since Tej got shot,no one used any hateful words for OmRu.Rather everyone is unhappy on the fact that Obros’bond got broken because of something unfortunate.Going by the tone of your comment looks like PKJ bashed OmRu left-right-center and for that you are angry on Shivika and Anika fans!Sorry to say but I have found your allegations totally baseless,for PKJ.If your point is Social Media then thousands fights are going on there over every small things.It’s my humble request to you,plz,don’t bring SM and its problem in PKJ.PKJ love to stay away from all this.Now,most important point-YOU are pointing towards Anika like she would have done the same if Shivaay could have killed Sahil or Gauri,fine.Is it the same for which OmRu are blaming Shivaay and it’s also fine.BUT why are you degrading Anika by saying that people are praising Anika unnecessarily?And only because of OmRu So Called ANIKA got her place in Shivay’s life,really?Anika has done nothing in regarding that?Once OmRu decided that Anika had to get her right so she got like your are emphasizing only OmRu’s consent was the main thing for Shivaay’s acceptance of Anika as his wife?Very sorry but I Do Not Agree With You On This.Shivika mutually worked hard for their relation as it’s their Relation and OmRu only supported them to some extent.And why are you comparing RU OmRu with AU OmRu?You gave the example of Anika leaving Shivaay two times during separation-what is the need of it in AU and with AU Anika?If you want to bring forward or put your opinion on something serious,get your facts cleared first.This is AU not RU.And Anika’s leaving Shivaay had valid reason,if you forgot.What Shivaay did and why he shot Tej,everyone knows that except OM members.So,like everyone is right in hating OmRu for their inhuman behaviour for Shivaay,be it in social media or in PKJ,knowing Shivaay’s part of the story,it’s the same like OmRu is hating Shivaay.In all these Anika is not involved.She is not against OmRu,but YOUR OmRu are against Anika.Stop bringing ANIKA and blaming her in the drama of ShivOmRu,the HeartBeat of Ishqbaaz,for your own convenience.Why Anika did not try finding the Truth by herself,better YOU ask this question to IB CVS and for everything else.Again I am saying it-Stop Blaming Anika for every single thing.Thanks.

      1. Astmasiddika

        Hey Luthfa I am agreeing with your points Ani is not against OmRu but OmRu is against Ani they are against the relation with ani

      2. NSK

        Yes ur words have points apu

      3. Luthfa

        Hello Astma,
        Thank you so much for agreeing with me.OmRu will hate those each and every person who will help Shivaay or will support him in his works.Materialism has overpowered their human thinking that’s why.But Anika won’t let anything happen to Shivaay.She will fight OmRu for Shivaay with dignity.She won’t cross any limit unlike OmRu.

      4. Luthfa

        Thank you so much Noushin.

      5. NSK


  7. Astmasiddika

    The episode is same as I expected from director sir . I just made my mind not to cry any more since already we got hurted and even more going to get hurt by your dialogues. K coming to the episode this is the 2nd time OM got divided but this time it is OmRu divides the OM
    Acting by Kunal & leenesh is so nice . Guys don’t mistake me I think now only they got acting space well al other scenes were god mainly more than Narbhi Kunal and leenesh nailed the episode .
    Precap- Rudy I can’t see u like this I want the same funny Rudy dir.sir pls end this track soon

    1. NSK

      Hoping same di ?

  8. Nikita_jai29

    Cvs please end this track soon otherwise i may lose my interest in the show….

    1. NSK

      Be positive and hope for better dear ?

  9. NSK

    Its really painful to watch oberoi brothers separated? but the fact is the logic is absolutely OK because who would love his father’s murderer? Yes Shivaay had a good intention behind it and we,the viewers know that;but OmRu and Family aren’t aware of that and so their hatred can be justified. It’s gonna be awesome how ShivOmRu will reunite! But before that i want the entire family except Annika and Khanna to yearn for SSO’s love honestly. He shouldn’t forget the pain he had to go through easily.he didn’t stand for himself,what he did was for his Brothers, OmRu.but its OmRu who are hating him the most? SSO is getting punishment despite having a good intention,only Annika and Khanna are by his side.i wonder what he would have gone through if Annika wasn’t by his side.ShuvOmRu are the HeartBeat of the show and They are each other’s strength. yes they will reunite soon and its gonna be overwhelming.?its gonna be grand. though the track is so damn emotional but yet its giving me positive vibes since their bond will become stronger than ever.✌
    All the best to The team because the hard work they are putting is clearly reflecting through their Fantastic acting.?
    Thanks CVS and please reunite the brothers soon.?
    Keep watching IB at 10 since its under scanner, if the show is gonna end,at least we can support the last phase of it.❤?

    1. Astmasiddika

      Hey NSK how r u dear , ur points are valid pa let’s hope how CVs are going to take the track

      1. NSK

        Yes dear ? have a nice weekend di

  10. Very sad story. But sadness always has happiness at the end ao let lets hope for something that will give all the fans happiness at end

  11. But sadness always has happiness at the end lets hope for something that will give all the fans happiness at end.

  12. Though sso had a right reason still he don’t have any right to kill anyone, he shouldn’t have taken law into his hands but at the same time wat Tej did was also wrong but sso could have dealt with it in a better way. Even after omru get to know the truth and apologise, still it would be his fault only, both of them are equally wrong

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