Ishqbaaz 12th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Pinky finally accepts Anika

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Ishqbaaz 12th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Roop tells Shivaay he is stuck between saving his own parents and Anika’s dad. If Anika finds out she’s a killer’s daughter, then she might commit suicide. Shivaay says enough. He knows the truth, so he is not scared. She should be scared because he will expose her to the world. Roop says he won’t be able to do anything to her. Shivaay says he doesn’t need to, because police will punish her for her crime. Roop laughs and says he will come back to her in 24 hours and will be ready to leave Anika and marry someone else. Shivaay leaves.

Anika gets emotional looking at her childhood memories.

Shivaay’s family asks him how did he find out about Anika’s dad? Did he find out about Mr. Kapoor’s murderer? Shivaay thinks it’s not the right time to tell truth to family, their view might change towards Anika. He lies to his family thinking he can’t tell them half truth.

Khanna tells Shivaay that he has gotten rid off every article written on Harshvardhan. Shivaay says great, no one will find any connection between him and Kalyani Mills.

Shivaay comes to his room and thinks before Roop does anything, he will have to take fake suicide note and photos from her and find proofs against her. Only then he will be able to save his parents, as well as Anika’s dad. Anika comes there. He refers her as Anika. She says Anika Harshvardhan Trivedi. Anika feels proud of having a name with her name. She has spent many years without last name. It was Shivaay who accepted her without knowing her family background, but she always missed not having a name. Today Shivaay fulfilled her that wish too. She shows him her dad’s medal which government gave him for his bravery and honesty. She hugs him. Shivaay recalls Roop’s words and says he has to prove Anika’s dad innocent. Bhavya asks them to come downstairs urgently.

Anika and Shivaay comes downstairs. It’s dark there. Family gives them surprise for Anika finding out about her dad. Anika looks at Shivaay. He says it’s not his plan, he just gave them news about her dad. He looks at Om and Rudra. They say Pinky did all this. Anika goes to her and says she is getting so much happiness today. She thanks her. Pinky says, she should be thanking her and before that she needs to apologize for what all she said about her family. Both get emotional and then they hug. Pinky says today is a big day, Anika shouldn’t cry. She folds her hands and says sorry to Anika saying she used to say Anika is unlucky for her house, but she’s a lucky charm. Shivaay couldn’t get better girl than Anika. Anika says elders don’t apologize and it’s a mother’s right to scold children. She has no complaint for her. She always took her more than her mother. Pinky asks why she calls her Pinky Aunty then. She asks her to call her mom. Anika says maa… and hugs her. Whole family is happy and emotional. Pinky says no more crying. Anika says, today she truly got her family. She got all happiness today. She looks at Shivaay. Shakti asks her to tell them about her dad. Anika says he was very hard working, honest. He was working in factory. After their mother, he took care of her and her sister. They used to live in Krishna Nagar. Shakti says many factory workers used to live there. Was her father working in their factory? Shivaay says no.. Rudra and Om interrupt that they can talk about all that later.. and remind Pinky she didn’t give her the big surprise. Pinky says last time she didn’t let Anika’s name get written in their family book, so today she has already called pandit there. Anika writes her name in the book. Everyone is happy while Shivaay is tensed recalling Roop’s words.

Precap: Roop tells Shivaay that he stopped media from showing suicide note to Anika, but he can’t stop her. He has 2-3 minutes before Anika gets suicide note sent by her. He can stop her from reading it if he can.

Update Credit to: Jenny

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  1. Hiiii everyone,
    Why why trp is so less?? Only 1.8. Out of top 20. This week NK’s trp is more 14th position.
    Now coming to epi.
    Less danto danto mein.
    Shivay bhaiya is right she needs doctor.
    Khanna ji’s concern for Shivay bhaiya.
    Anika di hugged bhaiya.
    Pinky aunty tho such mein badal gayi.
    Nikita mam nailed it today.
    Loved AniKy.
    Finally Anika di called Pinky aunty ma.
    But Bhavya ka naam tho kulpatri mein nai lekhya.
    Again a question Shivay bhaiya ne tho Anika di or Gauri di ki pic dekhi haina?? Old one. Might be bhul gaye honge.
    I guess Gul mam ke paas paise jada ho gaye hai. Time to time decoration.
    @Beauty @Arpita di @Banita di @Niya.IB @luthfa di @Prabha di- Thanks a lot everyone.

    1. Niya.IB

      Go ritu ritika go,Congrats dear for being the first commentor
      You are most welcome sis?

    2. Congrats Rithu!!! You have been always number one to give comments.

      Very good and well done.

    3. Hlw.Ritu congrats yarr…GRG…
      I don’t understand this trp..system…how can we be out 20..according to Last week review episodes were really good……
      How could it happen….
      Bit Cinematography in IB is the best.
      You welcome dear.
      Yiu are becoming Husen Bolt ( ok spelling is wroong of this famous runner)… ????…
      Hatrick pe hatrick..
      Keep it up.

    4. Luthfa

      Go Ritu Go.Congratulations on being first….?
      Don’t worry dear.Trp is 2 of previous week.While publishing they made golmal,that’s it.
      I loved Shivaay’s concern for Anika in the room.He just loves Anika like anything.Pinky has really changed?Let’s see.Take care?

    5. ItsmePrabha

      Go Ritu Go..nice comment..

  2. Hello everyone
    how r u alll
    Woww pinky accept anika as her daughter. …..she got a mother now..
    surabi dii rocked the episode. .

    1. Niya.IB

      Hlo dear,Im doing well nd what about you??
      I cant really believe this?Am I dreaming or is it real??Can someone pinch me so I can confirm?But I wont forgive her so easily,cv’s might spin her in 360°. How can anyone forget the things she had done with our anidi??And she spoiled her son’s happiness and life for her selfishness
      I cant stop falling for SC and she had won an irreplaceable position in my heart
      She truly rocks her each and every avatar be it a women,wife,bahu,bhabhi
      No one can potray anika’s role as rocking as chandu di does

      1. Niya …we are in same team……..
        It is actually not easy to forgive pinky ponky……………………..
        I am still hate her…
        She can turn in 360* at any time…i habe no trust.
        Yes Chandu di is giving 100% to her character

    2. Hii Afna…yaa Chandu di rocked in Episode.

    3. Luthfa

      Hello AFNA,how are you dear?I am good,thank you.Yeah SC was brilliant yesterday?

      1. Hiiii niya ,arpita, luthfa diii
        I am fine too……yaaa its true we can’t trust pinky

  3. Pushpa

    Epi today ws emotional too..???
    2days my heart goes for pinky..
    Pinky redemption is great…
    Frm hate….. manoos…..bring NT…..said shivaye is najaiz …. throw her out of OM frm shivaye zindagi…
    Now 360° turn.. luvs her…. ghar kae charms…shivaye bestest life partner… and finally putts up both her palm said sorry……???????? pinky maaaaaa……??awwwwwww??????

    Superb lines … in hindi sounds better got it frm v go…
    ….aap toh meri maa se bhi zyada hai”
    “To Aunty kyun bolti hai…Maa bol na. maa maanti hai na mujhe kaan taras gaye hain….mere bache ki zindagi ka hissa ban gayi hai tu. meri beti ban gayi hai….bol naapni zubaan se Maa.”
    Shivaay is standing pround looking at both ladies.. his wife and mom ?

    While cleaning her childhood belongings… there ws a medal of her dad she feels pround and shows to shivaye…
    Tht back hug is always heaven to c….???

    S: Annika…..
    A: Annika vardhan trivedi… showing the name written…
    S: acha ji. kal tak jo Annika sirf Annika thi. jisse Annika Shivaay Singh Oberoi kehlane mein michmichi hoti thi. woh aaj, Woh Sirf Annika..Annika vardhan trivedi ban gayi hai…. love the way shivaye says acha ji… always s*xy….

    If its not because of Shivaye…. anika wouldnt know about her dad…thk u shivaye….

    So anika writes in OF kuulpathrikai……Anika Vardhan Trivedi…
    Hamari Bahu Annika Vardhan Trivedi or Our Daughter in law Annika Vardhan Trivedi…

    Roop blackmailing shivaye is no use….. when he knows roop did all… khannaji is worried about shivaye …have destroy all documents related anika dad….hope this will help shivaye to expose roop…
    Danto danto…. shivaye is going to send u to hell….
    Luv u gals
    Gd nite ???

    1. Niya.IB

      Oww pushpa di??so sweet of you
      I love you for sharing the amazing dialogues Im a malayali so I merely manage to understandwhat theyreally mean,but couldnt remember the dialogues coz Im not well versed in hindi
      Thanks di,Keep analysing in your usual khitkhithod mode


      2. Hey Niya..
        I ‘m also malayali

      3. Pushpa

        hey gal… my pleasure dear
        learn the language while you watching our IB….

    2. Pu di…
      Your heart goes for pinky….
      Good…your heart is really good..
      And s*xy Shivaye…. ???..control pu di…control.

      1. Pushpa

        i think that pinky have come a long way to get this credit frm us…. now shivaye will even love pinky more… arpi please listen many time this word “acha ji ” u will die 4 it…. he used this words in other epis too…..

    3. Luthfa

      Pu di,
      I loved Shivaay and his happy expressions in Pinky-Anika scene.He was so very happy that finally Anika got her mother and all those she deserved.Beautiful dialogues di.Thank you so much?

      1. Pushpa

        you know lufy…. i actually learn a lot while reading and watching.. i can write in english but it sounds better with feelings in hindi…

  4. Hello GPKJ
    I am really very upset for Ib’s trp…
    BTW will any of u guys will accompany me on my mission of DDW Roop…she is he’ll irritating. ..
    PS-changed my name from Sonia to SONIA IB. ..This is bcz some days ago after going through u guys comments I saw some commenting for IMMJ below the IB TU page by the same name Sonia..
    So guys I don’t want any of u 2 think that it’s me as I am just a loyal fan of IB and it’s the only show I am following since Nagin 1….
    Khair exms abhi chal rahi hai so just watching IB on hotstar..
    Gud nyt gals

    1. Oops sorry for typo mistake-my mission is to kill Roop..

    2. I am with you SonialIB. Tell me when you want to do it. Ha Ha

    3. This trp did OMM of our mood…dhettttr.
      And dear..we all want to kill Vomit ASAP.
      Kaash mouka miljaye..
      Hell irritating.
      And All the best of very good luck…dear.
      Rock your exam..and come back…
      Love you.

    4. Luthfa

      Hi SoniaIB,
      Trp is ok dear and it’s 2.So,don’t worry.Is it?Oh thank you for clearing the confusion.No-one is liking that bua.Let’s do her OMM together.What say?Anyway,all the very best for the exams.God bless you?

  5. Niya.IB

    Hi all,Surprise for anika?I didnt expect this much from pinky.Can someone change to this extent all of a sudden???Im not able to believe myself
    But Shivaay seems worried,Cant bear this bua’s presence,her irritating voice. Just get her to hell soon
    Its very painful that shivaay is not telling the whole truth to Anika,he’s bearing all himself and this will enhance ease for bua to mislead Anika
    I hope that shivaay will manage to find proof against bua proving the innocence of senior oberois and HVT.
    Its all for today as Im too tired,I had a family function today
    Gdnyt to all my ishqies??TC

    1. Niya…dear take rest……
      And it was totally surprise for me too.
      And lets see After Come out of all.truth how pinky ponky wil behave with Annika..
      I am.waiting for it..

    2. Luthfa

      Hi Niya,
      Pinky and her changed avatar will take time for me to digest.Until KMM gets solved.Let’s see.Take ample rest dear.

    3. ItsmePrabha

      Hai Niya..Pinky pe mujhe abhi bhi bharos nahi hai..kya pata woh yun palat jaaye…Nice comment dear..

  6. Hiiiiii mere khidkitod pagals. ……
    Yehhhhhhh I am.soooooo hapyyyy.
    After ages our pkj got 150+ comments just like before
    And All the New PKJIANS..welcoming all of you… with a jaddu ki jhappi..
    @PUJA dreamt about me……wow..Hope we will meet In Barmunda bus stand. ???.

    Coming to episode…..

    1.Annika..annika annnika..doday also you made cry..but i wil not bcoz According To My [email protected] will come..????..
    So Chandu di once again you nailed it…

    2..Annika Vardhan Trvedi ..Sahil Chaturvedi..
    Wow..what a coincidence.
    Btw Missing Sahil and Dadi sooooo much..plzcome back both of you.both were most needed person today.

    3.Sso, only one thing i can say to you..that plz…Tell Annika everything. both can handle the matter
    And Annika Trust you..there is nothing to Hide bcoz you already know the real.culprit so just tell annika and make a khidkitod plan
    And throw Vomit from your life….

    4 .one thing from my side i cleared
    agree with me guys???????

    5 .Senior Oberois Don’t be So sweet..bcoz nowadays your every sentence is just looking like yiu are acting…nothing much.
    OK i can give some bakah…to SHAKTIJI..

    6..PINKY PONKY FINALLY ACCEPT ANNIKA..once again I am repeating I will never forgive you…..and for me you always be PINKY PONKY DONKEY. .
    Ok i am.waiting that after Kalyani mill Raaz reveal how you will behave with annika….WAITING ….LETS SEE.

    7.Shaktiji..You always treat Annika like daughter…really??? big joke.
    Yes you became father of her after Reunion of shivika..chalo thodi baksh diya tumhe.

    8.Only good thing was Annika was smiling whole heartly and Sso was become soohappy seeing her Anika…i loved simply ignorung pinky ponky…

    9.Sso Annika 8s BORN FIGHTER…. She is not that type of girl who will commit suicide. .
    And also you know the truth pf Vomit..
    So plz tell Annika.before everything goes wrong…..
    Ok.plzmeri baat manlo.

    10.precap- thrilling…………..

    And What the hellis TRPi am.confused…………..
    Chalo.IB became Daan Baaz.
    Bcoz last week all episodes were khidkitod. .
    Ok chalo bye.

    1. Forgot to Say..Khanuji worrideness for Sso..touched my heart..?????

      1. yes dear…i too noticedd

    2. Niya.IB

      Arpita di??I totally agree with you
      I appeciate you for your deep analysis and I think you are the one who comeup with the lengthiest comments in our family
      lots of love TC?

      1. Hiii Niya yaa most of the times my comment become lengthist
        Credit goes to IB..i don’t what to write then i stared and it and ehen it became long i didn’t even realise .
        Lots of love to you too.
        Love you.

    3. Hey Arpu dear how are you? Very nice comments my dear

    4. Luthfa

      I agree with you completely.Pinky can’t earn our trust that easily.I am waiting for Anika’s reaction on the real mystery of KMM.Shivaay is very stubborn on his any decision.Just Anika’s chapter ended yesterday.

      1. Luthfa

        Forget to say-yeah Khanna is the best employee of OF.Nice reading your analysis?

    5. Pushpa

      yes arpi… sifr anika just anika… anika shivaye singh oberoi now with her husbands name….and after torturign shivika now Tej is standing smiling away.. what the hell?????? cvs thinking v r dumb??????

    6. ItsmePrabha

      Arpu even i am missing Sahil ..anudi ki itni special moment mein woh bhi saath hota toh bohoth accha lagega..BTW Aryan’s vacations started..kya pata woh aa jaaye..wonderful comment..

  7. Banita

    Hlo PKJ…
    This week TRP is just 1.8 …. It lost 0.4 rating compare to last week…. 16th in all serials….
    I can’t understand this TRP system or I can say I can’t understand viewers…. I mean it is d trp of d week when KMM unfold by Roop…. This was damn interested nd excited week… Still TRP decrease….
    I know everyone so excited that they watch d epi on hotstar before it telecast on TV… I m not against it… But I request everyone that PLZZ WATCH IB ON TV ALSO…. This TRP is more important then online TRP for serial… That’s not mean ki i m telling U all don’t watch it online , I just want to say plzzz watch it on TV also….

    1. Niya.IB

      Banita di,Im also sad with the trp dropping,this week had khitkithod episodes,shocking revealations and was really better comparing to previous weeks. But I dont understand what really happened,Now Im not able to watch iBon tv so I prefer watching it on hotstar
      Hope for better trp in the coming weeks

      1. Banita

        Hlo Niya…
        Yeh dr week was interesting with full of revelations for which we r waiting 4 from starting… Still TRP dropped… It disappoint me…
        Hope so dr… hope it will be good in future…

    2. Banu dear don’t worry about tripping. Actually IB is very popular internationally. So many of other countries in the world are watching. I think the trp is based only in India and not internationally. I guess in India there are so many other channels and people like to watch other serials instead of IB. Perhaps some may not want to watch when Roop suggested that shivaay has to leave Anka and marry someone else. When they read spoilers after spoilers people conclude this is what the storyline is going to be and end up not watching. I am ever ardent fan of IB and will not even miss any episodes.

      Nice comment my dear Banita

      1. Dearest sindu
        I too hope trp is just of not sure.But its not fair.Yes its very popular internationally also shivika had won the best international jodi last time.

    3. Trp aunties confusiya gaye he..
      What is wrong with TRP.
      I can’t undertsand…
      Ok lets wait for next week.

    4. ShinyTirupathi

      There is some mistake in TRP dear every show has .2 increase comparing to the original but for our show they didn’t added it.

    5. Luthfa

      Don’t worry a bit dear.Trp is 2 as authority made some mistake.Later it’s got cleared.Now smile ok????????

  8. Luthfa

    The way Earth moves round the Sun,in the same manner the surety of Anika’s happiness is moving around KMM.Anika got everything,her lost identity,family,NKK,Pinky’s love and her approval of being Shivaay’s wife,Oberoi khandan’s officially declared bahu’s place and lots of unnamed happy moments.Those happiness were not available for her but KMM make it possible.Now,the thing to think is,neither Anika nor OF know that Mr.Trivedi is a victim of KMM and someone from OF killed him for her own interest.What about that truth which Shivaay is trying to hide with his every possible might and power?If this truth comes out before Anika that her father was killed and for that OF is responsible,what will happen?

    1. Luthfa

      When Sun would become Supernova,it would grasp every planet of its solar system being a blackhole,likewise this KMM can destroy Anika’s happiness permanently being a Supernova from life giving Sun.Anika’s new found happiness will lose its all meaning.Truth hurts but it removes all illusions from heart as well.Anika’s happiness is looking like some dream rather than a reality because of KMM and it can break at any moment after opening eyes from sleep.Shivaay has taken a very big risk by not disclosing the real truth of Anika’s father’s death and his identity.This risk can make Shivaay a big Winner as well as a Loser who could lose his everything just at one go……………………………

      1. Wow wow Luftha what pure analysis my dear Luftha. I do agree Anika’s happiness is only just a dream. This is not true happiness for Anika yet as what is told is only half truth. Half truth will never last long. Everyone is thinking Anika’s father is someone else and not the foreman. The more Shivaay tries to protect Anika and Harsh, it will become more convoluted. When senior oberois come to realize the truth of Harsh vardhan, is Pinky going to think any lesser of Anika or what? Is she going to still accept Anika without giving thought of what the foreman did? I meant the false story they know.

      2. Wow wow ..just wow.analysis..
        you are right..Sso is taking a very big risk…
        Now Annika’s hAppiness in heaven..
        It can be shattered at any times…..
        Will she be able to handle all this…

      3. Luthfa

        Sindhu di,
        That’s the concern of my heart.Will Pinky accept Anika after knowing everything?Only one hope is left-disclosure of real truth but Shivaay is not going to do it near future.Don’t know what he is thinking of all these.He needs to protect Anika’s happiness at any cost.Thank you sooooo….much for your love di.Love you?

      4. Luthfa

        Anika can manage if Shivaay is willing to share everything with her.But he is keeping her in darkness regarding such sensitive matter and it’s a very risk.Thank you soooo…much for your love darling.Love you?

      5. ItsmePrabha

        Chalo darliing..Uss billu ko sirf khaan keechna hi nahi ek dhulaati maar ke samjhaane hai humme…bande ka dimag satiya gayi hai..warna itna bada risk kaun leta hai..stupid singh oberoi..amazing analysis Darling..Love you..God bless you..

      6. Luthfa

        Hehehe….Let’s do it Sweetheart.But what is dhulaati?Ye to bata do pehle.Thank you sooooo….much for your love.Love you too?

      7. ItsmePrabha

        dhulaati ka matlab kick hota hai..yaad hai ek epi mein sote waqt annika billu ko maarthi hai..donno black dress mein hote hain even they play hand wrestling after that..

  9. Wow wow wow.. What an emotional episode.. This week they are making us so emotional.. ??????????…. Roop Bua u said 24hrs na that’s the countdown for your karma.. Don’t worry u will be punished soon.. U did this bcoz they separated from your son.. Don’t worry soon u will be in jail with your son.. Have a great time over there.. ??
    Sirf Anika to Anika Vartan trivedi.. So true she felt michmichi when she have to say Annika shivaay Singh Oberoi.. Now, obviously she is dad’s princess/angel.. ?????????????…
    The way he tickled her.. They were so much Narbhi not shivika..
    Pinky and Annika emotional moments were so cute.. Feeling awwwee moment.. No evil eye should be on them.. Shivaay was with happy tears for his mom & wife bond.. Hope this stay strong.. One thing I don’t understand doesn’t is pinky and dadi doesn’t know about Annika’s past.. Then what’s in that file??
    So, finally namkaran happened for Annika like a new born baby..
    The thing is if the senior oberoi’s comes to know that Anika is Foreman daughter won’t they accept heartfully or still they thinking about status or bcoz of the secret of KMM fire mystery?
    Khanna worrying about his boss.. Yeah Khanna help him he is so tensed up..
    Precap: Bua don’t underestimate the value of our SSO.. He will surely end your game plan soon… Just wait and watch..
    Everything was good this week.. But the TRP is 1.8 no idea what happened… When we did expect that time it was 2.0 hope next week trp should be high..
    Our Narbhi is killing in Twitter and Instagram with her friendship goals.. And jankuul is killing us with couple goals.. Tom jankee birthday.. So, Happy birthday jankee.. Our Noxy’s januu.. Stay blessed dearies…

    1. Nice comment Kadhambari

      1. Thx dear.. ???

    2. Kadambari di….
      Khanuji worried for Sso..
      It was really good.
      And also These seniors became soooo sweet suddenly…. it is hard to digest the fact
      Lovely comment dear..

      1. Thx arpu.. ???
        I read some spoilers that Roop saying to shivaay to marry Sowmya and other spoiler shivaay pretend to marry Svetlana..
        Last one was quite good that shivaay said to Svety that Roop is the real murderer of her father and they both join hands to make Roop Bua life has hell..

    3. Luthfa

      Hi Kadambhari di,
      Shivaay’s happy tears told everything on his part.He also wanted to witness such a day for Anika and Anika got it but at a wrong time,that’s it.Don’t know about Seniors but I can’t trust Pinky.She is changed but it’s hard for me to accept.And di,trp is 2 only.Authority made mistake that’s why it came like that.Take care?

  10. Luthfa

    When Sun would become supernova,it would grasp all the planet of its solar system being a blackhole,likewise this KMM can destroy Anika’s happiness permanently being a supernova from life giving Sun.Anika’s new found happiness will lose its all meaning.Truth hurts but it removes all illusions from heart as well.Anika’s happiness is looking like some dream rather than reality because of KMM which can break at any moment after opening eyes.Shivaay has taken a very big risk by not disclosing the real truth of Anika’s father’s death and his identity.This risk can make Shivaay a big Winner as well as Loser who could lose his everything at one go………………………………

    1. I am in love with ur writing skils Luthfa di .
      What an expressive and impressive analysis..

      1. Luthfa

        Really?Awwwww….So kind of you.Thank you so much for this sweet love.God bless you?

    2. Love u dear…its one of ur best cmnts..hope so i really liked it to the core.but I am not sure as all ur are just awesome..ekdam khidkitodee…Actually i have a wish..will u make it possible??I am waiting for ur os or ff…

      1. Luthfa

        I am working in my very first ff dear.I will post it as soon as possible.And thank you sooooooo….much for such precious love for my writings.God bless you?

  11. Banita

    Okk now coming to epi…
    It was an emotional , family drama wala epi….
    DWB blackmail Shivay…. When she told 24h… 24h…. That part was hell irritating…. Mere maan kr raha tha TV ke andar ghus kr uski saare daanto ke saath uski muh tod dun…. nd uski wo do choti vi kaat lun… Pagal insaan….
    Shivaay bhaiya , U r rite… Show her to some doctor… Nd send her to any mental asylum…
    Shivaay hide everything in front of family… Why..??? Now he know d whole truth na… then for what truth he is waiting for..???? I think Shivaay should told entire truth to senior oberois… He didn’t told d truth to Anika… I can understand that , becz Anika just found about her identy , she is soo happy for it nd he don’t want to spoil it… But still it will be good that if he tell d whole truth to Anika bahat baada raita phelnse pehele….
    But why he didn’t told to family d truth..??? He can clear that DWB did all these things not HVT…
    Anika remembered about her childhood nd hug Shivaay… That scene was lovely….
    Anika Vardhan Trivedi…
    Then last part..
    I m happy as well as a little disappoint about that part…
    But first of al…. Did really Pinky said sorry to Anika..!!!????
    SC ,Nikita mam nd NM.. three of them nailed that part… NM didn’t say a word ,but his each nd evry expressions r Superbb…. Well done Nakuul bhaiya…. Loddsss Of Love…
    Saas-bohu or Maa- beti scene was Nycc…
    Maa…. Sounding good… But Pinky Maa…. Well , mujhe ye word thoda funny laga… No offence to anyone…
    She did all these things for Anika nd ask forgivness to her… So now after watching today’s epi Pinky ke liye ek thodisi soft corner toh ho gaya… But still I can’t forgive her fully… I want that HVT’s fake truth come in front of everyone nd at that time if Pinky support Anika like this then i will fully forgive her…
    Anika wrote her full name in Kul patri…
    D thing disappoint me that Why CVS didn’t add Gouri also in this… She also suffered in all these things… After Aniri’s truth come out will they do all these things with Gouri also… Gouri Vardhan Trivedi… Will they again show Gouri to write her name also in Kulpatri..?
    I m big fan of Shivika… But I m very disappointing d way they progressing other two pairs… It’s only Shivika who suffer nd face everything… Why not any other pair..? Whatever CVS never listen to us… So no use of telling all these…
    Precap – DWB….. Go to hell..!!?
    GN PKJ…

    1. Banita

      Nd Khannaji… U r my fav bodygard…. Best ever… He worried for my Shivaay bhaiya… That part was so sweet…

      1. ya khannaji is really good and sweet …

      2. Banita

        Heyy Lucky…
        That’s why he’s my fav bodygaurd…!!!
        BTW How was ur pre day b’day girl…?

    2. Hi Banita di ,
      pinky maa mujhe bhi ye naam funny laga and u know what thoda nhi kuch zyada hi funny tha .

      1. Banita

        Heyy Ishu (Can I call u as Ishu? Only if u comfortable)..
        Yeh it was too funny… I laughed at time in d whole emotional scene nd my sis was like ‘R u mad!!’… LOL…
        BTW Di..?
        U too TC dr…

    3. Banita I just know that Pinky wanted Anika to address her as mum

    4. Bani….lets do a work..if you remember a pagal pkjian Akriti dear……..she had a kidnapping Van..we should take that and kidnaap Vomit… then we can do whatever we want with her………
      And whatever you wanted to do with her i also want the same……

    5. Luthfa

      Hi Bani,
      I agree with you completely on everything you have written.Because of Shivaay Anika’s heart is going to break.How far he can manage it?At any time it will come out in this or that way.I can’t trust Pinky untill KMM gets solved.Cvs are destroying the essence of other couples.They don’t deserve such treatment.Well put and well described.Take care?

    6. Pushpa

      bani…. shivaye is killing me day by day… help me….

      1. Hi Pushpa di ,
        I think u like shivaye most in the whole PKJ family

    7. ItsmePrabha

      Hai Bunny..I am good..Tumhari Shivaay Bhaiyya ki dimag kharab ho gayi hai,matlab itna saara raita khudh samtne jaa raha haina isliye…and bunny DWB ka daant aur mooh tum thodo par choti mein hi khaatungi..thats my right dude..Amazing comment..Love you..

  12. I am really dissapointed with IB from past two episodes seriously shivay who never feared for any enemies is fearing for a comedy villan like daato daato wali bua seriously joke of the decade if it was swetlana or veer then there was point shivay to get worried because then there would be neck to neck fight among them but no mouse(bua) is trying to hunt a tiger(shivay) and shivay i am upset with him he is doing same mistake like anika she also hide shivay and got seprater from shivay by hiding pinky blackmail and now shivay also hiding bua blackmail from anika and risking his relationship shivay is forgetting that he is anika strength and can handle her if her father truth come out rather than giving upon on bua blackmail
    2)My second big dissapointment is no rikara scenes whats wrong with cvs seriously after gauri bareli track there is no proper rikara scenes ok i understand shivika are main leads but rikara are also parallel leads and they too have a strong fandom why cvs are not concentrating on rikara love story i think cvs should give a break to shivika for some days and should start concentrating on rikara because now shivika have already set couple goals and gone trough every phase in there love journey now its time for rikara to set coule goals and see every phase of there love journey i wouldnt have asked for rikara scenes if shrenu was there as gauri i just love shrenu i was seeing IPKKND2 ,DBO only for her its such a insult for shrenu for not getting a chance to prove her acting skills in IB i know she is getting paid for her limited scenes but shrenu is more capable her role in IPKKND2 was too gud it was no less to present anika character ok leave rikara atleast now give importance to gauri like anika atleast today they could have showed gauri character rembering something no she just stood to clap for anika and to smile no wonder this week trp decreased because rikara fans are fed up with nonsense track and they doesnt have luck to watch there favorite jodi romance on screen so obivously there frustation got out by this way


    1. Yes Abhishek I agree. Shivaay does not fear men villian but I don’t know why he keeps thinking of what Roop keeps saying. Why fear? He also was in fear with Svetlena initially. I also don’t understand why cvs make Shivaay so vulnerable sometimes when women villian are involved.

    2. Abhisek dear..Sso is not just that He has no proof against her……..
      And He can’t lose annika fear of losing her is overpowering him.
      He is just doing one thing wrong by not telling whole truth to annika..if once annika will know the whole truth then it will be easy for Him to tackle to everything….
      Have faith on yiur Shivaay.
      And may be this and unexpected thing can be happen.
      Bcoz It Is Ishqbaaz.anything can happen here

      1. That true IB has always come uo with twist but i wont losse faith in shivay because i know shivay sab theek kardega but it should not be too late send this bua to jail where she can pamper her son no one will seprate them there

    3. Pushpa

      hi…shivaye fear is anika and his family
      he do not wish anything happen to them… he have to expose roop with all proof
      for that he will play along he is the oberois breath and life… he will never go weak he hv his OmRu with him not alone…..

  13. Hi PKJ,
    today’s episode was really good one to watch.
    Finally pinky accepts annika as her bahu and cosider her to be the lucky charm for Oberoi mention.
    Still its very difficult to digest this extra sweetness of pinky towards annika, but i wish she remains like that .
    Annika is so happy to get her last name Annika vardhan Trivedi.
    I agree with u Arpita di for me too she always be Annika…..
    .. SIRF Annika.

    But i think there is another person that is more happy than Annika and that person is none other than shivaye.
    Annika is really very proud of her father .
    I felt bad that annika lost her father in an early stage of her life bcoz for me father – daughter’s relationship is most precious in all relationships of the world .
    Father is daughter’s first love .
    Daughter loves her father most because his father is the only men who love , support,respect and protect her in every situation.
    But in Annika’s case there is one other man who love , respect and protect her forever and ever ,her loving pati parmeshwar, I mean her husband .

    Ok bye !
    Stay happy nd stay safe !

    1. Niya.IB

      I too agree with you Ishita,A father is every daughter’s hero
      Im too unfortunate to lose my dad in a very early age,I always longed for a father’s love coz I really lacked it. I dont even remember anything about him. But what to do,everything happens for a reason and we have to go through whatever god has planned for us
      We are supposed to bear it all and move on??

      1. Luthfa

        Niya dear,
        Just want to say that we can’t do anything for certain things as those are not in our hands.We have to accept those.Forgetting the painful experience you should embrace the beautiful life you have ahead.Your father is watching you always and showering blessing on you.And we PKJ family is always with you.I am sorry if I hurt you saying all those.God bless you dear.

    2. Hii Ishu………
      ( i wil call you in this name)…
      Yaa She will be SIRF ANNIKA .whom.we love..
      And yaa yiu are right…Every father is her daughter’s hero..

      Pinky pinky’s extra sweetness towards Annika..hard to digest.
      Lovely comments dear.
      Love you.

    3. Luthfa

      Hi Ishita,
      You are absolutely right dear.Just can’t digest those extra sweetness of Pinky towards Anika.She can switch side for her benefits any moment.And I love just Anika without any suspicion.Anika is very proud of her father and that’s really heart touching as you said for every daughter,her father is her first Superhero and love.Lovely analysis?

  14. hello All thanks for the wishes .
    our SSO will now know actual villan who involved in kalyan mill fire incident.
    it was one mistake roop has done .
    now SSo will get to know the truth

    1. Luthfa

      You are most welcome dear.Hope so that he will save everything?

  15. Luthfa

    Anika Vardhan Trivedi,finally Anika got her true identity back.A girl who started her journey as only Anika without caring for any surname is very happy today being Ms.Vardhan Trivedi.She got her official reception in OM being AVT and her name is sealed into Kulpatri.Looks like Anika was needed to remove and eradicate Shivaay’s NKK notion only and the moment it achieved,it was forgotten completely and its importance.Seems like it’s NKK which is the very reason of being a human and a Certificate to show it.Otherwise,people think NKK-less person as”Mangal graha ka Prani”.

    1. Luthfa

      In today’s episode,NKK make its re-entry indirectly with much tact and studied facts.Those eulogies of Anika being Vardhan Trivedi proved the real necessity of holding Naam,Khoon,Khandan at last.Anika Vardhan Trivedi made a great Joke out just Anika and laughed silently asiding all those struggles,pains of being just Anika and her achievements.Singh Oberoi was not enough to make Anika’s inclusion into NKK group that’s why Vardhan Trivedi came to light.Journey of Just Anika ends today officially welcoming NKK holder Anika Vardhan Trivedi with grand housewarming…………….

      1. Only this thing dissapointed me.
        Ok i am happy in fact Anika is happy to get her family.
        But what about SIRF ANNKA.
        This SIRF ANNIKA made her totally different from others
        But now that difference became dissapeared…
        Now She also go with flow with Sso in NKK ideology.
        Hope in next episode she will declared herself As ANNIKA……SIRF ANNIKA….
        Perfect analysis dear.

      2. Luthfa

        Just don’t ask.I was highly disappointed for those highlighting of Anika’s NKK.I am very happy for her that she got her family after so long time and she should be happy for those memories and sweet bond of with her father and sister but everything got side lined to spare space for NKK.This NKK ideology is the base of Shivika’s love story and their relation.But watching yesterday’s episode,I realized that it’s NKK and will be always.

    2. Hi luftha dear what is NKK? I don’t understand some of your acronyms. Maybe it is more familiar with India.

      1. Luthfa

        Sindhu di,
        NKK are-Naam,Khoon,Khandan.In other words-Name,Bloodline and Lineage of a person and Shivaay believed on those things and to judge a person,those were his criteria.And OM is Oberoi Mansion,AVT are Anika Vardhan Trivedi.That NKK was the foundation of Shivika’s love story and Anika’s identity.But in yesterday’s episode,got to see something very different and that was unexpected for me.

    3. ItsmePrabha

      I seriously hated the fact that ab woh sirf annika nahi hai..anudi ko apni family mil gayi hai aur hum hamari sirf annika ko kho baite hai hai…

      1. Luthfa

        So right Sweetheart…..???????

  16. I remember this swetanla is troubling oberois from 1st episode . I really want to see reaction of these kapoor sisters especially swetanla the time when the truth of kalyani mill is infront of them . If they know roop the real murderer of their father wanna see The episode ..may be we have wait for some more episodes ….

    1. Lucky dear.
      Welcome to PKJ.
      Yaa If sutlu will get to know about Bua reality.
      It will be really good to watch…ha ha ha.
      Just imagine..

    2. Luthfa

      That’s very much possible.But for that cvs need to confirm who is real Savetlana and who belongs to the Kapoors.As present Savetlana is the duplicate one.

    3. ItsmePrabha

      agar aisa hoga na tab swetlana apni atrangi chemical formula se bua ko torture …that would be a great scen to watch..BTW,How was your day..enjoyed well..

  17. Dear family, hope all are doing fine.
    Yesterday was emotional and today’s episode too emotional. It was lovely to see Anika digging all the childhood things and recollecting every moment of it. Pinky and Anika’s moment was nice and FINALLY!!! Anika addresses Pinky as Ma. That was so beautiful to hear. I didn’t realise Shakti would dig further to ask Anika where exactly her father worked. Good thing Rudra intervened. Smart move.
    Shivaay half truths after half truths. Why Shivaay? Why can’t you be transparent? By not revealing to Anika the whole truth and to his parivaar, he thinks he is saving Anika’s father honour and saving his parents from going to jail but it only deepens the predicament he is. At least he could have been honest with Anika. Now there are more half truths. To Anika her father dies of heart attack. To his parents Anika is Anika Vardhan Trivedi. What happened to Harshvardhan Trivedi? If the full name is revealed, the family will make the connection. That is the problem with all these oberois. No one seems to tell the entire truth. Shivaay always wants to protect everyone and he ends up choosing the wrong choice or makes the wrong move. I hope he does not make the wrong choice. I read the spoilers that there will be another female person and Shivaay pretends to marry her. Not sure how true it is. So I don’t understand why shivika separation again. What about RIkara? Aren’t they going to develop their love story? It is true when one of you all said in yesterday’s comments that Om did not even have a proper wedding but Shivaay keeps getting married and married. Shivaay nearly got married to Tia but ended up marrying Anika. Then during the memory loss, Shivaay again nearly married Tia and then getting engaged to Ragini, then marries Anika for real this time and then Tanya becomes his wife. Now another marriage. Goodness me…Well Anika can write her name in the book.
    Arpu dear yesterday I was emotional but I calmed down after that.
    Beauty dear I did not realise the comments I wrote yesterday would make you emotional.
    Banita dear yes you can address me as di. I don’t mind at all and thanks dear for being understanding towards my emotions.
    Luftha dear very nice comments.

    1. oh dear..what can we do???\
      shivaay is marrying for om ttoooo…ha..ha
      just cvs want shivaaay to marry

    2. Luthfa

      Sindhu di,
      Absolutely and completely agree with you.Why Shivaay is not clearing everything?The more he will delay,the more things will get complicated.Anika’s happiness is depending on Shivaay totally from every aspect.He needs to do it for Anika and his happiness.Bua is already dancing on his head and don’t know what else she is planning.And di,you are right.Rikara didn’t get a proper marriage yet.But Shivaay has worn sehra upteen number and perhaps going to wear another one.Thank you sooooo….much for your love di.Love you?

  18. Hi my guys……
    I am in sad mood for different reasons??…
    First reason bcoz of my ani di …….why the happiness doesn’t continue in her life?why it isn’t make accompanied with her JOURNEY for long time?
    Wow….today pinky got a daughter and ani got a mother…..hope it will be everlasting and forever…..
    If my ani di is hurt bcoz of that bua,I am just gonna to kill her…..
    Second reason: trp is low… other words…
    Third reason:? mummmyyyyy….???…my special classes will start on 16th April onwards……..cant digest the news after hearing……
    I forgot to say one thing can u all pray for my marks??bcoz I wrote it horribly….also pray for those who were going to correct my papers bcoz who ever is going to correct may die….
    Their head may blast seeing my paper..?????????……

    1. Luthfa

      Don’t worry for trp dear.It’s 2 as authority made some mistake.Anika and her happines can’t be permanent until KMM gets solved and bua receives punishment for her deeds.Everything will be fine.I will pray for your paper’s success.All the best for your exams.Take care?

  19. Hi good morning everyone. Yesterday’s episode was too good ,finally pinky realized her fault . She said sorry by joining her both hands. But precap was MAHA RADII ( worst) . Roop why don’t you die.

    1. Luthfa

      Thank God I got saved watching the prrcap because of power cut just before it.I read it in TU.Bua’s day’s are numbered.Let’s wait and watch.

  20. WOW!!! luthfa di amazing writing skills . How beautifully u describe . Means Khidki tod haan . Beautiful, lovely .

    1. Luthfa

      Awwwwww….So sweet of you.Thank you sooooo….much dear.God bless you??????

  21. Good morning all,
    ya Banita di and Arpita di you can call me ishu ,I like it,and i am comfertable with it.
    Hey Niya its very sad to hear your loss .
    and i am very happy that you are moving on.
    Me too lost my father in my early age .The day at which I lost my father I lost the most important person of my life.

    But i have his memories that keeps me connected with him.
    I remember how he used to protect me from mum’s amger .
    How he used to take me to my favourite places.
    How he loves me a lot.
    and last but not the least
    How lovable man he was!
    Ya u are right , everything happens for a reason but I dont find any reason in it.
    I don’t know where he has gone. I just wamt to tell him that I love you the most PAPA

    and I Want same papa in my next birth too .

  22. Luthfa

    Sindhu di,
    That’s the concern of my heart.Will Pinky accept Anika after knowing everything?Only one hope is left-disclosure of real truth but Shivaay is not going to do it near future.Don’t know what he is thinking of all these.He needs to protect Anika’s happiness at any cost.Thank you sooooo….much for your love di.Love you?

    1. Without shivaay annika will be happy the CVS show how much annika love shivaay

  23. hiiii!!! I think roop has some problems with his head . It is good to see a doctor . what a supied thing u had tell to shivaay to marry another girl and divorce anilka . He will not do it so bad roop madam???

  24. Nikita_jai29

    It is emotional episode… If cvs added guari scene with anika in nk scene it will be better….

  25. G.vidya saraswathi

    So cute and emotional episode. I am waiting for sivay step against Roop and sisters reunite.

  26. Hello guys
    I didn’t comment for 2 days bcoz I was literally crying seeing the episode…ND my fingers were trembling..ha..ha
    To me Roop is already dead
    Actually I finished my 10th exams ND I will gonna to the science stream for +1 ND +2(ND then probably medicine)Can u guys pls tell me about any other courses with good scope or pls do share any career guiding sites..can u guys help me?

  27. In today episode shivaay in look like annika and like shivaay and shivaay gave annika family and he will only take by listening Roop bua words low trp becoz of rumours of shivaay shaddi

    1. Trp less bcoz of IPL… even i not able to watch ib…..
      Veer utha ke le jaa raha hain anika ko… upcoming episode me

  28. ItsmePrabha

    Hola Buddies…yet again an emotional episode..
    Anudi iam happy that you got your family back but is it necessary to add vardhan trivedi to your name..cant you be our sirf annika..*Puppy eyes*..please..
    DCB ..get the hell out of my site..You b****y B***h…*sorry for the inappropriate words*…
    Shivika scene is beautiful..unki tareef karthe karthe main thak gayi hoon..tho aaj zyada tareef nahi karoongi..warna nazar bhi lag jaaye ga..
    ok how many of you are happy that pinks accepted anudi as daughter officially..well i am not at all happy with that..poocho kyun..well main hi batadheti hoon ..kyunki agar pinks anudi ko bina uski NKK jaane apni beti mani hogi na tab mein bohoth khush ho gayi hogi..shayed usse maaf bhi kar chuki hogi poori tarah se..Ok leave it iam in a very bad mood right now so lets get to another topic..
    Stupid singh oberoi ..yeh chupa rustom hone ka jo shauk hai..please chod do..pehle anudi se chupaya aur ab family se chupaya..get some rest dude..i think you seriously need it..and bohoth ho gaya protection atleast take some help from OmRu…you are not some super species that you can handle everything single idiot…ek taraf pyaar aata haiaur ek taraf gussa..kya karoon main abb…
    ok i need to cool a little bit..
    well precap tho gayi bhaad mein ..Gul ki insta story is exciting me so much..anudi is going to get kidnapped by MCK(veer)…
    tho meri ,Arpu aur bohoth saari logon ka request hai…pls iss kidnap ke zariye anudi ko hospital pahunchado PLEASE..PUPPY EYES..kab ka sapna hai aaj tak poora nahi hua..ab toh poora karlo cvs…
    ok guys Bye..Lub you all
    All the best for all those preparing /going for the exams..

    1. Luthfa

      Hi Prabha Sweetheart,
      You are in scolding mood?Awww…Hona bhi chahiye.Billu ne kam hi aisa kiya to kya kare aab?Don’t know when Shivaay will understand that he can’t manipulate the truth for long.Truth will come out one day or other.Me too could be happy if Pinky accepted Anika before without her NKK.Ok,forget it.I am also very excited for upcoming.At least MCK will do something which is going to benefit us fans!Take care.Lots of love?

  29. Don’t hope to rikara and ruvya moments serial is for three brothers for SHIVIKA and oberios reputation only and when trp decrease they introduce shaadi and at the last shivaay will won the match


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