Ishqbaaz 11th September 2018 Written Episode Update: Anika gets upset

Ishqbaaz 11th September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Rudra says time for Rudy special punch. Shivaye says don’t think of it, we are the hosts, party is at our place. Om says we don’t want any trouble. They argue. Shivaye says no Rudy special punch. He goes. Rudra sees Bhavya and says what is lady singham doing here, I will find out. He goes and asks did you become commissioner, you forgot what I told you, come here only if you become commissioner, if this was true, I would have read it in newspaper. She asks do you know reading, congrats, I m impressed. He says I can read and write too, don’t give me attitude, I will show you now, maintain this attitude when my brother comes. He calls Shivaye. Shivaye comes and greets her. She says I m not on duty, you can call me Bhavya. He thanks her for coming. He calls Anika and says she is Bhavya. Anika says

I know you, Shivaye told me how you helped him in finding me and arrested Daksh, thanks. Bhavya says that was my duty, don’t say thanks, I feel some connection with you all. Rudra signs and goes to Shivaye. He says Bhavya arrested you.

Shivaye says I forgot that, you also forget everything. He asks Bhavya to come and meet his family. They go. Rudra says he changed and behaving like she is his sister, and I m his stepbrother. Om comes and asks why are you crying. Rudra says Bhavya. Om says go and manage bar. Rudra says why did Shivaye invite her, I won’t give her a drink. Om shouts go. He sees Gauri and greets. He says you…. She says I know, I m looking good. He says nice, I wanted to say, you are looking strange today, I didn’t see you in these clothes before. She says its fine, you don’t have habit to give compliments, I know I m looking good. He says you are Ladaku. She says I know I m a Gundi, call me if men tease you. He says wait, why will mean tease me. Priyanka comes and gives her mask. They go. Anika comes to Om and asks what are you seeing.

He says your sister. She asks what. He says I was seeing that she is really strange. She says yes she is strange, but she is sweet also. Om goes. Shivaye comes. She asks what happened to Om, he is behaving strange. He says Om is bit strange, but very sweet, what happened. She says I have to ask something. He says I have to introduce Mohit. He goes. She says he is very strange, he got the gift, but didn’t give me. Shivaye introduces Mohit. He says he is very special, world knows him as magician Taj, he is just Mohit for me, my best friend, presenting Taj and his lovely wife. Everyone sees Mohit coming to life and stepping out of the mirror. They clap. Mohit does some magic. He gets Nancy there. Everyone looks on surprised and clap. Anika gets shocked seeing Nancy and recalls the gown. She thinks I thought Shivaye got this gown for me, but Nancy….he got it for Nancy.

Nancy dances on Dilbar….. Mohit smiles. Shivaye thinks where is Anika going. Nancy says this dress is really beautiful, whatever happened between us last night, I didn’t think you will do this for me, thanks for making me feel so imp. She holds his hand. He says okay, just enjoy the party. He goes. Om says Shivaye got Nancy’s dress. Rudra says why will he gift her a dress, we will talk to him. Om says we will talk to him once party is over. Anika cries and takes a glass of water. Nancy greets her and asks did you like my entry, and my dress, what happened, are you okay, we are friends, you can share your problems with me, listen, don’t take me wrong, I know you and Shivaye share room, but not the bed. Anika asks who told this to you. Nancy says Taj and Shivaye were talking and I heard it, I know its your personal matter, don’t think you are alone, I m there for you. She goes.

Shivaye takes Anika for dance. Om asks Gauri for dance. Rudra holds Bhavya’s hand. They all dance on janam janam……plays……Dance Partners change. Nancy comes to Shivaye. Anika goes. Shivaye sees Anika and goes after her. He asks why did you leave the party, are you crying, did I make any mistake. She says I did a mistake, you cleared that I shouldn’t keep any hope. I was mad to start dreaming, I have no right to ask you anything, even then I want to complain, you behave well with me, you are a nice person, I was thinking I m making place in your heart, when you gifted that dress to Nancy, I felt bad, I know its common thing in rich people to gift someone’s wife, but I m hurt. He asks why are you hurt. She says it matters to me. He says you think I can do this…. She says you have done this.

Om says you were saying about Anika. Shivaye says I m thinking to tell her. He stops Anika and says I want to say something, I….

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Hai every one…. 😉

  2. Appy

    Hiiii mere khidkitod pagals
    @Ishu..thank you soon much.kabhi bhi.aajao.nonvege khate ho toh tandoori chicken he.if you are vegetarian remember butter Masala…..come soon
    @Agga dear.thank you
    @Sindhu Di.yes.i am that same can call me that.
    @NSK. Chalk now I am in your good books.hi hi love you too

    I always thought in childhood that who cry watching is so awkward.then ishqbaaz came in my life
    And one character named ANNIKA gave a serious blow to my thought. I cried with her laugh with her….sometimes became angry on her..( payaar wali)
    But behind this amazing character…SURBHI CHANDNA ..Or my PYARRI Chandu Di..
    Seriously I was not interested any serial heroine specially of screen before. But this girl made me crazy.
    Now I am considering a by pagal.and I am proud of it
    It’s it bcoz of you chandu Di.
    As being character as Annika I learned things
    But as Real SURBHI you are true inspiration for taught me being positive.take prblms lightly.and solve it with patience..
    I can’t even imagine how much you have got hate in initial days.even my finds were not liking you now they are mad for you
    You proved that thorough hard work and humble personality one can conquer world..
    And now I am overwhelmed seeing sooo much love for you in worldwide.
    You have really a amazing personality .
    Thank you for being Annika… one can prortate this character except you..
    When I look back in 2016.I see change of opinion of people regarding you
    But honestly I can tell you.I love ANNIKA bcoz of you
    And bcoz of Annika my love for you increasing more and were the reason behind watching ishqbaaz.
    Be like that crazy foodie.humble
    Wishing you a khidkitod happy wala birthday. …
    May God fulfils your all wish

    ( my words are died.emotinal mess)..

    1. Appy

      Paneer butter masala toh remember butter masala hogaya🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
      Kya khatarank typo he..

    2. Well said Arpu!! Very nice deep and inner feelings of Surbi. Very beautifully explained. Yes she actually worked very hard indeed.

  3. JeevithaTK

    Hi guys, Hru all. Hope everyone had a good weekend.
    Yesterday episode was lovely. OK one thing is common in me nd anika ie just dumping the clothes in cupboard. Always me nd my mom Hv fight for tht reason becoz every alternate days mom set the cupboard bt the moment I go to remove dress my cupboard halat same like anika.
    OK new course introduced by CVS tht is wardrobe management. If it’s there already I don’t know even me heard for the 1st time.
    Shivay Sry can’t follow ur method becoz me nt having soo much patience to measure it in scale 13. Inches..
    C guys after Omru entry ronath had come. Thts the reason I miss them both. 🙈🙉🙊 was superb.
    Omru u r the best to tease shivay.
    Plz Omru don’t disappear v will miss u both.
    😡😡😡😡😡😡😡MR. TSO 🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫🔪🔪 never changing character.
    Come on shivay tell ur feelings to anika.
    Anika was SOOO good. All most all were good.
    Thank god they don’t spoil it.
    Guys can’t watch today episode. Bit feeling headache. Wen I went c episode the first person I saw was Anda. Nd my headache got more so can’t watch the episode. Sry any1 gets hurt.
    Gn SWT dream . Tc

    1. Hey Jeevi my dear. Thanks for your message on your wall but yes you can go into my page. I am fed up with the administrator. After changing the setting to everyone still no one can see my page. I can go into yours though. Thanks my dear and please rest well. Hope your headache will get better. Yes you will love today’s episode. The dance was cheoreographed very beautifully.

  4. Appy

    And about episode..
    I still can’t believe SHIVAANI mata can do such amazing job.
    Totally unexpected..🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
    And Rudy as always funny.
    And kissa ajeeb wala🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
    All are saying ajeeb to each’s reaction was epic.
    Shivika dance…….I lost in them…..beautiful dance.
    Nancy PLZ JUST get murdered and get out.
    Dilbaar song ki OMM.pura.
    And your words arghhhhhh.
    Last minute NARBHI killed it
    Nakuul mehta’s puppy face and Chandu’s acting..
    Mind blowing…

    Precap- jholmaal start.

    All were looking so good.But what was mohit doing????🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
    Zain was looking handsome……….
    .Chalo bye…

  5. Hello everyone, today’s episode misunderstanding has started and thanks to this idiot couple Mohit and Nancy who I think is not even a couple.

    Anyway, I like Shivika and Rikara moments. I liked Omru part the most when Rudra cries and Om will come and ask him to handle the bar. That was so cute. My my Om and Gauri having a conversation. Gauri said it right. Om can never give compliments. Actually he wanted to give but Gauri sort of said something and he could not compliment her.

    I loved Shviika moments. Especailly the Janam Janam song. I love Dilwale show and Shah Rukh and Kajol’s dancing was great in that show. Here when they played that song oh I was so mesmerized by the cheoreography especially Shivika’s dance. Both danced so gracefully. I only watched Shivika and Rikara dance movements. I did not really take notice Ruvya’s dance.

    I was emotional when Anika poured her feelings about Shivaay not gifting teh gown to her. She misunderstood completely. I think it was Mohit who bought the gown for Nancy but to confuse Anika the note was written and Mohit very well knows that Anika will read it and misunderstand. So now I realize why the gown was different colour from yesterday.

    Nancy I feel like slapping you. Shivaay never would have told his private matters to even Mohit. See what kind of prank Anika did on Friday with Nancy and now Anika would have realised she should not have trusted Nancy.

  6. Hi banita dear, Arpu dear Ishita Luthfa Jeevi Tania Sneha NSK Jessie Kadhambari Pushpa Shiny Shivya Mona and many more wonderful PKJ family members

    @Banita I have to write to the administrator again. This telly login sign nah is irritating. I changed the setting to everyone but still you all can’t see my [age. I can see my page and go into yours but you can’t come into mine. What a drag…..

  7. Agga4102

    I am angry with the person who caused shivika right!!!!😡😡😡

  8. JeevithaTK

    Hi Arpi 🔁Appy dear u made us Appu. U ur soo bad dear how could you think tht v throw chapal nd tomatoes on u. Bt will throw pillows and smily balls take it…😜😜😜😛. Just for fun dear. Bt was too good dear. Bt first one to prank was me it think. Love u. TC.

    OMAIRA dear: Hru. Welcome back dear. Hope u to c u regularly. 😍. TC.


  9. Luthfa

    A wife was complaining to her husband on finding out that her rights are given to someone else by none other than,her husband!Heart of a girl works differently according to the situation be it unmarried or married including little girl as well.At times something feels absolutely okay but next time it’s not.Anika was hurt and she was telling the same to Shivaay that she shouldn’t have felt so but she was helpless.Her pain was like one had pierced her heart but virtually and for that she shouldn’t have felt anything but the agony of pain was unfortunately real,more than real for her.Anika knows she has no right to question Shivaay regarding his decision but still the wife inside her rebelled.Everything was pre-decided on the basis of known facts but stubborn emotions of heart,a wife’s heart denied to accept whatever it was.Anika was battling real hard but of no use.Her heart was not ready to listen anything.It seems that a little girl has lost her favourite toy and to compensate it she is given another one which is equally beautiful but it has failed to please her.She is thinking about only that toy,her favourite one as certain emotions are attached to it.Anika is also facing emotional crisis over that dress thing.Otherwise she knows very well where she stands and she herself confessed it.Sometimes we do things which we don’t know why and don’t look for any reason behind it.Anika’s dilemma is she is not supposed to let her heart to influence anything as to Shivaay’s actions but surprisingly she is unable to do that.And this double-edged feelings is cutting her heart into pieces and those tears are the visible proofs of that deepest pain.

    1. Sindhudi

      Luthfa my dear nice analysis. I actually wanted to write in the morning about what you just wrote. Something similar to that. But after reading yours i realised mine is a bit similar so I deleted. But great minds think alike. Oh my my…. that was what I wanted to say. Anika knows jolly well she has no right to argue with Shivaay as he only treats her as a dost but still the Husband Wife relationship is evoked within her and she can’t bear to see Shivaay gifted that pink gown to Nancy. She is completely unable to control her feelings for Shivaay as his Wife and let it all out. That is why she said she knows she does not have any right to be angry but she can’t help it when she saw his gift is being worn by Nancy. She has to just spell out her emotions to him. I think in today’s episode she will feel bad. Tell him sorry that she should not be expecting too much from him and it is her fault. After all she is only his dost and walk away. I only hope before she walks away Shivaay will tell her that the gown she is wearing is the one that has been gifted by him and not Nancy’s. Hope even if Shivaay does not say then it could be jhanvi telling anika. Wow I must say ‘Bravo’ to Mohit and Nancy sickening people. They even know all the weakness of Shivika. They know how to play with Anika’s emotions and knew exactly what will happen when the gown is in Shivaay’s room. All in the name of magic.

      1. Luthfa

        Sindhu di,
        It’s really great that we match in our thinking.In yesterday’s episode Anika the wife was so expressive and told everything without hiding anything.She was very clear on what she felt and this must be stunned Shivaay that’s why he asked Anika whether she believed it or not that he could do anything that would upset her.Shivaay too is aware of Anika’s feelings but only problem is he doesn’t want to show it to Anika that he is equally concerned,perhaps more than Anika as it is Shivaay who was not ready to leave her at any cost.Shivika are husband and wife and they have every right on themselves,respectively,and it will prove in near future.Nancy is looking like a pawn to be used.I did not like the way Nancy said she overheard Shivaay and Mohit’s conversation that Shivika don’t share bed.Don’t know to what extent it is true or just another make-up statement of Nancy.
        Anyway,thank you soooooo….very much for your love di.Love you.

  10. Hello Luthfa thanks so much for explaining about the Ghandji monkeys saying. Now I understand it is more of an India country culture of using these terms. So they are familiar with this local phrase. Thanks so much for giving a detailed explanation in English.

    I know you can’t see my page because there is still a problem of seeing my page. I can see all of your pages

    1. Luthfa

      You are most welcome di.Yeah that was more of a fusion between saying and emojis,example of post-modernism.And di,your page is still not available.Don’t know what is happening.This is really frustrating.But don’t worry di.Everything will be fine.Take care.Lots of love.

  11. Dear NSK I accepted you as my friend in the request but I know you can’t see my page. I don’t know what happened and am waiting for the administrator’s response. Told them my friends can’t see my page. Hope you are doing fine dear.

  12. Shajessie

    Hi guys… Happy to c u all… 2day epi was gd… great looking of gorgeous shivika, rikara n ruvya…as usual no words to describe them… That much lovely n Hot 🔥 🔥 🔥
    Cute section was shivika described rikara in same way… Tat was…both looking strange but vr sweet… 💕💕💕Sooo cute..
    Janam Janam My favourite song… When they dancing… It’s really superb n I enjoyed a lot… 😍😍
    Annika misunderstood shivaay… But I felt vr sad when anni cry… Bcos I can feel her high expectation on shivaay…N she loved shivaay vr vr much… ❤️❤️❤️
    I hope shivaay will clear tat n hv romantic moments… In precap… I eagerly waiting to hear tat shivaay say I luv u anni.. ✌️✌️
    OK dears… Gd nite … C u all 2nite… Bye 👋 👋

  13. Luthfa

    Okay,dance part was really good and enjoyed.Mohit and Nancy’s dance as usual lacked chemistry and the most bland dance performance in the history of IB.Other couples were excellent.I loved Rikara’s part as they danced peacefully and without any tension unlike others.Shivika were in their own world like every time.Their moves were just perfect.Now can’t literally wait for tomorrow’s episode.Take care everyone.Good Night..😴😴😴😴😴

  14. Astmasiddika

    Today’s episode was beautiful as usual hated that Nancy, Omri is cute today loved their conversation actually Taj’s Magic is nice but beware taj don’t underestimate others power ani’s doubt felt sry 4 Shivay
    Pre cap- so nice billuji say ur feelings to anika
    A VERY VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY SURABHI CHANDAN sister be healthy and stay happy always keep entertaining us

  15. Rajvi_shah

    Love u shivika 😍 love u rikara 😍 love u ruvya😍 . Today’s episode was nice. Too many emotions. Om’s Unrealized crush while Rudra was getting so much affected by an unknown person. Anika was feeling terrible by seeing Shivaay and Nancy together and Shivaay was feeling bad seeing Anika sad. I hope Shivaay clears Anika’s misunderstandings. Loved shivika, ruvya and rikara’s dance😍

  16. JeevithaTK

    Hi guys morning Hv a beautiful day ahead.
    In yesterday forgot to mention r my wishes

  17. The precap sounded a little bit too good to be true, but I should not let my hopes down because anything can happen. Today’s episode was vey cute, especially with the three special couples.

  18. Among all the 3 bhavya looked really good in that gown (not that the other 2 weren’t) but she looked really attractive (at least for me)

  19. Sindhudi

    Hi banita dear jeevi Luthfa Arpu NSK the administrator fixed my page problem. It was probably a glitch on my page. So now you all should be able to see my page. Try and see whether you can go into my page. If you can’t please let me know.

  20. Nikita_jai29

    Track is going very fine… It is good

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