Ishqbaaz 11th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Roop threatens Shivaye

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Ishqbaaz 11th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Shivaye takes Anika inside the house. She looks around and touches the furniture and other things. Abhi mujhme kahin….plays…. She feels her connection. She sees a pic and says Chutki, he is my ….Shivaye says he is your….She says Harsh Varshan Trivedi, he is my Papa….She cries and says and this is….. Shivaye says yes Anika, this is your…. She says my house, Shivaye she is my little sister Chutki, and this is me. He hugs her. She says this is me, this is my family. He says its your home, all this, this is all yours. She says do you know how this was named Chalumati, this didn’t work for two days, my dad, Chutki and I sat here being stubborn and started praying, this started working, so we named this Chalumati, see that bed, Chutki and I used to hug each other and sleep, do you see that radio, my Papa used to play old hindi songs after coming home.

He asks which one. She says ude jab jab zulfe teri, you won’t be knowing, he used to go on work early morning, he used to come back during lunch break, he used to cook delicious cook, because we didn’t had our mum, she died while giving birth to Chutki, I don’t remember much about her, but my Papa was my hero, Chutki and I used to watch tv and wait for him to come home, then one day, Papa, Chutki and I got separated, when I came tp senses, I was on the temple stairs, Papa was not there, he had disappeared, Shivaye you found my house, then you must have found my Papa, is he fine, I want to meet Papa, please. He makes her sit and hugs.

He says your Papa is no more, he died of a heart attack. She cries. Anika says my Papa might had some relatives, why didn’t anyone come to see us, why were we left on the temple stairs, why, we didn’t harm anyone, why were we abandoned. He thinks how to tell you, maybe everyone broke relations with you after the allegations made on you. She says my Chutki would had been with me. He says I promise I will find her, I have to give an imp news, I have a surprise for you, I will be back, just sit here.

Anika asks where are you going. Light go off. She calls him out and says I m scared. She sees the decorative lights, balloons and poppers. Shivaye comes with a cake. She asks what’s this. He says happy birthday Anika Vardhan Trivedi. She says I don’t know when is my birthday. He says the day a person is born is called his birthday, today you got reborn, you got an identity, pleasant memories have replaced the bitter memories, so we will celebrate your birthday on this day every year.

She kisses his hand and thanks him. She says you have no idea what you have given me today. He asks her to cut the cake. He lights the candle. Music plays….. Anika holds his hand. They together cut the cake. They eat the cake. He smears some on her nose. They click selfies. Roop sees them via binoculars. Shivaye kisses Anika. They smile. Roop says Anika has sent my son to jail and celebrating, this will be her life’s last happiness. She calls Shivaye and says you seem to be smart, you got Anika’s dad’s history in one day, did you tell her about her dad. He says come to the point. She says come and meet me. He ends call. He says sorry, I have imp work, I will drop you home. They leave.

Shivaye asks Roop why did you call me, get to the point. She says I want to see your wedding, I want you to leave Anika and marry someone else. He checks her and says you aren’t sick, did you not cope up with Veer going to jail, I will call a doctor. She says if you don’t do this, I will get Harsh’s truth out. He says threaten someone else, I know there is no evidence against Harsh, he was just alleged. She says it was not proved as I hid the evidence, I have his suicide note, he accepted he has set the mills on fire and killed Mr. Kapoor. He says why do you feel I will believe you. She says you will definitely believe this. He reads… I, Harsh, am guilty of many innocent people who lost their lives in the fire incident, I killed Mr. Kapoor too, I was paid money to do this, I did this crime to give a good future to my daughters, but now I m feeling guilty, I can’t bear this burden, so I m committing suicide. He says its absolute nonsense, Anika’s dad can’t do this, I don’t believe this. He tears the letter and throws.

She says you destroyed the evidence. She laughs. She says its all right, I have its copy. He tears the copy as well. She says I have a copy in my phone as well. He throws her phone. She says you got enraged, you look afraid, you know if Anika knows she is a murderer’s daughter, what will she go through. He says her dad didn’t do anything, I destroyed the proof. She says you are so naive, I do have many copies, its with my lawyer too. He says I know Anika’s dad can’t be a murderer, I will prove this, no matter what.

She says relax, don’t work hard, I will tell you, I did all that, I set fire to Kalyani mills, I killed Mr. Kapoor, not only that, I killed Anika’s dad. She recalls. He asks you did…. how could you do it. She says forget all that, just think, if I can do all that, what can I do now. He says I won’t let you do anything. She says I have evidence against your parents and Anika’s dad. He says its fake. She says yes, I forced Anika’s dad to sign this suicide note, but how will you prove this in court, you are trapped, if you save your parents, Anika’s dad will be proven guilty, if you try to prove him innocent, your parents will go jail, what will you do now.

Shivaye says enough, you have said enough, not a word more, do what you want to do. Roop says you will come to me within 24 hours, you will agree to leave Anika and marry someone else. He leaves.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Hi everyone,
    What to say about NM. I just love his acting, its so real. His eyes are so expressive.
    Coming to epi-
    SC just nailed it today. I mean I don’t have words to praise her today, just loved her.
    SSO again becomes Sweet Singh Oberoi.I want a hubby like. (future planning).
    How dare this bua to spy on my Shivika.
    Himmat kaise hui inki SSO dhamkane ki.
    I don’t want to say anything more about her. Just fed up with her.
    Take care everyone.

    1. Congratulations!!!

      Nothing to say about bua??

    2. Arpita6

      Hiii Ritu Congrats yarr GRG..
      So you too added in Searching Husband Like Sso Team…..

    3. Banita

      Congo dr…
      Ohh… So now U also want a hubby like mere Shivaay bhaiya…. I will pray for U that U get a Sweet Singh Oberoi type…

    4. Niya.IB

      Hi,I havent watched the episode yet
      I will comment tomorrow after watching the episode,
      Like you all said,no one can replace shivika and their bond,Im speechless after reading the update itself. So Im eager to watch but hotstar always sucks,it’s still on premium.
      I want to hit the daanton daanton mein bua madly,how dare she to challenge sso
      Shameless b***h she is and Im astonished why this bua trying to make sso marry another girl??
      She’s not worth calling a women even not a creature
      And I hope shivaay will manage to prove his family’s and HVT’s innocence and drive away roop into jail forever.
      I also heard about a new entry of a negative character named charlie,who will make rift in shivika’s relation. I wonder why this cv’s introduce new vamps when there already exists a lot of villains and all are behind shivika to break them apart. I dont understand the logic behind it. But Im no more afraid of shivika’s relation as shivay and anika are each others strength and support system. They will have some back up plan and will fool bua,I hope. But before all that shivaay must reveal all the truth to anika and take omru’s and rivya’s help so that they can make a better plan and defeat all the enemies and subsequently prove bua as culprit. But sso have a habit of hiding everything from anika inorder to not make her worry,this will worsen the situation
      We can hope everything will get fine and cv’s will no more disappoint us
      I have told only a few things today,better I say more about after watching the epi coz I cant connect to the moments really well now
      Till then bye my dear sis nd bros?

    5. Niya.IB

      Ritu ritika ,congrats for being the first

    6. Luthfa

      Go Ritu Go.Many many congratulations…..?
      You too want a husband like Shivaay?Awww…May God fulfill your wish?

    7. ItsmePrabha

      Go Ritu Go..

  2. Pushpa

    ‘Yae mere parivaar hae’….. when she spoke this and shivaye wws hugging her…..oh no my tears ??????
    And the song so sad yaar… kushi kushi ka song dun hv???
    But the episode ws brilliantly performed by both Nakuul&surbhi..
    This is the main reason why they won all those throphies…..
    Shivaye…. luv u more..

    Anika remembered all the incident now….i couls see the happiness shivaye felt for anika … saying yeh thumhara ghar anika….i ws like literally crying wt happiness …but shivaye hv to lie saying her dad hd heart attack….heartbreaking moment here anika nailed it the way she spoke and shivaye just adorabls…hw hv become
    A friend for anika…father 4anika…console her ..omg i need this shivaye…..can i get one?

    And surprize by shivaye ..anika’s birthday….this beautiful once again shivays swept my heart awsy..
    ” Aaj tumhari kadvi yaadon ki jagh achi yaadon ne li hai isley aaj se har saal hum iss din tumhara birthday manyge”…. there v know now her birthday…so HAPPY BIRTHDAY ANIKA HARSHVARDHAN TRIVEDI…. lets celebrate guys……???????????????????????????

    Evil eye roop ….. cant see our shivika hv their mements…..this roop blackmailing shivaye to marry again??????? I dun get it…..thank god stupid roopmtold the secret tht she put mill on fire and murder kapoor & anika dad……
    Did u c tht hair flick….shivaye left culdnt bother wt roop….. roop u r dead………

    Precap….. im not worried as shivaye will handle all sitution aftervall he is smart singh oberoi….
    My heart full of shivaye…..shivaye….shivaye…
    Gdnite gals….

    1. Pushpa di…. lovely !!
      Ur shivaay always ROCking!!
      Everything was perfect….

      After all he is SSO….

      1. Pushpa

        he is the meaning for PERFECT…

    2. Gr8 review for a gr8 episode.
      Ur right about NM he is awesome. Though after watching this episode i now have a craving to watch SSO bday celebration where the whole family surprises him

      1. Same here i want to see all junior oberois guving him brithday suprise i want a epiode like rudy birthday episode

      2. Pushpa

        ok lets submit our request to Gulmaam…if she permits we’ll have one…

    3. Arpita6

      Pu di..just one thing..i wish you will get the husbnd like Shivaaye..i mean Swwet and Soft Singh obetoi version of Sso…
      Nice comment..

      1. Pushpa

        i wish i could find one yaar!!!! just 30% of him is also great…..

    4. Banita

      Heyy Pus di…. I m good… HRU???
      U r full on Shivaay dream…. Wish ur dream come true…
      GN dii….
      Have a Shivaculous dream…

      1. Pushpa

        thk u darling…. shivaye is just slaying away….

    5. Luthfa

      You know what Pu di,I was remembering you while watching yesterday’s episode.Shivaay was just too good.And di,the way he ate the cake from Anika’s hand was sooooooo…..Uff I can’t use that word.You can imagine??????

      1. Pushpa

        you did… thts so nice
        i cant find any other words to describe …. he is just too good….. i surrender

  3. Dear PKJ family, my love to all of you today. Lufth, Arpu, Banita, Omaira, Sneha, my little sister Jeevi, Kadhambari, Beauty dearies and many other dear ones….
    Today’s episode was too emotional for me that I could not stop tearing until the part where Shivaay brought the cake in and with the twinkling lights. Great expression of Anika and how what a mind blowing delivery of her lines and emotions. When she cried Papa Papa and pointing at the picture, she could not even say it out the word papa as she stumbles. When she recalled how her father comes home for lunch and feeds them and they sit on their papa’s lap. Her mum was already dead and her father was everything. When she kept recalling the childhood memories and about her father, I cried more was reminded of my father. Suddenly I was yearning for him.
    That is why today’s episode is too emotional and I only can watch once. Coming to Roop, I was very incest with anger when I heard what she said. Why is it always Shivaay has to leave Anika and get married to someone else? That is what she said right. So that she will not reveal about Trivedi to Anika. What nonsense is that? This wicked witch did everything and she is trying to separate Shivika just because of her silly, good for nothing, ‘well built’, brainless 6 footer Goliath is in prison.
    I understand her brothers did not accept her as she had an illegitimate son but who’s fault is it?
    The brothers did not tell her to kill her son. They just told her that they will make sure that her son
    Is taken good care of but she can’t live with her son. It was wrong to separate mother and child but
    how can she end up setting fire, killing Kapoor and Trivedi. That was too much. Now she wants to
    separate Shivika. This is bakwaas. I really would like to set fire on Roop. Poor Trivedi he was forced
    to sign on the letter and worse she killed him. Shivaay please don’t leave Anika. You both are each
    other’s strength. It is important you both stay together no matter what happens.

    1. Arpita6

      Sindhu di ……Calm.down dear….
      First control your emotions. …i can understand. …i also cried at that time…heart touching part.
      And now clam.down..control your anger.
      And i think.tjis time Sso will choose Annika.
      .lets see.

    2. Hello Sindhu di…..

      Emotional episode….

      Aapke papa aapko bula rhi anika ko dekhr…sooo lovely and emotional….

      You are could she do this… this is not fault her brothers….she was killed huge people who don’t have a fault……

      I’m being emotion when read ur comment……

    3. Banita

      Hlo Sindhu di( Can i call U di , actually once U told that U r elder then us. Soo if U don’t mind..?)
      Ur comment again teared up me…. Yeh those parts r sooo emotional…
      I m with U in kill DWB… But before killing her i want to break all her teeth then anything else…
      Nycc comment….

    4. Luthfa

      Sindhu di,
      Don’t know what does she think of herself.Shivika will not separate no matter what.She can try as much as she can.Useless planning.

  4. Why the hell on the earth every villain in IB want Shivaay to remarry i don’t understand? And about epi it’s awesome…Poor Anika Fabulous emotions…

    1. Arpita6

      Ayesha dear…actually…Our Sso is very hot and handsome..but he is now married so vilians are trying to get married with Sso by blackmailing him..??????.
      Clam.down..dear..lets wait……may be sime miracle will happen.

    2. Banita

      Hlo Aayesha dr…
      Yeh why only Shivaay…??? How many more times will he marry..???? I think CVS stitched many cloths for Shivaay’s wedding… That’s why they r trying all one by one…. LOL…

      1. Bani dear,
        True that.. Even after reading u r comment I also feel that they stitched more wedding dress for shivaay.. Poor Om can’t even get a proper single wedding..

    3. Because Anika is Shuvaay’s strength.

    4. Luthfa

      Hi Aayesha,how are you?
      Cvs love to see Shivaay as a groom that’s why.LOL!!!!

  5. Hellloo friends ☺️
    Billu ji, today you replaced all the bitter memories to pleasant memories by telling about her family ! Those consoling words, cake, selfies ??

    Oh god, i felt so much emotional when Anika explained everything ?? Surbhi ji what an acting ??

    Roop bua’s demand – To get married to someone and to leave.. that was an unexpected twist ???
    I think she doesn’t know abt our SSO.

    Such a worst situation for shivaay, even after knowing the truth abt kalyani mills he can’t tel anyone. ?? He have to decide between Anika or his family again ???

    Guys, am i the one who felt today episode ended very quickly, or is anyone there having same feelings???

    1. Arpita6

      Dhanu Sri.dear…add me…i also felt today episode became ended very quickly. .
      Wanted more and more and more..

    2. Hey Dhanu….
      Kia karega sso ab…. dousri shadi?? Not anymore….. Shivaay kisko choose kar gyi family ya love….. interesting
      Bua give him challenge….

    3. Banita

      Heyy Dhanu…
      I think this time Shivay will find a mid way which willn’t effect Anika or Family…
      Yeh interesting turn in storyline…

    4. Luthfa

      Shivaay will choose Anika and his family both.Let’s see.

  6. I also like the part where Anika cries and ask for her father’s whereabouts and SHivaay lets her sit on his lap and gently caresses her and tells her father is no more. That was such a loving and emotional scene. To see how much of care Shivaay has for Anika that he does not want her to breakdown emotionally.
    I can’t believe cvs have written a script where Roop expects Shivaay to marry someone else. I don’t understand how can Shivaay marrying someone else would be able to avenge Roop’s revenge. Her enemity is with Oberois and not with Anika. Why revenge Anika by sending Shivvay out of her life? This is totally PREPOSTEROUS!!!

    1. Sindhu didi….. CVS pagal gaya…ek halft nhi hui ek shadi end hui aur dousri shadi.. kaise dekhko….
      24 hours me kuch toh karegyi jis ke karan sso shadi karne maan jaayi..anika ko manipulate kare… jhoot bol kr

    2. Banita

      Di Roop taking revenge from Anika becz acc to her becz of Anika her son go to jail….

      1. Banita

        So now when her one plan didn’t succesed she came with an another plan to separate Shivika…

    3. Luthfa

      Wedding will not leave Shivaay so easily.Cvs are obsessed with weddings especially of Shivaay’s.Because Shaadi is equal to trp????

  7. Riana

    Got tearry eyed today…???
    Finally Anika Vardhan Trivedi Singh Oberoi is happy…❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
    Her happiness is our happiness….?????
    Loved the whole episode…??❤️❤️??
    Her birthday celebration was really sweet !! ❤️❤️
    Ooooofff Roop ne toh O my maata karrakhi hai !!! ???????
    Precap- Funny ???…Roop ki hogi omm ?

    1. Arpita6

      Hii Riana..yaa you are right.
      Annika Vardhan Trivedi Singh Oberoi ..
      Wow..sounding so royal.
      But sill we will love our Sirf Khidkitod Anika.

      1. Riana

        @Arpita.. me too khidkitod anika is the best !!

    2. Banita

      Hlo Riana…
      Anika Vardhan Trivedi Singh Oberoi…. Ooo kitni baadi naam ho gaya…
      But as said by Arpu… Sirf Anika is better….
      Yeh waiting to see DWB’s OMM only…

      1. Riana

        @Banita… Same here, anika is best as anika no surname nothing ?…yah me also waiting eagerly for bua’s omm ?

    3. Luthfa

      I love just Anika and Anika Shivaay Singh Oberoi??????

  8. Tdy episode was really nice!!!??
    Only shivika scene was too good…
    Perfect song with perfect situation!!

    I love this song very much… jabi mein ye gaana sunnta ho meri dil and eyes crying…..jab anika situation ke play ho raha tha thb feeling cry with anika…

    Anika’s explain everything used to stay and play with chutki and papa??…. Shivaay’s everything node and pumped her with lots of love….
    Shivaay was correct this her reborn with surname!!! Anika Vhardhan Trivide??.. lovely name

    Last part???
    Hate hate Daaton Daaton…no talk any more about her???

    Precap……… challenge for sso… will he come ? What’ll happen in 24 hours??
    Will shivaay going to another shadi?
    Don’t know….

    loved sso signature step!!!

    1. Arpita6

      We can do only one thing…
      Wait wait and wait.
      Hope this time Sso will do something different rather than before.

    2. Banita

      Hlo Beauty…
      We don’t know what will happen… But sacchi mein I don’t want any wedding soon… Specially Shivaay’s…
      Let’s see what will happen..!!!?

    3. Luthfa

      Beauty dear,Shivaay is a born Ishqbaaz and a perfect husband for khidkitode Anika.As long as Shivika are together,bua will not be able to do anything.Let’s see what happens next.

  9. Arpita6

    Hiiiii mere khidkitod pagals. ….
    This is what i did in whole episode

    Crying so badly and my eyes got red..
    Leave Bhootni. .just focus on Shivika.
    Chandu di..i am.speechless after your acting…
    Your voice modulation is on another level.
    Hatss off to you…i am faling in love with you more and more and more and more

    Finally Annika remembered everything..Her words..before long back …MERA JO KUCH BHI HE..YAHI HE..ISSI SEHER MAIN…….
    And this line became true…..She got her house..her good memories. …apart from jwr hoorble memories She had also a beautiful khidkitod family….

    Qhen She said…MAIN AUR CHUTKI………and she was not able to speak anything….
    I broke down..and MERE PAPA MERE LIYE HERO THE…..??????????

    The way she was telling that how she used to spend time in this house…and her voice choking. .. ..was just totaly natural . crying and crying and crying.

    Sso you didn’t tell about her father Btw I think it was also not the right time to say all this..i yhink for now you are right.

    Only Sso knows how to pacify Anika.he was holding herjust like baby….She broke down in his arms and he became strength for her…
    The great wall of Sso is now perfect for Annika………
    And cake cutting moment………….I felt less shivika more Narbhi…and anika’s new birthday…Hats off to dialogue writter… ???????.and the way Anika hold both their hands and cut the cake and Sso put Cake on her nose..everything was really heart touching..and watming and cutest. …….
    Annika was really cute …

    Now come to BUA… i expected Sso’s more shocking reaction …when she reveald the truth..but its ok.

    ????????.guys do you think i amgone mad….no not at all…I know there is no IB without Saadi… .. ..
    I am not against this track at all.if they will bring mariage track ..i will not complain..pakkka.
    Bcoz NOW I HAVE FAITH ON SSO.and i think this time he will choose Annika over all.and also prove all Everyone’s innocence.

    Now waiting for Bua challange. …i think now she wil try to manipulate Annika.
    SSO there is still time just tell her truth..
    Otherwise big raita will speead…

    What Will Be Annika’s Reaction..
    I am.looking forward to it..

    Now BUA phone is also saheed.

    Ok byyy.

    1. Arpita6

      Forgot to say..THAT SONG FROM AGNEEPATH always mafe me they played this song in emotional time…..It made me cry more.

      1. ItsmePrabha

        seriously arpu..that song made cry balti bhar bhar ke..

    2. Banita

      Jayda maat roo… Bhubaneswar ki temp mein paani ki bahat jarurat hain body ko abhi…
      Yeh me also feel that it’s not d ri8 time to tell d whole truth to Anika….
      Shaadi track chahiye tujhe…!! I don’t want any now…
      DWB’s phone sahid ho gaya… But i m not sad 4 that… So prayer 4 that phone…
      Me also love that song yr… But aur jayda maat roo…
      Ek min… Kanhi tu water supply kholne ki nahi soch rahi hain na..!!!???

      1. Dear Arpita… this is ishqbaaz anything can happen here???

        Waiting for bua challenge!!

        Itna romat….aakhe Neil neil ho jaaegyi…..

        Beautiful Review???….

      2. Wah wah tellypathy kar rakhi he kya tu????..
        Yaa water ki kammi he na..toh chalo.thodi water supply kar lete prblm..?????..
        And i am not crying……
        Happy happy face

    3. Hello arpita dear how are you?? guess what today I have dreamt of meeting you at the barmunda bus stand while I was coming home for summer vacation.i wish this dream of mine may fulfilled.and what to say about yesterday episode.chandu di nailed that scene her craving for her father and sister oh god.,….. I wish shivaay to handle the situation tactfully and sort everything . Lots of love

    4. Pushpa

      arpi… me too seeing anika sobbing… my tears just run down ..damn tht song..
      she deserve this and thk u SSO 4 bringing her identity her parivaar…
      i have faith in my shivaye…. he will nail that teeth booth…

    5. Luthfa

      What to say about Shivika.They are just khidkitode in every possible way.Yeah anything can happen here as per the wish of cvs.Let’s see,whether Shivaay is going to grace his face with sehra or not because of bua.

  10. Hai my dear ishqbaaz fans from this serial we are all bonded with each other like we are friends for long time
    For coming to serial epsiode is good
    Everytime annika will kept her life in danger, her self respect to save oberios for every situation at least one time this oberios will leave their reputation, self respect and unite 7 oberios to flop the plan of bua who kill so many people and blame on oberios it’s time to senior oberios and 3 brothers to stand up for oberio ki bahu (annika) I hope CVS will not take and come shaadi sequence because shivaay ki shaadi ho name ho SHIVIKA Kate ristha tute name tute par fans ki dil zaroo tutaga

    1. Arpita6

      Hii Aditi..yaa you are right.
      By this serial we got so many khidkitod frnds.
      We can’t ecpect anything..
      Just wait and watch..may be something good can come.

    2. Banita

      Hlo Aditi….
      Yeh true… We bonded with eo like we r lng time frnds…
      HRU dr???
      Me also don’t think CVS will come with any shaadi track for now… Don’t worry Shaadi hoga toh vi Shivika ki hi hoga…

  11. hi pkj members . All the retro moments were nice, cute . I loved how anika hugged shivay. that was too cute . And i don’t understand why that b*t*h roop go to hell . pls shivay don’t hurt anika this time and leave herlike this pls na ,i am feeling like crying. pls

    1. Arpita6

      Sana dear..clam.down
      Even we don’t want Sso to Hurt Annika.
      Lets see what will happen
      Calm down…..ok….
      Love you.

    2. Banita

      Hlo Sana…
      I don’t think Shivaay will hurt Anika this time… But let’s see what will happen in future…?

      1. Hoping same di . I don’t want to see anika breaking down . but just let me find that roop i will kill her alive. But di i read somewhere that shivay and anikaa’s love will turn into hatred .
        And then both will apart.

    3. Luthfa

      Don’t worry dear.Everything will be fine.Shivaay won’t let anything happen to his love Anika.Have faith in him.

    4. Banita

      Dont believe in spoilers dr… They r mostly fake… So just relax…

  12. My God what a lovely moments of shivika.. The both are so cute and real when they have to enact emotional sequence and even the BG song was so good..
    Yeah day by day shivaay is proving his husband’s goal.. Yup hope we will see Gauri & anika union soon..
    Birthday celebration of Anika was so cute.. Really shivaay anika has to celebrate her birthday.. When she recollects & describes about her family bond.. I just got hell angry/hatred on Bua.. Bcoz of her selfish motive she killed many lives..
    I just doesn’t know why Cv’s always more eager on shivaay shaadi track..
    I just read a spoiler like a new villan(guy) is entering the show.. Does any other gal entering the show?
    Bua biggest mistake is she self confessed all her crimes to shivaay..
    Shivaay never loses on challenge.. 24hrs.. Till Friday we have to wait..
    Shivaay have to choose either family or Annika..
    Guys I think shivaay will fall in her trap but sure with some back up plan.. But my poor Annika gonna get hurt bcoz of this..
    Why always they are getting troubles..
    Shivaay already a heart patient how much tension he will handle yar.. Plz Cv’s spare our shivika.. Today no Rikara or Ruvya… Yesterday shivaay asked omru to reach to that address right.. So, I thought all 6 will celebrate Anika’s birthday.. I Think Cv’s will include them once in a week.. Or whenever they feel..

    1. Arpita6

      Hi di…
      If Sso will hurt Annika this time i will bang my head on wall.
      But i don’t be Sso wil choose anika…
      And about a new vilian i don’t know but A guy is entering and Omru wil meet him
      The address which Sso gave them… in that address. …..
      I don’t think he is vilian..

    2. Banita

      Heyy di…
      I m also waiting 4 Aniri union… Hope it will happen soon….
      Yeh DWB , she is d reason for every bad thing…
      @Arpu , U will sacchi mein bang ur head on wall…. Hahaha….. If sacchi mein tu ase karegi then I want this to happen at least as a part of Shivika’s plan jo hume pata na ho… So that U can bang ur head… Wow..!!! Meain track se jayda teri saar phodne mein interest ho gayi… Hahahaha….

    3. Hey didi….if shivaay will hurts anika this time..i ll not expect from shivaay upcoming days…. hope shivaay ll something plan…..
      Thordi time Hain jake anika ko true kia Hain baata sakte Hain……
      Challenge kaise pura kare ga ab wo dekhna Hain!!!

    4. Luthfa

      Kadambhari di,
      I literally cried while watching Anika in such emotional mess yesterday.Cake cutting moments were really very nice.Don’t know what cvs are thinking.Another shaadi drama.Just irritating.

  13. MRINAL

    i so wish to break that bua’s all the teeth n make it to particles …she should be shot,strangled,stabbed ..her two plaits should be pulled…criminal…she is such pain …actually the whole oberoi family excluding her n her son …8ft vanmanush …should teach roop a very good lesson ..she should be slapped in such a way that she will remember for the rest of her life …evil bua u will die a very painful death n no damn person will even sympathize you..because u dont deserve anyone’s sympathy ..u took away so many peoples lives…snatched away father from svetlana,tia n sowmya ,, destroyed the beautiful family of the trivedi’s …do you think even after doing all these things ..u will live a peaceful life…?? always the good wins versus the evil …true love will always win …surpassing all the hurdles , tests…be ready soon to face the wrath of SSO …u have challenged a person who is not going to spare u look before punishing you ..we hate that daaton wali evil..witch…dayan bua..u will suffer …cry for death ..but death wont come to you so easily …evil bua should suffer,,cry …cheap …cheee i hate her ..if given a chance i will really break her teeth…pull her hair …trash her royally …

    1. Banita

      Hlo MRINAL…
      Wahh..!!! We both want d same thing…. Let’s break all d teeth of DWB then make it’s powder then give it to her only so that she can use it in jail for her make up…
      But before clam down… Ur comment make me laugh…. I sacchi mein want this happen to DWB…

      1. MRINAL

        Hey banita …well i am trying to calm myself down ..but whenever i see that bua blood boils ,…oh thanks

    2. Hey Mrinal……..Bua ke Daanto toot na Hain, jao jao… jaldi kar de na….

      Hum Hain tumhare saath…

      Tumhare comment pardh kar sacci hassi aayi Hain but lovely comment….

      Take care

    3. Luthfa

      MRINAL dear,calm down.Bua’s days are numbered.She has targeted Anika and Shivaay won’t spare her this time.Just waiting for her OMM to be done.

  14. Hi my Gpkj family…………
    How r u guys? I missed u all……
    Anyway the most awaited day has come.. My exams got over..I am so happy….

    Come to the episode..
    OMG.. What an epic episode…I am overwhelming with sorrow,joy,excitement and so on……

    Oh my annika was a special day in your life…you always doing great in your performance..but it looks very cute and natural….finally ANIKA VARDHAN TRIVEDI…..

    Anika di..u always steal my heart by your words and actions… always disturbing me by your cuteness even in my exam hall also…hats off to u

    I want to dedicate a song from tamil for my annika di……..
    Shivaye: Oru Ganam Oru Podhum Piriya Koodaadhey.
    En Uyire, En Uyire, Nee Azhuga Koodaadhey,
    Nee Kanda Kanavu Edhumey Kalaiya Koodaadhey.
    Naan Irukkum Naal Varaikkum Nee Azhuga Koodaadhey.

    Kedachadha Ezhakkuradhum, Ezhandhadhu Kedaikiradhum, Adhukku Pazhaguradhu, Nyaayam Dhaanadi

    Kuduthadha Edukkuradhum, Vera Onna Kudukkuradhum, Nadanthatha Marakkuradhum, Vazhakkam Dhaanadi

    Kannaana Kanne Nee Kalangaadhadi, En Uyiroda Aadhaaram Needhaanadi.
    Kannaana Kanne Nee Kalangaadhadi, Yaar Pona Enna Naan Irupenadi…

    In English translation……

    Shivaye:Not a single moment, never ever, leave my side for years.
    my love, oh, my love – you should never be shedding any more tears.
    All your dreams come to fruition, before everything clears,
    Until the day I live, you should never be shedding any more tears.

    Losing what you have, Gaining what you lost & getting used to it – is justified in life.

    Taking what was given, And being given something else, moving on from what has happened – is common with fate.

    Oh you, the apple of my eye, don’t feel rattled. You are the foundation of my soul.
    Oh you, the apple of my eye, don’t feel rattled. No Matter who leaves you, I will be there for you……..

    Shi:”Nitham Nitham Nee Odanjaa, Otta Vekka Naan Irukken, Kitta Vechu Paathukuve Nee Vayendi.
    Pethavanga Pona Enna, Sathamilla Un Ulagil, Nitham Oru Mutham Vekka Dhan Uyir Vaazhurendi.”

    “Even if you break down often, I am there to hold you together, I will keep you close and take care of you, come to me.
    So what if your parents have gone, in your silent world, to be there for you and kiss you, is what keeps me alive.”

    I think it speaks the whole episode……

    Precap:OMG…that bua….wait wait wait…I have a song for her to too..

    Why this kolaveri kolaveri kolaveri??
    Why this kolaveri kolaveri kolaveri ?
    Distance la roop-u roop-u
    Roop-u color-u white-u
    White background night-u night-u
    Night-u color-u black-u

    Why this kolaveri kolaveri kolaveri?
    Why this kolaveri kolaveri kolaveri??(no offence)

    1. Banita

      Heyy Susi…
      I m gud dr… How about U??? Missed U too dr…
      Exm finished… Wow..!!! What a relief…!!
      Both songs r superbb dr nd perfact to situation… Like d 1st one…

      1. Hey Susi… welcome back to home!!
        Perfect situation and perfect song!!

        Lovely ur comment!!!

        H r u?

      2. Gd Mrng dr…..I am fine….u liked my song that’s great…..after a long time I felt relaxed…luv u take care….

    2. Luthfa

      Wow,nice song Susi dear.Shivaay loves Anika more than anything else.If you don’t mind then would tell me the meaning of kolaveri?I want to know.

      1. Hi Luthfa,
        In Tamil Kola means murder and veri means eager.. If you are angry or hatred of someone we will say I wish to kill him or her right..
        Same Kola veri Means eager to kill some.. Now has per the current situation all IB fans is on kolaveri with Roop Bua..

      2. Thank u kadhambari akka for explaining luthfa….luv u akka & luthfa….take care….

      3. Luthfa

        Thank you so much for explaining the meaning di.I am going to use it in future.You too take care Susi.Love you both?

  15. Banita

    Hlo PKJ…
    @Prabha , dekh tune yaad kia nd main aagayi….
    Now coming to epi…
    First 12min of epi was emotional , Superbb…!!!! But that DWB ne aakr sb gadbad kar dia…
    Anika entred her own house…. I wished to see both sisters entry together in their house..!!
    Anika’s entry with “Abhi mujhme kanhi” song…. Both made that part magical…
    Anika’s identifed their pic nd took her father’s name nd “Mere Papa”…. That sence was soo Nycc…. It was Emotional….
    Chalumati’s name cermony story , Bed nd radio’s story…. Everything was Superbbb….
    Anika told her all childhood memories with her Chutki nd father was….. No words to describe about that scense…
    Anika told she , chutki nd Mr. Trivedi all part away on the same day… Then how both sisters came together to orphanage..??? CVS…. Leave it…
    Shivaay hug Anika nd let her sit on his lap nd support her…. Wow..!!! It was clearly reflected that he also feel her pain….
    NM nd Surbhi today both nailed their character… Specially Surbhi… Superbb SC…!!! Hats of U..!!! U literally made me cry…
    I m happy that Shivaay didn’t hide this thing to Anika… He share her happiness… I know hw didn’t told d whole truth , which is actually not a truth… But I m agree nd happy with it…
    Anika’s b’day celebration part was lovly… Shivika’s antics were lovly nd cute….
    [email protected]@@… Ab toh jb tk uski saare daant tod na deti mujhe chaen nahi milega…!!? Shivika scene ka pure OMM kr dia….
    How dare she to blackmail Shivaay to marry an another girl…. Chantumai… Teri toh saare daant ko toh….
    CVS just kill her now…. Irritating DWB…
    Hope now Shivaay will come up with a Khidkitode plan to shout this DWB’s mouth…
    I don’t want any wedding track anytime soon… Specially mere Shivaay bhaiya ki… Bichare kitni baar Shaadi karega ek baanda…
    Precap – CVS 24h means our 2 or 3 days…. Let’s see What’s nxt plan of Shivaay against DWB….
    P S – I really want that Aniri’s truth come out in this 24h…
    GN PKJ….

    1. Batina… welcome!!

      Kash eaisa hota ki dono behen ek saath enter karta…cvs bass ek ko dena tha na …
      Khb anri relation khule ga….cvs gives 24 hours means Next week chale jaaegyi challenge….

      Aur tumhare shivaay Bhai shadi kar ne liye haar villain peech pardthi Hain kyu ki handsome jo…pyaar aata Hain un pr.. villain love shivaay more than villainbaazi!!!!

      1. Banita

        Thank U Beauty…
        I wish ki Aniri past to revel , but i dont think cvs will revel it any soon… Yeh why only one sis??
        Ooo…. Got another lover of my Shivaay bhaiya…. LOL…
        BTW where r U from dr?? Nd what r U doing??? If U r not comfortable to tell then it’s fi9…

    2. Luthfa

      Hi Bani,how are you?
      Anika and her childhood memories were so heart touching.Bua will rot in hell for destroying such a lovely family.Now her evil eye has fallen on Shivika.She will be defeated definitely against the love of Shivaay for sure.Cvs are gearing up for another Shaadi of Shivaay like seriously?Want to see Rikara marriage but cvs are listening.Anyway,take care.Lots of love?

      1. Banita

        I m good Lu…
        Yeh here we r waiting 4 Rikara wedding nd they r planning 4 another Shivay wedding… Cvs never listen to us…
        Yeh DWB will defact against Oberois…
        U too TC…
        Luv U yaar…

    3. ItsmePrabha

      yes are here…well i missed your comment yesterday soo are you?? waise pls yaar uss DWB ki daanth thod hi do abb agar help chahiye tho main hoon na..awesome comment..Love you..

      1. Banita

        I m f9 Prabha… How about U????
        Yeh i will do it dr bs wo mere saamne aajaye… Of course U will also come with me na.. We all will do her OMM together… After al sbki gussa nakalna hoga na…

  16. Luthfa

    The great wall of Shivaay Singh Oberoi,who can do anything to protect his loved ones and family has met with a rare challenge to complete.Till today,his family is his everything and no-one,nothing can replace it.After Anika’s entry into his life,being her husband he didn’t change his priority.Anika got included in the list of his priority in a different way.Now he is faced with such a situation where he has to choose in between his two most important priorities.What he will choose and whom?When a person decides for himself,it’s easy to take any decision and to implement it.But it’s not easy when he decides on be half of others when everyone trusts him above anything.And Shivaay Singh Oberoi is a man of word.Family is Shivaay’s weakness as well as strength(don’t know to what extent)and Anika also.To save one he will have to sacrifice other.But Shivaay is running away from the truth because he believes that particular truth can break Anika and if Anika breaks then Shivaay will be broken automatically.He needs to change this attitude that his relation with Anika is vulnerable to this truth.Anika and her Love for him is his best weapon to fight against anyone and anything.Without making Anika his weakness,he should trun his love into his biggest strength.If Shivaay can succeed in it,nothing and no-one in this world can defeat him.One and only condition is,he needs to tell everything to Anika.Now the question is,will Shivaay tell the truth to Anika?This is the only way out to save everything because superpowers of the great wall of SSO are not going to work in this Special case as Anika and his family both are involved and he just can’t choose in between two……………………….

    1. Banita

      Heyy Lu…
      Shivaay will tell d whole truth to Anika…???? I don’t think something like this will happen… I don’t think Shivay himself will tell d truth / half truth of Mr. Trivedi… Not before he himself come with d whole truth… Let’s see what will happen..?? May be he will get d proof against Roop in this 24h…

      1. Luthfa…. let’s see what shivaay ll do.. choose between most important love and family!!!

        I don’t think so shiv’s tells whole true to anika…. half true always trouble everyone!!!
        Till wait….

        Lovely analysis!!
        Always remind me old episode wher sso lived…sso characters which he’s changed now…

      2. Luthfa

        Shivaay can tell the truth as he knows bua did everything.Just one thing,how Anika will react upon hearing it is not understandable.But hope Shivaay will manage it well.

      3. Luthfa

        Not half-truth but whole.He got the real truth from bua and he needs to find a suitable way to break it to Anika.Don’t know what will be Anika’s reaction.And thank you so very much for the compliment.God bless you?

    2. Good morning Di????????I wish these beautiful flowers to scented your life and spread beautiful events in your I am confused what to say about your is stupendo-fantabulous,marvellous,extra ordinary,superrrrrr se uper,aag??????lagadiya,phir barish ⛈⛈⛈⛈⛈??ki tharah,chikchik bum fire…… I have no other words.bas ek prayer he god se ki wo aapko or aapki writings ko bless late??????. love you di and happy that you are my sis.

      1. Luthfa

        Hi PUJA,
        Very good morning dear.Awwwwwww….You are so so so so….sweet.Thank you so much for this heavenly love.God bless you always.Love you???????

    3. ItsmePrabha

      Darling..mujhe na yeh lagtha hai ki abb hum donno ko billu ke paas jaana hai aur “Annika and her Love for him is his best weapon to fight against anyone and anything.Without making Annika his weakness,he should turn his love into his biggest strength.”yeh baath uski khaan keechke kehdena chahiye..warna nahi badalne wala hai..par kahi na kahi lag raha hai ki iss baar keh dega kyunki now he is sure that HVT is anudi ko poora sach batana acchi baath hogi na….leats wait and watch what cvs has in store for us…as usual meritorious analysis..Love you and God bless you..

      1. Luthfa

        Let’s do it.It’s high time otherwise Billu would end up hurting Anika as well as himself.Thank you so much for the compliment.Love you too?

    4. agree with you complete Luthfa.
      Shivay must share with Anika, because together they are strength, else they become weak and hurt each other.
      and now especially when shivay knows the truth, he can share the same with anika. infact roop bua is to be frightened. the oberois together must take avenge for what she has done and harassed them all these years. wicked bua and wicked veer.

      1. Luthfa

        Exactly the point.Shivaay needs to tell the truth to Anika.After that they can manage whatever the mess,with much ease.Together they are each other’s strength and Shivaay has to understand this.Let’s see.

  17. Shivaay for his family in one minute he will chop the others plans that bua is given 24 hours time in that time shivaay tho kuch bhi karaga ape Parivar ko bacha ne ke Liya AUR annika bhi uske Parivar he tho choose kar ne ki kya zarooratha ha


    I agree that Ani is shivaye’s QUEEN….but girls first hero is their father….she is longing for her father’s love….it’s too emotional…I just can’t stop my crying…bye gud night..

    1. Luthfa

      I agree with you totally?????

  19. Well played bua you have targeted the right ppl to separate. Bcoz anything and everything is handled by shivaay and his foundation is Anika. Nd oh! hw can v frget that ur good fr nothing pappu beta is rotting in jail “because of Anika?”.. like really woman? Next thing we know she’ll be holding a binocular inside shivika bedroom danton danthon mein?.. I dunno hw shivaay is gna get out of this mess within 24 hrs without hurting his family or maligning anika’s.. keeping fingers crossed. I can’t remember any serial that has made me this anxious before.. uffff… I jus hope there is no separation. Bcoz it’s always shivika who has to separate…

    I didn’t feel very happy wen shivaay said to Anika that u have a new identity now bcoz Anika was always anika. bt wen he said this is ur new birth where your old bitter memories are replaced by sweet ones.. that is wat makes u anika’s billuji.. u have always tried to gift Anika her childhood that was brutually snatched away from her. And today u gave her the greatest gift. Sweet old memories that she had forgotten in her race to make a name fr herself, in the race to forget that she’s an orphan.. Nothing material can ever outshine memories.. the song was jus perfect. Did cv’s remember that Anika is a Hrithik fan?… And even after such an emotional scene wen shivaay brought the cake she was like I’m gna get fat. My God! That is wat makes her khidkitod anika..

    Cv’s I’ll give u a plot twist. Remember that photo tat is inside gauri’s luggage? Make her take it outside. Atleast show it to om?.. if separation has to happen it should be after aniri truth comes out. Wenever Anika has fallen weak because of smtn connected to SSO, first sahil nd then omru stood by her and became her pillars. Shivaay is the wall and Anika is the foundation bt the bricks that make them them are omru… Bt this time if Anika breaks om has to handle not jus Anika but gauri too. He has to face the truth tat his wife is not gauri Kumari sharma but gauri vardhan trivedi. He has to handle himself, gauri and Anika. And ruvya has to be people who can stop omaniri from shattering with the weight of whatever they face.. bcoz wen the storm comes ruvya will be the only couple left intact. Shivaay has bigger things to look at. Let om and ruvya handle this. Please..

    Bigger plot twist swetlana comes to know it was Roop and joins shivaay. Please somehow do tat na. It would be fun???

    1. Banita

      Heyy Krishna…
      I don’t think there will be any separation… Me also want Aniri’s truth come soon…
      Pasinalana as +ve… Not bad… Interesting plot…

      1. Hey banita! How r u? I think the minute swetlana realizes the truth she’ll come back wid a vengeance never seen before. Bcoz she helped Roop and went against oberois while Roop was the real culprit. And in front of swety roop’s plannings sab bheegi pad jaayegi. And if sso and swety come together then there is no stopping the avalanche that will rock roop’s entire existence

    2. Krishna… Good imagination yr… swetlana helps shivaay ..meri maan nacch ne laaga Hain .. what a twist turn…kash eaisa ho jaaei…
      Nice comments

    3. Luthfa

      Hi Krishna,
      Even me too didn’t like the way Shivaay said Anika’s reborn had happened as Anika Vardhan Trivedi.Shivaay was very happy that finally Anika got her long lost family.I don’t think separation will take place.Cvs can do anything in the name of increasing trp.

  20. Next time please don’t made me cry anika and thank god at least roop said real truth to shivay

  21. It seems mostly women playing villain role in this show, hats off too all super villain who make SSO run for a shelter.

  22. Think Roop had a daughter…my assumption …

  23. Oh no, not again. Another seperation track like for the 10th time now. Just when the TRP’S are high the CV’S want to ruin the story by creating another seperation track, why why why just why kill the story line . For a change can’t Bua be killed and then the story revolve around who killed Bua. Turns out that its Anika’s bua or mausi who takes revenger or even her dad back from death who becomes super rich now and takes revenge and also snatches Anika , that would make for a better seperation story than Shivaay choosing family over Anika. CV’s don’t ruin the show by using the same seperation track again where family excluding Anika is important for Shivaay.

  24. Hello friends ,
    i am new for all of you but all of u are not new for me .Actually i was the silent reader .
    But today i thougt to join u people, so can i be the member of your lovely pkj family?
    Before talking about the episode, i just want to say that u guys and ur analysis about tbe episode are amazing.
    specially luthfa di ,Arpita di u both r awesome I like ur way of analysing episode.
    i am not as good as all of u in analysis, but i am trying my best.
    so coming to the episode ……
    it was so emotional.
    both nakuul mehta and surbhi chandana always do justice with their roles .
    hats off to both of them .
    and i hate that danto wali bua she always interfere between our shivika and how dare she blackmail our SSO
    i think that she dont have any idea that he can go to any extent to save his annika and his family.
    and i think shivaye is not doing good by hiding truth from annika becoz that evil roop bua will definitely mislead annika
    Well i don’t know what’s going to happen in these 24 hours but i dont want any separation between out luv birds
    and i think all of u too dont want to see shivika seprated right????
    ok now its toond too late
    so bye
    and take care

    1. Ishita…. welcome to pkj…keep commenting…

      Don’t worry everything ll fine….sso Hain na…just wait for episode then everything got clear to u…

      Take care u too

    2. Hello ishita dear heartily welcome to this huge family.keep commenting and keep loving you.

      1. Dear Puja, thanku very much for your warm welcome and luv u too.

    3. Luthfa

      Hi Ishita,
      Welcome to PKJ family with lots of love.Just don’t worry about analysing the episode.You can do it the way you like and we would love reading it.Thank you so much for your precious love towards my writing.And Shivaay won’t let Anika go away from his life.Love will win for sure.Anyway,take care.See you soon?

    4. ItsmePrabha

      Hi ishita..warm welcome to you dear..keep commenting..Take care..

    5. Banita

      Nd i dont think there will be any separation. So relax dr…
      Lods of Love…

  25. Hello all . I like this show actually usually I am not expressive .
    But today I want to share my comment
    To day my birth day
    I like the show as well as all actors . From past 1 year .I am silent reader of this telly updates and your comments also
    I will get happy by seeing all people share your reviews also
    Story as well as actors are very suitable for their roles especially three brothers and respective partners
    Good day all

    1. Lucky….. welcome nd welcome!!!

      HaPpy birthday dr… always stay happy nd healthy!!!

      Nice comments….

      Good day to u too

      1. thank u to all for your wishes

    2. Good morning and happy birthday lucky dear.may the almighty bless you with all happiness.

    3. Lucky……..
      Welcome dear……….keep commenting
      Happy birthday. ……May god bless you with the happiness

    4. Luthfa

      Hi Lucky,
      First of all,”Happiest Birthday To You” and lots of love.May God bless you with all the love of the world.And welcome to PKJ family.Very glad to have you here.Keep commenting and join us in spreading love.And enjoy your this special day wholeheartedly.Lots of love???????

    5. ItsmePrabha

      Lucky,Happy birthday to you???…May God bless you with everything you want and also more love,laughter ,health too..Take care and enjoy this day to the fullest…

    6. Banita

      WELCOME TO PKJ Lucky..,
      I know i m late to wish , but not much late…
      Well , we will be also happy to ur comment on epi….
      So from now KEEP COMMENTING dr…
      Waiting to read ur review…

  26. Fabulous episode…but how come shivaay didn’t recognize gauri in that photo

    1. Amnaeman…. fabulous episode…he forgets this…ll be remembered that very soon, i think….
      Good to see u

    2. Banita

      There was a age difference in both pics dr. So that Shivaay didn’t recognised Aniri…

  27. Plz unite chutki(guari) with Anika

    1. Angle… calm down… Anri units ho jaaegyi.. thordi time de do…cvs must do thi… angrily waiting for reunion…

  28. Honey morning everyone…

    Have nice and great day…..
    Take care everyone

  29. Hello guys….
    Nice episode …..
    shivika rockzzzzzzzzzzzzz ……..
    Irritating bua…….
    Unite guari and anika……
    precap. ..what’s next shivaye

    @ sorry guys for small comments for an awesome episode. ..
    But my exams are starting tomorrow. …,….. So l am gonna Miss ishqbazz and pkj..
    take care
    love u all

    1. Luthfa

      Hi Jeni,
      All the very best for your exams.Achieve best through best performance.God bless you?

    2. ItsmePrabha

      All the best Jeni…Do well..

    3. Banita

      Heyy Jeni…
      It’s okk dr… HRU??
      ADBOL for ur exm dr… Do well…

  30. Syamala Ranganathan

    Surabhi Chandha’s acting inthis episode especially is superb. Nakul metha is as usual fantastic.They are made for each other.God,please so happy moments in their life.

    1. Luthfa

      Agree completely?

  31. Luthfa

    Hi Ishita,
    Welcome to PKJ family with lots of love.Don’t worry about analysing the episode.You can do it the way you like and we would love reading it.Thank you so much for your precious love.And Shivaay will not let Anika go from his life no matter what.Love will win for sure.Take care.See you soon?

    1. Luthfa di thanku for accepting me as i am , i mean my analysis in my own way.
      and yes u are right luv always wins over haterd .and this time also shivika’s pure love will definitely win over Roop bua’s hatred.
      and thanks for ur reply di.

  32. oh ya Beauty dear how can i forget that shivaye hai na wo sab theek kardega after all he is the great wall of Shivaye Singh Oberoi.
    Dear PUJA i wish ur dream of meeting Arpita di comes true.
    and thanku very much both of u for ur warm welcome, it means a lot for me.
    Keep commenting and most importantly keep smiling guys.
    luv u.

  33. This is where Mahi would be of use…. unless the writers forgot the existence of Mahi….

  34. oh ya Beauty dear how can i forget that shivaye hai na wo sab theek kardega after all he is the great wall of Shivaye Singh Oberoi.
    Dear PUJA i wish ur dream of meeting Arpita di comes true.
    and thanku very much both of u for ur warm welcome it means a lot for me.
    Keep commenting amd most importantly keep smiling guys
    luv u all

  35. i am really very sorry , my comment is posted two times.
    Actually, when i posted first it was not showing on the page so i posted it again .
    sorry for my mistake .

  36. Shekhar

    It is his attitude, his response to the situation, KEEP GETTING BLACKMAILED only to control the situation, but this time, his heart denied , and simply does not allow him self to be slave of the situation, and what he did is , he bluntly denied to do what ROOP wanted. Till the day, in the name of compulsion, he kept making all the odds to ANNIKA, and stood her as the VICTIM, but this time something was back of him who did not allow him to bent down to his knees.

    That something was his feelings, his own feelings while ANNIKA was touching and feelings all her old stuff. It is difficult to judge, out of two, who was feeling more intensely while touching all old household stuff? The way he was looking at ANNIKA touching and feelings all the stuff around, dirt over the stuff around was more precious for him than to GOLD BRICK of OM. The stone hearted SSO was melting down like the ice as ANNIKA was keep feeling her childhood stuff! Certainly, he was more happy to provide her identity than her at that moment of GOLDEN TOUCH. It was just like, she was touching and SHIVAAY was feelings!

    Anyway, a nice episode with intense flow of feelings and the expression were timely ! If we over look the ROOP overacting, and her CHOICE BRAND teeth, this epi was the perfect one after LONG TIME!

  37. ItsmePrabha

    Hola buddies..tho sab log emotional phase se bahar aa gaye na..
    Luthfa… darling hum hai hi emotional…ha we love shivika and its permanent..
    Niya..thank you so much for your compliment yesterday..and ya i will try to be regular..

    first of all Chandu di are Invincible and impeccable….the way you lived in the me no one could ever do that…annika can be done just by you…i admire you and i adore you…love you so much di woh bhi balti bhar bhar ke..
    abb Nox..jalo math i love you too jalkukda…the way you portray one i repeat no one can do know what tumhari khanji aankhen na itni saari emotions dikhati haiki kya bataon..
    For me NarBhi hi shivika hai..i cant even imagine any other..don’t even want too..
    ab epi ke baare mein baath kare tho..
    yaar jab ‘Abhi Mujh mein kahin ‘ my eyes started tearing up…and jab anudi ro roke apni bachpan ki yaade bol rahi hai i ended up crying …you were flawless chandu di …and just look at this man named shivaay yaar..the way he held her just like a forehead peck to soothe her to relieve her pain *maybe a little*…the way he celebrated her birthday..ofcourse i spotted NarBhi over there..
    and i love it..
    ab aayi DCB achi khaasi swadeesht khaane ka taste barbaad seriously iss Bua ko dekhte hi mujhe hajmola ki yaad aa raha hai..actually i dont like its taste and once my brother made me have it after eating biryani and trust me, i felt horrible..*no offence to hajmola likers*..phir bhi teek hai aane se kuch na kuch fayda hua hai…billu ko kam se kam yeh toh pata chala hai ki HVT is innocent for sure.. billu ab tho bata de anudi se..poori sach..
    and now time has come to decide b/w love and family..par ek baath kahoon i always felt bad jab bhi billu apni parivaar ko chunke anudi ko suffer karne ke liye chodtha know once i used to think why anudi never wore that bangles given by Mallika..lekin baad mein pata chala ki abhi bhi uski wish poori nahi hui hai..matlab usko pyaar mila, jiski zindagi unki irdh girdh ghoom raha hai..par aaj bhi billu ki zindagi mein anudi no.1 nahi hai..shayad issliye she never wore them*only if cvs didn’t forget about it*..well iss baar i want billu to choose anudi over family giving her that no.1 position…alas cvs ka kuch bharosa nahi tho..expectations nahi rakhthi hoon..
    chal jo sab ko time detha hai aaj usko bua ne 24 ghante ka time diya hai..lets see what happens…
    teek hai bye guys..
    Lub you all..Take care..
    All the best of good luck to all those preparing/going for Exams..

    1. Luthfa

      Hi Sweetheart,
      Wow,you are in prasing mood today.Both Shivika and Narbhi complement each other like parts of missing puzzle.They are perfect both off and on screen.Don’t mention that bua yaar.She got on my nerves very badly yesterday.To be honest,while watching Anika’s birthday celebration,I got reminded of my own birthday.Koi mere liye bhi kare aisa kuch!Hehehehe…..?????????????

  38. Shivay must share with Anika, because together they are strength, else they become weak and hurt each other.
    and now especially when shivay knows the truth, he can share the same with anika. infact roop bua isthe one to be frightened. the oberois together can actually take avenge for what she has done and harassed them all these years. wicked bua and wicked veer.
    and shivay and anika must realise the fact that they must share everything with each other -….because then they become strength to each other. and really no body can defeat them.
    when they meet single handly, there is always an issue.
    roop bua has to be punished.
    dadi needs to come back and slap her for her misdeeds. surprising how she is different

    actually waiting for new tracks and new stories. the old ones are just going round in circles and coming back. and yes where are the ishqbaazis. we are really missing the emotional romance of shivika

    1. Luthfa

      Hi Christie,
      You are right.If Anika gets to know everything then she can support Shivaay with full power.Keeping her in darkness as to such issuse can backfire.And for the time being Shivika are in the emotional part of ishqbaazi.Let them pass it.Take care?

  39. Nikita_jai29

    It is lovely episode… Except bua scene…. Cvs are obsessed with marriages… Why they create marriage demand in story….
    Biting my nails… What is going to be next….

    1. Luthfa

      Hi Nikita,
      I agree with you totally.What to do,cvs want us to suffer in the unnecessary drama of shaadi.Waiting for today’s episode.Don’t know what will be the decision of Shivaay.Let’s see.Take care?

  40. Aarosh

    todays episode is named as pinky anika’s special moment hope to see some good scenes between pinky and anika

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