Ishqbaaz 10th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Shivaye learns Anika and Harsh’s connection

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Ishqbaaz 10th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Shivaye reaches some old house. He says this seems the right house, but maybe no one lives here. He sees Trivedi written on the door. He pulls open the door. Tej, Jhanvi, Shakti and Pinky sit silent and upset. Tej says I don’t want to have food. Anika comes and asks did you talk to Shivaye, he didn’t come back home, his phone is switched off, I m worried. Pinky says I spoke to him, he is fine, he is stuck in work, he will come late, maybe he broke his phone, don’t worry. Anika goes. Shakti says why didn’t Shivaye come. Pinky says he won’t sit at peace till he finds Mr. Kapoor’s murderer. Tej says I hope there is no misunderstanding. Pinky says he knows to differentiate between truth and lie, we didn’t do anything wrong.

Jhanvi says good thing is he is with us. Pinky says we should also know the entire truth, then this Kalyani mills chapter will end. Shivaye gets inside the house. He checks the house and everything around. He sees Harsh’s pic with his daughters. He sees names written on almost everything. He gets some cassettes and plays one. He hears little Anika’s conversation with Harsh. Harsh says you like writing names on everything. Anika complains about Chutki. Shivaye thinks it seems a happy family lived here, don’t know where are those two girls now. He thinks of Anika’s language. He hears Harsh saying Anika, from where do you learn such strange things. Shivaye says Anika does such things, Chutki is Anika’s younger sister. He thinks of Shwetlana’s words. He says is Harsh really Anika’s dad, just one person can confirm this. He goes.

He asks Tia is Anika really Harsh’s daughter, its imp for him to know this, please tell. Tia says you are right, Harsh is Anika’s dad, he was foreman in Kalyani mills. He asks how do you know. Tia says when we planned revenge, we did research about mills, mom knew Harsh, I knew this and was scared thinking this can affect your and Anika’s relation, sorry I had hidden this. He says its okay, at least you cleared my doubt, I wanted to know Anika’s family as Anika wanted to know, I can’t think, Anika would be so happy knowing about her dad. He thinks her dad was blamed, I can’t tell her complete truth, what shall I do.

Anika says he didn’t come yet. Shivaye comes. She holds him and asks where were you, you didn’t answer my call, I was so worried, you would have not taken food and medicines, I will get food. She gets food and serves him. She says its bit burnt, but better than staying empty stomach. She feeds him. She says you said you will just come, you came now, I was waiting and slept on sofa, I got neck sprain, you have to massage my neck, I saw a drama on tv/Chalumati and got irritated. He recalls and hugs her. She says this is good way to change topic, but I m still angry. He says everything will get fine. She asks what. He says your anger will calm down. She says I won’t agree easily. He says I worked all night and came home, I m having burnt food, pity me, I mean its tasty food. She says finish it then. He sees her and thinks sorry, I have your biggest happiness, I m not able to say, don’t know what and how to tell you.

Rudra says you were out for meeting all night and called us for meeting now, what’s the matter. Shivaye says there is a problem. Rudra asks what, did Shwetlana run from jail. Shivaye says I got to know about Anika’s dad. Omru say its good thing, she will be happy. Shivaye says I can’t tell Anika, what shall I say, her dad was foreman in Kalyani mills, he was accused, he died in that accident, the blame wasn’t proved.

Rudra asks did he set the fire. Shivaye says police concluded that, but no one can say if its true, I m scared to tell Anika, she can hate her dad, don’t know what to do, I feel I should tell her, she longed for a family, I can tell her last name, I can tell her who are her parents, I can give her big happiness, I get scared thinking of that blame, she may shatter. Om holds him and says I can understand, you say that every problem has a solution, find entire truth about her dad and then tell her, we know the burden of half truth, when we felt our parents are involved in the incident…. Rudra says sorry, I don’t agree, you should tell truth to Anika, we will handle her. Om says you are getting emotional, think what will she go through when she knows many people died because of her dad. Rudra says what will she go through if she knows this truth by someone else. Omru talk.

Shivaye thinks of Anika. He says you both are right, its imp to tell her and hide it, we know Anika is very strong, just one thing makes her weak, which leaves her happiness incomplete, that’s her family, I can’t return her family, but I can make her feel them, I can show who were her parents and how much they loved her, she is Anika Vardhan Trivedi, I will tell her, I can’t make her identity away, I won’t tell the past, I think if Anika is Harsh’s dad, he can’t do wrong, I will find about him and clear about him, I want Anika to be proud of her dad. Om says we are with you. Rudra says if you need my help, I will cancel my honeymoon. Om asks are you going on honeymoon. Rudra says I just said, how can I go when my brothers didn’t go yet. Shivaye says do one thing, I will give an address, come there.

Shivaye asks Anika to come. She asks where. He says you will know, come. He blindfolds her and gets her to the house. She asks where are we going, will I roam like Gandhari…. He shows her the house. She sees the house. She sees Trivedi written and touches it. She looks at him. He opens the door and says come.

Anika says you got my house, you would have got my dad as well, tell me, is he fine, tell me Shivaye, I have to meet him. He holds her and says he is no more, he died of a heart attack.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Waiting for tomorrow’s episode..oh..poor anika..oh the precap was so emotional..
    Anyways hai all?

    1. Arpita6

      Congrats Aruni dear….GAG..
      And yes waiting for tomorrow episode desperately. …

    2. Luthfa

      Go Arunima Go.Many many congratulations…..?
      Just can’t wait to watch today’s episode.It’s going to be khidkitode?

    3. ItsmePrabha

      Go Arunima Go…and Welcome to this family..sorry late hogayi hoon,keep commenting..

  2. Pushpa

    Today episode ws emoitonal ..
    Shivaye …where can i find another shivaye….u hv nailed all the scenes perfectly 2day….u said u worked 15hours tired but u c yr final product is so beautiful..??i luv my shivaye more more more & more???

    2day my comments r just these lines which hv swept myheart away by shivaye….???

    Shivayes Beautiful owsm perfect lines…
    A. woh sirf annika nai hai! ANNIKA VARDHAN TRIVEDI hai.. main ye usey btaunga. chaahe kuch bhi hojaye main uski pehchaan usse door nahi… nahi karunga”

    B. Hum Annika se uski pehchaan nahi cheen sakta…Mujhe lagta hai jinki beti Annika ho, vo galat nahi kar sakte..Main Harsh Vardhan Trivedi ke bare mein sab kuch pata kruga..i’ll find out everything, Main pata karonga….unka naam clear karonga..Meri Annika ke liye”

    ShivOmRu converstaion as usual the bond and their luv to anika are unconditional…. shivaye finally decided to tell anika about her dad…

    C. Main sab theek krduga Annika” Shivaay???? and the way he hugged hervwhile she was feeling him… beautiful…scene…..

    Anika beta……Theko papa chutki nae phir se raita phayalgaiya…shivaye got a shock and called Tia… yes thts true…anika’s dad…

    C. Shivaay aapko mera ghar milgaya na ..mere papa bhi milgye na btaiye na kaise hai…”“Tumhare papa iss duniya me nahi rahe ..he died of a heartattack”… he hide the truth to protect her from the burden it came with ?…. i luv u shivaye..?????

    Im speechless….todsy shivika nailed it ….the best …
    A little emotionalbaazz today…. but happy that shivaye is going to clear anika dad’ s KM raaz..
    Gd nite gals

    1. Arpita6

      Pu di….i was right yiu got more flattered on shivaye..yaa i agreetoday he was lovable. .
      And which dialogue you mentioned is really heart touching.
      Dil. Hua emotin baaz.

      1. Pushpa

        Dil hua ishqbaaz darling … me to shivaye….

    2. Shekhar

      It was first ever SHIVAAY’s heart out feelings in words! His such feelings could be seen during MALLIKA track at the moment when she reason out, why she can not think over LOVE and got agree over the views of SSO over the LOVE. It was the moment, first ever, when he fell for her! I ALSO WOULD LIKE TO FEEL THE LOVE, SOME ONE LOVE ME, HIS WORLD MOVES AROUND ME, BUT I HAVE NO TIME TO THINK OVER LOVE OUT OF SURVIVAL OF LIFE! These same her words made him fell for her. He knew her pain for not having the family, name and all! But this is first time he loud out his pain for ANNIKA. Such his feeling lead him to that NT as her MIL, otherwise in his old SSO mode, he could have kicked out NT, but no!, she was her mother, let her be the bar dancer!

      1. Pushpa

        hi bhaiya… how r u?
        yes u are rite…. yeah yeah thts the moment correct…..those words are luvable words…and yes out u go NT….tht NT&pinky track was a pain.. and bhaiya he said the same when he confessed his love … being no1 in her life…. does this SSO current version only exist in script? or u have in Real?

    3. Luthfa

      Hi Pu di,
      Awwwww…Di,Your Shivaay made you emotional completely.Shivaay can never see Anika unhappy and hurt and he will make sure that Anika gets every happiness.Thanks di for those lovely dialouges.Get to recall the episode?

      1. Pushpa

        thts so luvly ist Lufy… i cant take it out frm my mind can u believe it i watched 7x now.. crazy pushpa….

  3. Dear PKJ family, my dear Luftha, Beauty, Arpu, Banita dear, Jeevi, Sneha, Omaira, Psuhpa dear, Kadhambari dear, and many others. I hope you all have a good day.
    Arpu dear when I said whether I can watch through the rest of the episodes, I meant I was worried whether they would bring in Shivika’s separation but I guess not at the moment after watching today’s episode.
    Today’s episode was emotional and tomorrow’s episode will be even more emotional. I am not sure how to take it. I really loved today’s part when Anika fed Shivaay Aloo Puri and he ate without complaining. How Anika pampered him!! I hope it stays that way. Oh Anika still cooks burnt Aloo Puri and crispy ones. It is good he told Anika about Trivedi. I knew he would only tell half truth to Anika tomorrow. I only hope the moron, devil and monster Roop will not reveal the other part of Anika’s father truth which is of course not the truth.
    I look forward to tomorrow’s episode when Anika kept asking Shivaay to show her father to her and he has to tell the bitter truth he is no more. She sits on his lap and he is consoling her. Oh wow! That part is so nice and I can’t wait for it. Her yellow dress combination with Shivaay’s black suit complements so well.
    Shivaay of course knows someone must have framed Trivedi as he has two daughters so he would not have resorted to do such an act. I think by the time he gathers the real truth, the idiot Roop would probably tell Anika about her father being killed by the fire. I only hope cvs will not create misunderstanding. I hope Shivaay actually tells the whole truth that he knows and then adds that her father could be framed. He could then dig the whole story behind Trivedi. If he does not disclose the whole truth, Roop or Svetlena will reveal it to Anika and there will be a rift between Shivika which is not I want to see.
    Shivvay is happy to give a surname to Anika and she is not only Anika but Anika Trivedi. Finally she gets her naam, koon, Kaandhan. No one will insult her and say she is an orphan with no name. Shivaay wants her to feel happy that she has a name after all, her own lineage and roots. Bascially that is what he wants Anika to know. I don’t think Shivaay cares very much about the naam, koon and Kaandhan anymore like before.
    How a husband now supports Anika when she is weakened knowing that her father is no more. Shivaay has to be a strengthening pillar for Anika. She will breakdown in tomorrow’s episode.

    1. How are you ??
      Such a long comment but was great reading it ??

    2. Arpita6

      Sindhu dear hiii
      everything will now on BUA HAND .
      Hope Sso will tell annika whole truth. ….if Bua qill tell her then definitely she will mislead her
      Yaaa yiu are right now Sso have To be Annika’s strenth…
      And yes Sso was controlling his emotions. …

    3. Luthfa

      Hi Sindhu di,
      You are right.If Shivaay will be with Anika then she can manage out of anything.And this half truth can be manipulated by bua to create misunderstanding between Shivika.It would be better if Shivaay discloses the whole truth.Me too loved those feeding moments.They were looking really adorable.Waiting for today’s episode.

    4. ItsmePrabha

      Khidkithod comment Sindhu(akka)..

  4. Alos wanted to add that Shivaay nailed his acting for two these two episodes. Amazing!!! HIs calm composure and emotionally controlled when he brought Anika to the house. He knows he can’t break down as he needs to support her. I can’t wait for these moments to watch tomorrow

    1. Luthfa

      Yeah,Shivaay/NM was superb yesterday????

  5. In episode shivaay is proved how much he love annika and omru also we there for handle bhabhi saying is so quite and shivaay is decided he will prove annika father innocence that shows how much they love each other one doubt harsh is annika own father becoz they don’t show the mother pictures also

    1. Arpita6

      Aditi dear.even i am also curious about Annika’s mother…
      Yes you are right today episode prove that How much Shivaay love annika.

  6. Arpita6

    Hiiii mere khidkitod pagals,…
    Well thank ou soooo much Cvs…for this beautiful episode.

    1.Hands down…I cant bet no tellywood couple have that progression which SHIVIKA have..Shivay Singh Oberoi’s journey frim Sso to really really hear touching and emotional.
    Sometimes i still can’t believe is this the same Sso whom.i saw in first epsodes
    Naks bhaiya just nailed in Sso character. ..
    One of the best fictional character of television ……bcoz for a Male person Showing emotions is really hard like crying….and al.
    But Naks always gave 100%naturality to Sso character
    And ANNIKA…. no one is like her
    .among the female fictional. .she is one of the most different character. Really KHIDKITOD .. Cjandu di also gave 100% naturality to.ANNIKA character. ….her words her antics her emotions hwr tadi her anger her tear ..everything made ger sooo different from other..
    Sometimes i never felt they are acting..justlike a natural. ..

    Kya bolu…meri toh bolti band hojati he inko dekh kar. ..not only chemistry. They are perfect for everything. Crying together, laughing together , fight together, geving strength to each something different.

    Ok guys do you think.I am gone mad..yaa i am now in shivika la la land..i really emotional. …bcoz for Shivika is best and willbe the best..
    Ok enough my sentimental comment now come to . episode —

    1.after soo many day shivika old music back..and Rudy’s botox kumari dialogue is also back…

    2.Sso now a days you are bcoming more and more lovable to us..stop this.otherwise girls will not marry until they find a man like you????????..especially Puspa ?????
    3 .Sso and andha kanoon conversation. ……..
    Btw Ssso Annika didn’t wan to know about her family…..she make up her mind that she don’t have any family……btw…When yiu get happy for sometimes when yiu saying that Annia wil be sooo happy..i could imagine your happiness.

    4.Shivika Scene–…….Got reboot of last time after goli scene.Sso was feeding her now she is feeding him….may be annika was doing nautanki but i love her nautanki…..?????????.only i could See Sso’s hurting and feared face..he was scared and emotional at that time.
    He took Anika in his arms and kept her near his chest bcoz he did not want to let Annika without annika is like a worst nightmare for him..
    I love that part i also got emotional. .

    5.Both Omru are right but for me I will take rudy side..If Annika will know the truth from.somebody else it will ve more complicated. …

    Don’t hide things from her at least for now..
    Yiu are right she might be broken but if you will not tell her will led to a big mess.

    7…Annika in her house….is really gave me goosebumps…….btw Annika like GANDHARI….
    really annika????????.

    8.precap-?????????????? waiting waiting waiting. .cant wait yarr tomorrow plz come fast…

    And most episode was without DANTO WALI BHOOTNI BUA.

    1. Yes arpu dear…. I just love SSO nowadays. He has become Soft Singh Oberoi. No anger and only insecurities when he sees Anika. He is so afraid that Anika might leave him.

    2. Luthfa

      Hi Arpita,
      Very happy to read such a long comment,your specialty.I think you have dedicated it to yesterday’s episode.Shivika are just awesome to the power of infinity.I loved Anika’s wifely avatar very much.She was looking so very cute.Me too is thinking that Shivaay made big blunder not clearing the real incidents.Anyway,waiting for today’s episode.

    3. ItsmePrabha

      Arpu..billu ka habbit hai anudi se baate chupana…. kuch bhi tho teek se share nahi kartha..Yaar..mein ne tho decide karliya ki jab tak mujhe meri SSO nahi milthe mein tho shaadi nahi karne wali hoon…agar nahi mili tho himalayas mein Saint ban javoongi..Loved your comment ..Love you ..

    4. Pushpa

      hey arpi…yeah tq cvs….i frogot tht
      he is the same SSO yaar… me too the transformation is so great i mean to say unique & beautiful ..
      as for anika her expression while feeding shivaye was owsm.. & yes thnk god no roop today

  7. Hiii everyone

    ??? can’t wait to watch omw shivaay is such a good husband he doesn’t want his wife to go thru any pain awww ???? can’t wait to watch ?
    So looking forward.. I’ve watched the precap on Insta and I was heartbroken they such great actors love them to the core ????

    @arpita im okay and you ???? I can’t think straight as to what dark revelations will be made hope you’re okay ..

    @luthfa I’m okay how are you today ? I always reply late sorry but I can only comment once due to school

    @sneha I already watched someone online ?

    @shivikalover if I ever miss an episode I just type it and either by YouTube or some other website it comes but it takes really long ? so I just wait I would be recorded it on my decoder but forgot to say record the programme ?

    Take care ?

    1. Hiiii Omi I am.totally fine..
      Just waiting when Bua will expose…..
      Yeh shivaay is becoming more and more good husband day by day…

    2. Luthfa

      Hello Omu,
      I am good dear,thank you.It’s absolutely fine.Episode was really khidkitode.Really enjoyed every moment.I am sure you would like it also.Take care?

  8. Thank god, Anika past also revealed..

    Now I’m worried abt that bua .. how she will change the game against shivika..

    Pls conclude this km Raaz..

    No one knows abt bua crime.. how can it be out ??????

    Who will expose her …

    1. UB……this is question is also eating mind.
      How and who will expose Bua……

    2. Luthfa

      If Bua blurts out herself the whole truth then it is possible to bring her crimes into light.Don’t know when Shivaay is going to know about all these.

  9. Thahsina Thasi

    Emotionally packd episode..waiting for 2morrow..?hw annika s reaction wen she will be knew abt her dad death? she blame oberoi family? I dont think eagerly waiting..spcl congrats for writter who makes shivaaye s dialogue so heartdly..??

    1. Yes dear….Harneet ji did really a good job……
      I don’t think Annika will blame Oberoi family..
      But lets see bcoz Bua is here na…..

    2. Luthfa

      Hi Thahsina,
      Dialogues were mind blowing yesterday.HS has written Shivika’s story beautifully.Don’t know what Anika will do after knowing everything.Let’s see.

  10. Oh my oh my!!!
    Today’s episode was sooo good… ??
    Yeah she is Anika Vardhan Trivedi!!

    He knows and understands how much Anika miss her family and longing for it !!
    The way he broke down when he can’t share the happiness about her family to her ?? and when he said ” if he is Anika’s dad , he can’t be wrong… “??
    our shivaay was in full of Anika’s Billu.. not SSO. ???
    Before finding abt her dad, i wish shivaay should find that Anika – gowri are sisters ???
    Yesterday suspense-baaz..
    Today and tomorrow emotional-baaz…

    1. Hii Dhanu..
      Yes..Now Sso is totally Annika’s biluji..
      Now Sso is actually ….Doing a work.of a good up Sso.

    2. Luthfa

      Hi Dhanu,
      Mr.Trivedi got the trust of Shivaay by default being Anika’s father.Shivaay needs to tell everything to Anika and clear her doubts.Let’s see what happens today.

  11. Arpita6

    i am getting feeling tha Cvs are deciding to do something unexpected ..just like Maahi Track…
    Then I can Assume a thing.
    That BUA is misleading Sso Even TIA is misleaded by something.
    I think all that tape work is done by BUA………
    She is wanting to mislead both Shivika.
    Bcoz for shivika family is very much imp..if annika wil have a family then she will give her father some importance. .
    And now Harshabardhan is framed in.OM Raaz..If he is innocent then Oberois are culprit and if he is the cuplprit then Annika will shattered.

    i am going full on suspension baaz..


    1. Luthfa

      I think cvs are going to give us very big surprise.In other words-jhatka.Don’t know why I am feeling that the way bua revealed KMM,something is missing in it.And Seniors Oberois are not that good also.Well,only time can tell what is going to happen.

    2. Both are very best actress r actor!!!

      Enjoy your comment!!!

  12. Hi IB fandom chums,
    How are you guys..specially Sindhu, jeevi, Luthfa.. Missed you guys so much..
    Back to Tu page after long back.. Went to my in law place for festival didn’t have time to watch IB n comment about them.. Reached today watched today episode.. Will watch past week tomorrow in hotstar..
    Today episode was good.. Finally, shivaay got to know about Annika’s family.. Last time they showed joote nayanta has Anika’s mother.. This time they showed her true family.. What about her real mother?
    No one was surviving but current supply is there. Wow Cv’s.. You & logic..
    Finally phail gaya Raita unveil the true identity of Anika to shivaay.. And even keeping name for things.. Even shivaay didn’t think about Anika’s sister..
    When will he find the true identity of Gauri & Anika’s relation..
    Shivaay’s trust on Harsh vardhan trivedi was mind blowing.. What a progression of shivaay’s character..
    Rudy do you need honey moon… ??? that won’t happen.. Don’t think much about it okay.. ??
    Nowadays, I can’t believe my eyes.. The way pinky showing love towards to Annika.. Will be it be for long or temporarily..

    1. Niya.IB

      Welcome back kadhambari di. We missed you too. Dont know who is ani’s real mother. By now only her father’s identity is revealed.Dont know whether the cv’s have planned to reveal about her mother or not. It’s upto them only.
      Lol its really strange how the cv’s become so illogical.

      I assume that aniri’s relation will be revealed amid this track. I just predict. We cant be sure as cv’s might spin our head with their unpredictable twists and turns.
      Sso’s faith towards anika assured him that her father can never be a murderer and he is damn sure that the one who brought up anika with such values and ideals can’t do anything wrong
      Poor rudy,honeymoon generally doesnt happens for oberois as their marriage is always complicated and a complete dramabaaz
      Pinky is similar to chameleon,sometimes she seems so nice but who knows if she have some other intention in her mind. She’s not worth trusting. Maybe she regarded anika as her bahu coz she dont have any other option. It’s her helplessness that made her accept anika as she realised that its impossible to part her from shivaay. Its my point of view,I cant really accept pinky wholeheartedly coz she had fallen so low for her selfish motives and even lost the values of a real mother by snatching away shivaay’s love.

    2. Niya.IB

      Welcome back kadhambari di. We missed you too. Dont know who is ani’s real mother. By now only her father’s identity is revealed.Dont know whether the cv’s have planned to reveal about her mother or not. It’s upto them only.
      Lol its really strange how the cv’s become so illogical.

      I assume that aniri’s relation will be revealed amid this track. I just predict. We cant be sure as cv’s might spin our head with their unpredictable twists and turns.
      Sso’s faith towards anika assured him that her father can never be a murderer and he is damn sure that the one who brought up anika with such values and ideals can’t do anything wrong
      Poor rudy,honeymoon generally doesnt happens for oberois as their marriage is always complicated and a complete dramabaaz
      Pinky is similar to chameleon,sometimes she seems so nice but who knows if she have some other intention in her mind. She’s not worth trusting. Maybe she regarded anika as her bahu coz she dont have any other option. It’s her helplessness that made her accept anika as she realised that its impossible to part her from shivaay. Its my point of view,I cant really accept pinky wholeheartedly coz she had fallen so low for her selfish motives and even lost the values of a real mother by snatching away her son’s life and happiness

      1. Niya.IB

        Wth it got posted twice. Can someone explain me why it happens. It may be coz of my carelessness. I know its really annoying
        Sorry dears

      2. Luthfa

        Niya dear,I have faced this problem when I was new to this page like you.Don’t know why this thing happens.Even I face it now occasionally.Don’t worry,everything will be fine.And my two replies got repeated.Just frustrating yaar??

    3. Hiii di..welcome back..
      Actually i am surprised to See Pinky ponky love towards Annika…..
      If HBT will framed then……And Anika and HBT connection will be out then.What will ponky ponky do with Annika..good or bad..waiting for it.

    4. Luthfa

      Hi Kadambhari di,how are you?Missed you so very much.
      Episode was perfect in terms of emotional turmoil.Don’t know why Shivaay is fearing that Anika can break down after hearing the truth.Me too was thinking that Trivedi house was locked more than 25 years then how come electricity supply is still on?You can forget logic totally while watching IB di.And I can’t trust Pinky that easily but it’s nice to see her sofness towards Anika.

      1. Luthfa


  13. Luthfa

    Shivaay has choosen both self-realization and self-deception simultaneously!He got Anika’s real identity Anika Vardhan Trivedi and realized she would be very happy to know her last name and her family.Family,which she always longs to have.After marriage she did have a family but it was hostile towards her in many ways.Now the most important thing,from the starting of Anika’s journey she never expresses her pain on her identify and NKK if not forced.She was and is very happy as Anika her self-made identity for which she is extremely proud of.This NKK made her suffer but couldn’t break her spirit.She fighted against all the odds of life mightily and won.She managed to win over Shivaay Singh Oberoi,the famous NKK notion holder and changed his deep-rooted idea of NKK,her ever biggest achievement without affording any Last Name.Then why Shivaay is so elated that Anika will be very happy to know she is not Anika,she is Anika Vardhan Trivedi?Anika,who values humans and their emotions will be excited knowing that she has a middle and last name?This Anika Vardhan Trivedi is going to overpower Anika just Anika?Sorry but this is an insult for just ANIKA and her identity and her possession.Shivaay has decided to hide all those truth from her which can break her.Let me ask one question,won’t she get hurt after knowing that her husband knew everything beforehand but didn’t muster up the courage to tell her?Is Anika so weak that she can’t bring herself to face the truth?When she accepted her whole being as identity less as a universal truth then why not this?In this manner Shivaay is deceiving Anika as well as himself.Anika deserves to know the truth but Shivaay has not allowed it because he thinks Anika can fall weak!After all these time Shivaay just failed to recognise Anika and her strengths.Anika can handle anything if Shivaay remains with her and she is strong enough to pass through any situation.Why Shivaay is forgetting that?At this point,if any separation takes place then it is Shivaay who will be responsible not Anika.Anika’s family can be her weaknesses but not any specific identity.Shivaay took decision on be half of Anika without informing her and letting her decide for herself that what she feels and wants.Waiting to know what Anika’s opinion will be about Shivaay’s decision………………………..

    1. Niya.IB

      Luthfa you are right,Anika was always sad that society judges over everyone on the basis of their lineage. Even shivaaay truly believed it and always taunted her on this basis. But she she made him realise that one must be judged on tbe basis of the values and self-esteem they hold and anika was strong enough to move on in her life and was proud for being self-reliant and independet
      And i agree that anika is just khitkithod,she never believe in khandhan and always used to value others based on their karma.
      I think shivaay tries to hide the real truth bcoz he doesnt want her to be a bit worried,He knows that anika is strong but his affection is really visible from his worries about her
      Like you said it is ideal to reveal the real truth to her bcoz there are high chances for the bua to mislead anika and that might create a risk for anika and shivika’s relation too. I hope there will be no seperation but If anika come to know the real truth from bua then it will end up in an emotional clash

      1. Luthfa

        I agree Shivaay was worried for Anika and he didn’t want Anika to get worried but is it justified to hide the truth from Anika like that?Shivaay told Anika her father died because of heart attack but it’s not true.If Shivaay discloses everything regarding KMM then Anika can help him to find the real truth and her father’s innocence.And about her NKK,Shivaay was desperate for her NKK but Anika never was.It’s her family which she always craved.But Shivaay’s happiness Anika being Trivedi was more than finding her family.That’s why I compelled to write abovementioned comment.That’s it.And there are high chances that Anika can misunderstand Shivaay owing to this half truth.Anything is possible at this point.Let’s see.

    2. Yaaa Luthfa..Bang On….
      You just said my heart word..
      If Annika will add her surname then it will be a insult for JUST ANNIKA….
      Cvs please dont butcher Annika’s character more.
      JUST ANNIKA make her different from other..
      If she will crave for a surname.
      Then Cvs i will do your OMM.
      Plz Annika ko chod do ….
      Luthfa…i really really really love your comment..

      1. Luthfa

        Shivika’s love story is based on this NKK and if it gets overpowered on Shivika then they will be lost and their love also.Shivaay should tell Anika everything and let her decide what she wants to do with her NKK and all that.I think Shivaay is fearing that their relationship can face problem because of Anika’s father’s image of being culprit.Rest only cvs can explain.And thank you so much for the compliment.Lots of love?

    3. Yes luftha I agree with you and that is what I wrote in my earlier comments. If shivaay does not reveal whole truth some idiot like Roop will tell anika and all he’ll break loose.

      1. Luthfa

        Sindhu di,
        That’s the main point.If Anika comes to know that Shivaay has hidden and faked her father’s death because he is a culprit(in papers) then her heart can break.Trust issues will surface and Anika can misunderstand Shivaay.I think bua also wants the same thing to happen and Shivaay is doing it accordingly.Let’s see what happens next.

    4. ??????
      Beautifully describe your this…..
      I have no words .. amazing analysis lovely

      1. Luthfa

        Thank you so much for the compliment.Lots of love?

    5. ItsmePrabha

      Hai Darling..see you said you were missing me and now i am here..absolutely agree with your POV…yeh billu na hamesha adhi adoori baath keh kar ya poori baat anudi se chupa kar bada raita phailata rehta hai..billu ko apni pyaar pe bharosa rakhna chahiye tha…Love you..God bless you..

      1. Luthfa

        Hey Sweetheart,welcome back with lots of love.Yeah I was missing you so very much.You are right.Shivaay has to believe his love or else raita will spread balti bhar bhar ke. Anyway,love you And God bless you too?

    6. Dear luthfa….. wonderful analysis!!!

      Phele comments ka reply khah chale gaayi Hain….aur nhi likh sakte… sorry for this…

      Everything just?????

      1. Luthfa

        It’s been posted dear.Thank you once again for your sweet love.God bless you?

    7. Pushpa

      and she hv that NKK shich shivaye was after once a upon a time…… but i also feel happy anika finally have her parivaar… and the happiness shivaye felt for anika was owsm…

      1. Luthfa

        I agree with you di.Shivaay was very happy on finding her family and that should be his priority,not her new found NKK.

  14. ?????????????????very very touching episode……the hug for anika by shivaay was the most marvelous love u shivika….precap …i almost cried seeing anika cried becoz of longing of dad and family…feeling sad for anika…..the hug is most safetiest place in the world for anika…?????????????????????????????????????????love you shivika

    1. Niya.IB

      Nothing can go wrong If shivaay is there with anika,I hope he will console her in the nicest way possible. Sso is anika’s strength so we can hope that anika will be able to bear the truth
      And atleast Im happy for anika that she have a good khandhan,khoon and lineage and she got her surname too,she was really sad when everyone used to taunt her for not knowing her maa-baap and khandhan
      The truth is that even not having surname,Anika used to be a girl with good ideals and moral values and that’s what made us fall in love with anika. Afterall,she can proudly address herself anika harshavardhan trivedi
      I truly love my khitkitod sirf anika di

    2. Yaa Sso’s Hug for Annika was sooo emotional.
      And also more emotional…

    3. Luthfa

      Yeah,Shivaay’s arms are the safest place for Anika in the whole world.May their love blossoms and increases with every passing day?

  15. Niya.IB

    Hi pkjians,Today I have not watched the episode but still I could feel all the emotions from the update itself
    The way anika worried for shivaay and fed him ,shivaay who tries to keep anika happy by revealing the truth about her father,I cant stop falling in love with shivika
    I thought that when shivaay comes to know about harshavardhan trivedi being anika’s father,sso misunderstands him to be the murderer and it will lead to rift between shivika
    And the moment when sso said that anika’s father couldnt do such a crime,and truth must be something else, It showed shivaay’s faith in anika and he is sure that the one who have brought up anika couldnt fall such low. And this is the fact that makes them inseparable despite the troubles created by their enemies
    Omru truly nailed it,it shows that how well they know and love their bhabhi. Sso’s longing to reveal the half truth to anika and to convince her without making her emotionally down,I cant stop praising sso
    Guys sorry if I bored you with my views,As long as im here you all will be supposed to get annoyed with me
    This is enough for today and I will be back tomorrow after watching the episode
    Till the bye my dears

    1. Niya……sry to say..But do you want Annika’s chamki’s thappad.why we will be annoyed….i love your comment..and you said all these na…then you have to comment….
      Don’t say such things ok…pkj is for ishqbaazians…
      Btw Welcome back to pkj…
      How are you?????

      1. Niya.IB

        I wont mind if you say anything coz Im very glad that I got you all,many sweetie didis and friends. Im fine di,I will try my best to comment regularly and keep in touch
        Thankyou so much for your sisterly love and concern

    2. Sindhu… yeah good day jaa raha hain…
      Nice comments….

      Bua must be kuch karega…itna aasa neche jaane nhi degaa… oberio’s ko nhi chord gyi… shivika relationship me problem kar gyi….must… feeling anxious thinking that…

      Everything is correct which write ur comments

    3. Luthfa

      Niya dear,
      Plz don’t say such things.Here everyone comes to share their views after watching the episode and every comment counts.You are a part of PKJ family and you have the privilege to comment the way you like.Anyway,Shivaay trusted Mr.Trivedi because of Anika.Because Shivaay believes that anything and anyone related to Anika can’t stoop so low.His love for Anika is reflecting in his trust on Mr.Trivedi.

      1. Niya.IB

        Luthfa and prabha di,Im happy that you consider me as a sister, and your care and concern gives me utmost happiness
        Its really awesome to be loved by you all
        With lots of love,TC

    4. ItsmePrabha

      Hi Niya..nice to meet you..arrey yaar aisi khidkithod comment ko boring math keh..

  16. Luthfa

    Ok,coming to Shivaay-Wow,what to say,just superbly awesome emotional expressions.That fear of seeing Anika broken and hurt just amazingly well put.Dilemma,frustration,fear,happiness every emotion and feelings were there.Enjoyed that emotional ride like anything.Hats off NM,you have stolen the spotlight completely.And yeah,Shivaay was and is husband goal and always will be minus some minor aspects.Awwwww….Najar na lage.I have gone all gaga over both Shivaay and NM.Hehehehe…??????????????

    1. ItsmePrabha

      special note to SSO/NM…not bad Darling..aur sach mein Nazar na lage Noxy/billu ko..Thu Thu Thu..

      1. Luthfa

        Hehehehe…..Hope so????????

  17. Finally Shivaay got to know about Anika’s father. But after seeing Harsh with his two daughters in a photo, why did he not recall that picture when gauri’s mother was holding? He was told that gauri had one elder sister which she had lost in her childhood. When will the relation of both the sisters be revealed? Why does Anika become the victim Everytime ? Why is CVS not exhibiting gauri in a state of pain? BTW, I will miss gauri calling Anika”bhaujaayi”when she will get to know about Anika’s connection with her. 😀

    1. Hhii Shivi fear..
      Actually that photo Sso saw in Gouri house..Both Annika and gouri were more older than this photo in Trivedi house…….
      So it will be difficult to know about them…

    2. Oh shivi the picture that he saw at Gauri’s mum’s place was when Anika was slightly older and chutki too. The picture he saw at Trivedi’s house is when Anika looks even younger. So I think he didn’t recall that part. He only realised that the girl likes to name everything which is what Anika does. So he sort of made the connection.

    3. Luthfa

      Hi Shivi,how are you?
      I think for the time being Shivaay is occupied with Anika so Chutki/Gauri will come later in his mind.First Mr.Trivedi’s innocence needs to be proved regarding KMM.Let’s see what happens.

  18. Hii
    Gr8 episode. I’m just worried that with the rate the expositions are happening IB really will end soon. I dont want to fan any rumors but im just worried.
    Also i wanted to note something that i realized nobody else has commented on and that is the fact that om asked shivaay to hide the truth. The old om wouldn’t have cared about anything he would have asked shivaay to tell anika no matter what while old rudra would have asked shivaay to not tell to avoid or delay the conflict. That shows so much growth in both thair characters.

    1. Hii Harshi …
      Till June IB is safe..lets see after that and don’t believe on any rumours..
      And Yaa Omru has also a progression in this part..
      I like it..

    2. Luthfa

      Hi Harshiii,
      Omkara’s absolute truth supporting nature has passed out in Bariely track where he went to win Gauri’s trust adopting the role of a sardar.His love made him change his notion.So,it’s obvious he will support Shivaay as his love is the question this time.Let’s see what happens next.

  19. plz make guari know about it or show the picture of both anika and guari when they were young to shivaay so he can also unite anika and guari with each other. plz plz plz……..

    1. Angel dear.only Cvs know when they will do it..
      Lets wait…

    2. Luthfa

      Cvs have that power to make it happen?

  20. Luthfa

    Hi Pu di,
    Awwww….You became emotional because of your Shivaay.Shivaay can never see Anika unhappy and hurt.Thanks di,get to recall those moments.Can’t wait for today’s episode.

  21. Luthfa

    Hi Arpita,
    Very happy to read such a long comment,your specialty.I think you have dedicated it to yesterday’s episode.Shivika are just awesome to the power of infinity.The more we will tell the more will be less.I loved Anika’s wifely avatar very much.She was looking sooo..cute.Najar na lage.Me too think Shivaay made a blunder not clearing the real incidents.Waiting for today’s episode.

  22. Good morning to all my dear Brothers and sisters.what a great as well as emotional episode it was!!!! after a age shivaay got to know that annika also has a family and NKK.but this blood and lineage doesn’t matter to shivaay no longer.he only loves annika the way she is.little caring,little mental,little naughty and more lovely.he know that the way annika was brought up her father could not made that blunder.he know if annika get to know about her family she would be over whembled but his fear was at the time she will know that it was her father who killed Mr.kapoor and set fire in Kmm she might hate him and felt ashamed of her self. Really shivaay is a husband goal for many and lights di your every point on annika is totally perfect.precap is damn emotional.lots of love

    1. Luthfa

      Hi PUJA,how are you?
      Episode was really very emotional and Shivaay is definitely husband goal.Shivaay is fearing Anika will start hating herself after knowing the truth.But opposite side can come out also.Anika always supports truth and I am sure she won’t back out to bring the real culprit to justice be it anyone.Hiding the truth from Anika,Shivaay has made it easy for his enemies to take the advantage of it.Family is not Anika’s weaknesses but Shivaay is considering it to be true.Anyway,thank you so much for the compliment.Lots of love?

  23. khusi kumari ghupta

    very nice episode heart touching too

    1. Luthfa

      Agree totally?????

  24. Yesterday episode was fabulous,panifull, emotional,worried, reliable, and Face to true!!!
    How much change himself for anika’s goodness…. he’s first think about anika happiness then everything…one good thing he did share everything his brothers….
    Every dialogue was heart touching, fantastic!!!!

    Shivaay nailed it……

    Like to two babies…. each other arm’s relief, emotion, happiness everything found there…. consoling beautifully…..

    Itna acha episode de raha hain hume CVS something ll happen with unexpected…yehi soch ke dimaag ka bura haal ho raha hain…i m scared of cvs unexpected twist!!!
    Mettih episode ke baad kya kare gaa …kuch toh hoga jo humeri ummed ke bahaar…. feeling anxious !!

    Aaj another episode ll emotional….dono ke saath mujhe bi………… waiting for today episode…..

    Precap dekhr jab anika ghr chordke gyi aur sso phre leke aayi thi aur console kar rhi thi anika ko vo scene yaad aayi…same thing happened …but enjoyed it….

    *****## Lambu(Veer) ll be back in show..
    I got news yr…phr se aa raha hain show me….. this means kuch toh hoga damake ke saath…. another tension

    HOW are you everyone!!!!

    1. Luthfa

      Hi Beauty,how are you?I am good.Thank you.
      Episode was emotional yaar as well as khidkitode.I am sure Shivaay will come up with a solid plan to save everything.But at first he should disclose the real truth to Anika and work as a team.Veer is going to re-enter?Don’t know what he will do this time.And don’t stress yourself up so much dear.It’s a fictional show,meant for entertainment only.Take care?

      1. Hey luthfa ..i m good..
        Shivaay shb thik kar degyi…
        Hope so…

  25. Ho ka raha hain… Meri comments published nhi ho raha hain????

  26. ItsmePrabha

    Hola meri Khidkithod Pagals….i missed you all so very much…..aap sab ki khidkithod comments are absolutely amazing..waise sab log kaise hai..?
    First of all Welcome to all those new joins in my absence..sorry thodi late hoon welcome karne bhi hai..Keep commenting and keep watching IB..
    Abbb..bohoth dinno baad comment kar rahi hoon..i am feeling emotional??…ok kuch zyada ho gayi hai??..
    well epi is khidkithod…. How can someone hate this beautiful souls(read shivika)…really yaar whenever i open my insta or twitter i see many hate comments for shivika,which is very sad…its ok anyways its just their POV..
    Shivika, i love you both to the power of infinity… were,are and will be my Ideal couple,hubby-wifey goals..
    Harneet mam-thank you so much for this epi…
    Divya and Aparajita Sharma-thank you so much for your khidkithod dialogues….really be it anudi’s vocabulary like chalumati,hawa hawai etc., or shivomru’s dialogue, they are just A-M-A-Z-I-N-G..
    Gul mam-even though i am quite miffed with your attitude,but i respect you for giving us this IB and Shivika…
    LM sir-thank you so much to you too for the magic you do …
    abb meri farewell speech khatam ho gayi hai?? lets get into the epi..
    thank god that iss epi mein DCB nahi hai..bohoth achhi lagi..
    shivika ki scene bohoth hi heart touching hai…the way she made him eat her jala hua khana with some nakhre..and he just stared her in worry and fear..and the hug just gave some strength to his weak heart..shivaay sab teek ho me and Harneet..
    how can they be that sure that HVT is anudi’s father?teek hai i am happy and at the same time sad for anudi..happy isliye kyunki now she knows that she too had a family..and sad isliye kyunki abb uske paas NKK ke alawa kuch nahi hai ,i mean anudi never craved for NKK but craved so much for a loving family..jiska matlab NKK mile na Mile unko koi farak nahi padtha,unko ek family chahiye tha..par jab unko pata chalega ki unki papa nahi hai..aur unki behen kaha kya faiyda yeh jaan ne ka..upar se unke papa ke death ke baare mein sunn ke woh kitni roegi…i really want someone from anudi’s family other than chutki to be alive..really really want it to happen..par cvs ka kuch bharosa nahi tho just leave it…
    and billu,hamesha ek hi galti kyun karthe ho..i mean anudi se baate kyun chupaati ho..please billu jo bhi hai anudi ko poora sach batadhe ..agar anudi toot bhi gayi na ..tum apna pyaar se usse sambhal.. trust your love idiot…
    well OmRu are best devars one could get..
    last scene made my heart heavy aur precap tho aur bhi heavier bana diya…aaj tho mein pakka rone wali hoon..kal hi meri aankh nami ho gayi thi..i am going to get ready with some tissue boxes..
    well Bunny kaha hai..uski comment nazar nahi aayi…
    So buh bye buddies..Lub you all..Take care…
    and all the best of good luck to all those preparing/going for exams…

    1. Welcome back to home!!!

      I m fine, thank you…

      Lovely comments….
      Banita … exam chal raha hain toh busy Hain….

      1. ItsmePrabha

        Hai Beauty..Nice to meet you..and thank you for sharing about Bunny..Take care..

    2. Luthfa

      Awwwwww…..Sweetheart,you are very emotional yaar(like me).Shivika are just love.They complement each other perfectly.Don’t think about those unnecessary hatred.We love them and it’s permanent.Episode was khidkitode.Shivika as well as OmRu were awesome in their respective cases.Waiting for today’s episode.Lots of love?
      P.S.Farewell speech is very good!And Bani is busy with exam preparation?

    3. Niya.IB

      Hi prabha di,what a khitkitod comment,yaa dii anika craved for a family not for NKK. She fought back whenever someone taunted her regarding her NKK,especially with shivaay. But in the very first episode itself,when she saw the bond of prinku-dadi,she was sad that she lack such a lovely family. And surname could do nothing with her,she longed to have a family.
      Its better shivaay tell her the whole truth so she can help him in the mission of proving HVT’s innocence in KMFI and thus it will be easier for them to find the real culprit
      I also got tearful when I saw the precap, her excitement to know the whereabouts of her father.It’ll be a tearbaaz episode today
      I forgot to thankyou for welcoming me,Im new here
      I hope you will be here regularly with your touchy and khitkitod comments

  27. Hi guys I am new here but I have been watching this show since it started. I am huge fan of this show and also huge fan of NAKUL MEHTA. Hoping to get a warm welcome in pkj group. And also hoping no shivika separation as I can’t bear it anymore . Already they faced too much problems earlier. Now playing CVS show something nice.

    1. Luthfa

      Hi SANA,
      Welcome to PKJ family with band-baja.Here almost everyone is NM fan including me.Yeah no Shivika separation.Keep commenting and join us in spreading love.See you soon?

      1. Ha ha … thanks di .

    2. Niya.IB

      Hi Sana,Heartly welcome you to our family. There is no chances for seperation this time,and whatever happens shivay will make everything fine. Anika is Shivay’s strength and their unconditional love will never let them break apart. Looking forward to see what cv’s have in store for us. Keep commenting dear

  28. Nikita_jai29

    Hii ishqies.. Long long comments…
    It is quite good episode…. But cvs has done the blunder…. They forget make home dirty on walls.. And the sofas also.. What to do.. We are like used with this things

  29. I just loved this episode.

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