ISHQBAAAZ(Destined Together Forever-A Shivika FF) By Shiny EPI 7

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To The Story…

The Three Brothers Banters Together.. and Shivaay Is Like Nothing Can Be Done With Them.. So He Tries To Search For Dadi.. But Instead of Dadi.. Something Got His Attention… He Forgets The Whole World.. and Stays Staring at Her…

Annika Is Busy In Her Work… and Gauri Comes To Talk To Her..

A- Gauri.. U all Came.. Where Is Dad.. Mom.. and Sahil..

G- Yeah Di.. They are with Khanna’s.. Party Is Going to Start na..

A- Ok.. ok.. U Go and Stay with Them.. I will Come In Some time.. Media Is already There.. They will ask about me If U are not there.. Go.. I will Come Once the Media.. Exits..

G- But Didi..

A- I’m Saying Na.. Media Is Here to Just Cover Pre Fuction and Some little IV With Mr. Tarun Khanna.. After.. Its a Private Party and No Media.. If I Come Now Media Will ask about Me and Dad May Blurt Out… So Pls.. He Should Introduce Me With Full Pride.. Go.. I will Be There..

She Goes.. Annika Stands There Thinking How She Is Going To Prove Her Worth to The World.

A- I Want To Become The Best Wedding Planner.. My Dream.. My Life Everything.. I Have to Make My Dad Proud.. When Will I Get Something To Prove My Talent.. My Whole World would Change.. God Pls.. Hear Me.. Its Been 2 yrs Already..

At That Time…

S-(Blurts Unknowingly) Oh My God.. She Is So Beautiful… Her Smooth Hairs Which Is Slightly Touching Her Cheeks.. Her Loose.. Bun.. Dark Beautiful Eyes with Kajal.. Adorable Nose… Her s*xy Lips.. Her Soft Body… How Beautiful She Is.. Wish I See Her My Whole Life..

R- Kya.. Bhaiya.. Who U want to See Whole Life..

S- (Unknowingly) Woh That Annika..

R- (teases) Bhaiya.. Such Mae…She Is Beautiful.. U want Her With U Whole Life.. U Don’t Like Her Na.. Haan Hann Bolo.. Now U (calls Om) O… O.. O.. Bhaiya wants…. (Shivaay Comes Into Sense)

S- Rudra.. What are U.. Doi..n.. G.. here… (Rudra Just keeps On Calling Om) just Stop it.. It was not Ann.. Ann.. Annika.. oh.. oh.. oh.. haan.. haan..(rounds his Eyes)..Its … i.t..s.. i..t..s. Anamika.. See She Is Looking So Beautiful.. like Princess.. Who will not See a Kid Like her Whole life.. Bolo..

R- So My Pyaari Bhaaiya.. Was Just Saying About Khanna’s Daughter.. aur Kuch Nanhi.. (Nothing Else) Bhaiyaaaa… I Know U..

S- Chup Karo.. I Know U.. What.. Go.. and Check Whether Soumya Has Come.. Come On.. Go..

R- Bhaiya.. Tum Jhoot Bol Rahi Ho Na.. Tum Annika Di Dekh Kar Oh Bola Na.. (Brother Ur Lying Right.. U Said That Seeing Annika Di Right)

S- Rudy.. Just Go.. Should I Say Ur Girl Frnds.. to Soumya.. Haan..

R- U won’t Accept it Na Bhaiya.. But Hmm I’m Happy For U…(He Goes)

S-(thinks to Himself) Shivaay.. Is this U.. Staring and Noticing Each Parts of That Girl.. No How U have Become this Cheap..? Bad..Habit Staring a Girl like this without Knowing.. No.. No.. I won’t .. Its Just one Day and I’m Getting Attracted to Her.. This Is Not Good.. No.. I will Stay away From Her.. I’m Not Even Going to Look at the Side Where She Is.. (He Goes to Search Dadi)

In Riddhima House:

Gunjan: Riddhi.. Are U not Going to Khanna’s Birthday Celebrations… U Can Stay with Omkara.. U Should Introduce Ur self as His Wife.. To The Outer World… Making Him as Ur Control.. Behave Good.. Go to Oberoi House Often.. Get in their Good Books..

Riddhima- Bas Karo.. Ma.. Don’t U Have Other Topic than Omkara… Can’t U See I’m Getting Ready to Meet My Special One…

Gunjan- This Is Not Good Riddhi.. If Any One Sees U with Daksh.. No.. There would Be a Big Problem.. U were Going to Get Married Soon with Omkara.. Stay Away From Him For Some Days.. Pls Beta..

Riddhima- Ma.. No I Can’t Stay Away From Daksh.. He Is Back after So Many Months.. From America.. Do U think I will Miss this For That Stupid Omkara.. Never.. Keep Ur Advises With U.. Mom.. Pls.. I’m Getting Late.. Daksh will Be Waiting.. (She Goes On Getting Ready )

Gunjan- I’m Really Scared of this.. She Is Care Free after The Wedding Talks.. I Hope this Don’t Create Problem..

Khanna’s Mansion:

Shivaay Was With Dadi.. Having Conversation With Trivedi’s…

Dadi- Harsh.. Its Been Long We Met.. Glad Ur Back and I Met U Here… How Is Ur Daughters ?

Mr.Trivedi- (Gets Blessings) Yeah Ma ji.. I’m Good.. Its Almost 18 yrs.. We Came to Meet U at Home as Family.. After that Could n’t Come Home to Meet U as Busy In Business.. But Our Bond Is So Strong..In Business Na.. Couldn’t Keep up with Family.. Don’t Worry.. We Will Come Home Once In Month After this If U wish..

Dad- Pooch Na Ki Kya Zarrorat Hai Harsh (What Is the Need to Ask Harsh).. It Ur Home too.. Ur No Lesser than My Sons.. Come Home With Family.. ok..

S- Yes Mr. Trivedi.. U Should Come Home.. Dadi Asks Me About U whenever We Have Meetings With Trivedi Companies..

D- Billu What is this.. Sir.. Call Him as Sir..when U r Professional.. Now its Family Gathering.. Call Him as Uncle.. He Is No Less than His Dad..

S- Theek Hai Dadi.. Uncle.. Aunty Maaf Karo.. and He takes Blessings From Them..

Mr&Mrs.Trivedi- Kush Raho Puttar (Stay Happy Son)

D- Harsh- What about Ur Two Daughters.. Annika and Gauri..?

S- What Annika? Ur Daughter Name Is Annika?

D- Billu Don’t U Know Annika? U Have Played with Her In Small Age Once.. When Harsh Came To Oberoi Mansion with Family… U Liked Her So Much.. U want to Keep Her with Ur Self For Playing.. U Cried So Much and Didn’t Eat Whole Day.. when She Left… Remember?

S- Dadi Really.. I Have Done this.. No I won’t Believe… I Don’t Have any Idea.. Shivaay Singh Oberoi Doesn’t Does this..

D-(Beats His Head Slightly) Khoteya.. Now Ur Business Man I Know.. But Ur Child Then..

S- Haan Na Dadi.. So Who Is That Annika.. I want to See Her?

D- Sharam Kar.. U want to See Her Haan…

S- What Is It in That Dadi.. Let Me Ask Her too whether She Remembers..

Amritha- Nayi Beta.. I’m Sorry About it.. We Can’t Say about Her Now.. Its Her Strict Order.. She Has A Dream.. Once She achieves.. U will Sure Get to Know Her..

D- Oh.. Good.. She Is Smart.. Dreaming Big Is Good… What About Gauri?

Amritha- She Came with Us.. She Would Be Here Some where.. May be with Her Friends.. She Came Home Just Today Morning From London.. I will Check Her… (She goes)

Gauri Was Chit Chatting With Some Of Her Child Hood Friends… Om Is On the Way of Searching Rudra..

They Comes Opposite to Each Other…

Gauri Gets Call From Some One.. Seeing Mobile She Walks.. Om Too Is Walking Looking Rudra Here and There.. They Both Clash and Om Take Gauri In His Arms…

Amritha Comes Calling Gauri.. They Both Look Shocked…

Precap- Finally is it.. First Step..Annika’s Dream of Becoming Wedding Planner Begins? Shivaay Creates Own Imagination of Annika…

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