ISHQBAAAZ(Destined Together Forever-A Shivika FF) By Shiny EPI 6

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Author Note: So Guys..  Many are Asking to Write In English.. So For them I Have Given  English Translation on Dark Quotes inside Bracket… Those Who Doesn’t Need Can Leave it.. I Thank U….

So To The Story….

In Oberoi Mansion Every Body Is Ready.. They Come Out to Get in Car…

S- Dadi… Where Is Tia… After Completing Our Meeting… I Couldn’t See Her Any Where.. She Said She Will Come Home.. I Forget to See Her…

O- Really Shivaay…. Such Mae Tum Ko Nahi Pata tha…(Don’t U Know Really) Where Is She..

R-(Comes Near) Kya Chal Raha Hai Guys.. What She… Bhaiyaaa… Aapko Ladhki Mil Gaya.. Say Na… (What’s Going on Guys.. What She.. Brother..Have U Got a Girl.. Say Please)

ShivOm- Shut Up Rudra..

R- Ok…

O- Shivaay Mr and Mrs. Kapoor Has Come From Australia.. To See Tia.. She Has to Go to Her Home and Meet Her Parents Right….

S- Oh Yeah.. I Forgot.. She Said to Me.. Ok Then Lets Move.. Dadi Come with Bade Papa and Bade Ma.. We Three Will Come In My Car..

Tej- Shivaay.. Care Full.. So Lets Meet There…

R- Bye Mom and Dad… we will Be there.. This Hot and Dashing Beta of Urs Will Start the Party…

O- in ko Kuch nahi Ho Saktha… Come Shivaay Lets Go…(Nothing Will Happen of Him.. Come Shivaay Let’s Go)

S- Yes… They Get in Car.. Rudy are U Coming or U Should Take Rickshaw…

R- Hello.. Hello.. Pehlae Yeh Batadiya.. Mei Kaisae Hoon.. Dashing Hoon Na.. Ladhikyan Pagal Ho Jatha Hai Na.. Batato… Batao.. (Hello.. Hello First Say Me How I’m Looking.. Dashing Right.. Girls will Go Mad of Me Right.. Say it.. Say it..)

ShivOm Looks Each Other..

O- Lets Do it Shivaay.. we Need to Teach Him Lesson.. Next Time He Won’t irritate us With his Hotness and Dashing Word…

S- I’m Sorry Rudy… He Drives Away Leaving Rudra Alone..

R- (Runs Back of Car) Shivaay Bhaiya.. Bhaiya.. O… O…Stop..

S- Come In Rickshaw… I won’t Come to Pick Up U… Brother..

R- What My Brothers Just Left Me and Went… U left leaving Rudra Singh Oberoi.. Go It Doesn’t Bother Me.. I Can Go Stylish in My Own Car… Dekho Mera Bhaisss.. (Let’s See Brother’s)

He Comes to Pick Car.. But To His Surprise There Is No Car.. Nothing…

R- Khanna…. Khanna.. Where is the Other Cars… I Need My Car..

K- Sir… Woooo… There is No Car Left… we Have Given to Service.. Only Two Cars were there For Personal Use… It was Taken By Tej and Shivaay Sir.. If U want to Go U Have to Pick Only..Rickshaw…

R- Kya No.. Cars..(Thinks) I’m Not Going to Leave U Guys…. Do U think I Can’t Come to Party.. See How Stylish I will Enter… into the Party…

K- Rudra Sir.. Do U Need Help…

R- Nayi.. Nayii Tum Jao.. Aapki Kaam Karo… (No No.. U Go.. Do Ur Work..)

K- Sir…

R- Jao.. Khanna… It Ok.. I will Pick Rickshaw and Go…

K- ji Sir…

Rudra.. waits For Rickshaw… But He Is Pissed Off..

R- (Thinks… )aaj Tho No Rickshaw.. Other days.. Once In 10 Mins.. Aaj Mera Din hi Karab Hai Yaar..(Today My Day Is Very Bad..) Is it Necessary to Go.. Better I Stay in Home.. After all its Birthday Celebration na.. (He thinks to Go Back inside) (Again Thinks) No Rudy.. What are U Doing.. U Have to Prove Ur Brothers Wrong.. How Can they Leave Me Alone… I will Go Some How.. Rudra Singh Oberoi Doesn’t Turns Back Once Decided.. He Waits For Sometime..

One Auto Richshaw Comes..

R- Bhaiya.. Rukho Na… (Brother Stop..)

Rickshawala- kya bhai… Mei Buzy Hoon.. Zaldhi Bolo.. Kya Cahiyae.. Varna Is Madam Ne Mera Band Bajatha Hai.. (What.. Man I’m Busy.. Say Quick.. What U Need.. Otherwise This Madam Won’t Leave Me Free)

R- Accha Theek Hai… Ek Help Bhaiya.. Just Can U Drop me near Khanna’s Mansion…Pls..(Is It.. Ok Brother..One Help.. Can U Please Drop Me Near Khanna’s Mansion)

Rickshawala- Mein Bhi Vahi Jaa Rahi Hoon.. Is Madam Ko Lekar.. inho se Pucho.. Madam ko Prblm nahi.. mujhe Bhi… (Even I’m Going there.. Taking Madam.. Ask to Her If She Has No Problem.. Even I Don’t Have)

R- Madam… Madam… Pls Help Na… (Seeing Her Get Shocked) Aap….Phir Se.. Nayi Bhaiya.. I will Pick Up Other.. Tum Chalo… (U.. Again.. No Brother I will Pick Up Another.. U Go)

Lady- Hello Rukho… Kya Hua.. (Hello Stop What Happened) Its Ok U Can Come with Me.. I Didn’t Said Anything to U.. I even Don’t Know You.. Why are U Scared.. Haan? Bolo.. (Say it)

R- Kuch Nayi.. aap Mera Bhai Se Kal Jagada Kiya tha Na.. (Nothing.. U were Fighting With My Brother Yesterday Right)

Lady- Kya.. aap Wo VVIP ki Bhai… (what!!!!! U are That VVIP’s Brother)

R- Haan Woh Mera Bhai Shivaay Singh Oberoi Hai… (Yes… He Is My Brother Shivaay Singh Oberoi)

Annika- Accha.. Tum Darnae Ki Kya Zarrorat Hai.. Haan.. Tumara Bhaiya Yeh Badameez Hai.. U Don’t Worry.. Hello.. Mera Naam Annika Hai.. (Ohh.. What Is the Need to Scare Seeing Me.. Ur Brother is Such a Very Bad Mannered.. Don’t Worry.. Hello My Name Is Annika ) Nice to Meet U.. I won’t fight with You.. U can Come with Me… I’m Getting Late.. I’m Sure U too..

R- Are U Going to Khanna’s Birthday Party…

Annika- Yeah Of Course… Everybody will be waiting For Me…

R- Kya.. aap ke liye.. Kyu? (What For U.. Why?)

A- Arey Baba.. I’m the Organiser.. of it.. Have to Check Arrangements Na.. Khanna Pheena.. Sab.. Chalo..(Eating.. Drinks.. Everything) Coming with Me Na..

R- (Thinks Rudy This Is Best… U Don’t Know Whether U will Get Another Rickshaw.. Better Go with Her.. U Can Irritate Shivaay Bhaiya too.. ) Haan Haan Come Lets GO…

They Gets Inside the Rickshaw and Goes to Khanna’s Mansion..


Tejvi.. Dadi..  Comes  First To  Khanna’s Mansion… Gets Inside.. Khanna’s Welcome Them..

Dadi- Wow…  What a Decoration… So Beautiful.. We Should Ask Who Did It Before Leaving.. Remember Me Tej.. We Can Book This Decorations Agency For Om’s Marriage Decorations.. Looks So Good.. Classy.. Not So Grand.. Simple Yet Beautiful..

T- Ma.. I Can See U  are Liking this Decorations So Much.. Don’t Worry I will Ask About Them and We Can Fix this  Decorations Agency For Om’s Wedding  too..

Jhanvi- Ya Muumy ji.. even I’m Loving this.. May Be they are Doing this For Years and Would Be one of the  Famous Agency.. and Best In Mumbai

Shivaay and Om Enters Inside…

D-  Bacon bhi Aagayi..Shivaay and Om Is There..  But Rudhra Kahan Hai ?

Tej- Mein Bhi Yeh Soch Rahi Hoon Ma..(Even I’m Thinking About this Mom)

ShivOm- Hello Dadi..  We are There…

D- Billu.. Rudhru Kahan Hai? ( Shivaay Where is Rudhra)

S- Dadi Woh.. Oberoi Mansion Meh.. He was Not Getting Inside the Car.. So We Left Him.. and Came.. He is In Home..

O- Sorry Dadi.. He Is Irritating Us.. So No Option Left..

D- U Both na.. U Should Have Never Done this.. He Is  a Child.. But You two..  Go Pick up him..

S- No Dadi.. If I again Goes From Here.. Party will Get Over.. But Rudy Won’t Come.. He Needs This Lesson..

D- Whatever..  I Don’t Come Inside U three..

She Goes.. to Meet Khanna’s…. and Other Business Families.. TejVi Is Already Busy Meeting The Families.. Business Partners..


On The Way.. Annika and Rudhra.. Comes Silent.. Annika Is So Irritated with Silence.. 

A- So Say About You..  Ur… what  Oberoi ?

R- Mein..  Rudra Singh Oberoi… Sabse Chota…

A- Ohh.. I Have Heard About U Guys… ShivOmRu Right… I Just Know About.. Omkara..  He Is a Great Artist.. I’m Fan of Him Could U introduce  Me to Him Pls.. How Does He Does Arts With So Innovative.. Uniqueness Yaar.. He Is the Best.. I Bet…

R- Kya Aaap O… Ki  Art Fan.. Those.. Two Three Lines Here and There With Colors Becomes Art..

A- Mr. Ruda.. I think aapki Bhai Ka Badtameez apko bhi ha..(Mr. Rudra.. Ur Brothers Bad Habit Ha In U too)  Respect Others Work… Enjoy Art.. Next Time See With Different Mind.. Not thinking about just lines.. U will Sure Like it..

R- Please Miss Annika Mujhe Mr Rudhra Nahi Bulao Na.. Mein just College Student Hoon.. (Please Miss Annika Don’t Call Me Mr. Rudhra.. I’m Just a College Student)

A- Is It  But U Doesn’t Look So.. Ok I  will Call U Rudra.. U too Don’t Call Me Miss.. “Sirf Annika”.. Call Me Annika..

R-  Can I Call U Di.. Haan.. Mera Paas Di Bhi  Nahi Hai.. (I Don’t Have Elder Sister..)I Feel Like Calling U Di.. Shall I.. Annika Di…

A- Oh… How Sweet.. U Can Call me as U wish .. Mera Paas  ek Chota Bhai.. tum Se bhi bahut Chota.. Just 9 yrs Old.. (I Have Younger Brother but He Is So Younger than U.. Just 9 yrs)

R- Kya.. Just 9 yrs..

A- Haan Oh.. Mera Cousin Hai.. Chotepapa ka Beta..

R- Oh.. Good..  I Can Give Him Heavy Competition.. Di.. Mein 20 Hoon But 9 yrs Ke Behave Karunga.. Mera Bhaiya Mujhe Cry Baby Bulathi Hai.. (I’m 20 yrs Sister But I Behave like 9 yrs old My Brothers Call Me  Cry Baby)

Rickshawala- Madam ji Khanna’s Mansion Aagayi… (Mam.. Khanna’s Mansion Is There)

A- Thank You Bhaiya… Rudhra Come Get Down..

They Gets Down.. and Walks Inside Together…

R- Didi Can U Give Ur Hands Please…

A- Kya… But Kyu..

R- Didi Bas.. Don’t Take Me Wrong… Just I want as To Go inside as Bro- Sis Duo… (Thinks.. Shivaay Bhaiya.. I’m Having a Surprise For U.. an Maza Ayega.. Oh My God I’m So Excited..)

Annika Gives Her Hand and They Both Enters..

Dadi and Tej Vi Is Busy In Having Chat…  ShivOm Gets to See Rudra…

S- Om.. Is That Rudra… or Some One.. Rudra Was Wearing the Same Right..  But who is that Girl..

O- Feel So.. May Be He Is Some One.. (Casually) Rudra just Knows to Exaggerate about Girls… He Has No Girl friends Except Soumya..

S- No I Don’t Think So… (Gets Wide Mouth)  He Is Rudra.. Who Is that Girl?  This Face Seems So Familiar.. too..

O- (He Too Gets Shocked) Yeah.. That’s Rudra… Woh Ladhki.. U were Fighting Yesterday Na.. That’s She.. This Two.. How..

Rudra and Annika Gives Enterun Style and Everyone Is In Just Aww…

R- Annika Di Tum Chalo.. We will Meet Later.. Bye.. U Continue Ur Work..

A- Ok Rudra.. Are U Brothers Here… Please I  Don’t want to Come In Front of Ur Batameez VVIP Brother.. I’m  So Into Meeting Omkara.. just Wish Him Meet Once.

R- Arey Di.. See there My Two Bros are There..Shivaay Bhaiya and O… Don’t Worry I will Make U Meet O… When U Get Free.. Now U go and Look at  Guests..

Rudra Goes to His Brothers and Annika  Goes to Check Arrangements..

R- Hey Guys… Whats up.. How Is My Surprise…. Savage Hai.. Na..

S- uss Ladhi ki Saath.. How?

R- Annika Di… She Is So Cute.. She Gave Me Lift..

O- Kya..

R- What.. We Both Came In Rickshaw.. O.. Do U Know.. She Is Ur Biggest Fan..

O- Such Mae…

S- Don’t Fly High.. She Just would Have Said to Caught his Attention…

They Three  Banters Together.. After Sometime Shivaay’s Attention Got Some Where… and Is Awe Struck…

Precap- Annika and Shivaay Fight In Front Of Dadi…. Om Sees Gauri For the Very First Time….

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