ISHQBAAAZ(Destined Together Forever-A Shivika FF) By Shiny EPI 10

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Hello Guys Back With Update….

To The Story…

Annika Comes To Oberoi Mansion and Shivaay Comes To Her.. He Tries To Instigate To Make Her Angry.. Dadi Too Comes..

S- Why Do I Think U Have Some Other Plan.. Do U Even Know Why U are Here ? Just Pls Don’t Say its For My Dadi..

A- Mr. VVIP Just Stop it.. I Very Well Know Her.. Just That I Didn’t Had any Convo With Her.. Aaap Bahut Bol Rahi Hoon.. Bas Kar !!(U r Talking Too Much.. Stop it )

S- Kya Tum Mujhe Shut Up Bol Rahi Hoon.. Bool na Math Yeh Mera Ghar Hai.. aap ka Nahi..  (What Did U Just Asked Me to Shut up.. Don’t Forget This Is My House)

A- Tho Kya !!!  Yeh Aapka Ghar… Aap Bahut Bola Tho Mein Chup Ko Bola .. Insaan Kabhi Bhi Bolthi Hai.. Haan Aap Aapka Meeting Meh Bahut Bolo Mera Samna Nahi…(So What.. If its Ur House.. If U Talk So Much.. People Can Ask Any where to Shut Up.. Speak More In Ur Meeting Not To Me.. )

S- Hey !!! Just Stop it..

Dadi- Billu !!!! What is There Sound ?

S- Kuch Nayi Dadi..( Nothing Dadi)

Dadi- Uss Decoration Ladhki Aagayi Kya ? (Has The Decoration Girl Came)

S- Haan Dadi.. Woh Aagyi..

They are About To Start Their Fight Again…

S- Tum Se.. Kuch..

Dadi- Billu…

Shivaay..Turns and Stays Silent…

D- Woh Tum thi… (So its U)

Annika- (Bends Down and Gets Blessing From Her.) Dadi..(She Blinks Here and There)

Shivaay’s Eyes Widens Seeing This Gesture of Her..

D- Woh.. Decoration Wali.. Khanna Birthday Party Meh..

A- Wooohh.. Haan Dadi Ji.. Woh Mein tha..

D- Puttar.. Tum Se Kuch Baat Karni Hai.. aajao.. Mera Sath… ( I Have to Talk To U Some thing Come with Me ) 

They Goes Upstairs… Annika Turns and Sees Shivaay.. and Shivaay to Glares at Her…

S- Hogaya.. She Is Gonna Be Here Until Om’s Marriage.. Let Me stay Away From Her…. He Goes..

In Dadi’s Room :

D- Ajao Puttar.. Beto… (Come On Sit.. Daughter)

A- (She Looks Around) Ji Dadi..

D- Annika.. I’m Impressed With Ur Work in Khanna’s Party.. So I Wanted U to Plan For My Grand Son’s Marriage…  What’s U r Idea about it ? Aapkae Paas Dates Hai ? (Do U Have Dates )

A- Oh My God.. Dadi.. Mein Karlunga…  Waqt Ki Waqt Hai.. (Grand Ma I Will Do.. We Have all Time For it  )

D- Puttar.. Mein ah Socha.. Tum Bahut Busy Hogi.. Toda time Lagega.. Tumhne.. ithni Jaldhi Haan Boldiya (Daughter I Thought.. U Would Be Busy.. and U Will Take Time to Say Yes.. I Din’t Think I will Get So Soon)

A- Dadi.. I’m not So Busy Person.. I Was Waiting For My Dream Project.. For Long.. Thank U Dadi.. Leave it To Me.. I Will Make Arrangements..  Woh Bhi Kidhkithod..

D- Ha Ha.. ok Puttar… Lets Then Talk about Money.. Advance.. Allowances..Salary.. Hmm.. Kya?

A- Dadi.. Bas Pandi ji Bulaya.. aur Dates Fix Kijieye.. Baat Mei Yeh.. Hum Karthae.. (Grand ma.. Call Pandit and Fix the Date.. Lets Talk about This Later.. )

D- But Puttar.. Advance aapko Chahiye na ?

A- Dadi Bas.. Aap… Bas.. Decoration Kaise Karni Hai.. Apko Kya Pasand Hai Bolo. (Grand ma just say how to do decorations.. how would u want to ? )

D- Theek  hai.. chalo… (ok come..)

A- Dadi Pehlae Yeh Dekiye …(Dadi First See This One )

D- Kya Hai Puttar ? (what is This Puttar )

A- Just Some Models and Themes For Decorations Dadi..

D- Yeh Tum Sath.. Rakhta Kya? (Will U Keep Tis One With U Always )

A- Ji Dadi.. We May Need this Anywhere.. We Can’t Run Back to Home.. So I Will Take this One Wherever I Go..

D- Mmmm mmm !!! Smart Hoon!!!!

A- (Blushes and Bends Down ) Thank U Dadi.. Vaise Dadi.. Shadi Kish Ke Liye.. Woh VVIP Ke liye ? (Grandma.. But Marriage is For Whom?  is that For VVIP?

D- Haan ? Koun Hai VVIP ?

A- (Bites Her Tongue ) Woh Dadi.. Shivaay Singh Oberoi..

D- Mmmm… Do U Know Him ?

A- Ji Dadi.. (She Says Everything about their Fist Meet and Temple…) Woh Bahut Akdu.. Badtameez Hai.. (He Is Stubborn and Ill mannered Dadi )

D- Annika.. Woh Mera Billu Hai…  Woh Kabhi nahi Karenga Aishe(Annika He Is My Billu nd He Doesn’t Does  Like that )

A- He Did it Dadi.. Ask to Him..

D- Ok.. Its Between U too.. I Won’t Interfere.. Shadi is For Omkara !!!

A- Kya Omkara Ke Liye… Tum Chindamath Karo Dadi.. Best Hoga.. (Is it For Omkra.. Don’t Worry.. it Will Be Best )

Om Tries To Paint Something  in Room  But Couldn’t  and He Thinks…

Some Where :

Om- Riddhima… Are U Ok ? Open Ur Eyes… (He  Pours Little Water on Her Face..)

R- Daksh.. Chodo na… Mujhe Bahut Neend arahi Hai.. (Daksh Leave na.. I’m Getting More Sleepy.)

Om-  Riddhi… I’m Om… Come Lets Go Home… Get Up..

R-  No.. I Won’t..

Om- See Every One is Watching Us.. Come..

R- Me…i…n N…ah..i A…ao…ngi… (I Won’t Come..)

Om- (He Picks Up Her in his Arms)(thinks) Let Me Go to Near By Hotel.. If I Take Her Like this To Home.. There will be a Prblm.. I Don’t Understand.. How Did She Get More Drunk.. She Is Not Such.. Is there Any Party… So What.. I Know Her All Frnds.. They Won’t Invite Her Alone too.. I Should Know Who Did this.. Let Me ask Her When She Wake Up..

They Goes Near By Hotel.. (OmComes Out Of Thoughts )

Riddhima  Was Not Even Opening Her Mouth.. If Media Gets to Know This Happened Yesterday Night.. My Family.. Respect is Gone…  Hope She Doesn’t Does Again..

Oberoi Mansion Hall:

Dadi Calls Every One…

D- Tej.. Sakthi.. Jhanvi.. Pinky.. Om.. Rudra… Shivaay… and Staffs… Every One.. Chalo… Yahan.. (Come Here )

Every One Gathers in 5 Mins… Except Obro’s

Tej- Kya Hua.. Ma..

Jhanvi- Yeh Ladhki.. Khanna Party Mei Tha Na Mummy ji (This Girl Was in Khanna’s Party Na Mummy ji.)

Sakthi- Ma.. Bolo..

Pinky- Wah.. Bahu times Baat Calls Hai Mujhe.. Kya Hua Mummy ji (Wow.. its Been Long I’m Called Here..What Happened Mummyji )

D-I Have Called U Here to Introduce Some One.. and To Say Some thing Important… Where is Om?

TejVi- He is In His Room..

D- Om.. Om Puttar…

Om- Ji Dadi.. rahi Hoon (Yes Dadi Coming )

D- Now Where Is Shivaay and Rudra ?

P- Mera Beta Office meh Hongeh (My Son Should Be in Office )

Jhanvi- Mummy ji.. Rudra Is On the Way… From College.. Will Be in 5  Mins…

D- Teek Hai (ok )

Om- Dadi….

Annika- OH MY GOD Omkara Singh Oberoi.. How Innocent He Looks ..  (Runs)  Omkara ji.. Omkara ji… Sabse Pehala.. Mujhe Auto Graph Dijiye Na.. (Before Everything Give Me Auto Graph Pls )

Shivaay Gives Entry When Annika Tries to Get AutoGraph.. Snatches Book From Her and Glares At Her..

Annika Angrily Turns…

Annika- Aap….

Precap-  Annika Is About To Fall… Shivaay Catches Her… Media Gets To Know About Riddhima’s Drunken.. State.. and Oberoi Family Is About to Announce Omkara’s Wedding In Media too.. What Happens…

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