ISHQBAAAZ(Destined Together Forever-A Shivika FF) By Shiny EPI 1

Hello Guys..ย  I’m Back and Here Goes The 1 st Epi… Support Me In this FF too….

OmRu strongly believe in love and Relationships… But Shivaay is straight opposite to them… Because of Shivaay even they couldn’t carry on well with their partners..

Om is in relationship with Riddhima… He Doesn’t loves Her but still believes she is perfect for him as they are 3 yrs together now and she is very understanding.. He knows there is no spark or magic between them still He has Hope that time changes it…

Rudra is in love with his cute Sumo(Soumya).. He is the fitness freak but she is a foodie.. They are in same college. Rudra is planning to surprise her this week by proposing her for Marriage. He always had a spark and crush for her.

S- I know why you both are impatient in My Marriage.. you guys need to move on right…

OmRu stays silent….

S- guys you can move on in your lifes Om don’t worry I will talk to Badi ma regarding your Marriage …. I’m not interested in Marriage guys… I need some time…

Om- you are already 31 Shivaay how much time you still need ? will you get Married in 60 … I won’t be surprised even though …

R- O is correct Bhaiya… you should Date some one.. who you know very well…..

S- just stop it guys… there is Maha Aarthi today evening… before that its already late… I have a imp meeting I should go to Mandir on way.. so bye guys…

Om- Shivaay you are impossible…..

S- what’s impossible here… I don’t believe in love… you guys… Dadi, media are romantizing the word love… if there is love Divorce doesn’t happen and nobody marry twice thrice ok… Haan I love my family that doesn’t mean I can love a girl too.. I wish I would stay single whole life..

Om- Shivaay True love do exist… There is an example in our family… Mom and Dad…

S- you forgot there is other example too for which True love don’t exist.. My Mom and Dad… don’t take me wrong guys.. what if Bade ma and Bade papa is just showing they love each other and they to don’t love each other..

Om- Shivaay why do your mind goes such even you doubt our parents… ok I agree with Chotima and chote papa but Mom and Dad is not such….

S- you won’t understand my state.. my mom just loves Money and Dad just knows to go temples he runs away from his duties… I’m glad Badi ma and Bade papa is there for me.. you both are there for me.. if not think what would I be..

Om- we very well know about you… you don’t want to get in trouble by marrying the wrong girl…. But I’m sure Shivaay you will find your true love very soon…

Tia– Shivaay Baby….

OmRu- Shivaay Baby….. yeh kya ho raha hai…

S- Tia.. come… how are you… when did you come from london….

Om- Tia…. Kapoor… Our Business partner Kapoor’s Daughter…. you have grown so beautiful…. good to see you back….

R- But Bhaiya Tia and you….

S- sorry guys you know we Studied our Business in same college in london… She called me yesterday and said she is returning to India… so I asked her to come home…

T- Omkara and Rudra you guys too are so Handsome… I thought Om would have changed in his physical appearance… but you are same Artist… and Rudra you have great body.. Shivaay used to say… you are fitness freak…. good to see you guys….

S- ok fine Shall we leave Tia.. you didn’t say when you returned…

T- I landed just before 30 mins and I took cab straight here….

S- I think you should take rest our meeting can be even changed to tomorrow so I will take care of rest.. OmRu just take care of things what she needs.. I will be back soon…

R- Bhaiya you were talking about this meeting with Tia…

S- yes we both have decided to do a project together.. that paper works, discussion is what we planned for today. but she came just now so let her rest today. we will discuss about this tomorrow. I’m free…

T- So you are not Having any meeting tomorrow we will finish it …. I don’t wan’t to drag it so pls…

S- theek hai Tia… we will meet in evng… Bye guys….

Shivaay goes….

Tia too goes to meet Jhanvi and Tej..

(Tia doesn’t like pinky and Sakthi)

OmRu thinks to join Shivaay and Tia together…. they don’t want their brother to stay single any more…

O- Rudy what do you think about Tia?

R- I think she is not fit for bhaiya….

O- did you just said we should make them together… what happened?

R- haan I said but I’m not getting Babhi vibes from her… but we will try come let us ask she has Boy friend or not ?

O- chalo….

OmRu- Tia…. Tia….

T- yes Omkara…. Rudra what do you need any thing important….

O- no no.. your room is ready….

T- ok I will be there in 10 mins….

R- Tia…. can I ask you something…..

T- no formalities you can… what happened any problem…..

O- no… Tia just…. just….

R- do you have Boy friend… I mean are you Dating someone…

T- guys mein Daar gaya…. no I’m not dating anyone… I haven’t met some one till now….

O- seriously… you haven’t dated any one till now… interesting..

OmRu- we will see you in evening take some rest.. feel as Home if you need something call us….

T- sure bye guys…

Shivaay goes to Mandir…. He doesn’t stand in line and goes inside….

A girl who is waiting for long time gets hell Angered and calls him….

Girl: Hey Mr…. can’t you see we are standing in line to pray but you just came in and went straight to worship.. don’t we look like humans for you… look I was shouting at him but he is standing like a stone… Hello Mr.. Sun rahi hoon kya… (She continues to shout..)

Boy– Didi rukho he looks like big business man Don’t mess with him.. come lets go we will come tomorrow…

Girl: kyu I won’t come I’m not scared of him… every one is human and equal.. what if he is big business man he to is Human right… I won’t come back…. he should answer me…

Boy: didi chalo .. he forcely takes her….

Girl: Sahil choddo… why are you doing this…

Sahil: I know you are kidhkithod and is not scare of Any one but if Badi maa gets to know this you know na she will get angry….

Annika- ok ok sirf ma ka liye… chalo…

They goes…

Shivaay turns after praying….

S- who is the girl shouting here… come front and shout now…..

ladies- She went… his brother took her away….

S- good…. she got saved…. (thinks) but why do I feel like I Know this voice so familiar…..

Precap- Shivaay and his bros on the way to Maha aarthi…. Annika too is On the way for her work…. will they clash….

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  1. Chaithu

    Hi shiny
    Nice update and good start waiting for next one

    1. ShinyTirupathi

      Thnk U So Much Dear.. Next One Today

  2. JeevithaTK

    Hi akka. The episode was good. Back to the old sweet memories of ib……. I’m sooooooooo happy tht cutie somu here.. .. Akka will be waiting for next episode. Love you TC๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜

    1. ShinyTirupathi

      Thanks Baby.. Good to Hear U Liked it.. Ha Ha Somu Is Such a Cutie Pie.. Next Epi On Today.. Take Care.. Love U

  3. Katz

    Hi. Interesting start… Like I was seeing initial IB episode with new flavor. Waiting for the next….

    1. ShinyTirupathi

      Thnk U Dear.. Would Try My Best to Keep Interesting.. Next One Is Today..

  4. ItsmePrabha

    hai Shiny..Glad to have you back with another concept…
    Both Prologue and this chappy are great..Will be waiting for the next..Till then take care..

    1. ShinyTirupathi

      Thnks Dear For Always Supporting Me.. Happy That U Loved it.. Next One Today.. Take Care..

  5. Hi shiny
    Amazing episode yrr
    Waiting for next update
    Loads of love on your way

    1. ShinyTirupathi

      Thank U Dear.. Glad U liked it.. Next Epi Today.. Love To U too.

  6. Nikita_jai29

    It is nice one dear

    1. ShinyTirupathi

      Thnk U So Much Dear

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