#Ishqbaaaz SS Bepannah pyar hai tumse. Part:1 By #Annie


Hey, people’s this is a short story so you guys will be reading through Gauri’s POV. This whole book will be her POV. 


Everything was so fine then why did this happen? I never wanted more things in life. I was just happy with what I’ve got then why? I had enough of a headache and due to constant crying my eyes were heavy and soon I was laying down on the floor and sleep overtook me.

“Gauri… Gauri” I hear Om screaming my name.

“Here. I’m here.” I tell him coming out of the washroom.

“Why didn’t you sign these papers man? You know I specially went there to give it to them.” He asked me and I looked down.

“Because I don’t want you to do this. I just don’t…” I turn controlling my tears.

“Gauri c’mon man, I’m not asking you to take away my life. Just…” I cut him.

“I know but I’m fine with this. I don’t want it and we will not discuss this again.” I tell him and he shakes his head.

“No,  We will not leave it like this. You promised me that you’ll not refuse this later then why are you acting stubborn now?” He asks holding me by my shoulders.

“I don’t want to risk your life.” I look down as the tears roll down.

“Oh. It’s just a kidney, not the heart. And my heart already belongs to you then why you’re fearing it? I mean it’s safe I told you.” He explains to me and I look at him.

“They’re not God. What if something happens to you?” I ask him with heavy voice and he chuckles.

“Till you’re with me nothing will happen to me. But if you keep on refusing then I’ll go leaving you. TRUST ME.” He acts like going and I hit him on his shoulder.

“Shut up. Dare you leave me and then see what I do.” I pout sadly and he kissed me on my cheek.

“Then sign. You know already we have delayed it so much.” He tells me sweetly handing me the papers and I sign them with trembling hands.

“If anything happens to you then I’ll come behind you.” I leaned on his chest and he chuckles again.

“Shutup. Dare you to say that again and I’ll never show you my face ever. Promise me, Gauri promises me that no matter what you’ll never do this thing.” He takes a promise which I had to give otherwise he would stop talking to me.

“I love you” He kissed me and I kissed him back.

Next day came the day of our surgery.

I was laying down on the stretcher beside him.

Nervous as hell. I was shivering and he was just smiling.

“Gauri stop being so scared. I’m here na.” He tells me holding my hand.

“I’m trying to be normal but I’ve never been here before so little scared,” I tell him.

“Same here but I’m not nervous.” He asks me to look at him and I look at him.

“Do you remember the day when we met? How did we meet?” He asks me and I smile.

“Here. In the very same hospital. That’s not forgettable Dr Om” I smirk and he nods.

“Yes, I never thought I would fall in love with my patient. I never loved this job so much but because of you, I love it. You made me love it as because of this you met me.” He tells me and I chuckle.

“Same here. I never in my dreams thought that I’ll fall in love with a doctor who is helping me out of my problem.” I smiled in the daze as the anaesthesia works.

Soon there was a blackout and next time I opened my eyes on the bed of a hospital with machines attached to me and beside me lays Om.

Slowly I remember what I’m doing here and what just happened. I placed my hand on my kidney side and yeah, Operation was done and successful.

Due to less distance between our beds, I could touch him.

I placed my hand over his head and caressed it slowly.

From that day to this. I’m glad I met you only.

I still remember when I came to you for the checkup and we were not able to look away. I felt some spark between us. That wasn’t a normal thing.

Slowly with each day checkup routine, I fell for you just to know that you fell for me on the very first day of the meeting.

My kidneys were not functioning properly and I needed a donor.

It’s a super big coincidence that you turned out to be the perfect donor for me.

I never wanted to take this kidney but you made me do this.

I love you so much!

I kissed him and laid back to relax.

As I laid I hear his heavy breathing and soon he starts shivering.

I felt the earth slipping underneath my feet.

Pressing the bell button immediately I moved to him and tapped on his cheeks. He wasn’t responding to me.

Soon the doctors rushed in and started checking him.

I couldn’t control my panic and try leaving the bed to reach to him as they pulled the bed a little far.

“Mam please stay your stitches will…” I pushed the nurse as she stopped me and stepped down the bed.

“Give her the injection.” Doctor shouted and soon I was tucked back to the bed by many nurses and I was just crying as they were treating Om.

As they injected me my eyes started to close and I saw Om walking far from me…

“Ommmm” I shouted and sat up with sweats dripping down my face and the room filled with my heavy breaths.

I realised that was the memories which will always haunt me…

I picked up the pictures of us scattered around me and cried hugging them…

“Why did you leave me like this?”

To Be Continued…😭

Love ~ Annie…

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  1. Nikita_jai29

    It is nice one dear.. Update soon dear

    1. Barbieannie

      Oh, thank you. It’s up you can read it now.

  2. ItsmePrabha

    Hey Barbie..How are you?? Long time haa?? BTW Do you remember me??
    Well coming to the update ..interesting start..Looking forward to it..

    1. Barbieannie

      Heya Prabha. I’m pretty good. You say? Yeah, long time. Of course, I do remember you, I don’t forget lovey readers easily. *wink*
      Thank you. Happy me as you liked it and the next part is up.

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